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Christmas Carol1

Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is
mushrom@hotmail.com. All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is http://scroll.to/erotica

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Christmas Carol

Part I

It was that time of year again. Every year, the place where
I worked threw a big Christmas Party. This was the fifth such
party that I had attended, and it was as dull as the rest. Jones
was doing his fruitcake jokes again, and Lucy and Bob were
fighting. At least she was no longer working for the company,
leaving right before she had their baby. I was looking forward to
leaving, and was only here for the almost mandatory party. I could
have not come, but it might have affected my career. I was due for
a promotion, and this might help me get it.

It was being held in the Buffet area on the ground floor of
our office building. We occupied the second floor and the
basement, and the hotel occupied the first, and the third through
the tenth floors. This made it convenient, for I did not have to
worry about parking or anything else. In fact, the hotel offered
us discount rates for rooms, in case we had to much to drink. I
sat through the dinner with the same old speeches, and the dinner
(which was actually quite good). Now we had all retired to the
lounge, which had a dance floor, a buffet (for those still hungry),
and a wet bar. I spent an hour schmoozing, playing the normal
office political games.

I was getting ready to leave, when Carol came up to me.
Carol was a cute young girl that just started in the copy room.
She was 19, having joined 4 months before. I had been with the
company for almost 6 years, starting in the same position that she
now held.

I required frequent copies, and saw her 5 or 6 times a day.
Two months before, she started flirting with me while I was waiting
for copies. I flirted back, enjoying the attentions of the pretty
young girl. It made me feel younger, and she was a smart and cute
girl. I might have asked her out, except for our 13 year age
difference. At 32, I was far to old to date a teen-ager.

We chatted for a bit, talking about our plans for our week
off. I was just going to be staying at home, relaxing and watching
some movies on my new Satellite system that I had bought myself.
It seems that Carol was going to be doing pretty much the same.
She did not have a tv yet, so would probably spend her time
reading. I jokingly invited her to come over whenever she wanted
to watch something on TV, and she accepted. I knew that she was
serious when she asked me my home phone number, so she could call
to see if it would be convenient for her to come over.

We chatted for a bit longer, and soon I was asking her if she
wanted to dance. We moved to the dance floor, and she felt good in
my arms. The first song was a popular Christmas-Rock song, but the
next one was the immortal "Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole. Carol
slipped closer to me as we started slow dancing. I held her in my
arms, and could feel her breasts brushing up against my chest. I
tried to concentrate on something else, but my cock would not
listen. It insisted on rising up, like it wanted to check her out
for himself.

The song ended, but the next song was another slow song, so
we continued to dance. Carol moved closer to me, and our bellies
were now touching. I could not help but rest my head on her
shoulder, and could smell the light sent of perfume on her neck. I
enjoyed the smell, and as the song drew to a close, I lightly
kissed her neck. This surprised myself, but I could not help

The next song was a Christmas rap song, so we moved off of
the floor. She excused herself to go off to the ladies room, and I
went to get myself a drink. I was trying to decide what this would
mean when Mr. Dale walked up to me, and asked to see me alone for a

We went to his office, and he told me that I should be
careful with Carol. Mr. Dale is my boss, and one of the senior
partners in the company. I told him that so far, our dancing had
been mostly her idea, and I had not done anything inappropriate.
He looked skeptical, but said that if I hurt her, he would be sure
to remember it.

I was a little confused as I headed back to the party, but
smiled when I saw Carol at the punch bowl, looking for somebody.
It was obvious that the somebody was me when she smiled, and made a
bee-line to where I was. I poured her a drink, and she asked where
I had gone.

I answered her that Mr. Dale wanted to talk to me for a sec,
and that seemed to be good enough. We talked for a bit longer, and
were soon dancing again. When another slow song came on, Carol
almost melted into my arms, pressing her entire body against mine.

Carol was much shorter than me, standing only 5'2" to my 6'.
She pressed her head to my shoulder as we danced. I could feel her
breasts press into my chest, and her groin against my leg. My
groin was pressed to her belly, and she seemed to be pressing
herself more firmly to me there.

