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Ciad Itu Lucy always gets her way ch3 (mf)


Authors Note (also see bottom of post)

This story is entirely a work of fiction. It is written for adults and
contains graphic depictions of sex.

By reading this text you certify that you are of the legal age of consent
in your country and that you agree with the contents of this text (see
story codes).

Have fun!

/Ciad Itu (A.k.a. Ciad 666) []

Lucy always gets her way

Chapter 3 (mf)

By Ciad Itu

Gina turned to me and noticed that I was watching her. She lowered the
camera and smiled at me. "Actually I think I should ask for a copy of this

"Sure," I answered. "Let's see what we end up with and then you can
decide." I hoped we would finally have a video that she would actually
think twice about bringing anywhere near her boyfriend, but that was just

"Well", Gina answered and raised the camera again. "Why don't you join
Lucy and start working on it?"

I laughed at Gina, climbed the bed and lay behind Lucy.

Lucy shuddered, turned over on her back and looked at me.

"Seeking attention?" She smiled.

"You bet", I grinned back at her and started kissing her lightly.

She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the mixed sensations of my kisses
and the last decaying waves of her orgasm.

"You should try this," She sighed.

If she was talking to Gina or me I didn't know, maybe both of us. She
ground her butt against my still hard cock and grinned at me.

"I know one guy for sure liked what I did ..."

"I did", I confessed. "I loved it".

"Hard and nice," she purred as she wrapped her fingers around my cock
behind her back. She placed her legs over mine and pulled my thighs close
to the underside of her thighs.

"You know", she grinned while still holding my cock. "It's the camera
that does the difference."

Gina removed the camera from her eye and looked at her for a short
second before she continued filming. "How?" She asked.

"Well", Lucy started, "I guess I'm just an exhibitionist."

The girls giggled but I was paying most attention to the soft skin of
Lucy's belly and breasts. Small shudders run through her as I cupped the
firm softness of her mounds in my hand. The feeling of her hardening
nipples against the palm of my hand made me shiver as well.

"Mmm", she mumbled and buried her face by the side of my neck. "You
have something on your mind?"

"I do", I answered and squeezed her nipple.

She grabbed my neck and kissed me hard, her tongue pressing against my
lips demanding I open my mouth and let her in. Her other hand started to
caress my hard cock gently.

When we broke the kiss I bent further down and kissed her shoulder and
breasts. The fingers of my hand brushed through her soft pubic hair,
seeking further downwards. Lucy spread her legs to give me access and
pushed her pussy up at my caressing fingers. At the same time she started
jacking me in a slow but firm pace.

During all this Gina and the camera seemed to be everywhere at the
same time. The thought of watching this video afterwards just made it even
more enjoyable.

Lucy made a sharp sound of pleasure as I closed my mouth over one of
her stiff nipples, let it roll between my lips and slid my tongue over it.
My other hand where gently caressing the slick folds of her hot pussy. She
was slowly rocking her hips and digging her nails into my neck.

She tugged at my neck and I returned my attention to her lips and
mouth. As we were kissing she turned over on her side, pulling my head with
her by the hold around my neck. I followed and bent over her eager to keep
our mouths connected.

In this new position I had even easier access to her breasts and pussy and while she rested her head on my arm I was able to caress her with both
hands; one cupped over the breast I wasn't licking and the other stroking
between her thighs. I was getting busy and Gina was there to capture it all
on tape.

While Lucy's slick folds soaked my fingers, she was caressing and
squeezing my cock behind her back, and our tongues kept tasting each
others. She moaned into my mouth and broke the kiss.

"You want it?", she panted.

"Want what, honey?" I teased.

"Fuck me", she answered and squirmed her hips until my cock was right
at her entrance. "You want to fuck me?"

"Hmm, let me think..."

She reached between her legs, took my cock in a firm grip and started
teasingly caressing the head of it over the folds of her pussy. "You want
this?" her eyes shimmering at me over her shoulder.

I tried to push but she moved away.

"Tell me," she demanded.

"Do what you want to do," I answered and continued stroking her pussy,
making her moan, but she would not yield to that.

"You're distracting me", she complained and asked again, a slight
annoyance in her voice this time: "Do you want this?"

