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Claudette Fucks the Parish Priest

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"Hey Katie R, I used to go to church a lot when I lived in
Canada and I kind of miss it. I'm thinking about dropping
in at St. Paul's and seeing what's going on."

"Suit yourself, Claudette, and like I always say, 'Live
free or kick ass'".

"Thanks, Katie R. I'm off to see father O'Brien. I'll be
back in time for dinner."


"Thanks for seeing me, Father. I think I want to serve the
Church again and hope you have some openings."

"Of course we do, my dear. You should know we only let
people be servers if they are very good and pretty much
without sin. When was the last time you've been to

"It's been over a year, Father. It sort of slipped my mind
I guess."

"Don't worry, Claudette. I can hear your confession right

I was dreading the question. I hadn't been to church since
I moved here from Canada. Well, that was all going to
change. A quick confession and I'm free as a bird. The
Catholic Church sure understands a girl like me.

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been a long
time since my last Confession."

"Why don't you tell me your sins now?"

The first thing that came to mind was the Middle School
Dance Katie R and I attended last week. We normally don't
go to school events, but Katie R's mom made us. We figured
we'd have a good time and could end the dance over early if
we played our cards right.

We each put up five bucks for a winner take all game of
Pants Stainer. In case you haven't heard of the game, it's
real simple. You get some guy to dance with you and then
you're real friendly and stuff. A little touch on the back
of the neck; a little boob rub on the chest; and, a little
press against the boner a middle school boy starts getting
when a girl with big tits and no bra asks him to dance.
The next thing you know, his pants are stained. Way cool
and it's pretty easy in Middle School since the boys
sometimes have accidents like that without any help at all.

The only way to win is through volume of course. Katie R
and I are experts at this game and we figured we could
clear out the room in a couple of hours if we put our minds
to it.

We were averaging 90 to 120 seconds a guy. Blushing boys
who couldn't control themselves were slipping out of the
dance hall and trying not to get noticed. Every once in
awhile, I'd pretend to be shocked and shriek as the wet
circle formed in the front of a boy's pants and I thought I
should get extra credit for the three teachers I nailed,
but Katie R said no way.

When all the boys were gone the dance pretty much was over
except for a few lesbians who decided to out themselves.
We danced with them for awhile and they were able to
control themselves a lot better than the boys.

"Tell me exactly how you did this, Claudette."

"Okay, Father."

It's pretty routine actually. I wait until I see some guy
sitting down at a table and go over and ask him to dance.
If I bend over just right, he's looking down my blouse and
notices my tits looking back at him. They always want to
dance then, even if they leave their girlfriend sitting
there by herself.

Since most 14 year old boys haven't seen a lot of boobs in
person, they usually start getting a boner right away. Of
course they want to dance close so no one can see it. I
always pretend I don't notice the boner pressing in on my

I snuggle up real close and hold one of his hands in mine.
I put my other hand on his back and then let it trail up to
his neck and I kind of let my fingers play around until I
notice I'm getting a reaction. Since most of the boys in
my school are short, it's no problem at all letting my
tongue sneak inside an ear or nipping at a lobe. boys just
go crazy when I play with them like that even though they
know something could happen in their pants. They can't do
much about it though because if they back off everyone will
see their boner making a tent in the front of their pants.

I've found the best way to finish a guy off is to rub my
body back and forth while holding on real close. Since I'm
not wearing a bra, he gets to feel my hot tits moving
across his chest. My nipples always seem to get hard when
I do this so he can feel them as they glide by. From time
to time I'll pull back to make sure he gets a good look
through my transparent blouse. I also make sure that every
time I move to the left his hand accidentally touches my
tit. He always thinks he's getting away with something
because I pretend not to notice.

Well, the boy is done for in no time at all and I can feel
his dick jumping around in his pants. Soon as it stops, I
step back and point at the front of his pants and say,
"What's that?" Off he goes red faced and all trying to
cover up his front and hoping none of his friends see him.
I understand some boys have stayed overnight in the
restroom just so no one would know what happened.

"Father O'Brien, where are your clothes?"

"Don't worry about that, Claudette. It's warm in here and
I decided to get comfortable. Just close your eyes and
think pure thoughts."

"Father, do you think that was a bad sin?"

"I don't think so, Claudette. You were just playing a game
and not really doing anything bad. Tell me another sin."

"I'm not sure that this one is real bad either, but I'll
tell you so you can decide."

Katie R gives me all the money I could ever spend so I
don't work or anything like that. Her birthday arrived and
I figured it would be nice if I used my own money to buy
her a present. I knew she'd been eyeing a Digitalsexsation
Machine with the Deluxe Dildo set and I figured I could get
it for her.

