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Archived Sex Stories

Charmed II Piper's Passion


Disclaimer: You can't read this unless you are 18 years of age.

Note: The Second of three thrilling chapters in "The Charmed Ones

The Charmed Ones Trilogy, Chapter Two (Piper's Passion) by JR Parz


Jonathan smiled at Piper Halliwell. She certainly was a lovely witch,
much like her two sisters. She was a slip of a thing; petite and extremely
pretty. Her dark hair ran down past her shoulders and she reminded him of
one of those women with the 'girl next door' looks. "How large a staff are
you looking at using?" he asked, keeping their discussion professional.

"Including myself, there will be three of us."

"Remember Ms. Halliwell. Money is not an issue here and I'd prefer you
focus more on the management aspects of this affair, not working the lines
so to speak."

"Mr. Seavers, part of my success is the personal touch that I provide.
I don't see how..."

"I can appreciate that Ms. Halliwell, but I have to be in constant
communication with you and I don't want to be stalled because you're
handling other matters."

"If you insist." Piper smiled.

Jonathan smiled at this reply, noting her struggle with this. Then he
let his mind wander as Piper discussed the menu. Out of the three
Halliwell sisters, he felt that Piper's seduction would be the easiest.

Jonathan's attention was distracted when a pretty waitress asked if
everything was all right. Jonathan didn't think it was by accident that
the blonde pixie drew his table, thinking that Piper was pulling out all
the stops. "Yes. Thank you Cindy." Piper replied with a smile.

When the waitress walked away, Jonathan turned back to Piper. "Cindy is
a very attractive girl...and a very good waitress. Can I expect her to be
part of your trio this weekend?"

"I believe that it can be arranged." Piper replied with a smile.

Having access to hundreds of the most beautiful girls in America,
Jonathan was still smitten with sweetness and innocence, and there was
something about Piper that seemed to radiate both of them. He remembered
it was this very same appeal that had attracted him to Amber...and suddenly
the thought of her got him to wondering. He certainly hadn't counted on
Phoebe casting a love spell on Amber, and he just hoped that this wouldn't
hinder his plans.

Jonathan poured on as much charm as he could, and although he was able
to elicit a smile out of Piper from time to time; she maintained a
professional demeanor throughout the meeting. Of course there were other
ways to charm the panties off a girl, and once Piper had been subjugated to
the subliminal conditioning he had planned for her, she would be finding
herself feeling quite differently about him. "I'd like to meet with you
this Saturday afternoon... shall we say 1:00 p.m. That way you can become
familiar with the layout of the house and address any last minute details."

"That would be fine Mr. Seavers."

"Great. Then I'll call it a night and see you Saturday." Jonathan said.

"Yes...thank you." Piper replied, shaking his hand.


Amber Peters opened her eyes with shock! Her head was nestled
comfortably against Phoebe's crotch and the smell of her new lover teased
her pleasure receptors all over again. They had made love last,
it was more like they were two animals in heat, unable and unwilling to
stop once they had started! It was the first time either one of them had
indulged in lesbian sex and yet it was the most intense and most beautiful
form of lovemaking she'd ever experienced. Amber thought about Jonathan
and realized this was the first time since her 'turning' that she found
sexual satisfaction in the arms of someone other than Jonathan. The smell
of Phoebe's sex still played on her senses, and Amber couldn't resist
moving her head in closer until her lips lovingly kissed Phoebe's soft
petals. "God Amber...Don't stop!" Phoebe exclaimed as she awakened.

Amber redoubled her efforts upon hearing her Phoebe cry out, and it
seemed that her desire and love for her increased with every waking second.
Amber doubted that she could have stopped servicing Phoebe even if she
wanted to.

"I'm gonna cum...Oh God yes...yes...ahhhhhhh!" Phoebe cried out loud,
obviously not caring who heard her.

Amber eagerly lapped up all of Phoebe's love cream while Phoebe leaned
back and sighed. "You were so, so wonderful, Amber." and then giggled.

"I...I can't believe how much I love you." Amber whispered, thinking
about how she'd never in her life thought about having sex with another

"I love you too Amber. I love you more than anything or anyone else in
the whole world." Phoebe responded, while repositioning her body to kiss
her. Amber responded to the kisses, loving the way Phoebe's tongue played
with her own. Just as Phoebe was about to move down her body, she
reluctantly whispered. "I have to pee."

Phoebe giggled and continued her movements down to Amber's pussy. Amber
blushed when she felt Phoebe's lips touch her sex. "Phoebe, I really have
to pee." she whispered again. Phoebe kissed her hard one last time, then
moved away. "Okay, take a left and go down the end of the hallway. Can't
miss it."

