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Chloe and Mom part 2



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Chloe and mom 2
Homer Vargas


Besides being a take-off from the great story "Letters
to Mother" by LKWRITER@HOTMAIL.COM, the following letters
from a different daughter to a different mom also uses
some transmogrified text from a very hot story, "Donna
and Roger" by Gary Johns The
inspiration of CDE will not be overlooked.

Dear Mother,

Oh, Mom, I just know I'm pregnant! It was every bit as
exciting as you said it would be. How did you guess so
much of what would happen before I told you? Are we
really THAT much alike?

Of course I'm going to tell you how it happened. Well,
Sidney tossed the coin and Darrell won me. <giggle> I
expected he would yank me upstairs and start fucking me
stupid, but he surprised me. He said getting a woman
pregnant for the first time was a special occasion and he
was sure I didn't want just to jump in the sack. You know
me, Mom; that was EXACTLY what I wanted, but Darrell had
other ideas and said we should have a special night out.
He sent Sidney and me home to get dressed for dinner and

I had Sidney draw my bath filling the water with oils and
unctions and lotions. He held my hand and helped me step
into the tub. Slowly I slid down into the almost hot
water, letting the essences caress my skin, softening it
and smoothing it for Darrell's touch. The sight of my
naked body was making the cutest little bulge in Sidney
pants and I though it would be fun to see his little
weenie. I told him to take off his clothes, too, but not
to touch himself. Sidney knelt dutifully by the tub,
handing me sponges or wash clothes and pouring water over
my back. I could see how much he wanted to thrust his
hand into the water and touch my hardened breasts and my
lust-engorged nipples, but a glance restrained him.

When I finished, I let him wrap me in fluffy towels and
dry me off, but I cautioned him not to fondle my titties
of pat my ass, because they were reserved for my lovers
that night. I sent him to his room to get dressed while I
got my clothes ready. (Did I tell you, I've been having
him sleep in "your" room since Darrel and Martin have
been fucking me almost every night? I know he enjoys
hearing my handsome black lovers fucking me, because I
find the little cum stains on the sheets every morning.)

I was surprised how good Sidney looked in the tux, the
same one he wore when we were married. Although not
nearly so big and powerful as Darrell or Martin, he was
kind of cute. I'm so glad I married him, Mom. He was
surprised that I was still naked when he walked in, but I
explained I was waiting for him to help me dress.
Ordinarily, a husband would love that job, especially if
the wife is as sexy as me <giggle>, but he couldn't have
been too happy about dressing me up to be bred by a
bigger, stronger, more handsome man. I had chosen a short
black cocktail dress that Martin (I think) had bought me
to go clubbing with him a few weeks ago. The only unusual
thing was that it had large buttons all the way down the
front. It's so thin that a bra would show right through,
so I didn't get one out.

Sidney held the dress for me as I stepped into the little
thing and he buttoned me up the way husbands are supposed
to do. I know he wanted to grab my breasts and fondle me
as he buried his face in my neck, but he knew better than
to try. I sat on the edge of the bed and held out my leg
so he could slide on first one and then another sheer
black high-top stocking. Then he carefully placed my red
4" heel strap sandals on my feet. Finally, I handed him
my frilly little panties for him to put on me. As he drew
the skimpy little thing up my thighs, I could see his
eyes fall longingly on my pussy, the pussy that in a few
hours would be full of another man's potent cum. Of
course I was dripping with excitement and the ripe aroma
much have been overpowering. I could see him tremble.

Well, you know me, Mom, I'm not cruel. Sidney had been a
perfect loving, supportive husband for me that night and
I decided he deserved a reward. When his face was just
inches from my pussy, I put my hand behind his head and
brought his lips directly onto opening. He was so happy
he became to lick me excitedly. I had let him clean me
after Darrell or Martin had left my twat full to running
over with their manly sperm many times of course, so he
knew well how to please me, but this was the first time I
had allowed him to eat me in sheer worship.

Although I wanted him to slow down and make this last
longer, I couldn't restrain him and soon he making me
come over and over. Sidney's cock may be inadequate, Mom,
but there is nothing wrong with his tongue! He knows ways
to flick my clitty with it that drives me crazy. And when
he sucks gently on it and grazes it with his teeth, it
makes me climax sooo good. Of course he was getting
plenty of sexy girl juice to drink as each orgasm brought
another salty discharge.

