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Chapter 02


The Cabin by Indigo Marr

Chapter 2

Karen, as I was allowed to call her later, wanted to talk more about the
program I was proposing, and about me in particular. She suggested that we
meet at the Spruce Tree Inn, a nice local restaurant geared more towards
the wealthier tourist trade than to locals. I was a little bit curious
about her choice of places, but I agreed. Friday night at 8:00.

I spent the next two days writing up an outline of the course; a basic
syllabus, suggestions of topics, recommended class size, all the things I
thought she would want. I also researched similar classes in other
districts, and summarized the results in a neat, two-page report. I bound
the entire thing in a nice cover, and applied a title block printed in an
interesting, but professional-looking font. I even included a cover page,
bibliography, and footnotes. It was like being in English Comp all over
again. If nothing else, I was going to try to impress her with my

Friday night I arrived at the Spruce Tree Inn dressed to impress; black
slacks, light gray linen shirt, pressed neatly, a black linen vest, black
tie with an antique sterling tie-pin, and black leather dress shoes. I
pulled my hair back into a neat ponytail, held with a sterling clasp I had
designed myself.

I had arrived before her, and was escorted to our table by the hostess.
The Spruce Tree, being a converted Victorian home, had a series of small
dining rooms which used to be the various rooms of the house. I was taken
upstairs to what had once been, I could only assume, one of the bedrooms.
It was a small room with only one table which could be set for either two
or four people. The tables were all antiques, as were the chairs. This
was a very nice establishment.

It was less than five minutes later that Karen was escorted into the
room. I took a few seconds to look at her. She was wearing a long
straight dress of black silk with a long slit up the side to facilitate
walking. The brief glimpse of leg that I saw suggested that the rest of
her body was as well-kept as her face. The top of the dress had a low, yet
conservative neckline that did a wonderful job of hinting at what it hid.
Over the top, she wore a light bolero-style jacket that may have been
less-than-current in style, but looked very nice on her, nonetheless.

I stood as she entered. "Good evening, Karen. You look…wonderful."

"Thank you. It's not often that I have a reason to dress up, and I
thought that dinner at the Spruce Tree— even if it is a business
dinner—would be a good excuse."

"I'm very glad the excuse arose." I smiled as I let the sentence fade

She took the seat across from me and started right into business. I
handed her the binder I had prepared and let her read through it. We
ordered our food—a delightful meal I hadn't expected in this part of the
state—and some wine. We discussed the proposal and eventually agreed on
the broader details. A second bottle of wine followed, and the discussion
drifted into personal matters. After dessert and cordials, we were getting
very relaxed with one another, and the conversation reflected it. Laughter
and the more-than- occasional innuendo began to dominate the discussion.

"Indigo, I believe we are keeping the restaurant staff here beyond their
appointed time. Perhaps we could take this conversation elsewhere?"

"That sounds like a good idea. But where might we take it? I believe
that everywhere else is closed also. And I don't think that we're properly
dressed for hanging out in the park after curfew."

"Why not your 'cabin in the woods'? I'd be interested to see what
you've done with it. It sounds wonderful from what you've described of

I pointed to the diamond on her left hand "What might your husband say
to you going to some man's house unchaperoned?"

She held up her hand and smiled. "As we've been divorced for over 5
years, I don't think he's a right to say much of anything. I still wear
the ring because I like it."


After a short drive we were arrived at my house. She left her car near
the road, and I drove the both of us down the mile-long driveway in my
Jeep. I doubt that her BMW convertible would have handled the terrain. The
weather was still warm, even with the slight breeze off the lake, and Karen
decided to sit on the deck rather than go inside. After a trip inside to
use the bathroom, she came back out and set herself down on one end of the
small deck-couch, stretching her legs out onto the ottoman. I followed her
out with a fresh bottle of wine and two glasses. I poured a glass for her,
then one for myself, and set the bottle down on the wire end-table. I
turned to sit in the chair to her left. She looked up at me and patted the
empty seat next to her without saying a word. I hesitated for just a
second; sitting in the chair, I would be able to look at her, sitting next
to her I might have the chance for more, but would miss out on a wonderful
view. I played the gamble and sat down next to her.

As the night grew longer and the wine disappeared, Karen leaned against
me until she was neatly curled against my chest. I draped my arm over her
shoulder and let my hand rest on her chest, just above the fabric of her
dress. She looked up at me and raised one eyebrow.

I looked into her eyes for several seconds, trying to read what lay
behind them. "Yes?" I asked; an invitation.

"…..yes." she replied softly.

