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Change of Heart 2

Change of Heart, Part 2

by Sara H

Categories: FF, F-dom, MC, NC, cons

If you think mind control stories that deal with sex in
various forms are obscene, disgusting or anything other
than fantasy, please go elsewhere. This story is for adults
eighteen years of age or older only.

2001 by Sara H. Please do not post elsewhere without
express permission of the author.


*Note: Some of the references in this segment won't make
quite as much sense if you haven't read the first part...
but regardless, it should be readable. Thanks to everyone
who wrote with feedback on part one... it definitely helped
push me along!*

*There are certain ways of looking at perception I've
explored before... but this story has been the most fun
I've had with that. I truly hope you enjoy it.*


Agatha sat in her favorite chair; the chair beside the
table where Callie was being prepped for the next stage of
her turning. Callie had already been given a mild dose of
Versed, and was quite happily offering her arms and legs to
the women who were strapping her in, attaching various
probes, sensors, transmitters and IV tubes to her. For the
moment, the women left her right arm free.

Agatha stood and walked slowly to the foot of the high-
backed leather chair in which Callie was restrained. The
hypnotic affect of the drug would not create any permanent
changes in the relaxed woman; that was the work of more
insidious devices. However, it could help Agatha set the
mood, and help make Callie more receptive to the
conditioning that was soon to come.

As her assistants left the room, she turned to the small
control console beside her and pressed several buttons. A
slight humming could be heard, and the chair unfolded,
leaning back and sliding forward while spreading Callie's
legs, giving Agatha a rather arousing view of her sex,
despite the vaginal probes and pulsing units.

"Now, certainly we can agree, at the outset, on a few
principles," said Agatha. Callie's half-closed eyes locked
with the slightly older woman's own. For the moment, there
was nothing else in her world.

"For instance, where you see me? Point to where you see me."

Callie, her head humming with ultrasonic anthems that were
chipping away at her resolve to fight, didn't even try to
speak. She pointed at Agatha.

"No. Where do you see me? Point."

Callie pointed again to her captor.

"No. You're a smart woman. Think. Where do you *see* me?
Come on... point, point, point."

A light bulb went off in Callie's head. She pointed to her
own temple.

"*Very* good, pet. You see me inside your own head. Your
eyes react to the light reflecting off of me that hits your
retinas, sending signals to your brain where they are
interpreted. It is the same with all your senses. Now, what
are the implications?"

Callie tried to think through the words, but her thoughts
weren't making any sense at all. All she could think was,

In between were broken thoughts as she tried to answer, to
argue, even to agree. It was pointless. It was easier to
let the thoughts consume her and bathe in them. They were
too strong to worry about, even if she had been able.

"Never mind, my drooling lover. The implication is that
everything you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste, good and
bad, is all *you*. So the bad things are you, and the good
things are you, and every conversation is with yourself.

"When you judge me as good, you are seeing what you
consider good in yourself, and when you judge me as bad,
you are only judging your own inclination towards the same

"And you *know* that's useless. Your ideas about good and
bad are totally arbitrary and based only on your own
interpretations of what someone else had to say. You
decided 'good' and 'bad' in the first place; values culled
from your own random opinions.

"Further, the reason you have those supposedly bad
thoughts is because inside, you *like* them, really. You
*love* them. And because you see them in me and feel them
so strongly, you love *me*. You might as well admit it to
yourself. You see the things in me that you love, good and
bad, and the bad things aren't bad at all, but just
something you judged when you were too young to even know
how to think.

"The past is your enemy. Your future is unknown. Your
present is all created by you. And in your present, I want
you to love me. To love and serve me. To love honor and
*obey* me. And because you see that I want these things, it
means that deep inside, you want them. *You want them*.
Where do you want them? Who *really* wants them? Point."

Callie, whether by instinct or by choice, pointed at her
temple again. It no longer mattered so much. She was too
tired to not do what Agatha wanted. She wanted to please
Agatha. It made the time go faster. *It always PLEASURE
goes BELIEVE faster when AGATHA you're OBEY with
someAGATHAone you LOVE love AGATHA,* she thought.

Agatha walked over and restrained the arm that had been
allowed freedom, it's purpose served. Than, sitting down
beside Callie, she reached down to a set of knobs beneath
the reclining chair and began the flow of several new drugs
into Callie's arms, legs and neck. She stood and, before
leaving the room, reached to the console again and turned
up the intensity of the subliminals.

As she left, an arc-shaped screen descended, completely
obscuring Callie's vision from the rest of the room.

BELIEVE -- AGATHA -- OBEY -- AGATHA -- LOVE --* screamed in
Callie's mind as the screen came to life. Her eyes widened
and dilated as a new humming began in her mind. Slowly but
surely, her endless monotone of thoughts faded into an
endless background hymn of praise to Agatha.

