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Christine's Awakening


** * WARNING.... IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN 18, or are * in locations that by
law preclude you from reading adult * material, then stop reading this now.
This story is written * for adults, contains adult oriented material, and
involves * consensual relationships females. * copyright 1998 Michelle B

Christine's Awakening - The Piano Teacher.

============================================ Part 1 of 2


Hi! I wrote a story two years ago about a young female teen who
discovered her interest in other girls and carried this interest through
the rest of her life. It was long; 18 chapters! The story was called
"Roberta Awakes", and if anybody hasn't read it, it is posted on MrDouble's
site at Just search under authors for MichelleB.

Anyway, I haven't written much since, even though I have had quite a few
requests to do so by many people who wrote to me... BOTH men and women.
(Yes, guys, there ARE women out there who like to read sexy stories!) For
one thing, it takes me a very long time to write a story. I'm not too
fast, and I have to edit about a dozen times to correct lousy grammar and
all the mistakes I make. I'm not much for original ideas, which doesn't
help much either. I've been trying to think about how to write another

This weekend I was going through some old E-Mail and I came upon a
series of letters from a girl I met on the Internet ... actually she was
the very FIRST girl I had ever met through the Internet! She wrote me
after my "Roberta" story posted to tell me that it had turned her on, and
she shyly asked if I would mind if we corresponded with each other. She
was finishing studies to be a teacher and had the summer off. Having just
finished my first year of college, I had some time off too, so we began
writing to each other. Like I said, I never had written to another person
or chatted on the net before, so this was a wonderful experience. It
wasn't long before we were trading some pretty hot stories and pictures
(yes, she is Bi-Curious, like me... ), and soon REAL experiences. She
finally got up the nerve to write me about an experience she had in high
school that was the turning point of her life. The funny thing was that
she was worried I'd find it dull compared to the epic story I had just
posted. She needn't have worried. Her REAL experience was far more
exciting than anything fictional I could ever imagine!

I also remember that she shyly told me that she wouldn't mind if I'd
edit it and post it for others to see. I have always wondered about
whether that is right... I hold people's thoughts and feelings in very
strict confidence. Yet, as I re-read her letter, she really wanted me to
do this.

We only corresponded for 6 months, and then she became to busy. I heard
from her again 6 months later for a very brief time. I was forced to
switch between service providers (several times!) when my first one went
belly up, and during this process she ended up writing to a GUY with a very
similar E-Mail name, and she got one WILD response in return! *giggle* I
lost track of her after that, and she is no longer with the ISP (Prodigy)
she was originally with.

Her name is Christine. In case she ever reads this... well, I hope she
remembers me. I have great hopes of finding her again someday! She was a
wonderful, sexy person who meant alot to me!!

OK... enough of the non-sex talk that I really hate in other people's
net posts. Let's get serious.

This is the story of Christine's Awakening. I have changed the name of
both the girl "Christine" and the "piano teacher" in the story to protect
the innocent, and so nobody but me and maybe she will ever know who
Christine really is.

This is an embellishment of her real letter to me.


My Dearest Michelle,

Well there's good and bad news. I decoded part 3 of the picture you
sent. Part 1&2 wouldn't download. I don't know if it was your end or
mine. Since you're the computer genious, I'll let you teach me <g>.

Are you ready for part one of the Piano Teacher? I have promised you
this for like forever, but have not been brave enough to tell you until

I could probably write a book on this sequence of experiences, but
here's how it all started.

I started taking piano lessons from Connie when I was 13 years old. She
lived within walking distance from me so it was very convenient to get to
her house, except on bad winter days. Connie was in her mid twenties and
married to a nerd who traveled all the time and was never home. I suspect
he made a lot of money because they had a beautiful home.

Connie had long dark hair, blue eyes and was extremely attactive and
feminine. I never saw her without makeup or looking messed up in any way.
She was about 5'7", thin, but well endowed. I remember she had very long
legs that I looked at once in awhile. During the summer, she would
schedule my lesson so that I was always her last student in the day. She
apparently liked to have me stick around and chat with her. She was really
"with it" and I always felt so grown up being with her.

