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Archived Sex Stories



Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write some my
own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel) more character
development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It is
based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any similarities to
anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the names have been changed
to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available at my
web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for access"
sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out (including these
comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Chance Meeting I

It was looking like another fast-paced day at the annual trade show. I
spent 6 hours, wandering through the booths, collecting literature and
brochures for my company. Several times, I saw this woman through the
crowd, and she seemed very familiar. Twice, I almost walked up to her, but
the crowds would separate us.

Finally, the first day ended, and I decided that it was probably my
imagination. Unlike most shows, this one started on Saturday, then had
lectures during the weekend (that he was to cheap to pay for me to attend),
then continued on Monday and concluded on Wednesday. My boss was not sure
about sending me the entire weekend, but I talked him into it (I am sure
that the quickie we had in the office may have had something to do with
that decision).

Having the weekend free, I decided to wander around town. I had never
been to San Diego before, and I decided to wander around. I spent Friday
night cruising through some of the local bars, and even had a few dances
before returning to my hotel room, and turning in for the night.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, with just enough breeze to take the
worst of the heat off. I wore my new bikini under a pair of shorts and
tank top. Going to the beach, I had a great time, even though my mid-west
body seemed awfully pale compared to the bronzed gods and goddesses that
wandered the southern California beaches.

Finally, I wandered back to my hotel, and walking in the lobby ran into
4 guys that I had met the day before. Seems that they were all heading
down to Tijuana, and it only then occurred to me that I was only 20 miles
from the border. I asked them to wait, and quickly went upstairs to

Coming back down, I was met by Mark in the lobby. He apologized, but
said that he was the one chosen to talk to me. It seems that the guys were
planning on going down partially to take in the legal prostitution, and
were a little uneasy about having me along. I told them I understood, but
asked if it was OK if I followed them down to the border. Deciding that
was OK, I got into my rental car and followed them down the freeway until
we got to a sign that said "Last USA Exit".

We pulled into a parking lot, and paid the $5 to leave our cars there.
We all got out, and the 5 of us walked over the foot bridge and down the
other side.

Mexico was nothing like what I expected. When I asked why we did not
just drive across, they said it was because it was not necessarily safe to
park on the other side, and that it was often a 45 minute wait to re-cross
the border. Seeing the long line of cars heading north (all of them
crawling), I decided that was a good idea.

They told me some basic tips about coming down here. Spread your money
about your body, and walk in the middle of the sidewalk. Keep my purse on
the inside, away from the street. Seems like some purse thieves would
drive next to the sidewalk on a motorcycle, and grab it if it was on the
outside by the street. And also since I would be a single female heading
back, take a taxi to get back to the border.

Mark told me "5 dollars is the typical fare back to the border. If one
tries to charge you more, just move on to the next. And you might want to
check out some of the stores. Silver down here is very inexpensive, and of
nice quality."

I thanked them, and we parted company at the entrance to a little disco.
I shook hands with all of them, and gave Mark a nice hug for being so
helpful and polite. "Wow, one more like that and I may tell them to go
ahead without me" he joked, earning a saucy wink and pursed lips from me.

The disco was everything and nothing like I expected. Loud rock blared
from the loudspeaker. The floor was filled with all sorts of couples, and
even a few singles. Most of the patrons were Americans, with an occasional
Latino. I had one of the Margaritas ($1 each, $4 a pitcher) and sat down
to get the feel of the crowd. I had a few offers to dance, but decided to
wander on and see the shopping district.

Following the directions, I found Revolution Avenue. A long strip of
small shops and bars, well lit, with donkeys and carts for the tourists to
get their pictures taken at. I wandered into the first store, and was
amazed at what I found.

They had fire crackers, switch-blades, stuffed iguanas, trinkets, and
jewelry. I found a very nice necklace, and asked about the price. Silver,
diamond cut, and about 18 inches, it would go for $120 back home. When the
owner told me $50, I was stunned. I looked it over, and was about to pull
out my wallet, when I heard a voice behind me softly say "Offer him $20,
but accept nothing more then $30."