Amber slowly got up off the bed and looked around the room. "I love
your tits" Phoebe stated drawing her attention back to the bed.

"Thanks. I love yours more." Amber replied. "Where are my clothes?"

Phoebe giggled. "I think we left them downstairs."

"I need your robe."

"Go naked. You look sexy."

"Phoebe! I'm not going out there naked!"

"Okay, check the closet over there." Phoebe responded giggling.

Amber found the robe, put it on and turned to go to the door. "You look
scrumptious...hurry back so I can eat you." Phoebe giggled.

Amber blushed, turned around and couldn't help giggling herself. "I
will." she said and left the room.

After Amber peed, she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked a
mess. Her long blonde hair was all over the place and she reeked of sex.
'Maybe I'll take a quick shower' she thought to herself, but then
remembered how turned on she got just by smelling Phoebe's pussy so she
decided that she'd better not. What was it about this overpowering
attraction she felt for Phoebe? Why did she feel so good just being near
her? Did Jonathan create this inside of her or was this Phoebe's doing?

Amber quietly pranced back down the hallway when a door opened. A very
beautiful girl came out of the room, bringing Amber to a stop. "Who the
hell are you?" The girl asked in a very serious tone.

"Um...ah...I'm Amber. Amber Peters. I'm a friend of Phoebe's." Amber
stammered in embarrassment...and blushed even more when the robe she wore
loosened around her chest, exposing her right breast. Amber quickly moved
her hands up to close her robe while the raven haired beauty quietly

"I'm one of her sisters. Will you two be joining us for breakfast?"

"Th...Thank you." Amber replied. Amber quickly went back inside
Phoebe's room, where she found Phoebe playing with herself. "I...I
just...I just ran into one of your sisters." Amber stammered.

Phoebe stopped fingering herself and looked up at her. "Oh...Which

"I don't know, dark black hair."

"They both have dark hair."

"How about if looks could kill I'd be dead!"

"That would be Prue." Phoebe giggled.


"All I'm saying is that it could have been very dangerous for her to be
here overnight." Prue reiterated.

"I know, but I...I wasn't thinking. Everything happened so fast."

Piper blushed at Phoebe's admission of lesbian sex. "I don't
understand, you never ever hinted about having lesbian feelings before..."

"I may never have talked about it, but I've had thoughts. I've even
fantasized about making it with another girl from time to time." Phoebe
replied. "I just didn't know how powerful these feelings were until I met
Amber." Phoebe responded.

Piper and Prue looked on as Phoebe walked up to Amber and kissed the
'frozen in time' girl on the lips. Piper had frozen Amber during a
conversation with her in the kitchen. "I love her. I love her more than
I've ever loved anyone ever before." Phoebe whispered while gazing at the

"She's very beautiful Phoebe, but still...this is so out of the blue."
Piper responded. Then Prue added "And you've only known each other for a
few days. Don't you think that you're rushing things?"

"We're just going with our's seems so natural."

Piper wondered if there may be a 'super' in front of the natural, then
she turned to Amber. "And she feels as strongly as you do?"

"Yes." Phoebe replied.

"Is she a lesbian or bi?" Prue asked.

"She never made love to another girl before me."

"This is too much. Things like this don't 'just' happen." Prue added.

Piper could see a tear forming in Phoebe's eye. "Phoebe, did Amber
seduce you?"

" was kinda mutual. I expressed how I felt and at first she
rejected me. Then she called me up and told me she wanted to see me. The
next thing I knew, we were in bed making love. I...I think she was
embarrassed about feeling the same way about me, and that was why she
rejected me at first."

Piper looked over at Prue, who nodded her head in approval. With a wave
of her hand, Amber was released from her time freeze. "...dropped out so I
could work full time at Seavers Enterprises." Amber stated, not knowing
that it had taken her ten minutes to complete her sentence.

"But why? A degree from Stanford would have put you in the drivers seat
to work anywhere in the world?" Piper asked.

"I'm not really sure why, but I felt that this was an opportunity I
didn't really want to pass up." Amber replied.

"Well, I for one happens to be glad you did...otherwise we would never
have met." Phoebe proclaimed while going over to hug her new lover.

The discussion during breakfast was light and rather normal, considering
everything that had happened. Phoebe and Amber had to leave for work,
giving Piper an opportunity to discuss everything further with Prue. They
both admitted their shock and agreed that the situation had to be

"Something else you should know." Piper stated...then added. "My
meeting last night was with Jonathan Seavers - the same Jonathan Seavers
that employs both Amber and Phoebe."

"You know Piper, someone wise once told me that there's no such thing as
a coincidence."