I bent my head down and kissed her on the forehead. I had no idea what
her tastes were, and decided to start gentle. My lips brushed against her
forehead again. Then across her eyelids. I slowly worked down to her lips
while my hand lightly brushed against the warm flesh of her shoulder. When
our lips finally met, she stiffened slightly against me. I put all my
attention into that kiss--all my focus on the small yet powerful connection
between us. After several minutes of just that kiss, I allowed my hands to
explore. With a firm but gentle hand, I caressed her body through the thin
material of her dress; along her shoulders, down the sides of her chest,
across the gentle curve of her hip. I took my time, avoiding her breasts and the joint of her thighs, though brushing close, closer each time. Her
own hand came up to my chest, resting lightly there at first, then gripping
with long nails through my vest. I let my hand, finally, brush across her
breast, lightly. Her chest swelled with an intake of breath, and her back
arched ever so slightly, pressing against my caress.

I pulled back from the kiss, teasing her with my lips, and looking into
her eyes. This was not a young innocent; she knew what she wanted, and
where she was willing to go. As I looked at her, her face became almost
stern. That look spoke volumes. If I dared to stop now, I would never
live down the consequences. A smile crossed my lips and sparkled in my
eyes. That look told me all I needed to know. As I leaned forward to
resume our kiss, my hand still holding her breast, she placed a finger on
my lips to stop me. A devilish smile lit her face.

"Don't think you'll get everything tonight. It *is* only our first
date. I'm not that kind of girl….. not until the second date, at least."

I laughed quietly, pulled her hand from my lips, and kissed her with an
intense passion.

Over the next half hour, our clothes began to slowly vanish. My vest
and tie went first. Karen took her time slowly, teasingly, untying it.
She did the same with the buttons on my vest, and then the buttons on my
shirt. Half way through the buttons, however, she gave up all pretense,
and with a laugh, started ripping them from the holes. Her bolero was
tossed across the deck with a flourish, and I kissed my way down her neck
to the thin fabric of her dress. Each kiss was preceded by a retreat of
the silk. Each kiss landed upon newly exposed skin. Some kisses were
light brushes of the lips, others had teeth, and others were filled with
silliness which sent the dignified principal into fits of giggling which
caused her breasts to bounce happily.

At last, her breasts fell free of the dress, no bra hampering their
escape. With a happy growl of appreciation, I wrapped my lips around the
nipple and sucked with great enthusiasm. We laughed some more, her between
gasps, as I moved comically from one breast to the other with a
melodramatic gasp of surprise at the discovery of new territory.

"Ohmigod. There's another one. Yum!" And I dove into my duties with
relish and enthusiasm. Knowing now that I had open permission, I let my
hand wander again, this time with more aggressiveness. I slipped it
through the high slit of her dress to caress--almost grope-- the solid
thigh that was barely hidden. I noticed with pleasure that her stockings were the old-fashioned kind; a seam up the back and a lacy elastic band at
the top. Bare skin greeted me above that.

Her own hand was doing some exploration of it's own, rubbing firmly
along my thigh, and up to more interesting places. As I worked my way
around her chest-- paying as much attention to the curve of her neck, the
dimple of her collar bone, the broad valley between the small swells of her
breasts, as to the breasts themselves-- I let go of any pretense of
hesitancy. I moved my hand to the soft, damp, silk of her panties and
pressed against the warm flesh underneath. One long finger pressed itself
between the plump lips hidden behind the fabric. The heel of my hand
brushed continually against the top of her mons, and across the small
sensitive knot hidden there.

Deciding on my plan of action, I broke from her embrace, and stood up.
She looked startled for a brief second. Then I knelt in front of her,
reached both hands up under her dress and grasped the thin panties. With a
single pull, I drew them down he legs and over feet. With a devilish
smile, I tossed them in the general direction of her bolero.

"Now, " I said with a grin, "Where were we? Ah. Yes. I was feasting
on a pair of wonderful breasts and a graceful neck while exploring soft
treasures hidden farther below."

"If that's the goal, then I think I had better remove this silk before
it gets ruined. I'd hate to get anything on it."

She stood and very easily slid the dress over her hips. As the smooth
fabric piled softly on the deck, she bent one knee, striking a classic
pose. A sigh of appreciation escaped my lips. Despite her age, which was
still evident, she was in amazing shape.

She smiled, and without a word, bent over to pick up her dress. Tossing
it casually over her shoulder, she walked into the house, glancing back
playfully as she went through the door. It didn't take me long to follow.

I followed the pleasant sway of her hips as she climbed the stairs to
the loft where I kept my bed. I wondered just what her limits for a first
date were.

Reaching the top of the stairs, I paused to look at her on the bed. She
had lain back, stretching her arms over her head, accentuating her shape.
The neatly-trimmed tuft of gray hair between her legs stood out against the
light tan of her skin. I absently noted the lack of tan-lines and smiled.
Taking a moment to slip off my pants and underwear, I sat on the edge of
the bed beside her.

"Mmmmm….." Not the most verbose of statements, but one that—combined
with the smile on my face and the glimmer in my eyes—said exactly what it
was I wanted to say.

