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Claudette Gets a Job

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN

"Yikes! Claudette, what did you do to your hair?"
Yep, it's me, Claudette of the North, and I'm not going to
take it anymore. People think I'm a typical 14 year old
Canadian nymphomaniac and it just isn't true. For one
thing, I don't live in Canada now. Plus, I don't even know
what a nymphomaniac is, and even if I did, I know I
couldn't get a job like that until after I graduate from
middle school.

So, I figure if I make my mark, put my shoulder to the
grind stone and do all that other stuff you see on
television, people will start looking at me in a new light.
Yep, so I decided it was time to start my career, and what
better place to start than reading the want ads in the Del
Rio News Herald?

There were all kinds of jobs in the paper, but nothing that
I could do. Working at Taco Bell seemed real hard and I'd
be too embarrassed to take a job in government. Suddenly I
noticed this great opportunity . . .

Help Wanted - blonde Bombshell Massage Parlor - Must Be

My dream job. I can't think of anyone more experienced
than me. The only problem was the blonde part. Well, I
always wondered what I'd look like as a blonde so why not
find out?
"What did you do, Claudette?"

Katie R gets so excited. It's not like I couldn't dye my
hair some other color if I wanted to change things around.
I know how to do some stuff.

"Don't you like me as a blonde bombshell, Katie R? I'm
applying for a job today and have to look just right."

I really don't have to work because Katie R is the richest
14 year old girl in the world. It just seemed like I had
to do something worthwhile to show I could make it on my
own. She finally said it was okay to apply for the
position as long as I brought some change for the phone in
case I had to call home.

I hopped on my bike and peddled my ass all over town until
I finally arrived at the Massage Parlor. I should've asked
Katie R what kind of work people did there, but I figured
if all they wanted was someone experienced, I didn't really
have to know anything.

"Yah, what do you want."

"Bon jour. I'm Claudette du Nord and I'm here to apply for
the job."

The guy didn't seem friendly at all, but I knew if I looked
sincere I could win him over. I also knew that most guys
liked my five inch heels and the silk mini-dress that
barely covered my cute little butt. Either way, I figured
he'd find me a good candidate.

"You look a little young for what we're doing here, kid. I
think you better come back in a couple of years."

"What do you mean? I'm really experienced and that's all
you said in your ad. I think you should at least interview

We argued for awhile until he finally brought me into a
back room where several other guys were playing some sort
of card game. I usually don't play cards because I can't
see the point in playing a game where I always have to take
my clothes off. I hoped the guys were finished although
I'd probably be a good sport if they asked me real nice.

"Okay, boys, this is Claudette and she says she'll do
anything to get the out-call, uh, I mean massage job. She
wants an interview even though I told her she's too young.
Any one got any ideas?"

"Hi Claudette, I'm Luther, the owner of this place. Do you
happen to know how to dance?"

Well, I soon found myself standing up on the card table
dancing to some song I never heard before. It was an okay
song about the Stars at Night or something like that, and I
soon got into it. Every once in awhile someone would
holler out something like dress or panties and I'd take it
off. Once when I was in Dallas, Katie R showed me how to
do strip tease dancing and I made a lot of money. It was
fun watching all the guys make fools out of themselves,

Since I wasn't wearing a lot, I found myself in nothing but
my high heels, stockings and garter belt in no time at all.
I was waiting for them to holler out the other items, but
they never got around to it for some reason. After awhile
I kind of got winded and had to stop. Lucky for me, there
was more to the interview.

Luther brought me into one of the side rooms where a guy
was laying down on a little table with nothing but a towel
covering him. Good thing he had that towel on because I
could see he had a boner and I'm sure he wouldn't want
anyone to notice it.

Luther played a joke on him and pulled off the towel. I
pretended not to see anything when his dick shot straight
up in the air and started to quiver. It looked kind of
silly, but I was experienced and certainly had seen things
like that before.