I was feeling a little numb. This beautiful young girl was
sending signals that she wanted me, a man almost 14 years older
than her. I held her, and noticed that the lights in the dance
area were now darker than they were earlier. I moved my head down,
and softly kissed her neck again, this time leaving my lips there.

She moaned softly, so I continued to kiss her, moving up to
nibble on her ear. As I did so, she pressed her belly closer to
me. I gently bit and licked on her neck, then moved back to her
ear. We finished the dance, then Carol said that she had to go to
her office for a second to get something. She said that she was a
little nervous of going there by herself, and asked if I would come

Carol worked in the basement, so I could understand her
nervousness. I said that I would, and we both headed for the
elevator. Once in the copy room, I followed Carol into her office,
and watched her pull a book out of her desk, and turn her computer
off. She was standing with her back to me, and I walked up behind

She moved back, pressing her back against my front. I
wrapped my arms around her, and held her for several minutes.
Neither of us spoke, simply holding each other. She then turned
around, and raised her head for a kiss. I bent down, and kissed
the softest lips that I had ever felt under mine.

After kissing for several minutes, she broke away and looked
up into my eyes. I wanted to sink into her dark brown eyes.
Without breaking our hug, we both moved to the couch in the room,
and sat down. We resumed kissing, holding each other while we sat
on the couch.

It was like being in High School again. We spent almost 2
hours like that, necking like 2 kids. I kissed her face, neck, and
ears. I also caressed her back, shoulders, arms, and head. She
did the same, making me feel wonderful. We finally broke apart,
and she almost collapsed against me. We simply held each other in
silence, trying to control our breathing.

We shifted around a bit more, and she was now sitting on my
lap. We resumed kissing, and she started moaning softly when I
moved back to her neck. It was soft and smooth, and she wiggled
her bottom slightly as I kissed and gently licked her neck. I
caressed her side, and she moved closer to me as I did so. I
reached my hand up in front of her, grasping her shoulder.

I could feel her breasts against my arm, and they felt
wonderful. I started to remove my hand after a few minutes, and
was surprised when Carol gently took my hand, and pressed it to her
left breast.

I gently squeezed, then moved it away. I whispered into her
ear that I would like to take my time. She moaned, but agreed with
my reasoning. I told her that if she wanted a quick fling, that I
was probably not the best choice. I was more interested in long
relationships than quick one night flings.

She softly whispered that she was hoping for one too, with
me! She had been attracted to me for a long time, but was not sure
if I would be interested in her. She said that she thought her
age, low position in the company, and other factors would not make
her as attractive.

I assured her that this was not the case. I knew what kind
of a person she was, and that was what mattered. We started
kissing again, and she laid back. I slowly laid her down on the
couch, and I laid on my side. We were now on our sides, facing
each other.

I allowed my hands to explore, from her nicely shaped hips to
her shoulder. I would caress along her side, lightly teasing the
side of her breast. She seemed to like this, so I did it a little
more. She started to caress my chest through my shirt, feeling the
muscles and caressing my skin. She undid one button, and slipped a
delicate hand inside. She now had free access to my skin. Carol
was soon teasing my nipples.

Unable to resist any longer, I moved my hand to the front,
and caressed her breasts. Carol moaned my name, and pressed
herself to me more tightly. We kissed and necked for another 45
minutes, then took another small break. I looked at the clock, and
was amazed to see that it was almost 2am!

We got ourselves re-arranged, and returned to the party. But
it was already over with, and we were the last 2 people there. I
walked her to her car, and we kissed goodnight. I went home, and
fell fast asleep.

Since Christmas was on Wednesday, our party was held Friday
night. Saturday I just relaxed, reliving the night before as I
watched TV. I was surprised to answer the phone and find Carol
calling me. I had forgotten that I had given her my number the
night before.

She said that one of her favorite movies would be on that
night, and was wondering if the offer was still open. I assured
her that it was, and she said that she would be over at around 7pm.
I told her that I would make us both dinner, and she promised to
provide the wine.

When she arrived, I had a table set with Fettuccini Alfredo,
garlic bread, and salad. She brought along an exceptional bottle
of wine. We greeted each other with a tender kiss, then sat to
eat. I asked her about the wine, knowing that she was not old
enough to buy it legally. She laughed, and said that she had
gotten it from her Uncle Rick.

