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Cherry Ridge Sex Ed


Cherry Ridge School Sex Ed


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- - - - - - - - - - Standard Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction for
adults only. If you are under the age of eighteen, please immediately do
what I would have done when I was your age. Which is, delete this story from your hard drive and/or leave this internet site. I know you've left
now like the good little boys and girls you are. But if you haven't or for
the rest of you, enjoy.

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Chapter I New School

"There are a few things you should know about Cherry Ridge before you
begin" Mr. Hoskins was saying. I glanced around the room as he spoke.
"For one thing, almost every family up here, has lived on the ridge for
five generations or more."

I looked at the school principle. "Five generations?" I stammered.

"Or more." he qualified. All of the land is owned by families and they
don't sell, so we don't get new families moving in. There is only one
apartment house in town, and that is where I, and the rest of the bachelor
male faculty live. And now you." I looked at him more closely. I was
surprised that he was a bachelor, since his hair was completely grey and he
appeared so close to retirement age. The office didn't fit him though, it
had a young feel to it, more like the office of someone only a few years
older than me.

"Cherry Ridge school is officially part of the Watermelon Mountain
School District, though we tend to be completely separate. Ken Wallace
teaches the 11th and 12th grade and helps out in math and science with the
younger high school students. Jenny Lowman teaches the 9th and 10th grade
children and helps in home ec and economics with the older girls."

"John Kellerman teaches the junior high, he...."

"Excuse me sir." I broke in, "Is that the same John Kellerman who took
the bronze in the Olympic Decathlon six years ago?"

"Yes, that was John. We were hoping that an Olympic athlete might have
a bit more endurance than our last 3 junior high teachers." I wondered why
a Junior high teacher needed so much endurance, but Mr. Hoskins was still
talking. "You will teach our fifth and sixth grades. Kimberly Meyer
teaches third and forth and janet Kelley has the first and second."

"There are 141 students in the entire school." He continued. " Most of
the classrooms have between 20 and 25 students, yours has 18. Another
thing that makes Cherry Ridge unique is that of the 141 students in first
thru 12th grade, 140 are female."

"Excuse me." I coughed. "Did I hear right?"

"You heard me correctly. We have one boy, Derek Hammond in the eighth
grade. For some reason, and no one seems to know why, parents up here,
give birth to girls. Almost always girls. Derek was the first boy born on
the ridge in ten years."

I couldn't believe it. An all-girls school by genetic design. It was
positively weird. And I couldn't believe this principle had hired me for
the job. That was almost as strange. I completely zoned out for a minute,
then I realized that he was still talking.

"I'm sorry sir," I interrupted. "I was having trouble taking it all in,
what was that you said."

"I was saying that, a few doctors have come up here to study the
phenomenon over the years but no one has been able to figure out what it
is. They've tested water and soil and air and can't find anything. And
strangely, when the Cherry Ridge women who have moved away have children,
they seem to have a balanced ratio of boys and girls. No one has come up
with a rational explanation yet.

"Now about Derek. You shouldn't have much contact with him, in fact I
don't want you to have any, if it can be avoided. Derek is desperately gay and just might come on to you. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO RESPOND
IN ANY WAY!!!" Mr. Hoskins glared at me."

"That goes without saying, sir. A teacher should never respond to that
kind of attention from any student." I said in my best 'proper' voice.

"There will also be no fraternization with the female teachers. Do I
make myself clear?"

"Sir, I don't know how you could suggest such a thing." I said

"I can suggest such a thing Mr. Conners, because I know exactly why you
left your last job." I felt my face flushing. "I also know that you only
avoided prosecution because the district and the family was anxious to
avoid bad publicity."

"I see." I said, staring down at me shoes, totally deflated. "I'm not
sure why I'm here then."

"You're here because I hired you." he said simply.

"But why? If you know my background."

"The Cherry Ridge school believes in second chances. That's part of it.
You're a damn fine teacher according to Mr. Tanner, your old principle and
that's part of it. And there were other considerations as well." he
chuckled. "What I'm amazed at really, is that you could be fucking your
sixteen year old chemistry student, her fourteen year old sister and her
eleven year old brother and none of them knew about the others."

"It just kind of happened." I stammered.

"Well, someday, I'd like to hear that story. Maybe over a large
scotch." It was the first kind thing he'd said to me, and I was still too
embarrassed to acknowledge it. He stood and walked around the desk.
"You're getting a late start of course. I mean it's already October, just
three more weeks until Halloween. The class has been taught by substitutes
so far, while we found the right man." I wondered why I was the right man,
and what happened to last year's teacher.

"Well, I guess it's time to introduce you to your class."

He led me out of his office and all the way down the hall. The school
was shaped like an 'I' The offices and cafeteria were at the top of the
'I', the classrooms along both sides, and the gym at the bottom. The
classrooms were arranged by grade. The first one on the left was the first
and second grade, janet Kelley's classroom I remembered. Next to it in the
middle was the third and forth, that was Kimberly something. And finally
on the end next to the gym was my new classroom. Outside of the first two
classrooms was the playground. The other side across from me was the
seventh and eighth grades, that was the Olympic athlete, John Kellerman.
In the middle was the freshmen and sophomores, and finally the juniors and
seniors. Outside of my classroom and all along the other side was a
beautiful lawn. Behind the gym was a baseball diamond, football field and

Mr. Hoskins walked into my new classroom and clapped his hands. The
girls stopped what they were doing and were looking attentively when I
walked in behind him. "Ladies, this is Mr. Conners, your new teacher."
There was a low mummer until Hoskins clapped his hands again. "YOU WILL
nodding heads. "Now line up please. Lets have the sixth graders on this
side, " he gestured to his left, "and the fifth graders over her." he
gestured to his right. The girls scrambled to obey.

As the girls organized themselves, the principle commented, "As you can
see, we have a very small sixth grade class." There were six girls on the
left and twelve on the right. He walked over to the group on the right and
I followed him. "Have any of you girls turned eleven yet?" He asked. All
but one girl shook their heads, the one raised her hand. "We'll start at
this end." he told me.

"This is Carrie Taylor." He announced, standing in front of the first
girl in line. "Carrie has been known to cheat on spelling tests."

"That was in the third grade." the girl complained.

"Never the less, we're keeping an eye on her." The girl was the tallest
on this side of the room, but incredible gawky. She had blonde hair that
she wore just past her shoulders. Her hair was a little stringy. She was
wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Beneath the t-shirt I could see the
first swellings of breasts.

"Next is Mackenzie Richards. Mackenzie is so annoying that her twin
sister skipped two grades just to get away from her." Mackenzie stuck her
tongue out at the principle, but with faster hands than I would have
imagined, he trapped it between thumb and forefinger. "Mackenzie is cute
and will try to use that to get away with everything."

"Iwwm saarry, mhiter hookoo" the girl said and Hoskins released her

"Nothing the occasional spanking won't cure." Hoskins said to me with a
wink. "Everyone calls her Mac." Mac was the smallest girl in the class,
and looked like she belonged in the forth grade, if not the third. Her
shiny brown hair was in a ponytail that fell halfway down her back, and she
had no shape to her whatsoever. She was wearing a brightly colored pink
and yellow t-shirt and cut off shorts that showed tan muscular little legs.

"This is Miranda Barnes. Miranda is probably the best twelve and under
basketball player in this half of the state." Miranda smiled and nodded to
me. Miranda was just a little above average height, with golden blond hair
that she wore lose hanging down her back past her butt. Miranda wore a
maroon and white striped t-shirt and jeans.

"Tami Baker is another basketball star." Tami was maybe an inch shorter
than Miranda and had dirty brown hair tied into a bushy ponytail that hung
halfway down her back. She was just starting to get some shape to her
body. She was wearing a royal blue button down shirt and black jeans.

"This is Megan Cooper. She and Mackenzie are probably the best students
in your class, though you're lucky because you don't have any bad
students." Megan smiled brightly. She had brown hair tied back into a
ponytail a little more than shoulder length. She was just barely taller
than Tami and just starting to develop. She was wearing a tight leotard or
body shirt in blue white and black under some black jeans.

"This," he said, putting his hand on the head on the next girl in line,
"Is Clarissa Jones." Clarissa wants to play football with the boys down in
Watermelon Mountain, but they won't let her, cause she plays too rough."

"You got that right." Clarissa agreed. I wasn't sure if she was
agreeing that they wouldn't let her play, or that she played too rough, or
both. Clarissa had jet black hair hanging loose around her shoulders. It
wasn't straight, it wasn't frizzy, it was somewhere in between. She was a
little shorter than average, but probably came the closest to having tits in the fifth grade, with one major exception. She was wearing a blue
crushed velvet shirt and black pants.

Clarissa is also your oldest fifth grader since she's the only one who's
turned eleven so far.

"Stephanie is next. Stephanie Wilson. Stephanie is in the exact middle
of the largest family on the Ridge. She has 4 older sisters and 4 younger
ones." I was impressed, that was a large family. "She's also the only
non-twin in the group." My jaw dropped. Four sets of twins in the same
family. "Her younger sisters are in the third and forth grade so two years
from now, you'll have 4 of them all at once.

"Are they identical?" I asked in awe.

"Completely. But the third grade twins and the seventh grade twins
don't look like the others. So that should be a lot of fun." I couldn't
begin to imagine having 4 almost identical girls in the same classroom.
That meant Kimberly Meyer had them all now, I'd have to get some pointers
from her.

Stephanie's hair was almost black and she wore it almost like
Clarissa's. Shoulder length and loose. Her body was all straight lines,
but she had that something which made her startlingly beautiful. She was
wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt and purple sweat pants.

"Melissa Hayes is your next student. Melissa is a gymnast and
softballer." Melissa was another raven haired beauty. She was short and
muscular, with a hint of breasts. Melissa was wearing a white t-shirt with
a picture on it and black jeans. I couldn't see the picture until Mr.
Hoskins stepped to the next girl and was amazed. It was a cartoon of Bart
Simpson getting a blowjob from his baby sister and saying 'Don't have a
cow, she lost her pacifier.' I couldn't believe that Mr. Hoskins hadn't
reprimanded her for that.

The next girl reached out and hugged him as he came to her. "This is
Brandee Wallace. Brandee was the second tallest of the fifth grade girls.
She also had tits. Not just fifth grade tits, but tits any high school
cheerleader could be proud of. Brandee was wearing a tight red t-shirt
that left no doubt in my mind that she didn't like bras. In fact, none of
the girls I'd seen so far looked like they were wearing a bra, training or
otherwise. Brandee wasn't fat, but could stand to lose a few pounds of
baby fat. Her hair was as black as Clarissa's but completely straight.
She wore it in twin ponytails at the sides of her head. I used to call
those pigtails, but I think they have another name now.

We moved down the row to the last three girls. "This is Jenny Trump. "
He said, patting a pretty blond on the head. "It's a toss up between her
and Clarissa over who's the toughest kid outside of high school. Jenny can
be very determined. She tried to sign up for baseball down in Watermelon
Mountain this last summer and none of the coaches wanted her because she
was a girl. So she organized a girls baseball team up here, and they went
down and beat every boys team in town. In fact they went to the state
championships and finished forth."

"Third." Jenny corrected him.

"Sorry, third. Tami played on the team. And Ashley, Lisa, and Torrie
from the sixth grade, and the rest were seventh graders."

"This year," the girl interrupted, we're going to take first. But we
need a better coach. Know anything about baseball?" she asked. I admitted
I did, and she gave me an appraising look, "We'll see." Apparently in
Cherry Ridge, the coach has to audition. Jenny was a little taller than
average with blond hair that was slightly kinky and hung around her
shoulders. She was wearing a t-shirt with broad stripes of dark and light
purple and black pants.

"And these are the Dylan sisters. Kayla, " he patted one on the head,
"and Dawn." He patted the other. "More twins I'm afraid, but not
identical. Kayla was short, only an inch bigger than Mackenzie. She was
stocky, but not fat. Her brown hair was cut almost in a boy's style it was
so short. Dawn was maybe an inch taller but skinny. Dawn was almost
mousy, but still cute. Her most startling feature was short copper red hair. Kayla wore purple jeans with a white t-shirt and Dawn wore white
jeans with a purple t-shirt.

I followed Mr. Hoskins as we crossed the room to the other six girls.
"This is your sixth grade. It's a small group but very rewarding. Last
year when they took the standardized tests for fifth grade, they were the
smartest class in the state. Monique here was the dummy, she scored in the
twelfth percentile in the state, everyone else was in the top ten."

"That was nice." A blonde girl said whiningly. "Besides, I had a cold
that day."

"This is Janae Cox, Who skips school every now and then to do some
modeling in Seattle or San Francisco."

"Christmas break, I'm supposed to go to Jamaica." She informed him.

"Need a tutor. Or chaperone. Or baggage hauler?" He asked with a

"It depends on how many detentions I get between now and then." she
teased. I could understand her being a model. She had the disdainful
sneer down pat. She had medium length brown hair and was beautiful, almost
hauntingly so. Her height was about average for a sixth grader, just a
little shorter than Carrie. She had started to develop a very nice body,
though her tits were still on the small side. Janae wore a tight green
t-shirt and jeans

"This is Gillian Anderson." he introduced the next girl. Slightly
taller than Janae with brown hair wore a little longer. Another nice body
and tits just a bit bigger than Janae's. She wore a gold colored top and
green shorts.

"This is Ashley Taylor. Carrie is a cousin. Ashley's the biggest
trouble maker in K thru 8, so keep a close eye on her." Ashley grinned, but
didn't try denying the charge. Ashley was the shortest girl in this group
but beautifully proportioned. It was a toss up between Ashley, Gillian,
and Monique as to who had the biggest tits in the sixth grade, but Brandee
still had them all outclassed. Ashley's short dirty blond hair hung
loosely around her shoulders. Ashley was wearing a half shirt and

"Next we have Monique Calahan." Monique had short blond hair though not
as short as Kayla's, just the right amount of freckles and the beginnings
of a great body. Monique was wearing a bright blue mini skirt and white
turtleneck combination that made my heart skip several beats.

"This tall drink of water is Lisa Anderson. She has won the state
geography bee, and the state spelling bee in two different age divisions.
And she's told me that she plans to be the state debating champion all four
years of high school, so be careful if you argue with her." Lisa was the
tallest girl in the room, beating out Carrie by about an inch. Thin but
not gawky. She was wearing orange bike shorts that gave a great view of
legs that seemed to go on forever. Her breast were small but definitely
there hidden by a black turtleneck pullover. Lisa was another dirty blond with short hair just above her shoulders.

"And finally we have Torrie Spanner." Torrie was a strawberry blond wearing a girl scout uniform, though I didn't remember the skirts being
that short. "Gillian, Monique and Lisa are twelve, not rest are eleven.
Right girls?" they nodded

It was amazing. It was like a casting call for a tv show about sixth
grade. My girls ranged from cute to beautiful. Not an ugly girl in the
bunch. And aside from two or three pounds of baby fat on Brandee, not a
fatty in the crowd. It was a tv producers idea of a typical class, and not
a camera in sight. Maybe a movie producer, on tv they would have been
wearing bras, and I don't think there was one in the room.

As Mr. Hoskins left, I reminded myself that this was my last chance.
If I wanted to be a teacher, I had to behave. And I liked teaching, and
not just because I got summers off. I had to stop looking at them as tits and legs and asses, and see them as students, nothing more.

My resolve lasted about thirty seconds. I asked them to sit in their
normal seats and was immediately confronted with the fact that nether
Monique or Torrie were wearing underwear.

If I looked left, I could see up Monique's mini skirt right to her blond pussy patch and the puffy lips below it. To the right, was Torrie's
strawberry patch and in the middle was Brandee's magnificent boobs barely
restrained by her this cotton t-shirt. I immediately hid behind my desk,
so that these kids wouldn't be reporting to their parents that the new
teacher had a huge hard-on his first day. I decided that after lunch I was
going to assign them seats. I'd do it alphabetically or reverse
alphabetically or by hair color or whatever system it took to put Monique
and Torrie in the back row, and Brandee somewhere other than the front.
They were ten, eleven, and twelve for god's sake.

At lunch, I was amazed. The whole school was like my class. All
beautiful young girls and from what I could see, a bra salesman would
starve in this community. After lunch, I decided I was getting used to it,
and I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. Tomorrow morning, I'd ask one of
the female teachers to have a quiet word with the two girls about

The next morning I decided that I didn't want to embarrass the girls, so
I'd just ignore it. I wore a jock strap over my underwear to make my
interest less obvious. Monique wore another mini skirt but Torrie wore
jeans, which made it a little easier. But Jenny and Clarissa in the next
row both wore short skirts and no underwear. It's hard to concentrate on
school work when you have an erection from 8:30 to 3:30, but I figured I'd
adapt. I was never so happy as when the final bell rang that afternoon.
Friday, with the whole weekend to relax.

I rushed home and as soon as I was in the door, I had my pants around my
ankles, my underwear and jock strap down with them and my cock in my hand.
I'd been hard for almost eight hours. I closed my eyes, leaned back
against the front door and pictured Monique and Torrie's little pussys. I
stroked myself three times, and blew. And blew. I had never shot so much
cum ever before in my life, and that includes when I was bed hopping
between a sixteen year old, and fourteen year old, and their eleven year
old brother. And a couple of others the school board never found out

That weekend I spent mostly with cock in hand. Saturday afternoon, I
decided that enough was enough and I wouldn't touch my meat again that day.
Then I discovered that Torrie lived in the house next to my apartment
building. I saw her dressed in her girl scout uniform running to a minivan
that was waiting with several other girls in uniforms. When she saw me she
waved, then bent over to tie her shoe revealing that she still hadn't put
on any underwear. It as all I could do, to wait until I got inside again
before I started jacking off. I was beginning to wonder if I might not be
better off digging ditches or frying hamburgers. Being around all this
'look, don't touch' was going to kill me.

Chapter II Sex Ed 101

Monday I got to school and felt like a new man. I'd only jerked off 6
times on Sunday compared to 8 times Friday and 13 on Saturday. Maybe I was
getting this under control. There was a new spring in my step as I walked
in the front door of the school. John Kellerman waved as he saw me and
walked over.

"Mr. Hoskins asked me to tell you to see him as soon as you walked in
the door." he said.

"What about?" I asked.

"I haven't got a clue." he said as he walked back to the group of
students he'd been talking with when I came in. The grin on his face put
the lie to his words, but I didn't pursue it.

I put my jacket and briefcase in my classroom, then walked back to the
principals office. I knocked and a gruff voice told me to come in. When I
walked in Mr. Hoskins was sitting behind his desk and six boys were
sitting in chairs scattered around the room.

"Mr. Conners, glad you could stop in before class." Mr. Hoskins said
in that ingratiating way that bosses have of making their orders sound like
you're doing them a friendly favor. "You're going to be starting a new
teaching block this week, and these young men will be helping." I liked at
the boys and couldn't imagine what they would be helping with. The
youngest was six or seven and the oldest was about sixteen.

"I see." I said in a voice that clearly said I didn't.

"Gentlemen, thanks for stopping in. Would you mind waiting in the outer
office and Mr. Conners will take you to his classroom as soon as we're
done." Hoskins said in dismissal. The boys all stood and trooped out of
the room.

"Well, John. You don't mind if I call you john, do you? I'm Brian, by
the way. John, you have an exciting unit in front of you." He said handing
me a one page lesson plan. I took it and read it. Then I read it again.
Then a third time.

"I looked up at him. I can't teach this."

"Of course, you can."

"But, I..."

"John, you're a teacher, you teach. We have a board of education
sub-committee that sets the curriculum, this is it. This is what you
teach. The boys are here to help you. The two little ones and the oldest
will be done after today. The other three will be part of your class for
the next week."

"But you want me to..."

"Exactly. John if I can be frank. You don't have a lot of career
options. You need to prove yourself." Hoskins, Brian, tried to look
sympathetic, like a beloved grandfather and failed miserably.

"But, I can't..."

"John, if you can't teach the curriculum, we'll just have to find
somebody who can. It's that simple. Now it's easy. It's all in the
lesson plan. You've got the boys to help. Did I mention the three that
are staying will be staying with you." I was stunned. "Good, that's
settled. Thanks for stopping by John. Stop in tomorrow and I'll give you
the new lesson plan." He smiled. "Would you mind shutting the door on your
way out, I've got some calls to make. Thanks."

I walked out of the office, clutching the lesson plan and motioned the
boys to follow me. As we walked down the hall, every head turned to follow
us. There were a lot of giggles, especially from the older girls. In the
classroom, I had the boys get chairs from the back and set them in a line
behind my desk in the front of the class and sit down. As I looked at
them, I saw my out. The boys. The boys would cause problems and I
wouldn't have to teach this unit. I asked them all their names, relaxed
and sat down.

A few minutes later the bell rang and my girls started straggling in. I
immediately noticed that Torrie, Monique, Lisa and Carrie were wearing
short skirts and as soon as they sat down I was rewarded with a view of
their once again uncovered pussies. I glanced behind me and it was obvious
that the five older boys had all noticed one or more of the naked pussies.

"Okay class, settle down." I said loudly, then stood up and walked in
front of my desk and leaned on it. "Today we're starting a new unit, Sex
Education." The girls all sat up a little straighter hearing that, except
Monique, who slouched a little more and opened her legs a little more.
"Today, we're going to discuss male anatomy." The girls all started
cheering, stomping their feet and clapping. I glanced behind me and all
six boys were blushing.

"First David would you step up here." The youngest boy stepped forward.
"Girls this is David. David's seven years old." He stepped closer and
whispered at me. "Excuse me, David is seven and a half years old." The
class laughed. "David would you mind getting undressed?" I asked, thinking
sex ed was done for the day, but David immediately started shedding cloths
and in a few seconds was standing there, in front of 18 girls naked.

"Well, uh, As you can see, with the exception of the genitalia, there
isn't much difference between David's body and that of a seven year old girl."

"What's genitalia?" Mackenzie asked.

"His cock, dummy." Ashley shouted and the class laughed.

"Then why didn't he say cock?" Mackenzie complained.

"Because he's trying to be all scientific and proper." Lisa explained.

"Quiet." I said loudly and the murmuring stopped. "David, turn around
please." He did and displayed his butt to the class. "As you can see,
David is smooth and hairless, just like a girl." I twirled my finger and he
turned again. David was skinny enough that his ribs were sharply defined,
and I was a little surprised that his cock was still limp, but I guess the
seven year old wasn't stimulated by girls yet.

"You'll notice that David's cock is small. I held my hand down next to
it for comparison. His cock was about the width of my pinkie and only
about two knuckles long. David is about average for his age. His cock has
many names, Penis, dick, peter..."

"Mr. Winkie." Monique interrupted.

"Mr. Winkie." I acknowledged. "And dozens more. "Below his cock", I
reached down and gently lifted it with my thumb and forefinger. "Are his
balls or sometimes marbles. They're encased in a sac or ball sack, which
if officially called a scrotum." I put my fingers under his balls and
lifted them slightly. "As you can see, David's sac is also small, but
about average for a seven year old." I released his privates and turned him
around again, bending him over about 45 degrees.. I grabbed his ass cheeks
and spread them, you can see that his butt and his asshole are just like a
girls. Does anybody know the official name for an asshole?"

"Rectum." Miranda shouted out, then blushed.

"Exactly." I agreed. "David would you mind walking around the room so
all the girls can get a good look?" David nodded and without embarrassment
started toward Torrie's desk. "Ladies, this is a look don't touch
situation." there were several groans.

"Next we have Nicholas. Nick is 9." Nicholas stepped forward and
without prompting, stripped. Dropping his clothes on top of David's. I
was surprised that he was still flaccid too. Nick did a slow twirl so that
the girls could see everything. "As you can see, except for the genitalia,
again there isn't much that sets Nick apart from a girl his age. Nicks
cock is a little longer but not much wider than David's. I again put my
finger next to it for comparison. It was as long as my pinkie finger. I
gently lifted his cock and hefted his balls. "His ball sack is bigger too,
but not much. For the most part when you consider that Nick is an inch
taller and about twenty pounds heavier, the size is almost the same. I had
Nick turn around and bend over and I displayed his asshole to the class.

"Next we Casey, Josh and Ben." The three boys looked at each other and
came up together. At least they looked embarrassed. I looked out at the
classroom and saw Nick and David still making the rounds. Jenny reached
out and gave Nick's cock a little squeeze, but I pretended not to notice.

"Boys, would you strip please." I asked and they all pulled off
t-shirts, then looked at each other and started unbuttoning jeans. I took
almost two minutes before the three boys were down to their underwear,
their shoes and clothes piled in front of them. It was obvious that all
three had hard-ons.

By what seemed a telepathic agreement, all three boys pushed their
underwear down at once. It was quite a sight to see, as they pushed down
their briefs, the waistband pushed their erect little cocks almost straight
down and then, just like a synchronized swimming demonstration, all three
popped up at once. There was a collective gasp from my class.

I looked out and every girl had a big grin on her face as she watched
the boys hard cocks wave in the air. I also saw Jenny's hand frozen on
Nick's now hard little cock as she stared at my three models. I ignored it

"I had these three come up together because they are so close in age.
Casey is eleven and a fifth grader, Ben is eleven and a sixth grader, and
Josh is twelve and a sixth grader. So basically they are the same age as
you in general. You'll notice that the big difference is hair. All three
boys have started growing hair in their genital region, that is, above
their cocks and on their balls. You'll also notice that their cocks have
about doubled in circumference and gotten quite a bit longer."

"One of the reasons they're longer is that all three boys have
erections. Does anybody know another name for a male erection." Hands?"

Several hands went up. I nodded to Jenny, who had finally let David
continue down the aisle. "A hard-on." she said in a pleased voice.

I nodded to Lisa, "A woody."

I nodded to Mackenzie who looked embarrassed yet eager to answer the
question, "A tent pole?" she half asked and half told me."

"Yep, and a few more besides. An erection occurs," I said, reaching
over and hefting Casey's, "when a boy or a man gets sexually stimulated.
Unfortunately for boys this age, " I said, nodding at my three volunteers,
"It doesn't take much to get them excited. As they get older, they'll have
a little more control. Most of you have probably been around boys when
they'd suddenly try to cover their crotches." The girls all giggled and

I was still holding Casey's cock and now I hefted his balls with the
other hand. "You can probably see that his ball sack has gotten bigger as
well. I don't know if you can tell from where you're sitting, but there
are some fine hairs on it as well. Casey was starting to look a little
uncomfortable with my hand holding his cock and balls, so I let go, I
didn't want the poor kid cumming all over the floor."

"Now here is where genetics starts to come into play. You'll notice
that all three boys are about the same height. Ben is maybe a half inch
taller than Josh and Casey. But Casey's cock is at least a half inch
bigger than Josh's, and Josh is about a half inch bigger than Ben's. Nick
come up here please." Nick had been modeling his cock for Mackenzie and now
he ran to the front of the class. "Talking about erections, you'll notice
that Nick is now erect and his cock has just about doubled in length. A
lot of times, boys this age don't get erections, but I guess just walking
around naked in front of all you pretty girls got to him." I looked Jenny
in the eye the whole time I said that and she blinked and blushed, knowing
that I had caught her. Nick was grinning and showing off his erection.

I waved the boys into walking around the classroom and nodded to Steve,
the sixteen year old to come up. I stepped up and started unzipping his
jeans. "Next we have Steve. Steve is sixteen years old and a Junior in
high school Steve had striped off his jeans and shirt, and was standing
there in his boxer shorts. "Steve will show us the next stage in
development." I nodded to him and he pushed his boxers down around his
ankles. The whole class gasped, including me and the other boys. Steve
had an enormous cock.

Without a word, I got up and walked to the corner by the chalk board
where I kept a yardstick. I brought it back and pressed it against the
side of his cock, holding his cock with my other hand. I probably held it
longer than I needed to, but it was a fascinating piece of meat. Finally,
I dropped it and set the yardstick on my desk. I leaned back against the
desk and looked out at the girls in my class who seemed to be holding their
breath. Steve's cock is a quarter of an inch short of ten inches, and
that's amazing. The average adult cock is about six.

I stood up and started unzipping my own pants, unfortunately this was in
the lesson plan too. I pushed my pants and underwear down in one move.
"As you can see, Steve makes me look small, and I'm a little longer than
average at 6 and three quarters." The girls were giggling and pointing at
me and Steve. How Mr. Hoskins thought I was going to be able to teach
this group after exposing myself, I didn't know.

"As you can see, I've got a hard-on too. That comes from having a
principal who makes me strip in a room from of beautiful young girls." They
all sat up a little straighter after I said that.

Just then, "Mr. Conners." a voice came from the back, I looked and saw
Lisa with her hand up and Josh's back, he looked over his shoulder at me
with a red face.


"Josh made a mess." Josh stepped back and it was obvious he'd cum all
over the front of Lisa's desk.

"I can see that." I said in an accusing voice.

"All I did was drop my pencil and ask him to pick it up." She said.

A light dawned. Lisa was one of the four without panties today. "Did
you happen to have your legs spread open at the time?" I asked.

"I don't remember." she said innocently. What could I do?

"Josh come here a minute. Josh, who's blush covered his face and spread
down his next walked to the front of the classroom, trying not to make eye
contact with anybody. As he came up to me, I reached out and grabbed his
cock and turned him around to face the class. "As you can see, Josh isn't
erect anymore. His cock has gotten soft and pliable," I wiggled it to
demonstrate. "And lost about half it's length." I gave it a little squeeze
and let it go.

After Steve had a chance to wander around the room, I had the boys all
sit down, but not get dressed. I actually considered having David and Nick
sit on my lap, but decided that would be pushing things too far. A pity,
because they were both beautiful boys.

I looked at the wall clock and saw that we only had a few more minutes
until lunch, so we spent the time coming up with more names for cocks,
balls, butts and erections. When the bell rang, I herded the girls out
quickly, then while the boys were getting dressed, and me for that matter,
I thanked them all and told them I hoped they weren't too embarrassed.
After we dressed, I walked the boys to lunch.

Chapter III Recess

After lunch, I wondered into the gym to watch the kids at recess. There
was a light rain falling outside, so everybody was inside today. When I
walked into the gym, I saw Casey, Josh and Ben standing in one corner
talking quietly among themselves. Several girls of all ages came over to
say hi, but for the most part, the girls stood in groups of their own and
whispered back and forth, occasionally pointing at the boys. My girls circulated among all the groups talking to the older girls.

I knew that Steve was supposed to drive the two youngest boys back to
their schools and figured they'd already left. So I was surprised when the
three of them came ut of the boys locker room with Derek. All four of them
had big smiles on their faces. Several of the older girls pointed and
laughed, and Steve turned red, and hustled the little kids out of the gym
and toward the parking lot. Derek wandered toward the other boys.

I watched them out of the corner of my eye, and after a few minutes,
they all headed for the locker room. I decided that it was to get away
from the giggling girls, not for the suspicious reason that popped into my
head. A few minutes later, my curiosity got the better of me and I walked
over to the locker room myself. I pushed in the first door, and stood
outside the inner door, I couldn't hear anything. I slowly, quietly,
pushed open the second door.

Derek was on his knees with Josh's cock in his mouth and Ben's cock in
his right hand and Casey's in his left. The boys all stood with their
pants and underwear around their ankles. As I watched, Josh came, sending
a large amount of cum down Derek's throat. Derek swallowed every drop and
then switched his mouth to Casey and his left hand started rubbing the
bulge in his jeans. Josh stepped back and sat on one of the benches, none
of them had noticed me yet.

I watched in amazement and confusion. I didn't know what to do. As a
teacher, I should stop this immediately. But on the other hand, Josh and
the others had a very horny morning and Derek looked like he was enjoying
himself. I finally decided to do what I'd known I'd do in the back of my
head all along. I pushed the door all the way open and stepped into the

The sound of the door alerted them and they all turned toward me, Derek
letting Casey's cock slip from his mouth just as Casey shot his load.
Semen pumped out shooting down Derek's chin and the front of his white
t-shirt. Everything froze, except for Casey's still jerking cock which
continued to dribble cum on Derek.

I smiled. "Hurry up and finish off Ben so you can start on me." I said,
as I worked my hard cock out of my fly. Derek smiled and pulled Ben by the
cock toward his mouth. I stepped forward and Derek's hand encircled my
cock and started moving up and down. After the morning I'd had, I needed

A little while later, we walked out of the locker room. I walked out
with Josh and Casey, my arms hanging on their shoulders and Derek and Ben
walked out side by side. There was a small group of junior and senior
girls near the door and they smiled knowingly, but they couldn't know
anything really. Derek had changed out of his sticky cum splattered shirt and into his P.E. shirt so there wasn't any evidence.

I left the boys in the gym and decided to head back to my classroom. A
few minutes later, the bell rang for the end of lunch.

Chapter IV Sex Ed 102

As the girls straggled in, I stepped up in front of my desk and leaned
back, watching them. I'd made my choices several times, but I kept
changing my mind. The boys came in together and sat in the chairs placed
behind my desk.

Carrie was the last one in and I motioned to her to close the door and
take her seat. The girls were all settled, but the noise of their talking
was still pretty loud, So I whistled loudly to get their attention. They
all shut up and looked forward. When I had their attention, I started
getting undressed again. I looked back at the boys and nodded for them to
do the same.

When we were all naked, I had them come up and stand beside me. "One
thing, I forgot to go over in the first part of class is circumcision.
Does anyone know what that means?" I looked over the class and none of them
raised their hands. I looked down at the boys beside me and looked just as

I smiled. "I'm not surprised. Circumcision is so routine, that most of
us are not aware of it." I lifted the boys up so they were standing on my
desk, to give the girls a really good view. I reached up and fondled each
of their cocks and my own as well. "All of these cocks, and the ones on
the other boys earlier today, have one thing in common. They're all

I walked around my desk to get some of the material that Mr. Hoskins
had given me. I found what I needed and walked back to the front of my
desk. "In Europe and most of the rest of the world, penis's are only
circumcised for religious purposes, in the United States, it's generally
done by the hospitals at birth for health reasons."

I handed each of the boys an 8 by 10 picture to hold up and indicated
they should hold them just above their cocks. "In these pictures, you can
see the difference. When the cock is limp, which I realize our models are
not," the boys all turned red, "the head of the cock is covered by a thin
layer of skin, called a foreskin. The pictures were of the cocks of
uncircumcised boys of about eleven or twelve. Giant blowups of just the
flaccid cocks. "If the cocks in the pictures could get erect like these,"
I reached up and gave Casey a squeeze, "You'd see less difference as the
cock grows, the foreskin retracts and the head is exposed. And that ends
basic boys anatomy." Several of the girls groaned.

"Boys, don't bother getting dressed. I want you to get the empty desks
in the back of the room and set them up in front and sit there." I waited
while they followed instructions. As Casey walked by Jenny she reached out
and squeezed his cock. I was amazed that we didn't have another accident.

"Jenny, would you come here for a minute?" When she was standing in
front of me, I looked down at her. I was still naked and it's hard to be
intimidating when you're naked. My own cock had been hard since the girls started coming back to class and pointed at her accusingly.

