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(MF, wife cheat, Exhibitionism)

Little chat in Las Vegas Part 1 (At the air port)
by allgoo19 (

It's been a long time, since two of them started
planning to meet somewhere without Sheri's husband
knowledge. Both agreed it would be a one time affair.
Sheri wasn't about to give up her peaceful life with
her husband and kids. Josh has never been the one to
look for a committed relationship. It was a perfect
match. There was only a raw sexual desire between the
Sheri was a typical 32 years old house wife lives
in suburban with her husband and a kid. He loved her
husband, loved to have sex with him. But she always
felt that her body and soul was not satisfied with what
she was getting from her husband. She needed more
excitement and she needed more sex. Sheri tried to
bring it up with her husband a few times and they
discussed the possibility of threesome and swinging but
always ended up empty hands. He was afraid of himself
getting jealous of another guy.
Sheri started looking into the alternative. Cyber
sex. It wasn't a real sex with real touch of another
person but it was safe and still better than
masturbating alone. There was at least exchange of
human feelings and she didn't consider it a cheating.
As being a female it wasn't so hard for her to attract
many men willing to take a part. Many of them have come
and gone. In cyber world, feelings of attachment and
being hurt are lot less than real world. She liked the
idea of having sex with no emotional attachment.
Then one day Sheri came across Josh.
Josh had never been a regular ICQ user until one
day he was accidentally found it in his hard drive
thinking it was one of those utility program do nothing
but takes up the drive space and forgot to turn it off
when Sheri called in to say hi. He typed back.
=What do you want?=
=Nothing. I just wanted to say hi.=
That was the beginning of their series of chat.
Sheri felt Josh was little different from other
guys she had chat on the net. He was imaginative and
playful, willing to go an extra mile to please Sheri
while otherwise other people might consider nonsense.
This was Josh's first experience chatting on the
net, much less sexual chat. He had heard about it, but
he didn't believe such women nor chat exist so easily.
So he had never tried to find them. In the first five
minutes of chat, it made him a believer. She was
sexually so honest, Josh's got many answers to his
questions from her which he would be afraid to ask
women in the real world. Sheri's only interest was
relieving her sexual tension. She'd never shown
interest in finding out who and what Josh was. There
was no string attached. And Josh loved it.
As time went by, their curiosity grew for finding
out what they look like in blood and flesh, how their
sex would be really like. Specially for Sheri, there
was an additional excitement of cheating her husband.
They finally agreed to meet in person.
A plan was made carefully. Two were to meet at Las
Vegas and spend a day and half of everything they
rehearsed in the chat room. Sheri would tell her
husband that she would visit her old friend Amanda for
her mother's funeral which was also Sheri's good
friend. Amanda is a former dancer and had so many
similar experience fixing up couples who were not
supposed to meet during her career as a dancer and
after. To Amanda, it was nothing out of ordinary. The
plan was to use Amanda's three way calling and Sheri's
cell phone. When Sheri's husband calls her, Amanda
picks up a phone and pretends to call up Sheri in
another room. Instead, call up Sheri on her cell phone
make it sounds like they are in the same house.
Sheri promised her to give her favor back later day.
Josh was waiting in the airport lobby patiently.
He had brought a book to kill the time but his mind
wasn't on the book page. His mind was in the fantasy
created by the chat and mails exchanged between Sheri
and him.
Arrival time for the plane that Sheri was supposed
to be on board had been past and she would come into
his view any moment. His heart beat quickened.
Then finally, he saw her.
As she was coming out of the gate, she looked
around for a man she knew only from photos sent to her
in Email and she immediately recognized him. Josh
approached and gave her a hug and asked her how was the
trip. She answered that the trip was great but real
greeting took place in lower part of their body. Josh
shoved his knee slowly but firmly between Sheri's legs.
Her blood start boiling quickly. Even though she was
nervous with the fear of getting caught dry humping
while all the people around, the nervousness seem to
heighten the excitement. Her knees were getting weak
but she pushed her crotch back against his legs slowly
not to attract any unwanted curiosity. Josh pretended
to talk to her with some meaningless word, held her
small of her back and gently stroked, watching her eyes
balls roll up heavenward.
"Can you cum this way right here, Sheri?" Josh
whispered in her ear.
"I bet I can but I want to go somewhere else. It's
too distracting."
Josh picked up Sheri's small travel bag and asked,
"Do you have any luggage to pick up?"
"Yes, I brought quite a bit of sexy out fit for
Josh just grinned at her and squeezed her butt as
two start walking down the hallway to pick up the
Let's take a time to describe how Sheri looked
that day. She was wearing a light blue tinted white,
almost sheer blouse, medium gray colored a few inches
above knee length wrap skirt with black pumps. It
looked modest enough for any office job yet had elegant
sexiness to it. Only thing Josh had requested was to
wear a wrap skirt or front slit skirt. Sheri had some
idea why he requested and had enjoyed thinking about
how he would take advantage of it. Pleasant surprise
came sooner than she expected.
Josh really liked how she looked. A material of
her skirt was looked softer than he imagined and hugged
her curves quite well. He always had a taste for
fucking a woman in a plane cloth, exposing only a
minimal amount of skin. The image of two almost fully
dressed person fucking gave him an impression of
urgency and desperation.
As they walked down the long hallway, they saw a
phone booth in the little set backed space like a three
walled room so that it won't get in the way as people
walk by. Josh pulled Sheri's arm toward it.