The dinner was wonderful, and Carol rubbed her foot along my
leg during the entire time. The first time, I was in the middle of
a sentence. I was flooded with the desire to hold her again, and
lost track of what I was saying, mumbling and stuttering. Carol
giggled, and promised to be good.

After dinner, we retired to my living room with the remainder
of the wine. The movie she wanted to watch was coming on soon. As
it so happened, it was one of my favorite movies also. "Dr.
Zhivago" was one of my long time favorite movies, and I was looking
forward to seeing it. I surprised her when I mentioned that
instead of watching it from the satellite, we should watch it from
my cassette. I have the letter box version in my collection. That
way we could see it in itís full screen version, and pause it if
either of us needs to go to the bathroom or anything (after all,
it is over 3 hours long).

We had to wait for about 5 minutes for the movie to rewind,
so we naturally started kissing. I realized as soon as I started
to run my hand down her back that she was not wearing a bra. Carol
moaned softly as I rubbed her back. When the Introduction to the
movie started, I made a few last minute preparations.

I lit the gas logs in my fireplace, then threw on a couple of
pinecones for the scent. I then turned off all of the lights. I
then turned on my stereo, so we could hear the movie with better
sound than my tv could produce. I finally grabbed a large blanket,
then we curled up on the floor as the movie started.

As the epic unfolded before us, we gently caressed each
others bodies. I was laying back slightly on a few cushions, and
she was in front of me. I caressed her shoulders and sides,
occasionally kissing her neck and ear. She was between my legs,
and ran her hands up and down them.

Like most girls, she cried in the appropriate places. I held
her tighter then, wrapping my arms around her. When I did this
during the parting scene of Dr. Zhivago and Nurse Laura, I did not
let go afterwards. During the interlude, we both stood up to go to
the bathroom and stretch.

I got a bottle of Mead that I had been saving for a special
occasion, and poured us both a drink as the movie restarted. She
was fascinated by the honey drink, and sipped it as the movie
continued. I was feeling mellow, and was enjoying the feelings of
holding a beautiful woman in my arms again.

I had not been with another woman since my wife had died 3
years before. It had been sudden, and I had not even been able to
date since then. Now I was holding somebody else in my arms, and I
wondered if I would be able to be alone again.

As a love scene between Yuri and Laura unfolded, I slowly
lowered my hands, gently taking Carol's breasts in my hands. She
moved back against me and moaned slightly, rising her hands to hold
mine against her. I caressed and kneaded her firm breasts, her
nipples already hard inside her blouse.

A short time later, I unbuttoned her silk blouse, holding her
breasts in my hands. She pressed back against me more firmly, and
started to rub my legs. We teased each other like this throughout
the rest of the movie. Carol cried at the end, and I held her in
my arms. After the closing song ended, I used the remote to turn
off the TV, and turned the stereo to a jazz station.

We relaxed, facing each other now as we continued to hug and
kiss each other. We were laying on our sides, holding and kissing
each other. I gently squeezed one breast while my other hand
caressed her back and hips. I slowly moved my hand over and
started caressing her ass. I was soon kissing her lovely neck
again, working my way from her ear to her shoulder, then back
again. Sometime during this time, we both removed our shirts.

We were kissing, bare chests rubbing against each other. We
had our hands on each other's ass. I moved my hands down, and
caressed her legs as she kissed my neck. Like her, my neck was a
very sensitive spot. She rolled me onto my back, and started to
work me over.

Carol kissed me from my ears to my chest, slowly moving,
making sure she kissed, licked, or sucked every inch of skin. I
was clawing her back and moaning as she kissed the hollow of my
neck. I felt the shivers running from my feet up to my head, and
back again. When she started to lick and suck on my nipples, I had
to hold on to her as I gasped out how good it felt.

I was caressing her back, neck, head, and breasts at the same
time. I raised my head, looking down at her body lying half on top
of me. Her black skin was in sharp contrast to my white skin. She
looked like a shadow on top of me, making love to me.