Connie sat on the piano bench with me during the lessons (which I am
sure is normal) and would often rest her hand on my leg when she was
showing me what to do (which I'm sure is NOT normal!). Every once in a
while I would feel her breast rubbing on my shoulder. Now that I think
back about this, over the time I took lessons she rubbed her boobs on me
more and more. For a long time I thought nothing of it even though I think
I liked it. Only after this experience did I realize that she must have
enjoyed giving me lessons more than I would have guessed!

I was 15 at the time, just after my sophomore year in high school. .
One summer day I was taking lessons at her house and she was sitting on the
bench with me, as usual. I was wearing really loose beige shorts and a
white tank top. I'll never forget it as long as I live.

As was often the case, her husband was out of town... actually he was
out ot the country then.

Connie put her hand on my leg while I played. As I said, she did this
often so I wasn't surprised. But, instead of keeping it near my knee,
while I played she moved it higher until it was well up on my thigh. Well,
being the young innocent that I was, I kind of jumped, causing her to pull
her hand back. I liked it, but was a little shocked.

I looked at her and could tell she was as embarrassed as I was. She
immediately apologized and said she didn't mean to upset me.

Well, what upset me was how bad I felt that she was embarrassed, and
also how stupid I was to jump like that. So, without thinking of what I
was doing, I put my hand on hers and put it back on my thigh. I smiled and
told her I liked it and told her not to feel bad.

The irony of this is that I really wasn't giving her the OK to touch me.
I was just embarassed that I had jumped like that. But in letting her put
her hand back on me, I definitely sent her the wrong message. While I
returned to playing the piano, she slowly started massaging my leg again.
Suddenly I found myself feeling really tingly! I was getting kind of
turned on ... and also scared.

Her hand started to move under my shorts and I stopped playing and just
closed my eyes. I could feel her breast pressing against my arm as her
fingers probed inside until it found my panties. She put her arm around my
waist to steady me and lightly stroked my pubic mound through the front of
my panties. I had never felt such feelings. I kept my eyes shut and
pressed up against her hand. I knew I was getting wet down there! It
didn't take long until Connie found my clit, which was aroused and burning.
I heard her moan when she realized what her finger had discovered, and from
the fact that I wasn't stopping her from massaging my clit through my

I started breathing heavily. She whispered in my ear, asking me if I
wanted to get up and sit on the sofa where it might be more comfortable.
Without hesitation, I got up and she helped my trembling legs get to the
sofa. I sat down and she gently lay me down on my back, my head on one of
the corner cushions. She was so warm and reassuring. She told me to relax
and close my eyes and she would make me feel like a real woman. I was pure
jelly in her hands.

She asked me if I had a boyfriend (yes), and if I'd ever done anything
with him (no. I was a virgin... but I had touched my pussy before by
myself, and I definitely knew how to make myself feel good).

She sat next to me, her arm under my neck, just looking at me. She told
me to shut my eyes, and she put her hand back on my thigh and started
stroking the inside of it with her fingernails. This gave me goosebumps!
God... I never felt anything so nice.

She asked me if I was OK with this, and I nodded yes. Then her hand
moved again inside the loose leg openings on my shorts to the front of my
panties. She picked up where she left off earlier, rubbing my pussy through my panties. I couldn't help it, my legs opened slightly all on
their own and I started pushing my pussy against her hand.

After stroking my clit for a while, she pulled her hand out. I felt her
undo my shorts. I lifted up for her and she pulled them off. She lay back
down beside me, whispering to me what a good girl I was. Her hand rubbed
down my belly, until it slid inside the waistband of my panties. She
stroked my pubic region and then lowered her finger down into my wet slit,
quickly finding my hot clit! She slowly and softly stroked it. I remember
just moaning... "Ohhh, God... Connie...!!"

"You like this, Christine?" she whispered?

"OOhhhhh!!!" was all I could get out. Within a minute I felt the first
wave of pleasure go through me as she rubbed my clit to a delicious orgasm.
I had never cum so intensely before in my life!! My cream ran out all over
her hand, and I remember how wet my legs felt as some of it trickled down.

Connie wasn't finished with me. She told me to lift up, and she slid my
panties off and pulled my shirt and bra up exposing me completely.

She said something about how beautiful I was, and leaned down and softly
kissed my small breasts as her finger continued to stroke my clit. I
remember her whispering how fine and soft my pubic hair was... what a wet
little girl I was... and that I really seemed to like this... and how big
my nipples were getting in her mouth...