There was a picture on the screen, distorted slightly as a
complex spiral waved gently through the image. It looked so
peaceful. The spiral looked familiar, somehow, but she
couldn't remember where she'd seen it before. It didn't
matter. The past was her enemy. She let her eyes relax as
she listened and watched. Her mouth began to twitch. It
looked so real. So real. *Real...*


Agatha and Callie sat in the breakfast room, enjoying a
cup of coffee as they chatted. Callie munched gingerly on a

"Anyway," said Agatha, continuing her pleasant rant,
"that's when I decided psychology was for the birds.
Therapy is for idiots, assholes, and suckers with money to
burn. It takes advantage of people who are down, and makes
them pay to try to get back up. And 'try' is all they can
do, because psychotherapy is so flawed that it usually just
takes them down farther by reviving long-dead monsters."

"So true," agreed Callie, nodding her head
enthusiastically. She was amazed at how clearly Agatha saw
things. She smiled and was only mildly surprised at the
thought of Agatha nude. She looked at the beautiful woman
in undisguised admiration. "Can I get you another cup of

"How kind. Thank you, darling."

Callie stood and walked to the coffee maker and brought it
back to the table. As she poured carefully into Agatha's
empty cup, she felt familiar tingle of pleasure zoom up her
back like a fountain, from her tailbone to the base of her
skull. It spread across her scalp, giving her an instant
rush of euphoria. "Any chance to serve is always a...
pleasure, Agatha," she sighed, her eyes closing briefly in

Callie opened her eyes to find herself in the living room.
She looked to her right. Agatha was sitting beside her on
the sofa.

She was crying.

"Agatha, what's the matter?" asked Callie, feeling
slightly confused.

Agatha's whimpers became full sobs as she tried to speak.
Callie felt her instincts take over, and she reached to
pull the sorrowful woman close to her.

"Shhhhhh..." she said. "Shhhhhhhhh... it's okay... you can
tell me..."

"I-hi-hi kn-know you..." began Agatha, bursting into fresh
sobs as she tried to get the words out.

"It's okay, Agatha... it really is. Just tell me..."

"I kn-know you think I'm cr-cr-crazy," whimpered Agatha,
slowly getting control of her voice.

"I don't think you're crazy..." started Callie.

"Yes, you do," replied Agatha, nearly whispering. "You
told me so. You called me a lu-lu-lu-lunatic buh-bitch."
Her lower lip and chin were trembling, threatening more
spasms of grief. "All I wuh-wanted was to luh-love you,"
she managed, before she broke into pitiful long wails.

Finally, Agatha calmed enough to speak plainly. "You don't
care about me. You probably don't even think I'm

It was as if a dark window shattered inside Callie's mind,
letting light into long-shadowed passageways. Everything
was beyond clear... it was so sharp and detailed that it
almost burned her as realization after realization hit home.

Agatha wasn't some maniacal Dominatrix out to subvert
*anyone*. She was full of love and grace and intelligence
and warmth... and she was alone. All the women Callie had
seen... they were as coincidental as walking by someone at
a street cafe... this was Agatha's true face, her true

Callie felt something nestle inside her, right in the core
of her being. Her eyes widened as it grew outwards into her
psyche, surrounding every thought, every nuance of emotion.

"... and I know that you'll never love me." finished
Agatha, pulling slowly away from Callie.

The two women sat in silence that felt eternal. Callie
looked at the flaming red hair of the woman beside her, saw
the softness of the skin on her shoulder. The hazel eyes,
the perfect nose... she looked at the hands that nervously
rubbed together, suddenly wanting more than anything to
hold them, to let what she was feeling flow into them and
into Agatha.

"No," whispered Callie. "The truth is, that I do find you
beautiful. Graceful. Elegant. Enlightening. Wonderful. The
truth is...

"... I love you."

Through new tears -- tears of inexpressible joy -- Agatha
reached and hugged Callie, pulled her close and, without
haste or apology, kissed her deeply on her moist,
unresisting lips.

The quaking started deep in Callie's belly, spreading to
her arms and legs, moving her like a puppet on a string, a
crazy jumping-jack of sexual abandon and release. She
screamed into Agatha's mouth, and still the kiss continued,
pulling on her tongue and suckling... Callie could almost
feel it in her clit... and then it *was* in her clit, in
her nipples, in her *face*, driving her upward again and
again... flying to the edge of the earth until she could no
longer breathe...

Callie, somewhere deep inside her quivering, clenching
mass of muscle, bone and spirit, realized that she had
loved Agatha almost from the moment they had met.


Agatha sat watching her thrall on the monitor, licking the
dew from her finger... the dew of arousal and sweet climax.
Callie's wide eyes, staring at the spiral and the images,
were hot enough, but the real heat was from the fact that
the resistant woman had succumbed... had become totally
lost in the illusion, and was actually *living* in the drug
and image inspired hallucination.