"I know Prue, but this may be a first. He really seems legit."

"I have an auction this weekend, but I think I should help you with your

"I really don't think that would be necessary...but you know I'd never
refuse your help."

"Well, maybe I am over doing it a little. Let me at least have Andy run
a background check."

"Good idea, Prue. You might as well have one done on Amber too. She
looks way to sweet to be evil, but you never know. In the meantime, I'll
have a look in the Book of Shadows."

Prue nodded. "Good."

"Do you think we should tell Phoebe?" Piper asked.

"No. In case we're wrong, the last thing we need to do is alienate her
from us. She's probably wondering how we're going to treat her now, and
it's important that we treat her the same as we always have." Prue replied.

III. (Inside Jonathan's Office)

"It's hard being away from her." Amber admitted in a soft sweet voice.

Jonathan was amazed. Witchcraft...what an incredible power! Who would
have ever believed that love spells actually existed? Who would have
believed that a love spell could turn a perfectly healthy heterosexual
woman, who was subliminally tied to him, into a love struck lesbian? "More
so than me?" Jonathan inquired, trying to measure the hold Phoebe had on

"Yes." Amber replied with downcast eyes.

"Come here." Jonathan commanded. Amber came closer until she stood
directly in front of him. Jonathan cupped her chin with his hand and
started kissing her...and Amber responded enthusiastically. Jonathan
didn't doubt Amber's love for Phoebe, but it was quite obvious that she
still felt sexual desire for him. He broke off the kiss and stepped back,
watching as Amber's ample breasts jiggled and bounced with every breath she
took. Jonathan could see that she was aroused and this pleased him. "You
don't seem any different... how do you feel?"

"I...I need you. Please make love to me." Amber begged between breaths.

Jonathan smiled. "How do you feel about Phoebe?"

"I love Phoebe. I love her so much it hurts to be away from her. I
wish she were here with me now." Amber replied, sounding sad.

Jonathan was well aware that Amber couldn't lie to him. She was
conditioned to respond honestly to everything he asked. He knew she would
have preferred not disclosing this at this particular time. "And me?"

"I...I need you. I want you inside of me...please." Amber stammered.

"Okay Amber. Strip."

Jonathan watched as Amber quickly stripped out of her skirt, shirt,
panties and bra. She was so fucking beautiful that he felt thankful that
he still controlled her. He suddenly had a vivid image of Phoebe and Amber
'69'ing each other and instantly grew hard. Jonathan turned Amber around
and positioned her against his desk, then reached down and pressed his palm
up hard against Amber's mound. Like every girl that underwent the
conditioning, her pussy was soaked. "Soon Amber, soon you can look forward
to a little threesome, would you like this?"

Amber groaned and wiggled her ass. "Yes...God yes...please...please
now...fuck me!"

Jonathan zipped down his fly and pulled out his throbbing erection. He
then positioned himself at her entrance, just barely nudging her wet
opening. "You want this?"

"God YES!" Amber exclaimed.

"Do you need this?"

"YES! Please Jonathan...I need you so badly."

"Do you love me?"

"Please Jonathan...please." Amber whimpered.

"DO...YOU...LOVE...ME?" Jonathan asked again.

"I love Phoebe, but I NEED YOU!"

Jonathan smiled and plunged himself into his lovely blonde slave. As
powerful as Amber's love was for the witch, she still needed him to fuck
her and he was confident that she would still do anything he asked of her.
She was still his slave and he felt if he forbade her to be with Phoebe
that it would undoubtedly take a toll on her, but he was convinced that she
would not disobey him. She would be loyal to him in every way. Jonathan
thrust into Amber with his full length and enjoyed the screams of ecstasy
that filled his office. When he was finally ready to shoot his load deep
inside of her, Amber had already enjoyed several orgasms.

After Jonathan caught his breath, he slid his spent tool from Amber's
wet snatch and sat down on his chair. Amber was face down, draped over his
desk and he couldn't help but give her lovely rump a 'love slap'. "You're
a great fuck Amber." Jonathan reached over to the intercom. "Kristy, come
in here and help Amber collect herself."

Jonathan watched as Kristy helped Amber clean up. He couldn't help
chuckling at how openly embarrassed Kristy got from touching Amber's naked
body. He remembered Sam Hammer telling him that when a girl touches
another girl and blushes, that there is a good chance that the girl has
latent lesbian tendencies. Was Kristy getting excited? When Amber was
finally dressed and sitting quietly on the couch, he got Kristy's
attention. "Kristy, did you get aroused when you touched Amber?"

"Yes." Kristy admitted softly, blushing again.

"Hmmm. Schedule yourself for an appointment with Amber tomorrow
morning. I think I'd like you to explore these feelings."