After about ten more minutes of her finger stroking my clit I really
couldn't hold it any more! I had my second wave of orgasmic pleasure,
rubbing myself and my pussy cream all over her hand. I came so hard I
could barely breathe.

Then she sat up and spread my legs apart further. She moved down the
couch some more. I opened my eyes and saw her looking between my legs. I
had never seen a woman with such a look of lust in her eyes. She saw me
looking and smiled at me. "Christine, ... now you're going to know how a
woman should really feel." (As if I hadn't already!)

She leaned down and I felt her tongue and hair sliding down my belly...
into my pubic hair... and suddenly I realized what she was going to do! I
was so hot!! I opened my legs for her and she got between them, leaning
down and opening my labia with her fingers. She looked into my eyes and
flicked her tongue out... "Oohhhh AMMMHhhhmmm...!" She started licking
me!!! She licked my little clit until I thought I was going to pass out,
and licked as deep inside as her tongue would go.

I was going absolutely insane ... when suddenly I felt her put a finger
inside me!!! No one had ever done that to me before! I never even did
that to myself. The combination of her tongue in my pussy and her finger
probing my depths made me cum like I never thought possible!! I could fell
my juices running down my leg and heard myself cry out!!!! My hips raising
off the couch! Connie kept her mouth glued to my pussy for dear life. I
knew this wasn't the first time she'd done this, because I was moving so
fast and shaking so hard, but she never lost a lick!

When it was over, she lay down next to me and said that she never
planned for that to happen, but with her husband out of town she was
feeling a little lonely.... and that I looked so cute! She asked me how
it was, and I smiled and just purred like a contented kitten. She said she
felt that it was a beautiful experience and that she was happy to share it
with me, and was glad I enjoyed it.

After reassuring her that I definitely wouldn't ever tell anyone about
this, I got up to leave. She smiled when I confirmed that I would be back
the next week.

I got home about an hour later than usual and my mom asked me how my
lesson was and what took so long. I told my mom that it was probably the
best lesson I ever had, and I decided to just stay around with Connie to
chat since her husband was out of town. I couldn't tell mom that my
panties were soaked and I could barely stand up and that my pussy had just
been eaten by a grown woman!!! I hoped the flushed look I knew I had on my
face didn't give me away.

That night I hardly slept a wink and wondered what it would be like to
touch Conne like she had done to me or to kiss her lips. I think I fell
asleep with my finger inside me hoping this wasn't just a great dream.
Needless to say, this was only round one of a summer that I will never

Well dear, I trust you enjoyed this. I am locked in my room now writing
this for you.... with a mini massager vibrating between my legs .... and
Michelle, I'm cumming just about!!!

This is as true as it comes (including the vibrator). If I was a victim
of sexual abuse, I can only say thank you Connie!

Love and Licks to your Pussy, Christine


Christine's Awakening - The Piano Teacher. Part 2 of 2


I wrote a TRUE story a few weeks ago describing my first "Net Friend's"
(Christine), awakening to the joys of f/F sex at the experienced hands of
her Piano Teacher. This saga continues her story. Christine wanted me to
edit her tale of wondrous sexual discovery and post it for others to enjoy.
We lost touch when she dropped her Prodigy account last winter and after I
changed accounts twice. If she's still out there, I hope she knows I'll
never forget her. Her next letter follows:


Dearest Michelle,

After that first afternoon at Connie's I didn't know what to make of
myself. The embarrassing part is that I liked it! I didn't revolt like I
thought I would. Every night the memories flooded into my mind, over and
over again. Visions of how I let Connie put her hands on my thigh while I
tried to concentrate on my lesson... how her finger found its way under
the loose legs of my shorts... how I let her press her fingers over my
panties into my budding pubis! It turned me on to relive the feel of her
smooth fingers delving under my panties... into my teenage wetness...
stroking me... caressing my hair... fingering my clit... licking me...
putting her finger inside me and "fucking" my little pussy to an explosive
climax. Oh Michelle, what did I let her do?! I have never felt such
erotic feelings, EVER, by myself or with a guy, as Connie made me feel that
afternoon. The thought that a woman made me cum! God!! It made me so hot
I had to play with myself every night.

