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Cindy's Brown Shower


Copyright (C) 2000, H. Grant. ALL Rights Reserved

Comments: WARNING - This story contains graphic depictions of several
men taking advantage of a clueless teenage girl in gross and obscene ways.
Scat and waterports themes are present in this story. If this offends you,
DO NOT PROCEED to read this story!

story Codes: M+/f/gangbang/misogyny/ws/scat/degradation

story Intro: Cindy is a runaway who attempts to seek her fame and
fortune on the streets of New York. Like many other teens before her, she
eventually falls into the trap of desperation and prostitution.

Cindy's Brown Shower

by H. Grant

The streets of New York had not been kind to Cindy. They were busy,
crowded, and unforgivingly hot during the summer months. Cindy had run
away from home at the age of 18 and was now struggling to make ends meet.
Without a college education, she had little options along the lines of
finding a job. Of course there were the minimum wage jobs in deli stores
and meat markets, but they offered hardly enough for her to get by on. The
first order of business for the cute petite blonde was to find shelter. A
place to stay while she collected her thoughts and devised a survival plan
for herself. She had very little money left in her gym bag and she knew
she couldn't afford to live in a cheap hotel. She had to find an abandoned
building where she could hide out in.

In the back of a deserted ally, she found what she was looking for - an
abandoned building with a huge opening for an entrance. She wasn't alone.
There inside the cold room enclosed with old crumbling bricks lay several
people - obviously crack addicts that were stoned out of their minds. They
had nothing but thin blankets and brick walls protecting them from the
outside elements. The stench of urine and excrement was horrible and Cindy
held her nose while she nestled her belongings on the cold cement floor of
the empty building. The contents of her gym bag were modest at best. A
comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, makeup, shampoo, towel, and a blanket.
The only other item of note was her teddy bear which she had owned since
she was three years old. She had brought it with her for good luck.

Having found a small spot in a dark corner of the hideout, Cindy made
camp. She lay out her blanket and arranged herself as far away from the
others as possible. Thank god it was summer she thought to herself. At
least it was warm outside. Her next order of business would be to find
work. Cindy had an enormous charm about her and she looked fabulous and
rather healthy despite her lack of nourishment of late. She had drank lots
of water and rationed her food wisely. Still, tomorrow was going to be a
big day for her in the big apple. She knew she had to find work soon or
she was done for.

The next morning, Cindy combed her hair and applied her makeup using a
small hand mirror. She quickly stuffed her belongings into her gym bag and
stepped out into the alley. It was busy as always on the main street and
Cindy was anxious to get in on the action. She excitedly made her way to
the main street and began to look around.

"Lost honey?" asked a woman dressed in a black leather outfit with
leather boots.

Cindy knew right away that she was a hooker.

"I..I don't know. I'm kinda looking for work." said Cindy trying her
best not to look directly at the prostitute.

"Well maybe I can help you see I make lots of money doing
what I do." said the hooker.

"Really?" asked Cindy. "How much money do you make?"

"Enough to get by and then some." replied the woman.

Cindy finally gathered the nerve to look directly at the whore. She
looked to be in her late 20's with a blonde wig with the identical coloring
of Cindy's hair - only it was obviously fake. The woman definitely had
some assets that Cindy lacked - most notably a fine rear-end. She also had
a much more sexy outfit on - from a man's point of view. Cindy knew what
whores did for a living and it seemed utterly distasteful to her. The
things that whores did were very degrading and humiliating to women by and
large. Cindy also knew however that some whores actually made out very
well - provided they saved their money instead of investing it on drugs and
other abusive substances. Cindy looked around her at the busy street and
its occupants. It occurred to her that she did not have a resume to give
to potential employers. She also didn't smell very good considering she
had not had a chance to bathe in days.

"Do you think I have a nice body?" Cindy asked the hooker timidly.

"I wouldn't trade it in honey - you look just fine." replied the
prostitute. "By the way, my name's Brenda."

The woman extended her hand offering it to Cindy.

"Nice to meet you Brenda." said Cindy.

