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Chicks Ride High


Chicks Ride High

*** The Service ***

This is an ad we placed in the local "happenings"
newspaper's personals section:

Chicks ride high. Straight Cauc cpl ISO SF 45-65 for safe
menage a trois. Toy/simulator based. We're 55, AARP,
non-smokers, friendly, gentle, and discreet. Patient with
nervous virgins. If you like the on top position, this could
be your ride to ecstasy. mailto:

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe a little background
information is in order.

My wife, Tex, and I had been swingers before ... waaaay
before. But too many distractions got in the way: family,
jobs, house, you name it. Of course, there was also the
mental game/morality aspect of sexual freedom within a
marriage adding layers of complexity to our lives. And
that's not to mention the problems with sexually transmitted
diseases which have blossomed since those days. So we gave
up swinging ... there was just too much risk.

After several decades of clean living, however, things began
to slow down and we started to relax a little. In fact, we
were becoming bored with "normal". In addition, we don't
enjoy superficial friendships ... we prefer really
engrossing interpersonal activities ... like S-E-X. So, we
decided to place the ad.

Or, perhaps I should say, I decided to ask Tex if ... maybe
... if it was okay with her ... "could we place the ad?"

I knew Tex wouldn't actually go ballistic over it, but it
would be a surprise to her. I mean, after all of these
years?! But I felt we needed a wee bit o' stimulant to keep
up our lust for life.

Besides, I had a plan.

The plan was that we, as a couple, would provide a sexual
"service" for single, middle-aged females. The service
wouldn't be prostitution because it would be free ... no
strings attached. The "payment" for us would simply be the
entertainment value of providing the service. Our service
wouldn't be "public" and indiscriminate ... we're very picky
and CAUTIOUS about whom we will "fuck with". In addition,
all sexual contact would be safe because it would be
indirect ... through sex toys, like vibrators and dildos.

A bonus feature was that I would always wear a PPA, that is,
a prosthetic penis apparatus (a hollow dildo in which my
penis "rests"), held in place by a 3-point belt/harness,
otherwise known as a "Malibu Tuxedo". If desired, I would
also submit to being bound to a bed, blindfolded, and even
gagged. Whips and chains would be optional.

Now that "we" had a plan, I was motivated. I imagined that
if the plan worked, there would be some nice benefits: One
was that I would get to have sex with two partners at once.
Another was that I wouldn't be cheating on Tex ... she would
always be there. But the really kickin' benefit ... for me
anyway ... was this: the PPA lets me pursue my favorite
sexual perversion ... I like to be "on" the bottom.

So does Tex, however, and Tex gets what Tex wants.

Therein lies my motivation. At the risk of repeating myself,
I want to emphasize: I REALLY like to be on bottom during
sex. I like to have the female in the dominant position (on
top), her tits slapping me in the face, using her energy and
pacing, and using me as a tool to "custom design" her own
climax. I guess that shows my "feminine" side ... I want to
feel sexually used and abused.

[Hmmm, I wonder ... if I like to have the female on top and
I have a feminine side, does that make me a "sideways

The PPA makes it so easy for me since I don't have to worry
about my erection (at my age, that's a big "bone-us"!). Of
course, there's no chance of an orgasm for me while wearing
the PPA, but that's a "price" I am happy to pay.

Although Tex has taken the dominant role and let me have the
on-bottom position with the PPA a few times, she doesn't
like it as much as our "usual" way. She must be secretly
religious :^) ... she prefers the "missionary" position.

With my plan, everybody would be happy. And, heck, my new
marketing slogan had a nice ring: "Chicks Ride High"!

So I told Tex about "our" plan. Much to my amazement, she
seemed amused and enthused (or else she figured no one would
take us up on it).

The ad ran ... and ran. Three weeks went by without even a

Then we got a solid "bite".

*** Our First Customer ***

Having been swingers before, we weren't going into this
blindly. We knew we had to have some standards if we were to
succeed. We also knew we would have to be very "up front"
with any prospective "client". Consequently, we did not
expect every ... much less our very first ... contact to
work out.

An email came from "Pamela". She was slow in responding as
she had returned from traveling through Europe for several
weeks. She had just seen our ad in the paper and her
immediate reaction was to send a response.

We wrote back and sent her our groundrules.

Pamela responded with "Everything is okay with me, when can
we start?"

Tex has a sense of humor. She set up the initial meeting at
the zoo ... near the cat house.

Pamela showed up on time and immediately recognized us
because of our detailed description of ourselves. We didn't
know what she would look like. That was for her protection
... she could take a look at us and keep walking if she
wanted to change her mind. But we saw no hesitation as she
approached us. Insofar as Pamela made a bee-line directly
toward us, I'll have to say there was some serious fucking
enthusiasm there.

She was a fairly attractive lady, about 5'5'', and her
wrinkles indicated she could have been anywhere from 50 to
60 years old. Pamela had dark hair heavily streaked with
gray, tied up in braids and wrapped over the top of her
head. She was wearing no makeup that I [Duh! ... a guy]
could see. She was wearing a full length caftan which didn't
reveal much of her figure ... although she was a little
plump in the face and arms. What we could see was pleasant
enough ... a round face, large, bright, brown eyes, and her
smile was beaming. Rounding it all off were her well-worn
leather sandals and granny glasses. We were looking at what
looked like a refugee from the age of the flower child ... a
leftover hippie. All of which belied what we soon learned
about this person who had just approached us.

I bought us some soft drinks and we sat at an umbrellaed
picnic table and chatted.

Pamela told us she was a recently retired school teacher
from a Catholic school in the area ... which took us
completely by surprise. She had spent the last 10 years
counting the days until she could retire. She had been
reluctant to do anything "crazy" while she was teaching for
fear she would be found out and lose her job and her
retirement. Then she added ... with enthusiasm ... "But now
I'm ready!"

I started thinking to myself, "What the hell are we getting
ourselves into here?" Still, Tex and I were intrigued enough
to keep talking to Pamela.

Pamela was just a couple of years older than we were, so age
was no problem. Likewise, we were able to relate to the way
she started out in her career. We all started adulthood
before the time of "free sex". Indeed, when Tex and I were
married, it was just before living together was considered
acceptable. So we understood how Pamela had started out her
career in a religious school system and never broken out of
the her original set of social/moral restraints (now
considered quaint if not archaic).

When it was our turn, we told Pamela about ourselves, our
sexual interests, and what we thought we could do for her.
She registered no apparent shock. In other words, she didn't
run away "screaming into the night" about our being

Next, we started digging ... to make sure Pamela wasn't
scamming us ... not because we're control freaks. I began
playing "20 questions" and Tex brought out her "bullshit
detector". It was very easy, really. We started by probing
into some of the things Pamela had told us. I asked
particular questions about her neighborhood, for instance,
where she shopped for groceries, whether the store had a
bakery, what side of the store the bakery was on, and so on.
They were just silly, innocent sounding questions, but they
would "throw" a person who was making up a story. By
watching her eyes, we could tell whether Pamela was being
truthful. Since there was no hesitation in her answers, she
wasn't making anything up.

Tex gave me a silent signal that we weren't being lied to so
I stopped my questioning. Our probing was relatively
painless for Pamela, and was over so quickly she didn't
realize what we were doing. Her story was so bizarre and
easy to verify that we felt comfortable she wasn't working
us for a grift. Still, we had another test for later.

Then we told Pamela we would send her an email to let her
know whether we wanted to pursue a relationship with her.
[That was one of our ground rules ... no decision at the
first meeting.]

