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Title: City Lights
Keywords: mdom, mf, teen
Author: Caesar

There was a young man of Bengal
Who swore he had only one ball,
But two little bitches
Unbuttoned his britches,
And found he had no balls at all.

City Lights

by Caesar, copyright 1998-2002

$Revision: 1.8 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:22 $

Far below, the city lived and thrived. It was a hungry beast,
prepared to devour even the heartiest of souls. I looked upon it with
hatred and trepidation, though I was now a part of the beast. I
needed the beast to survive.

The constant roar of noise lifted up to my penthouse, the lights
causing even the darkest of nights to hide the brightest of stars. My
brandy forgotten in my hand as I tried to make out a single soul in
the jungle far below me. It wasn't the first time I had tried this,
and as all others, I was unsuccessful. No one soul was as important
as the whole of the beast, they were nothing compared to the city.

I had spent so much of my life trying to have my soul released from
this beast, to have it returned to me. Instead, without even
realizing it, my life was intertwined with the city. I needed it, a
part of it needed me, I dared hope I was not simply an innocent for
this beasts appetite.

Sometimes, though, I worry that I'm becoming like the beast.
Devouring innocents. No, that is incorrect, I know I'm becoming like
the beast. Perhaps this was the only way to save myself from becoming

I heard a rustling behind me and I needn't look. "I need to get
home...", I held up a hand to silence her. Her prattle wasn't as
important as what the city had to say, its roar deafening. The
intended words were easy to judge, her husband would worry if she was
missing much longer. I cared not.

Attractive but stupid. I used her as the beast used all the souls
that entered within its grasp. She served her purpose, for my
pleasure alone, even while she thought differently. Even as I heard
her retreat, I chuckled at her earlier advances. Her greed and desire
for her own selfishness had driven her to me. I'm sure she advanced
because of her submission before me but it mattered little in the
greater scheme that was my life.

I had a different woman like this nearly each night, if I wished it.
Each thinking to control enough of me to get what they wanted. Did
they not realize that they were just playing the cities rules? That
it was the strong that survived, that thrived within? I doubt they
thought anything beyond their limited vision or they would see that I
gave nothing that did not benefit me.

Alone. I was used to it. I enjoyed it. I needed it.

Tomorrow was the day she arrived.

Sometime that early morning, I fell asleep on a large comfortable
chair I kept on my penthouse veranda, listening to the roar of the


They were on the way up, our meeting scheduled here in my penthouse.
Never do I allow business to intrude on my privacy, but this business
was also pleasure. The elevator buzzed and the double doors opened to
allow my new business acquaintances to enter.

I simply sat in a huge couch that faced the elevator, the beast behind
me out the windows, hiding my excitement. I have owned many things,
purchased nearly anything available to purchase, but I have yet to own
what I'm about to buy here today.

Tang smiled and undid the buttons of his overcoat, as it was raining
outside. The big burly man behind him simply stood by the elevator
and seemed to watch me and the whole apartment completely. The older woman, small thin and well-weathered, held the arm of a smaller
thinner person.

Tang came over and immediately held out his hand to shake, I did,
while watching the thin person standing near the older. Tang was the
salesman whom I'd been in contact with several times in the last
several weeks. "Ah, this weather sir!" He pulled off his overcoat
and threw it over to the burly man, whom caught it effortlessly, and
turned back to me. "This city, it rains so much!"

I half-smiled and nodded, but still didn't take my eyes off the thin
person standing several feet behind Tang.

He saw my expectation, and I was glad our negotiations had been
complete else my anxiousness would go against me. "As promised,
exactly how you ordered!" He motioned with one hand and the older woman roughly tugged at a belt and scarf before ripping it
dramatically from the thin small person.

A young naked girl stood shivering behind him. I could feel my eyes
widen and my mouth dry as I looked upon her. He was right, she was
just what I ordered.