At that point Cindy had made her decision. Her body would be her
resume. She knew it would be a hard life - but if men liked her body enough
to pay for it, there was no telling how much money she would make. Cindy
was right on that count. However what she didn't know was that street
walkers were a dime a dozen in New York - especially in the red light
district. Climbing the latter to becoming a success was almost impossible.
What she also didn't know was the fact that Brenda had been recruited by a
pimp named Alex to look for lost teenagers like Cindy in addition to making
money through prostitution.

"Ok Brenda. How can you help me out?" asked Cindy.

"First we need to get you tested for HIV and get you some new clothes.
replied Brenda. "I have a friend named Alex who will help you out. All
that he asks in return is that you grant him some respect. He helps
homeless girls out like yourself."

Cindy grew excited. Finally someone was willing to help her out and
take care of her. No more sleepless nights inside a dingy old building
resting on cold concrete. She followed Brenda for several blocks until
they reached and apartment building. When they got inside they went up
several flights of stairs until they reached Brenda's apartment. It looked
like a dump and the place smelled awful. Brenda opened the door and led
Cindy inside.

"Sit on the couch while I make a phone call." said Brenda.

Cindy sat on the couch and waited. Her surroundings were very
disorderly. There were papers and adult magazines strewn everywhere and
lots of empty pizza boxes. Brenda was certainly not a neat person by any
means. The walls looked like they hadn't been painted in years and the
ceiling was leaking.

Brenda returned from the kitchen smiling.

"Alex is coming here to pick you up darling." she said. "Now remember
be very polite and appreciative of him. He's going to take care of you
now. He's very rich and knows lots of powerful people. Just do what you
are told and you'll be alright."

"Thank you for everything Brenda." smiled Cindy. "Will I ever see you

"Not likely sweetie. This is a man's world - they will take care of you
now." said Brenda as she ushered Cindy to the door. "Wait outside in front
of the building. Alex and a few of the men will pick you up in a limo.
Remember to smile and be cheerful."

With that, Cindy exited the apartment and descended the huge flight of
stairs. She was so excited about being picked up in a limo she could
hardly contain herself. She walked out by the curb with her gym bag in

About 20 minutes passed when the limo pulled up along side the curb.
The tinted window slid down and a man in a black business suit stuck his
head out.

"You must be Cindy." said the man.

"Oh yes sir - I am!" replied the teenage girl anxiously.

"Ok get in." said the man.

The door to the limousine opened and the little teenybopper stepped in.
The young girl gasped when she sat down on the plush leather seat between
Alex and a fellow business man. She had never seen the inside of a limo
much less ridden in one until now. The back was very spacious with a mini
bar and a TV. About three other men were in the back besides Alex. They
all stared at Cindy and undressed her with their eyes. She was quite a
piece of meat.

"My name is Alex." said the man who had invited her in. "These are my
fellow business associates. You don't need to know their names."

Cindy smiled at all the men. She smelled like she hadn't had a bath in

"Ok Cindy. As I understand it you are now in our care. That means you
must do as I say and follow a few rules." said Alex. "First I want you to
put these clothes on."

Cindy gasped.

"Right here?' she stammered.

"That's right Cindy." said Alex handing her some slutty lingerie. "You
can either obey us or we will put you back on the street where you came
from - it's up to you."

Cindy was hesitant at first, but she realized that Alex was right. She
had to obey. She had no alternative and no where to go. She wanted
desperately to be taken care of and these men seemed very rich. In a way
she felt lucky having run into Brenda and getting helped out like this.

"Ok Alex." said Cindy.

"You will address me as Mister from now on young lady." said Alex in an
authoritative tone.

The other men in the vehicle chuckled as they looked at the smelly teen
in front of them. They were going to turn her into a stupid and submissive
cunt soon enough. First they had to break her in just as they had done
with all the others.

Cindy stood up slightly and began to undress. She blushed as she
removed her top and bra - exposing her pointy nipples for all the men to

"Oh my...what beautiful nipples you have Cindy." said one of the men.
The other men sneered and lit cigars.

"Th...thank you mister." stammered Cindy - a look of shame engulfing her

She did her best to hide her embarrassment but it was useless.

"Now show us those pretty little panties of yours." said another.

Cindy unbuttoned her dirty jeans and slid them down to the floor of the
limo. Her boxer shorts were old and smelly.

"Uhhh! Boxer shorts. We hate those on a woman don't we men?" said Alex
in a disapproving tone.