She finally moved back up, and I kissed her deeply before
rolling her over onto her back. I followed much the same trail
that she had on me. I moved slowly from her ears to her neck, then
to her shoulders. When I moved to Carol's chest, I kissed around
her breasts, kissing only the top, sides, then bottom of her
wonderful breasts.

Her areola were the size of half dollars, and the nipples on
the end were almost as big as the first part of my little finger.
They were stiff and hard with her desire. I teased her, kissing
around her breasts for almost 5 minutes, until she groaned that she
could not take it much longer. I then started working my way up,
kissing all over her breasts.

I continued my teasing though. I carefully avoided her
nipples, kissing the rest of her breasts. When she realized what I
was doing after a couple of minutes, she tried to steer my mouth to
her nipple. When I did not let her, she tried to move under me,
bringing her nipple to my mouth. I relented part way, caressing
one of her nipples with my fingers. I did this for a few seconds,
then stopped.

I moved down, kissing my way down her belly. I reached her
navel, licking and kissing the little indentation that I found. I
then continued to lick my way down, finally reaching the waistband
of her skirt. I inhaled deeply as I kissed and licked her writhing
stomach. I could smell her need, the distinct smell of a woman
rising to my nose.

Carol moaned as I slowly kissed my way back up. She made a
light attempt to push my head back down, but she knew that I was
not ready to do that, yet. I kissed the underside of her breasts
again, moving up to the top. Again, I kissed in a circle around
her left nipple, never quite touching it.

I was ready to stop the teasing, and lightly licked her
nipple. Carol gasped, pulling me tightly to her chest. I gently
licked and sucked on her hard nipple as she slowly writhed under
me. In just over a minute, she was gasping and writhing, calling
my name softly. Then I felt her hips buck, and she held me tightly
as she went stiff, then relaxed, still slightly pumping her hips.

I realized that she had just had an orgasm! I had gotten her
so aroused, that my sucking her nipple was all it took to push her
over the edge. I held her gently in my arms, continuing to lick
and suck gently on her nipples as she finally laid fully back, limp
as a rag doll and softly moaning my name.

We broke apart, and she said that she needed to use the
bathroom again. But when she tried to stand, she wobbled. I
quickly grabbed her, and she said that the wine and passion must
have gotten to her. Between the two of us, we had killed 2 bottles
of wine.

I helped her to the bathroom, then tried to figure out what
to do next. She was in no condition to drive, and neither was I.
When she came out, I offered to let her sleep on the bed, while I
slept on the couch. She said that we would do nothing of the kind,
and she would trust me to sleep in the same bed as her. When I
told her that I was not sure is I would trust myself in the same
bed with her. She giggled, then said that she was willing to take
that chance.

I showed her to my bedroom, and got one of my old t-shirts
out for her to wear to bed. I left the room, then asked her if she
was afraid of the dark. She was puzzled, and asked me why. I came
back in when she called, and showed her my windows, with shutters
on the outside (which I then closed by remote control), the
venetian blinds, the roller blinds, then the thick, dark blue

I explained to her that the room was pitch black at night,
with the only light coming from the clock on my nightstand (even
that was covered with cloth, only allowing a dim amount of light to
escape. I explained that I preferred the dark, and liked sleeping
in it. She said that that was not a problem, and slipped into the
bed. I turned off the lights, then stripped to my underwear and
slid in myself.

We kissed for about 30 minutes, then she rolled over so we
could go to sleep. I curled up behind her, spoon fashion, and she
guided my hand to her breast. We then fell asleep.

I awoke during the night, experiencing a wonderful feeling
that I had not felt in a long time. I looked down, and saw my
erect cock appear, then disappear in the near total darkness of my
room. My mind was still fuzzy from sleep, and marveled at this
sight. I looked again, just as my cock reappeared, then
disappeared. I moaned as the sensations again came. I realized
that it was being caused by Carol, who was giving me head. Her
skin was as dark as night, and it was almost impossible to see her.

I reached down, caressing her face as she gave me what was
the most perfect blowjob of my life. I saw her dark hand moving up
to play with my chest and she moved down to lick my testicles.
After licking me for a few minutes, she resumed her fantastic oral

It had been over a week since I had had an orgasm, and I was
on the edge of cumming. I warned her that I was about to cum, to
give her a chance to pull away. All Carol did was to pull back,
only keeping the head in her mouth. She captured the remaining
part of me in her hand, and proceeded to give me a handjob. I
could not hold off any longer, and shot my load into her mouth,
moaning her name as I came.