"Jenny, what's the school policy on punishment?"

"Umm, well, the teacher is in charge of discipline. They can assign
detention, extra homework or spanking."

"Have you ever been spanked Jenny?" I asked casually.

"Not this year." she said quickly.

"How does the teacher administer the spanking?" I asked. The boys had
all found desks and were sitting just a few feet away.

"The teacher will have the student lay on his lap or lean across a desk
and spanks the student with his hand or a paddle as many times as he
wants." she answered sullenly.

"Anything else?"

Jenny swallowed. "The teacher can give it to the student normally, or
on her underwear, or on her bare bottom."

"Can you think of any reason why I shouldn't give you a spanking right
now on your bare little ass?"

"What did I..." she saw the look in my eye and stopped. "No."

I looked at her for several seconds until she dropped her gaze to the
floor. I stood up, grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her sideways, I
bent her over about thirty degrees and then slapped her jeans covered ass
hard. She yelped, but didn't say a word. I stood her up and pointed her
toward her seat. She was lucky. If I'd thought I could have spanked her
naked ass with out cumming in front of the whole class, I would have.

"Mackenzie, Tami, and Brandee, come here please. The three girls got
out of their desks and walked to the front of the room. The looks on their
faces were confusion, I knew they were wondering what they'd done.
"Congratulations girls. You're all models today." They looked even more
confused. "Please face the class and get undressed. Mackenzie turned
bright red, the others pink, but they started following directions and
removing cloths. I watched the boys watch them. Their eyes getting bigger
as each piece of clothing hit the ground.

In about two minutes, there was three naked preteens standing in front
of me. And if you don't think it was hard not to bury my cock in one of
those beautiful pussies, then you're obviously a eunuch.

"Now I chose these three to demonstrate some of the differences in
development. This is not meant to embarrass anyone, and ANYBODY making a
joke out of this will not like the consequences." I class looked properly
cowed, so I continued. "Mackenzie though the same age as mos of you, has
not started developing what are called her secondary sexual
characteristics, which include breasts, hair on her pussy, and a widening
of the hips."

I walked up behind her and ran my hands over her flat chest. "As you
can see, Mac has a completely flat chest, no breasts at all, though her
tits are starting to push out a little. I reached down further and cupped
her pussy. "Her pussy is completely bald with no hair at all." I let my
finger run along the crack of her pussy as I with drew my hand and moved
over behind Tami.

"Tami on the other hand," I said as I ran my hands across her breasts.
"Has noticeably started to develop breasts. You'll notice that the entire
region about two inches from each nipple has started to puff up a little.
This dark circle around the nipple is called an areola and it has become
darker and more pronounced. On Mackenzie it's pinker and hardly
distinguishable from the nipple. Getting back to Tami, you can also see
the nipple has risen above the areola itself. A girl's nipples can get
hard just like a boys's cock, but so far Tami's are still soft."

"Breasts have a lot of names, tits being the most common" I reached down
and stroked Tami's pussy. I looked over at our male guests and noticed
that all three had cum dripping off their legs and pooling beneath them on
the floor. None of them were touching their cocks, so I guessed they'd
gone off by themselves. I grinned at them and continued.

"This is Tami's pelvic region, so called because the pelvic bone is
located here. You'll notice that Tami has started to grow hair here. But
it's still very fine and not too thick. This is another area with a lot of
names. Pussy, cunt, cunny, muff and box are some of the most common. I
prefer pussy myself. Some people also call it a vagina, but that's wrong,
because your vagina is actually on the inside." My cock was resting against
Tami's leg and it started to twitch.

"Now most of you have probably explored your own bodies enough to know
that you have two sets of lips on your pussy, officially called your labia.
These, " I said rubbing along Tami's crack, " are the outer labia or
external labia or large labia or lips." I pried her pussy open and held it
on display, "These are the inner lips or small labia. And this is Tami's
Clitoris or clit." As I drew my finger across it, Tami shuddered and leaned
back against me. "This provides a lot of the sensations a girl feels when
having sex."

Somebody in the back, I couldn't tell who, said "Lucky Tami."

"Now inside the small pussy lips is your vagina. This is where a boy's
cock goes when you're having sex which is also called intercourse, humping
or fucking and a dozen more names." I pushed my finger into Tami's vagina up to the second knuckle. "When fucking, a boy's penis will work something
like this." I said as my finger pushed in and out of the girl's tight hole.
My cock kept twitching along her leg. I wasn't sure how much more of this
I could stand. "Now a little further into Tami's vagina is her Hyman or
maidenhead or cherry if she's a virgin?" I looked down at Tami and she
nodded. "This is a thin membrane or tissue that will get broken the first
time you get fucked."

"Does it hurt?" Megan asked.

"It depends on the girl. Some girls barely notice, others it hurts a
lot. Some girls have almost no blood, others will bleed quite a bit."
Reluctantly, I pulled my finger out of Tami's pussy. I didn't want her to
cum. I could just picture her going home to mom, 'guess what I did in
school today. I orgasmed when the teacher finger fucked me.' I knew I was
going way too far. I had to end this quickly.

I moved to Brandee, but didn't touch. Where Mackenzie is a little
underdeveloped and Tami is about average in development. Brandee has
developed early. Her breast would be about average on a junior or senior
and she has a thick patch of hair above her pussy. This patch is often
called her bush.

I wondered for just a second if I should go through with the last part
of Hoskin's crazy lesson plan. Then I decided that if I was going to jail,
I might as well enjoy this. "Okay everybody stand up." When they were
standing, "Now strip." The sixth graders and Jenny were tearing their
cloths off even before the sound of my voice died. The others hesitated
and then started undressing. In a couple of minutes the entire class was
naked. "Okay everybody, move around and compare." While they did I admired
all the sexy young bodies. Melissa and Kayla had such fine hair on their
pussies that they appeared to be bald at first glance, the rest of them had
noticeable patches of hair. After a few more minutes, I called a halt.

"It's time for P.E. Since you're already dressed down," a few chuckles,
"we're going to make a mad dash for the gym. So grab your clothes and head
for the locker room. The girls, with a lot of giggling did just that. The
boys and I followed. I led the boys into our locker room and as soon as
the doors closed I pulled Casey towards me and pushed him down to his
knees. I grabbed my hard cock and pushed it into his face. Josh and Ben
watched with big eyes. "Ben, you suck off Josh, then Josh and I will suck
you two. I'm dying here. Casey opened his mouth and I pushed my cock in
to the back of his throat. He started to gag and I pulled back. I looked
over and Ben was on his knees with Josh's cock disappearing into his mouth.
As Casey started to swirl his tongue around my shaft, I came in a
massive explosion. It took Casey only a few seconds to milk me dry. I
looked at Josh and saw him pulling a limp cock out of Ben's mouth. I
pushed Casey onto his back on a bench and leaned down and took him into my
mouth. His cock was hot against my tongue and almost as soon as I wrapped
my lips against it, I felt it expand, twitch, and start to fill my mouth
with hot cream.

I couldn't believe it. Four blowjobs in less than two minutes. I found
the boys some shorts and t-shirts and we went back to the gym. We spent
about forty five minutes playing volleyball, then got dressed and went back
to class. The rest of the day was so normal it was spooky. Except for
having three boys in the class, it might have been a mad day dream. We
spent the next two hours on math (multiplying and dividing fractions),
science (photo-synthesis in plants and trees) and social studies (the
American Revolution, give me liberty or give me death, etc.). The last
bell rang, and the girls shouted goodbyes while grabbing books and heading
for the buses.

After the girls were gone, I straightened the classroom and headed home
with my house guests. It had been a hard day, in more ways than one. And
I was beginning to wonder just when the sheriff was going to handcuff me
and take me away. After all, I'd finger fucked a ten year old girl in
class with twenty witnesses. Not to mention an eleven and thirteen year
old boy giving me blowjobs.

Chapter V Home Work

When I got home, I collapsed on the sofa. Then the boys collapsed next
to me, with Casey on one side and Josh on the other and Ben beside him.
Even with all of our clothes on, I could feel the warmth of their bodies
pressing against mine. We lay there, staring at the ceiling. All of us,
mentally replaying the images of the day.

After a few minutes, Josh reached down and started rubbing the crotch of
his jeans. Ben and Casey started a few minutes later. I watched them out
of the corner of my eye. After a while, Josh reached over and took Ben's
hand and put it on his own bulge and then started working on Ben with his
free hand. A minute later, he reached over, and started to rub my crotch.
I figured, 'what the hell'. If the cops are coming, the cops are coming. I
reached over and pushed Casey's hand off his crotch and started to rub

We probably sat like that for half an hour. Just rubbing each other
through their clothes and enjoying the closeness of other bodies. Josh not
surprisingly was the one who changed all that. He et go of Ben and me and
stood up, letting Ben's hand fall away. "Damn, I'm horny." He announced as
he stripped down to his underwear.

I decided to see how open these guys were to new ideas. I had Ben stand
up and strip to his underwear too and bend over a little. Then I directed
Josh to stand behind him. "Okay horny. Go get him." I said with a grin.
Josh looked blank for a minute, then a grin spread over his face too. He
stepped up to Ben and pushed his cotton covered prick straight at Ben's
cotton covered ass. He grabbed Ben by the hips and started humping away.
From the look of pleasure on his face, I knew it felt good. "Okay Casey."
I said, giving his crotch a last squeeze, "Why don't you go hump Ben from
the front."

Casey looked a little unsure of himself, but stood and stripped off his
pants and shirt, then he approached Ben and pushed his crotch into the
other Boys. It took a few seconds but Casey really got into it and Ben
became the middle of a sex sandwich, and I could tell he didn't mind much.

I was getting really horny now, so I unzipped my fly and worked my hard
rod out of my pants and underwear and started stroking it gently. "Okay,
let's switch. Ben turn around, and Casey you can hump Josh in the ass."
The boys did as I asked and were quickly and enthusiastically humping each
other again.

I watched for a few more minutes then switched them again. "Josh turn
around, and Ben you take Casey in the ass." It only took them a few seconds
to make the switch and start again.

I watched for a few more minutes, then suggested, "Ben, I'll bet that
would feel even better if you got rid of your underwear and slid the pole
between his legs." Ben looked shocked, but instantly pushed his briefs down
around his ankles and shoved his 4 inch erection between Casey's legs.
From the look on his face as he fucked his cock between Casey's legs, I
knew he wasn't going to last long.

"Josh, you're wearing too many clothes." I said and Josh was pushing his
underwear down before I could finish the sentence. He guided his 4 and a
half inch cock between Casey's legs and I could tell the exact second that
his cock head touched Ben's in that warm valley of flesh.

I was about to suggest that Casey lose his underwear, when Ben gave a
final thrust forward and shouted "Oh Yeah, baby." and started cumming
between Casey's legs. It must have started a chain reaction because a
second later, Josh pulled his cock out and started pumping cum all down the
front of Casey's legs. Then Casey jerked and I could see the bulge of his
cock start to spasm and the front of his briefs start to get damp with cum.
The boys collapsed in a heap, tangled together and lay there panting.

Which left me with a very hard cock and several ideas what to do with
it. I was just trying to decide which ass I wanted to bury it in, when
there was a knock on the door. I got up and walked over. I looked out the
spyhole and Torrie was standing there. I was so surprised, that I opened
the door, forgetting my hard cock jutting out of the fly of my pants.

"Hi, Mr. Conner. I was hoping you could help me with something."

"Sure, Torrie. What is it?" I remembered my cock about now, but made no
move to cover it up because that would seem too guilty. Besides, she'd
already seen it in class.

"Can we talk privately?"

"Sure." I opened the door and led her through the living room to my
bedroom. She had to notice the tangled pile of boys and cum, but she
didn't say anything. I led her into my bedroom and shut the door. I sat
down on the bed and looked up at her. She was wearing her girl scout
uniform again, and I was pretty sure there was nothing under that short
skirt. I took all my self control, not to lift that skirt and press my
face into that beautiful strawberry pussy of hers. "What can I do for
you?" I asked in a surprisingly normal voice.

"Weeellll, you've probably guessed that I'm really into the scouts."

"The uniform was a pretty big clue." I agreed.

"One of the things we do in the scouts is try to earn merit badges." she

"Uh huh, I've heard that."

"We have a merit badge in human sexuality and I want to test for tonight
at our meeting."

"The girl Scouts have a merit badge in human sexuality?" I asked in

"At least the Cherry Ridge girl scouts do." she explained.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked, while hoping it was something like
breaking her cherry.

"I was hoping we could go over some of the stuff we did in school today
to make sure I've got it. Then I can take the test at the meeting

"Sure, I guess,"

She pulled a piece of yellow legal paper out of a breast pocket and
studied it for a second. "This is the scrotum, right?" she asked, reaching
down and worming her hand into the fly of my pants and grabbing my balls.
"Damn, this would be easier if you didn't cover them up."

What could I do? When a pretty 11 year old wants to see my balls, can I
say no? Not this pervert. I reached down and pulled her hand out of my
fly, then unfastened the top button and slid my pants down my legs and
stepped out of them. Then I worked my cock back into my underwear and slid
them down too. I smiled at her and sat back down.

"That's better. This is the scrotum right?" she said, grabbing my balls
again. I agreed. "And these things, your balls," she giggled and rolled
them a little. "Are your testicles." I agreed again. "And that's where
sperm is made?" I agreed a third time.

"Good." she said and looked at her notes again without releasing my
balls. "This is your penis." she said moving her hand from my balls to the
base of my cock. "But what the hell, is a glans?"

"That's a fancy way of saying the cock head" I explained, moving her
hand to mine.

"Okay, what's masturbation?"

"That's a fancy way of saying, 'playing with yourself'. For a boy..." I
moved her hand off of my cock and started stroking myself. "...that
involves massaging his cock like this. We call this jerking off, or
jacking off. But there are a lot of different names for it."

"I like 'charming the snake'" she giggled.

"I always liked 'playing the skin flute' myself. But 'beat your meat'
is probably the most common." I chuckled. "For a girl, masturbation
involves pushing your finger or another object in and out of your pussy." I
explained as I continued to jerk off.

"I've been doing that for years." the eleven year old said flatly and I
almost came at the image that provided. "Now if I do this for you," she
asked, reaching down again and replacing my hand with hers and moving her
soft fist up and down my shaft. "Is it still masturbation?"

"Technically, I don't think so." I said, trying to hold back my orgasm.
"I think masturbation has to be self-inflicted, so to speak. But in
popular usage, yes, you're masturbating me. And I'm going to..." I
couldn't finish the sentence. I sucked air deep into my lungs and the
world exploded and so did my cum, all over her hand. But Torrie, the
little darling, didn't miss a beat. She kept pumping until my orgasm

"Is this sperm?" she asked, taking her hand off my cock and licking the
back of it tentatively.

"Yes and no." I answered, thinking about what Mr. Hoskins would do, if
he ever found out that one of my sixth graders had just given me the best
hand job of my life. "The white stuff is semen. But inside of the semen,
a normal man will have millions of little sperm swimming around."

"Don't you?"

"No. For some reason my testicles aren't producing sperm. If I ever
want to have a kid of my own, I'll need to get a doctor to help."


"What next?" I asked. "The female body?"

"No, I know all that stuff." I must have looked disappointed, because
she laughed. "There is one more thing..."


"It won't be on the test, but I was wondering..."


"I've heard that sometimes guys fuck girls in the ass." she said in a

"That's true." I admitted. "Sometimes other guys." I added, thinking of
the three boys in my living room.

"But that's impossible." she stated flatly. Then she turned around,
bent over and flipped her skirt up. Then reaching back, she spread her ass
cheeks for me exposing her tight little asshole. "There's no way, you
could fit that thing up here."

I love a challenge. As so does my cock, which started to stir.

"It's true. Your asshole is just like your pussy. It will stretch to
accommodate." I explained.

"Wellll. My cunt was so small that I couldn't get my finger in it when
I first started playing with myself..." The image she invoked made my cock
twitch again.

"And now..."

"Now it's easy to get my finger in. But not my asshole." She was still
spreading her cheeks for me, and now she wiggled her little butt.

"Have you ever looked at your crap?" I asked.

"That's gross." she said in an ohhh sort of voice.

"True, but have you?'


"I'll bet some of the stuff floating in the toilet was as big around as
any of the cocks you've seen today." I said firmly. "Except maybe Steve's"
I amended.

"I guess." she admitted.

I lifted my forefinger to my mouth and sucked on it for several seconds.
Then I put it right on her puckered little asshole. When she didn't scream
or pull away, I started working it in, rotating my hand back and forth. I
looked down at my cock, which was back at attention

Torrie was silent until I'd pushed my finger in to the second knuckle
and flexed it a little bit. "What are you doing?" she asked breathlessly.

"Just demonstrating how elastic your ass is." I said as I pushed my
finger in to it's base."

"But a cock is bigger around than your finger." she complained.

"That's true." I admitted. "We'll just have to try something else. I
stood up and pulled my finger out of her ass. I waited a couple of
seconds, but she didn't change position. So I spit on my hand and started
rubbing the saliva all over my cock. I was really going to have to start
stocking some vaseline or k-y jelly. I stepped forward until my cock head
was resting against her anus. She continued to hold her cheeks apart which
I took as an invitation. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back
toward me while pushing forward with my cock.

Her asshole resisted for several seconds, then she relaxed and the head
of my cock slipped into her rectum. "My god!" she yelled. I reached
around and slid one hand under the front of her skirt and started massaging
her pussy. The other hand reached under her shirt and started playing with
her tit. When I felt her relax a little, I pushed my cock another inch
inside of her. This time she didn't tense as much. I found her clit and
rubbed it and her breathing became heavy and labored, I pushed my cock
further in. It took several minutes before my pelvis was pressed against
her ass.

"There, you see. It fits just fine." I said n my best teacher voice.

"So You really can fuck my ass." she said amazed.

"Well, technically I'm not fucking it, cause I'm just sitting here." I
pulled my cock out almost to the head and then pushed it back in. "Now I'm
fucking your ass." I said. "Some girls really like it, what do you think?"

"I'm not sure. It feels really weird. It kinda hurts and it kinda
feels good. I don't know if I like it or not."

"Okay. I'll keep it up until you decide." I said optimistically. I
really wasn't sure how long I could keep it up. This was the tightest and
youngest ass I'd ever been in, and my cock was loving every second of it. I
told myself that I'd stop and pull out if Torrie asked, but I wasn't sure I
believed myself.

I started fucking my finger in and out of her pussy, then I felt the
head of my cock start to expand and I knew the end was coming. "I'm gonna
cum." I said into her ear.

"So ammmm I!" she screamed and we both exploded into orgasm. I milked
my cock into her ass and then pulled out and fell back on the bed. A
second later she fell on top of me. It took almost three minutes before I
got my breath back, then I kissed her on her nose and asked, "Did that
answer your question?"

"Oh yeah." she moaned. I wonder if they'll have extra credit question
on the merit badge test. I could write an essay on butt fucking. I hoped
she wouldn't name names if she did, but said nothing. "Damn." she said as
she glanced at my alarm clock on the night stand. "I'm late." She jumped
up and straightened her shirt and skirt and rushed out of the bedroom.

In the living room, the three boys were sitting together on the sofa
watching Dragonball. They looked up as Torrie burst into the room. She
smiled at them and said, "You didn't have to get dressed on my account."
and then rushed to the front door and was gone. I shut the door behind

"We heard yelling." Josh said.

"And screaming." Casey added.

"What was going on?" Ben asked.

I looked at the three boys and grinned. "That was the tightest ass I
ever fucked."

"Oh man. You fucked her up the ass. That's way cool." Casey said.

I hope you think it's cool, I thought. Because tonight I'm going to
slam my cock up your ass. I hadn't dressed coming out of the bedroom, so I
was naked from the waist down. I stepped up to the back of the sofa. "So
Ben, you want a taste of Torrie's asshole?" I asked. He nodded like I'd
asked him if he wanted an ice cream cone. I reached down and put my hand
on the back of his neck and pulled his head toward my limp dick. He opened
his mouth and sucked my cock into his mouth.

"I want a taste." Josh said, and pushed Ben out of the way and wrapped
his lips around my still limp cock.

"My turn." Casey said and pulled Josh back and took his place.

My cock was starting to react from all this attention so I figured it
was time to break it up. "That's enough." I said, stepping backwards and
pulling my half erect cock out of Casey's mouth. "Let's go grab dinner.
What do you guys think about Sizzler? They all nodded enthusiastically, so
we changed clothes and headed down the mountain to the Sizzler in
Watermelon Mountain. After dinner, I treated them to a movie. The
multiplex was playing Spider-man. We sat in the dark, Ben on my lap and I
played with his stiff cock during the entire movie. Casey was sitting on
Josh, and I heard him come at least once.

After the movie, we hit the Dairy Queen and headed home.

At the apartment, I told the boys to strip and hit the shower. I lied
and told them they'd have to shower together because I didn't have a very
big hot water tank. While they showered, I pulled open the hide-a-bed sofa
and made it up. I could hear a lot of giggling and laughing.

They came out naked and still damp and all three of them sprouted huge
erections. I stripped and lay on the hide-a-bed. I pointed to my own
erection. "Boys," I said, "get to work. They only hesitated for a second
and then the three of them spread out and started licking my cock. I could
see embarrassed smiles as tongues would accidentally touch other tongues.
Josh had straddled my chest, and Casey and Ben were working from the sides

With Josh's ass sitting right in front of my face, there was only one
thing I could do. I separated his asscheeks with my hands and ran my
tongue from the base of his cock to the top of his crack."

"That's nasty." Casey said, sitting up and looking at me.

"Fine. I won't do you then." I said and went back to work on Josh's
crack. I kept running my tongue up and down the length of his crack,
stopping to tease his anus. I could feel him shiver from the sensation and
I could also feel his hard little cock twitch against my chest.

"Okay, enough." I said. "Ben, your turn." Josh reluctantly climbed off
my chest and Ben scurried on. I pulled his cheeks apart and started
working on his crack. I feeling of three tongues working on my cock was
incredible, but I knew I could hold on until later. "Enough." I said and
rolled Ben off my chest.

"Time for bed." I announced. "Ben you and Josh can sleep here. Casey
you can sleep with me." I pointed Casey toward the bedroom and walked to
the light switch by the door. I looked at the two boys laying together on
the bed. "One blow job each, and then straight to bed." I proclaimed and
killed the light. How many times do you think a parent or guardian has
ever said that before bed.

I followed Casey into the bedroom. Casey was sprawled on the bed n his
back, his cock pointing at the ceiling. "I didn't mean what I said about
it being nasty. I want you to do that to me too." he said.

I plan to." I said and grabbed his ankles and pulled him down until his
butt was on the edge of the bed. "I've got something special planned for
you." I said and dropped to my knees. I pushed his legs up until his knees
resting next to his head, then I spread his cheeks and pushed my face into
his ass.

I started with his asshole, teasing it with my tongue, pushing my tongue
into it just a little. Then I liked from the top of his crack, which was
now on the bottom, to the base of his balls which were now on top. Then I
took his ballsack into my mouth and gently massaged his testicles with my
tongue. I let his balls slip out of my mouth and sucked his 5 inch cock
in, but just for a few seconds, then I started working my way back down.

Casey was on the verge of orgasm, so I stopped. I stood up and moved
closer until my cock was almost touching his ass. "I have been dreaming
about this since you pulled down your pants in class this morning." I said
looking down at him. "You have the most perfect ass I've ever seen."

The look on his face was priceless. A combination of pride, because I'd
called his ass perfect and fear because he didn't know what was going to
happen. I separated his cheeks again and pressed my cock against his
asshole. I pushed down, my cock head, still slippery from the licking of
the three boys slipping easily into his anus.

Fucking Torrie's ass had been the best I'd ever had, but I knew, that
her record wasn't going to last the night. "You are going to like this." I
told him as I pressed deeper and grasped his cock. "And before the week is
out, you're going to fuck Torrie and both your friends out there, and
you're going to like that too." I pressed deeper, halfway, three quarters,
and then I was in. I rested there, my balls gently bouncing off his ass.
Then I started fucking for real, jacking off his cock as I did. I didn't
take long for either of us. I felt the release of climax and started
filling his rectum with semen and then his cock twitched in my hand and
started spaying his seed all other his stomach.

I pulled out of his ass and went to the bathroom to get a towel. When I
came back, Casey had dropped his legs to the floor and was laying there
breathing hard. I started wiping off his stomach and legs. "Casey, that
was incredible." Casey smiled weakly, still breathing hard.

I tossed the towel in a corner and slid my arms underneath him and
picked him up. I took him to the top of the bed and laid him down, then I
turned off the light and climbed over him. I cuddled up to him, my limp
cock rubbing against his soft crack. I reached down and squeezed his limp
cock and we fell asleep like that.

Chapter VI Sex Ed 201

I woke in the same position I'd fallen asleep in. With one exception.
My limp cock was now hard and pushed between Casey's legs. My hand still
cupped Casey's crotch and his little cock had gotten hard too. I scooted
backward, my cock rubbing against Casey's legs and ass cheeks, and then
rolled Casey onto his back. His proud young cock pointed to the ceiling. I
reached over and started gently massaging it, then I leaned in and licked
it from the base to the head. Casey stirred but didn't wake.

I sucked his balls into my mouth and gently massaged them with my
tongue. I released his balls and licked his thighs and pelvis before a
started tickling the head of his cock with my tongue.

"Oh man." he said as he woke. I put my mouth around the tip of his
cock, playing with the tender skin under the head with my lips. Casey
reached down and pushed my head down so that his cock went fully into my
mouth. I lifted of his cock and looked up at him and smiled. I went back
to licking around the head of his cock. Just a few seconds later he
started to cum, I wrapped my lips around his erupting cock and drank his
morning cream.

When I'd gotten every last drop, I looked up at him again, "Good

"Good morning." he said with an embarrassed smile.

"Did you sleep good? I asked, giving his cock a last lick.


"How's your ass feel?"

"A little sore."

"That's normal, let's get a shower before I wake the other two?"

"Oh, yeah." I said with enthusiasm. "And so are you. Casey looked a
little unsure of himself but nodded. "You know who I'd really like to

Casey looked confused but figured out the phrase in a few seconds.
"Who? Derek?"

"Nah, you can have Derek. I want little David. That kid was so cute."

"Cuter than me?" Casey asked playfully.

"Almost." I said. Then I leaned in and gave him a kiss. He resisted
for a second, then relaxed. He didn't even tense up when my tongue went
exploring in his mouth. "Damn, you're hot." I said when I came up for air.
"Come on." I crawled off the bed and led him to the shower.

I started the water in the shower and then kissed him again. This time
it was his tongue that went exploring. "Will you marry me?" I asked when
we broke.

"Nope. I'm saving myself for Stephanie."

"Good choice." I said as I opened the stall door and we stepped in. WE
stood under the hot water for about a minute, just enjoying the feeling,
then I grabbed a bar of soap and went to work on his body. I soaped him
well, starting at his shoulders and working my way down. He seemed to like
the feeling of the soap bar as it slid between his cheeks, but he grimaced
when I inserted a soapy finger up his ass. It was still a little sore. I
turned him around and soaped his cock and balls. They stayed soft, but
were still fun to play with. Then down his legs.

I took a wash cloth and followed the same path, then I handed Casey the
soap and let him return the favor. I'm a bit of a hypocrite, because I
don't like things stuck up my ass, but I enjoyed the feeling of his soapy
little finger. It had been a long time since I'd let anyone fuck my ass,
but I seriously considered Casey's cock.

We got out of the shower and dried each other, then I went to wake the
other two boys while Casey got dressed. I wasn't surprised when I found
them face to face with Josh's cock between Ben's Legs and Bens cock between
their two stomachs. I'd told them one blowjob each and then to sleep, I
wondered if they listened.

Looking down at the two boys, something else occurred to me. We did our
sex ed anatomy lesson yesterday, why did Hoskin's have the boys staying a
week. Did he want them running around naked everyday so the girls would
get used to it. I wouldn't mind having the three boys and my class of
girls naked all week. Then I wondered if Torrie's ass was as sore as

Standing behind Josh, looking at that sweet ass of us, I thought about
fucking him then and there, but decided that I didn't have time. "Rise and
shine." I yelled and the two boys started to stir. "C'mon, time to get
up." I said, slapping Josh on the ass. Josh rolled onto his back, his hard
cock slipping out from between His eyes opened and he looked at me
indignantly. "Hit the showers and get dressed." Ben had rolled onto his
back too. "That is, if you want to go to school today, I'm leaving in ten

I've never seen two kids move faster, especially when threatened with
missing school. Maybe this idea of Hoskin's had something to it. I walked
back into my bedroom. Casey was sitting on the edge of the bed in a pair
of powder blue briefs pulling on a second sock. I pushed him over onto his
stomach, pulled down his underwear and ran my tongue between his cheeks.
Then I pulled his underwear back up and rolled him back into a sitting

I smiled and walked to the bureau to get some clothes for myself. I
heard the shower start and giggling coming from two boys obviously sharing.
I stepped into my underwear and sat down to pull on socks. By the time I
was dressed, so was Casey. The water had shut off in the bathroom and the
laughter had moved to the living room. I gave the boy a fast kiss, and we
went out to the living room.

Josh and Ben were still naked and wrestling together on the floor as we
passed through on the way to the front door. "I'm going to pull the car
around and wait exactly 1 minute, Then Casey and I are going to school and
he'll have all the girls to himself. Casey and I went out the door to the
car.. We pulled up in front and 49 seconds later the two burst out of my
front door.

A few minutes later the four of us walked into the school.

I took the boys to my classroom and went to the office to see Mr.

When I knocked on his open door, he looked up from some paperwork and
saw me. "Good, Conners. How'd your classes go yesterday?" he asked as he
gestured me to a seat.

"They went pretty good. But I still expect to see a cop walk in the
door and haul me off."

"Why? You were just following your lesson plan." he asked with a smile.

"Well, some people wouldn't like that lesson plan very much."

"Well, fortunately, those people don't live on the ridge. We've had our
special sex ed classes for years."

"Just like yesterday?" I asked surprised. I'd never considered that
this had happened before.

"This program has been running every year but last year for the last

"Thirty years." I said in amazement. "What happened last year?"

"We made a bad choice of teachers. The man we chose was a closet
religious fanatic who decided that our program was wrong and didn't teach
it. We didn't find out until the end of the year when it was too late to
correct the problem."

"Well, your program is unusual." I said in defense of the other teacher.

"What's unusual is our statistics. Our school has never had a student
get pregnant. We've never had a single case of an STD in the last thirty
years. And in thirty years we've had one drop out and she left to become a

"I have to admit those are pretty impressive statistics." I admitted.

"And it's all because of the program you're teaching this week, and the
programs we have in the upper grades." He said proudly.

"This week?" I asked in surprise. "You mean I'm not done?"

"Certainly not." He pulled open a desk drawer and rooted around in some
papers. "Here's your lesson plan for today." He handed me a single sheet
of paper. "Might as well take the whole week." he decided and handed me
three more papers.

I read the first page, then I looked up at Hoskins and then back at the
paper and read it again. Then I read the second, third, and forth pages. I
looked at Hoskins and tried to say something but my voice didn't work. I
looked back at the papers in my hand and read them all again, thinking I'd
imagined it.

I looked back at Hoskins and croaked, "This is crazy. I can't do this."

Hoskins chuckled. "You know, I said the exact same thing thirty years
ago." The smile disappeared from his face. "That's the plan I want you to

"But the parents..."

"Almost all of the mothers had this course from me thirty years ago." He
smiled again. I think I liked him better when he looked mad. "John, just
follow the lesson plan, you'll do fine."

I got up and walked out of the office in a daze. I wasn't going to do
it. That was all there was to it. I'd just ignore all this and try to get
through the year like last years teacher.

I walked into my class just as the first bell rang. I stepped out of
the doorway just as a flood of pretty young girls jammed through. As the
girls took their seats I forgot all about my resolution.

The boys were sitting in the front row again. I looked out at the sea
of faces and decided that I'd teach today's lesson but no way was I going
to do tomorrows.

"Ladies and gentlemen." I said to get their attention. "Please get
naked." In seconds everybody was standing up and shedding clothes. I stood
up and started getting out of my own. I wasn't surprised that all the boys had hard-ons, so did I for that matter. "Okay, I'd like you to make one
line, boys in front, sixth graders next and then the fifth graders." They
scurried to comply with only a little pushing and shoving. I wasn't
surprised that Torrie wound up in the front of the sixth graders pressed
against Ben's backside.

"Josh come up here." I ordered and Josh came up to stand next to me.
"Today," I addressed the class, "We're going to be talking about kissing
and touching." Okay, Casey, kiss him." Casey stepped up looking
embarrassed. "Don't worry," I said, "Just kiss him. Like this." And I
leaned down and kissed Josh full on the lips. I held the kiss for about
ten seconds. "Go ahead."

Casey stepped up to Josh and kissed him, their cocks bumping together.
Some of the girls 'ohhhd' but a look from me quieted them. Casey broke
away and looked at me and I motioned him to the end of the line. Ben
stepped up without prompting and pulled Josh into a hard kiss, I had the
feeling that they may have practiced a little last night.

Then it was Torrie's turn, and if she noticed the hard pole pushing at
her pussy she didn't let on. One after the other, every girl in class
kissed Josh. Next it was Casey's turn, then Ben's. I was impressed that
none of the boys came during their ten minute make out sessions.

Then it was time for Torrie and Lisa. From the way they kissed, their
tits and pussies rubbing together, I doubted it was the first time. We set
up an assembly line and before ten o'clock everybody had kissed everybody.

Then I had my three models come up and stand next to me. "Now it's time
for all of you to feel what a cock is like. When it's your turn, come up
and feel my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. Be careful
with the balls. Then Josh's, Casey's, and Ben's. Be warned, that the boys are liable to explode at any moment. Okay Torrie."

Torrie came up with no hesitation, not that I expected any and grabbed
my cock and started moving her hand up and down. "Not now." I told her and
she stopped, but didn't let go. Her other hand cupped my balls and
massaged them in their sac then she moved to Josh. Lisa took her place in
front of me. Next to me I could hear Josh Cumming while I concentrated on
showing my self control.

Torrie moved to Casey and Lisa moved to Josh. Lisa complained "But it's
all soft now."

Monique grabbed my cock and was exploring my piss hole with her thumb.
"It'll get hard again, and you should feel soft ones too." Then the girls moved down the line and Ashley stepped up to me. Next to me I could hear
Casey cumming on Lisa and Ben on Torrie. I glanced over and the two girls had ropey strings of cum all over their thighs. I told them to get towels
and clean up and continued the line. After Ashley was Gillian, then Janae.
Dawn was my first fifth grader then Kayla and Jenny. The boys had cum twice each, except for Ben who'd cum four times. I'd held out through half
the class, but I didn't know if I could stand much more.

Carrie took her turn, then Stephanie, Brandee and Melissa. Each of the
boys came again. Then Megan, Tami, Miranda and Clarissa. Casey came two
more times, Ben and Josh once each. Then Mackenzie stepped up to me. She
looked so small and cute, more like a eight year old third grader than a
ten year old fifth grader. She grabbed my cock and I came. I came hard.
The gooey liquid squirting out and covering her stomach.