"Okay, Claudette, hop up on the table and give Mr. Smith a

Somehow I ended up spread eagle over his dick. It slipped
inside me and he started to move around like he wanted to
get laid. I figured I better fuck him or else I'd never be
able to show Mr. Luther that I could give good massages.
The guy really liked big tits. When I rubbed mine on his
chest, he seemed to get into it big time.

A lot of guys think my voice is sexy and sometimes I can
get them off just by talking. I decided to give it a try.


Seems like it worked again. He started making the usual
sounds and before you know it he exploded with a major
league orgasm. Not bad for an old guy.

Mr. Smith seemed tired and so we decided to go into one of
the other rooms where some guy had a babe tied down on a
table and he looked like he was getting ready to fuck her
in the ass. He was putting something on his dick to grease
it up so I figured she wasn't real experienced with getting
poked in the wazoo.

"Hi Mr. Billingsly. It's me, Claudette, your daughters
friend from school."

It must have been painful for him to jam his cock into that
jar like that. He didn't seem happy to see me either.

"What's that white stuff coming out of your thingy? You
must of got some of that cream jammed into your dick, Mr.
Billingsly. Let me help you get it out."

I figured if I gave him a quick hand job, everything would
work out one way or another. Sure enough, when he came,
all that other stuff shot out of there, too. He seemed
relieved so I decided to make his day and lick him clean.
He really liked that and soon his dick was sticking
straight out again. Well, since I'm experienced, I knew
just what to do. The floor was kind of hard on my knees
and I thought that I should really bring knee pads to work
from now on to avoid bruises. Mr. Billingsly got off again
and he kept talking about having two orgasms in less than
five minutes. I couldn't understand why he was so excited,
I can get myself off five or ten times in five minutes.
What's the big deal?

He handed me some money and said to keep this to myself,
but he wanted to see me again for more of the same. guys
are so funny. I told him his daughter knew how to do all
the same stuff and that she would probably do it for free
seeing as how they are family and all. I didn't know what
happened next. He seemed to get real angry and then he
left in a huff.

There were three guys in the waiting room when we got back.
They said they didn't have much time, but wanted to get
their pipes cleaned. I didn't know what they meant at
first, but they seemed to like seeing me in nothing but
heels, stockings and garter belt so I figured it must have
something to do with getting laid.

I had the first guy lay down on the floor where I squatted
down on his whopper and got busy. Once I had a good rhythm
going, I had another one pull out his dick and I gave him a
scorcher he'd never forget. I couldn't believe how dense
the last guy was. It took him forever to realize that the
only place I had left for him was my asshole. He finally
figured it out and that's how the sheriff found us when he
came into the place.
The sheriff seemed a bit upset and I figured it must be a
health violation or something. I've known the sheriff
since the first time he came out to the house to bust us
for under-age drinking. He still seemed to like getting it
on with Canadian girls and so it was no time at all before
he left, smiling and beaming.

Well, Mr. Luther hired me right then and put me on the
clock. I was only making minimum wage and tips which
seemed low for an experienced person. I worked for another
three hours and ended up with 1,280 dollars. When I asked
Mr. Luther about it, he told me that it was a slow day and
I should make a lot more on the week ends.
"Katie R, I can't take the 9 to 5 grind any more. First
off, I can't even pay my bar tab at the club with what I'll
be making at the massage parlor and the part where I have
to work on weekends is just the last straw."

Katie R was very sympathetic when I told her that I'd quit
on the spot and decided there and then I was finished with
work for all time.

Katie R was so understanding. She helped me change my hair
color back to my normal red which was a great relief. She
drew a hot bath for me and assisted me out of my clothes.
I always like it when she undresses me. She thinks I don't
know she's checking out the merchandise, but I had it all
figured out the third time it took her twenty minutes to
undress me and she ended up touching ever part of my body a
million times. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck and
so forth.

She never lets me do anything in the bath tub and she is so
thorough. When she touches me in all those personal places
I do get turned on, of course, but I try very hard not to
let her know. I'm sure she'd be mortified if she realized
what she was doing to me. I kind of like taking advantage
of her like that and hold off having an orgasm for as long
as I can. Fortunately she is such a naive nymphet that she
doesn't even realize what she's doing. I can get off three
or four times in the bath and she doesn't notice a thing.