I don't remember the last time I came so hard. My orgasm
went on and on. I could hear Carol moaning over the sound of blood
pounding in my brain. When I finished, I laid back, exhausted.
Carol stayed down for a few more minutes, licking my cock clean,
then moving back up.

I grabbed her head, and pulled her down for a passionate
kiss. She stiffened at first, then realized that I did not mind
kissing her with my sperm on her lips. We kissed for several
minutes, then she curled up against me.

She asked me if it had been a long time for me, and I
admitted that this was the first in 3 years. This seemed to make
her sad, and she asked why it had been so long. I realized that
she did not know about Mary. I told her about my wife, and the
discovery after only 1 year of marriage that she had advanced
Uterine cancer. Even with chemotherapy, she only lasted 2 more
years, dying the week after our third anniversary.

Carol cried, saying that she did not know. I told her it was
OK, that it was OK now. It had taken me almost 2 years to get over
it, and I had not dated simply because I had not found the right
lady, "until now" I told her. We kissed, and she said that after
the wonderful orgasm I had given her, she simply had to return the
favor. We kissed a little more, and we went back to sleep.

When I woke up again, I was alone in bed. I walked out, and
smelled something wonderful in the kitchen. There was Carol, still
wearing my t-shirt, placing bacon, eggs, and french toast onto two
plates. She saw me, then ran over (a wonderful sight, considering
that she was not wearing a bra) and jumped into my arms.

After a deep kiss, she told me to get back into bed, and
cover up unless I wanted to be attacked by her. I looked down, and
realized that I was still nude. I do not remember her removing my
underwear during the night, but she must have before her late-night

I climbed back under the covers, and she turned on a light as
she handed me a plate. We ate together, then curled up together
again under the covers. We kissed and cuddled for most of the day,
simply enjoying being together. I told her about Mary, and she
talked about her Uncle.

It seems that her parents died in an accident when she was
young, and she had been raised by her Uncle Rick, and his wife.
She had been in a private school in another state the last 4 years,
and had returned after a vacation in Europe. She heard about the
job at the firm, and took it, against her Uncle's wishes.

It seems that he wanted her to go to college, and she did
not. At least not yet. She obviously idolized her uncle, and
wanted to rise up on her own, not because of school, or who her
uncle was. I told her that I was the same, working my way up,
starting from where she was. She giggled, saying that I had
obviously risen high, and was on the rise again.

She was referring now to my cock, which had been on the rise
for the last several minutes. She gently reached down, taking me
in her hand. She had a gentle touch, and we kissed as she pulled
on me, causing wonderful feelings. I reached down, gently sliding
my hand between her legs, which she parted for me.

Carol was very wet, and she moaned into my mouth as I slid my
fingers around her vulva. I simply caressed her, not entering, and
avoiding her clit. I wanted to get her as hot as possible. I
started kissing her neck and working my way down as I felt her up.
She was moaning my name, telling me how good it felt.

I started to pull on her lower lips, lightly squeezing them
between my fingers. I then slid one up and down, just inside. I
felt her jerk as I lightly caressed her clit, then slid my finger
down and into her. Carol was very tight, and very wet. I could
feel her muscles clenching on my finger, and she moaned as I sucked
on her breast at the same time.

I started to caress her clit with my thumb as I inserted a
second finger into her. Carol was sobbing in pleasure, telling me
how good it felt, and how badly she wanted me inside her. I could
tell that she was trying to hold off, but I won. I moved back up,
kissing her deeply. This was enough to set her off, moaning and
thrashing as she came on my hand. After she came down, I gently
removed my fingers. She visibly relaxed, clinging to me. She told
me that she had never come like that before. We gently kissed for
about 10 minutes, then Carol turned the heat back on.

She lowered her hand, grasping me firmly as I caressed the
cheeks of her ass. I continued to tease her, lightly grazing her
vagina from behind. Finally she pleaded "Enough!", and pushed me
onto my back. She climbed over me, and grasped me, sliding me
around the entrance to her most secret place.