"We sure do." replied another. "We like our girls to wear girdles and
panties Cindy - I think you understand don't you?"

Cindy nodded her head shamefully and looked down at the floor - trying
to hide her embarrassment.

"Look at the man when he's talking to you Cindy you will show us some
respect or else!" said Alex sternly.

Cindy looked up at the man who had just spoken to her. Slowly she slid
her boxer shorts down - revealing her cute little blonde bush for all the

"Turn around Cindy - I want to see your cunny." said Alex. "If you're
going to work for us - we've got to see the goods right men?"

The other men nodded and snickered at Cindy in unison. She was nothing
but a trashy piece of meat to them - sure to please and obey without
question. Cindy turned around slowly - her face pink with embarrassment.
Alex stared at her twat up close. He leaned forward and smelled it.

"Smells like pee." he said loudly so that the other men could here him.
"You need a bath and a good shaving down there."

Cindy nodded her head in agreement. She knew she needed a bath badly.

"Put on the lingerie." commanded Alex.

Cindy bend down - exposing her slutty ass to the men in the rear - and
picked up the skimpy clothing. It was comprised of a one piece shiny latex
outfit with holes carved out where her nipples would be. It smelled awful
like it had been used before by another woman. Slowly she put the outfit
on. It felt very tight and clung to her skin like adhesive tape. Her
titties jumped out of the holes in the front and bobbed in front of Alex.
The outfit squeezed her breasts so tightly that her nipples became swollen
from the pressure. The latex outfit barely covered her crotch and her ass
crack was clearly visible to the men behind her. The men in the rear
observed her slutty appearance. Her ass cheeks looked firm and ready for
the taking. She now looked (and smelled) like an obedient little teen
whore who wanted to be fucked in every way imaginable. Alex stared at her
perky tits and gave them a squeeze with his right hand.

"That's right Cindy...we like our women obedient and sleazy." he said in
a soothing tone.

"Moan for us Cindy. Show us how much you want to be a whore." said
another man.

Cindy licked her lips and moaned softly.

"Ummmmm...uhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhh!" she whimpered.

The men laughed and continued making lewd remarks in front their sweet
little prize. She was definitely a fine catch.

"Now that's what I call a sweetheart!" said Alex as he lit his own
cigar. "We're definitely going to have fun with this one."

The men nodded their heads in unison had Cindy continued moaning. Alex
withdrew a pair of black 6 inch spiked high heels from a bag on the floor.
Then he handed them to Cindy and instructed her to put them on. The bag of
goodies had been meticulously prepared in anticipation of Cindy's arrival.
Inside was a tube of red lipstick, mascara, and glitter for her eyes. He
had also brought along baby powder in case her twat and bottom smelled from
lack of a shower. Alex was right on the money in his prediction. Cindy
was a worthless runaway cunt who had no clue about anything. This was
exactly the type of woman he enjoyed manipulating and coercing. Like all
the other runaways before her (including Brenda), Cindy would soon become
attractive, respectful, obedient, and appreciative of men. Alex and his
fellow business men had ways of manipulating girl's minds until they were
stripped of their self esteem and craved praise and appreciation from the
more powerful gender - males.

Cindy put on a pair of black stockings and high heals as the limo rode
down the freeway toward the outskirts of New York City.

"Bend over Cindy and show us your ass!" said one of the men.

Cindy obeyed without question fearing that these men might throw her out
on the side of the road if they didn't like her demeanor. She bent over
and shoved her tightly covered latex bottom outward. Her pink fleshy
cheeks peaked out at the men like a pretty smiley face.

"Now let's see your pretty brown rose bud Cindy." said another man.

"No..please I...I beg you don't make me do this!" stammered Cindy.

She had never shown her bottom to anyone - let alone her anus.

"You'll do as you're told!" barked Alex as he suddenly became angry.
"Don't make me hit you Cindy. I can be very abusive if I have to be."

Cindy suddenly became very scared. This man Alex was for real. He was
definitely going to hit her if she didn't comply.

"Come on don't want Alex to mess up your pretty face with
bruises do you?" asked one of the men gently.

"N..No I guess not." replied Cindy meekly.

"Then be a good girl and spread your bottom for us - we want to see your
hiney hole."