I looked, and it was the gal I had seen at the convention. Our eyes
met, and she said "Here, you bargain for almost everything. And being the
weekend, the prices are starting higher then normal."

I countered with $20, and about 5 minutes of haggling followed, finally
settling on $35. I left the store with my new friend, and we walked back
onto the street. "Here, let me help you with that" she said, and I turned
my back to allow her to place it around my neck.

We made introductions, and she told me her name was Marie. She spoke
with a neutral accent, probably from Chicago I decided. Not the normal
twang of California (interesting that people from California claim they
have no accent, but I can normally pick it up).

I told her that she had looked familiar, but I could not place it. She
told me the same thing, and we went through the normal "where have you
lived and worked" game. We both came up blank. But that did not stop us
from doing a little more shopping. I bought myself a silver ring with a
snake biting it's own tail, a anchor link silver chain, and a delicate
serpent link chain, and handed it to her.

Marie tried to refuse, but I would hear nothing of it. "Girl, I would
have blown far more then I saved if you did not help me, and this is the
least I could do. Besides, I think it would look great on your neck."

She softly thanked me, and I placed it around her neck, and clasped it.
When she turned back around, I softly ran my finger over it, and said that
it did indeed look lovely. We wandered a bit more, and decided to go into
a nightclub on the second floor of a large building.

Walking in, she said that this was one of her favorites. Not as loud as
the first one was, we checked our purses in at the counter (Marie said that
this was one of the safe ones to do that at), and sat to have a drink. She
ordered us a pitcher of margaritas, and we sipped the first ones as we got
a feeling for the place. Soon, a tall blonde stud walked up and asked her
to dance. She tried to politely tell him no, but I urged her to go ahead,
so she followed him out onto the floor. Soon, I had a guy asking me, so I
went myself.

20 minutes later, we returned to the table, and the guys followed. The
4 of us killed the remaining pitcher, and returned to the dance floor. It
was getting late, so some of the songs were slower. After the second slow
dance, George and I were next to Marie and John. The guys suggested
changing partners, and with a silent wicked glance, Marie and I agreed.
But the guys looked shocked when Marie and I wrapped our arms around each
other, and started to dance, almost ignoring them.

Now we were only going to do that for a moment, to shock them and make a
joke. But then George said "what, are you 2 fucking lezzies?" John quickly
agreed, and Marie and I parted quickly.

Needless to say, that ruined the joke, and definitely turned me off. I
quickly told him off, using words that doubted his manhood, legitimacy of
birth, and his intelligence since he could obviously not take a joke.
Marie was saying the same sorts of things to John, and we went back to the
counter to recover our purses to return to the street.

I was still pissed, but Marie helped calm me down. We walked down the
street, and she grabbed my hand and had me join her on one of the carts for
a picture. We smiled for the camera, and each got a picture. Just as the
guy was snapping the second one, she lifted my skirt, showing the bottom of
my panties. I gave a small shriek, but the guy and her both laughed, and I
had to join along. "I want that one for myself" she said with a wink, and
it was all I could do not to double over laughing.

"What, you going to use that to tease your boyfriend?" I had looked
earlier, and noticed that she was not wearing a wedding ring.

"Nope, I don't have one of those. Just have not found a guy to hold my
interest yet."

That took us to talking about our love lives, and some of the tales
every midto-late-twenties working girl has. college boyfriends, guys we
had shacked up with, and occasional one night stands.

She gave a pretend shocked gasp when I mentioned giving the boss a
quickie so I could spend the weekend here. She giggled, and asked me if it
was worth it. I briefly took her hand, and told her it definitely was,
since I had made a new friend. We smiled, then I had her almost peeing her
panties when I said "since he is such a worthless fuck, I sure got nothing
out of the quickie myself!"

We entered another small club, this time the music was quieter, and a
little slower. We each had a beer, and were soon dancing with a pair of
brothers. After the third dance, I noticed that her guy was running his
hands all over her bottom, and she was pressing back against him tightly. I
decided that that looked like fun, and gently pressed my groin against my

What followed was 10 minutes of soft grinding, feeling his large hands
holding my bottom as I gently bit his neck. The 4 of us returned to the
table, and Marie and I went to the bathroom. Once there, we went to 2
stalls, and did the normal thing, gossiping as we peed.

