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Chloe and Mom part 5



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Chloe and mom 5
By Homer Vargas

Besides being a take-off from the great stories "Letters
to Mother" by LKWRITER@HOTMAIL.COM, the following letters
from a different daughter to a different mom also draws
on the inspiration of CDE.

Dear Mom,

Thanks for all the advice on eating for two and taking my
vitamins and stuff, Mom. You are also sooo right. Knowing
your lover has put his little bastard in your belly just
makes you horny as a minx. Martin spends most nights
giving me several good reamings and Sidney makes me come
as he cleans me up in the intervals. In the mornings he
leaves full of enough spunk to knock up all the horny
white housewives in the state. Darrell comes to do me a
few times during the day.

But still, there are only three of them and that leaves a
lot of long horny hours with no prick or tongue in my hot
little love hole. That's why I just squealed with joy
when I saw the rechargeable vibrator you sent me. I was
spending a fortune on batteries with the old one! And the
business end of this one is black: how thoughtful.

I let Sidney take me to the gynecologist for "the exam."
He put a brave face on it when she smiled and told him he
was going to be a father. Of course as my doctor she had
to know, so I explained to her that, although Sidney was
going to be a DADDY, the father was one of my lovers.
That brought a big smile to her face and she asked me if
he was black. I told her yes he was and she started
giggling and said she THOUGHT I was pretty loose and
stretched in there, as if I had been the lucky recipient
of some big black cockmeat.

Then she congratulated ME for finding myself a black stud
to give my little twat the workout is needed and grinned
saying she knew how I felt. Seems the young doctor pulled
night shift at the hospital a few months ago with Leroy,
a new black orderly. She gave him a ride home afterwards
and by the time they arrived Leroy's hand was in her
pussy and she'd had her first, second, and third ever
orgasms on a man's finger. She never made it back to her
own apartment at all that night, spending it getting
fucked out of her mind. She's been Leroy's sex-toy ever
since. We did a little competitive bragging on our men.
(I think she's lying about the size of Leroy's cock, the
bitch, but she couldn't top me having TWO black men!)

She also said that her Leroy was on her case about going
off the pill and letting him knock her up. I said she
should go for it! Nothing beats having a big black cock
filling you up with potent babymaking cum, while your
husband watches. She pointed out that she wasn't married
and I agreed that did sort of spoil it, "'cause then the
baby wouldn't have a daddy." I suggested maybe her white
boyfriend would marry her and she could take Leroy along
to get her pregnant on her honeymoon like some of those
funny stories on Dark Wanderer site.

She said that was a good idea and told me she'd keep me
informed during my upcoming monthly checkups. Sidney
asked her if it was a good idea for me to continue having
sex during the pregnancy. I was a little disappointed
with him because I'm sure he was fishing for the doctor
to tell me to stop letting Darrell and Martin fuck me six
ways from Sunday. But she just laughed and said yes,
pregnant women need lots of sex and that I should keep
getting fucked every chance I had.

Sidney had taken the day off and Darrell wasn't coming
that day, so I was needing it pretty bad. I smiled at
Sidney and said he had heard what the doctor said, that I
wanted us to go to bed and have sex. His eyes really
lighted up and he was only a little disappointed when I
explained that I meant oral sex. He does love eating my
pussy and now that I'm pregnant with a black baby I'm
juicier than ever. He says I taste better too, but then a
loving husband WOULD tell his pregnant wife that,
wouldn't he?

We went to the bedroom and I told Sydney to get naked. He
looked so cute standing there with his little weenie
twitching as he stared at me. I decided to give him a
little thrill so I did the sexy strip I do for Darrell or
Martin sometimes. First I took off my blouse and let him
see my big titties barely held in my little black bra.
Then I let my mini drop to the floor and stuck a pose in
just my bra, panties and high heels. Wow, Mom, his little
cock twitched so violently I was afraid he would come
just from the sight. Then I unhooked the bra and shook my
tits free. Walking closer, I asked him if he thought they
were big enough to produce milk for a hungry black baby.
I guess that was cruel, but the longing, loving look in
Sidney's eyes just made me love him so much!