Cindy placed both hands behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart
exposing her pretty brown anal opening for the men. Her tight little
pucker winked at the business associates - inviting them to smell it, lick
it, and fuck it. Her sexy pose suggested all of the above and them some.
The men stared at the cute little fuck doll in front of them - she really
wanted it bad. She just didn't know it yet. Her ass hole gaped open and
she accidentally let our a loud fart. The men laughed and held their noses
while Cindy stood shamefully stooped over with her bottom exposed for the
men to enjoy. Alex continued pinching her swollen nipples and breathing
filthy cigar smoke on her slutty outfit.

Soon the limousine pulled up to a large mansion in Queens and came to a
stop. The driver opened the door and smiled at Alex without saying a word.
He had been the recipient of many blowjobs - courtesy of Alex's special
hookers. Alex and his fellow business associates escorted the slutty young lady out of the limo and lead her up the walk way and into the mansion.
Once inside, they led her into a large room with a red carpet floor and a
large glass lounge table. The room was fancy with lots of art work and
books. A huge leather sofa was located in front of the glass lounge table
and was loaded with adult magazines. Everything from Hustler to the Euro
magazines such as Rodox and young Cunts adorned the black leather sofa.

"Now Cindy. We have the power to make you into a successful hooker if
you let us. But first we need a token of your appreciation for letting you
stay with us." said Alex.

Cindy nodded her head in resignation.

All at once the men circled around Cindy and began to pet her and play
with her cunny and nipples. Hard - cold fingers probed her smelly pee pee
hole and explored her labia and clitoris - arousing her hidden passions.
Another pair of hands spread her bottom and a finger was inserted into her
dark - smelly anal cavern. Cindy began to moan as she felt her clit become
swollen and hard. She was beginning to enjoy the feeling of powerlessness
and depravity. Alex shoved her face into his and darted his tongue in her
mouth. His breath smelled like cigar smoke and his tongue tasted awful.
Cindy slurped on his tongue because she knew he enjoyed this. Her hot
little tongue mingled with his and danced around inside the pimps mouth.
Meanwhile, one of the men withdrew his finger from her tight anus and
looked at it. It was streaked with traces of girlie poo and he held it up
to his nose - inhaling the sweet aroma of Cindy's brownie. Another man started groping her breasts and pinching her titties. Her nipples had
become red and swollen from all the rough treatment which made them look
even more delicious and inviting. Alex cupped her ass with his hands as he
continued shoving his filthy tongue into her mouth pushing the slimy worm
toward the back of her throat. One by one the men began to remove their
trousers and briefs to allow their hungry cocks to spring free. Cindy
continued to moan for the men as they began to aim their cocks at her
various openings. Slowly she was eased down to floor as the men took their
respective positions. They were going to triple fuck her! The fourth man stood above her wanking his cock above her ass as he inhaled her anal scent
from his dirty finger. Alex eased his cock into her mouth while the other
men pushed their cocks into both her holes.

Cindy gasped and cried out as she felt her anus being invaded by a
stranger's cock for the first time. Slowly the massive prick inched its
way inside her tiny brown sphincter. Cindy's anus formed a big "O" around
the huge cock and stretched outward. Her cunt was also being filled by the
other man as he plunged his penis inward straight up to the hilt. The two
men began to see-saw back and forth inside her womb and cavern while Alex
shoved his expanding prick deep inside her slutty mouth. The cock was
enormous and Cindy had trouble taking it all in.

"Open wider you stupid blonde!" said Alex angrily.

Cindy did as she was told - her mouth expanding while her wet lips
encircled his cock lovingly. Her cheeks puffed outward making her look
like a slutty tramp with all her holes filled.

The other man wanking his cock leaned downward and pressed his smelly
finger against her nose - the one with her poo poo smear on it.

"Go on might as well get used to this. A lot of men are
going to treat you like this." he said.

Cindy recoiled away from the finger and was greeted with a sharp pinch
to her left nipple.

"Smell your filthy poo you cunt...go on...soon you'll begin to like it."
said the man.