"It looks like the 'boys' aren't the only ones who explode." Jenny said

The line moved down and Mackenzie wrapped her little hand around Josh's
appendage and damn if the boy didn't cum again. Thirty seconds later,
Casey added his load to the mess on Mackenzie and then Ben started cumming
before Mackenzie could get her little hand all the way around his cock.

"Damn, four out of four. I guess we know who the sexy one in the class
is." Torrie said dryly. Mackenzie's face was a mix of pride, embarrassment
and being grossed out.

"Okay, everybody get back to your desks and read your English assignment
from yesterday." I said as I took Mackenzie by the hand and led her to the
back of the classroom and through the door into my storeroom. Inside was a
small utility sink. I picked up a towel, and wet one end and started
scrubbing the little girl's frontside. I washed her stomach and then moved
down to her crotch and her legs. She smiled at me when I wiped her pussy but didn't say anything. I reversed the towel and retraced my trip up her
body drying her.

We went back into the classroom and I pointed Mackenzie to her desk, as
I walked as quietly as I could to the front of the room. All of the boys and all but one of the girls were in their desks, but no one was reading.
Jenny was in the front of the room, kneeling in between Josh and Ben's
desks. She had a cock in each hand, trying to coax them back to life with
no luck. Every eye in the room was on her until I walked up behind her.

Suddenly, everybody looked down at their books pretending to read. Even
the boys pretended not to know what was going on, which was pretty hard to
believe considering two of their cocks were involved. I reached down and
grabbed the young girl by the back of the neck and lifted her to her feet.

"Wha..." she said in surprise."

Still squeezing the back of her neck, I propelled her to the back of my
desk and I sat in my chair and pulled her across my lap. My desk was
between us and the rest of the class. I pulled her up a little so that her
ass was centered right in front of me. I lifted my hand over my head,
noticing that every eye in the room except Jenny's was on that hand and
then I brought it down with a loud crack square on her ass. Through the
tops of my eyelids I saw several girls grimace and Tami grit her teeth at
the sound. I did it again, then again. Ten times.

Then I lifted The ten year old off my lap and stood her in front of me.

"Did you hear me tell everyone to sit down and read?" I asked.

The little girl defiantly shook her head.

"Very well." I stood up and started getting dressed. When I had my
pants and shirt on, I moved in front of the class and looked at them all.
"I could tell you that sex ed is over for the year all because of one
girl." I started and twenty faces fell. "But I won't." Several faces
smiled, but most were neutral. "I don't believe in punishing a group for
the actions of one individual." I looked at my class without a trace of a
smile. "You will read until I say different." Every head looked down at
the books on their desks.

I went back around my desk and wrapped my hand around Jenny's arm just
below the shoulder and half led, half pulled her out into the hall. I led
her to the next classroom and walked in the open door. Kimberly Meyer was
sitting at her desk a girl who looked a lot like Stephanie read a paper to
the class. She noticed me and signaled us to wait as the girl finished
explaining why Sally Ride was her hero.

As the girl finished, the class applauded and Miss. Meyer acknowledged
me. "Yes, Mr. Conners. Can I help you?"

The class turned and looked at us. Several of them got big yes seeing
Jenny standing there naked and a teacher in bare feet.

"I have a young lady here, who isn't mature enough for the material
we're covering today, and I was hoping that Jenny could be part of your
class. Kimberly blushed, telling me she knew exactly the material we were
covering and the class started giggling until a stern look from their
teacher quieted them.

"Certainly. I'd love to have Jenny back. I've missed her." she said to
me. Then she looked at Jenny who was standing there naked. "Jenny would
you sit in that desk over there." She pointed at a desk next to the girl who'd just finished reading.

Jenny looked at me pleadingly, but I pointed at the empty desk and she
slunk over. I nodded thanks to Miss. Meyer and walked back to my class.
Mr. Hoskins was just coming out of the gym and noticed me barefoot coming
out of the third/forth grade classroom. "Trouble John?"

"I smiled at him and kept walking. "Just sending a message, Brian." He
nodded and kept walking and I went back into my classroom and closed the
door. Every head was down and they read or at least pretended to read
their assigned books, but I was sure that nobody missed the fact that Jenny
didn't come back.

I walked to my desk and slowly took off my clothes, folding them neatly
and putting them on my chair. I took my time and almost five minutes went
by before I was naked and leaning on the front of my desk, looking out over
my class. I saw quite a few heads raise just barely so that they could see
me out of the tops of their eyeballs and then look quickly down again. I
grinned to myself, then put my serious face back on.

"Okay, mark your spots and put your books away please." They hurried to
comply. "I debated in my head whether to tell them Jenny's fate or leave
it unsaid, and decided that the mystery was better.

"Carrie, Miranda, and Tami, come up here please. The naked ten year
olds came up and stood in front of me. One by one I lifted them to a
sitting position on my desk, then I pushed them down and spread their legs.
"Fifth grade girls line up behind me." I said and after they did, "Sixth
grade girls." and finally, "Boys."

"Okay, when it's your turn, you're going to explore their bodies."
Tami's eyebrows went us, and Carrie smiled. "All three girls have fairly
small tits, but check them out anyway." And I rubbed my hands across
Carrie's tits, stopping to squeeze her nipples. "They all have pelvic
hair, though Tami's is pretty fine." I ran my fingers through the bush over
Carrie's pussy. "You'll notice that some girls have very soft hair, others
may be courser. You can also explore their pussy lips, clitoris and
vagina." And I proceeded to rub her lips and then push my finger deep into
her vagina.

From the back of the room, Ashley squeaked and I realized that Casey's
cock had started coming alive right in her rear end. I moved down the row
to Miranda and watched as Clarissa started exploring Carrie. Then my hands
started working over Tami, familiar territory after the over day. As I
moved out of the way I stepped to the over side of my desk so that I could
watch. Some of the girls seemed very comfortable exploring another girl's
body, others were more tentative. Melissa, Kayla and Dawn were the most
aggressive of the fifth graders. None of the sixth graders were shy.

As Lisa finished with Carrie, Casey took her place. I've never seen a
grin that big, that wasn't painted on. I watched and as his hands explored
her tits and then his finger explored her pussy, his cock danced in
delight. Ben almost pushed him out of the way as Lisa finished Miranda, and
Josh wasn't any more patient when his turn came. Now the boys took their
time as each finger fucked the girl on the desk in front of him. But I
didn't want any accidents just yet.

"Enough." I snapped and the boys reluctantly moved away from the girls.

"Everybody take your seats." They all did, though Tami, Miranda and
Carrie seemed a little wobbly. I didn't think that any of them had
climaxed during the session, but I couldn't be completely sure.

"This seems like a good time to talk about male masturbation.
Masturbation is a fancy way of saying playing with yourself or just plain
making yourself feel good." My mind skipped back to the session I'd had
with Torrie yesterday and I smiled. "There are a lot of different names
for it, Jerking off, Jacking off, taming the one eyed monster..." several
of the fifth graders giggled. "Charming the snake," I said with a nod to
Torrie. "Or playing the skin flute." a couple of girls laughed. Casey
come here." Casey came up, looking slightly embarrassed, thinking I was
going to jerk him off in front of all the girls.

"Ben come stand in front of Casey with your back to him. Josh, do the
same in front of me." The boys looked a little confused but did as they
were told. I grabbed Josh and pulled him back towards me, my hard cock
slipping between his legs. "Casey and I will now demonstrate how to jerk
off a boy. "I slid one hand around Josh and cupped his balls and my other
hand reached around and encircled his cock.

"At the moment, his cock is pretty dry, though the friction of my hand
probably feels pretty good anyway. Josh was red faced, but he grinned. I
glanced at Casey and he had pulled Ben to him and was started to jack him
off. "Boys make their own lubricant, called pre-cum, but we don't have
enough of it yet." I said as I rubbed my thumb across the head of Josh's
cock. We could use a commercial lubricant like vaseline or KY jelly, but
usually saliva works just fine." I took my hand of Josh's cock and held it
in front of his mouth. Josh got the idea and licked my hand, smearing his
saliva liberally. On the other side, Ben and Casey were copying us.

I returned my hand to Josh's cock and it slid easily up and down his
shaft. In seconds, Josh and Ben were spraying cum all over my floor. I
let go of Josh's balls and put my hand on his head and turned his head
toward me. Then I kissed him as I pumped the last of his semen out onto
the floor. I released his cock and pushed him forward, my cock slipping
out from between his legs. I indicated that Jos and Ben should sit down,
then I leaned over and kissed Casey. As I broke the kiss, I smiled at the
red faced boy and looked back at my class.

"Torrie and Mackenzie, come here please." The two girls almost ran to
the front of the class. "Torrie, see if you can jerk of Casey and
Mackenzie see if you can take care of me." Torrie grinned and Mackenzie
looked a little scared. I smiled at the young girl and then looked back at
my class. "Now Casey and I took care of Josh and ben from behind them, But
it makes no difference whether you're behind and reaching around or in
front, or off to the sides. Whatever is comfortable for you and the guy
you're jerking off." I positioned Mackenzie to my right and guided her
small hand onto my cock. On the other side, Torrie stood between me and
Casey and grabbed his cock aggressively. Then remembered and spit on her
hand and grabbed him again. I watched as her hand stroked up and down his
five inch shaft and on the forth stroke, he came.

As Casey spewed out glob after glob of sticky white liquid, Mackenzie's
hand just rested on my stalk. As Torrie milked the last of the cum out of
Casey, Mackenzie's hand started moving, just a little bit. Her hand
traveled about half an inch up my cock toward the head and then half an
inch back toward the base. I was about to suggest a more enthusiastic
technique when I felt the pressure start to build and before I could warn
her I started adding my load to the mess on the floor.

After I got my breath back, I grinned at my class. Janae started
clapping and everybody joined in, so I took a bow, Casey bowing beside me.
I let the commotion go one for about a minute then waved it to a stop.
"Gillian come here." She came up and joined the other two girls. I lifted
each of them onto the desk and positioned them. Then I lined up the sixth
grade girls, the boys and the fifth grade girls. I was still first.

I stepped up to Mackenzie and rubbed my hands over her completely smooth
chest, down her flat stomach to her bald pussy. I separated her pussy lips
and tried to push my finger inside. It would only enter to the first
knuckle, she was so small and tight. I looked at the line behind me,
"Don't try and force Mackenzie's vagina, she's pretty tight and we don't
want to hurt her." I said, and Mackenzie turned deep red.

I moved to Torrie and Lisa started exploring Mackenzie. My hands were
already familiar with Torrie's small breasts and thick bush but I enjoyed
rediscovering her charms. From the corner of my eye I saw that Lisa's
smaller finger didn't penetrate much more than mine.

I moved on to Gillian. tits just a little bigger than Torrie's and a
thick luxurious black haired bush. I slipped my finger deep into her pussy and she groaned, so I slid it out and slid it back. She was definitely
enjoying the experience. I considered keeping at her until she came, but I
knew that would be setting a bad example. Sometimes I hated being a
teacher. Hell, sometimes I hated being a grown up.

I moved back to my lookout post and watched as the girls and boys explored the three pre-teens on the desk in front of me. When Kayla who
was last in line finished with Gillian, I had everybody sit down again. I
knew that Gillian had come at least twice and Torrie once. No body got
very deep into Mackenzie's pussy. And watching Lisa, I was damn certain
that she'd had prior experience with both Torrie and Gillian's pussies.

I looked down and despite the huge turn-on of the last few minutes, I
was only half hard. I glanced at the boys and their poor abused cocks were
still limp, so I brought Megan, Clarissa and Stephanie up to the desk and
put them in their places. I had the boys line up behind me, with the fifth
graders next and the sixth graders after them, then I stepped up to explore

Megan had very small tits with extremely sensitive nipples I discovered
as I squeezed them between thumb and forefinger. Her pussy hair was so
light and fine that it almost wasn't there. And I discovered that her
pussy was just as tight as Mackenzie's. I only managed to insert my finger
to the second knuckle. I warned the class and moved down the line to

Clarissa had decent sized tits for a fifth grader and seemed to enjoy
the workout I gave them, and as I inserted my finger into her black haired
pussy I could feel it grasp me. She was a muscular athletic girl and I
wondered if she'd been exercising these muscles.

I moved to Stephanie. Stephanie had nipples but no breasts, but I
rubbed her chest anyway. I smiled down at her as my hand found her dark
bushy patch. "Saw your sister giving a report a few minutes ago."

"Which one?" she grunted as I penetrated her pussy.

"Don't know." I admitted as I fucked my finger in and out of the young girl. "She was reading a report on Sally Ride."

"Oh." Stephanie gasped, "That was Lizzie. She's one of the forth
graders." she managed to get out between heavy breaths. "Oh God." She said
and arched her back and I knew I'd brought the ten year old to orgasm. I
pulled my finger out of her cunt and steeped behind the desk to watch.

I'd gotten hard when Stephanie came, and when the line finished Ben was
hard too. So he and I stood in front of the desk and let Clarissa and
Melissa jerk us off. Nether one of us lasted a dozen strokes and as Ben
came, Melissa got a dab on her finger and tasted it. The look on her face
said that she wasn't sure if she liked it or not.

The mess on the floor was getting pretty bad, so I had Tami and Josh
clean it up while I got Brandee, Melissa, and Ashley into position. As
soon as the mess was cleaned up, I stepped forward to Brandee and started
playing with her magnificent breasts. I kept one hand playing with her
nipple and my other hand traced down her stomach to her pussy. I ran my
fingers through her hair and then plunged one deep into her pussy and the
little sex kitten came on the spot. She came loud and long as I worked my
finger in and out of her cunt. I grinned down at her and moved to Melissa.

Melissa had very small breast and fine light hair on her pussy. I
didn't spend much time on her chest. I almost immediately sunk my finger
into her cunt. I fucked her for thirty seconds or so and then moved down
the line again.

Ashley was next. She was small but well developed. She had some of the
biggest tits in the class and her pussy was small and tight but my finger
slid right in. After about thirty seconds, I started to pull out and she
grabbed my wrist and tried to keep me in her. So I kept fucking her pussy with my finger until she came.

I moved out of the way and watched as the boys and girls played with the
three girls. Then I called up Kayla, Dawn and Janae.

Kayla was another girl with almost no shape. Shew was stocky and
muscular and her cunt was tight as I slipped in my finger. Dawn was taller
and skinny, but had the beginnings of tits. She was another one with a
small tight pussy. But my finger entered without too much force.

Janae's tits were small but very firm and her tight pussy seemed to
welcome my finger. I wanted to stay and fuck the young girl to climax but
once again responsibility reared it's ugly head and I moved reluctantly out
of the way.

When The last girl had felt up Janae, Lisa and Monique climbed up on the
desk without prompting. I stepped between them and simultaneously rubbed
their tits, then traced my fingers down their taunt stomachs to their
pussies. Both had blond bushes and I tickled them gently through the mat
of hair then I ran my fingers lightly over their pussy lips before pressing
a finger into each pussy. Torrie stood behind me, tapping her small bare
foot as I worked me fingers deep into the twin pussies and then back out. I
nodded to Torrie and pulled my fingers out and stepped away.

My cock was erect again and I moved behind my desk and sat on my chair.
When Ashley finished feeling up Monique I motioned her around my desk and
pulled her into my lap. As I watched my class explore the two tender young bodies, I slipped my finger into Ashley's pussy. She wrapped her hand
around my cock and started jerking me off like a pro. Someday I'd have to
ask her about that. Both of our eyes were glued to Lisa and Monique's
cunts as finger after finger entered them. I watched Lisa climax twice and
Monique at least once before the end of the line. Ashley and I came
together just as the last finger pulled out of Monique. "Thanks teach."
she whispered in my ear. "I needed that."

She stood up and moved to her desk as the others were all taking seats.
Everyone had been so intent on Monique and Lisa, hat I didn't think anyone
noticed us. Josh and Casey were hard again and poor little Ben couldn't
get it up, so I called Lisa and Monique back up and set them to work on
Casey and Josh while the rest of us watched. When they finished I had the
two boys get towels and clean up the mess.

Then I took my place leaning on the front of my desk. "We have a couple
of minutes until the lunch bell." I started. "A couple of things for you
to know. girls can have sex any time you want."

"All Right!" a girl in the back said.

"Boys can't. For a boy to have sex, he has to get hard. You may notice
that despite the presence of seventeen super sexy girls, none of us are
hard right now. Ben just played with two warm wet pussies and didn't get
it up this time. But that's kind of rare at this age. Most teen aged and
pre-teen aged..." I nodded to our three volunteers, "boys get it up more
than they want to, but remember Ben has cum 9 times this morning, Casey and
Josh, seven or eight and that's a lot."

"How many times did you get off?" Gillian asked in a shout.

"Four." I answered. "And that's pretty good for an old guy. Seven of
you have had a chance to jerk off a boy or me, by my count. That leaves
ten of you. We'll try to get to you but there are no promises. I may not
get it up again until Sunday." My class laughed, but I wasn't sure I was

"After lunch, we're going to talk about female masturbation. We'll..."

"Dibs on Casey." Lisa yelled.

"You can have him. I'll take Josh." Ashley countered.

"Good, then I get Ben." Gillian added.

"Quiet." I said sharply. "Lisa you get Tami. Ashley you get Megan.
And Gillian can have Clarissa." The girls pouted for about two seconds and
then grinned. "Now the good feeling a girl gets when she masturbates or
has sex is called an orgasm. Please note, that's not an organism as I've
heard it called. Several of you have already had them today, when we were
exploring your bodies.

Gillian held up two fingers to the class, and Lisa flashed two fingers
back at her. Janae held up three but she might have been lying cause I
didn't see her cum.

"It's also called a climax, or cumming. Or the big bang or a few dozen

The bell rang, but for once no body moved.

"Okay, when we come back, we'll try to make sure that everyone gets a
couple." I stood up. "Get dressed and go." My class jumped out of their
chairs and started dressing. I watched for a few seconds and then turned
around and started dressing myself. The second half of the day was going
to get interesting.

Chapter VII Sex Ed 202

The girls dressed faster and were out of the classroom quickly. I
looked at the three boys, "No Derek." I ordered. "We have to save you for
the afternoon." They all nodded understandingly. We finished dressing and
headed for the cafeteria. As we walked in I glanced around. There were
fourteen tables. One for each grade, one for teachers, and one for guests.
My boys got their trays of food and headed for the guest table.

I located the forth grade table and counted. Sixteen and Jenny.
Sixteen forth graders and twelve fifth graders. That meant next year I'd
have 28 girls in my class instead of eighteen. Maybe I should find a
viagra supply.

I picked up a tray of food and headed for the teacher's table, hoping
that whatever it was, it was high in protein.

I finished my meal, still not sure what it was and sat there, looking
out over the emptying cafeteria. Life was good. I had a job where the
boss expected me to finger fuck little sex kittens like Ashley.

"Mr. Conners?" My reverie was interrupted from off to the side of the
table. I looked over and Jenny was standing there, dressed in an extra
large t-shirt.


"Can I talk to you?"

"In a few minutes. Wait in the classroom." I said and looked away.
From the corner of my eye I saw a disappointed look on her face, but she
turned and headed for the door. It was pretty obvious what she wanted. I
just wasn't sure yet what I wanted to do with her. Actually bad choice of
words, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her, I just wasn't sure how
far I needed to take her punishment o make an impression on her.

I took my time and then walked back to my classroom. Jenny was sitting
in her desk. I closed the door and sat behind my desk. I motioned her to
come up and she did, standing in front of my desk. "Yes?" I asked.

"I'd... I'd like to come back to class now." she said quietly.

I looked at the young girl until she looked down at her toes, then I
glanced up at the clock on the wall over the door, eight minutes until
class starts. I lifted my foot up across my knee and started untying my
shoe. I taken off my shoe and sock and started on the other when she
looked up at me, smiling weakly. I didn't smile back.

"Do you have any idea why you're being punished?" I asked.

"Yeah." she said quietly.

"Tell me." I ordered as I slipped off my second sock and started
unbuttoning my shirt.

"You told us to sit down and read." She said simply. "But as soon as
you left the room, I did something else." she finished, looking down at her
bare toes again.

"You decided that playing with the boy's cocks was more important than
what I said to do."

"But Dawn was supposed to tell me when you were coming back." Okay,
that's a point against her, she just narced out her friend.

"So it's Dawn's fault?" I asked.

"It's... No, it's my fault. I didn't listen." she admitted, point for

"You didn't listen?" I asked.

"No, I listened. I just... I just... I thought I could get away with

"So I can only trust you when I'm watching you?"

"No. I mean, I guess so." she said so softly it was almost a whisper.

"Maybe you belong in the forth grade. That's where kids learn to follow

"I..." she started but didn't finish.

I didn't know what to do with her. As a teacher, I wanted to make an
impression that would stick, but as a sex crazed man, I wanted my hands all
over her tender young body. I stared at her for almost two minutes.

"I'm going to give you a choice." I said finally. "You can spend the
rest of the day in the forth grade, and when you come back, if you ever get
kicked out again it will be for two full days." I paused for dramatic
effect. "Or you can come back now," she looked up hopefully, "and the next
time you get kicked out it will be for a full week." I looked her straight
in the eye. "I would advise that you think carefully about your choice for
a couple of minutes."

I stood up and pulled my shirt off and started unzipping my pants just
as the bell rang. The class started returning. They saw Jenny standing in
front of me but didn't say anything. They went quietly to their desks and
sat down. Torrie stood up and pulled her t-shirt half off and cocked her
head at me in a question. I nodded and she pulled it completely off. The
rest of the class stood and started getting naked.

I pushed down my pants and underwear and stepped out of them. My cock
was standing at attention again, and that was mostly Jenny's fault. I
really wanted that athletic little body. When everyone was naked except
Jenny in her over sized t-shirt I looked at her again, "Well?"

"I'd like to come back now. She said.

"You understand what could happen?" I asked and she nodded. "Okay, run
to Miss. Meyer's class and give her back her t-shirt and tell her that
you're coming back to class, and tell her that the next time you visit it
will be for a week."

"There won't be a next time." she said with determination.

"Well, you warn her anyway, and then you can work on keeping it from
coming true." Jenny smiled at me and skipped out of the room, leaving the
door open just a crack. While I was waiting for her, I looked down at the
boys and saw that Josh and Casey were hard again and Ben was about halfway
there. I figured with should start with four more hand jobs.

I was about to invite the boys up to my desk and pick out some partners,
when I heard a commotion in the hall. Laughter and some loud comments that
I couldn't make out. I went to the door and looked out, forgetting for a
moment that I was naked.

In the hall, Jenny was about halfway between the two classrooms, naked,
her head down and her cheeks burning. The rest of the hall was filled with
about twenty of Mrs. Lowman's 9th and 10th graders heading for the gym.
They were laughing and making jokes about Jenny being naked and spending
the morning in the forth grade. Evidently the story had made it's way
around the small school.

"Ladies!" I said sharply, stepping further into the hall, then
remembering I was naked. I tried to look imposing, but it's hard when
you're stark naked and your cock is standing at attention.

They looked at me, then looked me over, someone in the back saying "I
need a sex ed refresher course."

I ignored the comment, though my cock twitched. These girls were 14 to
16 years old and there wasn't an ugly in the bunch. "I think you need to
leave Jenny alone and get to your P.E. class.

"Ohhhh." said a teenager I recognized as one of Stephanie's sisters.
Several of the girls laughed.

I walked up to the girl until I was almost nose to nose with her. My
cock brushed the fabric of her jeans but I don't think she noticed, I hoped
she didn't notice. I looked her straight in the eye until she blinked and
stepped back half a step. "Jenny is ten years old and still a kid, and I
just made her spend the morning naked with the forth graders. What do you
think I'll do to a young woman who's old enough to know better." I kept
looking her in the eye.

Personally, I had no idea what I'd do to her, though I had a couple of
thoughts about what I'd like to do to her, with her twin sister on the same
bed. But evidently a couple of unpleasant alternatives flashed through her
mind, because she backed up and muttered, "I'm sorry Mr. Conners. We were
just playing around." I nodded and the girls walked quickly to the gym
while Jenny stood beside me.

Jenny Lowman had come into the hall at some part of that and she walked
up to me, not batting an eye at my nakedness. "That was pretty impressive
John." the twenty six year old teacher said as she grabbed my hard-on.
"Probably would have been more impressive without this." she added giving
me a squeeze. "But Jeri's pretty cute."

"Jeri, huh." I acknowledged as the teacher stroked my cock in the middle
of the hall.

"Yeah, her twin is Sherrie. You didn't know?"

"I 've barely been here long enough to know the names in my class. Like
Jenny here."

Mrs. Lowman reached out and started massaging one of Jenny's nipples.
"Oh, the once and future forth grader." she said with a gleam in her eye. I
don't know if Jenny got the King Arthur reference, but she blushed right to
the nipple Jenny Lowman was working on at being called a forth grader.

"I knew that Stephanie had four sets of twin sisters, but I didn't know
their names. I met Lizzie in the forth grade earlier today." Jenny blushed
again, and Mrs. Lowman kept on playing with my cock and Jenny's nipple.
"So Jeri and Sherrie, huh?"

"Stephanie's mom is a piece of work. There's Jeri and Sheri in the 9th
grade, and Teri and Carrie in the 7th. You have Stephanie in the fifth.
There's Elizabeth and Desirae in the forth, but everybody calls them,
Lizzie and ..."

"Dizzy." I finished for her.

"Exactly." she agreed with a laugh. And last we have Candy and Mandy in
the third."

"That's just too cute." I agreed.

"And that's not the best of it." she said with a sly grin.

"There's more?"

"The rumor is, that she's pregnant again, this time with triplets."

"No way." I said stunned.

"Way." she said, gave my cock a final squeeze and let go. She leaned
down and gave Jenny's other nipple a kiss and then stepped back. "Well,
I've got to get my herd back under control. Have fun." she parted with a
knowing grin.

As I watched her walk away, I couldn't resist, I leaned down and kissed
Jenny's other nipple. "You're not mad at me anymore?" Jenny asked with a

I got down on one knee and looked at her, she didn't look away. "Jenny,
I was never mad at you. But a big part of my job is teaching you to
control yourself. There's the right time for everything. You have to
learn the right time. Okay?"

"Okay." she agreed and hugged me. An image flashed through my mind of
slipping my cock into her pussy right here in the hallway, but I had a
class waiting. We walked back in.

I was surprised to find Lisa leaning against my desk reading and
everybody else sitting at their desks reading as well. I decided that Lisa
could have her dibs on Casey. I sent Lisa and Jenny back to their desks
and had everybody put their books away.

"Boys, would you join me?" I asked and the three boys came up to the
front. "Janae, Gillian, Ashley and Jenny come here. I paired Janae with
Casey, Gillian with Josh and Ashley with Ben, saving Jenny for myself.
"Now we'll continue with our section on boys masturbation. The three sixth
grade girls quickly grabbed hold of their target cocks and started pumping.
Jenny was a little out of it, since she hadn't been here this morning, but
got the idea, licked her hand and started rubbing my cock.

"Does it feel as good as Mrs. Lowman?" she whispered.

"Better." I admitted, wondering if Jenny Lowman handled all the male
teacher's cocks like that.

Ben came first, catching Ashley by surprise as cum splattered on her
leg. Josh and Casey came together, with Gillian and Janae staying enough to
the side to avoid the mess. The three girls gathered in a half circle
around Jenny while she continued to jack me off. I tried to remember
logarithms to make it last, but finally I felt the pressure building up and
I knew it was over. "I'm cum..." I started to say and semen jetted out of
my cock onto Jenny's tanned flat stomach. She kept pumping until every
last drop was gone. I told the girls to get towels and clean up themselves
and the mess on the floor while I got my breath back. By my calculations
all of the sixth graders, and just over half the total class had a chance
to jerk off a cock so far. I hoped the last eight would get their chance.

"Okay, on to the next section. Boys, why don't you stay up here and
watch. Maybe we can get you hard again." The boys all turned blushed but
stayed where they were. Casey got the reddest, while Ben just colored a

"Ladies, now we talk about girls masturbating. Everybody open your legs
up and reach down and start feeling yourself, playing with yourself." Most
of the girls obeyed immediately but a few seemed reluctant. "Don't be shy.
Masturbation is a very normal part of a young girl's life, though I'll
admit not usually in the classroom."

"If you look around," I continued after everybody had gotten into the
act. "You'll notice that different people do different things. I was to
stress that there is no right way or wrong way to play with yourself. Do
what feels good to you."

"Some girls like to go right to finger fucking, pushing one or more
fingers in and out of their cunt. And of those, some like to do it fast
and others slow. Some girls like to play with their clits, rubbing them or
pinching them between your thumb and fingers. Some women like to rub or
even pinch their pussy lips, either the outer ones or the inner ones. Most
use some combination of things. Many like to play with their tits or ass
at the same time. You need to find what makes you feel good. You also
need to communicate to your lover..." several giggles, "if you have one,
what you like. You may even find that you like different things when
someone is doing them to you than when you're doing them yourself."

Most of the girls were really getting into it and I glanced back at the
boys who were trying to watch eighteen pussies at the same time. They were
sitting on straight chairs next to my desk, Ben in the middle. Ben was
playing with Josh and Casey's limp cocks while Josh played with Ben's limp
cock and his own balls. Casey was playing with Ben's balls with one hand
and fucking a finger in and out of his mouth in rhythm with Torrie's finger
pumping in and out of her cunt. I didn't think it would take long to have
some more hard cocks to demonstrate with. In my lap, I could feel my own
cock starting to stir.

Suddenly, Mackenzie yelled, "Oh God." I could see her finger pushing
just part way in and out of her pussy. "Oh, God. Oh my god." she moaned.
"Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmy..." I had the
definite feeling that she was having her first orgasm. She seemed to
trigger a tidal wave of pleasure, because in seconds every girl in the room
was having an orgasm. My cock came to full attention at the sight of the
orgasm assembly line. I didn't have to look at the boys to know they were
all hard again.

"Just out of curiosity, how many of you had never done that before?" I

I wasn't surprised when Mackenzie's hand went up. Or Dawn's. But when
Tami, Megan, and Stephanie added their hands, I was. I was also surprised
when Miranda's hand stayed down.

"We're going to take a minute to work on the boys again, then we're
going to work on having somebody else do that to you. Meanwhile, everybody
get a towel and clean up your chairs, because as most of you have
discovered, boys are not the only ones who make a mess." I chuckled as
several of the girls turned red. The girls cleaned up their seats and
returned to them. I had the boys line up with me in front of my desk again
and called up Kayla, Dawn, Brandee and Megan.

I kept Megan for myself, and paired Kayla with Josh, Dawn with Ben and
Brandee with Casey. The girls giggled and Megan licked Brandee's hand,
then the girls all started licking each other's hands before they settle
them on our cocks and got to work. This time I was the first to come as
Megan's hand firmly gripped my shaft and worked up and down. Casey and
Josh weren't far behind me, but Ben kept going and going. I was amazed
when four minutes after I'd come, Dawn was still pumping Ben.

I thought Dawn was getting a little frustrated so I whispered in her
ear, "Do you want someone else to finish?" she shook her head, spit on her
hand against and kept pumping. I was beginning to wonder if Ben was
broken. Maybe we'd overdone it. There's a medical condition called
satyritis, I think. When a man has a perpetual hard-on that never goes
down. I'd heard of it, but didn't know a lot about it, could a satyr cum?
Could making a boy cum, I counted in my head quickly, ten times so far in
one day make him a satyr?

"Teach, can I help?" Ashley asked.


Ashley stood up and walked behind my desk, she climbed up and walked
over behind Ben, she got on her knees, grabbed Ben's head and pulled his
face into her pussy. Ben shot his wad. It was a pretty small wad, and I
figured that Ben was done for the day. Ashley stood up and walked across
my desk to me. "Say 'thank you Ashley'" she said with a grin.

"Thank you Ashley." I said and kissed her pussy, as I picked her up by
her knees and set her down on the floor.

I faced the class, "As you can see, sometimes a guy can get it up, but
needs a little extra stimulation..." I bowed my hand at Ashley and she
curtsied while sitting in her desk, "to finish."

"Okay, except for Stephanie, Tami, Miranda, and Carrie, everybody has
given a boy a hand job. Hopefully, you four will get your turn."

"Now." I continued, "we're going to talk about giving girls a hand job,
or masturbating them. Torrie, Tami, and Melissa, would you get dressed
please." The three girls looked startled at the request but started
complying. Jenny would you come here."

As Jenny walked up, Monique remarked, "Talk about luck, one minute she's
in trouble, then the next she's the teacher's pet." Jenny started to turn
red, but I pulled the ten year old into my lap and kissed her hard, pushing
my tongue between her lips to wrestle tongues with her.

I looked back at Monique, "Of course she's the teacher's pet. Look how
cute and sexy she is." Jenny stood up.

"Look." Gillian yelled. "She got him hard again." I looked down and
sure enough, old faithful was back in action.

"Okay, pay attention." I said to get them focused again. "Giving a hand
job to a girl is easy, and you can do it from any position where you can
get at her crotch." I put Jenny in a variety of positions, standing next to
me, sitting next to me, on all fours and sitting sideways on one or both of
my legs. In each position I worked my finger in and out of her tight wet
little pussy. She had a big smile when I sent her back to her seat.

"One of the advantages of being a girl is that you can have your pussy played while clothed. Torrie come here." Torrie came up and I had her sit
down in a chair next to me. She was wearing her girl Scout uniform with
short skirt. "Torrie and I could be sitting in a restaurant with our legs
hidden under a table." I reached my hand under her skirt and pushed a
finger into her pussy. I pulled it out and waved her back to her desk.

I signaled Melissa over. Melissa was in sweat pants. "Maybe Melissa
and I are sitting together at a football game. Our legs covered by a
blanket because it's chilly." I slipped my hand down the front of Melissa's
pants and worked a finger into her pussy, thinking that I should be paying
Hoskins to work here.

I waved Melissa back to her desk and Tami came over and sat next to me.
"Maybe Tami and I are in a dark movie theater." I laid my hand on the
crotch of Tami's jeans and worked the zipper down. Then I pushed my hand
into her fly and my finger into her pussy. I started fucking it in and out
of her pussy. "Now this demonstration is made easier by the fact that none
of these girls like to wear underwear," Tami blushed, but I kept on finger
fucking her. "But even with panties, it's still pretty easy. boys are a
lot harder to do in their cloths. They rarely wear skirts," a big laugh
from the class at a feeble joke. "And putting your hand down a boy's
shorts or sweat pants doesn''t give you a lot of room to work. But if
you're in the darkened theater situation or under a blanket, you can poke a
boy's cock through his fly and work on it outside. Just don't forget to
put it back when you're done." Another laugh. Tami was breathing pretty
hard now, so I pulled my finger out of her pussy and worked my hand out of
her fly.