"I don't know about you Patty, but I think that it is about time to head
back North." I looked at my watch, and was amazed that it was almost 2am. I
had spent over 6 hours down there, and loved it. I agreed, and the two of
us went back to say goodbye to the guys. They were a little disappointed,
but we each gave our partner a nice kiss, and promised to look for them
again in the future.

Once back on the street, I noticed that the drinks had gotten to me a
little. I asked her about sharing a taxi to the border, when she said that
she lived there in Tijuana. I was surprised, and told her that I had not
been sure if she was Mexican or not. She said she was not, but it was a
short drive to where she worked in San Diego, and the rent was a lot less
down there.

"Actually, my name is not Maria, but Mary. I started using Maria after
I moved down here, and brushed up on my Spanish. With the dark tan I have,
I can almost fit in as a native."

I looked at her closer, and said "UCLA Volleyball team". She looked
shocked, and said yes. I told her that I was on the Illinois State
University Volleyball team, and that we had played against each other in
the semi-finals in Las Vegas. Then we both shared a laugh.

"You were the bitch with the blonde hair, that smashed every return back
at us!" she exclaimed. "Oh, how I hated you then! I was sure that we were
going to make it to the finals, when you knocked us out."

"It's OK Maria, we got knocked out by Princeton the next round, and had
to watch from the sidelines also."

We then started talking about our college years more, sharing a mutual
interest, and finally making the connection. I remembered Maria well, she
was a 5'4" dynamo on the court, her short size letting people fool
themselves about her ability. I am 6'1" myself, and had years ago given up
the bleached blonde hair of my youth for my natural brown.

We headed to her house, about a 5 minute walk from the downtown area.
The area was nice, and a large change from the bright lights we had just
left. We talked as we went, and she pointed out several landmarks out to

Maria had a nice, compact two bedroom bungalow house, and gave me a tour
of it. The second bedroom was made into an office, and the master bedroom
had a queen size bed. The kitchen had the nicest of electronic toys, and a
pine kitchen nook filled in as a dining room set. It looked perfect, and I
told her so.

After the tour, we sat back on the floor and listened to some music as
we sipped some good California wine.

"You know Patty, This has been a great evening for me. I had thought I
recognized you also, but was not sure. But when you mentioned the
tournament, I immediately placed you. I even remember that you were with
one of the guys from the men's team. During breaks, you two seemed to be
all over each other."

I giggled, and said "Yea, that was Jake. He had a red Celica, his own
apartment, and was a great fuck." I giggled, and said "This wine must be
getting to me, to talk like that!"

We both collapsed in laughter, and she said "It's ok, I have heard
ladies say 'apartment' before."

We both rolled over on our backs, unable to hold it in anymore. Wiping
tears from my eyes, I stood up and stumbled to the bathroom to get rid of
some of the night's drinking. Upon returning, I noticed that she had
changed into a long t-shirt that said "Co-Ed Naked Volleyball Team". I
laughed at that, and she found another tshirt for me to sleep in. It was a
little short on me, and left the bottom of my panties showing.

"Ahhh, perfect" she said. "But you should be careful, dancing got me so
worked up, I might rape you tonight."

We laughed again, then crawled into her bed to sleep.

---------------------------- --------

Thankfully, I slept in so late so I did not have a hangover the next
morning. I smelled bacon, and walked into the kitchen. Maria was also
working on some pancakes, and told me that breakfast would be done in about
15 minutes. I had her tell me where the towels were, and took a quick

Feeling like a new woman, I came out in time to see watch her finish
setting the table. We spent equal amounts of time eating and talking, and
gave more details about our lives.

I told her about my failed marriage. Two people with two careers can
not always make things work. Our divorce 2 years before had been friendly,
and we still occasionally went out together. "I mean, how many people our
age love listening to Shakespeare in the park?"

"Oh, you would be surprised. Normally, I have to go by myself. I
talked my ex-boyfriend into going one time, but he fell asleep before the
third act of 'The Twelfth Night."