She let the head of my cock slip into her and then moved her hips away
from me to make it slide out again.

"Tell me?" she demanded.

"So, you're asking me if I want to fuck you?" I teased and nuzzled her

"Tell me you need my pussy!" she said.

Again she let the head of my cock slid into her, but when she was
about to move away I pulled her back and pushed my hips forward. My cock
buried totally in her hot grasp and a soft cry of pleasure escaped her

"You are cheating", she complained and attempted to move away again. A
quite feeble attempt I might add.

"Oh yeah", I moaned. My cock felt like it just grew a centimeter in
all directions. "Didn't you know cheating makes it even better?"

I had a hard time not glancing at Gina when my mind started
visualizing what it would mean if she decided "cheating made it even
better". I wasn't sure however that she had heard me since she was very
busy filming the action between Lucy's legs.

"You like that, huh?" Lucy mumbled to me.

I only grunted in reply as I started sliding my cock in and out of her
juicy, tight pussy. As I was getting into the rhythm she suddenly moved
away from me and my cock slid out of its warm sheath.

"God-damn-it!" I sighed and turned over on my back.

"You are not listening to me", Lucy accused and had a hard time
keeping a grin away from her face. "You are always naughty when it's about

"Shouldn't I be?" I smiled and raised to rest on my elbows, but before
I finished the movement she pressed me back down on the bed and straddled
my belly.

"We have to make you understand somehow," she tried to give me a dead
serious face.

"Am I in trouble now?", I asked.

"Yes, you certainly are", she beamed at me. "And I will be the one
that has to punish you."

Gina coughed . "Is this going to be bad?" She asked.

"Yeah", I grinned at Gina.

"I will have to..." Lucy started and put on a quite thoughtful face,
then she grinned and leaned close to me, her hair forming a yellow curtain
framing both our faces. "I wont let you come because you are a naughty

"The good old tease-him-to-death trick, huh?" I had a hard time
keeping laugh away from my voice.

"Yes", Lucy frowned.

She punched my shoulder before she moved back until her pussy was
right over my cock. She trapped the cock between my belly and her sopping
pussy and started grinding.

"I'm going to ravish you and leave you unsatisfied", she grinned, very
proud of the deviousness of her plan.

I reached up and started caressing her breasts. She sighed at that and
ground even harder on my cock. When I started squeezing her nipples she
moaned and threw her head back.

I could feel her nipples starting to grow and after a while the skin
of her breasts formed Goosebumps. It was the first time that ever happened.

"You like this, huh?" I prompted.

"I love it!" She moaned.

"I can tell", I answered, "but this time is even better, isn't it?"

I raised till I was sitting in the bed. Lucy almost fell over with a
small cry of surprise, but I caught her around the waist. My mouth was
close to her breasts now, sending thrills through her every time I exhaled.
In this position it was harder for her to grind so instead she opened her
eyes and looked down at me.

"Better?" she wondered.

"Yeah", I said before I licked at one of her nipples. "Is it the

She smiled. "Of course it is..."

"Or", I continued. "Is it Gina?"

Lucy stopped moving staring at me for one second, then she turned to
Gina that had stopped filming.

"What?" Gina asked, she hadn't heard what I was saying, busy as she
was with capturing it all on tape.

"I told you before", Lucy turned back to me with a serious face making
me wondering if I'd maybe said too much. "I am an exhibitionist..."

"Yeah, I can tell", Gina commented and made us laugh.

"So", Lucy continued after we calmed down. "I like to be taped and I
love to be watched. Now can you talk less and suck more?" She grabbed my
head and pressed it against her breasts at the last part.

I closed my mouth over one of her breasts and caressed the other. I
started licking and squeezing with my lips as I pinched her nipple between
my index finger and thumb. Now and then I let her feel the sharpness of my
teeth, just a scratch-by but it made her shiver so I caught her nipple
between my teeth and pressed a bit harder, still gentle though. Lucy

"You like this?" I asked.

"Oh yeah", she moaned. "Do it again."

I bit her again, still pinching her other nipple. I slowly increased
the pressure until she whimpered.

"You okay?" I asked, a bit worried I've hurt her.

"Yeah, again..." she moaned.