I sent Tami back to her desk and told the three girls to get undressed
again. Then I motioned Mackenzie forward. "For today, we're going to work
with my favorite position." I put my legs together and had Mackenzie sit
with her back to me and her legs straddling my legs. Then I opened my
legs, forcing hers wider apart. "From this position, I can keep a girl's
legs spread wide and I have an easy access to her pussy and breasts."

"If she has any." Janae shouted.

"If she has any." I agreed, then mused "You know, Miss Meyer has several
open desks."

Janae colored and then said, "Sorry Mac, I was just joking." Mackenzie
stuck her tongue with a smile.

"Now if a boy is doing this, there is the problem of what to do with
your cock. So boys will have it straight up, pressed between their
stomachs and the girl's butt. I prefer to have it under the girl, pressing
up against the bottom of her pussy."

"You could always stick it up their ass." Ashley suggested.

"I have." I said quickly and Ashley blushed and several girls giggled.
Torrie also blushed.

"Listen carefully." I said as I played with Mackenzie's pussy lips.
"I'm going to give you a set of instructions, then say go. If... If you
complete the instructions in one minute, we'll continue with sex ed,
otherwise we do math." If those girls believed I could stop now, then I was
a pretty good actor. "Boys, sit. Girls, I want all the desks pushed to
the sides. I want eleven, exactly eleven folding chairs in a circle facing
inward in the center of the room. I want all students outside the circle."
I looked to see if everyone was ready, "Go!"

Lisa stood up and yelled, "Fifth graders, move the desks. Sixth graders
get two chairs each." Mackenzie started to get up, but I held her in my lap
and gently inserted the tip of my finger into her pussy. Lisa was a
natural leader because nobody complained and asked who made her boss, they
just moved. The eleven fifth grade girls pushed the desks out of the way
quickly while the sixth graders brought the chairs to the middle of the
room. Each girl except Lisa with two. Then the fifth graders helped open
the chairs and position them in a circle. Twenty seven seconds later they
were done.

I stood up, picking up Mackenzie with me and carrying her with me
without pulling my finger tip out of her pussy. I sat in one of the
chairs. I motioned the boys to take places in the circle. Casey sat next
to me on my right, Josh and Ben sat next to each other on the opposite side
of the circle. "Sixth grade girls and ..." I hesitated trying to make a
good choice, "Carrie, take a seat." The girls did, with Lisa next to me.

"Megan you sit on Lisa's lap." Megan came over and flushing a bright
red, straddled the older girls's legs. I leaned over and whispered in
Lisa's ear, "Gently with her, she's very tight." Lisa nodded. I knew I
could trust her. I had Stephanie sit on Casey's lap. Brandee on Josh and
Dawn on Ben. Then I told the rest of the girl's to find seats. It was
like watching musical chairs as the girls rushed around finding a lap. I
was surprised when Miranda wound up on Carrie's lap. They really didn't
like each other much.

"Okay, if you're on the bottom, your job is to make your partner feel
good. If you're on the top, talk to your partner, tell them what they're
doing wrong, or what they're doing right. Remember, this is not a race,
there's no prize for finishing first."

Just then there was a knock on the door and Gillian yelled "Come in."
before I could say a word. The way I was sitting, my back was to the door
so I had to twist around and look over my shoulder to see the door. It was
Miss. Meyer and Lizzie with her carbon copy, who I guessed to be dizzy or
Desirae. I was a little embarrassed to have her walk in when I had a naked
ten year old on my lap and my finger in her cunt, but Miss. Meyer didn't
bat an eye.

She walked over, leaned down and whispered in my ear. "It's the twin's
birthday today and I usually let a birthday girl choose something special
to do. They want to come and visit your class."

I was stunned. I mean, I had a fifth grader on my lap but these were
forth graders. "I don't know," I whispered back, "What would Hoskins say?"

She chuckled and whispered back, "Don't worry about Brian. He won't
mind. If he does, I won't fuck him anymore." I was stunned again that she
would say that so casually, but it was starting to penetrate that Cherry
Ridge had a whole different set of sexual values.

I glanced at Stephanie who was sitting on Casey's lap, she didn't seem
bothered by her sisters being in the room. I nodded toward her and
whispered, "Ask her, if she says yes..." Miss Meyer stood and went to
Stephanie and whispered in her ear. Stephanie looked thoughtful for a
minute then nodded. I told Josh and Ben to push their chairs apart and
told the two newcomers to get chairs and put them in between. They got one
chair and both sat on it.

My finger was still partially in Mackenzie and I was a little
self-conscious as the two forth graders looked at it. "So you're having a
birthday today." I said stupidly. "How old are you?"

"Ten." they answered in stereo.

"So you're catching up with Stephanie." I said, and from the corner of
my eye I saw the fifth grader give me a very dirty look. "Okay, begin." I
said to cover up. I looked around the circle as twenty hands started
playing with tits and pussies. Casey already had a finger deep in
Stephanie's cunt and the twin's eyes were big as they watched. I used my
free hand to find Mackenzie's clit and massage it between thumb and
forefinger as I tried to pushed my other finger a little deeper into her
vagina. On one side of me, I saw that Lisa was having a little more luck
getting her finger into Megan. On the other, I realized that Casey was
cumming as he finger fucked Stephanie, the girl he'd said he was going to
marry this morning.

As I looked around the circle, I realized that the twins were dressed
and wondered if I should do anything about it. Both were squirming a
little on their chair. Tami seemed to be enjoying Janae's finger and
Gillian had Melissa bucking. Ashley was pounding Jenny, Monique had
Clarissa almost to the edge, and Kayla was starting to cum on Torrie's lap.
As Kayla started cumming it was like a signal and the room filled with the
sound of moans, groans, and heavy breathing. Even Mackenzie and Megan
came, though Lisa and I didn't fully penetrate them.

"Okay, girls on top, get towels and wipe down your partners. I didn't
know who did the laundry for the school but they were going to hate me
before the week was over. As Stephanie, Mackenzie, Brandee and Dawn got
up, the twins got their first looks at the boys and their cocks, which were
all soft except mine. I knew that Casey had cum on Stephanie but didn't
think that Ben or Josh had gotten it up again. After the girls had wiped
everyone down, I called Stephanie over in a corner and whispered a
suggestion in her ear. At first she looked shocked and I thought I'd gone
too far, but then she smiled and nodded.

I stepped into the middle of the circle and called Stephanie over. She
reached up and grabbed my cock, not the least embarrassed to have her
younger sisters watching. She rubbed her hand back and forth a couple of
times and then let go of me. She walked over to her sisters, "Lick my
hand." she ordered. They looked defiant for a few seconds and then did as
told. After a few seconds she came back to be with her hand lubricated and
started jerking me off for real. As the feeling of pleasure started
building up, I found myself wondering when her third grade sister's
birthdays were.

As I started spurting out cum, she took her free hand and got a dab on
two fingers. When she finished milking my cock, she walked over to her
sisters. First she held out a finger to Lizzie, who sniffed at it then
licked it up, then she held one out to Dizzy who licked it up without
hesitation. I smiled at the girls.

I walked over until my shriveled cock was right in front of them.
"Girls, if you want to stay, you're wearing too many clothes." I said.
Lizzie jumped up and started pulling her t-shirt over her head. Dizzy got
up and started unfastening her jeans. No panties, why was I not surprised.
I was amazed that my limp cock twitched watching the two newly minted ten
year olds get undressed.

I walked back to my chair and sat down. "Girls stand up and everybody
to the center. The girls did. "Stephanie come sit next to me. Mackenzie
next to her and Miranda next to her. Jenny on the other side of Josh,
Kayla next to her, Dawn next to her and Brandee on the other side of
Casey." I waited while everyone got settled.

"Lisa come sit on Casey, Monique on Brandee, Tami on Dawn, Janae on
Kayla, Ashley on Josh, Torrie on Ben, Gillian on Jenny, Carrie on Miranda,
Megan on Mackenzie." I waited again while they settled. Melissa and
Clarissa were still in the center. "Okay, you two over here, and I'll
demonstrate two at once." The two came over and each straddled one of my

"What about Stephanie?" Miranda asked as if she had a cue card.

"Oops, forgot about Stephanie. Let's see." I pretended to think. "I
know, Lizzie and Dizzy, come sit on your sister." Thee two looked startled
but got off their chair and walked over. Stephanie turned Lizzie around
and placed her on her right leg next to me, and then positioned Dizzy on
her left leg. "Okay, we're ready now." I said, looking around the circle.

With my fingers I started tracing little circles around Clarissa and
Melissa's little pussies as I looked around the circle. Lisa was telling
Casey 'harder, harder' as he rammed his finger into her pussy, and Josh had
developed an interesting technique, he was pushing two fingers into
Ashley's cunt, but they were on two different hands. I hadn't remembered
to warn Mackenzie about Megan's tight pussy, but she seemed to be having
fun playing with her clit. Next to me, Stephanie had no trouble working
fingers into both her sister's pussies.

As I started working my own fingers into Clarissa and Melissa, I
couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be trapped by a freak
snow storm at Stephanie's house with just her and her 4 sets of twin
sisters. I could feel my cock grow and twitch between my activities and my
thoughts. Next to me, I heard Casey cum again. Lisa had her eyes closed
as she rode Casey's finger.

This time, Clarissa started the avalanche, yelling "Oh, yeah baby!" just
like Austin Powers as she started to cum. Melissa came seconds later and
then the whole room erupted in the noises of orgasm. Next to me, Lisa was
bucking like a bronco on one side and the two forth graders were screaming
like banshees on the other.

I had the top girls get towels again, and when Lisa stood up I was
amazed that Casey was hard again. I looked across and Josh had a nice
erection as well. After we'd cleaned up, I had Carrie come out and jerk
off Josh while Miranda did Casey and Tami did me. When they finished, I
looked at the clock and was amazed that it was only two. I managed to let
every girl give and get a hand job. I figured we'd had enough and should
do at least a little real work. So I had the class set the room up again.

I sat back at my desk and had Lizzie and Dizzy come sit on my legs while
the class discussed the revolutionary war. I'd had them all prepare last
week to debate the issue with the sixth graders on the side of England and
the fifth graders on the side of the colonies. I was a spirited debate,
more so because both sides were naked.

About the time that Lisa was complaining about the colonist's lack of
respect in dumping perfectly good tea in Boston harbor, Dizzy started
playing with my cock. The two most have been telepathic, because without
looking, Lizzie reached down and started playing with my balls. I kept
refereeing the revolution but started rubbing their tiny pussies which were
actually a little bigger than Mackenzie's.

No this is the way to teach, sit back with a pussy in each hand and let
the class do all the work. Of course it helps that I have a smart, well
motivated class. It wouldn't work with a lot of groups.

Lisa and Gillian almost had me convinced to become a Tory, but Megan was
starting to rekindle the revolutionary zeal. I pushed my fingers into the
two forth graders and they seemed to enjoy it. My cock was starting to
grow again, as the two twins switched off their attentions. They
synchronized their actions without words and I wondered what they'd be like
to fuck. My fingers started pumping faster, deeper and deeper into their
virgin cunts.

Just as their sister Stephanie was complaining for the umpteenth time
about taxation without representation, the two munchkins squealed and came.
The whole class stopped and stared, everyone knowing what was happening. I
turned beet red and told the twins that it was time to go back to their own
class. They started to argue, but a stern look from Stephanie shut them
up, they gathered their cloths and walked naked out into the hallway. It
was only a few minutes before the final bell, so I told everybody to get
dressed and let them talk until dismissal.

The bell rang and eighteen missiles headed for the door, though about
half detoured long enough to give some quick kisses. I had paperwork to
catch up on, so I sent the boys to the gym to play some basketball, and I
settled back to acting like a real teacher with grade books and everything.

The thought crossed my mind that I didn't know how to grade sex ed week.
I'd have to ask Hoskins.

Chapter VIII After School

I was reworking lesson plans. We were going to have to make up a lot of
work from this week, because we weren't getting much done. At least as far
as English, Math, Reading and traditional subjects were concerned. It was
kind of nice sitting behind my desk naked, a sense of, well, freedom.

There was a knock on the door and a small head leaned around the
doorway. "Mr. Conners, can I talk to you?"

"Sure." I said and the teenaged girl came in.

She stood in front of my desk and looked down at me. "I just wanted to
apologize for this afternoon."

"Why?" I asked, surprised.

She looked a little confused. "For being mean to Jenny in the hall, and
being rude to you." she stammered.

"But that wasn't you, that was Jeri." I said with a smile.

"It was me, I am Jeri."

"No you're not. You're Sheri." I said matter-of-factly.

"How'd you know?" came a voice from the doorway as Jeri stepped into the
room. "Mr. Kellerman couldn't always tell us apart and he had us for two

"Don't know." I admitted. "I've always been able to tell twins apart.
Jeri stood next to Sheri, and I had to admit they were identical. They
were both wearing jeans and powder blue t-shirts and I couldn't see
anything different about them, but somehow I knew one was Sheri and one was
Jeri. "I can tell Lizzie and Dizzy apart too." I added. I haven't met
Teri, Carrie, Candy or Mandy yet."

Jeri looked at her twin. "This is not good. A teacher who can always
tell us apart." Sheri nodded.

"Why is that a bad thing?" I asked innocently.

"Sometimes we..." Sheri started.

" jokes." Jeri finished.

I rolled my chair back and stood up. Both girl's eyes went to the
erection that Lizzie and Dizzy had given me. "And you think I'll mess up
your jokes?"

The girls look at each other, then looked back at me and nodded.

"Do you cheat?" both girls shook their heads. "Then I'll try not to
blow your covers. But you might want to let me know when you're

Jeri came around the desk and hugged me. As she backed away, she
reached down and grabbed my erection. "How come you have a woody like this
after a whole day of teaching sex to a bunch of horny fifth and sixth

I grinned. "Just lucky, I guess." I wasn't going to admit that I'd
spent the last few minutes of class fingering her forth grade sisters.

Sheri had come up behind me and reached around and was playing with my
balls with both hands. "Did you feel up Stephanie today?" she asked

"Yeah." I admitted.

"Did you finger fuck her?" Jeri asked.

"She came when I was feeling her up." I admitted.

"Who else did her?" Sheri asked from behind me.


"Did she jerk you off?" Jeri asked as she rubbed the tip of my cock with
her thumb.

"Oh yeah." I moaned.

"Did it feel as good as this?" she asked.

"Better." I said as a joke.

Jeri squeezed my cock painfully as her face darkened. I reached down
and pried her fingers off my shaft and turned around. I took Sheri's hand
and laid it on my cock and she immediately started pumping. "Your sister can't take a joke." I said.

"Never could." Sheri agreed.

I looked over my shoulder and Jeri was pouting. So I reached back and
started massaging the crotch of her jeans. Sheri dropped to her knees and
started licking my cock.

Just then, Mrs. Lowman appeared in my door. "Just stopping by to see
if Jeri came by to apologize, but I see she did." she sad as she watched
the fourteen year old take my cock head into her mouth.

I started to correct her, that it was Sheri sucking my dick, but decided
why bother.

Jeri pulled away from my hand and came around beside me, unbuttoning her
jeans and pulling the zipper down. "I'm helping, Mrs. Lowman." she said,
as she took my hand and guided a finger into her pussy.

"Good for you, Sheri." she said, waved, and left.

I pulled my finger out of her cunt, and my cock out of her sister's
mouth. I pushed her back against the blackboard and rested my cock on her
pussy lips. "As long as you're helping." I said and pushed my cock into

Her sister stood up and helped by pushing Jeri's jeans the rest of the
way down and then pulling her t-shirt off. As I pumped in and out of her
sister. Then she stripped herself. I slipped my cock out of Jeri and
pressed it into Sheri.

Just then I heard more voices at the door. "Mrs. Lowman said your were
in here. We got to get..." a young girl was saying.

"...home." her twin finished for her. I guessed these twelve year olds
as a third set of Stephanie's sisters though there was absolutely no family resemblance. Where Stephanie, Lizzie, Dizzy, Jeri and Sheri all looked
like different aged versions of the same girl, theses two new ones were
completely different. Stephanie and the rest had straight black hair, the
new twins had slightly curly copper red. Jeri and Sheri had nicely
developed breasts, Stephanie was starting to develop and even Lizzie and
Dizzy had small mounds. The two newcomers seemed completely flat, they
were also taller than their older sisters and very skinny.

Normally, if I was interrupted with my cock in a fourteen year old pussy, I'd shrivel and pull out, but I was so worked up after the day I'd
had, that nothing was going to shrink this tentpole. I grinned at the two
newcomers and kept pumping in and out of Sheri. The girls were wearing
almost matching outfits, one had a black mini-skirt with white turtleneck
and the other had a white mini-skirt with black turtleneck. I decided that
despite the lack of shape, I wouldn't mind exploring that part of the

Jeri grabbed my balls and squeezed, though lightly. "This is supposed
to be my apology." she whined. So I pulled out of her sister and pushed my
cock back into her pussy.

"Bitch." Sheri said, but with a smile that said it was a joke.

I felt that wonderful pressure start to build in my balls and pushed my
cock as deep into Jeri's cunt as I could just as I came, gushing load after
load of semen in to the young girl's vagina. As my orgasm was peaking, my
three boys walked into the room. Damn I was going to have to invest in an
automatic door closer and locker. I pulled my dripping cock out of Jeri's
pussy in front of my audience of six.

"Thanks teach. Best apology I've ever made." Jeri said.

"You're welcome." I said and sat back in my chair.

One of the redheads came over and sat on my legs straddling them and
scooted forward until she was on my limp manhood. "Hi Mr. Conners, I'm
Teri.' She announced as she rocked back and forth.

"And I'm Carrie." The other proclaimed as she stepped up, took my hand
and put it under her skirt. With what this family saved in underwear they
could send a kid to collage. I thought as I felt my naked pussy and the
other massaged my cock.

"Hi girls." was all I could think to say.

Sheri and Jeri had gotten dressed and now they pulled Teri off my lap.
"Come on, we're late." They said to their sister. "Bye, Mr. Conners. See
ya tomorrow." they said to me and with four jaunty waves the two sets of
twins were out the door.

My boys were standing, watching the empty doorframe with hands down the
front of their pants. I got up, walked over to the boys and kissed each
one, pulling his hand out of his pants. Then I walked back to my desk and
got dressed. I stuffed my paperwork into my briefcase, even though I
honestly knew I wouldn't touch it tonight. And we left.

Chapter IX Home Work

The boys and I got home a little after four, the boys went in the
bedroom to suck off each other, and I was deciding what to do when there
was a knock on the door. I opened it and Torrie was there again, still in
her girl scout uniform, but this time with a friend. The girl beside her
was about nine or ten with blond hair cute short enough to pass for a boy.
I didn't recognize her from school. She was wearing a girl scout uniform

"Hi teach." Torrie said with a short wave. This is my friend Amber.
She lives here on the Ridge but her mom home schools her.

"Hi Amber." I said.

"We were wondering if you or the boys wanted to do anything.

"The boys are a little busy right now. And after that I was thinking of
going to a movie."

"What are they doing?" Torrie asked with a sly smile.

"Sucking each other off." I said with a grin to match hers.

"Can we watch?" Amber asked, bright eyed.

What the hell, I thought and opened the door and pointed at the half
open bedroom door.

The girls walked across the living room and Torrie pushed the door open.

The boys were all naked on the bed. Ben and Casey had scissored their
legs so that their butts and crotches were pressed together with their
heads at each end and Josh was sucking both cocks at once.

The girls and I watched from the doorway. Torrie's hand moved under her
skirt and then her free hand moved under her friends skirt. When Amber
didn't react, I figured she was a true Cherry Ridge kind of girl and I
slipped my hands under the back of the two skirts and started rubbing the
cracks of the girls asses.

"That is so cool." Amber said.

Josh looked up at the unexpected voice, just as Ben started shooting his
load. Some of it went up Josh's nose and he started coughing. Then Casey
started cumming and added to the mess on Josh's face and my bed.

The girl's and I started laughing and that made Josh turn redder and
cough harder. Casey evidently decided that it looked funny for him to have
his butt pressed up against Ben's and rolled off the bed. Ben just lay
there and stared.

"Guys, this is Torrie's friend Amber. She's ten."

"Nine." she corrected me.

"Nine." I added. "Why don't you get cleaned up, change the sheets on my
bed, and come out and join us." With my hands on their asses, I guided the
two girls out of the bedroom and out to the sofa, which was still made out
as a bed.

I folded the sofa up and we sat down. Amber settled on my lap and I
didn't complain. "I was thinking about running down to Watermelon Mountain
for some pizza and a movie. Want to come?" I asked as my hand slid under
Amber's skirt again.

Torrie jumped up. "Sure, but I'll have to ask mom, can I use your

I nodded and proceeded with my exploration of Amber's pussy. From what
I could feel, it was puffy but hairless. The boys came out, still looking
embarrassed. They sat on the floor opposite the sofa and watched my hand
move under the fabric of Amber's skirt.

Torrie hung up the phone. "We can go Mr. Conners." I pushed a finger
about halfway into Amber's pussy and then pulled my hand away and out from
under her skirt. Let's hit the road then. We trooped out to my car and I
had Ben, Josh and Amber get in the back seat and Torrie and Casey share the
front seat.

As soon as we were on the highway heading down the mountain, I pulled
Torrie across Casey and down to my lap. She got the idea and unzipped my
jeans and worked my swollen cock out into the air. Then she started
licking the head. I reached over and lifted her skirt, exposing her ass to
Casey who got the idea and had a finger in her butt and another in her
pussy before we'd gone another mile.

From the backseat I heard a girl's giggle and Amber said, "That
tickles." I didn't ask what tickled, I figured Amber would let me know if
she wanted too.

Torrie had my whole cock in her mouth and was giving me an incredible
blow job, and from the whimpering she was doing around my cock, Casey was
doing a pretty good job on her pussy. From the back I heard Amber say,
"Suck it." and wondered which boy was going to suck which body part.

Then Josh moaned, "Ben that feels so good." And I realized that Amber
had Ben sucking Josh's cock. Kinky little vixen.

And so it went down the mountain and to the Pizza Hut parking lot.
Torrie came twice and I didn't cum but had a hell of a ride. In the back,
I think both boys sucked each other and Amber's barely risen tits.

We ate a giant pepperoni and went to the multiplex to see what was
playing and decided on Spy Kids 2. Actually I decided on Spy Kids 2 and
they came along. The theater was empty so we went down to the front row
and Torrie sat on my lap and amber sat on Casey's and Josh sat on Ben's and
we amused ourselves waiting for the movie to start.

When the previews started I had Amber and Josh change places, and I
slipped my finger into Torrie's pussy. When the previews ended, I had Josh
change places with Casey and Amber change places with Ben, and I unbuttoned
Torrie's shirt and started sucking her tits.

When the opening credits finished, I had Casey and Ben change places,
and Torrie stand up while I slid my jeans down my legs. When she sat down
again I maneuvered my cock into her pussy. It was tight, but slid in easy,
I'd been pretty sure she wasn't a virgin. We were sitting there like that
when the girl came on the screen. "Damn she's nice." I muttered in
Torrie's ear and she slammed her elbow back into the middle of my chest.
"Don't you think she looks good in leather?" I asked and then caught her
elbow before she could slam me again.

I grabbed her wrists and held them so that her arms were crossed across
her body in a make shift straight jacket, then I bounced her up and down on
my cock and nibbled on her ear and neck.

"Pervert." she whispered as she tried to pull her arms free. "You could
at least stop watching her while you're doing me."

"But she's so cute." I moaned in her ear.

"Damn pervert." she hissed. "She's only 12."

"So are you." I said as I started cumming. She moaned and started
cumming with me. When we finished I released her arms and turned her
halfway around and kissed her. "Alexa Vega may be a movie star, but you're
my favorite girl scout." I whispered.

Then I had her go sit on Josh's lap, Casey sit on Ben's lap and Amber
come over to me. As she sat down on my naked lap, I slid my hand under her
shirt and started playing with her small nipples. "Have the boys ben
treating you nice?" I whispered.

"Yes." she said and nodded. I slipped my other hand under her skirt and
worked a finger into her pussy. "Did you fuck Torrie?" she whispered.

"Yes." I admitted.

"Are you going to fuck me?" she asked quietly.

My finger stopped about halfway into her vagina. "You're only nine." I
whispered back.

"So." she hissed.

Torrie was sitting Josh's lap next to me, and she leaned over and
whispered, "Fuck her already, some of us are trying to watch a movie.

"See." Amber whispered.

I gave up. "I can't. I whispered in Amber's ear. I'm not hard. I
just came in Torrie."

"So not a problem." she giggled and slid off my lap to the floor, my
finger coming out of her with a soft plop as she did. She knelt and
started sucking my cock. Her tongue worked around the rim of the head
first and then the soft skin just below it. I leaned back and watched the
sexy dark little girl on the screen save the world. Torrie watched Amber
work on my dick and then slid off Josh's lap and started sucking his cock
too. I guess Casey didn't want to be left out, because a few seconds later
he was on the floor, Ben's cock between his lips. I leaned over and gave
Josh a long slow kiss.

I felt my cock starting to stir between Amber's lips. I'd lost count of
how many times I'd cum today, but it looked like I was going to do it one
more time. When I was hard, Amber crawled back into my lap, straddling my
legs and facing me. She pulled her skirt back and I could see my cock
resting against the opening to her vagina in the flickering light of the

I reached down and used my thumbs to part her outer pussy lips, pushing
my cock forward against her inner ones. "Are you a virgin?" I asked her in
whispered tones.

"She looked amazed. "I'm nine, what do you think?" she whispered back
sarcastically. I thought to myself, 'you're nine with a cock pressed
against your pussy, how the hell should I know. I leaned down and kissed
her, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth and then I thrust my cock deep
into her cunt. Her mouth opened wide, but I kept it covered with my own
and gradually she relaxed. My hands came away from her pussy and I started
kneading one of her nipples and playing with her asshole. My tongue
wrestled with hers.

After a minute I pulled my tongue back and lifted my mouth off of hers.
"Are you okay?" I asked.

She nodded, a tear running down her cheek. "I knew it was going to
hurt, but it still caught me by surprise." she whispered.

"You feel great just like this." I whispered back. "So we'll just stay
like this until you're ready." Next to me, I could hear Josh and Ben
cumming. When they finished, Torrie and Casey got off the floor and the
four kids cuddled together, watching the movie.

Amber moved experimentally. She pulled back, letting my cock slid out
of her and then pushed forward again. She gritted her teeth a little, but
tried again. I sat and watched the movie, letting the little nine year old fuck me at her own pace. Just as the heroes were getting ready for the
final battle, I felt Amber shudder and go limp against me. She rested like
that for a couple of minutes and then started fucking my rod again. Just
as the final credits started to roll, I felt my cock explode, filling the
Tiny vagina with the very last of my bodily fluids. I had planned to fuck
Josh's ass tonight, but I knew his butt was safe for now. Amber started
cumming again, and I let her finish until we were both spent, then I eased
the little girl off my soft prick and pulled up my pants.

We walked out of the theater, smiling at the cute teenager behind the
candy counter as if all we'd done was watch a movie. I drove straight home
and Torrie and Amber kissed all of us goodnight and then walked to Torrie's
house. The boys and I walked in, stripped off our clothes and fell on the
bed in a pile. Seconds later we were asleep.

Chapter X Sex 301

I woke up a few minutes before eight. I'd been so tire the night before
I'd forgotten to set the alarm. I'm one of those people who, if I set an
alarm will wake up before it goes off, if I don't I just keep sleeping. We
were supposed to be in school in a little more than half an hour. I
untangled myself from the three boys and stood up.

I looked down at the sleeping mass of boy flesh, they looked so cute. I
went into the bathroom and took a fast shower, then I came out and woke the
boys. All of us had nice new hard-ons, but I told them we didn't have
time. I sent the three of them to the shower and listen to the squeals and
giggles as I got dressed.

Amazingly, we were dressed and ready to go by ten after. I figured we
could hit the McDonald's for breakfast sandwiches. As we walked out to the
car, a woman called after me, "Mr. Conners, can I talk to you for a
minute?" she said as she walked up to me. I sent the boys on to the car
and waited for her. As she walked up, I could definitely see Torrie in
her, or her in Torrie I guess. She didn't look old enough to have a eleven
year old daughter.

"Hi, Mr. Conners, I'm Amanda, Torrie's mom." A picture flashed through
my mind of a jail cell and three burly unshaven guys who hadn't seen a
woman in ten years.

"Uh, hi Amanda. Call me John." I said, wondering if sweat was pouring
off my brow.

"I just wanted to tell you how much the girls enjoyed last night and ask
you a favor." she said with a sweet smile

"Um, what can I do for you?" I asked, not meeting her eyes.

Suddenly she laughed. And laughed. For almost a minute. "You're
embarrassed about Torrie."

"Well, I, I..."

"If it will make you feel any better. I took sex ed from Brian Hoskins
in the fifth grade about fifteen years ago. And..." she reached down and
stroked the crotch of my jeans, "If you ever want something a little older,
I just live next door."

"What about Torrie's dad?" I sputtered.

"He has three secretaries and a nineteen year old intern to keep him
busy at the mill." she said wrapping her hand around my erection. A new
image popped into my head, Amanda and Torrie on one bed with me. I smiled
at Amanda.

"No." she said sternly.

"No what?" I asked, confused.

"No we are not doing a threesome with my daughter."

"I, I..."

"I know how men's minds work. Don't worry, I'm not mad."

"You said something about a favor?" I asked trying to cover my rising

"Well. Amber gets home schooled and right now her mom is away and she's
staying at my house."

"Okay." I said.

"She wanted to come to school with Torrie today."

"I don't know." I said, trying to control the feeling in my groin.
"She's only nine, and we're doing the special class this week."

"I know she's nine, " Amanda said, releasing my hard cock, "But she's
been home schooled all her life and is doing fifth grade work. If she was
in Cherry Ridge, she'd be a fifth grader."

"Well, I don't have a problem with it, but what about her mother?"

"Kim went to Cherry Ridge. I fact she and I took sex ed from Brian at
the same time.

"You'll have to check with Brian, Mr. Hoskins. I don't know if we have
a policy about class visitations. But if he says yes, I say yes."

"Good. Brian will say yes or no more nookie for him."

"You and Brian?"

"Got to do something during those boring school conferences." She said
with a smile and walked off. I had a feeling I'd be seeing Amber shortly,
but right now, I was late for school.

We hit Micky D's for sandwiches and walked into the school just as the
bell was ringing. I hurried to my room still eating the last of my

"Okay ladies, settle down." I said as I took my place in front of my
desk and swallowed the last of my sandwich.

"Mr. Connors, it's so hot in here. Can we get undressed." Ashley

"It's not hot in here and you know it, but yes you can get undressed."
There was a flurry of cloths as all my students shed their cloths. I
grinned and started shucking mine. I'd just taken off my last sock and was
getting ready to start again when there was a knock and Mr. Hoskins walked
in with Amber.

"John, I guess you know Amber?" I nodded. "She'll be joining your class
for the rest of the week."

"Okay." I agreed. "Is Amanda still in your office?" I asked casually.


"Have fun." I said. Hoskins blushed and slipped out the door. "Amber,
why don't you get a chair and sit next to Torrie."

"Should I take off my clothes?" she asked innocently.

"Yes please." I faced the class again. "Class, some of you may already
know Amanda. For those that don't, Amanda is only nine, but she's been
home schooling and doing fifth grade work, so she's going to visit us
today." Amanda had stripped and sat next to Torrie.

"Today, we're going to talk about oral sex. Ben, come here. Ben
stepped up to the desk. "Okay Ben, please give me a blowjob. Ben blushed
right down to his hard cock, but grabbed my cock at the base and sucked it
into his mouth. I took a few seconds to enjoy the feeling and continued
the lecture.

"Casey would you lay on the ground in front of me." Casey looked
confused but did. Okay, Josh, lay down so that your head is next to
Casey's cock and his head is next to yours." Josh did. "Go to it." The
boys grabbed each others hips and pulled the other's cock into their faces.
I looked back at my class.

"Now oral sex on a man or boy is usually called cock sucking, giving
head or a blow job. Ohhh." I said as a wave of please went through me.

"Looks like he's doing a pretty good job." Gillian said.

"He is." I agreed, then decided to talk about a serious subject.

"Something I would like you to think about. In most of the country, a
boy sucking a cock is gross, but a girl licking a pussy is considered a
turn-on. Actually it's all a matter of taste. Ben would rather be licking
one of you right now, but he's doing this as a class project. And getting
an 'A' I must add." The girls all laughed.

"The boys are doing what's called a '69'. A '69' can be done with two
boys like Josh and Casey. Or two girls, Ashley would you and Monique come
up and demonstrate." The two girls got out of their seats with a trace of
hesitation or embarrassment. They lay down next to Josh and Casey and
started eating each other. I pulled Ben off my cock. "Or a boy and a
girl. Ben lay on your back." he did. "Janae, would you demonstrate with
Ben." Janae almost jumped out of her chair and ran to Ben. She quickly
settled her pussy on his face and leaned forward to lick his cock.

"As you can plainly see, a '69' can be done from side to side or top to
bottom, whatever is comfortable for the participants. "Gillian, do you
think you could do something with this?" I asked pointing down at my still
hard cock. She got and walked to me, knelt down and started sucking.
"Thank you." I said to her and went on with the lecture.

"When sucking a cock, it's a lot like a hand job, different people will
like different things. Experiment and find out what your partner likes.
Be very careful of your teeth, you can cause pain without meaning to. A
lot of guys like having their balls sucked," Gillian took that as a hint
and started on mine. "Again, be careful, delicate area."

"The last thing about cock sucking is cum." I guided Gillian back to my
cock. "Some people like the taste, others don't. It's a personal
preference. "Just then, the boys and I amplified my remarks by coming in
the various mouths. Everybody swallowed. After I'd finished cumming and
Gillian had wiped her mouth and stood up, "You have to admit, this way is a
lot less messy." The class laughed again.

What more could a man ask for. An early morning blowjob and a class
that laughs at his jokes.

"Okay everybody get the desks out of the way and stand over to that
side." The class hurried to obey. Then I had a better idea. "Fifth
graders, run down to the gym and bring back some folding mats, boys you
help them. Don't bother getting dressed." They ran out while the sixth
graders and Amber kept pushing desks. They were back in a couple of
minutes, each two of them carrying a mat. We set them up in the middle of
the floor.

Jenny came over to me, "The first and second graders were doing P.E.,
they really liked looking at the boys." she said with a smile. Oops, I

"Okay, boys lay down at that end." I pointed where I wanted them.

"Okay, sixth graders, lay down next to them." I waited while they picked
out their spots. "And Kayla, you lay down next to Ashley on the end.

Now the fun part. "Okay Stephanie go sit on Casey's face, Tami, you sit
on Ben, and Megan, you sit on Josh. Girls, the boys are all soft now, but
you can still suck them and try to get them hard." The three girls immediately leaned down and took the flaccid cocks into their mouths.
"Next, lets have Carrie on Torrie, Mackenzie on Lisa, Miranda on Monique,
Clarissa on Janae, Brandee on Gillian and Melissa on Ashley. Dawn you
climb on your sister." Then I realized that I'd forgotten about Amber, that
left me out. "Jenny lay down and Amber you sit on her face."