"Oh girl!" I exclaimed. "That is my FAVORITE play!. I have seen it
probably 20 times, and have a movie version at home on video."

We then went off, quoting from the Bard's words. Together, we said what
is probably his most famous line: "Some are born great, some achieve
greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

Then the conversation took a strange twist. It seems that Maria had
seen a version put on by a gay acting troupe in LA the year before, and the
play went a totally different way. Instead of Olivia ending up with
Viola's brother, and Viola with the Duke of Illyria as the tale traditionally ends, Olivia marries Viola, and the Duke marries her brother.

"I tell you, it was so cute. The actor and actress looked so much alike
in that production, you would think that they were actually twins. The
girl was tall and thin, and her 'brother' was also thin, and actually
rather effeminate. I myself would have had a hard time picking which one I
would want."

I took a moment to long to respond, and I could tell that she thought
she had stuck her foot in her mouth. "Oh, I hope you are not upset at me.
I did not mean to make it sound like that. I mean, I am not always
attracted to tall, thin females, er, I mean..."

Maria dragged off into silence, and I could tell that she was terrified
of what I was thinking at the moment. Her eyes were looking down at the
table, as if she was afraid to meet my eyes. Contrary to popular belief,
most female (and male) volleyball players are not gay. I felt bad for not
speaking up, so decided to make a joke of what she was trying to say.

"Ahhh, so you are only sometimes attracted to tall, thin females." I
chuckled lightly, and she finally raised her head and looked at me again.

"Yea, something like that" she replied, giggling as she said it. But by
the look in her face, I seemed to sense that she was telling the truth, not
just going along with the joke.

---------------------------- --------

We spent the rest of the morning together. She told me about a
boyfriend she had lived with after college. Like me, she had gotten her
degree in Business, and was also a purchasing agent. But where I was just
another low cog in the machine of a large department store chain, she was a
senior agent for a smaller local chain. The smaller chain made for a
smaller salary, but the higher position made up for that. "The pay is not
great for my responsibility, but if I ever do move on, it will go a long
ways in getting me a better one later on" she told me.

I said that I was more then a little jealous. I had been at my company
for the same amount of time she had, but she had actually moved up farther.
I jokingly asked if they had any openings, and she told me that they had.
"We are going to start a new chain of stores selling swimwear and lingerie,
and need another person to take charge of the new division."

I grew silent at that, and looked at her closely. "Maria, is this an
attempt to seduce me into taking that position?" I asked, smiling to show
that I was joking. But she looked away, and asked what I meant.

I looked at her, and felt warmer. "I mean, showing me your place, and
how nice it is. Telling me about the potential for a better position later
on, and the like. Are you trying to seduce me into this job, and work
under you?"

Then I realized the words I had used, and the possible double meanings
behind them. She giggled at that, and said "No, you would not be working
under me, unless you wanted to." She gave me a naughty wink, and we started
laughing again. But I could tell that there was something else there. I
felt things I had not felt in a long time, and silently warned myself that
I had to be careful, or this might get out of control.

---------------------------- --------

We somehow decided that I would stay the rest of the convention with
her. After lunch, we walked to the border to take my car back to the rental
agency and get my things. My boss would love my saving him money on a
hotel room, and my pocketbook would love my saving money on the car. Since
the hotel was a block away from the convention, my boss did not want to pay
for a car for me. That was an expense coming out of my own pocket.

She told me as we walked that normally she rode her bike to her car, or
took a taxi if it was raining. It was a nice 20 minute walk however, and
we did some window shopping on the way. Once there, I followed her to the
rental agency, and we both took her car to my hotel to get my things and
check out.

As we were getting my things, I excused myself to go into the bathroom
to change clothes. I was still in my dress from the night before, and I
definitely needed to change my underwear. I put on a floral sundress, and
a lightweight panty and bra set. When I came out, she whistled and said
"Girlfriend, you are going to rock the town in that outfit." We laughed,
she helped me carry my things downstairs and place them in the boot of her
car. It was a 1990 VW beetle. I was surprised when she told me the year,
and she explained that down in Mexico, they still made the old "bug".