Then I pushed down my panties and his eyes shot to my
pussy. I asked him to check if I was ready for sex. Of
course I knew I was dripping from showing of for him, but
I made him go to his knees and sniff my pussy anyway. I
was about to get in bed and spread my legs wide so Sidney
could get his head down there for easy eating the usual
way lying on his stomach with his face in my snatch, when
I got another idea. Instead, I had him lie down and got
on him, putting my crotch in his face. This isn't as
convenient for him, but I made it worth his while by
taking his little weenie in my mouth. It was just a whim;
I'd never sucked my husband off before, but I'd enjoyed
it so much with Darrell and Martin, I thought why not
with the man I love, too. You know, Mom, it wasn't bad.
It's really a lot easier to get a normal size cock in you
mouth than those monsters of Darrell and Martin and
having your loving husband's tongue in your cunt while
his weenie is in your mouth is kind of nice.
Unfortunately Sidney got so excited so quickly (I'm a
pretty good cocksucker, if I do say so, Mom), that I'd
only gotten off twice when he came. Sidney doesn't
produce nearly as much cum as Darrel and Martin do, but
it tastes just as good and it's a lot easier to swallow
all of it. You should try it with Dad, Mom.

Then we cuddled up in each other's arms and took a nap.
When we woke up, Sidney fixed us a light lunch and
brought it to me in bed. We ate lunch and then he ate me
again. It was just a perfect day for a perfect loving
young married couple like us. And it left me nicely
rested so I could take best advantage of Martin, too. I
wore him out that night, Mom! <smirk>



Dear Mom,

Lots of news! Well, I guess I'm really pregnant now. I've
had a little bit of queasy stomach in the mornings. Sandy
(that's my gynecologist) says I probably won't have
morning sickness so bad because of all the great orgasms
I get especially the really hard ones early in the
morning just before Martin has to leave for work. Settles
the stomach, she says. I'm still not showing yet! <sulk>
I think my titties are getting a little more sensitive,
but I can't be sure; they've always been such a hot
button. (Remember all those guys in high school I really
didn't INTEND to fuck until they got their hands in my
blouse? I know you do; I found out later you fucked a
couple of them yourself when they came over to
apologize.) Sandy says be patient; it won't be for
another couple of months yet. <sigh>

BTW, Sandy told me the said yes to Eugene, that's her
white boyfriend who has been wanting to marry her for
years. She says he's rich enough to afford a really big
family, which is good because Leroy wants lots of
children. They've set the date for the wedding but she
promises to bring her knocked-up tummy back from
honeymoon in plenty of time for my delivery. Having set
the date with Eugene, she and has set the date for with
Leroy for going off the pill so she'll be fertile and he
can make her pregnant during the honeymoon. She said it
was tempting to let him have her obviously pregnant at
the wedding -- sex-y IMO -- but then she'd have to fuck
Eugene at least a couple of times before the wedding and
she's been feeding him that I'm-saving-myself-until-
we're-married shit. (She had been, too, until she met
Leroy and he fucked some sense into her little head.)
She'll probably start fertility pills a couple of weeks
in advance to be sure she ovulates right on time, she
said, even if it does increase the chance of Leroy giving
her black twins or triplets. We had a good laugh about
how Eugene would react to THAT.

Sandy has also said meeting me has been very good for her
business. Apparently Darrell and Martin have lots of
friends who are fucking married white women and of course
have most of them pregnant. They've given their friends
Sandy's name as an "understanding" OB/GYN. She says now
she has more patients than she can handle. She says she
was amazed at the number of girls and even quite a few
mature women who are discovering the joys of black cock.
(Of course, we're not amazed, are we, Mom?) And sooner or
later the woman gives in and lets her stud put a little
black baby in her pretty white belly.

Sandy says that sometimes a professional woman comes to
her not sure she wants to keep it. Sandy talks to her
about how sexy she'll look with a big tummy. And she
tells her how jealous the woman's friends at work will
be, especially when they find out it's not her husband's
baby but a lover's and how much hotter the sex with her
lover will be once he knows she has his bastard in her.
If the woman is hard to persuade, Sandy gives her
something to make her sleepy and talks to her while
keeping her close to orgasm with a vibrator. Sandy
doesn't let her come until she agrees to keep the baby.

More later, Mom.




Dear Mom,

Do I ever have some kinky, exciting news! This Sandy is
such fun. I got a call from her office asking me if I
could reschedule my next appointment to after 8 p.m. I
explained to the nurse that I had to stay home at that
time of day because I was expecting "company." She just
laughed and said Sandy had explained and that I should
bring Martin with me.

