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Chloe and Mom part 3


Chloe and mom 3
Homer Vargas

Besides being a take-off from the great story "Letters to
Mother" by LKWRITER@HOTMAIL.COM, the following letters
from a different daughter to a different mom also draws
on the inspiration of CDE. Pet Tigress helped with
editing and some ideas. No remaining errors should be
attributed to her.
Dear Mom,

I don't think there is anything more romantic and sexy
than falling asleep in the arms of the man who is about
to make you pregnant with his baby. Having Darrell's arms
around me all night made me feel warm and safe, like a
little bird in a nest, a love nest. Although asleep, I
could feel Darrell moving to adjust to my every shift in
position. I was tucked into the crook of his body, held
gently in his arms, his fingers on my nipples. At other
times he held my hand around him letting my fingers play
with his chest hair while is butt caressed my pussy.
Later, toward morning, I guess, my sleep deepened and I

I was on a sailboat; it was an idyllic scene, warm sun,
soft fluffy clouds, and a warm breeze. The boat rocked
gently, the waves lapping at the sides. I felt good,
almost tipsy and aroused although no one was around. The
rocking increased and I began to grip the sides of the
boat tightly. As I looked out, the waves were becoming
higher and the deck of the little craft began to heave as
each swell lifted and dropped the tiny craft. I became
alarmed and as my fear increased so did my arousal.
Suddenly, I was looking at a huge have towering above me
threatening to crash down and sweep me overboard. The
deck fell away from me as the boat dropped into the
trough. My heart was pounding as the mountain of water
above me began to fall over me and I...


I was thrashing and bucking as the most powerful orgasm I
could imagine wracked my body. I realized the side of the
boat I gripped so fiercely was the neck and shoulders of
Darrell as he buried his face in my pussy. I lay spent in
his hands. Although he had just brought me to a gut-
wrenching climax, he didn't stop his perfect worship of
my sex. He continued to lick and suck, alternating
languorous laps of my pussy lips with quick attacks on my
clit. The sea was becoming rough again as I felt another
powerful orgasm begin in me. All I could do was to hold
on and wait for the next cataclysm. I know I was
screaming, but whether they were obscenities or just wild
animal mating cries, I could not say. I was beyond
pleasure. Darrell had taken me to another plane, another
dimension of existence in which noting existed except my
sex and his mouth. I shuddered, grew rigid, and
surrendered my body to an orgasm that must have fried
millions of brain cells. Blackness overcame me.


My next perception was a gentle knocking. I was back in
Darrell's arms and his eyes were closed. The knocking
came again, more insistently. "Wake up, in there you
guys! Time for breakfast. You can't keep that up without
food," Martin's voice boomed jovially. Darrell opened his
eyes and winked at me, giving me the idea he had just
been playing possum. I then noticed his fingers were in
me and that was not the only thing he was playing. No
wonder I woke up so horny! A little reluctantly he
untwined his arms from mine and went to the door.

Oh, Mom! You won't believe what I saw when the door swung
open: Sidney! Martin was in the background smiling
proudly. Directly in front of me was my sweet, wonderful,
loving husband dressed in the CUTEST French maid uniform
I'd ever seen! The skirt was short, short, short and
showed off his black stockings really well. He was so
sexy, my pussy clinched, and I don't even go for girls
that much! Who knows how long it had taken Martin to get
him shaved and primped and done up like that! He was just
gorgeous standing there looking a little uncomfortable
with a tray of coffee, bacon, eggs, toast, cream cheese,
butter, jam and juice! The aromas of the delicious meal
quickly reminded me that I had been so busy dancing and
having fun with the guys in the restaurant last night, I
had never actually eaten anything. cum alone just can't
quell your appetite, Mom.

Believe it or not, Mom, for several minutes, the need for
nourishment drove the urge to get fucked from my mind. I
was so ravenous I fairly fell on the food. Darrel just
looked at me and grinned; he could wait to get his fill.
Martin sent Sidney back to the kitchen to prepare another
couple of omelets and squeeze more juice. As soon as he
was gone, I jumped up out of the bed and flew to Martin's
arms, and gave him the biggest sloppiest "thank you" kiss
I could manage. He just patted my bottom and told me to
save it.

Mom, I've got to admit to being a little bit naughty with
Darrell. Well of course planning to let a handsome black
guy I'd met only a few weeks ago fuck me silly and make
me pregnant while my darling Sidney watches is already
pretty naughty, huh? But I mean naughty TO Darrell. He
was hungry, too and was really scarfing down the
breakfast that Sidney had brought him. His plate included
a pile of pancakes, hash browns and a strip steak. I
guess Martin figured HE was going to be working hard that
morning and needed some REAL FOOD. I was pretty full, but
not enough that I could pass up the opportunity to
slither under the covers and find Darrell's prick.

