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(MF, wife cheat, Exhibitionism)

The Fantasy Part 2 (In the restaurant)
by allgoo19 (

After they picked up Sheri's luggage, loaded it up
in Josh's car, they headed for a place to eat before
check in the hotel.
This wasn't the first time for neither of them,
but this time, the staying in the Las Vegas is a whole
different experience. A feel of guilt, liberation and a
sense of committing the mutual crime made them feel
like being kids again. They were ready for the time of
their lives.
They chose a modest family restaurant. There was
no reason to impress each other. Only thing they had in
their mind were how much fun they could have out of
their limited time. No mind game was needed.
It was a little after busy lunch time, even though
the restaurants in Las Vegas don't have busy nor slow
hours as much as the ones in the other places, the
place was seated only by a few people. Taking an
advantage of this, Josh took Sheri to a booth little
away from other people.
Sheri took her seat facing the rest of the
restaurant and Josh took the opposite side. A waitress
came to hand them the menu. They ordered a coffee for
each of them, the waitress made a note, said she would
be back to take an order and left. Josh looked at the
waitress as she left. She was in her early twenties,
looked good enough to be on stage as a dancer if she
has the skill. Just like in L.A., you'll find many
waitresses waiting for an acting job, she may be one of
those aspiring dancers, waiting for a job opening.
Sheri looked at him as he turned back toward her. He
gave Sheri a knowing smile.
The waitress came back with their coffee in no
time. They made an order without giving a lot of
time to decide. Enjoying the food was the last thing
came to their mind. They wanted to finish it as soon
as possible. But their plan had a little twist
While they waited for the food to show up, they
talked about meaningless topics like how it was like
when they visited the town before. As the conversation
went on, Josh took out his video camera out of the bag
and set it on a small table tripod.
"What are you doing?" Sheri asked.
"Oh, nothing. Just in case something interesting
comes in." He pointed the camera toward Sheri's face.
Little did Sheri know was that the camera was on
recording mode with a recording indicator turned off,
so it looked like just sitting there.
The waitress came back with the food, said "Enjoy
your meal". And she left.
While they ate, Sheri felt Josh's foot start
caressing her shin and back to the calf. She wasn't
surprised considering what happened at the airport.
She didn't think he would go far enough to invite
people's attention while those people are in plain
view. She'd rather enjoyed his attention and flirted
back, then shyly looked into his face.
They kept flirting whole time they were eating
and their arousal seemed increased by minute. The
words exchanged over the table became more and more
meaningless. Sheri was struggling to fight two opposite
urges in her mind. One was to get her sexual relief,
and another was to avoid getting caught.
When Josh finished his food, he took his foot away
from Sheri's leg and took his shoes off under the
"Why you are taking your shoes off?" Sheri
"Oh, just getting more comfortable." Josh said
smiling. In his mind, he was saying to her, "You
know darn well."
His sock-clad foot went right back to work. This
time, followed by the other foot. And this time his
feet didn't stop at her calves.
Josh extended his foot up to her knee and rubbed
both front and back of it while he slides his butt
toward the front edge of the seat. Then he did the
same to the other knee.
Sheri did her best to make herself look normal.
She could see a few people in the restaurant and
anyone of them could notice if she showed her arousal
on her face.
Josh's foot slowly rubbed up and down against
Sheri's inner thigh, inching toward the destination.
"Come up closer to me." Josh said. Sheri looked
around a brief moment and shyly obeyed. Because of the
way Sheri's skirt was made, either sliding forward in
her seat or spreading her legs helped exposing more of
her legs. It was getting close to the point where she
was wearing nothing at all. If anyone bends to pick up
a dime, he could see everything. That idea excited
Sitting on the near the edge of the seat means
Sheri had her legs both side of the table post, and
couldn't put both knees together. At first, Josh tried
to spread Sheri's knees as far apart as possible, then
using table post and his foot to free other foot. His
intention was to push Sheri's left knee to open her
legs to isle side but she protested silently while she
pretended looking out through the window. It was too
risky for her. So he tried the other way. She looked a
lot more comfortable this way. And the way she glanced
at him occasionally and grinned, she was enjoying this
game as much as Josh was.
Holding her right knee with his left foot, Josh
stroked inner sides of both legs gently with the other
and traveled upward again. Sheri's breathing was
visibly quickening.
Looking into Sheri's facial expression, Josh
carefully measured the timing of final destination
landing. Because of her 90-degree leg spread, there
was an easy access to her crotch. As soon as he
reached the end of her legs, Josh started to stroke
outside of Sheri's outer lips one side at a time,
carefully not touching in the middle.
Sheri took another look at the people in the
restaurant then at Josh for a brief moment then back
to looking out the window. Sheri's hands were holding a
coffee cup tightly as if it was a life line.
