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Class Mates


Class Mates

Felix Phile copyright 2000

This story is dedicated to the kind readers who responded so
graciously to my previous story - "The Key". This story is my

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| So, to keep everything in the cooperative spirit of |
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| So, pour yourself a beer, find a comfortable chair, |
| and enjoy "Class Mates". |
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| - Felix, Sept. 2000 |
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It was Christmas and it was snowing. Well, it wasn't exactly
Christmas - it was the Christmas break. I was at university
working towards a degree that was probably going to be in
Computer Science. I lived in residence and wouldn't be going home
for several days. Meanwhile, just about everyone else had
finished exams and departed.

One of the few people left in residence was my buddy Chris, who
was sitting in the single chair in my room. I was sitting on my
bed, propped up against the wall while we watched a movie on my
pitiful 12-inch black-and-white TV. Since the campus was almost
deserted we were killing the evening, shooting the shit and
sucking back brewskis.

We weren't best buddies but we did spend a lot of time together.
We took many of the same courses, put in a lot of time in the
computer centre, went to the residence parties, and had a bunch
of common friends. Right now we were both wearing sweatshirts and
beat-up jeans. The most obvious thing that set us apart was that
I was a guy and Chris was a girl. Not that I really paid much
attention to that. I never really thought of Chris as a girl, not
as one of those mysterious, delicate, desirable, incomprehensible
creatures that lurked on the periphery of my existence.

Chris was just one of the guys. She wasn't pretty - not that she
was ugly, she just wasn't anything - plain, I guess you'd say.
She had long straight brown hair, a round face, never wore makeup
or dressed in anything but jeans or sweats. She never giggled but
would laugh. She drank her beer out of the bottle. I suppose she
had tits but she never tried to make you aware of them. In short,
she was a classic tomboy.

So there we were, watching the tv and getting a nice little buzz
going. I don't remember what the movie was and we weren't paying
much attention anyway. Chris started poking through a pile of
magazines that was lying on the table when she suddenly said,
"Jeez, you look at this shit?"

She pulled a magazine out of the pile and held it up for me to
see. It was an issue of Hustler. "You don't really read this
crap, do you?" she asked.

"No one reads it," I said, "they just look at the pictures."

"You like looking at it? These are gross, I can't believe anyone
pays for this," she exclaimed as she flipped through the

"It's not my favourite, but if there's nothing else around I'll
look at it. And besides, I didn't buy it, Bob gave it to me when
he left." I explained.

"Oh, come on, you don't look at this shit, do you?" she said as
she looked up at me.

"Hey, I don't have a girlfriend, I have to make do with

"And what's that mean?"

It must have been the beer, because I replied a little more
honestly than I might have, "Well, I've got to get some relief
somehow. It's not like I've got a girlfriend to take care of my

She looked at me for a moment as she realized what I was talking
about. It was like she was seeing me a little differently. Then
she said, "Why don't you find someone?"

"It's not like I don't want to. I don't exactly have a lot of
time to socialize with our homework load, and I'm not doing too
well at the parties."

It wasn't like I was a total social washout, just that residence
parties are the same group of people every time and tended to
follow a predictable pattern which ended up with me going home
alone. Well, except for one time the previous year when Karen and
I both got blitzed at a party and she came back to my room. But
that's another story and I can't remember any of the details
anyway due to excess inebriation.

I expanded on my point, "It's like living in a small town here.
You spend a night with someone and everyone knows the next day. I
don't have time for a girlfriend and I didn't feel like fucking

Charise was one of the few girls in residence that screwed around
and would always have one or two guys trying to take her home at
each party.

Chris threw the magazine on the table and leaned back saying, "I
know what you mean, I haven't seen my boyfriend since we broke up
in the summer. It's not like I'm getting any action either."

Now, I had never thought about Chris as having a need for
'action'. I guess this was because I'd never seen her a sexual
person. I mean - as far as I knew, she was a normal healthy young
woman with normal needs - I'd just never looked at her that way.
I didn't even know she'd had a boyfriend.

So this thought of Chris needing to get relief ran through my
head, and being intrigued about what girls did about it I asked,
"What do you do about it?"