After a minute of this, she spread her legs a little wider,
and sighed as she slowly lowered herself onto me. Once I was all
the way in, she fell down onto my chest. We kissed passionately as
I felt her grasp me inside of her body. Carol was by far the
tightest girl that I had ever been inside of.

Neither of us moved at first, we simply kissed and held each
other. I moved my hands down, grasping her wonderful ass in my
hands. Finally she started to move, slowly pumping her hips up and
down on top of me. I looked into her face, and she seemed to be in
a little pain. When I asked her if she was OK, she said that she
had expected the pain.

I looked at her again, and quietly asked her if she was a
virgin. "Not anymore" was her whispered reply. I kissed her
deeply, then asked her why. She was crying now, saying that she
had a crush on me, and had for the last 3 months. The private
school she had gone to had been for girls only, and had only dated
at "approved functions". She had snuck away on a few occasions and
necked with the boys, but that had been the extent of it. She had
dated a guy for a few months while she was staying in Europe, but
had never gone all the way with him.

The most she had been willing to do was to perform oral sex
on each other. They had done that for several months, until she
saw him with a prostitute one evening while going to his place.
She confronted him, and he admitted to it. She broke off the
relationship, and had herself tested for disease (it was negative).
That had been the extent of her experience until recently.

The entire time she talked about it, I was slowly starting to
pump my hips. By the time she reached the end of her story, she
was slowly rocking back. She said that she was hoping that I would
ask her out, but I never did. Her flirting was a way of trying to
tell me she was interested, but I did not believe it.

When she saw me at the party, she decided to make her move.
She had asked the DJ (who was a friend of hers) to play a lot of
slow songs if she saw the two of us dancing. She giggled, saying
that right before we had left the party, her friend flashed her a
"thumbs up" sign.

Carol soon lost the ability to talk, however. She was
pumping her hips a little more firmly now, and I was caressing her
entire back, from her shoulders to her ass. She told me that she
had never thought that making love would feel so good. She was so
tight, it was all I could do to hold off. I kissed her deeply, and
once again, it was enough to set her off.

Carol moaned loudly, then almost sucked my tongue out of my
head as she came. Her legs clamped around my hips as she bucked
and groaned around my hard cock. Being unable to hold off any
longer, I held her tightly as I came inside her.

I must have shot for 5 minutes, in what was an explosive
orgasm. When it was over, she collapsed on top of me, limp as a
rag doll. We caressed each other, and whispered sweet things into
each others ear as we came down from paradise.

We took a shower together, and I surprised her by gently
leaning her against the wall, then going down on her. I licked and
sucked on her delightful pussy until she came, clawing my head as
she came around my tongue. We made love 3 more times that day and
evening, not getting dressed until it was time for Carol to go

Carol had to go home so she could do some things before work
tomorrow. We decided that we would try to act as professional as
possible at work, and would get together again after work. We
kissed gently, and she went home.

We only had to work a day and a half, since Tuesday was
Christmas Eve. The first time I had to get copies on Monday, Carol
grinned when I walked in. We touched a few times, and she let her
hand linger on mine before I had to return to my desk. I tried to
go to lunch with her, but she said that she was having lunch with
her Uncle.

We met in her office after I got off that evening. We
kissed, and decided to go out for dinner. After dinner, we saw a
movie, then went to my place. Before we left work, she had placed
a small bag in my car. She told me to wait in the living room,
then called me into my bedroom a few minutes later.

The room was lit by 3 candles, and she was curled up in the
center of my bed. She was wearing a dark blue nightgown, which
looked very elegant. It was full length, silk, with a deep
neckline. I could see her breasts, with her nipples poking through
the thin fabric.

I sank onto the bed, kissing her deeply as I laid down next
to her. We kissed deeply for a long time, then she broke away.
Carol had me stand up, and she gently stripped me. Once I was
nude, she slipped the nightgown off of her shoulders, and I watched
as it sank to a blue pool around her ankles.

Without saying a word, I watched my ebony Goddess sink to her
knees, and slowly take my hard cock into her mouth. She gently
sucked on me, looking up into my eyes as she did so. I watched her
close her eyes, a look of pleasure on her face as she took me all
the way in. She pulled back, and gently removed me from her mouth.

