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Ciad Itu Lucy always gets her way ch2 (f solo)


Authors Note (also see bottom of post)

This story is entirely a work of fiction. It is written for adults and
contains graphic depictions of sex.

By reading this text you certify that you are of the legal age of consent
in your country and that you agree with the contents of this text (see
story codes).

Have fun!

/Ciad Itu (A.k.a. Ciad 666) []

Lucy always gets her way (f-solo)

Chapter 2

By Ciad

Lucy licked Gina's mouth clean and they broke the kiss. She rested her
forehead against Gina's and mumbled: "Welcome to the sisterhood of
Certified cock suckers, deep-throaters and cum eaters!"

Gina giggled and Lucy laughed out loud.

I smiled but stayed on my back, I knew Lucy was the one that would
score biggest in these situations so if I let her get the time and space
she needed I would probably end up with my cock not just in Gina's mouth.

I was a bit curious about that spontaneous kiss between Gina and Lucy
however, and I could see Gina was some what surprised at herself as well. I
guess she may cross more than one border today, nothing I would complain
about. I hoped she would, and that it would result in something between the
two girls.

I came back from my musings of the possibilities latent bisexuality in
Gina could bring to my end of the deal when I realized that Lucy and Gina
had stopped laughing and was staring at me. Or maybe I should say my still
hard cock.

"Makes you feel empty inside, huh?" Lucy mumbled without moving her
eyes from my cock.

Gina cleared her throat. "Want me to go out in the living room?"

"Would you?" Lucy asked a gleam in her eyes.

"Yeah sure", Gina sighed and started getting out of the bed but Lucy
grabbed her and pulled her back into the bed and kept pulling until Gina's
head was resting in her lap.

"Yeah sure", she imitated. "I didn't ask you to go hang yourself".

Gina looked up at her.

I felt my hope rising. Was it going to happen now?

"Why don't you ask me?", Lucy continued softly.

"Ask you?" Gina sat up and turned to Lucy, her eyes wide. "Ask you

"To borrow Danny, of course..." Lucy smiled.

"What?" Gina's eyes grew wide. "I don't want that," she mumbled.

Lucy just smiled at her. "You're horny, he's a man, why not?"

"No, I can't Lucy!"

"Of course you can", Lucy assured her.

"No Lucy", Gina was persistent now, "I really can't do this." She got
up again and Lucy jumped out of bed after her.

"Okay, okay," she said. "Listen, I am sorry, maybe I was out of line."

"It's okay", Gina said. "I'll wait in the living room, no problem."

"There is actually something even better you can do".

Gina got an expression of mixed suspicion and curiousness in her face.
"What's that?" she asked.

"Well", Lucy started cautiously. "There is this thing... something me
and Danny wanted to do, but we just can't seem to do it right... You know,
I got a camera, a video camera, for birthday?"

Gina nodded.

"I feel I can trust you so I just wanted to ask you... We've been
trying to find some one shooting us when we're doing it... It would be only
me and Danny, you behind the camera where no one would know who you are."

Gina hesitated. I held my breath and Lucy was dead calm, she was

"If you like it, we could even give you a copy... A confidential copy
of course..." she added to make the bargain even more appealing.

"I don't know" Gina whispered.

"Hey", Lucy laughed. "It will be fun, just let me get the camera and
show you... You'll love it."

Lucy started digging in her bag pulling out the camera and putting a
tape and battery in it. Gina was still not sure what to think or do. She
bit her lip and looked around as if she suspected some kind of prank.

Lucy handed her the camera and started instructing her on how to
operate it. As she kept telling what the different buttons did and how to
avoid problems with the light, with me as object of course, Gina got more
and more interested.

"Can we close the blinds?" she asked still hesitating but I knew she
was in on it now.

"Well", Lucy said slowly. "It will make the video look like shit."

"But if someone watches?"

"It's okay", I cut in. "If they watch from the ground, they will only
see the ceiling and no neighbour has an angle that will make it possible to
see into the room".

"You know awfully lot", Lucy raised her eyebrows.

"Well", I smiled, "I was a concerned masturbator already in my young

Both Gina and Lucy laughed.

"And what years are you in now?" Gina asked.

"Well", I started and smiled at her. "My best years, of course."

"Yeah right", Lucy cut in with a broad grin. She then turned to Gina
and continued: "Why don't you tape me while I strip off my clothes, for

"Okay, sure", Gina mumbled.

Lucy started to slowly unbutton her jeans one button at a time. I was
equally fascinated by what Lucy's hands where up to and Gina's expression
as she filmed it; she was spellbound. This could become very interesting.

Gina was moving with Lucy, eager to capture every detail on tape, as
Lucy turned her ass at me. I shuddered with delight when Lucy grabbed the
waist of her jeans and started to slowly expose the rounded curves of her
firm ass; she wore thin, sexy, black lace - she had been planning ahead as
usual. Gina gulped and my cock grew as she revealed more and more of that
gorgeous ass, and at the same time she was revealing that her panties was
basically made of a semitransparent or even see-through pattern of lace.

