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Title: Cindy, Oh Cindy Author: Charley Ace Email:


WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

Cindy and I had been happily married for almost fifteen years. Our life
together has produced two fine children. She and I were very compatible in
every way, we liked the same things, we enjoyed each other's company, we
put our family ahead of everything else, and our sex life had been anywhere
from good to great.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Then one day, things changed dramatically.
Let me start from the beginning.

I work as a claims adjuster for a large insurance company. I had been
there over eleven years and was good at what I did. My work was
appreciated by my boss as well as by the company. I rarely traveled out of
town, or worked late, which allowed me to spend a great deal of time with
my family.

Jim, my boss, was not well liked, but he certainly straightened out our
office and got us into the black again. The company brought him in from
another branch about a year ago, specifically to do just that. He was a
loud, overbearing, arrogant, pompous ass; but he did his job extremely

Cindy and I had socialized with Jim and his wife, Susan, on a few
occasions. I had accepted his invitations only because I felt that he
might hold it against me at the office if I were to reject them. Besides,
I liked Susan, she was a stunner, intelligent, interesting and a very nice
person. She and I would always end up spending a lot time together sharing
our thoughts at these social events because Jim would monopolize Cindy. It
was obvious that he wanted to get into Cindy's pants. He didn't try to
hide it, and I didn't like it, but I wasn't worried because I had
confidence in Cindy, I trusted her completely. Besides, he was my boss,
what could I say?

Susan seemed to like me as much as I liked her. She had made several
suggestive remarks during our conversations. I responded as if she was
joking, but I knew she wasn't. If I had been unhappy with my married life,
I would have taken full advantage and we probably would have become lovers.
As it was, I wouldn't cheat on Cindy, I was totally devoted to her.

Things had been a little slow at the office one Friday afternoon, and
Jim took off at noon to play a round of golf. At least that's what he told
Brenda, his secretary. With Jim gone and my workload all caught up, I
decided to leave early myself. Being in a festive mood, I called Cindy
about 2:00 PM to see if she could find a sitter for the kids so that we
could go out dining and dancing that evening. Cindy apparently wasn't home
as the phone rang until the machine picked up. I left her a message
detailing my plans and that I'd be home within the hour.

I got home about 2:45 PM, pulled my car into the garage and noted that
Cindy's car was there. I expected to find her at home. I went into the
house and called out for her several times. She didn't answer and I did a
quick search of the house, she was nowhere to be found. I assumed that one
of her girlfriends had picked her up and they had gone out shopping, or
whatever, together. The kids were due home from school in another hour, so
I expected her to return shortly.

I fixed myself a drink and sat down on the couch to relax. It wasn't
long before I heard a car pulling into the driveway. I got up and looked
out the front window. My initial reaction was that the car looked
familiar, as I looked closer I recognized that it was my boss' Lexus. I
quickly confirmed that when I saw Jim behind the wheel. 'I wonder what he
wants. He never comes to the house to discuss work issues,' I thought.
Just as I turned to go to the front door to find out why he was here, I saw
Cindy get out of the Lexus on the passenger side. As she cleared the Lexus
on her way into the house, Jim backed out of the driveway and drove away. I
was shocked! 'What was Cindy doing with him? He was supposed to be
playing golf. What does this mean? Has Jim finally succeeded in getting
into her pants?' Damn! My heart began to race. 'What do I do now?'

I panicked, I didn't want to face Cindy at that moment; I had to collect
my thoughts. I ran up into the guest bedroom and hid, since she hadn't
been in the garage, so she wouldn't suspect that I was home. I decided to
leave the door slightly ajar and wait to see what she was going to do.

She went directly into our bedroom and began to change her clothes. I
could see into the master bedroom from my vantage point. The first thing
that I noticed was that she had worn her sexy black dress. She had already
removed her high heels and proceeded to remove the dress. The next thing I
noticed was that she had the very sexy matching bra and panty set that I
had bought her for her birthday. 'Very provocative for an afternoon
liaison with my boss,' I thought. It sure looked like Jim, the
son-of-a-bitch, did succeed in getting into her pants. The visual evidence
left little doubt in my mind. I was dumbfounded; hurt and angry, to say
the least.

I decided that all of the evidence that I had seen thus far was purely
circumstantial. I needed more proof before I made any decisions on what
action to take. After she hung her dress in the closet, she removed her
stockings, bra, garter belt and panties. She dropped them on the floor by
the bed and proceeded to put on a robe.