"Yes sir." Kristy replied, blushing even more.

"You're dismissed." Jonathan stated.

"Yes sir." Kristy replied and left his office.

Jonathan turned to Amber, who was still breathing hard from her ordeal.
"Amber, here's what I want you to do..."

IV. (Piper is on the cell phone with Prue while on her way to Seavers

"Andy said he's clean. Not only does he donate millions to charity, he
organizes fundraisers and gets his other rich friends to do the same." Prue

"I'm relieved to hear that Prue, but what about Amber? The more I think
about her and our sister together, the harder it gets for me to believe
it." Piper responded.

"I agree Piper, but her story holds up...just be careful."

"I will. I'll give you a call later." Piper responded.

Piper was in awe of the estate and then taken aback when a lovely young maid met her at the entrance. She ushered Piper inside and then escorted
her to Mr. Seavers den. "Good afternoon Ms. Halliwell." Jonathan stated.
"Please come in."

"Hello, Mr. Seavers." Piper replied and then with a wave of her arms
she stopped time. Piper looked back outside the den to make sure nobody
was around and then went over to his desk. She quickly checked through his
drawers and found nothing. Then she spotted a small filing cabinet and
quickly searched inside there...but again, found nothing. Piper was
satisfied that he was legit and repositioned herself at the entrance of his
door... with a wave of her arms she unfroze him.

Piper followed Jonathan on a tour through his home and couldn't help but
be impressed. The place was incredibly huge and he had an army of young,
beautiful girls working in various roles... all of them dressed in
uniforms. His chauvinistic attitude should have bothered her, but
strangely it didn't and instead she found herself captivated by his charm.
Sure, he was good looking, had a great sense of humor and sinfully wealthy.
So why did she find him attractive now, where as before she felt nothing
but professional courtesy?

As their meeting was coming to an end, Jonathan handed her a small
communication device. "It fits in your ear." he stated.

Piper was confused and must have looked it.

"I'd like for you and your staff to wear them tomorrow at the banquet.
I'll also be wearing one. My device will be set up with your frequency,
while your device will accommodate my frequency along with that of your
staff. I find having immediate and constant communication with key people
during my fundraisers is extremely successful."

This totally went against her grain and Piper didn't like the idea.
"Look, I've never used devices like these and have yet to hear a single
complaint. I really don't think this is necessary."

"Ms. Halliwell, I appreciate your candor, but this is something I must
insist upon. I found that service plays a large part in how much money my
guests donate and by linking us together, we can work as a team."

"Alright Mr. Seavers...if you insist."


Jonathan grinned as he watched the monitor show Piper leaving. This was
going along perfectly. Piper had been exposed to the subliminal signals
for a good hour and he expected that she'd be feeling the effects real

The music in every room of his estate had been filled with subliminal
messages of TRUST...DESIRE...and OBEY. With these messages buried deep in
her subconscious mind today, she'd be primed for a series of further
conditioning signals tomorrow. Jonathan had played close attention to
Piper throughout the tour and could see that his subliminal messages were
working. He wished he could be around as she dealt with her new feelings
later tonight.

Jonathan knew that today's conditioning was critical in order to get her
to agree to the communication devices tomorrow. The devices would serve as
a tool to further Piper's induction and with the synthetic pheromone she'd
been duped into taking when she nursed her diet coke she'd soon be bonded
to him permanently. If everything went according to plan, she would be his
abject love slave as early as tomorrow night. His very touch would act as
an aphrodisiac and Piper wouldn't be able to go a single day without
getting a dose of him.

As an extra bonus, he would also capture Jenna and Cindy. Cindy was
very pretty and he had no doubt that Jenna would also be a looker. These
girls would undergo a lighter treatment for the time being until he decided
where to place them.

The only thing that could have made this day sweeter was if Prue would
join Piper on this catering job. Unfortunately, he doubted that would
happen once Piper told her how trusting he was.

VI. (Early Evening inside Amber's Apartment)

"Ahhh...Ahhh...Ahhh..." Phoebe screamed out as Amber's tongue stabbed in
and out of her. "Oh God,'re so fucking wonderful!"

Amber lifted her head up, spilling cum onto Phoebe's thick thatch of
dark pubic hair. "And you taste sooooo gooood!" Amber replied. They had
been at it for the last three hours and still couldn't seem to get enough
of each other.

After yet another orgasm, they both finally lay back exhausted...and
very sexually satisfied. Phoebe wasn't aware of it but while she and Amber
had been making passionate love for the last three hours, the music that
had played over the bedroom stereo had filled her subconscious with new
needs and desires.