When we got back home, Tex and I talked for awhile about
Pamela and our so-called "service". We realized we were both
feeling sympathy for her. Yet we could see a lot of
repression there just waiting for release. Damn, this was a
"dam ready to burst!" We had to ask ourselves, "Do we dare?"

We knew we were getting into a new phase in our lives ... we
would be dealing with complete strangers and taking some
risks. There could be someone out there who looks for ads
like ours and sees them as potential targets to prey on.
Perhaps we're paranoid, but we decided it's better to be
paranoid and safe than optimistic and dead. So we ran a few
simple background checks to make sure Pamela was who she
said she was. Only at that point were we able to decide that
the answer was "Yes". We rationalized that this is what we
wanted to do and Pamela seemed to be deserving of our

We wrote Pamela to tell her we found her interesting and
pleasant and that we would like to proceed with our

She wrote back (her email returned within 15 minutes!) that
we had excited her and she was very happy we wanted to

Finally, we sent Pamela an email. We made our instructions
straightforward and clear:


We would like you to be our guest next Saturday for dinner
and whatever "else" might follow.

By 4 o'clock, Saturday afternoon:

1. Have a small overnight bag packed with a change of

2. Be dressed in a cocktail dress for dinner.

3. Be prepared to drive somewhere downtown, which should be
no more than 30-45 minutes from anywhere in the area.

4. Check for an email, which will contain further

Please let us know if this plan presents any problems to

Tex and Billy

Pamela's reply said "Everything sounds good to me. I'm
looking forward to it and will be counting the hours."

*** Subterfuge For Sex ***

Our final test for Pamela would enable us to be absolutely
certain she was alone, and, by extension, "for real". There
was virtually no chance she was working with anyone, but we
wanted be sure. So we added a little intrigue to the plan.
In the best case, our extra precautions would protect us
from a criminal element. At worst, it would merely make
Pamela's experience more fun.

I had already picked out a hotel that was perfect for our
purposes ... I only had to go in to make the arrangements. I
knew the hotel's Concierge and Maitre d'hôte and had them
both primed, but I wanted to make sure everything was in
place and that they would be on duty. This took a little
"palm grease", but not too much. Then I reserved a suite.
That was it.

When Saturday afternoon arrived, Tex and I checked into our
suite, made a quick run-through to verify that the team was
in place. When we saw the Concierge, we "thanked" him for
his help and dropped off an extra-large suitcase, which was
the last piece of the puzzle.

Back in our room, we connected the laptop to the phone line,
dialed in, and sent the following email to Pamela:


Please follow these steps:

1. Drive downtown to the Beverley hotel. The address is 427
Fleur de Lis Place.

2. Drive up to the main entrance of the hotel, take your
overnight bag, and hand your car keys to the valet.

3. Enter the hotel and go directly to the Concierge, whose
station is on the far right side of the lobby. Hand your bag
to the Concierge, who will give you a ticket for your bag.
Tell the Concierge that you are looking for the O'Connor

4. Follow the Concierge's directions.

We will see you in about one hour.

Tex and Billy

With time to spare, Tex and I went downstairs to the
Carriage House, the classiest restaurant in the hotel. We
were seated in a booth on the far side of the restaurant
and, although we were somewhat hidden, we had a good view of
the entrance. Besides, this was still before 5 o'clock,
which was early, and we were the only party in the
restaurant. Anyone entering would be obvious. We ordered
wine and were comfortable while waiting for Pamela.

At 5:05, we saw Pamela enter the restaurant and approach the
Maitre d'. As soon as she spoke, the Maitre d' started
moving in our direction with Pamela following closely
behind. The Maitre d's neutral expression signified that
Pamela was alone.

As she arrived at our table, both Tex and I greeted Pamela
warmly. Gentleman that I am, I arose from my seat, "thanked"
the Maitre d', gave Pamela a friendly peck on her cheek, and
helped her slide into our booth. She looked smashing,
wearing elegant makeup, a midnight blue silk shift with
black sequins in a sunray pattern radiating from her
neckline, her hair was braided in a French twist, she wore
navy blue stockings, and she had on matching strappy high
heels, which I thought made her ankles and calves appear
very erotogenic. I poured her a glass of wine and Tex and I
waited for a few moments while she took a stiff drink,
caught her breath, gave us a tentative smile, and gazed at
her surroundings.

Tex broke the silence. As if she had read Pamela's mind (her
puzzlement was obvious), Tex said, "I can see you're
confused by what we've been putting you through. Please
don't worry. Now that you're here, everything is in place.

"We've ordered some appetizers. In the meantime, we'll order

Our waiter showed up, handed out menus and left us alone.
The three of us chatted about the wealth of choices and made
our selections. The waiter magically reappeared, took our
orders, and vanished once again.

In a few moments our appetizers arrived; they took Pamela's
mind off the mystery we had created. We chatted amiably with
Pamela and told her how ravishing she looked and how happy
we were to have her join us. Although she was evidently
nervous, she said she was "excited about what [she thought]
is about to happen".

It was ironic she said those words ... at that moment our
waiter caught my eye and gave me the prearranged signal that
everything was ready.

Showtime ... time to "rock 'n roll".

I said to Tex and Pamela, "You know, the Carriage House has
a very highly rated kitchen. While we're waiting to be
served our dinner, why don't we take a tour? We're the only
diners here so it should be easy to arrange." I signaled for
the waiter to come over and I asked him if it would be
possible for us to tour the kitchen. His answer was
affirmative and he said he would be delighted to lead us on
the tour himself.

I said, "Okay, grab your glasses and your purses, ladies.
Let's go on the tour."

We got up and followed the waiter into the kitchen to see
their marvelous facilities. As we reached the end of the
tour, we saw what had to be our dinners being covered and
loaded onto a serving table. Our waiter grabbed the serving
table, rolled it over to the service elevator, and pushed
the "Up" button. When the elevator door opened, the waiter
moved the table into the elevator and asked us to follow him

Which we did.

Pamela returned to her state of confusion. Her expression
said, "Something unexpected is happening ... again."

I said to Pamela, "We'll explain all our mysterious behavior
very soon."

The waiter pressed the 'P' button for our floor and the door

When the elevator stopped, we got off and followed the
waiter to our suite. I opened the door and the waiter rolled
the table into the room to the dining table, which
overlooked a gorgeous view of the bay.

After the waiter finished laying the dinners out, he opened
another bottle of wine, refilled our glasses, and

Pamela stood there, looking at the spread, the room, the
view, and then at us. We looked back at her, waiting with
anticipation. Several long minutes passed before she said
anything. All she could say was, "But, my bag ...", and
paused as if lost in thought.

I said, "Don't worry, it's right here." Then I reached down
and opened the suitcase we had given the Concierge. I took
out her overnight bag and placed it on a suitcase rack.

That's when Tex took over. She directed Pamela to sit down
at the table where her dinner had been placed. Tex sat down
next to her, placed her hand on Pamela's and, in a calming
voice, explained:

"My dear Pamela, you must think that either we are
international kidnappers or else we need to be placed in the
looney bin. The actual case is simply that we like to take
precautions. We're too old to not be cautious. Now, please
eat your dinner ... it's getting cold."

Pamela seemed to come around a little at that point, focused
on her glass of wine, took a large swallow, and started
eating. She looked at me, and then looked back at Tex,

Tex continued, "We felt certain you were safe for us and
that we could trust you, but we wanted to be ABSOLUTELY
certain. Please understand ... until we got you into this
room and we knew that no one had followed you, we couldn't
be sure that you weren't working with someone else.