In seconds my entire class was busy. I leaned back against my desk and
wondered if I could borrow Lizzie or Dizzy, but I'd probably have to take
the set and then I'd be odd man out again. "If you're with a girl, when
both of you have cum, roll off your partner and wait. If you have one of
the boys, if you've cum and he's not hard yet, go ahead and roll off.

I sat there and watched 22 tongues at work. Even the noise of the
classroom was stimulating and my cock grew and jerked as I waited for them
to finish. Amber was the last to orgasm, but finally Jenny's tongue did
the job and the little girl sat up moaning. I was surprised that all three
boys had cum, but it was early in the day.

"Okay, you've had some fun, and you'll get a chance for some more.
We're going to play sex jeopardy." I said as I sat down behind my desk.

"Sex Jeopardy?" Several girls asked at once.

"Yes, sex Jeopardy." I want all of you to write your names on these
cards." I pulled a stack of 3 by 5 cards out of my desk drawer. "Quickly."
The girls hurried to the front of the room and started putting their names
on cards. "Boys too."I said. "And Amber." Those four pushed into the mob
in front of my desk. It took several minutes but finally I had a stack of
cards with all the names on them.

"The object is to get three points in a row. If you do, we have another
round of sex ed. I will ask a question from something we've been studying.
Then I will pick a card at random, if that person gets it right, the class
gets a point. If they get it wrong, we start all over, and that person
will suck my cock until the class gets three points or the next person gets
one wrong."

"Isn't it kind of to your advantage to have people get questions wrong?"
Lisa asked suspiciously.

"True." I admitted. "You just have ton trust that as a teacher I want
you to succeed." Lisa didn't look convinced. I shuffled the cards and laid
them in a stack on my desk. "One last thing. Any cheating, like
whispering an answer or passing a note and we get dressed and sex ed is
done for the week." I smiled evilly, "And I won't punish the cheater, but
the rest of the class might." I laughed my mad scientist laugh.

"Now there is one more catch."

"I knew it." Gillian said.

"Amber and the boys have there names in here too. Now Casey and Amber
have been studying fifth grade work, and Josh and Ben have done sixth
grade, but every school in the country teaches different things at
different times. So they may not know these question, but know a lot of
things that you don't."

"And finally, before we begin, anyone who hassles someone who misses a
question, obviously isn't ready for this class and will spend the rest of
the year in the forth grade. Understood?" 22 heads nodded in unison.

"Then let's play sex jeopardy." I said in my best game show announcer
voice. "Our first question is from history. I'm going to make it easy, a
true or false. John Hancock is famous because he was the first to sign the
declaration of Independence?"

"And our first answer person is..." I turned over a card and looked at
it, "Josh." Josh was sitting on the floor playing with Lisa's pussy. He
looked up startled.

"True." he said and the class groaned.

"Lisa, the correct answer would be?"

"False," she said, pushing Josh's hand away. "John Hancock is known for
signing the declaration in the largest signature."

"Okay Josh, under the desk." Josh looked totally embarrassed that he'd
blown the first question, but got up and slid under the desk and took my
cock in his mouth. Next question is math, in your head, multiply one
quarter by one half" I turned a card. "Lisa."

"One eighth." she announced. "And that's one point for our team." The
class cheered.

"Science." I said when the class quieted. "What two elements are in
water?" I turned a card, "Amber?" The class got real quiet.

"Easy, hydrogen and Oxygen." The class cheered again. Amber waited
until they quieted down and added, "The formula for water is two parts
hydrogen and one part oxygen which is expressed as 'H' '2' 'O'."

"Okay, that's two for the class." I said. "One more and you win the
first round."

"How many rounds are we playing?" Gillian asked.

"Until the final bell today, with time out for lunch and P.E."

"Do we really need P.E. Today? Ashley asked. "I think we're going to
get enough of a workout."

"I'll think about it." I said. "English, name six types of
punctuation?" A group intake of breath as I turned over the card. "Tami."

Tami's pussy had been getting double attention from Ben and Megan, but
now she looked up. "A period, a comma, a colon, a semi-colon, a question
mark, and a ..." She looked stumped.

"Ten seconds." I warned.

"You didn't say anything about a time limit." Lisa accused.

"I know, I just made it up." I said grinning. "Five seconds."

I waited and just before I called time, Tami said, "A floggle."

"A floggle?" I asked.

"I couldn't think of anything." she admitted.

"Jenny, do you know the missing punctuation mark?"

"An exclamation point." Tami slapped her open palm against her forehead.

"Apparently, Tami agrees with you." Tami got up and walked to the desk.
Josh released my cock and Tami took his place. She didn't hesitate, having
had experience with Ben's cock. I looked up at the class and smiled. "And
that would be zero points."

"Meanie." Janae said.

"Yep." I agreed. "Next question, Government. Name the 3 branches of
the United States Government?" I turned over a card. "And guess what,
Janae, you're up."

"The executive, that's the prez and such. The legislative, that's
congress and the senate. And the, oh what are they called."

"This could be construed as making fun of Tami." I warned.

"I don't want to be a forth grader again. The judicial, that's the
courts." Janae said quickly.

"That's one for you guys." I felt the familiar pressure building in my
balls and tried to concentrate on the game. "Spelling. Spell university?"
I flipped the card, "Mackenzie."

Mackenzie was playing with Amber's pussy, and without looking up said,
"'U', 'N','I','V','E','R','S','I','T','Y'."

"Correct." I admitted. "That's two for the class and this is a payoff
point. Let's see, Sex." I announced. "What are the official names for a
girl's pussy lips." I turned the card slowly. "Melissa."

Melissa stood up and bowed to me, and then bowed to the left side of the
class and then to the right side of the class. "The Labia." she said

"And the class wins round one." I announced and pulled Tami's mouth off
my cock. "Okay, Melissa lay down, Mackenzie next to her, and Janae next to
her. Then Amber, then Lisa."

"Melissa who do you want for your partner?"

She hesitated and then said, "Clarissa."

"Ohhh. Melissa and Clarissa sitting in a tree. 'K'..." I walked up
behind Kayla and clamped my hand over her mouth.

"Mackenzie, who would you like?"

"Josh." Mackenzie said softly, and I waved him over.

"Janae, who do you want?"

"Casey." She said without hesitation.


"You." she said with a grin.

"Thank you Amber, that makes an old man feel good. But it needs to be a
student or somebody will get left out."

"Okay." She agreed. "Torrie." Torrie grinned and went over and knelt
over her friend's face and settled her pussy down.



"Miranda lay down, who do you want?"

"Carrie." For two girls who don't like each other, they were getting
awfully friendly.

"Stephanie lay down. Who would you like?" Stephanie looked around and
pointed at Brandee. And I waved her over.

"Jenny, you're next."

"Tami." she said.


I thought for a second she was going to chose her sister but she asked
for Monique.



"Megan and Gillian, that leaves you two together."

I walked back to my desk and sat down, gently stroking my hard throbbing
cock as I watched the kids enjoy themselves. I was thinking that maybe I
could get Mackenzie's twin back in the fifth grade. Then I realized that
I'd never seen her. I didn't even know her name. Or whether they were
identical or not.

I watched as the kids gradually finished each other and rolled away.
All three boys came again. And Stephanie was the last to cum.

"Okay." I said quickly. "Amber, what's the capital of Sri Lanka?"

"Cheater." Lisa accused. "That doesn't count. We haven't studied that
and you didn't pick a card. You just wanted a blowjob."

"True." I admitted and hung my head. "My only excuse is a raging

"That's okay." Amber said. "The capital is Colombo."

"Hah on you." Gillian said. "I sure didn't know that."

"That's a point for us." Lisa said.

"You said it didn't count." I said and stuck my tongue out at the twelve
year old. "Actually, I'll give you the point. And from now on, the loser
will not be giving me a blowjob. Just to keep things fair."

"That's better." Lisa said with a sharp nod of her head.

"Jenny, come here please." She came up and I whispered in her ear,
"Ready to lose your cherry?" Her eyes got big and she nodded. I swung her
leg over my legs so that she was straddling me and pulled her down. I
grabbed my throbbing rod and guided it into her pussy. It slid in easily
for about four inches and then met resistance. "Ready?" I whispered, and
she nodded again and I pulled her firmly down. She bit her lip as I
smashed through the thin membrane of her hyman. I left her impaled and
looked back at the class. From their faces, a few of them had guessed what
we were doing behind the desk.

I reached around Jenny and shuffled the cards.

"You'll notice that I'm shuffling all the cards again. That means that
some or all of the same people may get questions. Totally random, right

"Right teach." Lisa said with a funny look at me.

"First question. Science. Which is lighter by atomic weight.
Hydrogen, Oxygen, or helium?" I pulled the top card off the deck as Jenny
started moving tentatively on my cock. "Gillian."

"Helium, ask me a hard one."

I looked around the class, "How many of you would like to risk your
third point on me asking Gillian a hard one?" no one raised their hand.
"Maybe next time Gilly.

"History next. In the midnight ride of Paul Revere, what was the code
for the invasion? I picked up a card. "Torrie."

She looked thoughtful and then said, "S.O.S."

"Sorry." Mackenzie raised her hand. "Mackenzie?"

"One if by land, two if by sea."

"Very good."

Okay, zero points. Next question, related question. Who wrote the
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere?" I picked up a card. "I think I'm in
trouble. Mackenzie?"


"Point for the class. Math." I tried to think of a question, but Jenny
had started pumping up and down and I was having trouble concentrating.
"Um, what is 7 divided by one half?" I picked up a card. "Dawn."

She thought for a moment, her lips moving as she silently figured.

Since she was asking, I asked her, "Is that your final answer?" She
thought for another few seconds, looking up at the ceiling and nodded.

"Two points for the class. Payoff question. Sex. What is the official
name of a cock, balls, and the sack balls hang in." I picked up the card,
laughed and showed it to Jenny. She stopped and thought.

"A cock is called a penis. The sack is a scrotum. And the balls are
called testa-sickles."

"So close, but the judges say no. Casey?"

"Testicles not testa-sickles." he said with disgust.

"Want to be a forth grader?" I asked pointedly.

"No, sorry Jenny."

"It's okay, that was dumb." I stuck my tongue in her ear.

"Zero points again." I looked at the clock, ten thirty, we had about an
hour until lunch. "History. When was... arhhh..." I started cumming in
Jenny's pussy and couldn't finish. Everyone watched as I creamed the
inside of the ten year old vagina, though most probably thought I was
getting a hand job. Finally I got my breath back, sitting there with
Jenny's pussy holding my limp cock. "When was the constitution ratified?"

I picked a card, "Megan?"

Megan stood and cleared her throat. "The constitution first went to the
states for ratification in 1787. Delaware was the first state to ratify.
On June 21st, 1788 New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify making
the constitution official. Virginia ratified on June 25th and New York on
July 26th. Rhode Island was the last of the thirteen colonies to sign in

I was impressed, I couldn't have pulled out the dates and I'm the damn
teacher. "Very good, Megan. Point for your team, and brownie points for
you. Boys, give Megan her brownie points." The boys moved over to Megan
and Casey put his face in her lap and started licking her pussy. Josh and
Ben each started sucking one of her tits.

"I didn't know there were brownie points." Lisa said.

"Nether did I, but you have to admit, she earned them.

Next question." I continued. "Math, pi to at least two decimal places."
the card, "Stephanie."


"And another point for the class, and another payoff point. English.
In Tom Sawyer. Name Tom's girlfriend and did she give head? I flipped
over the card. "Casey." I wondered if his school had read Tom Sawyer, some
schools banned it from their libraries.

"Brownie points coming up." Casey said as he stood. "Pay attention
class. Tom Sawyer is a classic study of a boy growing up along the
Mississippi. Please note that's the river not the state. Tom grew up in
Missouri. The book was written by Mark Twain which was the pen name of a
man named Samuel Clemens. Tom's girlfriend was Becky Thatcher who while
Clemens didn't mention it in the book gave head to Tom and several other
boys out behind the schoolhouse. His best friend was Huckleberry Finn, who
also gave head and was better at it than Becky. Tom lived with his aunt
who didn't give head but had a thing for whips with the reverend." Casey
grinned at me. "How'd I do teach?" he asked.

"You did great." I admitted. "And you would get some terrific brownie
points, except you just earned the third point and everybody gets to play."
A cheer from the class as Casey pretend pouts.

"Okay, Casey lay down at the end. Stephanie next to him and Megan next
to her. Dawn forth, Mackenzie fifth and Miranda sixth, then Gillian."
Jenny was moving up and down on my limp cock which was making it hard to
concentrate, so I lifted her off and gave her a swat on the butt to send
her over to the group.

"Casey, who do you want? I asked.

He though for a second and then turned red. I thought he was going to
ask for Stephanie, but he surprised me. "Amber." the nine year old giggled
and settled on Casey's face.

"Stephanie, who would you like?"

"Ben." As Ben came over and pushed his hard cock into her mouth, I saw
her reach over to Casey and grab his hand, intertwining their fingers.


Megan giggled and said "Jenny." As Jenny settled onto her face, I
wondered how she'd like the cum she found inside.







"You've already done Carrie." I said.

"I know." She said blushing to the tips of her nipples, "I liked it and
I want to do her again."

"No rule against it." Gillian offered.

"I suppose not, Carrie." Carrie was already sitting on Miranda's face
and leaning forward to her pussy. At least they weren't fighting.

"Gillian? I asked.

"Tami." She said definitely. Tami blushed but moved to the bigger girl.

"Clarissa lay down, who do you want?"


"Brandee, you're next."




"And Melissa you get stuck with Josh."

"Hey!' Josh said

"I don't mind." Melissa said and in a few seconds had her mouth full of
erect cock to prove it. And me, I got to sit behind my desk and play with
myself. It was exciting watching eleven asses move as twenty tongues
licked and probed and by the time that Melissa came I was hard again. It
was so cute, because Casey and Stephanie held hands the entire time they
made it with Ben and Amber. We definitely had a budding romance here.

It was a couple of minutes past eleven and lunch was at eleven thirty.
"Okay group, we have time for one more set before lunch. But first of all,
brownie points, Casey lay down on your side." Casey did. "Josh you lick
his asshole, Ben, you suck his balls, and..."

"Hey, this isn't the kind of brownie points I had in mind." Casey
complained, even as Joshes tongue started working into his ass crack.

"Take it or leave it." I said with finality but I was going to have
Stephanie suck your cock, limp as it is."

"Well okay."

"Gillian, will you come here please." When she did, I pulled her down
and whispered, "Are you a virgin?" she nodded, so I whispered again, "Do
you want to be one at lunch?" Gillian shook her head and I rolled my chair
back from the desk and indicated my lap. Gillian swung her leg over and
sat down. She scooted back until my cock was pressed against the underside
of her pussy.

She stood on her tiptoes, grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy and
then sat down in one firm movement. I felt my cock rip through her cherry,
but she didn't slow down, she just started fucking me. I started playing
with one of her nipples with one hand and then looked back at my class.

"Teach, I want to protest." Lisa said.

"About what?" I asked.

"Two things, one, Casey is making way too much noise." Mackenzie and
Amber had added their tongues to the group and were working on his nipples
and Casey was moaning loudly from the attention of five tongues. He looked
embarrassed as I looked at him, but kept moaning. "And second, "Gillian
was the only cherry in the sixth grade and you've ruined her.

Most of the fifth graders looked back and forth at each other and then
up at the front of the class where Gillian was bouncing on my lap. "Is he
fucking her?" Tami asked.

"Oh yeah." Said Lisa and Ashley together, grinning..

"Did he fuck Jenny before?" Dawn wanted to know.

"Oh, yeah." Jenny said proudly.

"Class." I said warningly. "You can settle down and get another round
of sex jeopardy, or you can watch me fuck the sexiest girl in the sixth

"Hey!" The other six graders all said together.

"Thank you." Gillian said loudly with a grin.

"I didn't say it was you." I said just as loudly and with just as big of

"Meanie." She accused, but didn't stop fucking me.

Then Casey came loudly and drowned us all out. After he quieted down,
Stephanie had a face full of cum which she hadn't managed to catch in time
and Ben and Kayla started licking it off. Casey looked embarrassed that
he's cum on Stephanie's face, he also looked like he wanted to be the one
licking her clean.

"First question." I said, and the game went on hold again while I came.
Gillian pumped my cock to the last drop and then leaned back against my
chest. "Let's try again. First question, Math. Turn five thirteens into
a decimal. You can use the board." I flipped the first card. "Amber."

Amber stared into space for several seconds. "You can use the board if
you need to." I reminded her, but she shook her head.

"Point three eight..."

"Right." I said.

"...four six one five." she finished.

I pulled open a desk drawer and pulled out a hand calculator and ran the
problem. "I'm impressed." I said. "I was only looking for point three
eight, that's as much as I did in my head."

"Brownie points? Ashley asked.

"Brownie points." I agreed. "Ashley, go lick her ass, Ben you can lick
her cute little cunt, and Josh give her something to suck on." The three
went over to Amber, laid her on her side and got into position.

"Next question. Name all five characters in Scooby Doo?"

"What kind of question is that?" Gillian asked from my chest.

"I'm the teacher. I decide what's important. And Scooby's the best
cartoon every made."

The class erupted into a wave of noise as everyone named their favorite
cartoon. I heard pokeman, sailor, and tiny toons, the rest was lost in the

"Quiet." I yelled, startling Gillian who looked up at me and mouthed
'Winnie the Pooh'. I mouthed 'Tigger' back at her and looked at the class.
I picked up a card and read it, "Ashley."

"Scooby Doo, Fred, Shaggy, Velma, and Daphne. Scrappy Doo and Scooby
Dum guest starred, but I thought they brought the show down. It's my
favorite too."

"Janae, her ass. Kayla her pussy. Monique and Dawn get her tits.
Casey give her a sucker. Torrie take her place on Amber's ass." I waited
while the class rearranged itself.

"The payoff question. I think we'll do science." A couple of girls groaned. "Name the chemical symbol for," I paused, waiting for dramatic
effect. I needed a drum roll. "Gold. Gillian would you do the honors?"
Gillian reached down and picked up a card, she read it, smiled and handed
it to me. "Gillian seems to think we have a winner here, Megan."

"'A' 'U'". She said smugly.

"Gillian was right. We have a winner."

Megan lay down, Ashley next to her and Amber next to her.

"Megan who's our lucky winner?"


"Casey come on down." I said in my game show voice again. "Ashley?"


"And Amber."


"Next, Mackenzie?"














"And that leaves Monique and Lisa. Get to it, we only have ten minutes
until lunch bell rings and whatever it is they serve in the cafeteria, the
first servings are better than the last." The eleven couple spread out on
the mats and started tonguing each other. I got up and walked through the
maze of bodies watching, occasionally leaning down and pushing a finger
into a squirming butt.

I turned around and went back to my desk and started to dress, at least
I wouldn't have to hurry. I pulled on my pants and buttoned my shirt and
sat down to pull on socks. Mackenzie and Melissa moaned and rolled apart,
both grinning uncontrollably.

I motioned them over while I put on my first shoe. I held it out to
Melissa and she giggled and started tying it for me. "Well, how do you
girls like sex ed week? I asked as Melissa finished pulling the bow tight.
I pulled my foot back to me to inspect the job she'd done.

"Great." Mackenzie said.

"It should be sex ed month." Melissa said, "Too much to learn in five
days." Mackenzie nodded agreement. I thought about a month of this and
wondered if I was strong enough to take it.

I pulled on my other shoe and held it out to Mackenzie. "Mackenzie, I
was thinking. Mr. Hoskin's said you have a twin in the seventh grade, but
I haven't seen her. Are you identical?" I asked as Mackenzie rested my
foot on her leg and started to tie it. She had trouble getting the bows
right and started again.

"No, Morgan's a lot bigger than me for one thing and her hair is darker
and she wears it shorter." she answered as she tied my shoe.

"Better get dressed." I told the two ten year olds. Then announced to
the rest of the class, "If you're done, get dressed. The lunch bell is
going to ring in about ninety seconds." About half the class scurried to
the piles of clothes and started sorting them out. I noticed several who
didn't have the same clothes on when they finished as they had when they
arrived in this morning. Most of the rest rolled apart as the bell rang
and the dressed ones hurried out of the room. All that was left on the mat
was Kayla on top of Janae, Gillian on top of Jenny, and Tami on Miranda.
As I watched their butts move rhythmically my damn cock started getting
hard all over again.

The six girls came almost together and rolled apart and smiled up at me.
"Did we keep you waiting?" Gillian asked with a sexy smile.

I thought about skipping lunch and fucking the little girl again. "No
problem," I said. "But you'd better get dressed and get down to the
cafeteria." The girls dressed quickly and left, all taking the opportunity
to run their hand across my tented out crotch as they went.

Chapter XI Sex 302

I ate quickly and headed back for the classroom. I wanted to make a
list of who had done what to who while it was still fresh in my mind. That
would help me make it fair for everyone. Fucking Jenny and Gillian was
still fresh in my mind and just thinking about the two girls had me hard

I just written the last name and was going over the list a second time
to make sure I hadn't forgotten anybody when Mackenzie came in with another
girl. "Hi Teach. This is my sister Morgan." she said. Morgan was about
two inches taller than Mackenzie, though amazingly her waist was smaller.
She was wearing a white t-shirt with Scooby Doo fucking Daphne from behind
that I was pretty sure Hanna Barbara didn't put out, and a pair of cut-offs
that were cut so high it was obvious that she didn't wear underwear either.
Her hair was dark brown and tied into two long ponytails that hung down in
front to where her tits would be if she had them.

"Hi Morgan, I'm Mr. Conners."

"I know." she said.

"I'm sorry that we don't have you in this class. I hope you're enjoying
the seventh grade." I said just to keep the conversation going.

"Yeah, she said smugly. I"m too smart for this class, but poor Mac
isn't." I wanted to pull her down across my knees and beat a little of the
ego out of her. But I decided to cause her more pain.

"Actually, I've looked at both of your transcripts, and Mac scored three
points higher than you on the standardized tests last year and I happen to
know she had the opportunity to go to the seventh grade too, but turned it
down." Morgan looked down at her toes and blushed. "Besides," I said,
sweeping Mackenzie into my lap and slipping my hand down her pants, "I
think that Mackenzie is pretty happy right her in the fifth grade."

"Yeah, she told me that she got to do a '69 with Josh. He's major

"Yes, he is." I agreed, my cock twitching in my pants. "Too bad you
skipped over sex ed." I added.

"Oh we do things in my class too." she assured me. "Mr. Kellerman
likes to teach with his beanpole stuck in somebodies pussy or ass, though
this morning it was Derek's turn."

"Too bad." I agreed and put my hand on her crotch and worked my finger
inside the thin strip of cloth that formed the bottom of her cut-offs.
Morgan let me rub my finger against her pussy for a minute before she
pulled it out, unbutton and unzipped her cut-offs and let them fall to the

I pulled Mackenzie off my lap, pulled her pants down and set her on my
desk, lowering my face into her slit as I pushed a finger up into Morgan.
After yesterday with Jeri and Sheri, and Today with Mackenzie and Morgan, I
decided that doing twins together was my favorite thing.

After a couple of minutes my cock was throbbing. I stood up. And
dropped my pants, then I took Morgan and bent her over the edge of my desk,
next to her sister. I pulled Mackenzie down to my cock and she sucked on
it with no instruction, after a couple of seconds, I pulled it out of her
mouth and aimed it at her sister's asshole. I let the cockhead rest there
for just a second and then pushed inside. Morgan grunted.

"She's never been fucked like that." Mackenzie told me with wide eyes.

"I thought you told me that Mr. Kellerman did you in the pussy and the

"He does some of the girls in the ass, but he's never done me before."
she whimpered.

"I'm sorry." I said and started to withdraw, I'd only penetrated about
an inch.

"Don't stop." she said. "Please." It's hard to say no to a cute ten
year old, so I didn't. I started pushing in further. Mackenzie was
watching my cock disappear without blinking. I took a finger and inserted
it into her pussy. I slowly worked my way in, expected to be stopped any
second, but the girl was so turned on that her vagina was relaxing. I
managed to get my entire finger up inside of her. I'd just achieved
maximum penetration of both girls when the bell rang.

Before I could think about whether to stop or not, Torrie and Lisa
walked in, shedding clothes as they went. They saw me at the desk and
stopped. They looked at each other and then back at my cock buried in
Morgan's ass. Then they walked up to the desk..

"Mr. C, I think you missed the hole." Lisa said.

"No he didn't" Torrie told her with a smirk, and then started whispering
in her ear.

"Really." Lisa said as the other girl whispered. "The first night."
Torrie nodded.

I sent the girls and Mackenzie to their seats as I started fucking
Morgan for real. Her tight ass felt so good and I reached around to play
with her pussy as the rest of the class wandered in.

Jenny was my last student and I was shocked when Mr. Hoskins followed
her in. He didn't seem put off at all to find me with my cock buried in a
ten year old ass. "I was going to ask you how things were going, but I see
you're busy." he said simply. And left. I kept fucking Morgan and tried
to focus my thoughts at the same time. Morgan had started to moan in what
I hoped was pleasure.

"Tami would you look at the schedule and see who has the gym right now."
I asked.

"It's us." Morgan said between moans. Before Tami had gotten out of her

"Okay, Tami would you run to Mr. Kellerman and tell him that Morgan is
going to be a few minutes late and ask him if we can use one of the locker
rooms for a few minutes. Tami stood up, walked up to the desk and watched
my cock pistoling in and out of Morgan's ass for a few seconds and then
skipped out the door.

"Are we going to do some more sex jeopardy?" Monique wanted to know.

"In a little while." I told her as I felt my cock ready to burst.

I started filling her ass with cum just as Tami skipped back into the
room. Tami watched me milk my cock in Morgan's ass, then delivered her
message. "Mr. Kellerman has a real cute cock and he said you can keep
Morgan as long as you like, cause he doesn't like her anyway." Morgan stood
up as I pulled my deflated cock out of her ass. Tami held up both hands,
palms outward in a placating gesture, "his words not mine. He also said
you can use the boy's locker room cause he only has one boy and it would do
Derek good to shower with the girls."

"Okay, everybody up, don't worry about your clothes. We're going to
walk o the gym and go in the boys locker room. No talking in the hall or
in the gym. Go straight to the boy's locker room and wait for me. I
draped my arm around Morgan and led the group toward the gym. As we walked
in, I saw Kellerman on the far side of the gym with his cock buried in one
of Stephanie's sisters, I couldn't tell which one from the distance. I
waved and he waved back. I sent Morgan over to him and went to the locker

I checked to make sure there were towels, then told the class I wanted
them to take showers and clean themselves really good, especially their
genitals and asses. The shower was big enough that a class twice this size
could have showered all at once. They piled into the shower as I watched.
I think every girl had a soapy finger up every boy's butt. And I was
pretty sure that every boy got his finger up every girl's butt. I broke up
the budding orgy and had them get dried and head back to class.

As we went back into the gym, Mr. Kellerman was waiting for me with
Morgan. "Morgan tells me that she wants to be a 5th grader for the rest of
the week?" He said with an inflection making it a question.

"I don't mind, but I thought you were going to fuck her this afternoon."

"She'll just miss her turn." he said with a chuckled. He picked her up
and kissed her hard on the mouth. "Be good." he told when he set her down
and she followed us to the room.

"Okay everybody take your seat and settle down. Morgan you can sit at
my desk." I waited while everybody got settled. "Before we get back to
double sex jeopardy where the questions are twice as hard." A load groan.
"We're going to talk about one other part of oral sex, the asshole."

"Boys come line up, facing my desk and lean forward." The boys did.
Girls I want three lines, one behind each boy. Seven girls in two of the
lines, and six in the third." It took them only seconds to get organized. I
picked Casey up and set him on his knees on the corner of my desk, getting
him high enough that everyone could see him."When it's your turn, separate
his asscheeks like this, and then lick from the base of his balls to he top
of his crack. Then go back and lick his asshole. You can try pushing your
tongue into his asshole, it depends how tight he is, and how flexible and
strong your tongue is. Like this." And I demonstrated on Casey's cute
little ass, then lifted him back down. "After you finish, go to the end of
the line on your right. If there's no line on your right, go all the way
to your left. Okay go. I settled back and watched as the girls played
with the boys assholes. After the boys were finished, I picked three girls and started all over again, repeated the process until everyone had been

"Okay, move the chairs again and sit down in the middle. It's time to
play sex double jeopardy." I finished in my game show voice. "Things will
get a little different, because if you win, we're going to work on

The game went quickly and soon it was time to assign positions again.
"Okay, Tami. You can choose two people and assign them as you please, to
your butt, your pussy or your mouth."

"I want Josh to eat my pussy and I'll suck on Ben's dick." she said with
a huge smile."

"Boys, get to it." I ordered.

"Mackenzie, you're next. Two people.

"I want to suck Casey's cock while Morgan eats me." Morgan made a face
but knelt between her sister's legs and started licking her pussy.

"Let's see. I believe Gillian is next."

"I want Lisa to eat my pussy and Torrie to eat my asshole." she said
grinning at her two fellow sixth graders.

"You heard her. Amber, who did you want?"

"I want Dawn to eat me while I eat her sister."

"Dawn and Kayla, time's a wastin'. Next is Jenny."

"Carrie on my pussy and Brandee on my mouth."


"Monique between my legs and Janae riding my face."

"I guess she likes eighth graders because of their vast experience." I

"And last we have Miranda."

"Clarissa licking my cunny and Melissa on my face."

"Very good."

"And that means I'm stuck with Ashley and Megan." I laid down. "Ashley,
If you do a good job on my cock, you may just pass math this quarter." She
was already getting an A so it wasn't much of a threat. Ashley knelt
between my legs and started sucking the tip while Megan came over and
plopped on my face. Ashley's tongue was already sending tingles through my
body and I tried to return the favor to Megan, ticking her clitty with my
tongue. Megan must have been really worked up from the ass licking session
because she came all at once, and I came right behind her. I needed to
remember to give Ashley and A in blowjob. I pulled the two girls to me and
cuddled with them while the rest of the class finished. Everyone came
quickly, they all seemed to have hair triggers after our rimming
demonstration. Gillian was the last to finish what seemed to be her third

Did I mention that I helped put myself through collage by playing cards
in the dorms. Not that I would ever cheat for money, but nevertheless it
was no problem to stack the deck as I shuffled the cards. And knowing who
was going to answering the question made it pretty easy to determine the

After I'd gotten the deck ready, shuffling it in front of the entire
class. I called Ashley up. "Horny?" I asked her.

"Dying." she said. I indicated my lap and she climbed up. I leaned
back in my chair so that she could sit on pelvis with my limp noodle
between her legs and try to bring it to life.

I'd arranged the cards so that we'd have a long game. Two right answers
followed by a wrong one most of the time, sometimes only one right before
the wrong and sometimes several wrong in a row. I knew how not to be
obvious. About halfway through the game, Ashley had gotten my cock erect
and worked it into her pussy. I think that I and john Kellerman agreed,
this was the way to teach a class. I wondered if Ken Wallace in the high
school did the same thing.

When I finally let them win, just after I'd come in Ashley's pussy, I
had the exact order I wanted. "Casey?"

"I want to eat Stephanie and have Megan suck my cock."

I'd known he'd choose Stephanie, I'd just wondered who his second
partner would be. "Morgan?"

"Mackenzie can go muff diving, and I want to get my lips around Josh."

I'd figured to even things up between sisters. "Ben?"

I want to eat Ashley and have Gillian give me a blowjob."


"Miranda on top and Janae on the bottom please."


"My sister can eat me and I'll chump on Tami."


"Torrie's pussy and Lisa's mouth."


"I'll eat Melissa and let Carrie get me off."

"And that leaves me with Jenny and Amber."

I laid down and waited for the two girls to come over. "Amber, I'm
pretty soft after shooting into Ashley, so your job is to try to get it
hard, then make me cum."

"I can do it." she said with assurance. I laid back and Jenny mounted
my face.

As I thrust my tongue deep into Jenny's ten year old box, I could feel
Amber's tongue and mouth work my cock, but it wouldn't respond. Jenny
responded quickly to my tongue and as I sucked her clit, she came hard.
When she finished, I pulled Amber up and cuddled with the two girls, making
sure that Amber knew it wasn't her fault.

We played one more round, but there was no winner, imagine that. A few
minutes before the bell rang, I had them reorganize the classroom and get
dressed. I held Amber and Morgan on my lap while the rest worked. Just as
the bell was going off, the door opened and one of the high school girls, I
think her name was Suzy, stuck her head in. She seemed disappointed to
find everything so normal, but smiled and told me that Mr. Hoskins wanted
to see me for a few minutes when I had the chance. I nodded, and told the
class they could go.

The roar of twenty-three voices all talking at once filled the room as
the girls all left. I made out one comment out of the din that made me
smile. Someone, I couldn't recognize the voice in all the noise said
"...get any sleep at slumber parties from now on." The boys hugged and
kissed and fondled the girls as they left, until finally it was just Josh,
Casey, Ben and I.

Chapter XII Surprises

"I need to go talk to Mr. Hoskins for a few minutes, so you guys go
hang in the gym for awhile." I told them. They nodded and walked out. I
gathered my stuff and packed my briefcase. Just as I was heading for the
door, Jeri and Sheri stopped by.

"Hi girls." I said brightly. "Can't talk now." or anything else
unfortunately. "I need to see Mr. Hoskins."

"Mr. Connors got sent to the principal." Jeri said in a singsong voice
until Sheri slapped the back of her head lightly.

"Actually, Mr. Connors. My mom and dad wanted to know if they could
stop by your house tonight. They want to talk to you." That feeling of
panic came back along with a hot bile in the back of my throat, but I
forced myself to relax, trying to remember that they had different rules
here on the ridge and that I wasn't molesting, I was educating.

"Okay. I should be home all night, unless I run out for a burger or
something. And that should only be a few minutes." They smiled and leaned
forward and kissed me on the cheeks. One of them, probably Jeri copped a
feel, but since I was still soft, didn't get much.

I walked down to the office and knocked on Hoskin's door. A gruff voice
shouted "Go away." I started to turn around when he added, "Unless it's
Connors, then come in." I opened the door and stepped in. I was amazed.
Hoskins was sitting in his desk chair and three girls in cheerleader outfits knelt on the floor in front of him. Two were kissing and licking
his balls while the third sucked on his cock.

"Be with you in a second John. The girls were just asking permission
for an overnight field trip." I watched the three girls work together on
the principal. I've always had a thing for cheerleaders in their short
skirts and it became apparent as they wiggled around that none of them were
wearing the dance pants that normally go under a cheerleader's skirt. My
cock turned rock hard in seconds.

One of the cheerleaders got up and walked over to me. She was a blond with big tits and impossibly long legs. She sat in my lap and took my hand
and pushed it under her sweater. I wasn't surprised not to find a bra
guarding that huge tit. I was worried that I was poaching on the
principal's private reserve, but he sensed my anxiety and said, "Go ahead,
John. They need an advisor for the trip, maybe I'll send you.