We almost arrived late because Martin insisted on a
quickie before we left and for him anything less than
three screaming, heels-to-the-ceiling orgasms from me is
"quickie." When we got there, Janet, Sandy's nurse
greeted us. She had always been behind a desk, so I was
surprised to notice she was quite pregnant. She giggled
and said yes, just three more months 'till the big event.

While we waited for Sandy, janet she told us the whole
story. She had let a girlfriend, whom she later
discovered was already pregnant with HER black lover's
baby, take her to a club one night. After getting her
tipsy, her friend introduced janet to a black guy, Dannon
who asked her to dance. Dannon twirled her until she was
dizzy and held her close against his hardon until she was
panting. Back at the table Dannon and her friend gave
Janet more to drink played with her pussy until she was
insane with lust. Dannon made her get up on a table, take
off her panties and let him make her come in public. The
friend drove them home while Dannon kept janet incoherent
in the back seat with his mouth on her tits and his hand
in her twat. Her roommate was pissed hearing janet
getting laid all night long, but within a week she had
succumbed to Dannon's cock, too. janet and her roommate
quickly became Dannon's sex slaves and within a week they
had flushed away their birth control pills. In fact, the
roommate had gotten pregnant even before janet did.

Sandy kind of had a fit that her own nurse turned up
pregnant, as Sandy sort of specialized in keeping women's
tummies flat. janet was hurt and angry, but Dannon just
laughed and said she just lacked experience. That's when
they started plotting to get Sandy on the same hospital
shift as Dannon's friend Leroy. These black guys are
pretty sneaky, huh, Mom?

Well finally Sandy came in and explained why she called
us. She said she needed our help with a patient. We
looked at her funny and she said she had a woman who had
come to her wanting to get pregnant but her husband had a
really low sperm count. Sandy said she was trying to
persuade the woman to let a "sperm donor" -- her Leroy,
of course, why not the best? -- do the deed. Well, we
giggled and though it was a sexy idea, but didn't
understand how we could help.

Sandy said she wanted to arrange a "demonstration" for
the woman and needed me and Martin to play the roles of
needful woman and generous sperm donor. Well, we're not
actors, but Sandy said the main thing was to pretend not
to know each other. Then she took me into her examining
room and had me put on one of those sexy gowns that just
barely cover you ass. Then she got me up on the up on the
table with my knees bent and into those stirrups, the
whole thing. She told me to keep my eyes closed and take
my cue from what she said.

A few minutes later Sandy brought in a pretty woman, some
years older than Sandy and me. She looked like she was a
lawyer or something and I guessed she had postponed
starting a family for some years and was now suddenly
panicing that she might miss the baby boat entirely. She
looked a little spacey and I figured Sandy must have
given her something to make her a little dopey.

Then Sandy came over to me to begin the charade. She
asked me if this was the middle of my cycle and if I had
been taking my temperature every morning like she told
me. I said I had. She then asked me if the fertility
pills had any side effects and winked. I said oh, yes,
they were making me so horny I just couldn't leave myself
alone because my husband could seldom do me more than two
or three times a day and I had to come much more than
that. Sandy said that was normal and asked if I was using
the vibrator she prescribed. We had to stifle a giggle
when we heard the woman gasp.

Well Sandy poked a hand in me and looked at and sniffed
my pussy and agreed that I was ready to make a baby and
asked me if I was sure I wanted a "sperm donor" to make
me pregnant. I said yes, I wanted a baby really bad. Had
I talked this over with my husband and did he agree, she
asked. Yes, I smiled, though not at first. But by
continuing to bring it up every time I fucked him, and
telling him how horny being knocked up would make me, and
promising to let him drink from my milky tits, he
eventually "came" around. Then she asked if I minded if
the donor were black. I pretended to be surprised and
asked why black. Sandy explained that in her experience
the success rate with well hung black men shooting large
amounts of hot potent sperm into horny white women was
almost 100%, so I "agreed."

Then she brought in Martin and told me this was the man
who would make me pregnant. I pretended to be a little
afraid, saying he was "too big," but Sandy explained that
was exactly what I needed, as his large cock would make
me orgasm like crazy while he fucked me, which made
conception almost certain. Martin laid it on thick as a
"street black," (he's actually an engineer) and asked if
this was the "dumb white bitch" that needed "blackin'"
and Sandy said yes. Then he asked me if I wanted his
black baby in my white belly.