You see, I was purchasing the ultimate in innocents, a mere child. Or
rather, a early teenager, thirteen years Tang said. Well trained he
promised, but still virginal. I had chosen out of generous list, with
photographs', this young woman. She without a name, as clients tended
to choose their girls name themselves. Her biography had said she was
abducted and ransomed to her family somewhere in Scandinavia, but when
the money was sent, she never was. Instead, she went over to the
orient and had been under the severe tutorship of a trainer whom
prepared her for this moment. Tang even said it was not so uncommon
as many would believe.

Six years she had been trained, just for me.

I realized the penthouse was very quiet for several minutes, as Tang
allowed me the honour of inspecting, from afar my new purchase. I
realized the beast behind me roared in approval of my newest purchase,
and I allowed myself to smile wide in pleasure. I was but a creature
of the city, this girl an innocent to be devoured for my pleasures.

Tang dropped a thick envelope, slightly wet from the weather upon the
glass coffee table and then turned back towards the elevator. He
retrieved his coat from the big man and began to put it on, "She is
yours, as agreed. You know how to contact me if you require anything
else." A few buttons and he came back to me and held out his hand to
shake, "A pleasure sir." I could see his rotten teeth as he smiled.
The product of the third-world dentistry.

I barely noticed the three of them depart, and just sat and watched
the shivering girl. She was blond haired with yellow-tanned skin, no
tan lines of course. Her hair hung to mid-back, and was thick and
looked dirty. I could see the sparse blonde hair between her legs,
and felt my own shiver, of excitement. Her breasts, only beginning to
form where mere hills upon her chest, they were perfectly positioned
otherwise. There was a tiny round nipple, the colour a shade darker
than her skin. It was her face, and especially her eyes, that haunted
me since I drew her picture from the pile.

The teenager was gorgeous, in a innocent feminine way. Just looking
upon her dirty hair and tired face, she was intoxicating. What an
incredible purchase!

I already knew what I would call her, Sandi, after the first woman to
suck my cock many many years before.

I stood up and went to the window and looked out upon the city, the
beast, and the driving rain. I looked back over my shoulder and
motioned her next to me.

She came, slowly, and I sensed her fear when she finally stood next to

"What do you see Sandi?"

I felt her look at me in surprise, to be named so quickly I believe.
Sandi had to clear her throat before answering, even with the rain she
was incredibly dry. "The city master." Her voice, was exotic, a
blend of accents and environments. It was also the first time I had
heard a woman call me "master" and I felt a quickening. In the truest
sense of the word, I was her master.

"Do you like it or does it scare you?"

She felt puzzled, I could sense, but answered as soon as she came to a
conclusion. "It scares me master."

I nodded gently, "Its a beast, this city. It will devour you. Do you
understand Sandi?" I turned my face towards her tiny body and looked
down at her innocent face and eyes.

She took some time to answer and looked rather scared, "No master, I
don't understand."

I nodded, pleased, "Of course you don't." Looking back towards the
beast, "The city devours all innocents Sandi, it leaves little of
anything of value once its through... if your weak."

"Yes master." I doubt she understood, her bio said her official
schooling had ended when she was only at an elementary level. Sandi
could barely read and could not write nor even do simple arithmetic.

"Your innocent Sandi."

"Yes master, I am yours master."

"Of course." I smiled down at her in pleasure of our conversation,
she in turn responded with a shy tiny smile of her own. "I am like
this city Sandi, I will devour you." Her smile turned fearful again
and she looked back at the city, anywhere but into my hard eyes.

The silence was thick as I let it hand for several minutes until I
finally spoke firmly, "Through there you will find your cell," Tang
advised giving her Spartan settings when not in my company, "prepare
yourself for our evening."

Probably pleased to be given something substantial to do, Sandi gently
replied, "Yes master", and departed to do as I asked.

I simply stared at the city.


How long I stood, I could not tell you but finally I felt her behind
me without even moving. I turned to view my purchase in a wholly new
light. Sandi was beautiful, cleaned, perfumed and prepared for me,
her master. She wore the silk, see through white dress that I had
earlier placed upon her bed. It was very sheer but it was also
several long strips that hung to the ground from a gold collar around
her neck and moved in a exquisite way when she moved. She was more
perfect than I had envisioned her.