Phoebe had to get up and pee, so she slowly made her way out of bed.
She looked back at the naked spent lover of hers and giggled. "I still
can't believe how incredible all this is."

"Hurry back."

"I have to call one of my sisters to let them know I'm spending the
night with you."


Phoebe would have preferred calling Piper, but couldn't seem to reach
her. She knew that they'd give her 'hell' if she didn't let one of them
know she was staying over at Amber's, so she reluctantly called Prue.
Phoebe felt slightly embarrassed talking to Prue, feeling somewhat judged,
but Prue surprised her by taking the news quite casually.

After making the phone call, Phoebe went back into the room and caught
Amber masturbating. "You horny little minx. I leave you for one moment
and look at you!" Phoebe proclaimed with a giggle and jumped on the bed,
diving between Amber's legs. Phoebe replaced Amber's fingers with her
mouth and within seconds she brought Amber off to another intense orgasm.
Now they lay back with their arms wrapped around the other recuperating.
Amber broke the silence. "Phoebe?"

"Yes sweetie?"

"I have to tell you something."

Phoebe could tell from the seriousness in Amber's voice that her lover
was disclosing something she'd been holding a secret. "You can tell me
anything sweetie." Phoebe replied, trying her best to reassure her.

"I someone before you...and he called and wants to see
me tomorrow night."

Phoebe felt a strange feeling pass through her as she imagined Amber
with a man. Strangely, the image didn't elicit jealousy but instead

"I love you very much Phoebe and I don't love him... but I still feel
this need to be with him. I want you to meet him."

Phoebe sprung up to a sitting position. "What?"

"Phoebe, I...I was hoping I could share him with you."

"Share?" Phoebe replied, now seeing the image of Amber and her both
getting fucked by some faceless hunk...and her arousal continued to grow.

"Yeah, you know...a threesome."

"Amber...I..." Phoebe struggled. "I had no idea you were so liberal
about sex."

"Phoebe, I'm have a lesbian relationship with you and you had no idea I
was liberal when it came to sex?"

"I see your point...who is he?" Phoebe replied with a giggle.


"Does he know about me?"

"Yes, and he can't wait to meet you."

"I...I never did anything like this."

"It'll be me. Now lean back and spread those legs of yours
while I tend to something wet."

Phoebe blushed as Amber went down on her.

VII. (In a quiet spot near the Golden Gate Bridge)

As the sun set, Piper stood in a daze, looking out towards the bay. Her
thoughts were consumed with Jonathan Seavers and the memory of their time
together earlier. "Is Prue right? Have I fallen for him?" she wondered
out loud.

The moment that Piper had left Jonathan's estate, she had called Prue
and told her all about her meeting. "He was a perfect gentleman." she
remembered telling her. She went on to tell Prue how good-looking he was,
how intelligent he was, and even reiterated how god awful rich he was.
Prue finally interrupted her and said. "It sounds to me like you've fallen
for him."

Of course she laughed Prue's comment off and denied it, but even then
she knew she had. He was so trustworthy, Piper felt that she could tell
him anything and she knew that it would be between them and no one else.
Piper couldn't stop thinking about him...and wished right now that she were
with him.

VIII. (Prue's suspicions)

Prue was sitting on the couch going through some old pictures as her
mind wandered over recent events. She still didn't buy it... despite what
Piper had told her. First her baby sister falls head over heals in love
with a girl...who just happens to work for Jonathan Seavers. Prue glanced
at her watch and wondered about Piper... had she suddenly fallen for
Seavers? Prue didn't like what was going on and wondered if she should
make it a point to meet this Jonathan Seavers herself. One thing for sure
was that once Piper got home tonight, she would have some explaining to do.
Only if she didn't have that damn auction tomorrow.

IX. (Next day at the Seavers Estate)

Piper introduced her two assistants to Jonathan. "Jenna is my right
hand during these functions and of course you've already met Cindy."

"Very charmed to meet you." Jonathan replied, shaking hands with both of
them. Piper felt dazzled at Jonathan's smile, and wished she had an excuse
to shake his hand. Did he just wink at her? He then passed out the
communication devices and all four of them placed them securely inside one
of their ears.

The spread was absolutely delicious. The girls ensured service was
exceptional and in the few times that Jonathan contacted Piper about this
or that, she was on top of everything. As the event was winding down,
Piper let her guard down to take a breather...and when she did, she found
herself gazing at Jonathan and not paying attention to Cindy. When Cindy
finally did manage to bring her out of her daydream, she commented that she
didn't blame her. "Blame me for what?" Piper responded. "For falling for
him." Cindy replied, and Piper blushed wishing she hadn't been so obvious.

