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Ciad Itu Lucy always gets her way ch1 (mff oral)


Authors Note (also see bottom of post)

This story is entirely a work of fiction. It is written for adults and
contains graphic depictions of sex.

By reading this text you certify that you are of the legal age of consent
in your country and that you agree with the contents of this text (see
story codes).

Have fun!

/Ciad Itu (A.k.a. Ciad 666) []

Lucy always gets her way (mf+ oral)

Chapter 1

By Ciad

If you ever hook up with a girl that is stubborn, likes to be right
and never gives up until she gets her way, don't back away too soon. You
never know if those qualities will break you or serve you.

I once knew such a girl, her name was Lucy and she was my girlfriend.
She was the kind of girl that never takes no for an answer. If you said she
couldn't, she would be intrigued by the new challenge you've presented her
with. Lucy's parents where rich and they loved to spoil their daughter.
This also helped keeping the meaning of the word "no" out of Lucy's

Lucy was treating every person and every challenge with the same
unyielding persistency, and combined with her looks, she would always get
what she wanted from both sexes. Most importantly, Lucy was a sex maniac,
if she didn't think about sex, she had sex. You can only imagine all kinds
of nice situations she used to get us into.

For her seventeenth birthday Lucy got a video camera. One of those
expensive and small things from Sony. She used to play with it and even
tape us when we had sex but it never came out good. She just lost interest
in filming after a while of lovemaking and started shooting the ceiling or
beddings. I did a little bit better but then she would complain about not
seeing anything of me.

"After all" she used to say, "if I want that, all I need is a mirror".

So Lucy decided only one of us should do the fucking while the other
was taping it. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make any of my friends join a
video taped orgy. We've been through some crazy things with people before,
but they all was very hush-hush about it afterwards, as if they didn't know
what they where getting into from the start or something like that.

With me being in doubt about my ability to recruit the right kind of
people, Lucy started working on her friends instead. Well, I think that was
mostly how it used to work. I was pulling the break and Lucy pushing the

At first it was hard work and little return. But we figured letting
them know the camera wouldn't bite and the recordings where not going to go
public would eventually bring results. Thus we had tons of tapes with
simple interviews, fooling around or even a quick tit-flash now and then.

That was the situation until Lucy started talking oral sex with Gina,
one of her friends.

We've met Gina and her boyfriend on a party held by a common
acquaintance. Late in the evening (or early in the morning would be the
more accurate label of it) we got into the good-old, never-ending topic,
sex. And Lucy started boasting (well that was the best description of it,
even if she never really did boast, she was more kind of announcing),
anyway, Lucy started boasting about giving me deep-throats and how that was
basically the only thing that would make me go out of control totally.

This talk must have gotten to Gina's boyfriend, because now he had
told Gina he would love for her to try. Gina knowing nothing about the
subject turned to Lucy for advice.

Lucy in turn spent five minutes trying to explain, another one giving
up and the rest of about an hour to convince Gina that they should practice
on me.

I was in the basement working on some sketches for an ad at work when
Lucy came down and asked me to come up and join them in my room. (Lucy
never spent that much time at her home during our time together, instead
she used to sleep and live at my place, and so her friends dropped in there
as well).

When I got up to the room Gina was sitting on the bed, fidgeting her
hands, blushing and being generally nervous. She was looking down at her
restless hands while Lucy explained the situation for me.

"All there is in it for you is to drop your pants and keep calm", she
winked at me.

I knew there was more to it, she was going to try and put the whole
thing on tape.

"Well", I said, being the one to pull the breaks, "but my family is
due back around five, so we have only about three hours or so".

Lucy laughed at this. "You only need a couple of minutes before you
are finished..."

I blushed at that since I used to take pride in my self control and
told her I could manage more if I had to.

Anyway, I looked at Gina, trying to assess if all this was okay with
her. She seemed to understand my concern, when she looked up, met my eyes
and silently nodded.

"I'll be no trouble at all", I smiled and got naked.

"Oh", Lucy grinned, "be careful or you'll get a cold, lover boy."

I looked at her trying to fake stupefaction. "Are you kidding me? You
want to practice oral sex on me and you are afraid..."

"Hush-hush", Lucy smiled, "don't scare Gina now".

She was clearly asking me to take it easy and let her handle Gina. I
knew that was my best bet at getting more than I could handle so I did shut

Maybe getting all naked at once wasn't such a good idea after all? I
fretted about that till I saw Gina's eyes seemed to gleam a bit extra when
she laid eyes on my naked body. I guess I felt like all those babes in the
porno-magazines must feel. Only difference was that the camera was not yet
introduced. I was intrigued by how Lucy would do that, knowing that she was
very slick in her mouth, in several ways - I might add - I was really
looking forward to it.

I laid down on my back in the middle of the bed and Lucy and Gina
climbed the bed on both sides of me, their heads in level with my crotch.