"Master, thank you for this dress." She hung her head towards the
ground as she spoke to me.

"Your welcome Sandi." I saw she had bathed, in her own private tub,
and washed and combed her hair till it shone bright in the pale light
of the beast.

It was incredible that this young woman, this girl, was trained in
many pleasuring techniques. To please either a man or woman with any
part of her body, at any moment. It was my understanding that her own
bodys responses were heightened to the point that any sexual contact
was exciting to her, that her master's pleasure brought pleasure to
herself. I could do anything with her and she would love every
second, and beg for more later.

I had watched a video taped months ago, to be viewed by potential
masters to this girl. It was a marketing tape, something I've watched
many times... but of course they were not selling young female flesh
in the other tapes. Sandi, as she is known now, was flashed in a
variety of positions and encounters. She was shown with a younger
girl, pleasuring her inverted as the other pleasured Sandi. It showed
Sandi pleasuring a older woman, a older man, both with her mouth. It
showed Sandi in a variety of positions and then clothing. She could
look the part of a cute schoolgirl, a pretty young church teenager, a
fuckable sex toy and even a normal teen. As the tape had ended, it
simply showed her incredible face, smiling shyly into the lens with
the light gleaming off her innocent eyes. I had given Tang the money
only moments after that.

Slowly I walked about her standing body, looking down at her perfect
skin. She was mine, everything about her was mine. And till I tired
of her, she was mine to command.

Facing her, I reached out and touched the smooth soft skin of her
cheek. She slowly looked up from the floor and into my eyes. "How
may I pleasure you master?" Sandi was already breathing heavily. The
expected response from a girl trained for years to be a mechanism for
her masters sexuality.

A meal had already been prepared but I was not hungry, at least for

My hand slipped down from her face to reach between the folds of her
dress and grasp one immature breast. She pressed unconsciously into
my hand and moaned gently. Yes, indeed she was conditioned and ripe
for pleasure.

Sandi's skin was soft, smooth and without blemish as my hand slipped
further down until I cupped her small sex. I was fascinated with the
heat coming from her, the moisture practically dripping from between
the two hot outer lips. She pressed her cunt into my palm, sighing
out loudly in pleasure.

I pulled my hand from between her legs and held it palm-forwards to
her, Sandi took only a second to register my silent request. She
leaned forwards and licked my hand clean. It was evident that she
enjoyed her work immensely.

I turned, leaving her panting and shivering in need and fear. She was
innocent and I desired her. "Before me...!" Sandi quickly glided
towards me until she stood shy and excited before me, as requested.
"Take my cock out." I watched her trembling hands undo the zipper of
my pants to release my hot and throbbing cock. When it stood out of
my pants, pointing towards her small breasts, did she again look up
into my face, awaiting a new command.

Knowing already what I wanted, I simply instructed, "Climb on slut."

In a little girl voice, "Yes master." Sandi bit her bottom lip as a
cute face of concentration came to her, she needed to mount a man's
cock when he stood a full foot taller than she. She reached out but
then drew back her hand, almost fearfully. "May I touch you master."

Amused I answered, "Only in pleasure Sandi."

"Oh thank you Master!" She seemed genuinely pleased.

Her small warm hand grasped my hard cock and and gave it half a dozen
feather light strokes. Again she looked up into my eyes, and shyly
said, "Excuse me master." With both hands upon my shoulders she
suddenly jumped up and her long thin legs wrapped about my waist,
locking her ankles behind me. Holding tightly with both hands and
legs, she slowly lowered her pelvis until I felt the touch of her hot
wet sex upon my penis crown. I never made a move to help her.

With her face pressed firmly against my chest, Sandi wiggled her
bottom about till she found the right spot. She asked, "Now master?"

"Do it Sandi." Take your virginity, your innocence.