Mom, I deserved an Oscar for the hesitant look I gave,
saying I didn't know. He grinned and said maybe I needed
some black cock in my white-wife pussy to help me make up
my mind. He didn't wait for me to say anything, just
dropped his pants and fished out that cock that never
fails to make me squirm in anticipation. A glance at
Sandy's patient showed that it had the same effect on
her. Once Martin started fucking me while making rude
remarks about my 'tight white pussy" and putting his
"black babymaker" deeper in me than my "whiteboy husband"
ever had, I didn't have to act any longer. I just lost
control and screamed in ecstasy and begged him to give me
his black bastard as if he hadn't already promised to do
just that, as soon as I'd had Darrell's. I lost count of
the times I climaxed on his cock before I felt Martin's
familiar shudders, groans, and roars that told me he was
about to empty his balls in me. We dissolved into mutual
orgasms when I felt him erupt.

By the time I recovered, Sandy had ushered Martin out of
the room and was helping the dazed wife undress. I got
the impression she had just orgasmed and Sandy later
confirmed that she had slipped a finger into the horny
woman's panties to help her get off while Martin was
screwing the shit out of me. Gently, with lots of cooed
words of encouragement, Sandy got the incoherently
aroused woman up onto an examination table like the one I
was on. She was really out of it as Sandy was telling her
how happy she would be with a baby in her and how sexy
she would look with a big pregnant tummy and huge
swelling tits. Sandy spread her legs and got her into the
syrups, then poked and peered into her, as she had in me,
and pronounced her equally ready to make a baby. Sandy
was also constantly touching the woman's tits and rubbing
her pussy to keep her in total rut.

The woman didn't even notice when Sandy motioned for
Leroy to come in. Mom, she WASN'T lying! Leroy DOES have
a bigger cock than Martin or Darrell. I couldn't believe
it! It's even bigger than the vibrator you got me. It's a
good thing the woman's eyes were closed (Sandy was
keeping her right on the cusp of another orgasm) when
Leroy started to push into her. Leroy had the good sense
to go slowly, pushing in and pulling out, going a little
deeper each time. Sandy was helping out by sucking on the
woman's tits and fingering the thrashing woman's clit
until Leroy was all the way in and his own thrusting,
twisting, grinding motion was stimulating the poor
woman's love bud as never before in her life. I was
amazed both at Leroy's endurance and the number if times
he made the woman come. Sandy later explained that she
had let Leroy come a couple of times in her mouth earlier
to help him last and had given her patient an "orgasm
pill," a low dose of testosterone, to make this a
memorable occasion for her.

After twenty minutes of fucking the poor woman to multi-
orgasmic delirium, Leroy began the standard litany of
questions. (Is there some kind of Miranda rule that
blacks have to go through before they impregnate us white
women?) Did she want him to keep fucking her? Yes. Did
she want him to pull out? No. Did she want him to cum in
her pussy? Yes! In her fertile pussy? YES. Did she want
his baby? God, YES! Did she want her belly to swell with
his black bastard? The volume with which she shrieked
YESSSSSSS when Leroy unloaded a gallon or two of his
thick, potent sperm into her ready little cunt must have
been heard in the podiatrist's office at the other end of
the medical complex.

AND HE DIDN'T STOP! He was still hard and kept fucking
her, making funny squishy sounds as his huge cock
continued to stir the semen in her pussy. Now, however,
he got all tender and told her how much he was going to
enjoy seeing her get fat with his baby and would she like
him to come visit her every day so he could make sure she
"stayed pregnant" and would her husband like to see him
pumping more babyjuice into her pretty pregnant pussy The
woman was so out of it, orgasming again and again, she
gasped yes, yes, yes, to everything Leroy said to her.

It made no sense, but I guess Leroy just wanted to keep
her at a full boil while he recovered. Soon he was
grinning and asking her if she needed some more come to
make sure she got pregnant. Of course she agreed and HE
DID IT, Mom. Her pussy was still leaking jism from his
first load when that black monster spat again. She was
too tired to do more than moan gratefully and passed out.

You better believe that Sandy and I had our hands in our
hot little snatches as we watched THAT scene. Oh, hell,
Mom, I can't lie to you, when Leroy left I got Sandy into
a full 69 and fucked her silly. It was ...

Sorry, Mom. I can't write anymore now. Your vibrator


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