Both me and Gina stared at Lucy's fully uncovered ass, but Lucy was
not finished yet, and so she started to slowly slide her jeans down her
long slender legs exposing inch by inch of suntanned skin. As the jeans
fell to the floor she stepped out of them, kicked them aside and laughed.

She sat down on the floor before Gina had time to rise and started to
play with the hem of her t-shirt. Smiling into the camera she caressed her
self from her knees over her thighs and belly, wrinkling the t-shirt and
pulling it up as well. Finally her hands stopped by her breasts and
squeezed the more than handful mounds.

Lucy had sensitive breasts; she once told me that when ever she
masturbated she would always start by squeezing her breasts. It was
actually her breasts that had introduced her to masturbation in the first
place. "Its quite simple", she had laughed at my confused face when she
told me that. "When I squeezed them it started tingling somewhere else and
then I naturally had to check that place out..."

Lucy was squeezing those sensitive breasts of hers while squirming in
front of Gina and the camera. She was so hot I just had to stroke myself as
I was lying comfortably resting in the bed. She finally got rid of her
t-shirt and stood on all four in front of the camera. She let her dirty
blond hair fall in front of her face and the shimmer in her dark eyes gave
her a dangerous, predator-like aura.

By now I was as good as waiting for my blond demon-nymph to come feast
upon my weak flesh. Or I would be more than satisfied if she just fucked
me. But as far as I could see she was making hot steaming love with the
camera, or maybe Gina. It was hard to tell which but I think Gina suspected
the latter interpretation.

While keeping her eyes locked into the camera Lucy reached behind her
back and unsnapped her bra. The black lacy garment opened and fell down
around her wrists.

I sighed and Gina almost jumped when the soft, firm flesh of Lucy's
full breasts was exposed. Lucy sat down on her butt and squeezed her arms
against her breasts making them look even fuller while she blew some of her
hair out of her face and smiled at Gina.

Either Lucy was a natural genius or she'd been in front of a camera
before. I made a mental note to ask Lucy about that later.

Lucy started caressing her self from her left hand and up along the
arm. Her goal was obvious and soon both her hands clasped her now naked and
even more sensitive breasts. She was sitting with her feet tucked under her
butt and her thighs pressed together while gently caressing and squeezing
her breasts and looking straight into the camera.

Her breathing was already coming a bit shorter and shallower. She was
really enjoying this and it was going fast. I wondered if Gina would
realise that.

"Mmm", she spun like a cat and bit her lower lip, then she smiled into
the camera.

Her hips where moving slightly up and down now while her hands where
busy working on her breasts. She sucked a hissing breath between her teeth
and laughed when Gina removed the camera from her eye and looked at her.

"That looks like lots of fun", Gina grinned.

Lucy giggled and turned to me. "He has fun too", she added and Gina
looked at me as well.

I let go of my cock and frowned. "Well I am just watching, don't let
me disturb." "Please!" I added in my mind.

"I'll show you fun", Lucy mumbled to Gina and removed her panties.
"Wanna tape these as well?" she giggled and shot the panties at the camera,
and Gina.

Gina started, laughed and removed the pants. "No thank you".

"How about shooting this?" Lucy asked, spread her legs and parted her
pussy lips with her fingers.

Lucy had a beautiful pussy; it was a puffy mound, smoothly shaven -
part from a small tuft at the top, and from under the crack between her
outer pussy lips her inner lips where peaking out. I was too far away but I
was sure both Gina and the camera would catch that shining wetness of pussy juice covering her folds, and Gina could probably not avoid noticing the
heavy and intoxicating smell of lust. Checking the videotape later proved
me fully right.

Gina silently filmed and after a few seconds of spreading Lucy started
to rub her pussy with both hands. I think right then Gina was feeling like
the bee that had just found a flower full of nectar, I knew the feeling

"Can you see how wet I am?" Lucy mumbled.

Gina glanced up at her and Lucy smiled back before she crept closer to
the camera, forcing Gina up against the wall, and then she stood up. The
angle Gina was in now would tape half of Lucy's thighs with her pussy in
focus. Lucy pushed one hand between her thighs again and stroked herself.

Gina tried to get some distance but Lucy had her cornered.

"Um", Gina started but got silent when Lucy pushed a finger into

Gina was staring at the scene in front of her. She only had to move
her head a few decimetres and she would be able to actually lick Lucy's
pussy. When Lucy pushed her hips even closer to Gina she put the camera

"I... I need to get rid of my sweater," she mumbled with embarrassment
and tried to get away from Lucy that was looking down at her. "Its... you
know, quite warm in here", she blushed furiously and tried to get away

"Oh, sure", Lucy said with a neutral voice and backed off.

While Gina turned her back at us, and started to remove her sweater
and exposing the plain cotton t-shirt she was wearing underneath it, Lucy
shot a triumphant smile at me.

"How much time do we have?", she asked.

I checked my bed stand clock and tried to determine when my parents
would arrive with my pain-in-the-ass kid sister.