My newest purchase, this teenage girl shoved her body downwards
violently. I felt her hymen tear and she screamed out and then began
to convulse as an orgasm shot through her. Pain and pleasure Tang's
leaflets had promised.

By far, she was the youngest woman I've ever copulated with. And she
was nearly the most attractive. But more significantly, she was mine.
Every innocent inch of her was mine to do with. Tonight I was
determined to have every orifice for my pleasure, to listen to her
desirous cries, to have her begging for me. I was the beast tonight
and she the innocent to be devoured.

I reached around her with my thick hands and grasped a tiny buttock in
each and then began to roughly lift and drop her upon my cock. Again
and again, she was sobbing into my chest as her pleasure again began
to mount. One finger reached further and I found her anus, and
penetrated it deeply and roughly. She would know her master after
tonight, I would leave my mark of dominance upon her, forever.

Slowly, with deliberate steps, I walked out to my oversized patio and
lowered her onto her back, pleased that I never even missed a stroke.
Sandi lay looking up into the dark glowing sky of the radiated city,
the rain pelting her face and causing her silk dress to stick to her
perfect skin.

I raised myself upon my toes and hands, with only my cock in contact
with her, submerged in her. I drove with a fast and furious speed,
fucking my toy for my pleasure. The sound of the beast, of the city,
loud as Sandi cried out her own sounds, of pleasure. The sounds lost
by the abundant sounds of the beast.

Harder, faster I thrust. Causing her small body to jerk violently
each time. I'm sure I hurt her, the size of my sex in her tight hot
cunt, to the roughness of my coupling. Sandi loved it all, her body
thrashing about as she again mounted to another orgasm.

I was the man, she the woman. I was to be pleasured, she was to
pleasure. I had the cock, she the cunt.

I was the master, she the slave.

My pleasure was mounting and I knew the first of several orgasms would
soon be released deep into the tiny body beneath me.

So innocent, so beautiful, mine...!

How I came, actually growling out my pleasure into the city night.
Spraying my ejaculate into the wet hot willing young girl below me.
She had been trained for this moment, her own life focused simply to
this one moment.

Sandi orgasmed with my own, her body again wrapping herself about me,
holding me tight to her as we both came with a fantastic erotic bolt.

I lay upon her tiny body, temporarily exhausted from my pleasure,
crushing her unprotesting to the cement patio floor. Finally I sat
back and grunt, "Remove our clothing." With vibrating limbs, she sat
up and moved to do as I asked, first taking my clothing off with her
soft tiny gentle movements. Her collar only took a second to unclasp,
and she sat naked with me in the night, beneath the rain.

I was gasping also, and I'm sure I wore a pleased grin upon my face.
Letting her go, I stood next to the handrail to look out upon the
beast. It was beautiful, this city. It dominated and devoured all
that were weak, who did not learn from it.

That tiny sexy mouth engulfed my slippery soft cock, and began to
expertly fellatio me. It was the perfect moment, heaven on earth I
thought. My cock even responded and grew, much to my surprise -
normally taking much longer to recover, especially from such a
strongly sought orgasm.

The innocent sucking the master, the city and its slave.


Almost as fast as it takes to explain it, I felt my insides turn to
ice at my very own words. Innocent words I may add. I was the slave.

Suddenly the constant roar of the beast, which was so much like a
sweet symphony, sounded harsh and unforgiving. It was like a door
opened in my mind and I remembered.

I remembered the years of struggling before I became successful, how I
bested others that thought themselves better than I. That I was the
innocent that was often fucked, mostly figurative, and felt the shame
for being a simple slave to this city.

The lips sucking me no longer felt like pleasurable and I roughly
pulled from her face and pushed her out of my way. I leaned over the
railing and looked far down to the dots that represented people.
People that I've probably had an influence in their lives.

In dominating all those around me, my world, I thought I was the
beast, the one in control. Instead, I was just the slave of this
city, doing its handiwork like a good innocent submissive. My life
was a lie.

The tower where I had ruled from rushed by as I came towards the the
pavement and my death.



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