I decided that the moment had arrived to face her, but not from my
hiding place. I wanted to play innocent and give her a chance to confess.
We live in a one-story home and the bedrooms are all on the ground floor, I
climbed out of the guest bedroom window into the back yard, went around to
the front door and entered the house. I proceeded directly to the master
bedroom and said, "hi, hon. I'm home early."

"Ohhhh!" She shrieked and jumped with surprise. She immediately covered
her face with her hands, and headed towards the bathroom. I grabbed her as
she tried to get past me. "O-oh, hi honey. H-home early are you? I-I'll
be with you in a minute. I just need to go to the bathroom," she said,
rather shakily.

She hadn't had a chance to fix her makeup or her hair. Her lipstick was
still a bit smeared and her hair was slightly messed up, which was unusual
for her. I noticed that her panties and bra were still on the floor by the
bed. She appeared to be more than a little flustered to see me. I suspect
she had thought about how close she had come to being caught - little did
she know.

"That can wait baby, I have the super hots for you. I gotta have a
piece of that luscious ass of yours right now."

"Please, not now, I have to go to the bathroom," she pleaded, with a
much more concerned look.

I picked her up, carried her back into the bedroom and gently tossed her
onto the bed. She struggled to get away, but to no avail as I quickly
pinned her down. The look on her faced turned from one of concern to one
of fear of discovery. I was intent on exploring her pussy for the
evidence. I yanked the robe open and verified that she had nothing on

She continued to struggle and scream that she was not in the mood, but I
pressed on. I tried to get my hand to her pussy, but she held her thighs
tightly together. It was a struggle, but I finally managed to pull her
legs apart far enough to get my finger into her pussy, as I already
suspected, it was sopping wet.

"For someone who is not in the mood, you certainly are wet. It usually
takes a more than a little foreplay to get you in this condition. How do
you explain that?"

"I-I'm having some sort of discharge. Maybe I have an infection," she
replied with some hesitation.

"A discharge, eh. It looks more like you may have had an injection," I
said sarcastically.

She saw no humor in that at all. "I-I don't know what you mean."

"You seem to have had an injection of semen a short time ago. Do you
care to explain?" I said sternly, as I forced her legs apart and got a good
look at her red, swollen, cum-crusted, obviously just-fucked pussy. I
stuck two fingers in again, scraped up some of the goo and stuck it under
her nose, then to her lips. "Lick it off. Then tell me what it is," I

Her look changed from one of fear of discovery to one of
OK-you-caught-me-and-I'm-really-sorry, as she began to cry. She turned her
head and tried to get my fingers away from her face. I shoved them to her
lips; she kept her mouth closed, so I rubbed the goo on the outside of her
lips. I had her hands pinned down, so she couldn't rub it off.

I waited while she had a good cry. I wasn't sure if she was crying
because she was sorry for what she had done, or because she had been
caught. There were a million questions swirling around in my mind as I was
cycling through a series of emotions: anger, jealousy, hurt - mostly anger.

When she calmed down a bit, I began to seek answers to my questions, but
first I had to test her. I had to see if she would tell me the complete

"Who was the guy? How long has this been going on? How many guys have
there been?"

She started to cry again, calmed down, thought a bit and responded,
"nobody you know. This was the first time, I've never done this before,"
she sobbed some more.

"How can I believe you? You've probably been doing this for a long
time, fucking dozens of guys behind my back."

"Oh No! No! I swear, this was the absolute first time," she sobbed
some more.

"How can I be sure that you're not lying?"

"I'm not, I swear."

"Tell me who the guy was. I may not know him, but I want to know who it

"Why is that important? I told you that it's nobody you know. Why
don't you believe me and leave it at that?"

"You're not in a position to tell me what is and what isn't important.
Who was the guy?" I repeated in a very stern voice.

She sobbed some more, pausing for a long time. I could see evidence of
the turmoil that she was going through by the expression on her face. She
just couldn't bring herself to tell me that that the guy that she had just
fucked was my boss. She finally said, "I told you that you don't know him,
but his name is John Franklin."

"John Franklin, eh. Where did you meet him and how did you come to fuck
him?" I egged her on a bit.

You could almost see the wheels turning, It didn't take much for her to
come up with a fictitious name, but now she had to have a story to go with
it. That took much more creativity. "I-I met him at the grocery store.
I've seen him there a number of times, we talked several times and, you
know, things just happened," she sobbed.