"Oh, like I'm going to tell you!"

"Why not? You know about my magazines."

"Okay, if you really need to know - I spend an evening with

Thinking Artie is some guy she visits, I asked, "Who the hell is

Chris didn't answer for a little while. Maybe she thought she'd
said too much. But I wasn't going to let it go by, especially as
I'd already made my confession to her.

"Come on, 'fess up, who's Artie?"

Chris gave in and mumbled, "Artie is my artificial stimulator."

"What do you mean, 'artificial stimulator'?"

Chris looked at me somehow combining annoyance and embarrassment
in her voice as she said, "It's a vibrator, Shit-for-brains!"

This sure shut my mouth for a while. I sat there thinking about
Chris needing to get off and using a vibrator. Some images went
through my head of Chris in her bed using a vibrator and I
started to get really horny.

After a while I figured I had to say something, so I said, "Well,
there you go, you're all taken care of. It beats not having

She looked at me, probably deciding if she wanted to keep talking
about it, then said, "Yeah right, a piece of plastic and a
battery! Like that's a replacement. You get a real warm, cozy
feeling with that. Try getting friendly with your refrigerator
sometime, why don't you?"

I paused for a moment, and then said, "We're a real fucking pair,
aren't we? Having to jerk off in our rooms because we don't have
the time to get laid."

"Yeah, really amusing ain't it?" she replied with a smile.

I think at this point we were both thinking along the same line,
but neither was sure if it should be mentioned. I thought maybe
if I said anything Chris would get pissed off. But I was horny
and buzzed, a dangerous combination.

"There is a solution, you know," I said.

Chris looked at me kind of sideways, "What do you mean?"

"We could help each other, give each other a hand like."

"What are you saying?"

"Nothing serious, just help each other get a little relief. In a
friendly way."

I'm pretty sure Chris was just as horny as me, because she wasn't
telling me to fuck off or anything. I put down my beer on the
night table, then spread my legs out.

"Come here and sit between my legs," I told her.

She gave me a look that I didn't quite understand, then stood up,
moved over to the bed, and sat down with her back to me. She sat
up straight, like she wasn't quite sure what I had planned, or
whether she should trust me. I reached up and started rubbing her
shoulders through the sweatshirt, sliding my hands up and down
her back, until I could feel her relax a bit. Then I pulled back
on her shoulders until she leaned back against my chest.

I rubbed lightly up and down her arms and then onto her forearms,
which were resting on her thighs. After a minute or two of this,
I slid my hands under her arms and onto her thighs. I felt Chris
tense up a bit, then she said, "Are you sure about this?"

I said softly as I continued to stroke her thighs, "Yeah, I'm
sure. I'm just helping out a friend who needs a little
assistance. Just helping a friend, that's all. Now, just relax
and enjoy."

With that she gradually relaxed again and let her hands fall to
the bed. I kept stroking but slowly moved my hands inwards until
I was rubbing the inside of her thighs, then I pushed slowly but
firmly until she moved her legs a little further apart.

I brought my hand up the inside of her thigh until I was stroking
between her legs. I could feel warmth through her jeans and her
hips start a gentle rocking. I rubbed up and down, pushing on the
thick seam in her jeans for several minutes as Chris began to get
more and more into it.

I moved my other hand to her waist and popped open the button
holding her jeans closed, then slid the tab of her zipper down as
far as it would go. I tried to slide my hand down over her
panties but the crotch of her jeans was too tight. I tried
wiggling my hand around and got my fingertips inside her jeans
but that was as far as they'd go. I spoke quietly into Chris's
ear, "Your jeans are in the way, they have to come off."

She thought about it for a moment, then mumbled, "Okay."

Lifting her butt off the bed, Chris put her hands to her
waistband and started to wriggle her way out of the jeans. Being
full hipped, this took some work and her panties started to slide
down with the jeans. I could see the beginnings of full, unkempt
brush of dark-brown hair before she pulled them back up. Sitting
up she pulled her jeans off her legs; I took the opportunity to
reach into my own jeans and adjust my erection to a more
comfortable position.