I'll never understand how... how, my love... how did I know that I
would want ... no, CRAVE!... to go to Connie's house again. Like a fly
to the spider's web. My body needed to feel the erotic bliss that only a
female's sensitive touch could induce.

The craving, that as I found out later, occurred over and over again
throughout my life.

So I did it. The next week I walked to Connie's house. At every step I
considered turning back; but I knew I never would.

I wanted to wear a dress or skirt that day, thinking of how that would
make it easier (make WHAT easier? Was I going to be "easy" for her? What
if she didn't approach me again? So many thoughts filled my mind). But
that would have been unusual and I thought my mom might get suspicious. So
I wore a pair of loose light blue shorts and a thin white blouse with only
4 big buttons. The top one I left undone. Underneath, I wore a simple
cotton bra over my 32B breasts, and a plain pair of white cotton panties.

Promptly at 4 PM (the end of the day again) I stood on Connie's
doorstep, my hand poised over the doorbell as I mustered the courage to
push. By some automatic control my finger did the deed and I heard
Connie's footsteps as she came to the door. She opened it, a nervous smile
on her pretty face and immediately asked me how I was, searching to make
certain I didn't go bonkers during the week... looking for a sign of
whether I told anyone. I calmly (on the outside) told her that I was quite
fine and glad to see her. She was wearing a yellow print dress with
flowers that came to mid thigh. It was like chiffon or something... very
light. Her hair was pulled up in a little bun.

I WAS glad to see her. But honestly, I was so nervous. My heart
pounded in my little chest.

Connie told me that she had been thinking about me all week and was also
happy to see ME, and that she was glad that I decided to return.

"Is your husband home," I asked, before realizing I was essentially
admitting why I was really there.

"Nope! Out of town again," she said. You feel ready for your lesson?"

I looked at her nervously, my knees weakening. ".... Which one?"

She searched my eyes making sure she read me correctly. My smile told
her that she definitely did. She bent down and gave me a little kiss on
the cheek. I detected her sweet perfume smell again, a smell that lingers
to this day. She looked up, realizing that we still had the door open
where people from the street might see us, and closed it.

We didn't even bother going to the piano. Connie steered me over to the
couch, and told me to sit where I had last time. I lay down, my head on
the end pillows, and she sat down next to me, her left hand going under my
head. She asked me if I enjoyed what happened last time (Mmm Hmmm!) or if
I thought that we should stick to music from now on (definite NO!). I
couldn't get any words out of my mouth so I just put my arms around her and
hugged her while she stroked my hair. After a few moments she moved her
head toward me and kissed me. I shut my eyes and basked in her nearness
and this new sensation.

It was so gentle. I had never kissed a woman on the lips before and it
felt a little wierd. It was much softer than a boy. And wetter; much
wetter. And warmer! And every new, better thing that I could ever say
about a kiss. Her lips were so full... they took over and possessed mine.
She kissed me... she lightly bit my lips. My arms pulled her tighter and
I felt her breasts press into me. OOhh so soft!! My nipples started to
tingle. I felt her tongue trace my lips, wetting me... preparing me...
then slowly try to enter my mouth. I opened my lips just a little. Connie
took whatever little opening I offered to her tongue... not going any
faster than I was ready to go. I slowly yielded... I had never kissed
like this with ANYBODY!! ... I opened my mouth some more for her. When
Connie's tongue finally touched mine, my insides felt like they were going
explode. My stomach was full of butterflies and that hot feeling was in my
pussy again. The scent of her perfume and lipstick was so intoxicating.
She put her right hand over my breast, cupping it, squeezing softly as she
french kissed me. My nipple was hers! It flew into full bloom! She
caressed my breast with her palm, then her fingers, finding my nipple
through my garmets, pinching it lightly. I moaned into her mouth.

She stopped kissing me, still playing with my breasts as I opened my
eyes. She was looking at me with such love... and lust. I could tell she
was as turned on as I was.

"C'mon" was all she said, as she took my hand and helped me off the
couch, "follow me."