"Not a bad story for such short notice. However, you've just convinced
me that you're not capable of telling me the truth. I can't believe
anything that you've told me."

"Why? What do you mean?"

"I know that you're lying. I'm a fair man, and I'll give you one more
chance. I'm going to fix myself a drink and wait for you in the living
room. Take your time and think about what you've told me. If you tell me
the truth, we may be able to work things out. If you don't, our marriage
is over. Do you understand?"


"I certainly hope so."

That's when she really turned on the tears, which used to get to me, and
she knew it. This time it was different, I was not even a little bit

"I'm so sorry." She sobbed some more.

Just then, the kids arrived home from school. Cindy closed herself in
the bedroom while I went to greet the kids.

Cindy and I needed to continue our discussion without delay. I decided
to call Debbie, our 17 year-old next door neighbor and baby sitter. I
asked her if she wouldn't mind watching the kids at her house this
afternoon and evening, if she didn't have anything else planned. I told
her that something came up at the last minute and Cindy and I needed to be

She didn't have anything planned, and said she would be glad to watch
them. "They can even stay overnight, if they want," Debbie said.

"That's very nice of you Debbie, I'll ask them. Either way, they'll be
over in 15 minutes."

The kids were excited about staying overnight with Debbie. She was a
lot of fun and always played games with them. They got their overnight
bags together and rushed out of the door to Debbie's.

Cindy remained in the bedroom. I couldn't hear any more sobbing, so I
assumed that she had calmed down some. I fixed myself another drink, sat
on the couch and waited for her to come out.

About a half-hour later I heard the bedroom door open. She walked over
to where I was sitting.

"I'm so, so sorry. I'm ready to tell you the complete truth," she said

"I hope it's the complete truth. Go ahead, I'm listening."

She had difficulty getting the words out, but she finally told the
truth, "I-I was out with Jim today."

"Why doesn't that surprise me. How long has this been going on and how
many other men have you been fucking?" I asked her in a demanding tone.

"This was the first time, and there haven't been any other men," she
began to cry again.

"How can I believe you?"

"It's true! I swear it's true. Today was the first time and there have
been no others. Please believe me, I'm so ashamed. I'm so afraid of
losing you, I love you too much. I'll never do it again, I promise," she
pleaded loudly. I don't know why, but I finally believed her, probably
because she did tell me the truth about Jim.

"If you want me to forgive you, you must tell me everything, don't leave
out one detail. I need to know how and why you came to fuck Jim," I
directed her.

"OK, I'll tell you everything," she sobbed.

"I'll try my best to explain what I was thinking." She paused. "Jim is
a good looking guy, you'll have to admit that. When we first went out with
he and Susan, he began to compliment and pay a lot of attention to me, I
was very flattered. It had been many years since I heard them from you. I
know that's no excuse, but I wasn't accustomed to hearing those kinds of
compliments and he made me feel special."

"Before you go on," I interrupted, "you understand that my feelings
toward you were reinforced by my actions, not my words. I don't think I've
ever done anything to you to make you believe that I loved you any less now
than in the beginning. In addition, you haven't complimented me the way
you used to either, but I understand that it doesn't mean that you love me
any less. We've merely gotten comfortable with one another."

"I know, I didn't say my feelings were right, but hearing that stuff
again just got to me. Every time he said something complimentary, I wanted
to hear more. I encouraged him."

"Weren't you able to see where this was headed?"

"Not really, I could see potential trouble ahead, but I thought I could
stop it anytime I wanted. It eventually turned out that I was wrong, but I
was still in control after that first evening. However, it didn't escape
my notice that you and Susan were really enthralled with each other."

"Do you know what we talked about?"

"No, what?"

"We talked about our respective families, our interests and our spouses.
She told me how lucky I was to have a beautiful and charming wife like you,
and I agreed. I did tell her that she, too, was very beautiful, but not in
such a way as to lead her to believe that I was interested in her as a
lover. We also noticed and talked about how you and Jim seemed to hit it
off pretty good, maybe too good."

"Oh. I thought that maybe you were trying to put the make on her."

"Why would I do that? I was happily married to a very beautiful and
charming woman. I didn't need any one else. Why don't you continue with
your story."