"And since I live in the border zone, I can bring it up as often as I
want, and do not have to worry about many of the smog laws. But I did have
the frame strengthened and safety glass put in to help in case of an

We stopped at a grocery store to get a few things, then drove to the
border. We drove across the border, and I whistled at the long line of
cars on the north bound side of the border. "Sunday is the worst, people
heading back north after a weekend down here. Tomorrow morning will not be
as bad, maybe a 20 minute wait to cross."

We had a dinner of salad (after all, I may be in my early thirties, but
still need to watch my weight) and decided to go out again. I got out my
tightest black skirt and blouse, as she laid on the bed to get into a pair
of jeans so tight, they looked painted on.

We went out, and after walking back to Revolution Avenue, she asked me
to pick the first stop of the night. I saw a club that had interested me
the night before, and she agreed. Once inside, it seemed that every
unattached male eye (and some that were not unattached) was on us. Where I
am tall and slender, she is short and rounded in the right places.

The tight white jeans went well with her bare midriff top. Her round
breasts made sure that the hem of the top did not touch her belly, where my
mid-thigh skirt showed my legs to their full potential. We looked as
opposite as night and day, but it did not keep the guys away.

We quickly found ourselves with Paul and Sean, the brothers we had
danced with the night before. We paired off again, and had several drinks,
and quite a few dances. I was enjoying the attention, feeling Paul's large
hands cupping my bottom as we danced. During the slow dances, we would
press our bodies fully against each other, and I could feel him swelling
against my groin. This caused me to dance with my legs a little farther
apart then normal, so I could enjoy the feeling of it pressing against my

During a bathroom break, Maria whispered to me that she could feel Sean
against her belly also. We giggled and talked as we went about the
business of peeing and fixing our makeup. I noticed that she was wearing
the necklace I had given her the night before, and I reached out to fix it
because the clasp was visible in front.

When my fingers brushed her neck, she closed her eyes and smiled ad I
lifted her long hair to place it behind her neck. "Thanks" she softly
whispered, and lightly touched the back of my hand before we went back out.

We sat back with Paul and Sean, and had another round of drinks. I felt
Paul's hand on my thigh, and smiled at Maria and motioned down with my
eyes. His hand was slowly moving up and down my leg, slowly moving to the
inside of my thigh. I placed my hand over his, and held his hand, to keep
it from going to far.

I saw Maria take Sean's hand (which looked like it had been doing the
same thing to her leg) and hold it on top of the table. Maria and I looked
at each other, and in the silent language that all us women seem to know,
communicated to each other that we would be going no further with these two
guys, at least not that night.

We went back to the floor, and I Quietly whispered to Paul how much I
was enjoying his company, but I was not looking for anything more then just
some good times. He agreed, and I had to quickly correct his thinking,
that the good times did not include sex with him. He smiled, and kissed my
cheek, saying "That's ok, I will just enjoy our time together then."

2 dances later, Maria and Sean were dancing next to us, and Paul
suggested changing partners. The same wicked grin, and Maria and I again
melted into each other's arms to start a tight slow dance. But happily,
Sean and Paul did not get upset. They both laughed, and started to dance
together next to us. As the four of us laughed and danced, I realized I
had not been this happy in a long time.

Paul reached down to grasp his brother's butt, and Sean did the same to
Paul. This caused Maria and I to do the same thing. I was amazed at how
good it felt to dance with her like that. And I could feel her larger
breasts pressing against my body, right below my smaller ones.

Several other couples started hooting and hollering at us, clapping at
the show the four of us were doing. We all hammed it up, grinding against
our partners and writhing in mock ecstasy. At the end of the dance, Sean
grabbed Paul's face, and seemed to give him a big kiss to the loud laughter
of the crowd. But it was obvious that they did not really kiss, there
mouths about 1/4 of an inch apart.

Maria and I decided to do the same, and I held her cheeks to give her a
mock kiss. But either I miscalculated, or she decided something else (she
still denies to this day that she did). Instead of kissing air, I found
myself kissing her soft lips.