The thought of being alone overnight with these three beautiful
cheerleaders made me lightheaded and I pulled her sweater up revealing her
tits and sucked a big nipple into my mouth as my hand went searching for
her cunt. "I probably should warn you," Hoskin's said, then stopped as her
started cumming. The two remaining cheerleaders took turns draining him
dry. "I should warn you, that there are seven girls on the squad and these
three are considered the quiet ones." My mind overloaded at the thought of
seven of these lovilies. I didn't know if I could handle it.

"Do we get to go?" One of the cheerleaders asked, wiping cum off the
corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Of course." He said. "Have I ever been able to tell you no." he asked
rhetorically. The two girls jumped up and started jumping around like
cheerleaders. The one on my lap jumped up too, my finger sliding out of
her pussy. The three girls all kissed Mr. Hoskins, then they all kissed
me and in a screaming frenzy were gone.

"One of the benefits of the job." Hoskins remarked as he put his cock
back in his pants and zipped them up.

"I assume they could have gone even if they hadn't sucked your cock?" I

"Of course. They girls all know you can't trade sexual favors for
anything in the school. They're just happy horny teenagers. They would
have sucked me even if I'd said no."

"Who were they, by the way." I asked, slightly embarrassed to admit I'd
been fondling a girl I didn't know.

"I'm sorry. You've fit in here so well that sometimes I forget you're
new. The one on your lap was Chelsea, she's a junior this year. The two
doing me were seniors. The one with the light brown hair was Kelly and the
one with dark brown was Sue. And I was serious about that field trip if
you're interested. Mr. Wallace usually goes, but I'm sure he'd welcome
the break." He chuckled. "And the girls would probably appreciate the
fresh meat."

"I'm not sure how fresh it will be when my class finishes with it." I

"I understand. I taught that class for years and usually could barely
walk for weeks afterward. He chuckled again. "I see you've added Morgan
to your group."

Oh, oh. Now I was in trouble. "Well she was saying that she didn't get
sex ed because she went from finishing forth to starting seventh. And Mr.
Kellerman said it was okay."

"Whoa. I'm not complaining." He said holding his palms out to me. "I
think it's a great idea, and as long as John doesn't mind, I sure don't." I
relaxed. "She's a sexy little bundle."

"That she is." I agreed.

"And I'll bet that asshole of hers was so tight that it almost cut of
the circulation to your dick." I nodded. Somehow, when I was in teacher's
collage, I never thought I'd be sitting in the principal's office
discussing the tightness of a ten year old's asshole.

"Well, you're probably tired and want to get home." I nodded. "How's it
working out with the boys?"

"Great. They're a good group."

"Buggered them all, I suppose."

I was shocked for a minute, but stammered out, "Just Casey so far."

"I thought he was your favorite."

"Well, as a teacher, you try not to have favorites, but yes he is." I

"Good." Hoskins said, though I didn't know why. "I'll be sorry to send
them back."

"Their parents will be glad to get them back."

"Oh, you didn't know?" he asked, surprised.

"Know what?"

"They're orphans. So were the others you had."

"Orphans? That's too bad."

"Yes. I believe that Casey and Ben both lost their parents in car
crashes. Josh's dad died in the army and his mother had cancer."

"That explains how you were able to get them for a week."

"Yes, I've got some pull with child services."

"Which will last as long as they don't know what you're doing with them"
I said with a laugh.

"Actually Amanda Hayes, the director of child services took sex ed from
me twenty five years ago, so I'm guessing she has a pretty good idea."

"Is that why you wanted to see me? To check up on the boys."

"Well that, and to ask you a favor."

"A favor?"

"I was wondering if you would mind keeping the boys a little while

"I don't see a problem with that." I told him. "How long?"

"Oh, six or seven years should do it."

"Six or seven years?" I choked.

"Take a deep breath." he advised me. "This is a favor, not an order."

"But six or seven years?"

"What we're hoping for, is that you'll adopt one or two or all three."
The school board and I want a few more boys in the school. Poor Derek is
gay, because the girls started in on him almost as soon as he could walk.
The district is willing to give you a big bonus for adopting, more than
enough to cover your extra expenses. Plus we have a big house that we'll
rent you for the same as you're paying for that one bedroom apartment."

He shut up and let me think. Actually I kind of liked the idea. The
boys were great and if the district was going to pay me to raise them. And
not only that, but they'd probably all have girlfriends pretty soon, and I
was sure they wouldn't mind sharing with dear old dad.

"How big is the house?" I asked.

"Huge. Five bedrooms on two acres with a pool in the backyard and
satellite television and internet. The district will take care of
utilities, all you'll have to pay is rent."

"What if I want four boys?" I asked.

"Four, that would be great." He seemed overjoyed. " Who's the forth?"

"David. You said he was a orphan too?"

"He is, We could arrange that. I like it."

"Then, I'll do it." I said, but then had a second thought. "I can't."


"The state's going to run a background check. As soon as they do,
they'll find out about the mess at my last school and there's no way
they'll let me adopt." I felt like a deflated balloon, the idea had been so

"If the papers are on my desk tomorrow at noon, will you sign them?"

"Yes, but..."

"No buts. The papers will be here. You can sign them or change your
mind, I won't hold it against you."


"Weren't you listening. The director of Children's services grew up on
the ridge. She knows we'll take good care of the kids. Besides, her
daughters in forth grade this year and she's thinking about moving back.
You may have her little girl next year." Somehow the idea of having sex
with the 10 year old daughter of the director of children's services just
went against the grain, but I'd wait until next year to worry about it.

"If you have the papers here, I'll sign them. After I've talked to the
boys of course."

"I don't think they'll object." Hoskins stood up and held out his hand.
"Thanks John. I appreciate and the board will appreciate it. I'll have
the keys for the house tomorrow, you can move in this weekend. Then we'll
get David here as soon as we can, maybe tomorrow.

"If David comes tomorrow I think I'll put in with his class in the
second grade. I don't think he'd be ready for tomorrow." I said.

Hoskins chuckled and agreed. "And John," he said as I stepped out the
door, "I'd really like you to think about that cheerleader trip. You'd
enjoy it. We can find a babysitter for the boys, or you can take them with

"One thing at a time boss, one thing at a time.

Chapter XIII More Surprises

I took the boys to a restaurant and we had an early dinner. Then we
went home. I thought about it. It really was going home. I was about to
be a father. To four growing, and very cute boys. Now, I was really going
to have to work on not treating Casey as the favorite.

I sat them on the sofa. "Gentlemen. I want your clothes to stay on and
your hands kept to yourselves. I am going to take you into the bedroom one
at a time to talk to you." I said seriously.

The boys looked at each other, then at me. Josh who was sitting in the
middle said, "Are we in trouble? What did you do?"

I laughed. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. You're not in
trouble and you haven't done anything. At least nothing I've heard about
yet. I just need to talk to you one on one, and I want it to be serious,
which is why I don't want you fooling around. Okay?"

They nodded. I started to call Casey first, but checked myself.
"Josh." I set him on the bed and shut the door. I noticed his hard cock
pressing at the fabric of his jeans but tried to ignore it. "First of all,
what I'm going to talk about to you, is the same thing I'm going to say to
the others, but when we leave, don't say anything. I want each of them to
have a chance to think about it by themselves before you all discuss it
together. Got it?"

Josh looked confused but nodded.

"I just found out today that you're an orphan." Josh looked a little
upset. I wondered if he thought that I thought that made him less of a
person. "If you're interested I'd like to adopt you." Now he looked
stunned. "I'm going to ask Ben and Casey too, and David, the boy from

I was startled to see a tear running down his cheek, then he jumped up
and hugged me. "Should I take that as a yes." I asked, and he nodded, too
choked up to talk. I gave him a long gentile kiss and sent him to the
bathroom to pull himself together.

When he came out, I reminded him "Don't say anything to Casey while I
talk to Ben. After I've talked to all three of you, then you can talk to
each other." He nodded with a big grin on his face, then put on a straight
face that looked like I'd just beaten the kid. He walked out and plopped
down in between Casey and Ben. "Ben, could you come here please."

Ben looked at Josh's face and I'm sure thought about running, but walked
slowly back to me. The inmates in prison movies walk to the electric chair
faster than that. I was lucky I didn't have a bigger apartment. I
indicated the bed and shut the door behind him. One good thing about the
fear, he didn't have a hard-on to distract me.

"Okay, I'm going to talk to you about the same thing I just talked to
Josh about, and the same thing I'll talk to Casey about in a couple of
minutes." He nodded, with that 'I'm ready to take my medicine' kind of
look. I had to swallow a couple of times, not to laugh in his face. "Mr.
Hoskins told me this afternoon that your parents died and you don't have
anybody else to take care of you. I'd like to adopt..." That was as far as
I got before he hit with a tackling hug.

I got him settled down and ready to send back out front when he said, "I
know Casey's your favorite, but that's okay." I guess I had been more
obvious than I thought. I reminded him not to talk to Josh and switched
him with Casey.

"Casey, I just found out that both of your parents died. I'm sorry."

"It was a couple of years ago. I"m getting used to it." he said.

"How'd you like to come and live with me?" I braced myself for a hug,
but it didn't come.

"You mean it?" he asked. I nodded. "You really mean it?" He asked

"Casey, I'd like nothing better than to have you live with me
permanently." Then I got the hug. It was more restrained than Josh or Ben,
but it was real. I found out later that Casey had been adopted twice
before, but it hadn't worked out.

I took him back to the living room and sat him on the sofa. "Okay boys,
you all know I want to adopt you. I also want to adopt little David who
was in class with us Monday. In a couple of minutes, I'm going to send you
into the bedroom to discuss it amongst yourselves. I'm going to leave you
in there at least two hours. If you want to get naked and fool around at
the same time, that's okay too."

"Mr. Hoskins is helping me with this and thinks he can have all the
paperwork arranged by lunch tomorrow." The boys exchanged looks. "So
tomorrow before you eat lunch, I'll ask you if you want me to adopt you.
You can tell me yes. You can say no without hurting my feelings, or you
can tell me you need more time and we'll postpone. Questions?" They
exchanged looks again and shook their heads.

I decided not to tell them about the new house yet.

"Two more things I'd like to talk about. One is sex. You are not, I
repeat, are not exchanging sex for a place to live. I've enjoyed playing
with each of you, and I want to keep doing it, but it's your body and you
have the right to say no. Understand?" They nodded, but I decided to
emphasize the point.

"If I want you to suck my cock, and you don't feel like it, say no. It
will not change the way I feel about you, and it won't effect your
allowance or if you can go to a friend's house. If nobody else wants to
suck me, I can always jack off."

"Or go over to Torrie's house." Josh put in.

"Or go over to Torrie's house." I agreed. "And incidently, if you get
in trouble and I'm going to spank you and you want to give me a blowjob to
apologize, you can, but it won't get you out of the spanking. Okay so
far." They looked at each other and all nodded. When I though about it,
they'd acted like brothers since I'd met them, they should fit in real well

"Okay, one more thing before I exile you to the bedroom for a couple of
hours." Ben made a good point a few minutes ago." Ben looked confused, not
knowing what he'd said. "He said that Casey was my favorite." Casey pumped
himself up a little. "He was right. Josh and Ben exchanged glances. "But
it's one thing for me to have a favorite when you were going to be here a
couple of days, it's another if I'm going to adopt you."

"I'm going to try hard, not to have a favorite, but I'm only human, and
if I do, I'll try not to treat him any different. If you think I am, and
you come and talk to me reasonable I'll try to make things fair. If you
come and shout and whine, I'll beat your butt till it's black and blue and
lock you in a closet for a week. Is that understood?" All three nodded

"Go. I don't want to see your sorry asses for at least two hours. I'll
call you." They scampered to the bedroom and closed the door. A minute
later the door open and they ran out and one by one kissed me. Then they
ran back to the bedroom and peace settled on my life for a couple of hours.

I was watching tv an hour later. Jeopardy was on and I was having a
great day. I'd just about run every question on the board and the final
jeopardy category was 'Elements' and the final answer was 'element with the
chemical symbol A U' which was one of the questions I'd asked today.

I'd heard a variety of noises from the bedroom, loud talking, laughing,
at least one orgasm. But mostly I was enjoying what could be my last peace
for ten years, since David was three years behind Casey.

There was a knock on the door and I went to answer it. At first I
thought it was a mob come to tar and feather me, but then I realized it was
Stephanie's family.

"Mr. Connors?" The woman asked. I nodded, still put off by the huge
crowd in front of me. "I'm Brenda Wilson and this is my husband Mac. A
huge man stepped out of the shadows sticking out his hand. I think you've
met most of the brood, these are Jeri and Sheri the oldest. And these two
are Carrie and Teri. Stephanie's in your class, and I hear that Lizzie and
Dizzy got to visit the other day." I blushed and looked the man out of the
corner of my eye, but he didn't seem upset. "And these are my last two,
Candy and Mandy. The third graders were identical to each other, but
didn't look like any of the others. For one thing, they were blondes.
"Oh, and hiding in the corner over there, is Megan and Tami, they were
visiting Stephanie."

"We've almost always got a few extras." Mac said.

"I heard you have three more on the way." I said.

Brenda looked startled, then smiled. "I guess I should have known I
couldn't keep a secret on the ridge. Well, I am pregnant, but the doctor
isn't sure if it's two or three."

"If it's three, I'm tying her tubes myself." Mac said. "That would be a

"I'm sorry." I apologized. "I've kept you standing outside. Won't you
come in?"

"You sure your place is big enough?" Mac said with a laugh.

"If nobody exhales." I told him back and he laughed again..

I showed the parents to the sofa and had them sit down. "Girls, why
don't you go check up on the boys in the bedroom." I suggested to give us
some privacy.

"Shut the door, but no fooling around." Their mother yelled after them.

The opened the door o the bedroom and Jeri said "Check it out."

Then one of the youngest twins said "Look what they're doing."

I guess I probably should have warned the boys. I looked at the parents embarrassed. "The boys..."

"...will be boys." Brenda finished for me. "Mac's sister in Oregon has
three sons, the girls aren't seeing anything they haven't seen before."

"What can I do for you folks?" I asked.

"Well, first off, I want to tell that the girls all think you're

"Well thank you. It's always nice to hear."

"Stephanie says, that you're her best teacher ever. And Jeri and Sheri
both like you a lot too. Lizzie and Dizzy can't wait to be in your class
next year."

"If you keep talking like that, I'll have to ask Mr. Hoskins for a

"You should."

"Since I haven't been here very long, I'm not sure he'll appreciate it."
I chuckled.

"Then I'll ask him for you, and since my family represents a good
portion of his student body..."

"That's for sure." And the three of us laughed.

"We wanted to talk about Christmas."

"Well, to tell the truth, I haven't even thought about Halloween yet,
and that's next week." I was relieved. I figured they were being
neighborly and wanted to invite the bachelor teacher to Christmas Dinner.

"Every year, Mac and I take a vacation by ourselves the day after
Christmas. You can imagine how much we appreciate two weeks of peace and
quiet with nine kids in the house."

"Especially nine girls." Mac added and Brenda elbowed him in the

"Well, anyway, we go away for two weeks. Usually Mrs. Taylor stays
with the girls, but the girls don't really bond with her, and Jeri
suggested you."


"Sure, why not?"

How about the fact that I fucked your daughter yesterday, I thought.

"You're a teacher, you'll be perfect. Jeri, Sheri, Teri and Carrie are
all hot blooded girls and after tomorrow, Stephanie won't have her cherry
either." I glanced at Mac and he glared at me. I cringed a little thinking
what this huge man could do to me. Brenda slapped him in the stomach with
the back of her hand. "Ignore him. He wishes he could fuck the girls himself, but he'll have to be satisfied with some of their friends." I'd
wondered about incest on the ridge, apparently it wasn't tolerated. At
least father daughter wasn't.

"So what do you think?" Brenda asked.

"I don't know, you've caught me by surprise." I stammered. There was a
loud female squeal from the bedroom, but nether parent seemed concerned, so
I ignored it.

"The little ones are virgins of course, and we'd like them to stay that
way until sex ed in the fifth grade, but with you and their big sisters
around that may not be possible, but I'm sure you'll use your best
judgement." Brenda continued.

If I heard right, Brenda just said I could fuck her eight and nine year
olds if I wanted to.

"As you can guess, with nine kids and more on the way, we have a big
place." Mac put in. Eight bedrooms, horses, a pool."

Talking about their house reminded me about my own.

"Their might be a problem. I just agreed to adopt the boys."

"You did, that's wonderful. So the school board is going ahead with
their plan." Brenda said.

"You knew?"

"About you, no." Mac said. "But we'd heard that the school board wants
to raise the boy girl ratio a little bit. Instead of 140 girls to one boy,
they'd like a ten girls, one boy ratio. If you adopt three, that only
leaves them ten to go."

"Four." I said.

"Four?" Mac and Brenda said together.

"I'm trying to adopt four. Those three," I waved at the closed bedroom
door, "and another boy David. He's seven."

"That's even better." Brenda said. "We'd still love to have you babysit
after Christmas, unless you think your hands are going to be full with your
new ready-made family. The boys can come too. The girls will love it."

"If it's not too late, why don't you ask me again in a couple of weeks.
By then the world should have stopped spinning."

We got up and walked to the bedroom door, I opened it and Jeri was
standing over the bed, with her pants around her ankles teasing the boys with her pussy, while the other girls watched. She had a large purple
dildo that she was pushing slowly in and out of her cunt. All three boys stared mesmerized with their cocks in their hands. "Look, don't touch,

"Jeri Michele Wilson!" Her mother said loudly.

The smile on Jeri's face faded quickly. "Momma."

"I believe we have had a talk or two about cock teasing."

"Yes, momma."

Brenda held out her hand and Jeri pulled the dildo out of her pussy and
handed it to her. "Do we bring our toys when we go visiting?"

"No momma."

"You've created three problems. Deal with it."

"Yes, momma." she said and crawled on the bed to Josh's cock and started

"Mr. Connors, I can see she created a problem for you as well." Brenda
said pointing at my tented out pants. "If you'd like..." she waved at her
daughter's ass. I wasn't sure if she was offering pussy or asshole but I
shook my head. Somehow, I didn't have it in me to fuck the little girl while her parents watched.

Josh came quickly and Jeri moved to Casey.

"I'm not sure if this is a punishment for her." I commented.

"I'm sure it's not." Mac said.

"You can be sure, we will deal with her at home. This isn't the
punishment. This is justice for your boys." Jeri sucked Casey dry and
moved on to Ben. When Ben came, she stood up and faced her mother. "Pull
your pants up." Her mother instructed and Jeri did, giving me a quick grin.

"We have just spent half an hour, trying to convince Mr. Connor to
babysit you girls during our vacation, the way you wanted. And what do you
do, you demonstrate just how big a brat you can be. Now the only way we'll
get this nice man to watch the other girls is to ship you off someplace.
Maybe Aunt Lucy's." Brenda told her child.

"No, momma. I'll be good. I promise.

"You still have a couple of weeks to demonstrate that before we have to
decide. Go sit in the car." Jeri hung her head and slunk toward the front
door. Candy and Mandy were standing on one side of the bed, playing with
Josh's limp cock, while Lizzie and Dizzy stood on the other and manhandled
Ben's noodle. Casey lay in the middle by himself.

"Okay girls," Mac said, We'd better get you out of here before we have
more problems. The younger twins let go and followed their father out of
the bedroom to the front door.

"She's your favorite, isn't she." I asked Brenda as she turned to go.

"Jeri, yes she is. Am I that obvious?"

"Only to me." I chuckled. She shook her head and followed her family out the door. I watched the door shut behind her.

"How'd you boys like to spend two weeks living with that group?"

"I don't think I could survive two weeks of that." Josh said, fingering
her limp cock.

"But what a way to go." Ben said.

"You said it." I agreed, as I fell on the bed between Josh and Casey.
"What a way to go. I pulled the three boys to me in a giant group hug.

Chapter XIV Sex 401

The boys and I spent a quiet night. I was trying to save myself for the
next day and the boys were worn out from the days activities. About ten we
all climbed into my bed together and a few minutes later we were asleep,
though I did remember to set the alarm.

I woke up about six thirty, completely refreshed. I looked at the top
of the bed, all four of us were sleeping on our backs and the bedspread
looked like the rocky mountains. As I crawled out of bed, Ben opened his
eyes and I motioned him to follow me. We went into the bathroom, I closed
the door and started the shower and then pulled him in with me. I leaned
down and gave him a long slow kiss feeling his hard cock bounce against my

"So what were you guys doing when the girls walked in on you." I asked.

Ben blushed but said, we were experimenting with ways for Casey to suck
both of us. I was sitting on Josh's stomach with my legs open and Casey
was holding my cock down against Josh's cock and trying to suck them both."
He finished. "You should have warned us."

"I forgot." I apologized. I knelt down and soaped his body with a bar
of Irish Spring, I did a real good job on his cock and balls, though I
didn't make him cum. I even managed to get two soapy fingers into his ass.
When I finished, he returned the favor. We rinsed off, toweled dry and
went in to wake the other boys.

I told Josh and Casey to wash each other, but warned them not to cum or
I'd beat their butts. Then Ben and I got dressed and waited. Josh and
Casey came out a few minutes later, giggling, red faced but with two huge
boners. They got dressed and we drove to a family restaurant on the edge
of town.

The waitress who looked about nineteen seated us immediately after very
obviously checking out our four tented out crotches. "You must be Mr.
Connors." she said, after we'd sat down.

"I am, how did you know?"

"My sister's in your class." I took a close look at her, but couldn't
see a resemblance to any of my students. "Gillian." she supplied. "She
said you broke her cherry yesterday."

I looked around, but we were the only ones in the restaurant. "Gillian
said you were wonderful." I grunted. I've never been real good at handling
compliments, but I was totally at a lose as to how to respond to 'you did a
great job deflowering my virgin sister'. I don't think even Hallmark makes
a card for that.

"I'm Sarah. It's going to be slow in here until after eight, we could
slip over to the storeroom..." she suggested. She was a beautiful girl,
and normally it would have been a great idea but today I had to turn her
down. She looked hurt for a second, but then brightened. "That's right.
It's Thursday and sex ed week. You have to save yourself." I wondered if
there was anyone in town who didn't know what I was doing with my class.

We ordered and a few minutes later Sarah brought us steaming plates of
omelettes and hash browns of heroic proportions. We finished and when I
tried to pay, Sarah wouldn't let me. "On the house." she told me. "You'll
need your strength today." I left a big tip and the boys and I got up to
leave, Sarah came over and gave me a kiss and a squeeze for my cock. "Stop
by some morning and we'll get to know each other." I promised I would.

We drove to the school and went to the classroom. Even though it was
ten minutes before the bell, my entire class, plus Morgan and Amber were
sitting in their seats waiting. I smiled at them, pulled out my grade book
and started marking it, ignoring the class. The bell rang and ignored them
for several more minutes.

"Mr. Connors. Eager young minds, ready to learn here." Lisa said.

I closed the book, stood up and came around my desk. "Somehow, I don't
think it's your minds that are eager." I said with a chuckle. "Listen
carefully, I have four instructions for you. One, get undressed. Put your
clothes neatly on the seat of your chair so they don't get all mixed up
like yesterday. Two. Move all the chairs to the side of the room. Three.
Put the mats down the middle of the room. Four, if you are a boy, come up
here by my desk. If you're a virgin stand over by the windows. If you're
not a virgin and you lost your cherry in class this week stand by the back
of the room. And if you're not a virgin, but you lost your cherry before
sex ed week, over by that wall. Everybody got it?" Twenty three heads
nodded, "Go." The class scurried to follow directions.

I went behind my desk to undress. I folded my clothes neatly and laid
them on my desk thee way I'd instructed the class. When I finished the
room was arranged and everybody was in their group except Amber.

"Problem Amber?" I asked.

"I don't fit." she said. "I'm not a virgin, but I didn't lose my cherry
in class. I also didn't lose it before this week."

I pointed her back with Gillian and Jenny. I looked around. I was a
little surprised that Melissa and Dawn were in the non virgin group, but
other than that it was what I expected.

"Sit." I told them. "Today we're going to talk about intercourse.
Which is to say, fucking. Now fucking is what two people or maybe I should
say, two or more people," The class laughed, "do together. It is not an
adverb to be used in every sentence. Today we're going to discuss fucking
and most of us are going to do it. First, is there anyone who does not
want to have intercourse with a member of the opposite sex today." I wasn't
surprised when no one raised their hands, but the lesson plan Mr., Hoskins
had given said to ask.

"Okay, step one. A boy. guys go lay down please." The boys laid down
nest to each other at one end of the mats. Step two, an erection. The
erection is a wonderful thing, it makes our cocks stiff and hard enough to
penetrate tight areas." several giggles.

"Step three, we need a girl. A pretty girl helps." a couple of laughs.
"Mackenzie come here please." Mackenzie came over to me and I stroked her
hair. "Step four, we have to get the girl in the mood. Morgan lay down
please." Morgan laid on the mat next to Ben. "Mackenzie go sit on your
sister's face." Mackenzie giggled, but skipped over and sat with her pussy over Morgan's mouth. "Boys, please lick her everywhere." The boys crawled
to Mackenzie and started licking her.

"Actually, usually getting in the mood involves making out, kissing,
petting and other kinds of foreplay, but Mackenzie is so tight, that I'm
trying to get her super turned on.

I left Morgan and the boys to work on her and continued the lecture.
"Step five, which most of you can skip, is breaking the cherry or hyman.
We talked about girls having a thin membrane that protects their vagina, in
order to have sex, that membrane has to be broken. Because every girl is
different, breaking it can be different for every girl. I've known girls who didn't even notice and other girls have cried for hours." The six non
virgins on the side were starting to look a little nervous. I looked
directly at them and told them, they didn't have to do anything.

"I think that the best way to do this is fast and hard. A quick
penetration to break the hyman, and then wait until your vagina gets used
to the uninvited company." Tami and Miranda giggled.

I laid down on the mat." Boys, back to your spots. Morgan, back to your
group. Casey, you and Josh change positions please." Casey moved next to
me. "Mackenzie come sit on my legs, Ashley come sit on Josh's legs,
Stephanie on Casey and Lisa on Ben." When the girls had gotten settled, I
continued. "There are almost as many ways to fuck as there are people in
the world, the most common is two people laying together, one on top, the
so called missionary position.. While we practice, I want the rest of you
to pair up into 69's."

I hadn't moved Casey next to me because he was my favorite, but because
he had the only other virgin, and I wanted to be able to coach them if
necessary. And he didn't have the only other virgin because he was my
favorite, but because he and Stephanie had made a real connection and I
wanted their first time to be with each other. Josh and Ben actually had
it easier, because I'd given them the two girls I guessed were most
experienced. "Begin." I said.

I had Stephanie and Mackenzie lift themselves up on their knees and
Casey and I grabbed our cocks and pointed them at their pussies. The girls then lowered themselves as far as they could go. Stephanie took almost
half of Casey's cock before stopping and I was a little amazed that I got
the entire head of my cock into Mackenzie's pussy.

I rested my hands on Mackenzie's hips, and looked at Stephanie and
Casey. "I'm going to count to three. When I say two, Stephanie take a big
breath, when I say three, Stephanie push down as hard as you can and Casey,
put your hands on her hips and pull as hard as you can while you push with
your cock. Got it?" Both kids nodded. I looked past them to where Lisa
and Ashley were happily fucking the other two boys.

"One, two, three." Stephanie and Casey followed directions and she was
sitting, a little stunned on his pelvic bone, his entire cock buried in her
pussy. But at the same time, I'd pulled Mackenzie as hard as I could onto
my cock. I looked up at her and there were tears running down her face.
"You okay?" I asked her. She nodded, but obviously wasn't sure. "I
thought if I did when you weren't ready, you wouldn't tense up, and I'm
in." Mackenzie looked down to where most of my cock was buried in her pussy and smiled.

Her pussy was so tight that I wondered if I could ever get her off. I
had a mental image of going through life with a ten year stuck on the end
of my cock.. Stephanie and Casey had started moving, experimenting with
his cock moving in and out of her pussy. Ashley was cumming loudly and
Josh was cumming with her. Ben looked like he had shot his load and Lisa
wasn't finished, so I told her to mount his face until her climax.

Casey and Stephanie looked like they were getting close a couple of
minutes later and Lisa had started to moan. So I looked at Mackenzie, "You
ready to try?" I asked her.

"What do I do?"

"Lift yourself up so that my cock comes out a little ways and then push
it back in." I told her.

She tried, but made a face. "It still hurts."

"Just relax, we have all the time in the world." I told Josh to get a
folding chair and set it up at the head of the mat, then I stood up, taking
Mackenzie with me and moved to the chair. The class slowly reorganized
itself. When everyone was ready, I started lecturing again. "Ben and Lisa
demonstrated what I want to talk about next." I said and Ben turned red. I
had Jenny, Gillian and Amber each grab a cock and start playing with it
before I went on.

"Sometimes, couples don't cum together. That's nature. If the girl..."
I stopped for a second because Mackenzie had pulled me a couple of inches
out of her pussy and then pushed back in. I looked down at her and she
smiled. "If the girl cums first, great. Just keep fucking and chances
are, the girl will cum again. But if the guy cums first, he's probably
done. As we've seen in this class several times over the last few days,
most guys need anywhere from several minutes to several hours before they
can get hard again." The girls laughed and the boys turned red.

"Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys in the world who think that when
they're done, sex is over. Ladies, you have the right to get off too. If
your lover cums before you do, get him to finish you with his tongue, or
his finger, or his nose or whatever it takes. Sex is supposed to be good
for both partners. Yes." I recognized Clarissa with her hand up.

"Why does one cum before the other?" she asked.

"It could be a lot of things. In this case it was stimulation. Ben was
super stimulated because it was his first fuck. Lisa wasn't nearly as
stimulated because it was her four thousand six hundred and eighty third

"Hey." Lisa protested.

"It can be experience. When I first started fucking girls, I came in
about thirty seconds, now after years of experience I can usually last at
least forty." The class laughed. It can be tension. Having a bad day, it
may make you cum quicker or not at all. It can be quality, maybe your
partner is just fantastic, that could make you cum quicker."

"The point I want to make is, not cumming together is not the end of the
world, make the best of it." Mackenzie had started to move in my lap.
"Excuse me a minute, I think Mackenzie wants to fuck now." Definitely not
something I ever imagined I'd tell a class. Mackenzie had loosened up
enough that she was fucking me for real, and seemed to be enjoying it. I
sat back and let the little girl do the work and control the pace.

Morgan walked up and stood beside me. "My little sister, losing her
cherry." she said nostalgically.

"Big sister." Mackenzie moaned as she picked up the pace.

I put my hand on the inside of Morgan's thigh and worked my thumb inside
her outer lips. "Big sister?" I asked.

"She's six minutes older." Morgan admitted.

Mackenzie was moaning louder and I knew she was close and so was I.
I've seen cartoons where a guy ejaculated so hard he blew the girl clear
across the room. I wondered if this was going to be the one. I could feel
the explosion building, building and then I came. Mackenzie came at the
same time or pretty close too it. Just as I shot my load, my thumb pushed
deep inside Morgan's pussy and she gasped.

My breathing was heavy for a couple of minutes, then I looked at my
class and smiled. "What we demonstrated there was cumming together.
Unfortunately it's rarer than a lot of love stories would suggest, but it
does happen, and to me, when it does, it heightens the experience. I
lifted Mackenzie off my cock but set her back in my lap. I gave Morgan a
swat on the butt to send her back to her group. I looked around. My cock
was dead of course. Josh's cock was hard again in Jenny's hand and I
signaled her to stop. Gillian had Ben about half way there and Casey was
just starting to respond to Amber's touch.

"Since I don't want to talk about anything depressing while we wait for
four cocks to get hard, we're going to do a little story hour."

"You got to be kidding. We did that in the second grade." Monique

"Not like this." I said. "And you get to start things off. How did you
lose your virginity?"

Monique blushed, but started talking. Two summers ago I spent a month
in Minneapolis with my aunt and I fell in love with the next door neighbor.
He was thirteen, I was ten. I let him fuck me and then he still ignored
me, except when he was horny. There's been about six guys since. There
probably would have been more, but guys are scarce up here, except for
Derek, and he runs."

I laughed. "Dawn, I'm dying to know how you lost your cherry, cause
your sister seemed surprised."

"She didn't know." Dawn agreed. "We spent a week this summer with my
grandparents in Washington. The next door neighbor was a kid that Kayla
couldn't stand. Every time he came by, she disappeared. I thought he was
nice, not like a boyfriend or anything, but just a friend to hand with. He
and I would take walks by the lake."

"One day," Dawn continued, "I was wearing a skirt and he offered me a
dollar to climb a tree. I was suspicious about the way he said it and I
knocked him down and sat on him until he would tell me why. He said he
wanted to see my underpants. I told him that I would have been happy to
show him, except I wasn't wearing any, so I showed him my pussy instead and
one thing kind of lead to another." Dawn shrugged.

"And you never told me." Kayla asked from across the room."

"You didn't like Doug. You would have made fun of me."

"You still should have told me." Kayla accused.

I held my hands up and the two stopped. Ben and Casey were hard now and
I waved Gillian and Amber away. My own cock was starting to respond to
rubbing against Mackenzie's ass.


"First day of school. Mr. Kellerman knew I was the only virgin so he
set me on his lap in front of the whole class. He stuck his hands down my
shorts and played with my pussy while he talked about world war two. After
almost an hour, he stood up and pulled off my shorts, then he took off his
pants and called Derek over to suck on his cock. Then he put it in me and
I cried a little bit, and he sat down like you were doing with mac and
fucked me while everyone took notes about the books we're supposed to


"Photographer when I was eight. I was doing some bathtub photos and I
guess he got over stimulated.


"Ask Ashley?"


"Ask Lisa."


"Softball coach. Got me first, Then Torrie, then Ashley."


"Gymnastics coach down the hill. A couple of weeks ago. If I try real
hard I can be on his team." I raised an eyebrow at that.


"My boyfriend Todd, this summer."


Brandee looked down at her toes. "Um. Uh..."

"Okay you don't have to say anything if you don't want to. Now ladies,

"It was my cousin." Brandee interrupted. The thing is, he's only eight,
but he's so damn cute. I kinda seduced him this summer."

"Kinda?" I asked.

"Kinda." she agreed. "I got him to play doctor and I needed a shot."

"That's okay." I told her. "Ladies, I notice that several of you have
lost your virginity to adults. Three by a baseball coach, one by a
gymnastics who's evidently still doing it?" Melissa nodded. "A
photographer, a seventh grade teacher. Jenny and Gillian by a sixth grade
teacher, and Amber by a pervert in the movie theater." Amber nodded.
"That's fine, but don't let anyone take advantage of you because they're an
adult. If Mr. Hoskins says 'give me a blowjob' and you don't want to,
then don't. If I say 'spread your legs, I need a good fuck' and you're not
in the mood, tell me no. It's your body. You're lucky enough to live on
the ridge where they have very liberal ideas about sex, but that means it's
a right not a duty.