When the event was over, Jonathan asked Piper if she would join him
inside his office. Jenna and Cindy both smiled at her as she followed him.
Jonathan closed the door and turned to Piper. "Piper, may I call you

"Yes." Piper replied, suddenly feeling all fluttery and nervous.
Suddenly she became self-conscience about how she looked and wished that
she had ducked inside the ladies room. How was her make-up? How was her

"Piper...I've never in my life before seen a smoother operation. What a
wonderful job." Jonathan stated.

Piper glowed at his compliment feeling a tidal wave of warmth...not to
mention aroused! "Thank you."

"I want to see you again...but this time as a man sees a woman, not as
employer and employee."

Piper gazed into Jonathan's piercing blue eyes and thought she might
have said 'yes'...she wasn't sure. He's so god like she thought to herself
and before she realized it, he had his arms wrapped around her for a hug.
Piper had trouble standing up and couldn't recall ever feeling this
deliciously horny before. Every portion of her body cried out for him and
she could feel herself lubricating where she stood. Piper's small breasts pitched forward against her bra's cups and her nipples felt hard as spikes.
"I think I'd like that."

"Piper, I was taken with you the first night I lay eyes on you."

Again Piper responded in a sweet quiet voice "Thank you." Could she turn
any redder? Piper realized now that she couldn't deny this man anything,
feeling extremely docile in his presence...but instead of this frightening
her, she was feeling even more aroused. Why all of a sudden did her
clothes feel constraining and uncomfortable on her...and she wished she
could just take them off and get fucked right here on the floor!

"Are you busy tonight?" Jonathan asked.

"No." Piper replied. Was she rushing things? She was certainly making
this easy for him... but then why shouldn't she, she wanted him more than
anything else in the world.

"Then let's say I send a car over to your residence for nine

"That would be nice." Piper replied.

Could you do me a favor Piper?"

"Sure." Piper responded automatically, feeling somewhat dazed.

"I always like to personally thank each of the staff and if you could,
please send in Jenna and at a time."

"Sure." Piper replied, thinking how nice he was.

Piper told Cindy to go to Mr. Seavers office and then ran off to the

X. (Early Evening inside Jonathan's Business Office)

"How long was she subject to the tape?" Jonathan asked his pretty slave.

"Over four hours sir."

"Great, and she seemed somewhat excited about the idea?"

"Yes sir... almost eager."

"Good. I'm going to be busy tonight but I should be able to get to your
place around midnight. Give Phoebe the impression that I've stood you
up...I want her to experience some disappointment before she sees me."

"Yes sir." Amber replied.

"Oh...incidentally, I have the two girls that assisted Piper today
primed and ready for their second phase of the conditioning... so go ahead
and schedule them for an appointment this week."

"Yes sir."

"How did Kristy's lesbian conditioning go?"

"She took to it quickly. She seems to be a natural."

"How could you tell?"

"I used Andrea. Kristy couldn't stop touching her."

"You didn't indulge yourself?"

"No sir. It's strange, but I don't feel anything for other woman...just
Phoebe." Amber blushed.

"Well, I look forward to joining your exclusive little party later on.
Anyway, you have permission to get her nice and wet before I get there, not
that you'd need to. Thanks to the conditioning she's been subject to, it
should only take my mere presence to turn her body in a tizzy. Of course,
it'll only be lust and obedience that she feels for me... I left her love
to you."

"Th...thank you sir."

"Go now, go back to your horny little mean 'bitch'
girlfriend of yours."

"Yes sir." Amber replied, leaving his office.

Jonathan thought about what he was going to do to Piper tonight and the
mere thought of it got him hard. He used the intercom. "Yes sir." a sweet
voice asked.

"Hi Cathy... could you contact Kristy and let her know that I want her
at my place at 11:00 o'clock tonight."

"Yes sir...I'll call her right away." She replied, breathlessly.

Jonathan decided to allow Kristy the pleasure of staying with Piper
tonight while he indulged in a 'menage a trios' with Amber and Phoebe. Of
course, by the time Kristy arrived, Piper would be too far in 'la la land'
to know the difference.

Jonathan considered whether he might be moving on Phoebe too early given
her premonition power...but then felt satisfied with the subliminal
pounding her subconscious had taken, that even if she did receive a warning
about him, that she'd be too far in her conditioning to be a threat.
Jonathan leaned back in his chair and smiled. Yep, tonight he'd not only
be fucking two of the three Halliwell sisters...but they'd be waking up
tomorrow morning as his two new pleasure slaves.