Chris lay back against me and I slid my hand over her satin
bikini panties (I had expected white cotton), and down between
her legs once more. I could feel heat and dampness through the
fabric as I ran my fingers up and down the slippery material. As
I pressed on the crotch of her panties, it worked its way into
her crevice. I was able to feel all the intimate details of
Chris's lips, her opening, her clit, as I worked on bringing her
to orgasm.

My original thought had been to keep this as distant as possible;
to keep things on a 'friendly' basis. I was going to touch her
just enough to bring 'relief'. This was supposed to be just
helping in the same way you might scratch an itch on a friend's
back that she couldn't reach.

As they say, no plan survives contact with the enemy. Once I was
sitting there with my hand in her crotch feeling her panties
sliding around in her juices I couldn't leave it at that - I had
to have direct contact. I pulled my hand back to the top of her
panties and put my fingertips under the edge.

Chris did nothing to stop me so I continued to move my hand
further down. I felt the edge of her pubic hair and spread my
fingers letting the hairs run between them. I felt the bulge of
her mound and then the separation as my middle finger ran down
into her cleft.

As my fingers continued to move through the hair I could feel the
wetness soaking through it. My fingers reached her crevice and I
could feel it running with lubrication. I started stroking up and
down, rubbing the bump at the top on every upstroke.

This brought a series of moans from Chris, and started her hips
moving in time with my hand. I began to run a couple of fingers
into her pussy at the bottom of the stroke while keeping the edge
of my hand against her clit. It wasn't long before Chris started
moaning, "Oh god, oh god," over and over. She soon reached her
orgasm and pushed my hand away from her pussy.

We stayed in that position for a little while Chris recovered,
then she started to slide her back, which was partially resting
against my crotch, from side to side. Now that she wasn't so
preoccupied she had noticed my own predicament. "It feels like
you could use a little help yourself," she said as she rolled
over on her stomach and slid down the bed between my legs.

Propping herself up on her elbows, Chris began rubbing the ridge
in my pants. This felt wonderful; no one beside myself had
touched it in a very long time. I lay back and closed my eyes
while I enjoyed the sensation. Very soon, I felt my jeans being
opened and the zipper pulled down.

"Take `em off," Chris commanded.

I flipped a leg over Chris's head so that I was sitting on the
edge of the bed. I thought for a second, then pushed both my
jeans and underwear off. My briefs would just be in the way, I

I flipped my leg back over Chris and moved back into position.
She reached up and slid her hand up and down my rock-hard boner.
"Oh, shit," I said and closed my eyes once more. I felt a hand
wrap around my dick and start sliding up and down while another
one cupped my balls.

In spite of the beers I'd drunk, it wasn't long before this had
the expected effect. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and
I'm sure Chris could too. Her hand started moving faster, then
stopped suddenly and pulled my dick towards her. I was just about
to say, "Don't stop!" when I felt a warm wetness surround the

Chris pushed her head down taking my dick into her mouth, then
sucked hard as she pulled it back. She went down again, and that
was all it took. The cum came shooting out in hot spurts as my
balls spasmed, pumping it through my dick. Soon it was over and
my erection faded. Chris sucked the last drops out of my
shrinking boner, then let it slip from her mouth.

I lay there, savouring the feeling of the first orgasm I had with
someone else's help in many months.

I think I must have fallen asleep at this point because next
thing I knew was that I was waking up with the clock showing
sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I was still wearing
just my sweatshirt and socks, but a blanket had been thrown over
me. There was no sign of Chris or what had happened except for
the empty beer bottles on my desk.

I took off the sweatshirt and socks, put on some shorts and
headed down the hall to brush my teeth. For prophylaxis I drank a
few glasses of water, then headed back to bed to sleep it off.


The next morning I woke up late after a long and sound sleep. I
seemed to have been spared the ravages of the demon drink and
felt pretty good. I lay in be for a while thinking about the
events of the previous night and wondering what I was going to do
about Chris. Now that the head between my shoulders was clear of
alcohol and the head between my legs was slumbering, I became
concerned about how this episode would affect our relationship.
We'd been friends for a couple of years and I was worried that
things were about to become really uncomfortable between us. It
wouldn't be the first time that a girl had gotten really cold
towards me after a one-night stand. Some women couldn't admit
they were just as eager, and acted like I took advantage of them
while they were drunk. Or they pretend they weren't aware of what
was going on.