We held hands and walked up the stairs. I knew she was taking me to her
bedroom. We walked into the room and she pulled me to her, pulling me into
her breasts, kissing me... roughly now. OOhhhh Heaven! My mons rested on
her thigh and I pressed into it as her mouth ravished me.. her hand went
down my back and cupped my bottom through my shorts. This elicited a moan
from her now... my little feminine body was putting my cute bisexual piano
teacher into heat! I never realized how deeply aroused she was. Connie
had been thinking of ME the whole week as well... masturbating to the
memory of her seduction of me the week before. She masturbated whenever
her husband wasn't around.... and sometimes even when he WAS, by going off
to the bathroom.

I sensed the king size bed behind us and realized that this day would
surpass last week's experience by miles.

Connie kept kissing me and stroking my butt. I put my leg between hers,
feeling her short loose dress yield as she pressed herself back into me.
Her hands moved down my body, stroking the back of the leg that she was
nestled against... mmmm... goosebumps! I wondered if she knew how hot
her little teenage student was getting? I would have let her do anything
to me right then!

She walked me backwards toward the bed. She knelt down before me...
her hands on my thighs. She just stared mesmerized at my legs and my
shorts and then, with her hands turned outwards, starting stroking my legs
like she had the week before. Up and down the inside of my thighs with her
fingers... but with both hands at the same time. This time I didn't jump.
Instead I tried to relax and let every part of body feel the new and
strange sensations going through me. She looked up at my face as I let her
stroke me. Her fingers... both hands... went under the loose legs of my
shorts. High on the inside of my thighs. Ever closer to my aching pubis.
My stance opened for her. Ohhh... her two index fingers moved over my
panty covered mons... stroking lightly over my panties .... her fingers
moving all the way back toward my butt, then pressing and pulling forward
to the top... right over my clit. She mumbled, "God , you look so pretty
in these shorts, Christine..." She repeated her motions with those two
fingers.... back and forth... pressing gently into my panties...
squeezing... her eyes boring into me... until I thought I was going to

Connie then stood up, removing one hand which she put around my neck.
She turned her other hand upward, pushing it completely under the leg of my
shorts, and cupped me. Her middle finger probed into my warm panties. I
leaned my head back and kissed her again. My kiss begged her 'Yes' ...
please... do it... Touch me!' ... she found my clit through my panties and rubbed. 'Oh fuck..,' I was so hot!

Reaching between us while we still kissed, she unsnapped my shorts and
then unzipped them. She put her hand inside the front of my shorts,
gripping my sex in the same fashion as before, bringing my clit to total
arousal. As she played, my loose shorts slowly fell to the floor on their
own. She removed her hand and unbuttoned my blouse, one button at a time
until I stood before her in my panties and bra ... not nearly as
embarrassed as I was a week ago.

Connie sat me down on the bed. Standing in front of me, she reached
back and undid her dress. With what seemed like one swoop of her hand it
fell to the floor in a loose pile, exposing her lovely lavender lace
panties to me. She stepped out of her dress while watching my eyes for a
reaction. How could I ever tell her how sexy she looked? What her body
did to me? How could I tell myself?

I hadn't realized before her dress fell off that she wasn't wearing a
bra! Now I knew why her breasts felt so soft against me earlier. I
immediately became fixated on her pretty boobs. They were not real large,
but certainly larger than mine. They were as perfect as I could imagine.
Her skin was milky white and her nipples were at least 3/4 of an inch long
and very hard. They were thick, too. Her aureolae were about the size of
nickels, and a nice pinkish brown color. They had little bumps on them.
Noticing my stare, she put her arms around the back of my head. Taking her
signal I pressed my face into her breasts.... right in between. At first
I didn't move ... my lips touched her skin ... her scent enveloped me. I
moved my hands up to cradle her breasts from below... feeling their
softness. God! I couldn't believe I was touching a woman's breasts...
and it felt so neat! Whe was so perfect. My hands found courage and moved
higher, up over her nipples. I cupped her breasts and squeezed lightly, my
face still buried in between. I kissed the skin between her breasts all
over, moving in ever widening circles until my lips focused in on her right
breast. I kissed her breasts all around her nipples, teasing her...
finally zooming in until I found my tongue licking her nipple. Like I
said, she was totally erect. I nibbled both of them... back and forth...
making them even harder and longer. God! I never knew how much I would
enjoy something like this. Her breasts.. her nipples... were turning me
on, Michelle! I don't know... for some reason this made me hornier than
I'd ever felt. I heard Connie let out a sigh and I was pleased that this
was getting to her as much as it was getting to me. It really turned me on
that I could affect her like this! I held her breast tight in my hand and
I put as much of her breast in my mouth as I could. Like I was trying to
swallow a whole peach. Between my lips I flicked my tongue over her
sensitive nipples... sucking her whole aureolae... licking... then
sucking the nipples themselves. Pulling on them hard with my lips.