My eyes opened, but quickly shut as we stiffened against each other,
then just relaxed and shared one of the most tender kisses I have ever
experienced. I barely heard the hoots and laughter behind us, our mouths
tenderly kissing as my hands held her cheeks. We finally broke apart, and
returned to our table with applause ringing throughout the disco. Paul and
Sean joined us there, and we finished off the pitcher of margaritas, then
decided to go home.

Since we both had to get up early the next morning, we told the guys goodbye, but we did get their phone number. They lived in National City,
between San Diego and Tijuana. Another long kiss was exchanged between us
and our "boyfriends", and we headed back to Maria's house.

While we walked, we giggled, and talked about the evening that was now
ending. We talked about many things, but totally avoided the kiss.

---------------------------- --------

Once in her house, we decided to have a few more glasses of wine before
turning in. She changed into her "Naked Co-Ed" t-shirt again, and I put on
a long blue nightshirt that I usually wear during hot weather. As I came
back into the living room, she was massaging her calves, obviously working
out a cramp.

I sat next to her, taking over and working on the hard knots of muscles.
Both of us being former jocks, we knew how to best get rid of sore muscles
and joints. Maria laid back and sighed happily, whispering her thanks as
her muscles relaxed under my experienced hands.

"You know, I would want you to take this job, just so I can count on
getting one of these massages" she joked, and I giggled.

"Trying to seduce me again, are you?" I said, giving her a saucy wink.
She laughed, and responded "I thought you were trying to do that to me
earlier this evening."

A long pause followed. We looked into each other's eyes, then took a
sip from our wine glasses. I felt those flutterings in my belly again, and
was unsure of what to say or do.

Maria gave a soft sigh, and moved her legs from my lap, and sat with her
back against the table. "Patty, I need to tell you something, and I do not
know where to begin, or how you will take it."

"Well, just say it. I promise not to get mad or upset."

A long pause followed, and she softly said "I have to admit, the last 2
days, I have gotten very attached to you. No, maybe attached is not the
word, maybe it is attracted."

My heart rate picked up, and I listened to her continue. "What I mean
is, I made the statement about the job, because I can tell that you care
about your work, and I am sure you could do a good job. I mean, I have
seen your taste in clothes, underwear, and now nightgowns. If that is any
indication of how you would do the purchasing for our company, you would be
a hit.

"But as we spent more time together, I started to find myself wanting
you to take the job for other reasons. Oh shit, I am messing this all up."
She then hung her head, and took a deep breath, letting it out in a long,
shuddering sigh.

I placed my hand softly on the back of her hand, and softly whispered
for her to continue, please.

"Well, maybe I should tell you something more about me, then you might
fully understand. I am sure you already suspect this about me.

"You see, when I went to see 'The Twelfth Night', it was with a
girlfriend. I do not mean a 'Girl Friend', two words. I mean a
'Girlfriend', one word."

"I see, so you're telling me that you're bisexual" I said, giving her
hand a soft squeeze, so she would know I was not using that word as an
accusation, but as a description.

"Yes. I'd be lying if I said I was not attracted to you from the moment
I saw you again. But I pushed that aside, and I really do want to be your
friend. The last 2 days, have been just great. I realized last night that
when you said seduce, that that may really have been the word for what I
was doing. It made me think, and I realized that I really was trying to
seduce you. And I suddenly became afraid that if you saw that, you would
not want to be my friend any more."

I took her in my arms, and stroked her hair. "Nonsense." I said, that
one word saying everything. "Maria, I have to tell you something, and
please hear me out, and do not read into it anything more then what I am

"My last year in college, I started a 'relationship' with my roommate."
She looked up at me, and could tell by the look on my face that it had not
been a good thing.

"I actually thought that I might be falling in love with her. We were
together for our first 3 years of college together, and were the best of
friends. One night, we both got drunk. Somehow, we ended up in bed
together, and had sex. I thought it was making love, but looking back, I
can see that it was just sex.

"For the next 3 months, we were together constantly. We had sex most
every night, took long showers together, and it seemed great. Then she
started to get more and more remote. Then she finally told me that I was
getting to 'clingy', her words, not mine.