Mom, I don't think he EVER gets completely soft. It was
just a perfect size for slurping when my mouth found it.
Darrell was so busy eating he didn't realize what I was
doing for a minute. When he did, he started laughing,
telling me to stop and then just started moaning. His
prick became hard instantly and I was giving it a real
workout with my lips and tongue. Suddenly he was braying
like a Bramah bull and bucking. Mom, he just erupted in
my mouth shooting more sperm than I could swallow. It ran
out of my mouth down onto his pubic hair and balls,
making a big mess on the sheets and probably soaking
through to the mattress. It was a sperm deluge: all for
little me. What a feeling of power, Mom. Me, your sexy
daughter, made this big hunky black man cum

When the eruption was over, I went back to sucking out
the last delicious drops of Darrell's jism. He tasted
sooo good, Mom. Do you think that was just because I knew
that soon that same wonderful sticky white goo would be
shooting into my pussy giving me my very first baby? A
black baby?

Fortunately Sidney had been there to grab the tray and
prevent my little "interruption" from spilling eggs and
coffee and pancakes all over the bed. When Darrell had
recovered from his orgasm, he just waved Martin and
Sidney to stand back.

Taking me firmly by the shoulders he asked with a twinkle
in his eye, if I knew it was naughty to tease a big black
man with my sexy little white body. I grinned sheepishly
and nodded yes. He asked if I knew how dangerous it was
playing sexy games with him when I was fertile. I nodded
again. Was sure I wanted him to put his big black cock
inside my hot little hole and shoot me full of his potent
baby-making sperm? His finger was inside me, holding me
on the brink of orgasm and my clenching pussy gave him my
response. He leaned over me and took one of my nipples in
his mouth and began sucking me. My pussy spasmed again
and gushed a little more. Mom, it was just so sexy. He
continued to toy with my breast as he looked up and asked
me if wanted a little baby to suck on these tits, a
little black baby with thick sucking lips to drink my
sweet milk?

Darrell looked over at Martin who gave him a thumbs up
sign and then at Sidney who was looking terribly sad.
Martin saw it too and put his arm around Sidney and told
him again how lucky he was to have such a sexy wife. I
just moaned and said yes, yes, I wanted him to give me a
baby so bad.

Darrell said that was just what he was going to do but
first he wanted my little pussy to be as warm and
welcoming of his seed as possible and began to kiss his
way down my body. When he came to my waist he dug his
tongue into my navel, causing me to squirm, but he held
me firmly. His face was in my tummy kissing and nibbling
me, but I heard him ask again if this is where I wanted
his baby; did I want my flat little tummy turned into a
round fat pregnant belly, stretched tight with his big
black baby. That was it, Mom, I started to cum and cum.

I heard him say he was going to eat my pussy again to get
me ready. I eagerly spread my legs wide, resting my
ankles on Darrell's powerful back. Martin meanwhile had
enough and came around to the side of the bed and put his
cock in my mouth. I was now groaning loudly as Darrell
ate my wet snatch, and Martin fucked my mouth. Taking
Martin's cock from my mouth, I begged Darrell to fuck me.
Darrell was ready to please me, and took his now fully
hard 11" cock and crawled into position.

Somehow I managed to look over at Sidney. He was beyond
sadness, but more excited than he had ever been: seeing
his wife take on two guys at once had him incredibly
horny. Martin had pulled down his panties and Sidney was
holding up his little skirt and had his weenie-cock out,
stroking it in anticipation of what was to come ... in
ME. Up in the bed, Darrell was rubbing his cock on my
pussy lips, and asking me what I wanted, waiting to hear
me say again that I want his baby. I was happy to oblige
and told him please to sink his hard cock in my fertile
cunt and fuck me, as I had never been before.

Darrell started pushing the head of his cock between my
pussy lips and my eyes widened as he spread me further
than ever before. It felt like his cock had grown larger
for the occasion of making me pregnant with his baby.
Being incredibly wet, my pussy easily took more then half
his cock before he commented on how tight I was. I was
moaning and licking my lips, spreading my legs wider to
accommodate Darrell's huge cock. Slowly, he pushed
further and deeper into my pussy, causing me to groan
like a wild animal impaled by a hunter's spear. Wild and
speared I was; Darrell's cock was making ripples in my
little tummy.

I could hardly think or see anything; shaking my head
from side to side deliriously I was so filled with his
wonderful cock. When I felt Martin once again offer his
cock to my mouth, I eagerly took half into my mouth and
with a vengeance, began to suck him hard.

Darrell now had all but about two inches left to fill my
pussy with, and he pulled his cock almost all the way out
and then rammed it in, slapping his balls against my
pussy. I came hard again and gasped as Martin took
advantage and shoved more of his cock down my now wide-
open mouth.