My cock was hard, so I pushed Mackenzie off my lap. "Megan, if I say I
want to fuck, and you're not in the mood, what do you say?"

"No way Jose."

"If I say I want to fuck and you are in the mood, what do you say?"

"Where do you want me teach?"

"So I guess the question of the moment is," I said, standing up, "are
you in the mood?"

"Yeah Baby." Megan said, standing up. She launched herself at me in a
flying hug landing just above my cock. I caught her and supported her with
my hands on her ass and my cock rubbing against her pussy.

"Kayla, Miranda, and Torrie n the mat, on your hands and knees." I set
down Megan between Kayla and Miranda and she assumed the same position.
"Doggie style, the girl on all fours, the guy behind her." I knelt behind
Megan and directed Casey behind Torrie and Ben behind Kayla and Josh behind
Miranda. Then I told the rest of the class to pair off again.

I entered Megan in one smooth stroke. She was almost as tight as
Mackenzie, but I had a feeling she was tougher, so only I gave her a minute
or two to adjust and started thrusting my hips against her butt. All three
virgins seemed to be enjoying their first fucks. I fucked harder, wanting
Megan to feel my cock deep inside her and she reacted but pushing back into
each thrust. I glanced at Casey on the far end, he seemed to be enjoying
the feeling of Torrie's pussy but occasionally he'd glance guiltily at
Stephanie who was locked in a 69 with Lisa.

I decided that I needed to get Stephanie fucked by one of the other boys right away, to help Casey deal with his feeling of guilt. Megan came hard,
and the sounds she was making quickly sent Kayla and Miranda over the edge.
Then Casey came As he pulled his softening cock out of her, he started
thrust a finger into her cunt, trying to bring her off.

I pulled my still hard cock out of Megan's tight little slit and walked
on my knees to Torrie just as Ben and Josh started erupting together. I
moved Casey out of my way and pushed my cock into Torrie. "Hi teach." She
said as I circled my arm around her waist.

"I missed you last night." I told her as I thrust deep into hr womb.

"Mom said, we should give you a break." she said.

"Mom was probably right." I agreed. "I hope you're close because I'm
almost there." I warned her.

"I'm on the edge." she told me. And then her breathing got even faster
and I knew her orgasm was hitting. I kept thrusting, driving deeper and
deeper and then felt the wave of release as my cum spurted into her. I
milked my cock slowly in her pussy and then pulled out with a soft plop.

I wanted to curl up and take a nice long nap, but I had a class to
teach. I crawled to my chair and sat down. Then I motioned Clarissa over
and had her sit in my lap. I put her hand on my limp dick and told her
that she needed to get it hard if she wanted to lose her cheery this
morning. Then I focused on the rest of the class.

"Well that's five less virgins in the world." I joked and Clarissa and
Tami showed me a pout. "Stephanie, please try to get your boyfriend hard
so he can fuck another girl." Stephanie and Casey both blushed and the rest
of the class laughed. "Mackenzie, why don't you and your sister work on
Josh and Dawn, you and your sister work on Ben. We need some hard-ons if
we're going to make it to lunch today."

The assigned girls moved to their assigned targets and I found out that
Morgan had never sucked a cock, so Mackenzie was showing her.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Three things that I'm going to mention
now, and we'll talk about in detail next week. Pregnancy, condoms, and
sexually transmitted diseases."

"Basically, none of you want to get pregnant for many years yet. I
happen to know that most of you are on birth control, though a lot of you
may not know it. Your homework today is to talk to your mother about birth
control. Now one thing you should know is that, no matter how unfair it
is, the girl is ultimately responsible for birth control because, dah,
you're the one that can get pregnant. It would be nice if the boys share
is the responsibility but some won't. So you have to be careful."

"The good news is, you don't have to worry about this class, because I
can't have kids." several of the girls said 'awww.' "And the boys were
given an oral contraceptive that Mr. Hoskins got from a pharmaceutical

"Condoms. Next week we'll have you practice putting condoms or rubbers
on cocks. Erect cocks work best and there seems to be a shortage of them
this week." The girls laughed and the boys turned red, though my cock and
Ben's seemed to be responding a little."

"Last, sexually transmitted diseases. There is a very corny saying,
that when you have sex with someone, you're having sex with everyone that
person has ever been with. Next week we'll talk about some of the
precautions you can and should take to keep yourself and your future lovers

"And one thing, only slightly off topic. I talked before about not
getting forced into sex. Just as a piece of information, boys can't die
from an untreated erection." The girls laughed. "Seriously, there are boys out there, who will tell you they can actually die from getting worked up
and not getting fucked, or a blowjob or whatever they're after.

My cock was hard and so was ben, Josh and Casey looked like they were
getting there. I told Dawn and Kayla to stop and had Ben get a folding
chair and set it next to mine. Then I had him get two more and set them on
the other side of me. Casey had a huge erection now and Stephanie let go
and casey came up to sit down. Josh had a hard cock too, but Morgan was
trying her best to swallow it, so I had to yell at her. The I had the
three boys take seats.

"Next we have one of my favorite positions, sitting." Tami had been
sitting across my legs, so now I picked her up and moved her until she was
straddling my legs and facing me. I told Jenny to get on Casey's legs the
same way. Then I had Amber and Gillian mount the other boys facing our
audience. "As you can see, there are two variations. If you fuck a girl like Casey and I are doing, I can kiss, reach her ass to play with it." As
I said that I pushed a finger up Tami's ass and she jumped. I can suck her
tits, whatever. In the position we have Ben and Josh, It is very easy to
play with her tits, or reach down and give her clitoris some extra
stimulation. The rest of you may break into twosomes, threesomes or
whatever, but make sure nobody gets left out."

I picked Tami up and arranged her over my cock, then asked her if she
was ready. When she nodded, I pulled her down on my cock and ripped
through her hyman in one fast move. I kissed her, pushing my tongue deep
into her mouth. I felt her sob once. I pulled my mouth away from hers and
kissed her cheeks, her eyelids, her nose. She smiled and nodded. I
pointed to where Jenny was fucking Casey while he let her do all the work,
and she nodded again and started trying to move her pussy around my cock.
As she tried to fuck her cunt up and down on my shaft, I wondered if it was
possible to overdose on tender young pussy.

Next to me, Jenny was enthusiastically fucking Casey. He seemed
surprised when she leaned down and stuck her tongue in his mouth, but
sucked on it greedily.

Tami cunt walls were so tense that she couldn't move. Once again I was
trapped by a pussy. I wondered if I walked to lunch with Tami on my rod,
if anyone would notice. I stroked her firm tight ass and then sucked on a
finger and slipped it between her cheeks to her tiny puckered asshole.
While Tami kept trying to move on my cock, I forced my finger into her ass
to the second knuckle.

"What is that?" she asked startled.

"Just my finger." I purred in her ear. "If I can't fuck your pussy,
I'll finger fuck your ass."

"Oh." she said, which turned into "Ohhhhhh." as I pushed my finger in
further. She leaned forward and hugged me as I moved my slippery finger in
and out of her delectable asshole. Then I felt the walls of her cunt start
to relax, which was good, because they'd been holding my cock so tight, it
was actually painful.

Beside me, Jenny came and Casey was right behind her. I looked down the
row and saw that Ben and Josh were starting to disengage from Amber and
Gillian. "Okay, fuck me." I whispered to Tami and she sat up and pulled
her pussy almost completely off my cock and then plunged down again
engulfing it. "Ohhhhh." she moaned as she did it again and again. I felt
the walls of her vagina start to constrict again, this time in orgasm.
Tami groaned loudly and melted against me, my hard cock still buried in her
little cunt.

I pulled my finger out of her ass and lifted her off my cock and set her
on the ground. On wobbly legs she walked back to the mats and sat down.
Clarissa had been sitting on Miranda's face while Mackenzie licked
Miranda's pussy. Her eyes lit up as she saw my still hard cock glistening
with Tami's juices. Clarissa stood and walked to me, without a word, she
swung her leg up and straddle my legs, inching closer to my cock. I
doubted that I could stay hard long enough to bring her to climax, but I
knew I could break her cherry and that was what she wanted right now, not
to be the last virgin in the fifth grade.

I put my hands on her hips and lifted her over my cock, she reached down
and pulled her pussy open and guided my cock head to it and then I pulled
her down. My cock entered easily, finding no obstruction. She must have
broken her cherry sometime before, either in sports or when playing with
herself. Taking her cherry might have been symbolic, but it still felt
good. As I entered her to my full length, I felt her cunt walls closing in
on my cock and thought that I was going to get stuck for a third time.

But then her cunt relaxed. Then it tightened again. The muscle of her
cunt were fucking me without either of us moving. I looked deep into her
eyes, she smiled, "Am I doing good?" she asked.

"You're fantastic." I told her. If I'd known, she definitely wouldn't
have been last. Then she started moving up and down on my cock and she
squeezed those talented cunt muscle at the same time. It was heaven. I
wondered if a ten year old could get married in Cherry Ridge. She could be
the boy's mother.

"About three strokes later, I told her "This is it." She nodded, and
amazingly, she started cumming with me. I was going to have to find out
her secret. As I shot what was left of my seed into her vagina, I lay back
against the back of the chair, limp. Clarissa Lay against my chest and

I wanted to say 'class dismissed' and just sit there with Clarissa still
impaled on what was left of my cock, but a glance at the clock told me that
it was still fifteen minutes until lunch. I sat up, still holding Clarissa
against me, one hand massaging her back, the other exploring her tightly
muscled butt.

"Okay class. If my calculations are correct, there isn't a virgin in
the room." Most of the girls and all of he boys grinned. "After lunch,
we're going to get back to some more traditional subjects." a general
groan, and Monique's hand shot into the air. I put my hand out to her,
because I already knew what her question was going to be. "There are some
of you, who didn't get a morning fuck." a few chuckles, it's not the sort
of thing you expect to hear in a classroom. Depending on the availability
of erections, we'll try to get you a turn in the afternoon. Some of you
may even get a second chance."

"Okay clothes on, desks set back up and a couple of the mats set up in
between your desks and mine." The class scurried to obey. Clarissa started
to get up, but I held her in place. "I'm keeping you." I told, and she
settled back against my chest as I watched my class about their appointed
tasks, a couple of minutes later, it looked like a regular classroom except
for the naked teacher and fifth grader locked together in the front..

When they were all dressed and sitting in their own desks, I reached
behind me and picked up a piece of paper. "Since we haven't accomplished
anything this week in our regular subjects, there will be a ton of
homework. Get out your notebooks." A few groaned as they all complied. The
boys had no notebooks and didn't no what to do until I nodded at them to
relax. "Ashley, would you take down a list for Clarissa?"

"I can see she's busy right now." Ashley agreed sarcastically. Clarissa
sat up, looked over her shoulder at Ashley and stuck out her tongue, then
she lay back on my chest. I separated her ass cheeks and started rubbing
her crack.

"Fifth graders, English workbook chapters eight and nine, math chapters
eleven and fourteen and social studies chapter ten through twelve. Sixth
graders, english chapters fourteen fifteen and sixteen, math chapters four
and five, and social studies, chapter twenty-one. All of you science
workbook chapter thirty. Questions?" Most just looked at me, a few shook
their heads.

Amber and Morgan were sitting in their desks looking superior, and
smiling at everybody so I figured it was time to burst a couple of bubbles.
"Morgan, check with Mr. Kellerman, he said he'd have a list of your
assignments that you're missing while you visit." Her face fell, after
being reminded that she wasn't getting out of anything. "And Amber, you
can ask Torrie's mom whether you should do this homework instead of your
home school work or in addition to." And a second falling face. My work
was done.

There was a knock on the door, and when no one entered, I yelled "Come

A little girl, about first grade walked in. Her eyes got wide when she
saw Clarissa sitting on my lap naked. "Mr. Connors?" she asked and I
nodded. "Mr. Hoskins asked me to tell you he has something for you in his
office." she stammered.

"Thank you." I told her and she left. I looked at the clock, four
minute until the lunch bell. I thought about sending them early, but the
lunch lady scares me. "Does anybody know a patriotic speech; the
Gettysburg Address, I Have a Dream, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. That
sort of thing?" Nobody raised their hand. I considered doing part of John
Kennedy's inaugural address for them, but thought that Clarissa might
detract from it's impact.

Melissa raised her hand. "Yes, Melissa." I said.

"I know the declaration." She told me."

"Can you recite it for the class?"

She stood and took a deep breath, "We hold these truths to be
self-evident. That all men are created equal. That they are endowed by
their creator, with certain inalienable rights. That among these, are
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure..."

The bell rang. "Excellent Melissa, you get your choice of cocks when we
have hard ones. Melissa beamed. "Lunch, go." I said and the room started
emptying. Reluctantly, I lifted Clarissa off my lap and set her on the
floor. She grinned and ran to her chair to get dressed. I sat for a
minute watching her, then got up and got dressed myself. I had to see

Chapter XV family To Go

I walked to the office. Hoskins door was open so I walked on in, the
first thing I saw was David sitting on his desk. There you are, john."
Hoskins said when he saw me. They just delivered four sets of paperwork
and this." he said, using his thumb to point at David.

David giggled and went back to playing with Hoskin's pen and pencil set.
I looked at the four stacks of paper on Hoskin's desk and groaned. "I have
to go through all that?" I asked.

The old man chuckled and said, only if you want to, They've got
everything down, if you trust them, all you have do is sign in three places
per set."

"Where do I sign?" I asked. Hoskins waved me into his chair and I sat
down and he opened the first set for Josh and pointed to a line and I
signed it. He opened another page and I signed again. And finally he
opened it to the last page and I signed it.

"Congratulations, you're a father." he smiled. He picked up the stack
of papers and set them aside. We repeated the process for Ben and then
Casey. Hoskin's picked up the last set and put them in front of me. "Do
you want to do these now, or wait a while?"

I got David's attention. "Hi David, you remember me?" I asked. He
nodded with a big smile that made me feel good. "Do you know why they
brought you back, Did anybody tell you?"

"They said you want adopt me?"

"What do you think about that? I mean, you don't even know me?"

"I think it would be really cool. They said you were adopting Casey,
Josh, and Ben, And they were real neat."

"Those papers right there would make it official. I can wait a few days
for you to think about it if you want." I offered. David slid off the edge
of the desk and came to me. He stood at my side and put his arms around my
neck and hugged me tight. The damn chair arm poking into my side. Then he
took my head in both hands and pulled it forward until our noses were
inches apart. "Adopt me." He said. I pulled him up on my lap and nodded
to Hoskins. Hoskins opened the papers to the first signature block and I
signed. Then the second and then the final one.

"It's official." Hoskins said.

"That means you're mine now." I said, and hugged him tightly. "And I
have a list of chores for you to do that'll keep you busy until Christmas."

He wiggled out of my grasp and slid to the floor. He stood in front of
me, chest out, legs together, and threw me a credible salute. "When do I
start dad?" he asked.

A tear welled up in my eye when he called me dad. I hadn't really
thought about what the boys would call me. Hoskins laughed as he saw me
choke up, but I ignored him and ruffled David's hair.

"I still can't believe it's all legal." I muttered.'

"Orthodox, no. Legal, yes. According to the state of Idaho, you are
now the legal guardian of four dependents. Or at least you will be when
these papers get back to Boise and into the computer."

"Four dependents. man that's going to be cool on April fifteenth."

"I hadn't thought about that, but you're right." Hoskins agreed with a

"I guess the next step is to get them registered in school." I mused.

"I'll take care of that." Hoskins said. Just take David to janet and
introduce them. Oh, and the bad news for your paycheck is that David's
birthday is on Halloween, just a week away."

"Now you tell me." I said and ruffled his hair again. Somehow I'd
always thought of myself as the father of twin girls. Then I found out I
couldn't have kids, and didn't think of myself as a father at all, and now
I was the father of four boys. Go figure.

"By the way, what stuff the boys had, which isn't a lot, I understand,
is being shipped. Should be here in a few days

I nodded and led David out of the room with my hand on the back of his
neck. We went to the cafeteria where janet Kelley was eating lunch. I got
two trays from the line and took David to the table where janet and
Kimberly Meyer were eating. "Hi, ladies, can we join you?" They nodded and
we sat down. "Ladies, this is David..." and I got stuck on the issue of
last names. David's name was Warton, but maybe now it was Conners. Did
David get a choice? I didn't have a clue, so I left it at David. "David,
the old bat there is Kimberly Meyer, she teaches third and forth grade."
Kimberly made a face and threw a pea at me. "The beautiful one is janet Kelley." David mumbled hi and attacked his salisbury steak.

"Janet, you have a new student."

"I don't want a new student." she moaned. "I have the biggest class now
with twenty-nine. What am I going to do with thirty girls?"

"You don't have thirty girls." I told her. "But you do have thirty

The look of comprehension crossed her face immediately. "David?"

"Yep, David." I agreed. "I just adopted him, and you get to educate

"She stuck her tongue out at Kimberly. "Nah, nah, na nah nah. I got a
boy." she singsonged.

"Guess what girly." Kimberly said. "You get him for seven months then I
get him for two years."

"Not if I hold him back." janet threatened.

"There will be no holding back, or I'll promote David straight to the
fifth grade and teach him myself." I bellowed.

The two teachers looked sheepish and nodded.

"David, I'm going to leave you with Miss. Kelley, she's your teacher.
You be good and I'll see you after school, okay?" He threw his arms around
me again and gave me a big hug, almost stabbing me in the eye with a gravy
smeared fork.

"I'll bring him by your class after school." janet promised.
"Meanwhile, David's about to be the most popular student in the second

I was almost afraid for him, twenty-nine girls and him. I wasn't quite
sure if that was a dream or a nightmare.

I walked back to my class and sat at my desk to go over my lesson plan.
The bell rang and my students trickled in, the boys last. I noticed from
the bulges in their pants that all three boys had grown fresh hard-ons
though mine was still soft.

I stepped around to the front of my desk and leaned back. "I have great
news. We're getting three new students today." There was a lot of
muttering and I could tell that everybody, even the boys assumed it was
three new girls. "Torrie, Lisa, and Gillian, would you please go back to
the storeroom and get three sets of textbooks and workbooks."

The three girls got up and shuffled back to the storeroom. Lisa paused
at the door. "What grades?" she asked.

I picked up a piece of paper on my desk and studied it. It was a
spelling words list. "One fifth and two sixth." I told her. Lisa looked
puzzled for a second and then smiled. I knew she had figured it out and
wondered if she'd tell the other two. "While we're waiting, I'm going to
give you your spelling words for the week, and yes, there will be a test on
Friday as usual which only gives you one day to study." I set down the
paper I was holding, shuffled the papers on my desk a little and picked it
back up. "Fifth grade words first." And one by one, I listed the ten fifth
grade words, they usually had twenty but I was going easy on them.

About the time I finished, the girls came out of the storeroom each
carrying a stack of books. They walked to the front of the room and Lisa
asked me where I wanted them.

"On the new students desks." I told her and pointed to the boys. Lisa
immediately turned toward Josh and dumped her load on his desk. Everybody
else froze while it sunk in. "Ladies, Josh, Ben, and Casey are no
permanent parts of the class. I adopted them at lunch." The room filled
with the sound of cheering.

I let them go for a couple of minutes until John Kellerman walked in the
door, then I signaled them quiet. "He looked around the room and shuck his
head, "From all the noise, I thought you'd invented a new position for the
Kama Sutra." he said.

"No, the girls just found out the boys are staying." I told him.

"That is good news." He said and walked to each boy and shook his hand.
He came back to me, and with mock depression said, "I guess this means that
Morgan will want to stay. I'll miss her. She has the tightest pussy in
the class."

Morgan jumped out of her chair and ran up and hugged her teacher, her
cheek pressed against the bulge in his pants. "I'll come back, I promise."
she told him. He patted her on the head and separated himself from her.
Then with a cheery wave, he left.

"Okay, with a little less noise this time." I said with a smile. "The
boys are staying, this means we will have a few rules. There will be no
sex in the classroom unless I or a teacher says it's okay. I am talking
about boy-girl, boy-boy, girl-girl, or any possible combination. By sex I
mean hand jobs, blow jobs as well as fucking. This is a classroom." There
were a lot of depressed faces.

"This doesn't mean no sex at all, it means you have to earn it. And his
goes for before school and during lunch too."

"What about after school?" Torrie, our cute little next door neighbor

"That will depend on how well they take care of their chores." I told

Torrie stood up and walked over to the boys. She stared down at them.
"You will take out the garbage on time." She said in a threatening voice. I
laughed and so did most of the class.

I sent her back to her seat and continued. "These rules are necessary
because all of you young ladies seem to be horny from the time you wake up,
until the time you go to bed."

"That's not true." Gillian challenged.

"It's not?"

"No, I'm horny when I'm asleep too." she said.

I shook my head sadly and went on. "Okay sixth grade words. Would
somebody loan the boys some pens and paper, because starting now, they have
to worry about the home work too.

After I'd given out the spelling words, I gave Melissa a choice of cocks
and she chose Josh. Then I paired Casey with Brandee and Ben with Dawn and
let them fuck on the mat in front of the class while I taught math. The
main whiteboard up front was divided into two sections, one for each grade.
I'd have the sixth graders review the work from the last math class while I
did a section with the fifth grade. Then while the fifth graders practiced
what they'd hopefully just learned, those of them who weren't rutting on
the floor anyway, I'd do the sixth grade work.

The three couples were laying there panting when I finished the fifth
grade section, so I sent them back to their desks and started on the sixth
grade. I had the girls get dressed, but the boys stay nude. About a half
an hour later, I noticed that Ben had a fresh hard-on and put him to work
fucking Carrie doggie style while the class talked about poetry.

I got hard again as we moved onto science and had Morgan come up and I
tried out her other hole. Mr. Kellerman was right about her being tight,
but she had nothing on Mackenzie or Tami. I'd have to work out a trade
with him.

About the time I finished, Josh and Casey were ready to go, so I had
them fuck Janae and Monique standing up in corners while the class talked
about current events. When they finished, we went to P.E.

After P.E., we came back and I had the class write a two page story about any two same sex persons in the class. Why did I have the feeling
that these assignments would put anything in letters to Penthouse to shame.

When we finished, I collected the papers and we had a few minutes left
to talk. The boys all had raging hard-ons and so did I for that matter,
but there wasn't enough time to do anything about them. Ashley wanted to
know if sex-ed week was over or if I had more surprises tomorrow. I just
smiled and tried to look enigmic.

The bell rang and I shooed them all out. janet brought David in against
the tide, and I reintroduced him to his new brothers. Then I sent them off
to play basketball while I looked at the papers I'd just gotten. "Guys," I
told the three older ones, "New brother, don't break him." They nodded and
led him out.

I'd just finished my third story, Monique's contribution about what Josh
and Ben do when they're bored, when I felt like I was in the middle of a
crowd. I looked up and all the Wilson children were lined up in front of
me according to age. Or at least according to grade, I didn't which of the
twins had been born first.

"Can we talk to you for a few minutes?" Stephanie asked.

"I feel like I'm going to get mobbed if I say no." I said, nodding.

"We really, really want to come babysit us." Sheri started.

"Watch you." I corrected after she stumbled over saying babysit.

"We really, really want to come watch us." Sheri corrected with a smile.

"And Stephanie told us that Josh and Casey and Ben are going to be
staying and we want them to come watch us too." Jeri added.

"If I remember correctly, the boys watching you, is what got you in
trouble last night." I said and Jeri flushed.

Jeri stepped forward out of the group, "I want you to come watch my
sisters, even if you want me to go away first." she said looking at her

"Did you say that because you mean it, or because you think I'll go soft
and want you to stay?" I asked with just a hint of sarcasm.

"Both." she admitted after a few seconds hesitation, "But I'm hoping for
the second one."

"I don't think it would be much fun if, every time I tell you something,
I have to punish you for doing something else." I said. "Especially since
you seemed to enjoy the punishment.

Jeri grinned for just a second. "I did enjoy the punishment at your
house, but not the one when I got home."

"Jeri has to do all our chores," Lizzie said.

"Every Day," Carrie added.

"From now until Halloween." Sheri finished.

Jeri grinned and nodded. And Halloween night, I have to sit and give
out candy, even though we only get a couple of trick or treaters. No
parties for me.

"Well, if I say yes," I started, "I will want Jeri to be there." Jeri
smiled and nodded her appreciation. "And I'll probably say yes." I
finished. Suddenly all nine of them were around the desk and hugging me.
Somehow during all that hugging, the youngest twins, Candy and Mandy wound
up on my lap.

My cock was throbbing as I held the two wiggling eight year olds, so I
told Jeri, "I think you owe me something from lat night. She didn't
hesitate, she dropped to her knees and working in between her squirming
sisters, she carefully loosed my cock from my fly and started sucking on
it. While she did, the others told me all about their house and all the
stuff we could do there, and how much fun it was going to be with the boys and I for two weeks.

I"d discovered that the squirming twins, squirmed a little less when
held by the crotch of their shorts and was trying not to be distracted by
all the other girls with hands down their pants and shorts, including
Lizzie and Dizzy when I felt that old familiar feeling and without warning
erupted into Jeri's mouth. The youngest twins watched in fascination as
Jeri milked every last drop and released my spent cock, then they reached
down and felt it for themselves.

I dumped the twin from my lap, zipped up and scooted them out of the
classroom, then gathered my stuff and went to collect the boys. On the way
home, I stopped at an office supply store and bought them all the
notebooks, pens, paper and assorted other goodies they'd need for school.
Looking at the credit card receipt in my hand, I hoped the bonus, Hoskins
promised was going to be a big one.

We got home and I headed for the bed and laid down, The boys soon laid
on and around me. Then I noticed that none of the boys were hard. "What
happened to your woodies?" I asked as I slid my hand into Ben's shorts and
massaged his soft cock.

"We, ah..." Josh started.

"Well..." Casey added.

"A boy at basketball put their thingys in his mouth and they got all
soft." David explained.

"I see." I said. I had meant to talk to the older boys and explain that
we had to go slow with the sex stuff around David. Now I was too late.

"Derrick was there playing basketball after school, and he complained
that we didn't like him anymore, and..." Josh explained.

"And you showed him you liked him, by letting him take care of your
aching hard-ons." I finished and Josh nodded. "I'm not mad or anything,
just remember, you have a brother now." I said, ruffling David's hair with
one hand while playing with Ben with the other.

"Okay." they agreed in stereo.

"We were wondering..." Ben started.

"We, uh, saw Torrie and Amber in the gym, and they said they'd like to
come over tonight." Josh said. It was looking like he was going to be the
spokesman for my mob.

"I don't have a problem with that. I'm beat, but you guys can hang with
them." I said, thinking that David and I could go to bed early.

"She wanted to bring a couple friends."


"Seventh grade friends." Casey explained. I only knew two seventh
graders, Stephanie's sisters, so I probably didn't know these girls.

"They were hoping we could go to a movie." Ben said.

"Torrie wants to see Spider-man." Casey added.

"I don't think so." I said, "I'm pretty beat."

"Please." Josh said.

"I don't think so."

"Please." Ben said.


"Please." Casey said. "I'm your favorite." he reminded me.

"Not anymore." I said, ruffling David's hair again.

"Please." David said, just to be part of the group.

"Does the word tired mean anything to any of you?"

"I'll let you fuck me in the ass." Casey said, and the two older boys eyes widened.

"You let me anyway." I told him.

"I'll let you fuck me in the ass." Josh offered hesitantly.

"You're tomorrow's class project." I told him and his eyes widened

"I'll let you fuck me in the ass." Ben said.

I squeezed his cock which was getting harder in my hand. "I don't think
I could if I wanted to." I told him, taking my hand off David's head and
patting my shriveled dick.

"But if you could, you would, and then we can go to the movie?" Casey

"I'll tell you what." I offered. "If I can fuck Ben, and if Ben lets
me, and if Ben is a great fuck, and if the kitchen gets cleaned, and if the
bathroom gets cleaned, and if the living room gets picked up, cause there's
kids clothes everywhere, and if Torrie comes over with friends and wants to
go to a movie, then we'll go. But that's a lot of ifs. Sure you wouldn't
like to just watch TV."

"Nope." Josh said, taking charge. "Casey, you start working on his
cock. Ben, you start in the bathroom, and I'll do the kitchen. David..."

"David's hanging with me."

"David you stay right here." Josh continued.

The other boys either accepted Josh as the leader or found his
instructions reasonable because nobody complained. Casey reached over and
started loosening my belt while Josh and Ben went to their jobs. David was
laying in my arm, probably wondering what the hell was going on.

Casey got my belt loose, and my pants undone, then slid down and went to
the foot of the bed. He untied my shoes and slipped them off, then for
good measure, he pulled off my socks before pulling my pants down. Then he
climbed up between my legs and pulled my underwear down. I lifted my ass
to make it easier. My cock was a pathetic looking thing, completely limp.
After he got my underwear off, he lay on his stomach between my legs and my
cock and balls both with his mouth. It was a big mouthful, but he managed,
and now he massaged them with his tongue.

I slid my hand down on David's hip and got to know him. He watched
Casey with big eye's while he talked.

"So how was your first day in Janet's class?" I asked him.

"Miss Kelley." he corrected.

"Sorry, how was your first day in Miss Kelley's room."

"Great. She had me take off my clothes and show all the girls my thing,
like I did in your class."

"Did you like that." I asked.

He nodded. "Some of the girls wanted to touch it so she had me lay down
on her desk and the girls lined up and took turns touching it."

"Did you like having the girls touch your thing?" I asked. "Which we
usually call a cock or a dick."

"Well, at first I did, then it started getting all long, just like Josh,
and Ben's and Casey's were before and it hurt a little when it got so
stiff, but then it felt real good. And the girls kept touching me, and it
happened again."

"That's what happened with the boys and Derrick." I explained. "Their
cocks were all long and hard, we call that an erection or a hard-on, and
Derrick put them in his mouth to make them feel better."

"He offered to do it to me, but I thought it was kind of yucky." David
told me.

"Actually, it feels real good, but you don't have to do it if you don't
want to."

"Okay." he said, then look puzzled.


"If putting it in someone's mouth when it's all hard and stiff makes it
feel good, why is Casey putting it in his mouth now when it's all soft."

"That's a good question." I told him and patted him on the bulge of his
pants. "You remember how good it felt when it was going from hard to
soft?" I asked, and he nodded. I patted his bulge again. "Well as you get
older, that feeling gets better and better. Casey's trying real hard to
get me hard so that I can get that feeling with Ben."

"Casey's going to lick you to get you hard, and Ben's going to lick you
to get soft again?"

When you put it that way. I thought. "It could work that way, but if
Casey gets me hard, and he's not having much luck, I'm going to stick it up
Ban's butt to make it soft."

David made a face, but didn't say anything.

Josh came in, "Kitchens all clean." he announced.

Casey spit out my cock, rolled on his back and sat up. "Here, you try,
I'm not having any luck." he said. "I'll go pick up the living room. The
two boys traded places and Josh sucked my limp cock into his mouth and
started wrestling it with his tongue. Casey watched for a few seconds,
shook his head and went out of the bedroom.

I watched Josh for a little while, moving my hand so that it rested on
David's bulge and continued our conversation. "So what else did you do
today, besides let twenty-nine little girls touch your pee-pee."

"Cock." he corrected proudly. "Then they took off all their clothes and
I touched their things, their cocks, but it was all different."

Josh laughed, which felt good and caused my cock to stir a little, but I
lightly slapped the top of his head anyway for laughing at his little
brother. "We don't call girl's things cocks." I told him, "because their
so different. I usually call them a pussy. But you can also call it a
cunt or a box or a slit." I explained.

"I touched all their pussies." he said. "And Miss Kelley's too." he
added. "Hers was a lot different. It was hairy."

"That happens when girls get older." I agreed.

"Then we left our clothes off and did our reading and our spelling.
When the bell rang, we got dressed and Miss Kelley brought me back to you."

"And I'm glad she did." I told him, and gave his bulge a squeeze. "You
know what?"

"What?" he asked.

"You touched thirty different pussies, and Josh and Casey, and Ben have
only touched twenty. So you're ahead of them." David beamed. Josh with my
cock in his mouth, looked up at me with a glaring expression.

Ben came out of the bathroom. "All done. The place is gleaming. What
do I do with this?" he asked holding out a hand towel he'd used as a rag. I
wasn't sure it was worth saving, but I gestured to the laundry hamper in
the closet.

Josh spit out my cock and climbed off the bed. "Your turn." he told
Ben. Ben climbed into the same position that Josh had used and started
licking all around my cock and the underside of my balls.

"So you liked show your cock to everybody?" I asked David and he nodded.
I gave his bulge a little squeeze then unzipped the fly of his jeans. He
didn't seem concerned, so I unfastened the top button and slipped my hand
into his underwear. "It's not big now." I told him as my hand wrapped
around his tiny cock.

"That's because nobodies been touching it." he told me, though I'd been
copping feels for the last twenty minutes. I felt my cock twitch as it
rubbed against Ben's nose. Meanwhile, Josh was rubbing the seat of Ben's
jeans. Casey came in, watched for a while and then pulled Josh into a hot
passionate kiss. My cock twitched again, this time, Ben felt it twitch and
lowered his mouth on it. I continued to rub David's cock.

"They're kissing." David told me.

"Yep." I agreed and watched as Josh's hand disappeared into the top of
Casey's shorts.

"But they're boys." he explained.

"But they like each other, it's okay. I kiss them too."

"You do?"

"Uh huh, and I'll kiss you unless you don't like it." and I leaned down
and kissed David on the mouth. Just for a few seconds, and no tongue,
though I wanted too. "Was that okay?"

He nodded and watched Josh and Casey. Josh dropped to his knees,
pulling Casey's shorts down as he went, and now he sucked Casey's hard cock
into his mouth and went to work on it.

"That's what the boy at basketball did too." David informed me.

"We call that cock sucking or a blowjob. It feels good."

"It does."

"Real good." I told him.

"Would I like it?" he asked.

"Only one way to find out." I told him. I let go of his cock and pushed
his jeans and underpants down around his knees. Then I left him up until
his cock was even with my face. He wasn't hard yet, so I lowered my mouth
on his cock and balls all at one and swished them around in my mouth, since
it had felt so good when Casey did it to me. I let go and looked up in his
face, he was smiling, so I went back to work.

As David's cock started getting hard in my mouth, my cock stiffened a
little in Ben's mouth. I let David's ball plop out of my mouth as I
concentrated on his two inch cock. It was like sucking on the end of a fat
pencil it was so small. I loved it. David started humping my face and I
guessed that he was starting an orgasm. Though his cock twitched and
spasmed in my mouth, nothing came out, David's orgasm was dry.
Intellectually I knew that was normal for a young boy, but in reality it
was weird.

I let his tiny prick slid out of my mouth and looked up at him. "That
was a blow job, did you like it?"