She told me that our sex was great, but she was not looking for a long
term relationship with another girl. Basically, she had been using me for
sex, but tried to say it another way. I moved out the next week, and have
not seen her since graduation. It hurt to much, thinking of how we would
tell each other we loved each other, because I realized that I had meant
it, and she had not.

"That was my only experience with another female, and I had told nobody
about it other then you. Not even my husband knew about it. I met him
shortly after I graduated, and got married a year later. She hurt me bad,
and turned me off of sex and love for a long time. Strange as it is, I
feel more used by her then any of my boyfriends. At least with them, I
knew when they were using me for sex, and I would be doing the same thing.
I just felt that she was different, and it all turned out to be a big lie."

We held each other tight, just sitting there in the middle of her living
room, hugging each other. She then told me about her last girlfriend. She
had been with 3 girls, and the last one was the one she saw the play with.
Amber had been a tall slender girl, similar in build to me. But unlike me,
had fiery red hair and green eyes. "A real Irish temper too" she said

They met through a mutual friend, and then became lovers. After a year,
she had come home to find Amber in bed with 2 guys, fucking in their bed.
"She apologized, and promised not to do it again. But about 2 months
later, I caught her at it again. I came home early, because I had a bad
headache. I walked into the house, and walked back to the bedroom. She
was in bed with the 18 year old daughter of our next door neighbor. I just
stood there for like 10 minutes, listening to her whisper to the girl how
much she loved her, and how she was the best lover she had ever had. The
same things she had whispered to me 2 nights before.

"I just turned around and left, not saying a word. I stayed in a motel
room, and ignored the pages she sent to me all night long. The next day, I
left her voice mail on her pager, saying that I was taking a quick weekend
trip to see some friends. I drove down to Mexico, and found this place on
my second day. I rented it, and drove back up to get my things.

"When she saw me, she told me that she had been worried sick, but I just
walked by her, and started to pack my things. It became an ugly scene,
with her crying, and begging for forgiveness. She told me that she had
been trying to stay true to me, but that the girl had seduced her. I told
her that she could have said no, and just kept packing. Finally, she lost
control and slapped me after I called her a slut. I just thanked her for
giving me a real reason to leave, and left. I had a friend go back with me
when she was at work to get the last of my things.

That was 2 years ago. I have dated a few guys since then, and had some
good sex." She giggled at that, and I smiled, seeing her smile again. I
held her had tight, understanding the pain she must have felt. "I swore to
myself that I would never again allow myself to be attracted to another
woman. And that had been true, until Friday. I do not know why, but I
just knew that I wanted you to be my close friend." She looked deep into my
eyes, then whispered "Or maybe something more."

I pulled her to me, and we shared a long, tight hug. It was not sexual
in any way, just two women holding each other tight, after sharing their
pain. The hug felt like it went on forever, but I am sure it was only 2
minutes or so.

After we broke apart, we still held each other loosely. The sexual
tension in the room was so thick, I could feel it. "Maria, I do not know
what will happen, but I think I should tell you this. If your company will
hire me, I want to come down here and live with you, if you will let me. I
do not know what will happen, but I am sure I feel the same way you do. If
that is so, I think taking it slowly would be best however." I took a deep
breath, and continued. "Even though I want nothing more then to take you
to bed and make love to you all night long, I can think of 2 reasons not
to. For one, going slow would be best, so we can get to know each other
even better, if that is possible. That way, if it does grow into something
like love, it will be stronger."

After a long pause, Maria looked up at me, and said "What is the second

I took on a serious look, and said "Why, because we both have to get up
early tomorrow to return to the convention, of course."

We both broke up laughing, and held each other again. We finished off
the bottle of wine, and went to bed.

Unlike the night before, we held each other tight as we relaxed. After
a long cuddle, we shared a soft, tender kiss, then she rolled onto her side
to go to sleep. I curled up behind her spoon fashion, and held her as we
drifted off to sleep. The last thing I remember is her whispering
"Tomorrow night, I get to cuddle you like this as we fall asleep"


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