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Cherri Interviews for a Job

Adult Fiction

Cherri Interviews for a Job


March 25, 2001


Dedicated to every workin' girl who's trying to get
some -- er -- ahead.



This story contains frank discussions of a sexually
explicit nature, and is intended for mature audiences only.


The persons depicted in this story are entirely
fictional. Any similarities are completely
coincidental. References to actual places, companies,
or organizations are used strictly for artistic
reference to provide realism. In other words, none of
this is true.


Copyright 2001 CyberCzar. In other words, you may
download this story for your own personal use; but
please don't share it with anyone. If you think someone
else might be interested in this story, please forward
their request to me.

The story
Cherri didn't like her job too much. She had felt for a
long time that she was overworked, and well underpaid.
So, she decided to do something about it by posting her
resume to monster.com. It was a lark, just to see if
anyone would bite.

Much to her surprise, the very next morning she
received a telephone call on her cellphone.

"Hello, my name is Craig Andrews," the man said. "I think
I have a position you'd be perfect for."

She was excited. She didn't expect to receive any
response, and certainly didn't expect one so quickly. "
How soon can you interview?" he asked her.

"Is tomorrow fine?" she asked.

"Tomorrow would be perfect." He went on, and gave her
directions to his office, which sounded like it would
be much closer to her home.

The next morning she wore her best power suit and went
on into work.

Her coworkers and supervisors immediately suspected
something was awry with her sudden dress of
professionalism, but everyone was too scared to say
anything. She could see the wonderment in their eyes,
but this didn't phase her. She was going to get that
job she was interviewing for at lunch, no matter how
hard the obstacles might be for her.

She left a little early for lunch, and headed to Mr.
Andrew's office for the interview.

Craig's office was in a typical multi-story office
building. She went up the elevator and got off at the
appropriate floor. Next, she went into the lobby,
signed in, and waited.

Several minutes passed, and a gentleman walked into the lobby.

"Cherri?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, getting up and extending her hand.

"Craig Andrews, nice to meet you."

He was cute, she thought. A little older than her, with
black and gray hair. Well built, and with defined features.

He escorted her through the maze of cubicles and aisles
to his office which was in the back.

When she entered, she immediately noticed how informal
it seemed. There was no desk, only a few chairs, couch,
and tables.

"Wow, cool office," she said as she entered. "Or is this a
living room?"

He let out a light laugh and motioned for her to sit
down. "It's my office, but I work better like this."

They talked for a few minutes about his company; and
her background, experience, etc.

As their current conversation was drawing to a close,
he asked her if she had any questions, and she asked
him to draw an organizational chart where she'd fit
within the organization if she was hired, and accepted
the offer.

As he got up to roll over a white-board easel, she
couldn't help but notice a bulge which was pretty prominent.

He drew several lines and boxes and began to explain
the organizational structure to her, and his bulge
wasn't ceasing. Getting turned on as well, she couldn't
help but to spread her legs a little bit and give him a
peek up her skirt.

She could tell he noticed, since his eyes kept drifting
downwards and his speech slowed, becoming more concentrated.

She spread her legs a little further, and Craig could
now tell that she wasn't wearing any panties. The boner
which was only slight in his pants was now becoming pronounced.

She knew he wanted her, and she wanted this job. So,
she stood up, walked over to the white-board, and wrote
in a different color, "FUCK ME." next to his name.

He didn't say a word as he just looked into her eyes.

With the same marker, she wrote again on the
white-board, "FUCK ME." under her previous writings.

He took his hands and unbuttoned her blouse, as she
unzipped her skirt. By the time he finished with her
blouse, she let her skirt fall to the floor. The only
thing she was wearing was a bra.

"I'm a married man," he said to himself.

"Where's the ring?" she scoffed back.

"I can't wear rings, they make my knuckles swell."

"Looks to me like you're knuckle on your ring finger
isn't the only thing swelling," she said as she gently
grabbed his crotch.

She unbuttoned his shirt, took it off, and quickly
folded it as she set it on a nearby table. Next, she
pulled up his undershirt, and set it aside as well.

With his well defined chest now at her grasp, she ran
her tongue over his pecs and gently bit his nipple.

He wasn't going to let her be the only one doing the
nibbling, and reached down and gently bit her ear. As
he did this, she quickly unfastened his belt and pants,
and they fell to his ankles.

She reached into his BVDs and gently stroked his
confined cock as they began to kiss passionately. She
could feel the wetness of his head from his pre-cum,
and gently pulled his shorts down.

The two walked backwards towards the couch, and he
gently guided her down. Leaving one foot off the seat
and resting on the floor, he layed down on top of her.

She could feel her tight pussy fill up as he inserted
his hard shaft deep within, and began thrusting; hard
and deep.

They continued to kiss each other's lips and neck, as
Craig continued his thrusts. But, like most men, he was
spent after only a few minutes, and without even
bringing her to orgasm yet.

He got off of her and reclined back on the couch as she
got up to put her clothes back on and leave.

"Do you want the job?"

"Yes, but now it's going to cost you." she said, zipping
up her skirt.

"What do you mean?"

"You came before I did," she continued, buttoning up her blouse.

"I'm sorry." he said, getting up. "I'll offer you an
additional $\$50,000$ if we can do this at least once a week
while you're here."

"Deal," she said. "But, you think you've just hired a
whore, but who's got who by the balls now?" and reached
down to squeeze his nuts firmly.

Grunting from the pressure, he quietly let out, "Are you
sure you're not related to my wife?"

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