Finally, I had to make him stop so we wouldn't be late.
He offered to wash me with a cloth, but I said no. I was
ripe and randy and I wanted to smell that way. He
finished slipping on my panties and stood up. It was sooo
sweet, Mom. The front of his tux was wet where he had
come in his pants just from eating me. That's love, Mom.
<sigh> I almost cried I was so happy. I took the arm of
my loving husband and let him escort me gallantly to the
door of my lovers' house. I was so proud of him!

Darrell and Martin were both dressed already and invited
us in. I broke the ice by coming up to Darrell, wrapping
my arms around him and giving him a long wet kiss. Sidney
stood by and watched as his wife kissed another man
passionately right in front of him. It was odd but also
exciting. I took the opportunity to grind my lips against
Darrell, dragging the kiss out for a long time. When I
did the same with Martin, I made sure Sidney could see my
tongue enter his mouth. My hips began to grind against
Martin's crotch as his hands came down to grab my ass.

Several minutes later, when we broke apart breathlessly,
I looked at Sidney and smiled wickedly as if to ask him
if he liked that. Sidney could say nothing, the lamb. The
boys gaped in admiration at me and told me how hot I
looked. (Not hotter than I felt, Mom.) Each congratulated
Sidney for having such a beautiful, sexy wife and assured
him I'd make a fine mother of beautiful babies. As we
were about to go Martin stopped and dropped to one knee
and looked up my skirt. Looking severely at Sidney he
asked why I was wearing panties, didn't he realize a
pussy as pretty as mine should never be covered up? Of
course I spoke up saying it was my fault, I had forgotten
I was never supposed to wear panties around them. Martin
said that was no excuse; the husband of a wife as sexy as
me should never allow his wife to wear panties. He pulled
them off me and gave them to Sidney to keep as a souvenir
of his wife's first breeding.

Martin gave Sidney the keys to their Lincoln Town Car and
Darrell scooted me into the back seat with him and
Martin. I suspected I was in for an exciting ride. The
restaurant they had chosen was about forty-five minutes
from their house. I figured this was intentional, to give
the guys time to warm me up. (As if I needed THAT, huh,
Mom?) It didn't take that long to get them started. As
Sidney pulled onto the street, Darrell had me in an
embrace. I saw Sidney adjust the rear view mirror in
order to see what was going on in back. He kept one eye
on the road and the other on the mirror. He had a very
difficult time concentrating on driving as he watched and
heard the sounds of me with my two lovers. Within
minutes, he could see that Martin had opened my dress
enough to let Darrell play with my hard nipples. I moaned
as his mouth captured the nipple and began to suck
loudly. Martin's mouth soon was giving my other breast
the same wonderful treatment.. First one tit then the
other was covered with their kisses. The smooth white
skin of my breasts began to shine with wetness.

Sidney could hear the sucking sounds. He knew my neck and
chest would be covered in hickey's tomorrow. It was
getting very hot in the back seat. I saw Sidney's eyes on
me as Martin raised my skirt and began to stroke me. With
a quick glance to the front to make sure Sidney was
watching, I pushed Darrell back and unzipped his pants.
Quickly I freed his raging hardon. It was big, very big,
Mom. Precum juice was literally pouring from the large
purple head. I was afraid it would stain my dress

Sidney, the sweetheart saw my problem and handed me my
panties. I took rubbed the cottony crotch over Darrell's
swollen head, mopping up the juice that seemed to run out
in an endless stream. With a flick of my hand I tossed
the panties back into the front seat. Sidney stared at
them for seconds before picking them up. He first brought
them to his nose, inhaling the sweet smell of my familiar
pussy and the smell of another man's cock. a combination
he knew so well. Then on impulse, Sidney brought the wet
crotch to his mouth.

When Sidney next looked back, his breath caught in his
throat. for the first time he saw his wife sucking
another man's cock. I lay with my head on Darrell's lap
and my face toward the front. I smiled and winked at
Sidney as I engulfed the large head of Darrell's cock
even as Martin's hand on my pussy kept my fires stoked.
Sidney watched as I sucked Darrell as deeply as I could
then pulled it out to lick it like a lollipop. Up and
down my head went, wetting Darrell's cock from top to
bottom. When he came, I swallowed almost every drop. It
was obvious that I had done this before.

Soon Darrell was breathing very hard and said he needed
to eat me. I readily agreed; my pussy was so wet. With
that I moved around on the seat to lay on my back.
Sidney's head must have been spinning as he realized that
Darrell was going to eat me in the back of the car. I
threw my legs up in the air as Darrell slid his face
between my thighs. I felt Darrell's large tongue enter my
shaved and juicy pussy as Sidney watched through the
mirror. He could see the back of Darrell's head bobbing
in my crotch as I squirmed with pleasure. Martin of
course had stayed busy shifting to sucking on my titties.