She pushed me back on the bed and lay down on top of me, moving up high
so she could feed her wonderous breasts to me. She moved her body back and
forth so I first nursed the right one, and then the left one. Her legs
wrapped around my left one, and she moved her pussy against my thigh. She
finally moaned... "shit... little girl, if you don't stop this you're
going to make me cum.. and I don't want to do that quite yet."

Connie moved down my body and passionately kissed me. She rolled off me
and stood up. She lifted me up off the bed too, and threw the covers off
onto the floor. She walked up to me, reaching around my back, and undid my
bra. Then she slid my slightly wet panties off. She was in a hurry now!
She pulled me into her hard, kissing me like a wild woman. Her nipples
were rubbing against my small breasts and like the week before I began
losing total control. I rubbed my nipples back against her... the erotic
feel of her soft hot skin having the desired effect. She reached down
between us and without hesitation pushed her middle finger between my
labia, discovering how wet I was for her. Her hand rubbed my pussy back
and forth ... and then started rubbing my clit fast.

Suddenly she looked at me and asked me if I had ever had sex with a guy
before. I told her, 'no, of course not.' She got this little smile on her
face that I will never forget. The look of a winner... the victorious
look of being the first!

Her finger lightly and with increasing speed stroked my clit. I was a
puppet in her hand... her middle finger suddenly delved deep into my
wetness... finding my G spot, which I didn't even know I had, and bringing
my trembling body to my first orgasm for her that day. She held me tight
and kissed me as I came and came and came on her delightfully talented

Then she slid off her panties and said she wanted to try something. She
told me to lie on the bed and open my legs. She knelt on the bed next to
me and planted one knee on each side of my right leg. I looked down at
her. I had never looked at another girl (or woman's) vagina before. It was
so erotic! She had a dense patch of brunette pubic hair... much more hair
than me... and looking beneath her I saw that her vaginal lips were quite
large... from both her maturity and from her arousal. A lot bigger than
mine. Her lips hung down invitingly. I wanted to put my hand there. To
feel in between and see what another woman felt like, to see if she was wet
for me, too. But she had other ideas for now.

Connie intertwined her legs with mine and, leaning above me in a pushup
position, lowered her pretty wet pussy down until it was touching mine.
She gave a soft moan and started moving back and forth. This was the first
time I had ever looked closely at another woman like this. I could see her
breasts... her nipples so erect... I looked down and could see her clit
rubbing against mine... her labia was much larger than mine, although mine
were quite puffed up by now, and I could see her clit sticking out. My
blonde, almost hairless pussy contrasted her dark pubic hair. As she
rubbed, I could feel her wetness against my own. The absolute turn on was
when she moaned and started cumming when I knew it was because of me. She
fell forward kissing me... and alternated between that, and kneeling back
up where she could grind her pussy against mine some more. I had all I
could do to hold off from cumming again. It looked so hot!

She "dry humped" me for about 15 minutes, cumming a second time....
looking at my breasts... then down at my pussy... telling me how
beautiful I was.

Then she told me she wanted to do something else. Connie turned around,
kneeling over my face, and put her head between my legs and started licking
me again like she had the week before. I got wetter and wetter and opened
my legs so she could get at all of me. I knew she was going to make me cum in her mouth again. Knowing how much I liked what she was doing to me, I
decided to reciprocate. Maybe she expected it... maybe she didn't. But
her hot wet pussy was stretched open right there before my face... and I
found that quite arousing too! I had never looked at a woman's vagina close up... it looked delicious. 'What the hell,' I thought... 'she's
doing it to me. It's now or never.'