I took her nipple in my mouth again and bit her. This time I increased
the pressure until she was whimpering and then I increased it a little bit

"Oh god!" she moaned. "A little bit harder..."

I increased pressure even more and she grabbed me hard and, with her
nails she was transferring back some of the pain to my shoulders and back.

"Uuh!" she cried and I let go of her breast sure I'd hurt her this
time. She even had a bite mark on the nipple.

"I could have come at that", she whimpered. "Wow!"

"You want me to do it again?"

"No", she answered and reached behind her back, grabbing my cock. "I
will be nice to you now."

"Good", I mumbled and leaned back on my elbows.

"You want me to be nice to you?" she prompted as she once again rubbed
the tip of the cock at her pussy lips.

"Do what ever you feel is good", I answered with a grin.

"Tell me you want me to put your dick in my pussy", she demanded a
slight portion of indignation in her voice.

"No," I answered. Her mouth dropped at that. "Why don't you do what
you want?" I continued.

"Are you going to be like this all day?" she asked with a pout.

"Yeah", I smiled. "Because I know what you want..."

"Oh yeah?" She let the head of the cock slide into her. "You don't
want this?"

I pushed my hips up at her, burying half my cock in her and causing
her to cry out and move her hips away from me.

"You don't want that?" I asked.

"You bastard", she moaned and hit me playfully on my chest.

I fell down on my back and grabbed her shoulders with both hands.

"That's why you love me", I grinned and pulled her close. "Now do what
you like the most", I whispered and kissed her hard.

Kissing was one of the most efficient ways of getting Lucy out of one
of her dominant moods. It worked this time as well and as our tongues and
lips ate each other she reached between her thighs and took hold of my

"As I recall," she whispered between kisses. "This is what you where
after, huh?"

She let my cock slid all the way into her.

"Oh yeah", I moaned.

"Then you'll love this" she smiled and squeezed my cock with her

I gasped, and moaned. Every time my cock buried in her she welcomed me
with a squeeze.

"I'm squeezing him", Lucy explained to Gina and the camera.

"Oh", Gina gasped, swallowed and closed her mouth.

If I wasn't totally mistaken her mouth had been open since I entered
Lucy and even though I was horny as hell and almost lost in oblivion I
couldn't help but notice that Gina's nipples where poking hard through the
fabric of her bra and t-shirt.

"You like that?" Gina asked me.

Having my cock pussy-squeezed by a woman as heavenly gorgeous as Lucy
gave me a hard time trying to determine if Gina was referring to Lucy
giving me squeezes or Gina's nipples threatening to break her clothes and
it was even harder to try and figure out if there was any way I could use
the ambiguity to my advantage.

I quickly decided "what the hell" and grunted: "Yeah".

"He loves it", Lucy laughed with a tremble in her voice and gave me
another squeeze.

"Oh yeah", I moaned.

I cupped Lucy's breasts in my hands, squeezing her nipples gently and
making her moan and grind against me even harder. I had to concentrate on
her or I'd be coming even before she would. It must have been the camera
and Gina behind it that made me this hot. "Better forget about both of
them", I thought and concentrated on Lucy instead while I only ground
lightly in and out of her pussy. I must have been fucking her in a new
angle or something because suddenly she cried out loud and dug her nails
into my chest.

"Keep...", she whispered with a trembling voice. "Keep moving just
like that."

I did and it seemed as if every muscle in her whole body had been
connected to her pussy; she trembled with each and every move I made. I
reached down and started caressing her clit as well; softly massaging her
soaked flesh with the tip of my thumb.

Lucy was panting rapidly. Then she held her breath for a few seconds
and released it with a grunting moan of pleasure. As I kept fucking her she
started whimpering with each exhale and soon she was crying over and over.

I had never seen her this hot; her eyes were closed and her body
covered with sweat. Lucy would normally be very active in bed; whatever I
did right now had her paralyzed though. The growing intensity of her whines
and yelps made it clear she was experiencing something new this time.

"Oh Danny", she hissed.

I kept grinding my cock slightly back and forth in her. Whatever this
did to her, it didn't quite do the same to me so I could stay calm and
watch her, as she was moving closer and closer to climax.

"Jesus!" she cried.