Cindy pressed her nose against the man's finger and smelled her BM.
Yuk! She thought to herself as the scent of stale poo entered her nose.
Soon she began to develop a feeling of nausea as the men continued
assaulting her openings. She felt extremely guilty for allowing herself to
be placed in this embarrassing situation - maybe the men were right. Maybe
she WAS no good after all.

Cindy's thoughts were interrupted as she felt a huge spurt of semen
enter her anal cavity. Large globs of sticky goo splashed into her bottom
- coating her dark tunnel of love with white gush. The man removed his
cock from her asshole as the sperm began to leak out her opening and
dribble onto the floor. The cock in her cunt continued drilling in and out
- making her pussy bigger, wider, and more accommodating for future men who
wanted to use her. Her mouth was a receptacle for slime as Alex sprayed
his venom all over her gums, tongue, and teeth. Cindy choked and recoiled
from Alex but she was quickly gripped by the head and held firmly in place.

"Stay still and swallow bitch!" he scolded. "This is what your body was
meant for - to serve others."

Cindy grimaced as she swallowed Alex's sticky load.

Another huge surge of semen was deposited into her vagina as the
business man beneath her gasped in ecstasy. What a slut! He thought to
himself as he pulled out. Soon Cindy felt a shower of sperm enter her hair
as the man standing above her shot his load onto her head. Now she was a
complete mess.

When the men finished, they escorted her to the bathroom and told her to
shower up and shave her vagina. Then they left her to her own devices from
her gym bag.

Cindy showered in shame as she tried to forget what had happened. The
latex outfit was smeared with dirty semen and smelled horrible. Hastily
she applied soap to her cunt and ass - rubbing the smooth suds all over her
privates. She shampooed her hair thoroughly - then rinsed off and climbed
out of the huge tub. Next she applied shaving cream to her cunt and shaved
it until it was smooth as a baby's ass. Finally she applied a wet rag to
the dirty latex outfit and cleaned it off before putting it back on. When
she left the bathroom she was greeted by a butler and escorted into the
dining room where she was thankfully fed a decent meal. Cindy stuffed her
face eagerly having not eaten in over a day.

Alex entered the room.

"You have a gentleman caller who wants you to go to his apartment. The
fee has already been paid and it will go toward your room and board you understand?"

"Yes Mister." replied Cindy.

"You will do whatever he asks and behave like a woman should - or you
will be beaten severely when you return....understood?" said Alex.

"Yes Mister." replied Cindy. "I promise I'll be a good whore."

"That's a girl." said Alex. "Now he has some special requests that you
are required to fulfill. He wants you to dress as a little girl with a
pink tutu - sort of a ballerina type."

"Ok Mister....but I don't have that kind of outfit." replied Cindy.

"You will be given one shortly. Now finish your dinner and go back to
the bathroom and do your hair up in braids. Did you shave your bush?"

"Yes Mister."

"Let me see....stand up like a good girl." said Alex.

Cindy stood up and pulled the latex outfit upward exposing her hairless
trickle for Alex.

"Nice look just like a little 6 year old down there - and
that's precisely what this gentleman wants you to behave

"Yes Mister." replied Cindy.

"The last thing we need to do is test you for HIV. That will be done
after this gentleman gets through with you - he does not plan to penetrate
any of your orifice's, he has other needs you will fulfill in a dutiful and
appreciative manner....understood?"

"Yes Mister." answered Cindy in a respectful tone.

She finished her dinner and went back to the bathroom to braid her hair.
Soon Alex entered with a new outfit comprised of a pink tutu with ballarena
shoes, pink silk panties, and little schoolgirl anklets.

"Put these on....and DON'T be slow about it!" snapped Alex. "We don't
want to keep the gentleman waiting - he's one of our preferred clients."