XI. (Piper in Jonathan's limousine)

The anticipation was killing her. The very thought of him knotted her
stomach with sexual tension. He was like some fantasy lover that totally
consumed her every thought. Piper closed her eyes and saw
herself...naked...kneeling at his feet. When he called her name, she
looked up and saw a god. Her body wouldn't stop shaking, and again she
could feel the dampness inside of her panties.

Like the rest of his help, the chauffeur was a young more
than her age. Something about everyone being young, attractive and female
should have bothered her, but instead she felt pleasure in the fact that
she was pretty enough to be in his favor. Piper told the driver that she
could let herself out, but the beauty insisted and wouldn't release the
lock until she could open the door. Jonathan met her at the entrance and
Piper's knees buckled...he had to help her inside. She felt so
embarrassed, but he didn't seem to mind. Jonathan led her straight to his
bedroom...forgoing any preliminary foreplay. Piper practically swooned
when he closed the bedroom door.

"Piper..." Jonathan said to her. It took a second before she realized
he was speaking to her. "Yes." she said, with a goofy smile on her face.

"I'm going to fuck you and make you mine tonight."

Piper looked confused, but only for a second. "I... please hurry."

Jonathan stepped in front of her and tore her clingy jumpsuit right off
her body. Now it just lay in a heap by her feet. He unsnapped her bra and
then slid her panties down. Then, still in his business suit, he picked
her up and placed her on his king-sized bed. Piper lay there...wanton
beyond belief with her vaginal lips puffy and wet with 'need'.

"You're lovely... Are you ready?"

Piper looked up to him and smiled. "God yes..." she whispered.
Jonathan started to strip himself and Piper watched with rapture. Seconds
later he joined her on the bed. He was huge and he wasn't even fully erect

"What would you like me to do Piper?" Jonathan asked, reaching over to
caress one of her breasts.

"Fuck me, please fuck me!" Piper replied, wishing he'd hurry.

"First come suck me." Jonathan stated.

Piper quickly repositioned herself to a kneeling position and moved on
all fours to Jonathan. Her breasts hung proud, nipples stiff with her
burning need. Slowly, she bent down to his crotch and took his thick, long
member inside her mouth. Now it was fully erect! Piper hadn't given a lot
of blowjobs in her life, but right now she wanted to give Jonathan her very
best. She used her hands to cup his balls while she tongued and sucked on
him and just when she thought he might shoot his load, he pushed her
away... the act elicited a shiver of fear and she wondered what she did
wrong. Then Jonathan stretched out on the bed and smirked. "Now climb
aboard and ride me."

Piper giggled and a microsecond later straddled him and lowered herself
on top of his thick hard cock. "Unngghhh." she moaned as he slid into her
burning depths. "You're tight...I like that." Jonathon smiled up at her.

Piper beamed with pleasure at his compliment and slowly rocked her hips
back and forth. The pleasurable sensations increased as she rode harder
and faster on top of him. Suddenly Piper worried that Jonathan might cum too soon, so with a wave of her hand, she froze time. Now, with Jonathan's
cock frozen STIFF, she rode him like a wild woman, grunting and grinding
and not until she cried out with an incredible orgasm did stop, exhausted,
with him still stuck deep inside of her. Slowly, she recovered and when
she realized that Jonathan was still frozen in time and rock hard inside of
her, she clenched her vaginal muscles eliciting a burst of more pleasure.
Quickly, she waved her arm releasing Jonathan from the spell and restarted
to hump him... she climaxed for her second time while he shot his load for
the first time.

Slowly, she lifted her body up and let Jonathan's spent cock slide out
of her...god, was she exhausted. She then repositioned herself so she
could take him inside her mouth and found the taste of her cum surprisingly
delicious... less than five minutes later he was hard again. Piper
quickly assumed a position on all 'fours' and wiggled her ass for him to
take her. Seconds later she cried out as Jonathan rammed in and out of

XII. (Piper is under a sex-induced sleep)

Jonathan reviewed the video recording with was amazing. Magic
in action. There was no mistaking it, Piper had somehow frozen him for
over twenty minutes and he hadn't even missed the time! He chuckled at how
she used her powers...wondering if she had ever done this before with
someone else... he'd have to ask her when he sat down to discuss her new
role in life. Obviously, he needed to place restrictions on her use of her

Jonathan turned towards the door as he heard a soft tap. "Come in."

In walked Kristy... naked as the day she was born.

"You look lovely."

"Thank you sir." Kristy replied, blushing.

"I don't expect Piper to wake until the morning, but if she does you can
tell her that you were instructed to keep her company until I return. If
she does wake, I'm afraid you might be in for a disappointment... she
isn't into girls. In any event, thanks to her conditioning, she should at
least be nice to you."