"As far as we know, you may be working with a blackmailer
who wants to catch us in flagrante delicto. Heavens knows,
there is no one who would be even remotely interested in our
sexual activities. Just the same, we went through this
elaborate scheme just to get you here and to make sure you
are alone.

"This whole thing was carefully planned and set up. We had
the hotel picked out a long time ago. The Concierge and
Maitre d' were enlisted to help. That suitcase over there
was planted earlier so your bag could be delivered here
without detection."

That's when I piped in, "Pamela, let's just suppose, for
example, that you ARE working with a partner who wants to
extort money from an older couple simply because they would
be an easy mark.

"When you arrived at the hotel, your partner would have been
lucky just to follow you into the hotel lobby in time to see
you speak to the Concierge. Your partner certainly could not
have followed you into the restaurant undetected. After you
handed your bag to the Concierge, he carried it into the
storeroom ... and, while in there and not visible to the
lobby, he slipped your bag inside our planted suitcase. A
porter took our suitcase from the storeroom and brought it
up to our room. If your accomplice had been in the lobby, he
couldn't have followed your bag to our room because your bag
was hidden.

"Your accomplice also wouldn't have anticipated that we were
going to follow our waiter from the kitchen up to our room
on the service elevator. In addition to all of this, no one
can get to this floor ... the penthouse suites floor ...
without a key card. So, at this point, if you have a
partner, he ... or she ... is still in the lobby wondering
where you are."

Then Tex said, "We are satisfied now that Billy and I are
safe. If you are truly our "guest", then you are safe here
with us also. If you're working with someone else, however,
and you aren't here for the S-E-X, you probably won't want
to stay. As we told you before, you're free to leave at any

The dawn of understanding slowly broke across Pamela's face.
Then Pamela started to smile ... in fact, she started crying
little tears of joy. She said (as she wiped her eyes with
her napkin and snuffled), "You two, with your little
mystery, have just given me the most exciting experience
I've ever had in my life. If it's all the same with you, I
think I'll continue to think in terms of the 'international
kidnapper' scenario so I can stay on this thrill ride a
little longer."

Tex said, "That's the spirit. I think that we'll all have a
good time with that plan. Besides, only rarely do victims
get to strip their captors, tie them to a bed, slap them
around, and 'rape' them."

I wasn't sure exactly what Tex meant by her last comment ...
and I wondered if I shouldn't be feeling a little nervous.

*** Party On ***

By that time, we had finished eating dinner. Tex stood up,
walked over to her purse on the top of a side table and
pulled out a cigarette lighter and a joint containing some
very potent marijuana, a strain appropriately named "Mt.
Matnuska Thunderfuck".

Tex said to Pamela, "Now that we're ready to relax, why
don't you come outside with me to catch a breath of fresh
air. You and I can watch a beautiful sunset from the
balcony." Pamela stood up and walked over to the balcony
door Tex was holding open and they walked out onto our
secluded, screened-in balcony.

I caught the hint ... this was private. I followed them with
their wine glasses, placed them on the table beside where
they were standing, and, like our waiter, disappeared. My
job was to have room service clear up our dinner dishes and
lay out desserts and munchies on the sideboard.

[When the room service staff left, I added a plate of my
special "Alice B. Toklas" brownies to the dessert layout. I
then added a pinch of the marijuana to the stem of my
vaporizer (my favorite accessory due to the rush I get), and
took a hit so I would be ready to join the party ... if

I sat in a well-positioned easy chair to enjoy whatever came
next. Shameless voyeur that I am, I watched Tex and Pamela
through the glass door. Pamela was sipping her wine and Tex
lit up the joint, inhaled, and then offered it to Pamela.
Much to my surprise, Pamela accepted it, smiled, and took
one hell of a long hit. Pamela had some knowledge of
marijuana, although she admitted never having anything so
potent as we shared with her. [I found out from Tex later
that Pamela had been married for a short while about twenty
years earlier to a guy who was into drugs. He also was into
cheating and, after she caught him in the act, she had
gotten an anullment to the marriage ... which had been
critical for her job as a Catholic school teacher.]

There is a Latin expression: In vino veritas. Literally, it
means that there is truth in wine. As a practical matter, it
means that, while drinking alcohol, people will open up and
start talking. Pamela was sipping her glass of wine ... and
talking. I could see the dam starting to burst; there was a
catharsis occurring before my eyes. Years of repressing
desires were starting to roll over Pamela emotionally ...
and she broke down and cried.

Tex embraced Pamela to comfort her. Pamela clung to Tex like
a child.

The longer Tex held her, the more Pamela relaxed. The more
relaxed she became, the more Pamela caressed Tex's back, her
shoulders, and then began touching her face and her hair.
Tex looked like she was enjoying this since she responded in
kind. Then Tex took Pamela's face into her hands and gently
kissed her forehead (which was difficult since Tex was about
2 inches shorter than Pamela).

That's when the dam finally burst. Pamela, still in tears,
started kissing Tex on the lips, tentatively at first, but
when Tex gave her no resistance, she gradually became more
passionate. Her hands were all over Tex. She was feeling
Tex's ass, cupping her tits. Kissing, kissing, ... kissing.
She reached for the zipper of Tex's dress and started
unzipping. Tex, who has never shown any lesbian interests,

In just a few moments, they were both down to their
lingerie: bras, panties, garter belts, stockings, and high

Tex, who had been wearing a conservative cocktail dress,
albeit in a fire engine red, white stockings, and matching
red high heels, was now wearing only her lacy white bra and
panties, and a garter belt that was holding up her
stockings. She was still in her heels, which gave her legs a
sexy look. At a little over 110 pounds and at 5'3", and
despite her "tummy", a remnant of child-rearing, she still
had curves in her waist that I find damn near heart

Pamela, still in her strappy high heels, was now wearing
only very sheer intimates consisting of matching navy blue
bra (a well filled 'D' cup, if an "ounce"), and thong
panties. Her thigh high stockings were highly erotic with
their scalloped design in the elastic at the top. She had at
least 35 pounds over Tex and a "full bodied" figure ... and,
okay, maybe some cellulite. But I found her an
only-slightly-over-prime Reubenesque model ... her thong
panties worked for me.

I suddenly realized that I had just witnessed the most
salacious display of sensual desire I had ever seen. I
almost felt lecherous for having "peeped" at this carnal
treasure. NOT!

Then a serious expression crossed Pamela's face ... she said
a couple of words to Tex. They both walked into the room
from the balcony and Tex said to me, "We have to pee and I'm
going to show Pamela how to use the bidet". Tex grabbed her
purse and they marched into the master bathroom together and
closed the door behind them!

I kept my mouth shut. But I thought to myself, "What did she
mean by 'We'?" As the gracious host, it was not my business
to ask why women need to need help each other take a piss. I
grabbed some hangers from the closet and went out onto the
balcony and retrieved their dresses.

While I waited for the bidet lesson's conclusion ... which
seemed extraordinarily lengthy ... I changed the sound
system from the elegant classical music we listened to as we
dined to a channel with some sexy, slow blues.

Although I didn't ... exactly ... place my ear against the
bathroom door, I was still able to gather a few bits of
data. First, I heard sighs of relief. Second, someone in the
bathroom lit up another joint. Third, I heard what sounded
much like "Ummmmmmmm". And finally, I heard a very
distinctive "Ohmigodohmigodohmigod!", which I think was
Pamela's voice. I don't think I will ever fully appreciate
the "attraction" that women have to the bidet.

When Tex and Pamela finally came out of the bathroom, they
looked a little flushed in the face, but they were both
smiling. Indeed, as people say in the southern US, they were
"wearing shit eatin' grins".