Carol moved herself upright a little more, then pressed her
breasts to each side of me, surrounding my cock with her soft skin.
She moved her chest up and down, fucking he with her breasts. I
could see her playing with her nipples as she moved. I reached
down and softly caressed her cheek, and was rewarded with a
beautiful smile. She asked if it felt good, and I chuckled. I
told her that if she kept that up for a few more minutes, she would
find out how good it felt.

Her response was to pull away, and to lay back onto the bed.
She said that she wanted to feel me cum inside her again. I moved
over, and slowly sank onto and into her. We made love slowly,
kissing and telling each other how good it felt. I was looking
into her eyes, when I realized that I might be falling in love
again. Then she closed her eyes and moaned my name, her orgasm
causing her to clench her muscles around me. Once again, this was
all it took as I came inside her.

I collapsed on top of her, staying inside of her until I
became soft and slipped out of her. We cuddled again, falling
asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, we took a shower together and I drove us to
work. She would not be seeing me until Christmas evening, having
to spend it with her family. Neither my parents nor Mary's parents
(even though she was dead, we still kept a close relationship)
lived near me, so I would be spending it alone.

I was surprised at 10 am, when Mr. Dale called me into his
office. He told me to sit down, then asked me what was going on
between Carol and myself. I was a little surprised, but recovered.
I told him that it was personal, and that it was none of his
business. That whatever our relationship might be, it would not
affect us here at work.

This did not satisfy him, and he asked again. Now Mr. Dale
is a large man, having been a semi-pro football player years ago.
He proudly displayed his old jersey on the wall of the office, with
the nickname "Black Lightning" on the back. He again asked what
was happening, and I again refused to answer him.

He realized that this was going nowhere, and his voice
dropped to almost a whisper. He asked again, this time shocking
me. "I just want to know if you are using my niece to get to me."
He sounded sincere, and this shook me also.

I knew that Mr. Dale's first name was Richard, but I never
made the connection with him being "Uncle Rick". Now some things
fell into place. He noticed the looks on my face, and said
nothing. Finally, I was able to talk.

I assured him that until that moment, I had no idea that
Carol was his niece. I was interested in her for himself, and
would never use her for anything like that. I had to keep from
shaking, the emotions were that strong in me at the time. I looked
into his eyes, and told him "if I have to choose between my job and
her, you can have my resignation before the end of work today."

He knew that I was a hard worker, and this shook him, and to
be honest it surprised myself. I assured him that I was serious.
That if my dating Carol was a problem with working here, I would
leave. "I care a lot for her, and she is the first person that I
have dated since Mary died. She means a lot to me, even more than
the promotion or this job."

His looks softened, and he obviously believed me. He told me
that he was intending on telling me that I was going to get the
promotion before we left for our vacation today. He looked sad for
a moment, then looked at me. He said that I would not be getting
that promotion now.

I felt like I had been kicked. He looked back at me, and
told me that I would be getting a different promotion, and a
transfer! It seems that the branch manager at the office across
town was leaving next month, and he wanted me to do that instead.
It was a better job, with even more money.

I asked why, and he said that my dating somebody that I
worked with was not a good idea. He understood, but a transfer
would be for the best. "After all, you would not want to end up
like Bob and Lucy, do you?" he said with a chuckle.

I accepted his offer, and then he said that he was going to
ask some personal questions. He would understand if I did not
answer, and he was asking as a concerned Uncle. He asked if I had
slept with her, and I quietly admitted that I had. He asked if I
loved her, I said that I was not sure, but I thought I was falling
in love with her.

He then asked me what my plans were for the next couple of
days, and I told him that I had nothing planned. "Not anymore" he
said in his deep bass voice. He insisted that I come to his house
for dinner, and that I not tell Carol. He wanted me to call right
before I arrived at his house, so he could meet me and present me
as a surprise present for Carol. I liked that idea, and agreed.

I went down and saw Carol before I went home. We kissed for
several minutes, and she promised to call me that night before she
went to bed. It was all I could do to not tell her what her uncle
had in mind for that night.

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