Darrell now began to fuck me with long, deep strokes,
sending me into multiple orgasms. Martin was getting
close to coming and stroked his cock faster into my

Suddenly I heard my husband bellow in pained ecstasy. I
briefly glimpsed at him, his watery cum was all over his
uniform. Darrell, meanwhile, was stroking faster and
faster into my hot cunt. Closer and closer to coming, he
asked me if I wanted his cum deep in her pussy. Releasing
Martin's cock I begged him to fuck me hard and come in me
and make me pregnant.

The tension built in me, more and more, going up so fast.
It was good, Mom, very good, perhaps the best ever. All
the while, my cunt ached around Darrell's swollen prick,
particularly when he pushed gently into me, pulled out a
little, and pushed in again. Each push was a fresh and
total impaling. Two or three more of those thrusts would
take me beyond the point of no return: my lower body was
a bundle of dancing nerves.

Just two or three...

I pleaded with Darrell not to stop, not now. He promised
he wouldn't as he squeezed into me again and again. His
balls settled gentle and heavy, against my bottom, and
then lifted clear again.

And again...

...and again...

...and... and...

I came hard. It hit my head, my neck, and my back,
forcing me to raise my butt from the bed. Then the
pleasure swirled into my butt, down to my thighs and
knees, stretching me, owning me. I felt tears well in my
eyes. I screamed to Darrell to fuck me. I realized
vaguely that I was still shouting, encouraging Darrell,
but the shouts were not recognizable words.

My cunt was twitching wildly. I grasped his hips to pull
him and his massive cock into fuller contact; tried to
restrict his movement with my knees as I ground my lower
body up against his. I tensed my belly, enveloping him.
Then the sharpness of the sensations, all but unbearable
already, just rose higher. I was loosely aware that I was
holding my breath, that my eyes were clenched shut.
Still, mom the electricity generated by my union with
Darrell made me see white flashes, exploding behind my
eyelids, numbing my brain.

Martin shoved his cock back into my mouth and came again
almost immediately. Darrell told me to get ready for his
seed, and pumped me harder and harder until he thrust
deeply into me, shooting his cum deep into my womb. Still
swallowing as much of Martin's cum as I could, I reached
to caress Darrell's balls as he came, encouraging him to
cum harder.

Suddenly the room was filled with a roar that sounded
strangely high pitched.

I realized it was me, squealing and climaxing again with
him as his boiling sperm flooded my pussy. At last Mom,
after going for four days without getting fucked, the
biggest blackest cock I'd ever seen had just pumped me
full of enough potent white jism to make babies in a
hundred horny white wives. And it was all for ME! I felt
so liquid, like my pussy was running over with Darrell's
babymaking cum. But he didn't let it.

As soon as we had sort of recovered he started talking to
me about needing to keep my pussy full of sperm. He did
his part by just lying beside me with his only half-soft
cock plugging me up. It felt so wonderful Mom, lying
there in my marital bed with full of what felt like
gallons of cum and my handsome black lover's cock in me,
knowing that millions of his sperm were racing toward one
of my pretty little eggs to penetrate her and make me
pregnant. His soft deep voice and his hands and mouth on
my titties gave me such a feeling of peace and

I am positive that very first load did the job, as horny
and fertile as I was, but Darrell took no chances. About
a half hour later, he was in me again. He hardly let me
get off my back all that Sunday. And every few hours he
would open me up and "give me a refill." By Monday
morning you daughter was one well-fucked little girl. I
already felt pregnant.

Of course not even Darrel could keep up that pace
forever. For the last three week he has been coming over
just after Sidney and I've had dinner to fuck me a couple
of times. He has been very good with Sidney, too, letting
him watch his wife scream in ecstasy as she gets her
pussy filled with more of her black lover's thick baby-
making sperm. Then Darrell leaves us alone so that Sidney
can put his face between my legs and eat all of Darrell's
yummy rich cum out of me. Well, not all, Mom, just the
leftovers; my pussy seems to "lap up" <g> most of it.
Sidney has just been great, too, never failing to make me
climax several times with his tongue, even more sometimes
than I come with Darrell. I've never told Darrel that,
though, just in case he would have been jealous.


I've been getting up early every morning, Mom, to do the
home pregnancy test and today I got the news I've been
waiting for. The "X" turned blue! I'm going to have a
baby, Darrell's big beautiful black baby! I can hardly
wait, Mom, until my tummy starts to show! It's going to
be sooo exciting to put on a short short maternity dress
and let Darrell take me out and show me off to his
friends: the sexy white wife he knocked up.

No one else knows, Mom. I just had to tell you let you
know first. I'll tell you next letter what happens when I
give the boys and Sidney the news.



Comments, please, to
Homer Vargas,


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