"What are you doing Josh? I got a cell phone, if
you want to use it."
Josh didn't respond to what Sheri said but just
looked around and picked up a hand set and pretended to
talk to somebody while with right hand, he pushed
Sheri's back toward him.
Sheri was getting his idea and decided to play
along. If anybody walks by, they looked like two person
talking to a person on the other end of the line
Josh started it by touching the front part of her
skirt. And his hand gradually went under the first
layer of the skirt. Because the material of the skirt
was soft and the over-wrapped part of the skirt was
minimal, his hand could have found its target quite
easily but he took time to tease her.
Josh was facing the hallway while Sheri was facing
the wall and most of the their bodies were hidden between the two panels surrounding them. Unless a
person stand behind and watch them intently, nobody
would know where his hand was at and what he was doing
to her.
Josh paid his attention to both traffic in the
hallway and Sheri's reaction equally. When his hand
reached the inner most of the skirt he found she was
not wearing panties. He looked at her playfully as
if to say "You know you are such a slut." She giggled.
He could feel some moisture left on her lips from
the dry hump in the lobby. He was so ecstatic of
exploring this woman's genital which had been only a
fantasy while they chatting, he had to feel every part
of it first. He put his hand deeply between her legs
and cupped both side of cheeks with one hand. He felt
moisture keep coming down on his wrist. If anybody
happens to walk by behind them, he could clearly see
Josh's finger moving under Sheri's skirt. After he
squeezed her cheeks a few more times, he made a long
stroke with his three fingers, from her tail bone to
top of the base of her clit shaft where her pubic hair
was neatly trimmed. Sheri's body shook as small "Ohh"
came out from her mouth. As Josh repeated this over and
over, Sheri's hips start moving all directions as if to
direct his finger to where she feels the best. Sheri's
excitement was heightened by the fact that this was in
the public and there was a great possibility they get
He was intentionally applying a lighter pressure
than most girls needed to get off. That made Sheri's
movement even more desperate.
"You‘d better stop moving your butt, Sheri.
Someone's going to see you." He said and grinned.
"You bastard!"
Josh decided it was the time. He used index finger
and medicine finger to pull the hood of it upward and
with middle finger, oh so slightly touched the tip of
the clit. Sheri's whole body jerked, then followed by a
long sigh of relief and a several short quick breathing
of recovery.
He repeated one more time.
"You want to cum? You want to cum hard, Sheri?"
Sheri just leaned forward and buried her face into
Josh's chest, as if to savoring his smell for more
Josh start focusing on the shaft of her clit now.
First, he made circles directly on middle of the shaft
using two fingers. As Sheri's breathing quickened, the
movement changed to side to side on left side of the
shaft as he remembered that's where she feels the best.
It didn't take a long time. She came to a point of
no return and looked toward him as if to see his face
without actually focusing on it. She held on to his
arms tightly and stopped breathing for a while then
collapsed onto his chest.
Because the excitement had been building up since
she was on the plane, the relief was so easy and sweet.
"You did real good." Josh whispered into her ear
and stroked her back gently. They stayed that way for
sometime while a few passer by walked down the hall.
Nobody seemed to notice what they had just done.
Sheri regained her conscious and said,
"I want to suck your cock."
"You'll get it, later. If you are a good girl till
the day ends." "Let me try something else instead. Come
Josh Pulled her over to the deepest part of the
booth, almost
making her hugging the wall. Then said,
"Bend over and keep your knees straight."
"What are you going to do?"
"Nothing. Just be quiet."
Josh facing opposite direction, held her butt with
both hands, felt around all over it for a short time
and start to pull up the hem of the skirt.
"Josh, what are you doing? People can see me."
Sheri start to coming up.
He pushed her back gently but firmly and said,
"No one can see it. If I see anybody coming this
way, I'll tell you."
It made no sense to anybody include Sheri but she
was enjoying the risk of being caught, she pretended
that he convinced her.
In her position, like in a cage, she couldn't see
anything goes on the hallway. Even if somebody stands
in the middle of the hallway looking at her naked pussy for a good 5 minutes, she wouldn't even
know. Even if she knew somebody was there, she would
pretend she didn't know it just for the excitement.
Josh pulled her skirt all the way up to her waist,
looked down and saw a drenched pussy with some juice
running down on her thigh. This was his first view of
Sheri's pussy. He'd been imagining this for sometime
but Sheri's pussy in his imagination never looked this
He looked around the hallway and saw nobody. Then
he slowly bend down to take a close look at her pussy.
First, he put his nose between half opened inner lips
and rub it up und down. The smell was intoxicating.
Then he looked around in the hallway one more
time, made sure no one in sight, he pushed his two
fingers deeply into Sheri's pussy. A small moan came
out from her mouth.
He explored inside her pussy, specially more
attention to downward, then withdrew them.
"Come up here, Sheri." he positioned her back
against the wall and stand closely facing her.
He put his wet fingers between their face, looked
deeply into her eyes and said,
"Lick them."
Sheri also looked deeply into his eyes, enjoying
smell of his fingers which was full of her pussy smell,
stuck her tongue out as far as it could go and start
licking slowly one part at a time.
Josh, likewise, start licking his fingers from
opposite side.
When no more juice left on his fingers, he stuck
them into Sheri's mouth. She sucked them so tenderly.
Josh withdrew his fingers from her mouth and took his
turn. Their eyes were kept on each other's. Two faces
got closer and closer, then their lips were finally met
for a firely kiss.

End of part 1


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