I put my hands on Connie's beautiful, full hips and pulled her down to
my face and started licking her clit the same way she was doing mine.
God... what an aroma... what a taste! Like sweetness and sourness all
rolled into one. Sooo erotic!! I licked up and down and tried to stick my
tongue into her as far as I could. I found that when she moved backwards I
could suck her little clit between my lips. I knew she liked that, because
she was really wet and her juices were all over my face as she started
rubbing against my mouth. She was fucking my little face!! And I was
letting her... pulling her harder toward me... smothered in her wetness!

Connie's tongue felt so good on me, too. She was an expert at this. At
this point nothing felt strange and any fear I had turned to passion. We
69'd for about 15 minutes straight... getting closer and closer. My 15
year old body was experiencing real adult female pleasure!!!. Then... she
put her finger inside me like she had the week before and that was it... I
couldn't hold out any more... I exploded into her mouth... cumming for
what seemed like forever.

I thought, 'OK... two can do this,' so I put my middle finger inside
her pussy as she rubbed her clit over my mouth... I fucked her hard with
it... and suddenly her thighs started shaking violently... her head
lifted up... and she moaned out loud... 'Ohh fuck... fuck... Ahhh...
Eat me, Christine... AAHHSSSNNNNNNN YESSSSS!!!!!!! I held her tight to my
mouth... she was squirming all over the place.. her thighs squeezed my
head! Then... she pushed her pussy right over my mouth... and I had
never ever heard of this... but all of a sudden, juice... like a thick creamy juice.. started coming out of her pussy and began filling my
mouth!! Oohh... I didn't know women did this... it was so good! I let
Connie cum right in my mouth until she was all done... It wasn't alot of
cum... not like a guy... but it was ... mmmm... such a nasty feeling...
what I did! I sucked ALL of her juice in... and made sure I swallowed
every drop while she kept her pussy platered over my face. Well, I didn't
get ALL of it... I exxagerate. During this whole time, rubbing herself
off on my face, she had totally soaked my chin and my nose and my cheeks
too... so I missed some.

When she had finished cumming and making me cum, she lay down beside me,
and stroked my baby breasts tenderly as I cuddled in her arms. I put my
head on her shoulder and just conked out for a short while. Finally I
realized I better move and get home or mom would wonder where I was. I
kissed her... and we started kissing some more like before, with our
tongues. Connie then asked me if it was OK... if I had liked everything.
I nodded with a big smile. I told her it was such a weird sensation when
she sucked my clit and put her finger inside me at the same time! Just
like she'd done the previous week. That the combination of her licking my
clit and fingering me makes me come in an instant.

I confessed that it turned me on to eat her, too! She groaned and moved
my hand to her pussy, and told me to give it another try... the talk had
made her all horny again. The poor lady! OK... I should help her I
figured. Her vagina was so wet that my middle two fingers went right in.
She then told me that a woman can stretch open very wide ... to not be so
gentle .... she gave me a quick baby lecture (that I knew already). So I
fucked her hard with two fingers. She kissed me harder, and then moved her
hand down and put her middle finger inside herself along with mine and told
me to do it even harder! I did. We kissed... and we "fucked her"
together, until we made her get off again really nice. I could tell she
liked it, because her legs shuddered again and she "creamed" my fingers
just like she'd done before in my mouth.

I told her I should get going, but she was insatiable. She said, not
until she repaid me. She carefully put two fingers inside me as her thumb
rubbed my clit. She sat up and seemed very intrigued with my pussy. I
watched her look at me as she moved her fingers in and out really fast.
She must have really enjoyed having sex with someone as young as me ... I
think my 95 pound body was a turn on. She stared and kept licking her lips
while she fingered me really hard. Letting her look at my pussy, as her
fingers worked themselves in and out, made me start to cum really, really
hard ... waves swept over me coming from deeper than I'd ever felt... it
was the longest orgasm yet.

I collapsed, totally exhausted. She kissed me on the lips and told me
she loved me. I smiled at that and kissed her back, but couldn't bring
myself to tell her the same thing. I knew I loved what she did to me...
but I didn't know about loving HER. I lay there thinking how much I would
dread waiting another week to see her!

That was it. I think it was that whole sequence of events that turned
me into a full fledged lesbian, without me even knowing it at the time. I
met Connie almost every week for the rest of High School. She was my only
lover. It stopped when I went away to college. I never saw her again. I
was too embarrassed to look her up, figuring I had "outgrown" it. Looking
back, I probably should have kept in touch.

Love, Christine


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