Then Tex walked over to me and said, "Okay, Pamela, if you
really want to participate in our menage a trois, your
assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to strip
Billy!" It was incredible to me, but Pamela's smile grew
even wider and brighter.

Pamela said, "I accept the assignment!", and she came over
to where Tex and I were standing and began by slipping off
my dinner jacket. Then came the bow tie, cummerbund,
suspenders, and shirt. When she undid the waist fasteners
and zipper of my pants, she let them drop to the floor. She
pulled off my undershirt and began slowly massaging my
crotch. I was getting a stiffie. She began caressing my
chest, running her hands through the hair, and then suckling
my nipples.

Tex, who had already removed her own bra, stepped behind
Pamela and began caressing Pamela's sides, her hips, and her
tits, all the while rubbing her crotch against Pamela's ass.
Tex was undulating in time with the slow, sexy music. This
was a scene they could NOT have shown in the movie Dirty

Then Tex undid Pamela's bra hooks and worked the strap off
her right shoulder and, very slowly, worked the strap off
her left shoulder and gradually slipped the bra completely
from her arms. My mind was in overdrive, flipping little
"wheelies" off the wall (as they once used to say) as I was
staring at a very nice pair of slightly sagging, but
definitely D-cup, torpedo-shaped hooters with rosebud pink
nipples. I didn't see much of Pamela's tits, however, as
Tex's hands were busy massaging them as she mashed her own
tits into Pamela's back.

At that point, either Pamela had to take off my shoes in
order to remove my pants, or I had to. I was hoping she
would do it because I find the prospect of having a nearly
naked female on the floor untying my shoes highly erotic.
Tex came to her rescue ... she made me sit down and then she
and Pamela both took off my shoes and stripped off my pants.

Tex told me to stand up again, and Pamela began to slowly
work my jockey shorts off my hips and down my legs. This
took an inordinate amount of time considering that she did
it one-handed, that is to say, she did it with one hand
while her other hand was busy stroking my very happy cock.

*** Sent To The Showers ***

When I was finally naked, Tex took charge and said, "Billy,
go take a shower!" And, so, I took a shower. (At the time, I
guessed that was to be my equivalent of their bidet
experience.) However, I was surprised by the tone of Tex's
voice. Tex knows I like to take a nice, long hot shower
after I've had some grass. I can easily go 15-20 minutes
luxuriating in the warm spray ... I like a good
stroke-a-thon as much as the next guy. Tex wouldn't
ordinarily need to "command" me to take a shower, however,
so something seemed out of whack ... and I finally began to
feel nervous ... and very excited.

I went into the bathroom ... but I had a plan. I left the
door open and the lights off. After groping around in the
dark for awhile, I finally found all of the controls and got
the shower going. I got in and took a nice, hot, but
relatively short, shower. I hopped out of the shower stall
without turning the water off, grabbed a towel and quickly
dried myself. I quietly slipped out of the bathroom and
heard moaning sounds coming from the bedroom. Since my
curiosity had been piqued, I "peeked" through the bedroom

After seeing what I saw, you could have bowled me over with
a feather. Several years ago, I had given Tex an 18" long,
double-headed dildo, which she had never taken an interest
in. Well, she obviously had brought it along because she and
Pamela appeared "very interested" in that double dong now.

If I had been a lecherous voyeur before, I was a mere
amateur back then. At that very moment, I graduated into the
professional league of dirty old men. What I was looking at
was awesome! They had stripped off their panties and shoes,
but were still wearing stockings and garter belts. I could
never have dreamed of such a libidinous picture.

The blankets were pulled back on the king sized bed and they
were taking full advantage of all that space. They both had
their right knees raised slightly, laying over the other's
left leg. Their snatches were sliding up and down the "party
pole" synchronously ... that is, they shoved themselves down
onto the dildo at the same time, and pulled off at the same
time ... lifting their hips as they pulled out and dropping
their derrieres as they pushed down. They probably had just
started their double dipping "exercise" because they were
still building up speed ... going gradually faster and
faster. I simply could not believe the energy of those two
"old biddies" simul-fucking each other.

After what seemed like an eternity, I could hear Tex start
to breathe in that tense way she breathes as she starts to
cum. Pamela, on the other hand, was grunting with her
thrusts and then she began sobbing big moans. I gathered
that she was climaxing also.

Fortunately for me, between their excited fuck moans and the
sound of the running shower, my stifled breathing had gone
undetected. The idea of letting them think they had a secret
seemed judiciously wicked to me ... which left me as the one
with the secret ... and I can keep a secret! I decided to go
back into the bathroom and "finish" my shower and formally
rejoin the party. So I got back into the shower and, after
what I had just seen, turned the water to cold for several
minutes. I made a point of loudly turning off the shower and
getting out and drying myself. I then called out from the
bathroom and told them I was coming out ... and added, "if
it's okay with you".

Tex answered, "Wait a minute, Pamela isn't ready for you to
see her yet ... she still has feelings of modesty. So I'm
going to blindfold you." Then she added, "Then we're going
to strap you to the bed and smoke another joint to help us
relax before she's ready."

Knowing what I had just seen, I thought to myself, "Oh sure,
riiiiigggghhht, you need to relax all right ... 'modesty',
my ass! " And then I thought, "Be still my foolish heart."

Tex came over to the bathroom door and made me turn around
while she tied the blindfold. She grabbed one of my hands
and Pamela grabbed the other. Then Pamela said, "Oh, Billy
feels so cold! He's freezing." And Tex replied, "Yeah, poor
Billy" and continued pulling me over to the bed.

Since I had pre-positioned the black web straps and
Velcro-fastening cuffs, it didn't take very long at all for
them to have me trussed up like a Christmas goose. Pamela
then asked, "Should I lie on top of him to warm him up?" and
Tex answered, "No, I think Billy's too hot to handle right
now as it is" and she grabbed my fully erect cock and pumped
it up and down several times. Then Tex said, "Okay, we've
got your 'international kidnapper' under bondage. Let's go
'relax' with that joint and figure out what you want to do
with him."

I realized by now that I wasn't the center of this menage a
trois like I had planned. It was starting to look like I was
going to be merely a "bench (bed?) warmer". As they started
to leave, I asked, "Wasn't there some 'sex' planned for this
party?" Pamela started to reply, "Well, we've already ..."
and Tex interrupted with " ... already talked about that."
And then I heard "Shhhhhh" followed by a stifled laugh from

So, there I was, blindfolded and bound to the bed. I was
suffering sensory deprivation. Maybe the blindfold was the
karmic reward I was destined to receive for all of my
peeking. All I could do was listen ... which just so happens
to be a skill that I have honed well. My only option, then,
was to bring my audio sensors up to maximum receptivity.

I heard Tex and Pamela leave the bedroom and go out to the
living room. I heard someone "flick a Bic". I heard a
champagne bottle pop and hysterical giggles. Then I heard
Pamela say, "Ooooh, look, brownies!"

And I thought, "Ahhhh ... sweet revenge ... set 'phasors' on
stun, Mr. Spock!"

Things got quiet for awhile after that. I thought to myself,
"They're eating, drinking, smoking pot ... all of the fun
things one expects to do at a party. And where am I?
Resting! It was still relatively early in the evening, so
they weren't going to fall asleep out there ... were they?"

They must have "relaxed" for 30 or so minutes, before I
started hearing the strains of Gloria Gaynor singing "I Will
Survive". "Oh, no", I thought to myself, "Tex is teaching
Pamela how to sing and dance to THAT song!" THIS was simply
inhumane. Tex is sooooo sexy when she dances and strips to
that number. My erection came back with a vengeance as I
imagined the two of them out there shaking their "boobies".
To heap insult on injury, Tex restarted the song and went
through the whole thing again.