Returning Sidney's glance in the mirror I saw his eyes
telling me horny he was and how much he loved me. I
managed to blow him a kiss to tell him I felt the same
way. Then I got distracted as Darrell began to eat me
more vigorously. My orgasm hit unexpectedly and screamed
as Darrell began to worry my clit rapidly. The squishy
sound of my juicy pussy bounced around the car, mixing
with the heavy breathing. Sidney must have missed some of
the good parts as he negotiated traffic.

This was to test Sidney to see if he really meant that I
could fool around. I would have another test for him in a
few minutes. I looked so sexy, lying there with my skirt
up, one lover worshiping my boobies and another eating my
brains out. Within minutes, I was screaming again that I
was coming. I heard Sidney groan as well and guessed he
was coming in his pants, his watery come pouring into his

The breathing in the car was still labored as Sidney
recovered. We three lovebirds in the back seat were
whispering to each other as we neared the restaurant. The
car smelled of sex. I was glowing from my incredible
climaxes. I never realized how hot it made me to have my
sweet loyal husband watch and listen while I had sex. The
times before with Martin and Darrell had never been like
this. Of course knowing I would soon be having my young
lover's baby also added to the excitement.

Too soon Sidney was pulling onto the parking lot of the
restaurant. He parked his car in the back where there
were few other cars. Again Martin and Darrell told Sidney
how lucky he was to have such as sexy wife and slapped
him on the back good-naturedly as we walked into the
restaurant. I felt my juices running down the insides of
my bare thighs.

The place was a well-known hang out for singles. It
offered good food but also had a live band and large
dance floor. The restaurant bar was dark as usual and it
took a minute or two for us to find booth far enough back
that even though the bar was crowded and noisy, it was
fairly private.

Darrell and Martin invited me to slide into the booth
between them. Only then did I see we were not alone.
Three other guys were there. Sidney sat on the outside.
Whey we were situated and drinks ordered, I could tell
Sidney was feeling a bit uncomfortable with his wife
between these five young men, but the chatter was light
and friendly until the waitress had brought the drinks
and left.

The band was alternating fast swing and techno beat
number with Latin. Martin whispered that it was time to
show off that pretty pussy of mine. Taking me to the
dance floor he soon had me twisting and twirling, my
little black dress flying out and up. There was no way
every man in the club could fail to notice that I was
naked under my dress. It made me feel sooo sexy,
especially to see the dirty looks of other women who had
to repeatedly elbow their dates, trying unsuccessfully to
keep them from staring at me. Each of the men took their
turn dancing with me. When I returned to the booth, I was
drenched in perspiration.

Just then the band began to play a medley of slow songs
and it seemed at that point that Darrell and Martin's
attitude changed. Martin looked at Sidney and told him to
unbutton my dress. Sidney thought he had misunderstood,
but they made it clear he was to unbutton my dress.
Martin said Darrell wanted everyone to see what a pretty
body his little slut had.

Wow, I almost came when Martin called me a slut, Mom.
Sidney had never said anything so sexy to me. I saw
Sidney's face redden and his anger flare. He started to
rise up, but I shook my head. Seeing him still hesitate
Martin asked him if he wanted his wife to unbutton her
dress, exposing herself in a public place? Stanley shook
his head, no. Then Darrell grinned and asked him if he
wanted a strange man to unbutton me. Stanley shook his
head, no again. As the three of us smiled, Sidney
realized he had no alternative and began to unbutton me.
There must have been ten buttons but by the time he got
five open, the white swells of My breasts could be seen.

The dress was short enough that as soon as the last
button was opened, the dress fell away from My thighs
revealing my stocking, garters and my shaved pussy to all
the guys around the table. They began to whistle and make
lewd remarks noting that my pussy was as bare as a baby's
butt. A glare from Martin shut them up. Turning back to
Sidney, Martin again congratulated him on having a wife
with such a pretty pussy but said that they couldn't see
my beautiful tits so well and that he should pull open my

It was a command not a request and any thought of protest
quickly vanished as Sidney looked into Darrell and
Martin's smiling faces. Sidney reached over and pushed
the dress away from my proud breasts. I seemed to
straighten up and push my breasts forward. There I was,
his wife sitting nude in a busy bar with five guys ogling
me. Sidney may have thought I would be embarrassed beyond
belief, but changed his mind when he saw the way my
breasts rose and fell with my heavy breathing. Sidney
could see my nipples were also as hard as a rock. I was
very excited.