She took a deep breath and started to go on. "Well, the second time
that we were with them, you remember we went to the country club dance.
Jim continued his effusive compliments. When we were dancing, he pulled me
tightly against him a few times, but I managed to pull back and keep some
separation. I could feel his hard-on when he did this, and he knew it.
That's when I knew for sure that he was trying his best to get into my
pants. Even though I knew it, I didn't try to stop him. I was still under
control and I felt that I could stop any time I wanted. I just wanted to
enjoy the special feeling as long as I could. As the night wore on, he
accidentally on purpose, brushed his hands across my tits and my buns
several times. I shivered with excitement each time he did, and I
definitely got aroused. I kept telling myself to stop him now, put my foot
down, whatever, but I didn't. I was enjoying it too much and I still
thought that I was in control, and that was my big mistake. I was losing
control and didn't even realize it. When we were dancing, I would glance
over at you and Susan and notice how you were still enjoying each other's
company. I continued to use your interest in her as an excuse for my
behavior with Jim."

"Susan did flirt with me a little more that night," I explained, "but I
ignored all of her flirtations. I had no reason to want another woman. I
had everything that I had ever wanted, and I certainly didn't want to take
a chance on losing what I had. I will admit that it was nice to know that
she was interested in me, It was an ego boost. I can somewhat understand
your feelings up to now. Go on with your story."

"Jim knew that he had me very aroused that night. Before we left, he
propositioned me. Of course, I turned him down telling him that I was
tempted, but also happily married. He wasn't discouraged by my admittedly
weak refusal. He began to call me at home, two or three times a week. He
kept trying to convince me to change my mind. If I had been more firm in
refusing him, he probably would've backed off. I could have refused to
talk to him, but I didn't. I actually started to think, or fantasize,
about what it would be like to make love to another man. It was the first
time since I met you that I had experienced serious sexual desires for
another man. Since I was a virgin when we met, I've never experienced
another man. You, on the other hand, were not a virgin."

"I don't think that what we did in the past, before we met each other,
should have any influence on your thinking."

"Well, it did. The next time we were with Jim and Susan was at the
Penguin Club last week. He continued where he left off, still trying to
convince me to have an affair with him. He was much more aggressive on the
dance floor, too. He held me close all night, after he first looked to see
if either of you was looking our way. If he felt safe, he would pinch or
squeeze in the right places. I felt his hard-on all night, too. I was hot
in no time, and stayed that way all night. As you recall, I attacked you
and we had some pretty hot sex when we got home, mainly because Jim got me
so hot."

"Yes. I recall that. It was better than usual. I'm disgusted to think
that I have Jim to thank for that."

"I knew before the night was over that I had lost control. I was his,
and he knew it. The only thing he said to me as we left was that he would
call me to set up the time and place, I said OK. I was feeling somewhat
guilty, but that was overshadowed by my sexual arousal. I tried to justify
my guilt by convincing myself that you and Susan were probably going to be
doing it too. After all, if you could fuck Susan, why shouldn't I be able
to fuck Jim?"

"Did you ever see me feeling Susan up?"

"No, I'm sure it was just a case of needing an excuse for my own

"Susan and I talked a great deal about you two that night. She kept
pointing out the obvious, but I couldn't see it. I kept telling her that
you would never do anything to jeopardize our marriage. She wasn't
convinced, nor was she as confident in Jim as I was in you. She knew that
Jim has roved from time to time, she's merely learned to accept it. I
suspect that she wasn't totally innocent, either. She renewed her efforts
to try to seduce me, but I brushed it all off. She did get me aroused out
on the dance floor when she pulled me tight to her body. I could feel her
tits pushed into my chest, and she ground her pelvis into my thigh a time
or two. She smiled when my cock responded. I told her that she was very
beautiful and a charming woman, but there was no way that I would cheat on
you. She finally accepted that. Later she told me that she would be
surprised if you turned out to be as loyal. She pointed over to where you
two were dancing. You had your tits right up against his chest and were
grinding your pubic bone into his thigh as he had both of his hands full of
your buns. You seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it. I'll admit that I was
a little concerned, but never doubted that you would be anything but
faithful. I meant to ask you about your feelings for Jim, but we had that
great sex when we got home, and I completely forgot. Please continue."

"Jim called Monday and we set up our meeting for today. He picked me up
about 1:00 and we went to a motel about 30 miles out of town, where we
wouldn't be recognized. We proceeded to make love. He was very nervous
and clumsy. I thought that he was cute, and it turned me on even more."

"Just what all did you do?"

"Do I have to tell you all of the details?"


"OK. After he fumbled around and got me naked, I did the same to him. I
got down on my knees to undo his pants and underwear. I exposed his fully
erect cock, and gave him a blow-job. He said it was the best that he had
ever had."