"I'll suck him hard first", Lucy mumbled and took my cock into her
expert mouth.

sucking hard was an underestimate. As soon is I understood dark eyed
Italian beauty Gina was going to practice deep-throating with me as the
test subject my cock sprung into attention and the only thing that made it
flag a bit was the quick feeling of uneasiness that came over me when I was
naked and they still fully dressed.

Lucy didn't have to work for long though. Within the minute I was
harder than I could remember being since that day we tried anal sex for the
first time.

Lucy made room for Gina while starting to instruct her.

It was good Gina had cold hands because when she wrapped her long,
slender fingers around my cock a wave of pleasure that could have brought
me off collided head on with the chock of cold fingers around my shaft. She
looked hesitantly into my eyes.

"You okay?"

I only nodded.

She opened her lips and enclosed the head of my cock. The excitement
of her doing this, while Lucy was watching and even consenting was a real
turn-on. I just had to close my eyes, look away and pretend it was only
Lucy and me, or I would cum just then and there.

"Listen", Lucy instructed. "You have to relax now, okay? Just suck him
for a while, get to know the taste and shape before we try anything more

And so she did with the hot, slick, velvet caress of her mouth and
lips and tongue. For a couple of minutes she would just taste me, explore
the shape and structure of me and driving me crazy, just be being so,

"How do you feel?" Lucy asked and I had to open my eyes to see who she
was talking to. It was Gina, though.

Gina removed her mouth from my cock and looked up at Lucy. "Okay I
guess, a bit nervous, but okay." Then she turned to me and asked: "How do
you feel?"

"Well", I said slowly, "I'll survive..."

Gina sat up in the bed with a vexed expression on her face but Lucy
just laughed.

"He's hot as hell, don't listen to his macho bullshit".

I laughed as well.

"Are you sure?" Gina turned to me, still frowning.

I nodded, some what anxious about what knowing my excitement would do
to her upcoming efforts on getting me down her throat.

Gina smiled again and turned to Lucy: "So what do I do now?"

"Well, first watch me, okay?"


I braced myself.

Lucy made sure my dick was fully covered with saliva by licking it and
caressing her mouth all over it. Then she took me in her mouth and motioned
for Gina to come close and watch.

Gina did and Lucy started sinking me deeper and deeper into her mouth.
Soon I was filling her throat as well. Going down Lucy's throat is at first
a soft extension of her warm mouth until you realise she has you deep down
and you can feel the tight embrace of her. That's when loosing control
starts. Usually I can take no more than a minute of this, and now I was
signed up for a practice lesson with a virgin throat. I moaned.

"Did you see what I did with my throat", Lucy asked when my dick left
her mouth.

"I don't know", Gina hesitated, "it was moving."

"I was swallowing, that's the only way to get it down the throat,
imagine you are eating a large sausage, without the chewing, of course",
they giggled at that, I jumped. I would hope not!

"So all you need to do is swallow it," Lucy continued.

"But doesn't it make you gag?"

"That's what the relaxation is for. You have to relax and breathe
calmly through the nose. Once it goes down the throat though, you can't
breath any more."

"Okay", Gina's eyes opened wide.

"Why don't you try?" Lucy made place for Gina again.

This time Gina didn't look up at me before attacking my cock, but an
expression of determination was over her face. She was going to do this how
bad it ever was.

That expression and my interpretation of it made me calm down a couple
of kilometres and I think that was good but it made me feel a bit uneasy as
well. Was my dick some kind of horror? Well okay I wasn't her boyfriend but
I was to horny to think too much about those factors now, all I wanted was
for her to suck me and like it as well.

She did suck me but she didn't show that much signs of liking it at
first. Besides, Lucy was coaching her all the time making it feel more like
a supervised frog autopsy than sex.

Her first attempt at deep throating me was a disappointment. At first
it seemed as if she was going to make it on the first attempt. My cock head
was sliding into her throat, but then she clamped her throat muscles and
started gagging.

She backed off and sat silent a moment.

"Maybe I know enough now, it's just the relaxation part..." she tried
to back out.

"Hmm", Lucy mumbled. "You need to relax."

"Well", Gina was getting agitated now, "how can I relax when I am
trying to deep-throat some one that is not my boyfriend?"

"Relax", Lucy said. "I've told you, this has nothing to do with love,
its just sex... Don't forget it's my boyfriend you are trying to

"Well you seem to get off on it?" Gina accused.

Lucy smiled. "And if I do? I get twice as much fun out of him, don't

"What do you mean? I should start enjoying watching Greg getting
sucked by someone else?"

"Only if you can make out the difference between love and sex, and if
he can..."

I was starting to despair by now. It seemed like the fun was over, at
least for now so I sat up in bed reaching for my underwear.

"What do you think you are doing?" Lucy asked. "We're not ready with
you", she turned to Gina. "Or are we?"