Jobs never seem to work out for me and so I thought I'd do
something else to raise the money. I was riding my bike
down near 14th and Main when I saw a bunch of girls waving
at cars. I didn't know what they were up to, but I figured
they had to be making good money based on how well they
were dressed and all, but that's another story.

Anyhow, I asked one of the girls what she was doing and she
told me she was a physical therapy consultant. I didn't
know what that was and wondered if I could do it, too.

Well, it was no time at all before some really nice guy
drove up and gave me a ride in his car. We didn't go very
far for some reason and when we pulled into the alley he
asked me how much money I needed. I didn't want to be
greedy so I said I needed twenty bucks figuring I could
raise the rest of the money babysitting or something.

He gave me the twenty and then said he wanted a blow job.
Heck yes. If a guy is going to be nice enough to give me a
ride in his car and help out with Katie R's birthday
present the least I can do is give him a little head. Why
not? I like sucking cock a lot and so it wasn't as if he
wanted me to work for the money.

When I got back to the corner I saw the other girls were
still waving at cars so I figured I'd give it another try.
I sure was surprised at how many nice guys were driving by
and before I knew it, I ended up with $320 and would have
made more, but a couple of the guys only have five or ten
dollars. I decided it wasn't safe to be carrying that much
money on the street so I hoped on my bike and headed back
to the Stately Richardson Manor with enough money to buy
two Digitalsexsation machines along with all the
attachments and a server computer to run the devices. We
just loved playing with them and it was a lot of fun
letting a computer get us off five or six times an hour.

"Does that sound sinful to you, Father?"

"Raising money for your friend's birthday present certainly
isn't, but tell me more about the machine. I'm not clear
on that."

"Sure, Father. It's really neat and very high tech."

The Digitalsexsation machine is something we found on the
Internet. It connects to a computer and has a program that
reads the words on the screen and if a certain word shows
up, one of the devices operates in either slow, medium or
fast mode.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we have to play this game nude
because the devices attach to various parts of our bodies.
There's the nipple-squeezer, the pussy-plunger and the
butt-teaser to name just a few of the choices. I guess you
can figure out where those things are attached.

We started out in a chat room and tried to use sentences
with the code words the machines were looking for. Every
time one of the words showed up on a person's screen the
machine fired up the related device. I bet the people in
the chat room wondered what happened when we switched over
from regular sentences to just pussy, cunt, boob, tit, ass
and so forth. I was able to hold out longer than Katie R
and I won the game when she fell off her chair. I don't
think she minded losing though. She had the cutest smile
on her face just before she passed out.

"I don't really think you've committed much of a sin with
your machines. Seems like good clean fun to me. Is there
anything else?"

"Excuse me, Father. You seem to be breathing real hard.
Can I get you a glass of water or something?"

"No, no. Just get on with you next sin and hurry it up."

I didn't really want to tell him about the next one because
I thought I might have lusted in my heart or something real
bad. Of course, a good confession requires telling
everything so I came clean.

My science teacher usually has me act as the demonstrator
for most things we do in class. He really seems to like me
and I try to look interested whenever I can. Anyhow, we
were doing the biology section and he asked me to come to
the front of the room. I was kind of surprised when he
told me to take off my clothes, but since it was science I
figured it would be okay. Besides, I was hoping to pass
this class without having to fuck the teacher for my A.

He started discussing different parts of the human anatomy
and while he did, the class examined mine. I tried to
remain professional, but I found myself getting hot when
people starting squeezing my nipples, fondling my breasts,
sticking their fingers in my pussy and more or less doing
anything they wanted to me.

Something must have happened to the teacher because next
thing I knew he threw me on his desk, spread my legs and
gave me ten inches of meat missile hot and fast. It was a
bit embarrassing getting fucked in front of all the other
kids, but I kind of needed some action by then and figured
I might as well get into it.

He came in about three minutes which might have been a
major disappointment for me except that several of the boys
were ready to take his place. I can't remember everything,
but I think I got I on with all the boys at least once and
probably half of the girls. I was getting a little tired
and didn't appreciate the ones coming back for seconds and
told them so.

I was able to speed things up quite a bit when I started
doing them in groups. I got one guy to lay on the desk and
I fucked the shit out of him while I went down on some girl
as another guy poked me in the butt. I'm getting so good
at this sort of thing I was able to give hand jobs to all
comers without losing my place.

After I wore everyone out I asked the teacher if he thought
I would get a good grade in the class. He couldn't
actually talk then, but he did nod his head so I figure I
aced the course.

"Father, what are all those noises? Are you having some
sort of attack?"