I grabbed a towel and headed down the hall to the shower. Letting
the water run over my head, I replayed the blowjob in my head,
and gave myself a couple of strokes thinking about how good it
was. I wasn't ready for a real jerk-off, but I would probably
head back to my room after breakfast to finish off.

I got out of the shower, dried off, and went back to my room to
dress. By this time I was feeling pretty hungry so I headed out
to the cafeteria for some food. I had plans to take advantage of
the all-day breakfast - two eggs, toast, sausage, home-fries, and
a lot of coffee; I'd worked up a real appetite.

I placed my order and flipped through the college paper while I
waited. When my food was ready I grabbed my tray and went looking
for a table. Not surprisingly, the place was pretty much empty,
just one other person sitting at a table. I realized with a bit
of a shock that it was Chris.

'Might as well get this over,' I thought to myself, and headed
over to her table. As I put my tray down she looked up from her
reading. "Hi," I said as I sat down.

Chris said, "Hi," and closed her book.

I started assembling a forkful of egg, sausage, and toast. "How's
it going?" I asked just before putting the fork-load into my

"It's going OK, how's it going with you?"

"Wew enuv," I mumbled around my mouthful. We continued in this
line of social pleasantry for a while, then segued into a
discussion of the book she was reading while I scarfed down my
meal. I wiped my plate with the last of my toast, shoved it into
my mouth, and picked up my coffee.

I wanted to broach the subject of what we did the previous
evening, but I wanted to ease gently into it. "Did you sleep
well?" I asked.

"Yeah, pretty good. How about you?"

"Best sleep I've had in months."

"Well, you were snoring pretty good when I left."

"Yeah, um, well, sorry about that. Beer does that to me

"Beer, right!" she said sarcastically, then "You guys are always
falling asleep as soon as you're done."

I figured her ex-boyfriend had been pretty quick to start sawing
wood after sex. I looked at her and smiled, "I have to admit I
was pretty relaxed. No more pressures I guess."

"Yeah, I was pretty relaxed too," she admitted, "I slept really

I decided to get more serious. "Chris, what happened last night,
I hope it doesn't mess anything up between us. I mean - we're
friends right? I don't want to fuck that up."

Chris looked at me for a moment, thinking about what she was
going to say, then told me, "I've got no regrets about last
night, it was something we both needed. If it makes you feel
better to pretend it never happened, then that's okay with me."

"No, it's not like that, I just don't want it to change things -
I don't want to forget." I paused for a moment, "Besides, it was
just friend helping friend, right?"

"That's right, we were just helping each other out," she agreed.

This talk was making me think about what had happened, and I was
getting a soft-on. You know - when your dick is getting
interested, and inflating a little, just not getting hard. My
little head prompted me to say, "Hey, I never met your friend
Artie, d'ya think you could introduce us sometime?"

Chris scowled at me, then said, "Fucking guy, is there nothing
else you think about?" But she smiled when she said it.

"No, not really. Not for very long, anyway."

At this, Chris stood up and said, "I'm heading back, you ready?"

"Sure," I said and got up. We left our trays by the exit and
headed out.

We started walking back, not saying anything. I was lost in
thought, mostly about how I was feeling really horny again. Chris
seemed to be thinking about something too.

I wasn't paying much attention to where we were heading, and
eventually realized that we were at her building. Chris pulled
open the door, then held it, waiting for me to go through. We
went to her room, a place I'd been many times before. I flopped
into a chair as she sat on the bed.

"So where's Artie?" I asked.

"Jesus, you really want to see it?"

"Naw, I'm just trying to bug you. I would like to see one in use
someday though. Standard male fantasy number two, I think. Right
after two women."

"Guys are so sleazy!"

"OK then, what turns your crank?"

Chris looked at me, like she was deciding whether she really
wanted to say.