His response was to grab my head and tightly hug it to his body, his
soft cock rubbing against my cheek. Casey came in Josh's mouth, then fell
back against the end of the bed, just as Ben gave up and rolled off me. My
cock had grown to about four inches, but didn't want to get hard. I guess
six fucks in a day is it's limit. Well, five fucks and a blowjob.

The three older boys sat on the end of the bed looking frustrated. I
wanted to laugh, but didn't. "Can I try?" David asked. I nodded and he
crawled down my body until he was laying on my stomach. He hesitated then
grabbed my cock and put the head in his mouth.

Whether it was the extra stimulation of having a seven year old suck my
cock, or the visual stimulation of watching the tightest ass I'd ever seen
laying just in front of me, my cock jerked. Casey noticed it and started
encouraging David. "That's great, keep doing that, he likes it.

My cock was growing rapidly and David who could only get the first four
inches into his mouth was doing a great job on his first blow job.
"Actually, if you want me to use that thing on Ben, you'd better get him to
stop, fast." I told them. Josh climbed up on the bed and rolled David off
me. He seemed reluctant to let go and his teeth scrapped the underside of
my cock as it slipped out of his mouth, but the pain didn't do anything to
diminish the proud hard cock that stuck straight into the air. "What do
you think Ben?" I asked. "Still want to lose your cherry?"

Ben looked nervous, but glanced over at Casey who nodded. Ben looked
back at me and nodded. "Get him ready." I told the other two boys." Josh
and Casey started taking turn, enthusiastically licking Ben's crack and
asshole as I slid off the bed. I walked over to them and laid Ben on his
back on the bed, then I lifted his legs straight in the air, spread them
apart, and pushed them back until his knees straddled his head.

"Isn't that a beautiful sight?" I asked the two boys. Casey nodded, but
Josh looked like he wasn't so sure.

My cock was still wet and slippery with the saliva of the four boys so I
guided it to Ben's ass and pushed forward, feeling the head slip in easily.
"You're good and tight, just the way I like it." I told him and pushed
steadily forward. Ben seemed unsure about whether he liked the intrusion
or not, but not in pain. I slid in until I felt my balls bouncing off his
cheeks, then I relaxed. I leaned down and kissed him, "You're doing
great." I told him. "Just relax and try to enjoy it. Some guys love
getting cornholed, some hate it. Just relax and try it, then decide." I
told him then kissed him again.

I started sliding my hard shaft in and out of his skinny little butt.
Beside me I saw Josh slid his cock between Casey's legs and hump him from
behind. David watched with a huge grin on his face. It felt so good
fucking Ben's ass that I forgot how tired I was. I was looking forward to
Amber, Torrie and Torrie's friends coming over, even if I couldn't get it
up. Which I probably couldn't.

As I fucked, I slipped into my own fantasy world. I imagined going to
sleep every night with my cock buried in a tight ass. Waking up in the
morning and taking one of the boys in the shower. Then my pick of the ten,
eleven, and twelve year old girls for a morning and afternoon snack. Maybe
something a little older after school. In the evenings, one of the boys would have a girlfriend over that I could borrow, or maybe even one of the
moms just for variety. I wondered just how long I could keep up the pace.

And mustn't forget cheerleader field trips and Christmas vacation with
the Wilsons. I tried to imagine a squirmy shower with Mandy, Candy, Lizzie
and Dizzy. I made a mental note to start taking vitamins, especially E.

"You started the party without us." A voice broke into my thoughts. I
looked at the bedroom door and Torrie and Amanda were standing there with
two girls I'd seen but didn't know behind them.

"Um, uh, I..." was all I could say. Mentally I knew there was nothing
wrong, but emotionally, I'd just been caught with my cock in an eleven year
old boy's butt. My cock reacted the way that cock's do in those
circumstances, it shriveled up and went limp.

"Uh, hi girls." I said as I pulled my limp noodle out of Ben's ass.

"David let us in." Torrie told me, and I noticed him standing behind the
group. I needed to have a talk with him about not surprising daddy.
Though in his defense, I'd been so wrapped up in my fantasy that I hadn't
heard the knock.

Torrie was wearing her hot little girl scout uniform and so was one of
the older girls behind her. Mental note; send a contribution to the girl scouts. The other girl was wearing cut-off jeans and a halter top even
though the weather outside was typical for Idaho in October, which is to
say cold. Amber was wearing Jeans and a long sleeved turtleneck. One of
the new girls was a blond, the other had hair completely black. The blond wore her hair to her shoulders, the other's was halfway down her back.

"Oh this is Mindy." Torrie said, pointing to the slighter taller blond.
"And this is her sister Michelle, but everybody calls her Mikey." she said
with a wave to the brunette.

"More twins?" I asked, noting the obvious family resemblance.

"Cousins." The two girls said in stereo.

"Our moms are sisters." Mindy explained.

"And our dads are brothers." Mikey added. With genes like that I guess
there had to be a resemblance.

"The really weird thing is," Torrie started, "They both have sisters in
tenth grade who look exactly like each other, but nothing like the rest of
the family. Annnnd..." she said to draw out the suspense. "... they both
have sisters in the second grade who look like each other, but not like the
rest of the family." she finished with a smile.

I was beginning to feel like I'd stepped into the twilight Zone. I
tried to remember if any of my friends in collage had been into the
genetics scene. There was the Wilson's popping out identical twins every
time Mac looked at his wife, and this family who were taking the whole
Patty Duke/identical cousins thing to new extremes.

I stepped past Torrie to Mindy and slid my hand under her skirt, she
looked surprised.

"Just checking. Is there a girl scout rule about not wearing
underwear?" I asked.

"No, it just makes it easier to get to the good part of troop meetings."
Mindy told me.

"And what's the good part?" I asked without moving my hand.

"That's a troop secret." she whispered with a giggle.

"Better be careful teach." Torrie told me. "Mindy's a nymphomaniac."

"You are?" I asked surprised. "How do you know?"

"Cause I always just gotta have something in my pussy. A cock, a
finger, a tongue, the handle of a hair brush. Mr. Kellerman says I'm
insatiable. And I hold the troop record for multiple orgasms." she added

"Is there any other troop in the world that has such a record?" I

"Probably." Torrie supplied. "Girls get just as horny as guys. But
I'll bet no other troop has the record on a poster with a picture in the
troop building."

"I'll give you that one." I agreed as I penetrated Mindy with my finger.
I reached back with my other hand for Mikey's crotch but she wasn't there.
I looked around and she, Torrie and Amber were all on their knees around
David, cooing and touching his cock which had gotten hard again. I looked
back at the bed and saw the other three boys staring daggers at their new
younger brother as the girls fussed over him.

I pulled my finger out of her pussy and she pouted. "Guys, lay down,
side by side." they did and I pointed at them. "There you go Mindy, three
cocks, just for you. She grinned and practically jumped on top of Ben.
Her skirt covered the action but from the look on his face, I knew when she
guided him into her. I stepped behind Mikey and Torrie and massaged their
tits through their clothes. Ben came and Mindy moved over to Josh. The
other girls were busy covering David's crotch and cock with kisses.

"Can he cum?" Amber asked.

"He can climax." I told her, "But he's shooting blanks." Whether that
decided her or whether she just decided it was time, Amber leaned forward
and took his tiny cock into her mouth. A minute later David had proved me
right. Mikey leaned in and started sucking his limp cock trying to make it
grow. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Mindy climbing off Josh and
moving to Casey.

I was starting to get hard again and wondering just where I wanted to
put it, when Torrie looked up at me and said, "My mom wants you to call

I wish people wouldn't say things like that at the orgies. I still had
trouble believing that parents weren't going to swoop down with hot tar and
feathers. My cock retreated. I went to the living room to get the phone.
I started to ast Torrie what her number was, but saw that she had her mouth
full of David's cock. Mindy was behind him apparently licking his asshole
and Amber was kissing his chest and face.

I opened my briefcase and pulled out my class list, I had all the phone
numbers there. I looked up Torrie's number, seeing several others I
wouldn't mind inviting to the orgy. I called her mom.

"Amanda?" I asked when she answered. "It's John Conners. Torrie said
you wanted me to call."

"Hi John, and which pussy do you have your cock buried in?" she asked

"None, if you can believe that. Mindy has just finished fucking all
three older boys and Torrie, Mikey, and Amber are giving my new one a
tongue bath. They think he's cute."

"Well, if you're lonely, I could be there in less than five minutes.
Jack was interviewing new secretaries today and is all fucked out."

"Oh well, just a thought. The reason I asked Torrie to have you give me
a call is, she said you were taking all of them to a movie tonight."

"Well, she hasn't asked me anything yet." I said loudly. With her mouth
still full of David's cock, Torrie turned her head slightly and looked at
me with one eye and shrugged. "And she's not going real soon because she
has her mouth full."

"Let me guess." Amanda chuckled. "Does it involve the appendage of a
young boy."

"I've always heard that mothers were part psychic."

"Anyway. If my daughter gets around to asking you her question, what
are you going to say."


"She is hard to say no to."

"That she is." Torrie turned and looked at me with one eye again.

"I figured as much. I was wondering if you'd like to borrow my van.
While the kids might enjoy squeezing the eight of them into your small car,
but driving would not be fun for you."

Thanks, I'll take you up on that. I hadn't thought that far ahead." I
admitted. "I guess I'll have to think about getting a van of my own now
that I have four kids and assorted stowaways."

"I'll bring the keys over." she promised and hung up.

I figured that even though Amanda was totally cool about her daughter's
sex life, it wouldn't hurt to be dressed when she got here. I walked
through the bedroom. David was coming again, this time in Torrie's mouth.
Mindy was riding Josh's face while Casey and Ben each worked on a tit. As
I passed the bed, I wet a finger and slipped it up her ass. She moaned.
Smiling at me over her shoulder.

I pulled clean underwear and jeans out of my dresser. I know that
underwear doesn't seem in much use on the ridge, but I'd been wearing it
too many years to just give it up. Besides, cocks and zippers, there's
been too many jokes over the years for me to want to become one.

I was just putting on my shoes, when there was a knock on the door. I
walked out into the living room to open it. Naturally it was Amanda. "Hi,
come on in." I said, leading her into the living room. She looked horny. I
was sorry that her husband was no help, but I had a date with her daughter.

"Attention troops." I bellowed. "Front and center. Line up for
inspection. boys on my right and girls on my left.

There were scurrying sounds from the bedroom and the girls rushed out
and lined up. Ben stuck his head out the door, "We're..."

"I know." I told him. "Line up." The boys ran out of the bedroom and
lined up. Not only were they naked, but Ben had grown a new erection.
"Boys, this is Torrie's mom, Amanda. Amanda this is Casey, Josh, Ben, and
David." She walked down the line shaking each boys hand. I had the feeling
she wanted to shake something else, but she was being a mom. She was
practically panting.

"Boys, I said to the oldest three. Why don't you show Amanda the
bedroom. The boys looked confused, but obeyed. Amanda got the message
right away and smiled a thank you. The three boys led her into the bedroom
and she pulled the door closed behind them. I sat on the back of the sofa
and pulled David onto my leg. "Having fun? I asked him and he nodded

"What's my mom doing in there?" Torrie asked.

"I have no idea." I told her innocently. "I'm out here with you." If
she had no idea, then she was going to fail sex ed.

We listened to the muffled sounds of grunts, groans and the bed for
about twenty minutes then the four of them came out. Amanda handed me the
an keys with a large smile. "I think I'm trading Jack in on a younger
model." She whispered. She looked at the girls. "You girls do everything
Mr. Conners says. And I mean everything." she said as she left.

guys you better get dressed. girls go help them. And I mean help them
get dressed. Torrie, stay here please. When the other had gone into the
bedroom and closed the door, I sat Torrie on my lap and reached under her
skirt and started playing with her pussy. "Like that?" I asked and she
nodded. I worked my finger into her hot wet pussy. "How about that?" She
nodded again, almost violently. "What would your mom say if she came in
and saw my finger fucking you?"

"Nothing." Torrie moaned. "You're my teacher."

"How about if she comes home some afternoon and finds you with Ben's
cock in your ass and Josh's cock in your pussy. What's she going to say?"

"She'd probably ask the boys if they wanted something to drink, and ask
me if I had any homework."

"So sex is good, and your mom is cool about you having sex."

"Uh, yeah."

"In the whole country, how many moms are so cool about their twelve year
old daughter's and sex?"

"Not many I guess."

"Not many is right."

"If a thousand moms outside of the ridge caught their twelve year old daughters having sex tonight, with one boy. How many would be cool?"

"Two hundred." Torrie guessed.

"My guess, and it's only a guess I admit. Five hundred would scream and
shout, maybe hit both the boy and girl. Three hundred would scream and
shout, maybe hit just the girl after the boy left. One hundred would cry
and moan and wonder what they did wrong raising their daughters. Fifty
would have the boy arrested, Forty would probably ship their girls off the
boarding schools, all girl boarding schools or distant relatives. How many
does that leave for cool?"


"And if anything, I'm over estimating the coolness factor."

"What does this have to do with anything? I know that the ridge has
different attitudes about sex."

"The point is, young lady. You think those attitudes only apply to

"No I don't." she defended herself.

"Then what were those look you were giving your mom after she fucked the

"She fucked all of them?"

"Well Ben was the only one with a hard on when they went in, but I'm
guessing that she fucked all three. You didn't give Mindy a dirty look for
fucking all three."

"But she's mom."

"So it's okay for Torrie to fuck anything with a cock, but not mom. How
do you like it when adults can do something but you can't?"

"I don't." she admitted.

"But you can do sex and she can't."

"She has dad. They do it all the time. Hell, they do on the rug in the
living room while my friends and I watch TV. And she has other guys too."

"Okay, you don't mind her having sex, you just don't want her to have
twelve year olds."

"It's not right."

"Well I have sex with you. I'm an adult. Is that right?"

"You're a teacher."

"What about your dad, does he ever mess with your friends?"

"Yeah. He's been finger fucking Mindy since she was eleven. I think he
fucks her too."

"I wouldn't be surprised. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, Mindy loves it."

"So young stuff is okay for your dad and not your mom?"

"I guess so, I don't know. I'm confused."

I pulled my finger out of her pussy and stuck it in her mouth. "Maybe
you'd better think about it. You're a smart girl Torrie, you'll figure it

I stood up, Torrie had to jump to avoid being spilled on the floor.
"Does everybody fuck everybody in our town?" she asked.

"No." I told her. "There's some people who only fuck their wives or
husbands. And there's the matter of likes and dislikes. Think of all your
friends, how many fathers are there?"

"About thirty."

"Do you want to fuck all thirty of them?"

"No way." she said making a face.

"How many?"

"Maybe ten."

"Of those ten, do all of them want to fuck you?"

She looked confused. "I don't know."

"I don't know either, but I'll guess. Probably two only have sex with
their wives, maybe one girlfriend. And three more probably don't like sex
with children. And probably one or two more won't have sex with you
because it would upset their kids, your friends. So I'm guessing you'll
only fuck three or four."

She brightened. "Can I do a survey, for extra credit."

"Sure, why not." I agreed. Then I bellowed, aren't you dressed yet?"
The other kids poured out of the bedroom and we piled in the van for the

About halfway there, Torrie walked up to the front. "She did all
three." she told me.

I nodded, but in the dark, Torrie couldn't see. "I guessed." I told

In the movies, I had Amber sit on Casey's lap, Torrie on Ben, and Mindy
on Josh. Then I told them to insert cocks and leave them in for the whole
movie, no fucking until the ending credits. I pulled Mikey onto my lap and
got her cut-offs down, no underwear, big surprise. Then I followed my own
instructions. Mikey helped guild my cock into her and sat down, then we
sat like that for two hours. Sometimes she squirm or move around which
provided more than enough stimulation to keep me hard as a rock. I also
had my hand down the front of David's pants in the next seat, though he
fell asleep about halfway through the movie. When the credits rolled we
fucked like animals. I think everyone came within minutes. Then we got
dressed in the dark and I carried David to the car.

When we got home, I took David into bed while the boys said goodbye to
the girls. We all climbed into bed together, a few kisses and gropes, and
we started falling asleep. And yes, I did remember to set the alarm.

Chapter XVI The Last day

I woke when the sunlight started coming through the window and fell on
my face. I woke, but I couldn't move. David was sleeping against my right
side and Ben was sleeping against my left with his hand wrapped around my
cock. Casey and Josh were sleeping in each other's arms on the other side
of Ben.

I picked up David with one arm as I scooted underneath him, then set him
down where I'd been and rolled off the bed. I stood and stretched,
watching my early morning erection bob as I did. Then I went to the foot
of the bed, reached under the covers and pulled Ben down to me. He woke
with a grunt as I picked him up in my arms and carried him to the bathroom.

"Good Morning." I said quietly and kissed the drowsy boy. I set him on
the toilet and started the shower. When the temperature was right, I
stepped in. A few seconds later, Ben joined me. "You look good enough to
eat." I told him as I sunk to my knees and sucked on his hard cock. He
must have had some good dreams, because he came almost immediately. I
drank his cum, it was refreshing to a thirsty man, then stood and started
soaping my cock. When I'd built up a good lather, I turned him around and
started pushing the bar of soap between his ass cheeks. Then I took a
soapy finger and pushed it up his ass.

"Ready to finish what we started last night?" I asked. I thought for
almost a minute that he was going to say no, but at long last he nodded. I
stood behind him, my knees bent so that my cock was the same level as his
ass. I forced his cheeks apart and placed my cock against his anus. Hard
as it was, no pun intended, I waited for several seconds to see if he would
change his mind, but he seemed ready, if less than eager.

Hard as it was, pun intended, I had no trouble pushing my cock into his
tight ass. Actually he wasn't as tight as Casey or Morgan, but It still
felt great as my cock inched into his rectum. When I was all the way
inside, I stood straight, lifting him off the ground with my cock. I
wrapped my arms around him and held him there.

"How does that feel? Do you want me stop?" I asked.

"It feels, uh, strange. But you don't have to stop."

"If you don't like it, all you have to do is say so. A lot of guys don't like it." I told him.

"I don't know." he said.

"Okay, I'm going to fuck you now." I said. I lowered him back to the
ground and with my knees bent to equalize our heights, started to move my
cock in and out of his ass. His breathing picked up as I did. I grasped
his hips to make it easier, but I could see his hard again cock bouncing in
front of him as I worked my full length in and out of him.

I guess I must have had some good dreams too, though I couldn't remember
them, because I came quickly too. Less than I dozen strokes and I was
coating his insides with my sticky white cream. I pulled my cock out of
him and turned him around, ready to give him another blowjob and was
surprised to see his limp cock and gob of cum on the wall of the shower.
The little imp had cum with me inside of him. "Does this mean you like
it?" I asked and he nodded enthusiastically. I leaned down and kissed him
for a long time, our tongues dancing together. Then we finished our shower
and toweled off. And damn if we weren't hard again by the time we walked
into the bedroom.

"Everybody out of bed." I bellowed, and the other three boys opened
their eyes. Casey and Josh looked at each other, giggled, kissed briefly
and sat up. Both had big morning erections.

Ben's eyes locked onto Josh's cock and stayed there. He tugged on my
shoulder, I leaned down and he whispered in my ear. "Could I take another
shower with Josh, and let him, you know, do it to me?" I was surprised.
Most guys liked a little adjustment time after the first time in the ass. I
nodded and Ben grinned.

"Josh hit the shower." I told him and Josh crawled out of bed and headed
for the bathroom, Ben right behind him. I looked at the last two boys.
Then I grabbed Casey's ankles and pulled him down to the foot of the bed. I
lifted his legs up and pushed them back until his knees straddled his head,
then I started licking his asshole. After a few seconds, I felt eyes on me
and looked and there was David looking over my shoulder, I reached and
pulled him in front of me then gently pushed his face toward his brother's
ass. The seven year old didn't hesitate. He started licking Casey withy
broad strokes of his tongue. I slid to my knees, pulled his cheeks apart
and did the same to him. Taking turns with spitting on my fingers and
rubbing the saliva on my cock.

After a minute or so, I stood, moved the youngster out of the way and
pressed my cock against Casey's ass. As I got ready to fuck my second ass
of the morning, I directed David up on the bed, kneeling next to Casey's
head. Casey needed no direction, he leaned his head to the side and
started sucking his little brother's cock.

I pushed my cock into the ten year old. I entered him easier than the
first time, but once inside, he was as tight as I remembered. I fucked in
and out trading smiles with David who seemed to be enjoying his morning
blowjob. As my cock sunk to the hilt again and again, I wondered how tight
David was and if I'd have to wait a couple of years to fuck him. In the
bathroom, we could hear Josh beginning a very noisy orgasm, I wondered if
Ben would cum by himself again.

I felt the tension building in my cock, like a spring begging to unwind.
I thrust one final time, as deep as I could and released my second batch of
cum. I actually think I came more the second time. I leaned down, kissing
Casey's lips and David's cock stuck between them. Then I rolled to the
side and lay on my back just as the alarm rang.

Josh and Ben came into the room, both boys with large smiles. I saw
Ben's eyes light on Casey's cock. The only hard one in the room, as David
pulled his limp one out of Casey's mouth.

Ben looked at me and I nodded. Ben leaned over the edge of the bed, his
ass toward casey. "You need a place to bury that bone." he asked. Casey
got the idea immediately. He stood and his cock moved in a straight line
toward Ben's ass. His cock wasn't lubricated, but evidently Ben's ass was
still slippery with the deposits that Josh and I had made that morning
because Casey slipped in easily. I marveled at the look of pure
satisfaction on Ben's face as Casey's cock slipped in and out of his ass.
I'd thought that Ben might bolt at the idea.

I dressed while I watched them and finally got Josh and David's
attention to get them dressed too. Then I realized that David hadn't
showered yet and had him strip again. Casey lasted until I was putting on
my shoes, then his face contorted and I knew he was dumping his load up
Ben's ass. When Casey pulled out and Ben stood up, I saw a cum stain on
the bed. For the third time, Ben had cum with somebody in his ass.

David, casey and Ben, into the shower. No fooling around, cleaning
only." I ordered. When they came out, I got them dressed as quickly as
possible and we piled in the car and headed to a convenience store with a
deli for breakfast stuff. We ate in the car on the way to school.

The first bell was ringing as we walked in. I hurried down the hall
toward my class, pausing only to accept a thick envelope from Mr. Hoskins
as I passed him. In the classroom I went to my desk and started glancing
through the envelope. There were several keys on a ring and a rental
agreement between me and somebody names Bart Larson to rent the house and
property at 1375 Husky road. The rent was three hundred a month and the
contract lasted eleven years or until I gave thirty days notice. That
meant I had a place to live until David graduated at less than the five
hundred a month I was paying now.

There was a page with printed pictures of the property, the house was
huge, and so was the pool. I found a contract between me and the school
district that in leu of pay for special education services the district
would pay all my home utilities including satellite television and

Next was a check marked quarterly payment stapled to an agreement from
the district to pay me quarterly bonuses. The check was for forty-eight
hundred dollars. I worked the figures in my head, four boys, three months
in a quarter, that came to four hundred dollars per kid per month. Figure
I could actually feed and cloth each of them for two hundred a month or
less, That gave me two hundred a month to put in collage funds for them.

Then I got to the last page. All four boys had won full ride collage
scholarships. I didn't know what to think. We were rich. My salary, plus
the quarterly bonuses, three hundred a month rent, no utilities. With four
deductions, Uncle Sam wouldn't get much. I was on easy street.

I put everything back in the envelope and put it in a drawer. I stood
and walked around my desk.

"Okay class, last day of sex ed." I said as I leaned back. They
groaned. "Today is not so much hands on." They groaned again. "We' have
three more subjects to talk about. First. Fetishes. Anybody got a clue
about what a fetish is?" I asked

I was surprised when no one responded. After about thirty seconds,
Miranda put her hand timidly in the air and I nodded to her. "I read about
a shoe fetish once." she said.

"That's good." I told her. "That's one. "The dictionary says that a
fetish is an irrational preoccupation. So if Josh spent all of his free
time working on his baseball collection, that would technically be a
fetish. But usually when we talk about a fetish, we're talking about a
sexual one. Let's say if Josh could only get it up for a girl in red underwear. We'd say he has an underwear fetish." Everyone laughed except
Josh who turned red.

"Don't laugh too hard. There are people like that out there. A shoe
fetish might be someone who only got hard while fondling women's shoes. He
might even cum while fondling the shoes and no woman would ever be
involved. The class looked at each other with looks of disbelief.

"There are hundreds of fetishes out there. guys who can only make it
with girls in cheerleader outfits. I heard about a guy who could only make
it with prostitutes who looked like his daughter. You probably won't see a
lot of fetishes on the ridge. A fetish usually develops when the sex drive
is suppressed. You also won't see them much in kids your own age.
Fetishes are usually an adult occurrence. But as you grow up and go out in
the world, you may run into some of them. In the restricted section of the
library, they have several good books about fetishes, which you may want to
at least skim someday. You are, by the way, now allowed in the restricted
section because you've all passed sex education." Jenny cheered and quickly
everyone joined in with her.

"I want to quickly touch on the five biggest fetishes. Number one,
pornography. There are guys out there, there may be girls too, who can be
with a sexy partner and can't do anything without pictures or videos to
look at. That doesn't mean that everybody who likes pornography has a
fetish, just some. An irrational preoccupation."

"The second is bondage. Some people can't get off without tying someone
up first, or being tied up themselves.

The third and forth are related to bondage, and that's S and M. Sadism
and masochism. A sadist is someone who like to cause pain, a masochist is
someone who likes to feel pain. They usually can't get off unless
inflicting or receiving pain." I saw a couple of the girls grimace.

"And last, a fetish which seems to be growing in popularity though I
don't understand why. Water sports. There are people who get off by
pissing on their partner or being pissed on."

Lisa stood up. "I think I speak for all of us, when I say, that's just

"I know I speak for me, when I say, I agree with you."

"Almost leaving the subject of fetishes, we delve into our second
subject of the day, sex toys. Sex toys are used more by women than men,
but certainly nor exclusively. They include dildos, vibrators, and
strap-ons. A dildo is generally shaped like a cock and made of anything
from rubber or plastic to glass or steel. Some of you may have used the
handled of a hair brush to get off, you reinvented the dildo. Ashley would
you come up her please." Ashley nodded and climbed out of her desk. She
was wearing jeans and a Rolling Stones t-shirt. "Would you mind pushing
your pants down?" She unbutton her fly and pushed her pants down around her

I open the box that was sitting on my desk and took out a dildo. "As
you can see, they come in designer colors." I told the class. This one was
lime green. "This particular model is made of silicone rubber, so it's
soft and pliable. It's eleven inches long." I took a jar of K-Y jelly and
rubbed it on the head. Then I held Ashley's lips open and gently inserted
the toy. The class watched breathless as the dildo disappeared into
Ashley's cunt. "One advantage of this sex toy is it's versatility. Ashley
can use it with a guy like me, or a girl." I nodded to Lisa and she came up
and took over pushing the toy in and out of Ashley's cunt. "Or if you're
all by yourself..." Lisa took the hint and let go and Ashley started
fucking herself with the green toy.

"They make many varieties, ribbed or studded. They also make two and
three headed dildos which are very popular in cartoons, but I've never met
a girl who found then satisfying."

"Next we have a vibrator. Vibrators look a lot like dildos, but guess
what, they vibrate. In fact some dildos work with vibrators." He reached
around and picked up a small black vibrator. "There are three basic types,
plug in, battery, and rechargeable. This is a battery type. Monique,
would you like to come up and demonstrate?" Monique nodded and practically
jumped out of her chair. Today she was wearing a black mini-skirt and
white turtleneck. She lifted the bottom of her skirt and tucked it in the
waistband, giving the class and unobstructed view. I handed her the
vibrator and the jar of K-Y and she expertly got ready. In a few seconds
she was rubbing the vibrating tip on her clitoris.

"And last we have a strap-on." I said taking one out of the box. "The
idea is to allow a girl to be able to fuck like a boy. Janae come here
please. She was wearing a white top and yellow shorts so tight they
outlined everything perfectly. "See if you can get those off without
surgery." She giggled and skinned the shorts down her legs and stepped out
of them. I strapped her into the harness. Janae now had a ten inch cock.
"I think I'm jealous." I said, squeezing her plastic cock. I motioned for
Gillian to come up and she did, shedding clothes with every step so that
she was naked by the time she got to my desk.

"What do you think Janae? Want to fuck Gillian?" Janae nodded and
pressed Gillian back until her butt cheeks were resting on the edge of my
desk. Ashley and Monique had both brought themselves to orgasm and I
motioned for them to return to their seats. I stopped Janae from
penetrating Gillian and smeared her plastic cock with some of the K-Y
jelly, then I let her go.

While they fucked, I turned back to the class. "I have to admit that I
don't know that much about toys like these, but I think they make strap-ons
with heads on both sides of the harness so that Janae would be getting some
too. One of the advantages of dildos or strap-ons is they don't get soft
and have to rest. If I wanted to fuck every girl in this class, it would
probably take me three or four days. Janae could do it in seven to ten
hours with her ever-ready cock." That got me a good laugh.

"Sex toys can also be a fetish if that's all you ever did."

"Our last subject for the day is anal sex. Fucking someone in the ass
which is also called buggering, cornholing, shitholing, or going in the
back door can be done with a cock, a finger, a dildo, a vibrator, or a
strap-on. So for a change of pace, Stephanie could fuck Casey if she
wanted to." Both of them blushed while several girls giggled and Ben and
Josh grinned.

I dropped my pants and stepped out of them. Then I started smearing a
liberal dose of K-Y on my nice hard cock. When it was ready I signaled
Josh that I wanted him. He blushed but stood and came to the desk. I
undid the front of his jeans and pushed them down around his ankles. I
positioned him at the side of my desk and leaned him forward until his
stomach and chest were laying on it. Then I smeared K-Y on two of my
fingers and went to work on his crack and asshole.

I positioned my cock and pushed in. Surprisingly I met little
resistence and pushed my cock all the way up his ass in a couple of
seconds. "You want to be careful with a virgin asshole and enter slowly. I
was expecting more resistance from Josh's."

"I'm not a virgin." he grunted. I knew his face was turning red because
I could see the backs of his ears and his neck turning pink.

"You're not?"

"I joined a boys club last year." he groaned as I started to fuck his
ass. The initiation was to get fucked by all the members."

"How many were there?" I asked amazed.

"Four when I joined. Nine the last time I was there."

I looked at the class as I fucked his still tight ass. "I guess I
should have saved Ben for today. Now none of the boys have virgin
assholes." Ben and Casey both turned red while the girls giggled.
"Stephanie come here." When she came up, I whispered in her ear and asked
if she'd mind Casey fucking her ass. She hesitated but agreed. "Casey
your girlfriend wants your cock in her ass."

Casey jumped out of his seat and ran to my desk. He smeared his cock
with the K-Y, I wondered if I could order the stuff as school supplies.
Then he knelt and lovingly licked Stephanie's crack and asshole.

I felt my cock building to orgasm and stopped and just watched Casey.
He stood and positioned Stephanie over the desk like I had Josh. Then he
placed his cock head at her anus and pushed in as gently as he could, then
stopped. He was being very careful, pushing in about a half an inch, then
stopping and letting Stephanie get used to the invasion.

"Now." I said, "would be a good time to mention that not everybody likes
having things in their butt. Some love it." Ben stood and took a bow while
the girls giggled. "And some hate it. Myself, I don't like it much. Some
people don't even like the idea of it. So there is nothing wrong with you
if you don't want to get fucked in the ass. It's your body. Your ass.
Your decision. I asked Stephanie, before I asked Casey to bugger her."
Casey had gotten his full length into her and was starting to fuck her
slowly. She seemed to like it.

"Stop." I told the pair. "Casey hold on to her hips and back up,
leaving your cock inside. Stephanie stand up and go with him." I waited
until they had backed about three feet. "Ben, come fuck Stephanie's
pussy." Ben jumped up and started stripping. As he walked to the two ten
year olds, he applied liberal amounts of saliva to his cock. He stood in
front of Stephanie, she reached down and guided his cock into her. "Right
now, we're going to double team Stephanie. There are two basic rhythms
they could use, alternating or together. Alternating, Casey would push in
as Ben pulls out and then reverse. Together, they'll both push n at the
same time, which is what they're going to do. Go."

It was almost comical at first as they tried to figure out each other's
rhythm but then they got in step. After a few seconds the class was
breathing in step with the two boys. Stephanie seemed to be really
enjoying the sensation of two cocks penetrating deep inside her.

My impending orgasm had diminished so I started fucking Josh again as I
watched the two boys and Stephanie. "Torrie, would you like to help me
fuck Josh?" I asked and she quickly stood and started shedding clothes. I
had Josh stand straight and I moved him away from the desk so that his cock
pointed at the class, Torrie came up and without bothering with lubrication
pulled his cock into her waiting pussy. Having a guy in the middle of a
threesome doesn't work as well as a girl, but it does work, and it didn't
take long before I could feel my orgasm building again.

I glanced at Stephanie and it was obvious that she was cumming and
cumming hard as the two boys pumped at her faster and faster. Just as I
started dumping my load of semen into Josh's ass, I could feel through his
body the start of his orgasm. I kept fucking, but slower and slower,
trying to milk every bit of sensation. I looked at the other threesome and
Stephanie had gone limp between the two boys who were obviously filling her
with their seed.

I smiled at the class, "If you would like to try getting fucked in the
ass, put your name on the board over there. If you want to borrow one of
the sex toys, you can, but make sure you bring it back the next day so that
someone else can borrow it. If you want to know more about dildos you
might want to ask some of the older girls. I know Stephanie's sister Jeri,
likes to use a dildo now and then." Stephanie nodded weakly where she was
supported by the two boys, their cocks still impaling her.

"Remember the rule is, no sex with other students in class without
permission, though you can masturbate if you want."

Melissa raised her hand. I nodded to her. "Mr. Conners, Mr. Hoskins
had dinner at my house lat night before he fucked my mother. And he said
that you had an interesting story about your last school. He said you were
fucking a sixteen year old girl, her fourteen year old sister and her
eleven year old brother without any of them knowing about the others.
Would you tell us?"

"I'll tell you what. The next time everyone in the class gets a ninety
or above, I'll tell you the story." It wasn't that hard of goal, according
to their records and what I'd see so far, it was rare for any of the girls to score below 85. And I had a feeling that the boys would be just as

Dawn raised her hand. "Mr. Conners, do we have to wear clothes?"

"That's up to you." I said after a moments thought. "But I do want you
dressed if you leave the room or if we have a visitor."

I pulled my limp cock out of Josh's backside, slightly disappointed that
I hadn't gotten his cherry. "Okay, that's it." I said, as I wiped my cock
on a towel. "Sex education is over until next year."

"But I won't be here next year." Lisa complained. "I'll be a seventh

"Not if we flunk." Monique told her with a grin.

[That's all from the Cherry Hill School for now, but more to come. For
Instance, Mr. Conners story, the cheerleader's field trip, and the
Christmas babysitting saga.]

[Incidently, the Cherry Hill School is not accepting applications right
now, and they have a waiting list of over a hundred names for every
teaching position.]


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