"I can believe that."

"I know you didn't ask, but you're probably curious about the size of
Jim's cock."

"Yes I am. Tell me about it."

"Even though Jim is bigger than you physically, his cock is a little
smaller. It's about the same size around, but a little shorter. Not
enough to make any difference, though."

"I'm glad to hear that he's a big prick without a big dick." Cindy
didn't see the humor in that. "Not funny, I guess. Please go on."

"Anyway, he came very quickly, he was obviously very aroused. When I
finished blowing him, I told him that it was my turn. To my disappointment
he responded by telling me that he doesn't eat pussy. He said it was too
disgusting. He then led me to the bed where we fucked as soon as he became
hard again, which didn't take very long. I didn't achieve an orgasm and he
didn't seem to care. He got his rocks off twice, while I was still
frustrated. He surprised me by getting dressed right after he came the
second time. I guess he thought we were finished for the day. I went into
the bathroom, cleaned up as best as I could and got dressed. On the way
home, he told me that he would pick me up the same time next week. I was
not only greatly disappointed in his performance, but the guilt had
surfaced again. I told him that we had had our fling, there wouldn't be a
second time. He got very angry with me and didn't say anything the rest of
the way home. That's the whole story. Right up to the minute."

"You're not going to see him again?"

"No way! I'm ashamed enough as it is, I've learned my lesson. The only
good thing that came out of this is that I found out that what I have is
much better than that which is on the other side of the fence. My
curiosity is completely satisfied, and if you should ever find it in your
heart to forgive me, I would never, ever do anything like this again."

"In the last few minutes, as you were telling me about the motel
experience, I experienced a myriad of emotions. Anger, jealousy, hurt,
just to name a few, and I also became aroused. When I pictured Jim's cock
in your mouth and in your pussy, I got very hard. I don't understand why,
but I did." I motioned to the bulge in my crotch.

"You certainly are aroused, shall we take care of it now?"

"No. I'm not ready to make love to you just yet. Even though I'm
aroused, I haven't gotten over my disgust for you. I'll have to take care
of it myself. As far as your explanation goes, I think I believe you.
Then again, you did it once, you may be tempted to do it again. Maybe not
with Jim, but what about some other guy who shows an interest in you?"

"No way! Never again."

"At this point I'm not sure whether I can forgive you, or not. However,
for there to be a chance for forgiveness, you must agree to accept my

"Of course, I'll agree to anything."

"Will you? Here are my terms. Listen and understand, then tell me
whether you'll accept them."

"OK, go ahead."

"First, in order for me to continue to work in the same office as Jim, I
must get even with him. He now thinks that he has something over on me and
will gloat every chance he gets. I won't be able to handle that for very
long before I punch him one. That'll get me fired, which we can't afford.
However, if I have a reason to gloat as well, then I'll be able to deal
with it."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I have to fuck Susan."

"I-I don't want you to! But, if you feel you must, I guess I can learn
to accept it."

I paused, glared at her and went on. "The second condition is that if
you ever have the hots for another man, you must tell me about it before
you do anything, we may be able to work something out. I told you how
aroused I got when you were telling me about Jim fucking you. I just might
enjoy watching you and another guy. I'm not saying that I would, but the
possibility is there. If you go behind my back and cheat on me again,
there will be no room for forgiveness."

"I understand, I'll never fuck another man behind your back again. I
don't want to fuck another man, period!"

"Well, the third condition is that you'll have to accept the fact that I
may fuck other women. The promise of faithfulness between us has been
destroyed. As far as I'm concerned, your actions have given me carte
blanche. I'm not saying that I'm going to go out and try to fuck every
good-looking woman I meet, but I'm reserving the right to do so if it suits
me. You'll have nothing to say about it."

"I don't like that, it's not fair."

"Not fair! What you did today is fair? You fucked-up big time, no pun
intended. Now you must suffer the consequences. Those are my terms, take
them or leave."

After a pause, she looked at me pathetically hoping she would be able to
see that I wasn't serious. She found that I-am-completely-serious look in
my eye. "OK, I accept, I don't want to lose you."

"Good. Now the first thing that I need to do is fuck Susan as quickly
as possible. I don't know how long I'll be able to stand working with Jim
at the office if I don't."

I immediately phoned Susan. When I found out that Jim was still not
home, I asked her to meet me for lunch the next day. She accepted.