*** Chicks And Hogs ***

Then everything turned very quiet. Suddenly, there was a lot
of laughing and giggling and I heard them burst into the

Tex fired up her lighter and inhaled from a joint. Then she
held the joint up to my lips for me to inhale. She pulled it
away when I got a lungful. Pamela fed a bite of brownie into
my mouth as she and Tex took some hits. After Pamela fed me
a bite of brownie, she positioned her body over my face and
began side-to-side slapping my face with her tits. At this
same time, Tex was holding my dick in her hands and put her
mouth over it and applied suction like she had never done
before. Then Pamela inserted one of her nipples between my
lips, which I greedily suckled.

Then they repeated the cycle: inhale from the joint ... bite
of brownie in the mouth ... tittie slapping ... dick suction
... nipples in the mouth, over and over.

"Is this meant to be torture?" I asked myself. But then I
finally realized, "Naaaahhh ... if torture were really their
intent, it would be 'cruel and perverted' punishment ... and
in the USA there are Constitutional protections from that,
aren't there? Well, at least I'm back in the party. Oh,

Then Tex asked, "Pamela, how do you want sex the 'first'

Pamela responded that she wanted to have the advertised
"Chicks Ride High" service. Then the most incredible words
came out of Pamela's mouth: "Wow! I can't believe we're
finally doing this. I've never felt so free in my life. My
fantasy has been to pretend I'm a biker chick ready for her
first solo on her Harley hog! And now I get to fuck my OWN
brains out on my hog ... this chick's going to ride sooooo

And, "Whoooooohooooo, to you too!", I thought.

I heard Tex go over to the toy bag and pull out the PPA and
Malibu Tuxedo belt. She slipped the PPA through the harness'
hole and then came over to me and said, "Okay, Billy, lift
up your butt so I can slip the belt around you." I complied
and Tex put the belt and PPA on me ... slipping the PPA over
my swollen cock, and cinched the belt down tight. She handed
Pamela a condom and a bottle of lubricant. She told Pamela
that the condom makes the PPA safe to share and that the
lubricant makes it "really juicy".

I felt Pamela applying a liberal amount of "love juice" to
the PPA. And then our "chick" mounted "her hog" for a very
"high ride". Since the PPA had to accommodate my erect dick,
it was wider than the double-headed dildo she and Tex had
used between them. Pamela straddled me, sitting over my
stomach, leaning forward, and tried to guide the PPA into
her "eager beaver". Tex said, "Here, let me help you" and
pointed the PPA into the main entrance to Pamela's tunnel of

Just as Pamela was beginning to push back against the PPA,
Tex stopped her and said, "Wait, don't you need to
'kickstart' the motor?"

Pamela, a little flustered, nodded her head and replied
sheepishly, "Yeessss, I guess so."

Then Tex said, "The best way to kickstart this hog is to
slap Billy in the face a couple of times. Billy likes that
and, believe me, it'll really get your engine running."

So Pamela sat up a little, which in itself pushed her pussy
down onto the PPA about an inch. She was a little unsure
about giving me a good swat ... which I really enjoy while
stoned. As I felt her sitting back to go into her backswing,
I raised my hips, which penetrated her pussy a little
further. During the swing, she leaned forward and her pussy
lifted off the PPA. I lowered my hips to help retract the

As Pamela's hand hit my cheek (a solid, albeit, tentative
slap), she began sitting back to prepare for the next swing.
I reversed my hip motion and shoved upward as hard and fast
as I could. I didn't get it in very far ... she was still
tight ... but I had made some progress. I heard Pamela give
out an "Oooooofff!" with that. She leaned forward to slap me
again ("Much better!", I thought) and I retracted ... she
sat back and I thrust. This went on for maybe a dozen times.
We were gradually picking up speed and penetration depth.

Then Tex said, "All right, you go girl ... fuck yourself
good!", and Pamela stopped the slapping and really started
"riding high".

It was fantastic for me ... everything I could have ever
hoped for: the "kickstart" had the "impact" I crave (Tex
says "It hurts my hand too much!") and now Pamela's big,
soft, fleshy tits were slamming into my chin and
"kickstarted" face.

I don't know if it was sympathy for me or if she just wanted
an audience, but Pamela reached down and grabbed the
blindfold at the back of my head and pulled it off. "Oh,
thank you, God, I see a vision!", I thought to myself.

Then I saw Tex get up on the bed behind Pamela and begin
massaging Pamela's thighs, torso, and tits.

Pamela was going like hell for leather now, and she was very
vocal with her moans, which were in rhythm with her motions.
After several unimaginably phenomenal minutes like this, Tex
put her hands around Pamela's hips and started pulling her
down and back, harder and faster. I was lifting my hips up
to meet Pamela's pussy ... and we were having a fantastic
"slammin' jam".

After another minute of this, Pamela started cumming, and I
don't mean some wimpy little cum, either. She began crying
... again ... but this time with big, loud, hysterical sobs,
and repeating "This is sooooooo incredible." Her orgasm went
on for several minutes at that level.

"Well," I thought to myself, "I've just had my payday!" I
didn't need an orgasm for myself after that. My heart was
pumping, my adrenaline was flowing. Talk about awesome! Just
being a participant in that event was one of the great
moments in history.

It took Pamela a good 5 minutes after she stopped cumming
before she could relax her cunt enough to slide off the PPA.
She literally rolled over and collapsed on the bed beside
me, lying on her back, her head lying on my bound arm. Tex
moved over to Pamela and lay down on top of her, kissing her
face, her neck, suckling her nipples, and began "box
bumping". I guessed that this was Tex's way to help Pamela
slow down her descent from the incredible "high" she had
just had while riding me. Pamela seemed to enjoy Tex's
ministrations ... she was bumping back.

I actually started to feel a little sad at that point. I
thought "It's going to be downhill from here ... after all,
it couldn't get any better than this. Could it?" But I soon
realized that, while it may not get better, it sure as hell
can continue.

After a few minutes, Tex got off of Pamela and put a fresh
condom and lubricant on the PPA. Then she straddled my chest
and prepared for her ride. Having a great deal more sexual
experience than Pamela, Tex knew exactly where her pussy
was, lined herself up, and then shoved. She only took a half
dozen short thrusts before she was "locked and loaded". I
guess seeing Pamela get off really got Tex "wired" for this
because the next thing she said was "Yahoo, this chick is
ridin' high, too!"

Pamela apparently had caught her breath by this time ... she
rolled over on her side and was leaning on her elbow facing
us, smiling. It must have been obvious to her that Tex had
everything under control.

Then Tex's whole body stiffened and her breathing became
labored. "Unh - unh - unh --- unh." She was slowing down as
her climax took control of her entire being. Tex became
rigid, almost catatonic, which is her normal way of
finishing her gigantic climaxes. Tex quickly came down from
her orgasm and was able to relax her pussy enough to slide
off relatively easily. She rolled off into the narrow space
between Pamela and myself and cuddled between us while she
caught her breath.

*** My Religious Experience ***

After a few minutes, Tex climbed off the bed and walked over
to the toy bag and pulled out another dildo. This one was a
"boomerang" dildo. It's a double-headed dildo, but its shape
is more of a "V" and is designed so it can be worn with a
Malibu Tuxedo by one female to simultaneously fuck herself
and someone else. One end goes into the wearer's pussy and
the other goes into her partner's pussy (or rectum). Tex
came back with the boomerang dildo and started disconnecting
the Malibu Tuxedo from around my middle. "Lift your hips,
Billy", she said as she slipped the Malibu Tuxedo off of me.