Cindy quickly dressed in the new outfit and finished braiding her hair.
When she was finished she looked just like a little ballarena. Her pink
tutu was very short and revealed a hint of her pink panties. Next she
applied a heavy dose of cherry red lipstick and black eye shadow. When she
was finished, she looked like a trashy ballarena schoolgirl tramp. Alex
came in and escorted her outside to the limo and told the driver where to

On the way to her destination, Cindy caught glimpses of the driver
looking through his rearview mirror. He was obviously checking her out.
Her luscious lips were coated with slutty red lipstick and her appearance
gave way to that of a stupid tramp who wasn't very bright. Cindy stared
out the tinted window at the city. It looked so scenic at night with all
the office buildings lit up and shedding light on the entire metropolis.
After about twenty minutes the limo had made it's way through downtown
Manhattan and parked in front of the Plaza hotel's rear entrance (for VIP's
only). It was very private and discreet so Cindy would not have to worry
about cloaking herself to hide her slutty outfit. The driver handed her a
paper that Alex had given him with complete instructions. Cindy exited the
limo and opened the paper. It read:


SUITE 413 (4th floor)


Cindy felt embarrassed and shameful, but she did as she was instructed
as she made her way up the private stairwell to the fourth floor. When she
arrived at suite 413 she knocked lightly. A few moments passed - then the
door opened.

Standing in front of her was a heavy set man in his late 40's. He was
dressed in an expensive business suit and smelled slightly of cologne.
Cindy stuck her finger in her mouth and smiled at him - swaying from toe to
toe slightly.

"Hi Mister." she said in a little girl's voice.

"Well hello there sweetie....come on in. You look so sexy in that cute
little outfit - and I just love your hair in those cute little braids!"

Cindy made her way inside the lavish apartment. Her cute bottom swaying
back and forth in a lewd manner.

"How's my little girl?" asked the man in a perverted tone of voice.

"Fine Mister." replied Cindy.

The man approached her from behind and wrapped his heavy arms around her
- groping her nipples and panties while breathing heavily into her ear.

"You smell so pretty Cindy - I like little girls that smell nice and
pretty for me."

Cindy giggled and squirmed inside the heavy man's embrace. Soon she
felt his tongue creep into her ear as he intentionally drooled and
slobbered inside of it.

"Your such a filthy little slut aren't you Cindy?"

Cindy nodded her head and giggled again.

"You know what I like to do with a pretty little schoolgirl ballarena
like you?" he asked in a firm voice.

"No Mister." she replied.

"Well it just so happens that my toilet is broken." the man lied. "And
I need a special potty to do my business in. You're going to be my special
little potty this evening!"

Cindy felt shocked and fearful. She had no idea what this was going to
lead to. But she remembered Alex's threat. She certainly didn't want to
be hit or abused for disappointing a male client.

"OK Mister. I'd love to be your potty." she whimpered.

"That's my little come over to this little plastic carpet
I've laid out on the floor." said Mr. Taite. "If you behave yourself,
this will be over within a matter of minutes. If you struggle or resist, I
have permission from Alex to beat you severely for being a bad girl. You
don't want to be a bad girl do you?"

"No Mister....I wanna be a good little potty." replied Cindy.

The middle aged man guided Cindy over to the plastic carpet and lay her
down on her back. Then he proceeded to undress himself. Within moments he
stood naked over her cute body and squatted down. Cindy heard the man grunt and closed her eyes shamefully. A huge massive turd pushed it's way
out of the man's asshole and plopped onto her little pink tutu. It smelled
awful! Next the man repositioned himself over her face and squatted down
again. This time he was going to poop all over her cherry red lips and
slutty mascara. Another menacing brown snake emerged from the man's
asshole and spewed all over her pretty face coating it with smelly brown
mush and seeping into her hair. Cindy smelled like a human toilet as the
stench of poo poo covered her body.

"That's it.....what a good little whore!" said the man as he finished
pooping onto her lower lips. "You're such a pretty little potty - all
sticky and smelly just like a whore should be."

The man proceeded to stand over her face and jerk himself off while he
smeared his filthy mess all over her ballarena outfit and down to her pink
silk panties - coating them with dirty brown mush. Soon Cindy heard him
groan as a massive load of semen spurted out of his cock and landed on her
poop smeared face. Some of the smelly goo seeped into her mouth and tasty

When the ordeal was over with, Cindy was ushered into the bathroom and
instructed to discard her dirty outfit and place it in a plastic bag - then
clean herself up. When she was finished this, the man said nothing to her
as he lead her to the door and escorted her downstairs to the private
entrance where her limo was waiting. He whispered something to the driver
and went back inside.

The drive home was embarrassing as Cindy heard the driver snickering to
himself. Obviously he had been informed about what had happened to her.
It was certainly going to be a hard life for Cindy and this was only the


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