Lucy dug her nails even harder into me, her pants came fast and
shallowly and she was staring down at my hand stroking her pussy. Suddenly
she tensed her whole body, threw her head back and screamed. Her pussy got
wetter and slicker as an orgasm ripped through her body but Lucy was not
finished yet, not by all means.

She opened her eyes, smiled at me and raised her hips until my cock
fell out of her pussy. She moved away from me and lay beside me on her

"Roll on top of me", she mumbled. "I want to do it from behind."

I obeyed and as my cock once more slid into her slick pussy she pushed
her butt up at me causing my cock to sink into her to the root.

"I want to feel you heavy on me... crush me", she moaned as I was
trying to be a gentleman and rest most of my weigh on my arms.

I'm not a small guy so I was a bit concerned about fulfilling her wish
completely. I did however relax enough to give her the feeling of being
trapped under me that she was probably seeking.

"Long deep strokes", she mumbled. "Give me... uuuhhh!"

I filled her on every down thrust, now being brought closer and closer
to my own climax, but even though she had come once Lucy was way ahead of
me. When she was in the mood she could keep coming with short intervals for
almost fifteen minutes. My fascination as she did that was the only thing
that kept me from coming as well.

Lucy tensed again, pulling me close by digging her nails into my butt
and cried out another small explosion of pleasure.

"Oh, you're killing me!" she panted and pushed her butt up at me.
"Fuck me doggy-style!"

I wasn't late to oblige and pulled her up to her knees by her hips.

When I was standing behind her, my cock buried deeper than ever, I
wasn't long from coming myself. This videotaping business made me a wreck
as well, but I decided to try and keep concentrating on Lucy instead of
Gina and the video camera. I reached for Lucy's breasts trying to give her
even more pleasure before I would explode myself, but it was hard to reach
and finally Lucy raised on her knees giving me much easier access.

This was a new position and it was a bit awkward because I felt my
cock threatening to fall out of her every time I pulled back more than a
few centimeters. I was compensated however, by the better access to her
breasts, and the fact that she seemed to like this position much better and
once again she was trembling with every move I made.

"Oh my god," she winced. "Touch my pussy!"

I reached down and did I was told and she responded by digging her
nails into my hips again, almost drawing blood, and steered my every move
with small tugs and pushes.

I caught her face with the hand that wasn't busy caressing her wet
pussy and turned her towards me, planting kisses on her chin and lips. Her
eyes where tightly shut and an expression of intense almost pain like
pleasure was painted across her face.

"You like this?" I asked.

She couldn't hear me or was unable to answer as a shiver run through
her followed by a coarse cry of ecstasy. She was shaking all over now,
whimpering with each breath and squeezing her breasts as she was rolling
her hips in small circles.

"Uuhhh!" she yelled and bent her back in an arch, taking my cock to
the root.

That pushed her over the edge and she drew a deep breath, shaking all
over while she kept it. Then she exhaled with a wail of pleasure and I felt
her pussy getting soaked around my cock.

She whined while I drew my cock almost all the way out of her and then
plowed deep into her again. Another deep breathe as she ground her pussy
against me and then she fell forward, her butt still in the air but the
rest of her lying limp on the bed.

As I pulled back and pushed deep into her again she started shaking
all over, cried into the beddings and all of a sudden I felt a warm gush of
fluid running down my leg.

After that Lucy's legs just slid apart and she collapsed on the bed. I
looked down at my leg and saw that she had soaked the whole thigh and when
I looked at the bed under her I realized it was not the first squirt


Authors Note (full version)

This text is written for adults and contains graphic depictions of sex.

By reading this text you certify that:

* You are of the legal age of consent in your country (if you don't know,
wait until you are 18 years or see

* You agree with the contents of this text (see for explanations of the
story codes)

Any commercial use of this text without the expressed approval of the
author is prohibited.

If you wish to use any of my texts non-commercially this note and the
original story codes must be included on the same page as the text it self.
Please send me an email letting me know where my stuff goes (after all,
what author doesn't love to be "published"? =)

Please feel free to send positive feedback. Requests for reposts will be
ignored (see instead), as will comments that
indicate you have read the text even though I advised against it.

/Ciad Itu []

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