I started again on her breasts, teasing the crinkled nipples with my
teeth. Again, I playfully leapt from one breast to the other, I licked
with broad strokes between them, under them, across them. And then I
started downward. My hands preceded my mouth by only a few inches. I
stroked with strong, yet gentle movements along her body, while I playfully
leapt from place to place with my kisses. At times I would linger; along
the line of her ribs, at the dimple of her navel. Other times, I would
plant a dozen kisses all over her front in a matter of seconds. But
always, I proceeded downward.

My fingers brushed through the neatly-trimmed hair while I let my tongue
trace the line of her hips. I let my fingers play in the soft curls
inching lower with a deliberate tease. I passed by the obvious target and
stroked along her lower lips. I could feel the moisture there, the warmth.
I looked up at her as she looked down at me. We both smiled. One long
finger pressed firmly into her, laying along the length of her. I wanted
to take advantage of her wetness. For a very long minute, I teased her, my
lips playing along the edges of her bush, while my finger wiggled only on
the outer edges of her slit.

And then I dove in. In one swift move, I thrust my finger deep into her
and clamped my lips around her clit. My tongue lashed out to taste her,
and I drove forward with intensity and passion. All pretense at subtlety
was gone. The long, long minutes of teasing had done their job. At the
first thrust of attack, her muscles tensed, as she gasped. A whispered,
and tight "oh fuck" followed. In only a few moments, I felt her entire
body clench. Her legs clapped themselves to the side of my head and her
hands flew to wrap themselves in my hair. Her orgasm washed over her
powerfully. I worked to sustain it to the point of almost pain, then
relaxed and let her calm down.

I did not, however, stop. I continued with slow, gentle licks, soft
caresses and tickles inside of her, and light suckling on her clit. Slowly
I built up the intensity of each of these things. I worked a second finger
into her, wiggling them against each other. I brought my left hand down
and slipped it beneath her. Her wetness had flowed down the crack of her
ass, and I took advantage of this fact. Getting my middle finger
well-lathered in her wetness, I teased the tight ring. I tapped lightly
against the rosebud as if knocking for admittance. "….. came a tap tap
tapping at my door." The quote came unbidden to my mind, and made me smile.
I wrapped my lips around her clit, suckling like a newborn at his mother's
tit. The finger of my left hand pressed firmly into her anus, as the two
fingers of my right struggled insistently against each other deep in the
confines of her cunt. As her ass relaxed to let my finger in, I curled the
fingers of my right to find that soft spot that so often hides along the
front wall. At the same moment, my tongue rasped roughly along her clit.
She clenched from head to toe, her back arching long inches off the bed,
and her lungs seizing up. A sudden gasp of breath was followed by her

"stop….stop….. stop…….STOP…….!!!!!"

I did stop. Though not right away. I let her go past the point where
pleasure turns to pain, then pain turns back to pleasure. Just as it was
again turning to pain, just as her breath gasped again to start a scream, I
pulled back. Completely. At one moment I was attacking with full passion,
at the next, I yanked myself away from her, and let the sensations hang. I
watched as she shivered and spasmed from head to toe. I smiled. She was a
sensitive one. I liked that. The absence of sensation can be a very
powerful sensation. I don't think she'd ever had that experience before,
going from full-out to nothing.

It took almost a minute before she calmed down enough to speak.

"you bastard"

"You're welcome" I replied.

"If you *ever* even *think* of doing that again……"


"Call me!"

I crawled back up to lay along side her. She hugged me tightly and
kissed me. I noted that she didn't mind tasting herself. I liked that.
We lay there, talking, joking, and gently caressing each other for a while.
My caresses were rather idle, while hers were more directed. I shivered
slightly as her long nails scratched playfully along my cock. I laid back
and let her take control. I was once again reminded that the experience of
age is at least the equal of the enthusiasm of youth.

Karen was very skillful. And very direct. She didn't play around like
I did. But then, with all that had just happened, it wasn't as though I
needed any warming up. I was most definitely ready to go. Almost *too*
ready. Karen knew what to do, however, and moved away from the sensitive
areas just long enough to let me calm down.

Then she went right back. I moaned softly as I felt her lips slip
around me. No preliminaries. No teasing. She slid down the length of me,
and used her tongue and lips with skill. It only a few minutes until I was
curled up, with my hands on her hips, my legs around her back, and my balls
trying desperately to expel more than they had in them. And then her evil
side appeared. She didn't stop. It was almost a minute later that I had
to throw her off of me. And still the sensations didn't stop. A quiet yet
persistent stream of profanities slipped out of my mouth as I tried to get
past the point of painful pleasure.

She looked up at me with a smile on her face, and licked her lips.

"Touche'…… and thank you."

"You are most certainly welcome, sir."

We curled up again, both very sated and satisfied. Though I did still
twitch with after-shocks for several minutes.

"So…." I looked at her as she lay with her head on my chest. "If that's
what you allow on the first date, does that mean on the second date we can
fuck like bunnies?"

"That depends." She smiled as she propped herself up to look into my
eyes. "do bunnies do it doggie- style?"


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