Tex removed the PPA from the Malibu Tuxedo and inserted the
boomerang dildo. Then she turned to Pamela and said, "Here,
slip this end into your pussy, and strap it on tight.

Pamela nodded and smiled.

Tex said to me, "Okay, I'm going to release you. See if you
can be a good boy and behave ... all you need to do is fuck
me." Then Tex released the Velcro on all the cuffs and lay
down on the bed on her back, her legs splayed, flashing me
with her gorgeous, gushing, gaping gash.

"What's this", I thought, "all I'm going to get is the
fucking missionary fucking position?" But I knew better than
to argue with Tex when she gets like this ... especially
when she's horizontal with her legs spread wide! ... so I
got up onto my knees in front of her, hand-pumped my cock a
couple of times, and slipped it "in like Flynn"!

With all the excitement, I began to cum too quickly and
started to pull out. Then Tex asked, "Where do you think
you're going, Buster?" and she looked at Pamela and said,
"Okay Babycakes. Lube that thing up, and then put some of
your lubed-up fingers into Billy's asshole to 'prime' him.
Pull 'em out and then shove your new 'cock' into him."

I couldn't see Pamela from my position, but I heard a soft
gasp, and then she said ... in an excited tone "... Okay".

Simply by hearing Tex speak, I lost some of the urgency of
my orgasmic rush ... so I was able to keep fucking her
without ejaculating. But now I knew things were NOT going to
get worse ... they were going to get MUCH better.

Then Pamela stuck one, and then two, fingers in my rectum.
"Omigod!" She slowly worked them in and out for awhile. For
a sexual "newbie", she seemed to pick up the finer points of
sexual perversion quickly ... she gave me a good
hand-rimming. And then she pulled her fingers out.

They say that it's always darkest just before the dawn. But
there's another expression: "It's always darkest just before
things go totally black." And that's what happened to me ...
seemingly in slow motion ... knowing that Pamela was right
behind me inching "her" cock toward my asshole ... my mind
must have freaked at the prospect!

Just as Pamela touched the dildo's tip to my sphincter, and
started sliding it in and out, I started having a "cherry"
orgasm, that is, an orgasm just like the one I had the very
first time I masturbated, back in my "ancient" childhood.
And my cum went on ... and on ... and on ... and on. Things
indeed went totally black as I passed out.

The next thing I remember was Tex and Pamela laughing at me
as they rolled me off of Tex and onto my back on the bed.

"I just died and went to heaven in one of those out-of-body
experiences", I thought to myself. I just knew I had had sex
with angels. And Tex and Pamela, like a couple of party
poopers, had to pull me back ... and they were laughing. "No

Under normal circumstances, after sex, I give Tex a good
cuddlin' to help her come down from her afterglow. I wasn't
going to be any good for her this time, though. I was
completely drained. In addition to being "used and abused",
I had been tossed aside. Some "international kidnapper" I
turned out to be. Still, I knew my "feminine side" had been
fully satiated. In any event, Tex and Pamela pulled the
covers over my inert body, gently kissed me on the forehead,
shut the bedroom door, and left.

*** The Morning After The Night Before ***

I woke the next morning to find Tex in bed cuddling up to me
and Pamela cuddling up to Tex. I quietly slipped out of the
bedroom and closed the door. After taking care of my morning
ablutions, I peeked back into the bedroom to look at the
"angels" sleeping in my bed. I saw that Pamela was awake and
was starting to get up. She saw me looking at her and put
her finger to her lips in the universal "Shhhh!" sign as she
pulled the covers over Tex's shoulders. She then padded over
to the doorway in all her naked glory. She slipped through
the door as I pulled it shut.

I whispered, "I'm a light sleeper." Pamela responded with
"Me too, but we didn't come to bed for several hours after
you fell asleep."

Pamela headed into the bathroom and freshened herself up.

In a short while, Pamela came out of the bathroom into the
kitchenette where I was boiling water for some tea. I said,
"On Sunday mornings, Tex likes a late, leisurely breakfast
... actually a brunch. I usually feel a need to put
something into my stomach before that, though ... like
chocolate. I was going to make myself a cup of tea and have
a brownie. Do you want anything?"

Pamela said, "A cup of tea and a brownie sounds great to me.
I'm a chocoholic, so I can eat it anytime."

"You know", I said, "I meant to tell you last night ...
except that I was 'all tied up' ... that those brownies have
marijuana in them."

She responded, "That explains their unique flavor ... I
thought they had the flavor of pistachio nuts ... and it
also explains the fact that I felt all tingly for much of
the night."

I said, "Well, if you eat one now, your body will start to
feel 'all tingly' again in about a half hour", as I grabbed
the plate of brownies and came back into the kitchenette. We
sipped our tea and started feeding each other brownies.

That's when I had my first really good look at Pamela's
tittie nipples. They looked just like small, pink
raspberries ... long, wide, and cylindrical. "What
delicacies these morsels be" I thought to myself. I was
starting to feel a little affectionate by then ... so I
asked Pamela if I could kiss her. When she smiled and
nodded, I pulled her up to me and planted a kiss full on her

Things started getting out of control at that point. Not
sexually, per se. Pamela was kissing back ... just a little
too hard. She began massaging my tonsils with her tongue. I
actually felt a little frightened as I found myself
involuntarily giving her tongue "deep throat".

I decided I had better do a quick sanity check with Pamela
... immediately, and said, "Whoa, slow down there, Pilgrim!
You don't want to get too carried away with this. You've got
to remember: Tex and I like you and we MAY want to do
something like this again, but don't go getting yourself
hooked on us. When this weekend is all over, you're going
back to your own real world ... and I guarantee you you're
going to have a physical and emotional crash and burn. We're
here with you this weekend, but we may not be 'there' for
you in the future ... if you catch my meaning."

Pamela looked me straight in the eye and gave me a sad, wry
smile. She said, "I understand. But goddammit, I've never
had anything like this ever before in my life and I'm only
trying to make the most of it right now ... this minute."

To that I could only reply, "Okay then, Babycakes, come to

After Pamela nearly sucked my face off, I broke loose and we
downed our cups of tea. I said, "Did you get a chance to try
the vaporizer for smoking pot last night?", as I picked up
the unit and showed it to her? She shook her head. Then I
said, "Well, Tex likes to use joints because of the ritual
of sharing them. They're okay, but I don't find them very
efficient. Let me demonstrate." I loosely packed some grass
in the stem, put it back into the base of the unit, and
inhaled through the stem.

Pamela said, "That's really interesting ... no smoke and no

I said, "Not only that, but this gives a rush like you
wouldn't believe. Now you try it", and I packed a fresh load
into the stem for her. She held the unit up to her mouth and
inhaled, slowly but steadily.

After she took the unit from her lips, she stood there for a
few moments, in a stupor, and finally said, "My God, that's
fucking amazing!"

While she was temporarily "zoned out", I was fixated on
Pamela's "raspberry" nipples. I could have sworn she just
had an erection! I was facing her and I raised my left index
finger to just underneath her right nipple. And I said, "Now
that's what's fucking amazing."

Pamela, regaining focus, asked, "What's fucking amazing?"

I said, "Your nipples. I swear they just doubled in size.
They look hard as a rock. I think you've got a nipple
erection." I moved my left thumb above her right nipple and
began to softly squeeze it against my index finger. Then I
started to suckle on her left nipple and heard Pamela start
to moan. I asked her, "How does that feel?"