Then Josh touched the Sheri's exposed clit
without warning. Sheri's whole body shook. She sucked in the breath then released it slowly while she closed
her eye lids slowly. Sheri's clit is very sensitive
when it makes contact with the object for the first
time, even a soft object like a tongue or wet finger.
Sock clad foot felt much rougher to her. It was closer
to a pain.
When the pain subsided, it was gradually
transformed into a pleasure. She now, anticipated
the pain. She looked into Josh's eyes, as if to say
she's got to have another one.
Josh gave her another blow. The pain was little
less this time but the pleasure was heightened. Her
eyes melted. Her anticipation was built up for more.
Josh gave another blow and another.... At the end
he didn't even have to move his toes. Sheri's hips
moved all by itself. It wasn't she but her body
controlled the pressure and directed it where she
wanted it. She could not have stopped it.
In his mind, Josh was seeing his toe moving up
and down Sheri's pussy while she rolled her hips up
and down. Sheri's clit was miserably squished by his
sock-clad foot, covered with her juice between the
pink lips.
Sheri couldn't stimulate herself any other way.
Otherwise, it would attract unwanted curiosity. She
was holding her coffee cup tightly and had to use
her will power to the climax. She was dying to have
other ways of stimulation like pinching her nipples
or spanking if she could.
One wave came, sent her half way to the orgasm.
She couldn't get it all the way, then she relaxed.
Then next wave came, she tried again to the
climax came closer to the orgasm than the last time
but failed again.
Sheri was getting closer and closer to orgasm by
each waves.
Sheri was totally absorbed by chasing her own
pleasure when she heard the waitress saying,
"How's everything?"
It was too late for her to arrange her composure.
She had to stay in the same position and pretend to
be sleepy but she was too far gone and her body was
betraying her. More she tried to hide, higher the
excitement became. She had to grind her teeth to
kill her moaning coming out of her mouth.
It took no time for the waitress to see something
is up. And also it took no time to figure it out what
they are doing. It's a lot more common if you ever
worked in a restaurant as a waitress to see two people
making out secretly than most people think.
The waitress stood there watched Sheri's face
intently. Josh watched the waitress's face.
"Can you break this $5.-, Miss?"
The waitress suddenly came back to her own and
looked for some singles.
Josh extended his arm to give her $5.- bill but
dropped it just before the waitress could get hold of
"Oh, I'm sorry." Josh said.
The waitress bent her knees to pick the $5.- bill
on the floor. She stayed the same position good 10
seconds looking toward where Josh's foot meets Sheri's
Sheri's was well aware of what's happening around
her, but her mind was totally overtaken by her desire
to get relief. For the moment she was a slave of her
own desire.
An idea of total stranger watching her getting
off, triggered her orgasm. She gasped for air like a
dying fish gasping for oxygen. Her whole body was
shaking like a person with high fever. Then she
threw her head back with eyes tightly shut. It was a
hard earned orgasm.
She sank down into the seat breathing shallowly
and quickly.
The waitress stood up then gave Josh 5 singles.
As she turned around to leave, she pat and squeezed
on Josh's shoulder and took a last quick look at
Sheri's face as if she was sending him a message
that she was a part of imaginary threesome.
Sheri was in her seat slouched and her eyes
closed for a long time, then said without opening
her eyes,
"Josh, you are a real bastard, you know that?"
"Did you enjoy it?"
For a few moments, she didn't respond to his
question, and said,
"I don't want to admit it, but..."
"Did you like the idea of another woman
watching you?"
She didn't answer to that question.
"Do you want me to talk her into it?" Josh asked.
She never thought about herself as bi nor even
curious but the idea suddenly became appealing. Then
second thought, she didn't want to spend the precious
time for some uncertain experiment. After all, she's
got a few things she definitely could not miss during
the stay. One of them is sucking Josh's cock. Sheri was
dying to see, smell, taste and suck his cock.
They straightened up their appearance, put the
camcorder back in the bag and headed for the cashier.
Walking behind Sheri, Josh could clearly see a
wet spot on the back of her skirt. Because it was a
medium gray skirt, it was even more visible.
The same waitress waited on their table took care
of the bill. Sheri wasn't anxious to face her eye to
eye because of embarrassment, so she headed to the
door alone. As she turned her back, the waitress
clearly noticed Sheri's wet spotted skirt and looked
toward Josh and grinned in amazement.
"Would you like to meet us later?" Josh asked
with a smile.
The waitress looked at Josh and Sheri and asked,
"With you two?"
She thought about it for a moment and said,
"Give me your phone number and the time you
leave here."
The waitress gave him her card with her name,
phone number and the time.
Two of them got in the car and as it pulled out
the lot, stroking Sheri's left thigh, Josh asked,
"Did you know you have a wet spot on the back
of your skirt that anyone can see?"
Sheri startled, turned beet red and reached under
her skirt with left hand.
"Has anyone noticed?"
"The waitress."
"What she said?"
"She seemed to be interested in us."

End of part 2


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