I reluctantly went to work the next day. Sure enough, Jim had that
I-just-fucked-your-wife-behind-your-back gleam in his eye and smirk on his
face. He kept telling me what a great afternoon of golf he had had. He
even emphasized how much he had enjoyed putting it in the hole. I came
very close to losing my cool several times, but somehow managed to control
myself. Even though he's my boss and we work on the same floor, we usually
don't see each other more than two or three times a day. That day he made
it a point to come to see me as many times as possible. It was his way of
gloating. 'Just wait until this afternoon, you bastard,' I thought to
myself. The thought of fucking Susan was the only thing that kept me from
punching him.

I left the office earlier than I needed to. I just had to get out of
there. I was seated and waiting when Susan arrived at the restaurant. She
was dressed very seductively. I knew instantly that we were going to be
spending the afternoon in some motel room.

We did indeed. Susan turned out to be a very good and responsive lover,
but I had to admit, at least to myself, that I still preferred Cindy.
During our session I decided that I would show Susan what she was missing
with Jim. I licked and sucked her pussy with abandon, and she went wild. I
don't know how many orgasms she had, but it was quite a few. We parted
with her asking me for more and telling me that I was the greatest tongue
man in the world.

When I got home, I told Cindy about the fling that Susan and I had had.
She seemed relieved that it was over and done with. I also told her that
we had made a date for a repeat performance next week. I reminded her that
I'm not the inconsiderate lover that Jim is, and Susan really appreciated
it. She wants more, and so do I. I also told her, truthfully, that Susan
was not as good as she was. She seemed consoled with that bit of

"Did you tell her about Jim and I?"

"No, but I got the impression that she knew. She had asked why I had
changed my mind about her so quickly. I merely told her that I had been
thinking about her for a while now and just decided to finally do something
about it, but I don't think that she believed me. I think she put two and
two together and figured out that I was just trying to even things up. It
didn't seem to bother her, though."

When I got to the office the next day, Jim was already there. He sought
me out to gloat some more, no doubt. This time I was ready.

"I didn't see you around the office yesterday afternoon. Did you have
an appointment?" Jim asked.

"No, I just decided to take the afternoon off and play a round of golf.
You told me what a great time you had the other day and I just had to try
my luck. I had a great time putting it in the hole myself." I smirked and
looked him right in the eye. He was noticeably taken aback by the
combination of the remark and my I-just-fucked-your-wife-too smirk. He
didn't know what to make of it. He just turned and walked away without
saying another word. 'Now I can live with the situation,' I thought to
myself. Little did he know that my intentions were to fuck Susan many more
times. In our game of one-upmanship, we were temporarily even. However,
after fucking Susan one more time, I would be one-up.

'I bet the son-of-a-bitch is going to call Cindy,' I thought to myself
as he closed his office door behind him. I waited several minutes, then
called Cindy myself. "Did Jim just call you?"

"Yes. How did you know?"

"Just a guess, what did he want?"

"What do you think. He wanted to make another date."

"And, what did you tell him?"

"I essentially told him to go to hell. I didn't use those words, but he
got the message that I never wanted to see him again. How did you know he

I told her what had transpired between he and I. "I'm sure he has a
strong suspicion that I've just fucked his wife and he wants to one-up me."

After my next meeting with Susan, I invited her over to our place for a
three way with Cindy. Susan was anxious, she had always wanted to try it
with another woman. Cindy wasn't too happy, but had no choice.

It turned out that all three of us enjoyed the experience tremendously.
Cindy found out that eating pussy, and having her pussy eaten by a woman
could be very pleasurable.

The first get-together was so good, that we did it again two days later.
Susan was having so much fun that she told us that if we had any thoughts
of including Jim, to please dismiss them. She said that she had to live
with him, but didn't have to play with him. We assured her that we
wouldn't even consider it.

Susan eventually asked Cindy if she and Jim had ever fucked. Cindy told
her the truth. Susan smiled and said that it was a good thing that I
decided to fuck her, instead of another woman, to get even. She was having
the time of her life with the two of us. We all laughed as she said that
she would need to thank Jim someday.

The three of us still get together as often as we can arrange it. I
just love the fact that I've more than beaten Jim at his own game. Poor
bastard, if he only knew what was going on behind his back.

Of course, back at the office, I'm constantly giving Jim that
I'm-getting-a-piece-of-your-wife-behind-your-back smirk and he doesn't like
it, not one little bit.

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