She said, "Don't stop. Pleeeeeeease don't stop!"

I went on for about 30 more seconds like that. Then I said,
"Let's do that again!" I packed another load and inhaled it.
Then I packed a load for her and she took it, greedily this
time. And then I started squeezing her right nipple and
suckling her left nipple all over again. Then I let my right
hand rest over her navel and started it on its descent. As I
reached her bush, I felt Pamela arch her back. I pushed
further, sliding my hand into and parting her labia. She
moved her right foot a foot further to the right. I started
to slip my fingers into her dripping pussy ... all she could
say was "Agggghhh...".

When Pamela came back to her senses she said, "Billy, I want
to have you cum inside me."

I answered, "Sorry, no can do, Babycakes. It's not that the
spirit isn't willing or that Tex would mind. It's just that
my little buddy has a problem in strange pussy. It's been
diagnosed as performance anxiety. My cock may be stiff right
now, but just as soon as I slip into you, it'll fail me.
That's why the PPA is such a wonderful aid for me. I can put
it on and slide it in you, and my cock inside it will be
just as hard as it is now because it knows ... it doesn't
have to perform."

To that, Pamela said, "Well, pooh! If that's the way it is,
then let's put the PPA on you, because I want to get fucked
... right now!"

I went over to where the PPA was sitting, laid out among an
array of all of our sex toys lying on towels on the sofa. I
said, "Well, it looks like Tex and you held a little
'Schtupperware Party' for pampered pussies last night. Is
that what happens after I pass out?" All I got from Pamela
was another one of those "shit eatin' grins". I strapped on
the PPA, slipped a condom over it, started lubing up, and
said, "Where do you want to do it?"

Pamela said, "Right here, on the floor."

I said, "But floors are dirty. People walk on them with
their shoes."

She responded, "That's okay, I already feel like a really
naughty, dirty bitch ... and I'll take a shower later. Now
fuck me!", as she lay down on the floor and spread her legs
wide and pulled her knees up."

I said, "Well, as long as you put it thaaaaaat way ... okay,
here it comes, Babycakes. I'll start this, but remember, you
have to finish on top since 'Chicks Ride High'." I slipped
my counterfeit cock into her honey hole and started pushing.
I was going to show no mercy ... each thrust was powered to
go deep. When I hit the bottom of her abyss, I began to
pump, fast and furiously. She seemed to be loving it ... if
that's what a facial expression of enraptured agony implies.

As I started to tire, I said, "Okay, I've had my fun. It's
time for you to get back on top." I slipped completely out
of her pussy and moved across the room ... to force her to
break her orgasmic concentration and follow me. I figured
I'll take a shower later too, so I lay on the floor with the
PPA sticking straight up into the stratosphere. Pamela
groaned but then got up onto her hands and knees and
literally crawled over. She straddled my waist, lined up the
PPA, and went straight down to the hilt. Then up, and down,
and on and on. Neither alignment assistance nor kickstart
were necessary this time.

Just as Pamela was starting to get into a good rockin'
rhythm, I saw Tex walk into the living room. She took one
look at what we were doing and smiled. Then she noticed I
was lying on the carpet and rolled her eyeballs. She was
obviously thinking, "He's got no class!"

Tex also noticed that we had been using the vaporizer and
she walked over to it and took a couple of hits for herself.
Then she feigned an histrionic throat clearing and said,
"Aha! Now I've caught you both in flagrante delicto!

This broke Pamela's focus on fucking ... she nearly panicked
and almost started to cry. "Oh, Tex, I'm so sorry, I didn't
mean to take advantage of you like this."

Realizing her mistake in assuming that Pamela would catch
her humor, Tex was almost in tears herself. She quickly came
over to us, cupped Pamela's face, kissed her on the
forehead, and spoke very softly, "Pamela, it is I who must
apologize to you, I was just teasing! I sometimes forget how
really inexperienced and fragile you are. Please, keep
fucking Billy. That's what we came here to do."

Poor Pamela ... this had set her back, but she was a trooper
and continued copulating, albeit with less conviction.

That was when Tex had an idea. She said, "Let's make this a
real menage a trois! Sit up, Babycakes!" As Pamela leaned
back, Tex straddled my head with her pussy over my mouth,
facing Pamela. Tex pulled Pamela back toward her and began
kissing her.

I was being smothered on both ends and loving every second
of it. I decided that I should give Tex a good lickin' to
"punish her" for bruising sweet, naive Pamela's ego. After
awhile, I began to feel the advance of Tex's orgasm. She got
up off of my face, however, and sat back down with her
derriere facing Pamela. This was Tex's preferred position
for sitting on my face for cunnilingus ... I have a better
tongue action on her clit from that angle.

Then Tex said, "Pamela, please be a dear and take that jar
of lubricant and lube up your right thumb really well and
also the other fingers of your right hand. Okay? Then slip
one of your fingers into my pussy, and another, and another
and give me a good drubbing down there. And when I say
"Now!", stick your right thumb into my asshole."

Pamela started to get excited again ... Tex had found a way
to bring her back into our pleasure dome. My tongue could
feel Pamela's fingers going into Tex's cunt. And Tex was
definitely starting to ignite. Just then, Tex yelled, "Now,

At that moment, I sucked Tex's entire clitoris into my mouth
and applied as much suction pressure as I could ... I even
started shaking my head from side to side. I think that
Pamela had just gotten her thumb inside Tex's sphincter as
Tex, the usually reserved Tex, started a high pitched, deep
throated, uncontrollable ululation ... and then she
ejaculated all over my face and neck ... she had never
ejaculated before!

It was another incredible moment in sexual history!

I gradually eased up on the suction and Pamela pulled her
fingers and thumb out. Tex, very slowly and veeeeerrrrry
wobbily, crawled off of my face and rolled over onto the
floor. Pamela and I were looking expectantly at Tex, and she
looked back at us and said, "Don't mind me while I 'die'
over here. Please go back to what you were doing before I
came out here and so rudely interrupted you."

Tex had just given Pamela a recharge in her debauch
batteries ... by having Pamela help her cum.

Pamela excitedly began licking Tex's pussy juice off of me
while she resumed fucking. She began seriously humping and I
started lifting my hips so my rising crotch would meet her
as she brought her pussy down. We were finally getting into
some serious "slammin' and jammin'". I looked over at Tex,
but she wasn't there anymore ... she was over by her toy
layout picking out a beginner's anal probe, a tapered dildo
with ball-like ridges of increasing diameters. Tex came back
with the dildo and started to lube it up.

By then, Pamela and I were reaching what I thought must
surely be the final crescendo in our "crotch concerto". But
Pamela just kept climbing ... "where no man has gone

But before Pamela began her climax, fortunately, I
understood what Tex was up to. I also realized that the best
way to help Pamela reach maximum nirvana would be to put my
hands behind her head, pull her down and clamp her lips to
my own ... which I did. As a result, I had Pamela pinioned,
which placed Tex and me in position to double-team her with
our dildodic hedonism ... Tex would give Pamela an
introduction to anal eroticism from above while I would be
"pile driving" the PPA into her pussy from below.

Suddenly, Pamela's entire body rocked with an explosive
orgasm as she screamed into my mouth ... her chest heaving
in ecstatic release. Then Pamela ejaculated all over me as
she came ... and came ... and I began an involuntary,
sympathetic ejaculation inside the PPA as a result of her

Tex quickly slipped the anal toy out of Pamela's asshole. I
held Pamela and kissed her tenderly as her pleasure wracked
body sobbed uncontrollably.