"We still have a good two and a half hour", I answered. "How much can
you do in two and a half hour?" I thought and got very excited with the
number of things that came to mind.

I am sure that during the few seconds Lucy was turned to me Gina was
doing all she could to regain her composure and calm down.

"Okay", she said when Lucy turned back to her. "I am ready".

"Good because now I'm going to play with myself"

"Oh-okay", Gina's eyes went wide, I just smiled.

"So", Lucy said to me, "get out of bed for a while, will you?"

I did as she asked and when I passed her she slapped my butt playfully
and added: "Lover boy".

"Sure babe", I reciprocated and stroked my middle finger through the
crack of her ass.

"Hey!" Lucy pretended to be offended, "I'll get back to you later!"

I smiled at that. She would, and I would love it. I sat in a chair and
watched as Lucy climbed the bed and Gina started taping her.

At first Lucy was posing for the camera the same way she did when
striping. She would keep her hands cupping her pussy at all times unless
they were squeezing her nipples and soon the friction started to affect

"Hmm, I like this", she whispered and giggled. "Wanna make me come
with that camera?" she added to Gina.

Gina didn't answer but climbed the bed as well to get a real close up
of Lucy's fingers caressing her pussy.

When I saw Gina kneeling between Lucy's legs like that, her gorgeous
ass turned at me, I couldn't help but fantasizing about how it would be to
fuck her from behind while she was eating Lucy's pussy. I started stroking
my cock while I send a prayer to the higher powers that Lucy would be
successful in this enterprise.

Lucy was hotter than usual. Maybe being taped did that to her, or
being taped by Gina? I loved it.

While Lucy shut her eyes hard and started to whimper with ecstasy Gina
backed off the bed and turned to me. She motioned for me to come closer and
I stepped up to the foot side of the bed.

While I was trying to decide if I should cut in on Lucy or just watch
her come Gina backed off even more showing me watching Gina and stroking
myself. It would probably be a stunning picture.

Lucy started crying now. She was actually not masturbating at all, she
was fucking her self and she was doing it good. She squirmed on the bed so
badly it was almost jumping off the floor. It was amazing to see her this
wild and I had to stop stroking myself or I would come as well. I could
only imagine how good it would be to fuck her in front of the camera.

I sat on the bed side, intensely watching Lucy but still turned so
Gina had no problem in filming both of us masturbating.

Lucy opened her eyes and looked up at me on the bed.

"You like to watch me?" she whimpered with her most horny voice.

I nodded. "Yeah".

"You liked watching me when I stripped?"

I nodded again.

She was still stroking herself but somehow she managed to keep her
approaching orgasm in control.

"It made me so hot doing that I just had to stroke my pussy".

"It made you hot, huh?"

"I almost came when touching my breasts", she mumbled her voice
growing tenser by the second. "Wanna see me come?"

"Yeah", I croaked, cleared my throat and tried once more. "I'd love

"Okay", she mumbled, her voice failing her. "Then... I will"

As the hand stroking her clit gained speed, she drew a deep breath,
held it for a moment and exhaled with trembling lips.

"Oh," she moaned and drew another deep breath while tossing and
turning on the bed.

"I'm...", she whimpered. "I'm coming!"

Her right hand was rubbing her clit in shaky spurts of activity and
her left hand was groping all over her hot delicious body.

"Oh God", I thought. "If she doesn't calm down soon I wont be able to
keep in control".

She drew a breath and froze, her mouth open in a silent cry of ecstasy
and her eyes closed hard. The only part of her that was still moving was
her arm and hand and the only thing that could be heard was the wet, slick
sound of her fingers frantically rubbing her clit.

"Aaah", she cried while collapsing on the bed and drawing another deep

She tensed again, rising her butt completely off the bed while she
kept rubbing as wave after wave of ecstasy shook her body. I suddenly felt
a few small drops of liquid hitting my arm. Lucy was squirting!

After a sustained moment of tense silence she shrieked and collapsed
again. Then she was lying still. The whole room was dead silent and the
only sound was Lucy's breathing as she slowly calmed down.

I noticed Gina to my right, bending over Lucy and capturing every
detail with the camera. I wondered if she had taped the squirt. Then I
noticed her mouth, half open, and suddenly she licked her lips unaware that
I was looking.

Lucy finally moaned and rolled up in a ball on the bed as the last
waves of what must have been a full set of orgasms subsided within her.


Authors Note (full version)

This text is written for adults and contains graphic depictions of sex.

By reading this text you certify that:

* You are of the legal age of consent in your country (if you don't know,
wait until you are 18 years or see

* You agree with the contents of this text (see for explanations of the
story codes)

Any commercial use of this text without the expressed approval of the
author is prohibited.

If you wish to use any of my texts non-commercially this note and the
original story codes must be included on the same page as the text it self.
Please send me an email letting me know where my stuff goes (after all,
what author doesn't love to be "published"? =)

Please feel free to send positive feedback. Requests for reposts will be
ignored (see instead), as will comments that
indicate you have read the text even though I advised against it.

/Ciad Itu []

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