"Yes sir." Kristy answered and climbed on the bed to join the sleeping

"Tell her to stay inside the room and I'll be back in the morning."

"Yes sir."


Phoebe lay in bed with her legs spread wide... Amber lovingly licked at
her petals below. It didn't look like Amber's boyfriend was going to show
tonight, and surprisingly, this disappointed her...then suddenly, a man walked into the room eliciting a scream of shock.

"Calm down 'little one''s just me." The man responded with a grin

Amber quickly turned her head around. "Hi Jonathan!"

"Hi Amber, and this 'little one' must be Phoebe."

Phoebe blushed not knowing how to react. Part of her tried to cover
herself, feeling very self-conscious at the moment while another part of
her was thrilled at the mere sight of him.

"Oh don't stop on my account. I just love to watch and given how tired
I feel at the moment, there isn't anything I'd rather want to see more than
the two of you make love."

Amber giggled and again nudged Phoebe's legs apart. Within seconds,
Phoebe lost her inhibitions around Jonathan and could feel an approaching
orgasm... when Amber hit her 'g'-spot, she cried out in ecstasy. While
Phoebe rode the wave of pleasure, she noticed Jonathan smiling at her...
she smiled back... Jonathon was cute.

"Okay girls...up on your knees and show me those lovely ass's of yours."
Jonathan commanded.

Phoebe quickly got on all fours and wiggled her 'behind' in a
provocative manner. Jonathan reached down to cup her wetness when she felt
a jolt of incredible 'wet heat' flood her. She gasped as she caught an
image of her and Piper, naked and kneeling before Jonathan like slaves.
Accompanying the image was an overwhelming hunger for what stood at
attention between his legs. She wasn't sure why Piper was inside her
premonition but when she came out of it she felt a searing 'need' like
never before.

Jonathan positioned them where Amber was piggy backed on top of her and
soon he was fucking the both of them! With every thrust, Jonathan went
deeper and Phoebe wished it would never stop. One second she was screaming
"harder" as his cock filled her with incredible pleasure and then the next
moment she felt a deep void as he left her pussy to ram into Amber's. She
wished she didn't have to share him... but she knew she always would.

XIV. (Next morning back at Seavers Estate)

Jonathan walked inside the room and caught Piper leisurely playing with
her pussy. He then glanced over at Kristy, who stood like a statue at the
foot of the bed. Both of them were still naked.

"What do we have here?" Jonathan asked.

"Oh Jonathan! I missed you!" Piper proclaimed. "Please hurry and fuck

Jonathan thought he'd better start disciplining the witch before she got
out of hand. "What did you do to Kristy?"

"When I woke I caught her tonguing my pussy... the nerve! I'm sorry,
but as horny as I am right now I'm still not a I froze her in

"That's pretty impressive. Who else have you been freezing of late?"
Jonathan asked, already knowing the answer.

Piper blushed and then grinned.

"How are you able to freeze time?"

"I'm a witch, and if you're not nice to me, I'll just have to cast a
spell on you." She grinned.

Normally, Jonathan would have shrugged off a comment like this, but
after seeing Amber's enthrallment to Phoebe, he didn't take it lightly.
"Piper... from now on, you're not to cast any spells unless you have my

"But..." Piper was about to say before Jonathan cut her off. "Is that

"Yes sir." Piper replied, looking a bit saddened.

"Now, release Kristy and apologize."

Piper waved her arm and the statue-like Kristy was released. When she
suddenly realized he was inside the room she looked confused and was about
to say something.

"Relax Kristy."

"Yes sir."

"Well Piper?"

Piper looked at Kristy. "I'm sorry Kristy."

Sorry for what?" Kristy replied looking even more confused.

"Never mind, just know that she's sorry. You may leave Kristy."
Jonathan interjected.

"Yes sir." Kristy responded and walked out the door.

Jonathan walked over to the bed and looked down at his witch slave.
"You need to be punished. No more masturbation until further notice and
you stay there on the bed until I tell you to get up."

Piper's eyes lit up with shock, but only for a second... and then with
downcast eyes she whispered. "Yes sir." and Jonathan walked out of the

Jonathan went into his den and reached under his desk. Throwing a
switch a panel slid back producing a safe. He opened it up and withdrew a
file on Prue...the most powerful of the 'Charmed Ones'. Thinking about his
plan, he grinned. Prue wouldn't be as easy as Phoebe and Piper had been,
but she certainly would be his sweetest conquest...and in a couple of
days...not more than a week, Prue Halliwell would join her sisters as one
of his slaves.

The End of "The Charmed Ones Trilogy, Chapter Two (Piper's passion)

Charmed theme music "How Soon Is Now" is song by Love Spit Love


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