*God, this one has been more of a challenge than I ever
imagined,* she thought, *but she is certainly worth the
effort.* She quivered slightly as she thought of the
pleasure she would take from her new lover.

Sooner, rather than later.

She smiled as she thought of the appetites that would soon
be born in her new, beautiful slave... and began to tease
her clit.

She reached over, and started the program again.


Agatha walked into the small, humbly furnished bedroom,
and looked at the sleeping form of Callie, freshly washed
and naked under the crisp sheets of the queen-size bed.
Eyes half-lidded with lust, she listened to Callie breathe.
She could not help betraying the influence of arousal that
had been building for days.

She lowered the duffel bag she had carried in with her to
the floor, and smiled at the muffled tinkling that came
from inside. It was a risk to take Callie to the next level
in person, but the combination of aphrodisiacs, pheromones
and hypnotics that laced the nearly odorless perfume she
wore would be enough to ensure success. Callie would
succumb to them more quickly, now that she had felt the
pleasure they could bring.

She walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed.
"Callie..." she said softly.

The young woman stirred and opened her sleep-reddened
eyes. She turned over slowly, her eyes coming gradually
into focus. "Agatha," she sighed, smiling.

"I love you, Callie," said Agatha, smiling stiffly in
return. "But..."

"What? What is it, Agatha?" said Callie, coming fully awake.

Callie could see the pressure building up in Agatha's face
as she tried to come up with the words. They finally broke
free, gushing out of her in a rush of emotion. "I'm afraid
you don't really trust me. I mean like *really* trust me."

"Oh, but I do, Agatha!" protested Callie. "I love you! I
love you, well, enough to..."

"Enough to what?" asked Agatha.

Callie felt the words fall out of her mouth before she
even had a chance to think what she was saying. "To prove
it to you. I'll do anything... *anything*... so that you
know I love and trust you. I would fucking *die* for you,

"Even if my desires are dark?"

"There is no darkness with you, Agatha... only adventures
to share..."

Agatha smiled sweetly. Inside, she was vibrating like a
rubber band stretched to its limit. The programming had
worked its magic on the poor and, in the end, defenseless
therapist. "*Amor vincit omnia,* my precious."


Callie awakened and slid out of bed. She pulled the covers
straight, and then cocked her head slightly to the side, as
if listening to a distant voice.

She pulled back the covers and started again, making the
bed properly, fluffing the pillows and making sure it was
neat. Perfect. It needed to be, because... *because Agatha
likes it this way,* she finished, smiling happily. She felt
wetness between her legs as she walked to the adjoining

After a hot shower, she dried off and walked to the small
dressing table and sat down. She picked up the blow dryer
and comb, and spent over an hour fixing her hair, so that
she would be presentable.

Another hour on makeup, moving slowly but with supreme
confidence, finished the look. After applying nail polish,
she stood and walked to the full-length mirror. She
couldn't believe how hot she looked. Today was not a bad
hair day at *all*.

Once her nails were dry and gleaming, she couldn't resist
pulling slightly on her nipple rings, the pain sparking a
deep and pleasant itch in her clit. She pulled again, and
reached down to get a taste of herself before carefully
mixing her scent with the lipstick she had so painstakingly
applied. She wanted Agatha as hot for her as she was for

She went back into the bedroom pulled open the top drawer
of the dresser, and removed a slim, silver, vibrating butt
plug, the token of her trust and love for the woman with
whom she had fallen so deeply in love. She covered it with
clear lubrication and shivered as it entered her quaking

She picked up a thin silver headband and placed it around
her head. She giggled slightly -- it somehow made her feel
like royalty. She shivered as thoughts of obedience and
love began pouring into her. She knew that someday she
would no longer need the Modifier, but she knew just as
completely that for now, she had to wear it nearly every
waking moment. It was what Agatha wanted. Therefore, it was
what she wanted.

She had never felt so free.

She pulled on a pair of black, crotchless latex panties,
pulling them taut and making sure they were as unwrinkled
and smooth as they could possibly be. Black slave sandals
and a thin black leather collar completed the ensemble.

Completed her wedding dress.

Today, she would join with her True Love for all eternity.

She opened the door. Four women, naked but for the flowers
in their hair, entered the bedroom, having waited patiently
outside the door as she prepared. As two women took up the
rear, the other two took her by the hands and led her out
and through the hallway to the central chamber.

She gasped as she was led into the candlelit chamber and
to a circle drawn in the center of the room.

Agatha was waiting for her there. She was dressed
identically to Callie, except for the silver headband. She
didn't need it. She was radiant. The room seemed pale and
dim in the glow of Callie's True Love, the woman she
trusted and obeyed with every breath.