Darrell invited me to the floor this time. I began to re-
button my dress, but he and Martin shook their heads
sternly. I started to protest but realized it was futile.
Pulling my dress together as best I could, I slid out of
the booth. When I got to the dark dance floor, Darrell
took my in his arms. Naturally I put my arms around him
before realizing that left my dress held together by the
closeness of their bodies.

I wondered what those women would think if they saw me
now, but I was also as excited as I had ever been. I
could feel the clear pussy juice began to slide down my
legs. Darrell began to whisper how sexy I was, and how he
was going to enjoy fucking me and seeing my tummy grow
large with his baby. He said he would love to put his now
hard cock into me and make me pregnant right there on the
dance floor. Then he bent down and kissed me. I almost
swooned and if it wasn't for Darrell holding me I might
have. With the kiss I forgot all about my dress until I
felt Darrell's rough shirt and pants rubbing against my
bare skin. The dress was open. When the kiss broke, I
looked around embarrassed, but found that no one seemed
to notice, yet. I was mostly protected by the closeness
of their bodies anyway.

When Darrell slid his hand inside the dress to grasp a
bare breast, I thought I would surely faint. I didn't
care where I was anymore, I wanted to fuck. Darrel told
me he knew I was a hottie from that first blow job months

My eyes were closed when I felt Darrell began to pull
back. I tried to hold on as I opened my eyes to see
Martin replacing Darrell as my dance partner. The
transition was so swift that I doubted that anyone
noticed my gaping dress. Now Martin was holding my close.

As he pulled my body close, Martin said I was hot, that I
had a hungry pussy that needs come, that sucks the come
out of a dick. I tried to answer but my voice wouldn't
work. He said not to talk, he had a way of telling how
horny I was. With that, Martin ran his hand between my
legs. I felt his fingers at my wet pussy lips. I gasped
as first one then two fingers entered my to the hilt. He
told me how tight my pussy was and how good it would feel
to have his big black cock filling it.

I moaned, pleading to be fucked, oblivious to our
arrangement. He asked if I wanted to be fucked right
them, did I want his hot cock in my tight hole? Of course
he knew I did, but he said not yet. I was Darrell's
tonight, but at least he could use my lovely mouth.

By the time the music ended all the guys had had danced
with me, felt my breasts and ass, and tested my
excitement. I was led panting back to the table to slide
in next to my amazed husband. Sidney could tell I was
near being out of control. He heard several of guys
begging Darrell and Martin to let them fuck me. They
wouldn't relent, telling them that they would have to
wait until some other time when I was safely pregnant.

After some quiet conversation, Darrell and Martin looked
at me and smiled, then nodded to the three anxious guys.
Martin slid in next to me as the other three men stood at
the end of the table blocking the view of anyone that
might be curious. Martin put his arm around me as Sidney
sat mute.

Darrell explained that Martin needed some relief that I
should be happy to give him a blow job, along with the
rest of his friends. I giggled when he said I had quite
an affect on these guys. He said if I did a good job he
would give me a baby with his nine inch cock. I looked
briefly at Sidney. Was this too much for him I thought.
Could I do this to him in a crowed bar. Then I felt my
pussy drool onto the wooden bench and knew I could do it.
Slowly I reached over and began to unzip Martin. I
thought the metallic slide of the zipper sounded loud in
the noisy bar.

Sidney watched as I freed Martin's stiff cock. When it
was out in the open, I wasted no time in dropping my head
to take it in my mouth. Sidney could only see my blond
head bob up and down as I engulfed this stranger's cock.
Sidney's cock was as hard as a rock sitting next me as I
gave a blow job in this crowded bar. Martin began
groaning loudly enough for Darrell to tell him to keep it

He said he was sorry but I was so good he couldn't help
myself. With that he grabbed my head and began to lift it
up and down at the speed he wanted. Sidney could hear me
moan as I anticipated Martin's climax. I could feel the
precum juice increase as Martin neared the end. Suddenly,
I felt the first squirt hit the back of my throat, then
the torrent began, deluging my mouth with his thick white
come. I swallowed as fast as I could, yet, it still
managed to spill out of my mouth. Four or five squirts
later, Martin was done, his penis began to shrink in my
mouth. I didn't let it go until all of the juice had been
sucked out and in to my stomach.