Gina hesitated. "Well that would be a failure, wouldn't it?"

"It would", Lucy smiled. "Now that we've had the say about the moral
aspect of it, lets keep to the technical? Okay?"

Gina relaxed and smiled. "Okay", she promised.

"Oh look what happened here", Lucy giggled when she turned back to my
now totally limp cock. "You made him go dead so you have to bring him back
to life again" she said to Gina.

Gina smiled, blushed and went to work on my cock.

Lucy moved close to her ear and whispered: "You know how to make a man rock hard in under a minute?"

"Ongh", Gina tried to answer, but had to remove the cock from her
mouth first: "no tell me?"

"Look into his eyes when you suck him and tell him with your eyes just
how fucking good he is tasting." Lucy got a mischievous glance in her eyes
while adding: "Works on women as well".

Gina stopped, stared at Lucy and turned tomato red.

"Doesn't it?" Lucy asked me, and I agreed.

Gina was feeling very stupid by now, having - correctly I might add -
suspected Lucy for being bisexual. She looked at me instead of at Lucy and
started sucking - maybe I should say making love to - my cock. Her eyes
where locked into mine and I could see she was actually beginning to enjoy

Then she took a deep breath and slid me down her throat. Just like
that. I don't think she even realised she did it until she removed my cock
from her mouth and turned to Lucy.

"I did it, didn't I?"

"Yes you did, now do it again..."

"Okay" she mumbled and once again our eyes locked into each other.

She took me in her mouth again and sank me deeper and deeper and then
she hesitated. Moved back a bit, gained courage and sunk deeper. She
hesitated again, my cock head just at the entrance of her throat, she moved
slightly her eyes never leaving mine. Lucy was mumbling something to her
and she sunk me to the bottom once more.

My breath was ragged and I was starting to feel very aroused by the
image and feeling of this gorgeous dark haired beauty taking my cock into
her wet, hot mouth.

Gina was becoming accustomed to swallowing my cock by now and she kept
sucking and deep-throating for a couple of more minutes. I was breaking a
personal record in self control while she did it but it took all I had to
do it.

As I was climbing what seemed to be the last mountain peak before
mount ejaculation her mouth suddenly disappeared. My body was covered with
a thin sheen of sweat, my back was arching and my hands where balled into
two fists, bed sheets wrinkled and grasped. I was ready to come and just as
I was about to warn her she stopped.

"I think I know how to do this now", she mumbled with a shivering

"Well", Lucy said matter-of-factly, "why don't you bring him off?"

"Um, I wasn't sure he was going to", Gina hesitated.

Lucy looked at me, a total wreak and then back at Gina. "You must be
kidding, he's boiling... cant you see?"

"Well", Gina mumbled, "I mean, I shouldn't..."

"I'm telling you that you should..."


"I am telling you that you wanted that ever since you saw Danny naked
the first time" Lucy added, grinning mischievously at Gina. "Am I wrong?"

Gina gasped and lowered her eyes, realized that she was about to yield
to Lucy and turned to protest. But her protest stuck in her throat as she
met Lucy's dead calm glance. She bent her head again and after a pause she
took my cock in her hand without a word. Her mouth followed suit and soon I
was back climbing big mountains again.

Every time I felt her hot tight embrace an involuntary cry left my
lips. She was playing me like a virtuoso by now and she was liking it

She licked the tip of my cock. "You like that, huh?" she mumbled.

"Oh yes", I groaned, "I love it!"

"Me too", she whispered and took me deep once more.

My body was stiff as a stick by now and my cock rock hard. I was ready
to shoot.

"He's gonna come" Lucy mumbled. "Take him deep and let him shoot down
your throat".

Gina didn't take time to hesitate. Instead she sunk my cock down her
throat until her face was pressed against my belly.

As I felt that incredible tight grip around my cock a cry of ecstasy
left my mouth and load after load of cum left my cock and filled Gina's
belly. I was coming so hard and long Gina had to pull back until my cock
left her throat or she'd suffocate.

She still swallowed my load though, but she kept the last one or two
spurts in her mouth and turned to Lucy. She motioned for her to come closer
and those two gorgeous women kissed and exchanged my semen.

Maybe it wasn't so strange that I stayed hard after that.


Authors Note (full version)

This text is written for adults and contains graphic depictions of sex.

By reading this text you certify that:

* You are of the legal age of consent in your country (if you don't know,
wait until you are 18 years or see

* You agree with the contents of this text (see for explanations of the
story codes)

Any commercial use of this text without the expressed approval of the
author is prohibited.

If you wish to use any of my texts non-commercially this note and the
original story codes must be included on the same page as the text it self.
Please send me an email letting me know where my stuff goes (after all,
what author doesn't love to be "published"? =)

Please feel free to send positive feedback. Requests for reposts will be
ignored (see instead), as will comments that
indicate you have read the text even though I advised against it.

/Ciad Itu []

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