"You really want to know?"

"Yeah, I would like to know."

She looked down at the bed, then at me and said, "I never had
anyone lick me."

"You mean, like down there? As in muff diving?"

Chris looked down at the bed again, and started picking lint off
of it, "Yeah, like that."

"Shit, what about your boyfriend?"

"He just wouldn't -- okay?"

Of course all this talk had me rock hard by now. And I was
willing to help out my friend. I told Chris, "Well, be prepared
to fulfill your fantasy."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'll take care of it for you. I'm ready to help out my
friend, and besides, I think I owe you one."

"You really mean it?"

I stood up so Chris could see the lump in my pants, "Yeah, I mean
it. Now take off your pants."

Chris stood up, then undid her jeans. She started to wiggle out
of them, this time taking her panties down with them. As she
pushed them down to her ankles I got a good look at her pussy. It
was a full, untrimmed bush and I could barely make out the cleft
between her lips.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Lie down."

She did, and I moved around to the end of the bed. I put my hands
on her knees, then pushed them up and apart. I kneeled between
them and started stroking her inner thighs. I worked my hands up
to her pussy and gently brushed the hair, gradually rubbing
harder. I could tell that she was already lubricating, probably
turned-on by our talk.

I slid a finger into her wet slit, then parted the lips with my
thumbs. The inner lips were swollen and I could see moisture
seeping out of the hole. I bent down and ran my tongue up her
pink slit to her clit. Chris moaned deeply and hunched her hips.
I kept up the licking, running my tongue from the widening hole
at one end to her hard clit at the other.

Occasionally I would switch to sucking her clit like a nipple, or
pushing my tongue up her cunt like a small dick. Fairly quickly
Chris was moaning and writhing out of control. Just to see what
would happen I lifted her butt with my hands and stuck my tongue
into her asshole. Chris gasped at this then started writhing
again as she adjusted to the new sensation.

Thinking that she was near orgasm, I moved back to her clit and
started licking it hard with the flat of my tongue, while pushing
a finger slowly in and out of her. This got her hips pumping hard
and she kept saying, "Oh god, oh god," over and over. Then she
just went "Ungh, ungh, ungh," and collapsed.

Knowing she would be very sensitive at this point, I backed off.
I pushed myself up on my knees and wiped my mouth on my sleeve.
Chris opened her eyes and looked at me, then said, "Wow, you know
what you're doing."

"I've had a little practice, I guess."

Chris reached out her hand and started gently rubbing the head of
my dick that was pointing at her through my sweatpants.

"Take 'em off," she said. I was beginning to think she liked
ordering guys around.

I undid the string and pushed my sweats and briefs down to my
knees. I was about to get up when Chris said, "That's enough,"
then grabbed my rigid dick. She stroked it up and down a couple
of times, rubbing her thumb through the clear drip that seeped
out the end.

"Put it in," she said.

I looked down at her and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure," she said and started pulling my dick towards

"What about protection?"

"I'm still on the pill. I never stopped after the summer."

"Okay," I said and moved closer. As I bent over Chris guided my
cock into her pussy. I pushed in slowly. Chris was ready,
dripping wet, and wide open. I began to pump in and out, knowing
it wouldn't last long. Luckily, Chris was still excited and ready
for another orgasm. It didn't take many strokes before she was
cumming again. As her pussy squeezed hard around my shaft I began
shooting my load into her. It was great, even better than getting
blown the night before.

I finished and collapsed beside her. As we lay there I slid a
hand under her sweatshirt and slowly stroked the braless tits I
still hadn't seen. We lay like that for a while, then I said,
"So, what do you want to do today?"

Chris reached down to my shriveled dick, rubbed it lightly, then
said, "First thing is to keep you awake, then let's see if this
guy wants to play some more."

"Fine with me," I said.


I was only in residence two more days before I went home for
Christmas, and we spent a good part of that in one bed or
another. We talked about what we were doing and neither of us
wanted anything more than to be friends, even if we were 'special

When the winter term started we went back to the usual situation,
except that every week or two we seemed to work together on a
project, with the door closed.



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