I was almost embarrassed to lift my head up, for I knew
the others were all looking at me. I didn't have to
worry, for as Martin slid away from my, he was
immediately replaced by one of the other guys,. I
unzipped his pants and brought his hard cock to my mouth.
A few minutes later he shuddered and unloaded a huge load
down my throat. He was replaced by another and another
man, who required the same service. Darrell was the last
and fed me more cum than I thought possible. When I was
done, I raised my head, using the back of my hand to wipe
my come smeared mouth.

Looking to my side, I saw my amazed husband sitting wide-
eyed. I was just as amazed that I had actually sucked off
five men in the bar. Sidney couldn't believe what he had
just seen. Just weeks ago we were a normal couple with a
normally horny wife going crazy with desire for a baby.
But now I was about to fuck another man right in front of
him. It was sinking in that I was serious about another
man getting me pregnant.

Darrell and Martin saw the love and concern on Sidney's
face. Maybe we needed a few minutes alone they said as
they zipped their pants up and walked out of the bar with
their three friends. I had practically fallen against
Sidney as I watched Darrell and Martin leave. Neither of
us spoke for a long time. Finally, Sidney began to button
up my dress and tried to fix my hair. I smiled weakly at
Sidney and said it was incredible, I guessed I had lost
all control.

Sidney didn't respond. Suddenly he reached over and his
lips met mine in a passionate but tender kiss. He must
have been thinking about the cocks that had been in my
mouth just minutes before, but that only made the kiss
sweeter. He asked me to dance in a horse whisper. On the
dance floor, he held me close and moved me around the
floor slowly. My head lay on his shoulder and my hand
played with the hair on the back of his neck as I told
him how much I loved him. He told me he loved me too.

In the middle of the second dance, I whispered to Sidney
that I was feeling very horny and needed him badly. He
became excited and happy but said we couldn't fuck here,
to wait until we got home. I told him is was a sweet
thought, but I didn't want him to fuck me here or at
home, that I needed his tongue. I had come so many times
from sucking off Darrell and Martin and their friends, I
needed him to clean me up I said as I bit his ear.

Sidney followed me back to the booth and said we had
better get going home, but I pointed out we were going
home with Darrell and Martin. We couldn't leave until he
cleaned me up. Sidney asked where, although he must have
dreaded the answer. Here, under the table, I told him.
Sidney looked around and saw that no one seemed to be
watching us. He slid slowly under the table knowing what
he had to do. He saw me open my legs. In the dark light
of the bar, Sidney could see My pussy running with my
come. He knew what he had to do. His tongue came out and
began to lick the inside of my thighs recovering the come
that had run down there. Slowly he moved up until his
tongue and lips touched my still swollen lips. sucking
first one inner lip into his mouth, he cleaned it and
then moved to the other, doing the same thing until the
lips were clean.

Taking a deep breath, he placed his mouth over my pussy
hole and started to suck. He heard me moan and knew I was
coming again. He could taste the come as it poured into
his mouth. He swallowed and began to suck again. My
thighs were squeezing Sidney's head as I convulsed in

The ride back home was more or less a repeat of the trip
to the club. Sidney drove and Darrell and Martin kept
their hands and mouths on my tits and pussy. I was sooo
tired from the dancing and uncounted climaxes. My eyes
were closed and I was almost asleep as my two lovers
continued to pleasure me, bringing me to a series of weak
climaxes. I was hardly conscious when Sidney pulled the
car into their garage. I was aware that two powerful arms
lifted me from the back seat of the car, carried into the
house and laid me on a bed. I felt a pair of large hands
remove my and heels. I opened my eyes enough to see
Darrell was undressing me. Tenderly her removed the
stockings, leaving me totally naked in his sight.

I could hardly keep my eyes open as I watched him
undress, revealing more and more of that beautiful ebony
body to me. When he dropped his shorts and I glimpsed his
massive penis, the long, hard tool that in just minutes
was going to be in my cunt, stretching and filling me
with his rich baby-making cum, my pussy twitched, but
weakly. I was just so exhausted. Then the bed sagged and
I felt him take me in his arms. I felt so small, so
helpless, yet so safe in Darrell's muscular arms. He
pulled me close to his hard body and a thrill shot
through me. He kissed me tenderly and told me he knew I
was tired. Turning me with my ass pressed against his
crotch, he put his arms around me and kissed the back of
my neck. He told me I was the most beautiful, the sexiest
woman in the world and he wanted to give me his baby more
than anything.

Tomorrow. Tonight I needed to sleep. He kissed me again
and I was gone.

Sorry, Mom. I can't write more just now. Remembering that
night has me sooo horny, I've just got to stop now to,
well you know. Promise, promise, promise next letter I'll
tell you how you became a grandmother-to-be.



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