Claudette is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and I'm
so lucky to have her for my best friend.

I just love it when she gets all excited about something
and says, "Katie R, look at this." She has the most
animated face once could ever imagine. Her skin is smooth
as silk and her long red hair flows like a river of
excitement all the way down to her waist. She has the
breasts of a mature woman, but they still retain the firm
excitement of a young girl. Her body is slender and yet
well rounded in all the places I like to touch. And, I
like to touch. Her ass sticks out in a way that says 'grab
me' and I do as many times as I can. I don't know how
someone who is barely 5' 7" can have legs than are miles
long. The most exciting legs one could ever imagine.

Somehow her nipples and her lips are the same color. I
call it 'kiss me red' because I've found myself kissing her
lips and breasts more times than I can count. And when she
gets real excited, the inside of her pussy turns the same
color and I know she's ready for anything and everything.

I'm in love with a person who knows just what I want and
one who is always ready to give it to me.

A cave of red hair surrounds me and all I can see is her
mouth searching for mine. A kiss and then another and
another. Her tongue makes its way into my mouth and
explores for hidden treasure. A hand on my cheek trails
back behind my neck and finds a place attached to a secret
part of my mind.

A flash or orange. A flash of red.

Her little tongue teases my nipple and makes is grow to
adult size. Her lips surround the rosy target on my breast
and try to hide it all inside her mouth.

Her hand slides down to my waist and then to my hip and
then to my everywhere. Her hand is learning the shape of
my body and it's learning it very well. A single finger
sneaks across my tummy and messes around in the little
patch of hair that signals the entrance to my private
place. A single finger slides down the trail that splits
my pussy and I feel it try to get it, but somehow it's
denied. Not by me, of course, but something made it wait
for another right time.

I feel the heat from her tits merge with mine as our two
bodies try to be one, a special one that only lovers know.

She turns me over and paints a track of kisses from my neck
to my ass. Her teeth nibble and peck their way across my
butt where they rest half way through the journey just in
time to let her tongue pretend to probe my tiny asshole.
Her finger slips inside my pussy without even asking. I
didn't notice it at first, but I sure notice it now. She
moves her hand in an exquisite rhythm. A finger burrows
deep inside my pussy while two others tease my now engorged
pussy lips. My clit likes the feel of her knuckle gently
rubbing up and down in time to my ecstasy. She starts
moving her hand back and forth with a constant pressure
that says she knows just what I want. She's so right. Her
finger moves in and out of the flame between my legs and
never seems to get burned.

Her tongue pushes against my lips and they open to accept
her little treasure. She's kisses me many times and yet
each time seems so very new. Each time seems so much
better than the last. Each time.

My hand wanders over her back and down toward her ass. I
take an inventory of her delights and find I'm richer than
I thought. She feels so very good . Much more than a
woman. Much more than wonderful. Much more than I thought
I could deserve.

I kind of lose track of what I'm doing when she starts
playing with my tits. Claudette always knows what to do.
What to do to make me feel better than I ever have before.
Beyond that and then so much more. So very much more.

There is magic in our bed. We are laying on our sides and
looking at each other. We're kissing, touching, holding
and caressing. We're loving and feeling a magic that can
only happen on a special night. A night that can live but
once. A once that is only now.

I feel her hands holding my naked hips and then they start
to move across my ass. She explores and teases and
touches. She makes sure I know my lover is there and I do
over and over again. Her hands. Her tongue. Her pussy.
Her tits and more, more, more. And sound and smell and
beauty and desire.

We make love through the night and fall asleep without
knowing that we do. We only know we are holding each other
when we wake. We only know we are in love.


"Katie R, look at this. Look here in the paper. I know I
could do this job."

"Why don't you put the paper down, Claudette, and just give
me another kiss?"
The End
Let me know what you think about my story . . .

Katie McN <>
Read more of my stories here . . .


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