We stayed in that position for several minutes. Finally, Tex
came over and put her arms around Pamela's shoulders and
gently rolled her off of me onto the floor. Tex and I both
laid on our sides facing Pamela and continued kissing and
caressing her. It took at least 10 minutes to calm her down.
She occasionally gave out little, precious sobs.

Just as Pamela was starting to come back to us, I looked at
her and said, "Babycakes?"

She opened her eyes and gave me a weak smile and said,

"I came inside you ... even while wearing the PPA. I'm sorry
that I told you I couldn't."

Then she smiled and said, "Don't be sorry, that's the
sweetest thing you could have said."

When Tex was satisfied that Pamela, like Gloria Gaynor,
"would survive", she stood up and said, "Well, I'm going to
order us some brunch!"

Pamela and I both laughed.

*** Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow ***

I began filling the Jacuzzi in the master bathroom. I
decided the next thing we needed to do was to clean
ourselves up before breakfast.

We were already stripped, obviously, so we just helped each
other climb into our hot, sudsy, bubbling bath. We were
playing footsie, fondling each other, and kissing. Other
than that, we were fairly well behaved.

We were surprised when we heard room service knock on our
door. "So soon?" we all asked.

I said, "I'll handle this, you two just twiddle your twats
... I'll be right back." I grabbed a hotel bathrobe off the
back of the door and went out to let the room service server
in to lay out the brunch buffet. I handed the server a nice
tip, so he didn't seem to even notice all of the sex toys
and other paraphernalia lying around or the giggling coming
from the open bathroom door.

I went back into the master bathroom carrying a cold bottle
of champagne and 3 flutes (with a fresh strawberry in each).
I popped the cork to another chorus of giggles and served my
two delightful "ladies in waiting". "Ahhhhhhh, bliss!"

After we finished our brunch, we started our preparations
for departure. It was very sad for me. I didn't want this
incredible weekend to end. Ever.

But checkout time approacheth and we were to sally forth
(back) to the real world. Tex packed her toys and I packed
our clothing and paraphernalia. Then Tex packed a "Care"
package for Pamela to take home: all of the leftover
brownies, miscellaneous desserts left over from the night
before, as well as her leftover joints. She also said she
wanted to give Pamela a special present, but that I couldn't
see it. So I left with our bags and went to the checkout

[Tex told me later that she learned that Pamela had never
had a dildo ... and never knew they existed. Hell, Pamela
also admitted never having had an orgasm! It seems that
Pamela had fallen in love with one particular dildo, which
had a nice length and girth and a good set of "balls"; it
was made out of one of the new miracle plastics that is soft
and textured like real skin. Tex told Pamela that she had
another at home just like it and if Pamela ever wanted to,
she could call her and the two of them could have private
phone sex while simultaneously masturbating with the same
dildo strokes.]

When we were all back together standing by the hotel's front
door, waiting for the valet to bring our cars ... Pamela was
crying again ... I said to her, "Remember what I told you
earlier. You're going back to your life. After a few days
you may be horrified at what you've done. Please don't let
it get you down. Temptation happens to the best of us.
Hopefully you won't look at what we did here as all bad. Get
some rest, go back to your normal daily activities. Get on
with your life.

"The only thing we ask is that you wait a few days before
getting back in touch with us ... if you wish to continue
our relationship. Then, if you do, email us your telephone

Finally, we all kissed and bade a tearful goodbye and drove
back to our respective homes.

As is our habit, Tex and I schlepped all of our luggage back
into our house and put everything away, into the wash, or
into the toy drawer before we would allow ourselves to
crash. I made myself a cup of tea and collapsed into an easy
chair. Tex checked for messages. She walked into the den
where I was sitting, lost in my reverie, and gave me the
following update: "Guess whose telephone number just arrived
by email!"


*** Groundrules For A Menage a Trois With Us ***

The following are the ground rules you must understand and
accept before we will proceed with a relationship.

*** Participants ***

The parties of this relationship will be the married couple
Tex (female) and Billy (male) as the "hosts" and you as the
"guest" (female).

The relationship will be limited to this "threesome"; no
other persons may participate.

The relationship is non-exclusive: either party may have
concurrent relationships without concerning or consulting
the other party.

Either party can terminate this relationship at any time,
without regrets or prejudice.

*** Overview ***

The purpose of a relationship between the host couple and
the guest shall be to pursue sexual pleasure as a threesome,
that is, as a menage a trois.

Emotional dependence has no place in a relationship with the
host couple. Simple friendship is all that may be expected.

Maturity will be the hallmark of the relationship. Pleasant
perversities will be its metier.

Sincerity is crucial ... personality must be transparent, as
in "What you see is what you get!"

Mental games are pointless ... the host couple raised
teenagers and are aware of all variations.

Discussions of moral, religious, legal, political,
philosophical, financial, or sports issues will be

Personal background information should be kept superficial
(e.g., no details about ex's, children, or parents as we're
only interested in our immediate pleasure).

The problems of the world must be "checked" at the front

Topics concerning travel, the arts, cooking, or healthful
lifestyles will be encouraged during moments of relaxation.

*** Criteria ***

The hosts are both educated and professional. They are
secure and comfortable in their lives. They are committed to
each other.

The desirable characteristics of a guest include:
intelligence, education, a sense of humor, friendliness,
tolerance, personal stability, and a positive mental

The only physical characteristics of concern are reasonable
and proportional body trimness, height, and health.

Pulchritude is of considerably lesser significance.

Sexual enthusiasm is a "plus" ... can you honestly say aloud
"I am horny!"? ... and can you say it out loud to us? Racy
underwear speaks volumes.

The hosts are not homophobic. However, neither member of the
host couple is homosexual.

*** Initial Meeting ***

The initial meeting will be held in a public place of the
hosts' choosing.

Prior to the initial meeting, the hosts will provide
descriptive information so the prospective guest can
identify and locate the hosts in the chosen public place.

The initial meeting will provide an opportunity to get to
know each other without pressure.

No decision will be made at the initial meeting regarding
whether either party wishes to continue.

*** Activities ***

Full nudity and participation in sexual activity is expected
from all participants at every meeting (after the initial

There will be no pressure on any participant and there will
be no guarantees of any level of satisfaction or pleasure.

It is expected that all participants will enjoy themselves
and will be audible and/or visible in their pleasure.

Sexual organs include penis and vagina, and may optionally
include the rectum. (Female breasts are not sexual organs
... they are decorations ;^) .)

All participants must respect that the sensitivity of sexual
organs will vary depending upon the desires of a

Bondage may be applied to either member of the host couple
within the limits of the member's pleasure. However, bondage
will never be applied to both host members simultaneously
(one pair of hands will always be available to "fondle" the
guest ;^) ). Bondage applied to the guest is optional.

If any discipline (as in "bondage and discipline") is
applied during sessions incorporating bondage, it will
always be performed lightly and with a touch of humor.

Light stimulants may be used to enhance the experience of
the participants, and may take the form of food and drink,
clothing, or audio/video. No tobacco or hard drugs will be

No recordings of activities will be allowed without the
consent of all participants.

*** Health and Safety ***

All participants must take cleanliness and safety seriously!

Showers, soap, and fresh towels will always be available.

Condoms, lubricants, and cleaners for sex toys will be

Sexual organ or oral contact with sexual organs between
either of the hosts and the guest will always be insulated
by protective measures, such as a condom, dental dam, or sex

No infectious diseases, for example, colds, flu, or stomach
virus, should ever be transmitted at any meeting. Each party
will be responsible to notify the other and cancel a
scheduled meeting when a disease may appear even remotely
possible. Transmission of such diseases will result in
immediate termination of the relationship.


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