Callie looked up and saw the Bonds of Forever descending
down towards her. She raised her arms, and the two women
who had trailed stepped forward and fastened cuffs to her
wrists. It was a scene right out of Callie's most cherished

She widened her stance until her arms were pulled tight,
and smiled as she looked into Agatha's eyes. She did not
look down as she felt her feet fastened in place. She had
no reason to look anywhere but into the beauty of her Queen.

Callie shivered. The moment had come.

"Callie, my love, my true and perfect companion, it is
with the gift of yourself, the gift of your soul, that we
are bound for all eternity. Beyond what eyes can see and
ears hear, our souls dance and love and play. For this
reason, we shall make manifest the love that we share in
the ether... bound together for all time, Lover and loved,
Giver and gift, Queen and bride, Mistress and slave. Is
this your willing desire?"

A chilly wind blew sparkling dust through Callie's soul
and called to her, crying. It was a wisp of some forgotten
past, some once-important thing that begged her to listen.
But Callie could only hear one voice now, and the wind blew
out and away from her, carrying the plaintive voice into an
abyss from which there was no return.

A single tear slowly wandered down her cheek.

"It is the desire of my deepest self, a self that will
soon no longer exist but as you command," she answered. "It
is my promise, my vow, my life, and from this moment
forward, a life that is not mine but yours."

"Then feel, as all becomes pleasure... and when you step
away from yourself and into the bliss of perfect and
complete surrender, know that it is done. Know that the
font of your completion is your eternal bond to me, and to
my will."

Seemingly from nowhere, clamps were attached Callie's
nipples, and she felt her hips begin to writhe as the
pleasure began. Her eyes closed briefly, and when they
opened, Agatha was holding a thin, stiff crop.

She slid the tip down Callie's side, as the bound woman
moaned openly in anticipation.

Her butt plug suddenly roared to life, and her knees
buckled, nearly causing her to cum on the spot. *Not...
yet...* she thought, gasping inside and out.

The pleasure was becoming nearly unbearable when the crop
smacked the back of her thighs. But instead of pain, it
only made all the pleasure spike across her body... her
brain, unable to experience both bliss and agony at once,
was choosing bliss. Her eyes closed again as the sensations
flooded into her.

She felt tiny clamps being attached to her body, and she
began to quake uncontrollably as Agatha's (Mistress's) hand
caressed her cheek, flowing down to her shoulder. Her whole
bottom was vibrating down her legs and up into her abodomen
now, and the pain kept changing from stinging sharpness to
teasing stings of raw pleasure... the chant in her head was
becoming more pronounced... "SLAVE -- PLEASURE -- ETERNAL --

Finally her voice jumped to life, animal passion soaking
her endless words, erupting into a chant of joy. "*Oh fuck
yes Mistress sooo good so fucking good yours slave obey yes
god fucking asshole pussy clit titties fuck yes love oh
goddess i i i yes oh yes oh fuck yessssss*"

Callie felt the chains release and felt her body drop to
the floor. Pressure covered her body, and she opened her
eyes. As she felt the warmth of her Mistress' tongue enter
her, she stretched her own upwards, licking from asshole to
pussy and back again, before delving in completely,
mindless to anything but the pleasure passing between them
until there was only one pleasure, one body...

She felt her orgasm coming, and the realization pushed her
into the gaping hole of flaming passion, completely alone
but for the Soul dancing with her, making her steps match
perfectly with the Queen of her existence... and as she
climaxed, she knew that she had finally, fully, found her
purpose, and found her home...

Callie felt a slight emptiness wash over her as her climax
subsided. It was a hollow that could only be filled by one
person... her Mistress. Her Agatha.

She reached with her tongue to taste again, and came...

*Amor vincit omnia.*


The park was particularly beautiful. Children and mothers
played, lovers walked, holding hands and smiling. A woman
ran by on the path. Young, and panting, she was a picture of grace and beauty. Two sets of eyes followed her as she
slipped out of sight around the bend.

"I don't believe it, Agatha. You've said so many times
that love wasn't worth it. Too complicated. Now you tell me
that you gave this woman your real name, you fell in love
with her... even more unbelievable, you're telling me
you're done? I'd say I was happy for you, and for me, since
you have to pay up. I'll have fifty slaves first, after
all, it seems. But is quitting really worth it? Is she
really worth giving me fifty thousand dollars?"

Agatha smiled as she looked into her friend's eyes.
"You'll never understand, I think. Rochelle, you deal with
perceptions... that much we share. But you deal with
changes of the mind. I deal with changes of the heart, and
it was only a matter of time before I got around to my own.
It was only a question of when, after all..."




Rochelle appears courtesy of Sara H.

Please send any comments and feedback to
sara_h2020@yahoo.com. Please mention the story title in the
subject line. Thanks for reading!

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