"Don't worry about it, Claudette. It must have been
something I had for lunch. By the way, do you have a

After father cleaned himself, he told me that helping in a
science class isn't much of a sin. He also said he
couldn't take any more of my sins right then and I'd have
to come back next week and tell him more. Based on my
clean bill of health in confession, he said I could be a
server and should show up Sunday and take my place as an
Altar girl when he said mass.

"Thank you, Father, I'm so proud."


"I think this robe is a little too big for me, Father. Do
you have something in my size?"

"Sorry, Claudette. You're taller than most of the boys
your age so you'll have to make do with one of my old
robes. It would be sinful for you to wear something skimpy
during Mass."

"Well okay, Father, but where do I change?"

"We really don't have facilities for that, but don't be
concerned, I'm a priest. You can change right here."

Even though he was a priest, he was looking at me just like
a regular guy. I thought he looked silly with his mouth
hanging open like that, but I guess it was just something
priests do.

"How much should I take off, Father?"

At first I thought he was kidding when he told me to take
off everything, but he proved it by having me put my hand
up his robe. As soon as I grabbed on to his whopper, I
figured I better take it all off.

I was getting set to put on my robe when I noticed
something. "Father, I don't think you can go on stage with
that boner you got there. You better cool down or you'll
get the crowd all excited."

"You're right Claudette. I can't go out there like this.
You've got to help me."

I've done this sort of help before. It's really not too
bad. old guys may not get off as fast as a boy in middle
school, but they're a little more gentle and when you close
your eyes, it could be anyone.

"Thanks Claudette, you can use the restroom over there to
clean up."

"Hey, I thought you didn't have any place for me to

"Hmm, uh, yes. I'll explain later. Hurry up and get

My robe seemed to flow and I was having a hard time keeping
it on my shoulders. It did go all the way to ground so
that part seemed okay.

The altar boy walked in as I was coming out of the rest
room and he seemed to know something was going on.

"What the hell are her clothes doing on the floor. You
been fucking this babe, Father? I could use a piece of her
snatch myself."

"Shut the fuck up, Harold. We're getting ready to say the
Holy Mass and you should be a little more reverent."

"Bull shit! I wouldn't even have this job except that my
parents donated the grammar school and forced you to take
me on. She could give me a quick blow job at least."

"Harold, move it."

The Mass has a lot of interesting ceremony that most people
don't actually understand. It was a lot easier when it was
in Latin since it made things sound mysterious. Now that
the Mass is in everyday English, it just looks confusing
and sounds worse.

We were milling around on stage. I carried the wine up to
the priest several times on his signal. A good thing we
were using gallon jugs cause he was filling his chalice to
the brim every time. He finally offered me a swig. I
drank mine out of the bottle and hoped no one noticed.

Harold is such a jerk. Just when I thought things were
going okay, he stepped on the hem of my robe. I think he
did it on purpose, too. Well, anyhow, the robe ripped off
and I was standing on the stage in nothing by my four inch
patent leather pumps. I didn't have time to be

"Holy shit! You've got the best body I've ever seen." With
that Harold knocked me on my ass and beat me to the ground.
Somehow he got his fly down and stuck his jumbo cock into
me before I could even try and stop him.

Father O'Brien came over and watched the action. When he
didn't say anything I figured I might as well let Harold
finish. He did have a rather nice dick and it had been
awhile since I had one that big.

It was hardly worth the bother. Harold came 25 seconds
later and there I was all hot and wet for nothing. A good
thing I was in a church because my prayers were answered
when a few of the congregation rushed the stage and next
thing I knew I was the center of attention.

"This is the tightest pussy I've ever been in."

"The girl sucks like a vacuum cleaner. No shit."

"Put another finger in my pussy. Taste my juice."

The people just seemed to lose it and I couldn't keep track
of how many times I got fucked, gave head, spread my butt
cheeks and frigged people. I thought it was a lot of fun,
but those people acted as if they'd never been laid before.
Pretty sad so I worked a lot harder than usual to get them
off and decided to hang in there no matter how long it took
to serve everyone's needs.


"You sure are getting home late from church, Claudette.
You all right?"

"I'm fine Katie R, but I'm dropping out of the church. I
just don't like it anymore."

"You were all hot for it when you left. What happened?"

"Well, everyone fucked me a lot which is kind of normal, so
that part's pretty good. I just don't like the tacky
clothes they make you wear. Even if I had my robe tailored
I don't think it would do much for me."

I still wasn't finished with religion. I decided I needed
something with a little more spice so I decided to give the
Druids a try. Kinkier sex and all that leather sure looked
good to me.
The End
Let me know what you think of my story . . .

By Katie McN <>
Read more of my stories here . . .


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