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Claudette of the North

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Hi, I'm Katie Richardson, and do I have a problem!

Even though I'm only 14 years old, my parents think I'm
just too worldly. I could say I'm shocked, but really,
they don't know the half of it. Ha, ha, ha!

It started about three months ago when my daddy said he was
going to invite the daughter of one of his business
associates to stay for the summer.

You can bet I got suspicious right away. I sure did.

Daddy told me her name was Claudette. Yep, Claudette du

She lives with her family in some dinky little town in
Canada called Foleyet. Can you believe there are only two
hundred people in the whole place? Damn, we have that many
ranch hands working out on our West Texas spread north of
Stanton. I can't imagine why anyone would want to live in
a place called Foleyet.

Well, it was pretty obvious to me that the parental units
were playing another one of their silly little games. I've
had to put up with my parents all my life and I wished I
could figure a way to end their crap once and for all.

I knew what they had in mind all right and it was the same
old shit. Yep, they wanted me to associate with the
*right* kind of girl, and figured a role model was all it
would take to get me to change my ways.

Can you imagine them thinking some mother Fucking Saint
Theresa type could set me straight? No fucking way!


Daddy told me to meet his Canuck friend at the Airport. He
said she was coming in at Dallas-Fort Worth on Thursday
around noon time on American Airlines.

Shit, it's an 8 hour drive from Big Spring to DFW over some
of the most boring roads in the world!

It would have been nice if she landed at Midland which is
only a few miles away from Big Spring, but no. I had to
get up in the middle of the fucking night and pick her up
in Dallas.

It really sucks, let me tell you.

Normally I'd come up with a cool reason why I couldn't
waste my time running errands for my parents. I know how
to play the part of the beautiful, spoiled, rich child - to
the max!

Something told me I better get involved right away on this
one. I can't have some foreign babe running loose all
summer and messing with my fun.

I thought that maybe I could derail my parents' plans
before the train left the station and ran me over. I've
been able to wipe 'em out in the past, and I was sure as
shit gonna try to get 'em


I asked Mike, our chauffeur, to give me a lift to DFW.

He's a cool guy and, wow, has he been around. Heard he
starred in a porno movie a few years back with all kinds of
big name stars. Can you fucking believe it?

Anyhow, Mike said he would be willing to drive me as long
as we stopped off at a couple of bars along the way.

Hell yes, and off we went.

Usually, a studly guy like Mike is just what this girl
needs to spice up a long trip. Kind of cute in a rugged,
pervert sort of way, if you know what I mean.

Must say, fooling around with that big boy did cross my
mind once or twice, but I just couldn't fit him this trip.

No, not today.

I've got to come up with a killer plan to turn the tables
on my parents and can't have any dalliances screwing up my
thinking. Work comes before pleasure, at least this time.

Pretty sure I'll come up with a plan to destroy this girl
and I know I'll have a lot of fun doing it.

Ain't no way my folks can mess with me and get away with

That's for damn sure!


Well, we finally arrived at DFW and parked the limo. Just
hate this fucking airport!

Who was the wise ass that figured people would want to ride
around for hours in these dumb little tram cars. Asshole
should've put the parking lot way closer to where the
planes land.

Seemed like it took us hours to get to the American
Airlines gate. Oh well, we finally made it so...

"Let the games begin."


"Wow, look at all the people standing around with nothing
better to do than meet people from Canada."

Mike and I were jammed in a crowd of really weird folks who
were waiting to meet the plane. "How many people live in
Canada, anyway?"

Mike and I were trying to watch the passengers as they got
off the plane. We didn't know what she looked like and
thought we might have trouble finding her in this big old

Shouldn't of fucking worried about it...Nope.

It was pretty damn easy figuring out which one of the
passengers was the chick from Canada. Shit.

Just so you know, it was a typical Texas summer day. It
was about 105 in the shade except there wasn't any shade to
speak of at high noon.

The damn heat is so bad here in Texas, a person would just
pass out in the street if she stayed in the sun too long.
Everyone was wearing shorts or something cool like the mini
skirt I had on. Wasn't wearing any panties so I was extra
comfortable, if you know what I mean.

I was watching everybody get off the plane when along came
this girl carrying a brown bag full of sausages and other
crap. She had a great big old camera wrapped around her
neck like she's trying to win a prize for photography or
something. Holy shit! She was carrying some kind of weird
Eskimo doll under her arm, too.

Well fuck me. The girl looked just like the "Ugly
Canadian", that's for damn sure.

Hey, don't start laughing just yet, partner. No, no. I
haven't told you the worst part. Not by a long shot.

Must say, she was dressed just a *little* different from
the folks around here.

First thing you'd notice was the wool skirt that hung on
her just like an old potato sack. Couldn't believe the
damn thing was almost dragging the ground. My, my. Never
saw that exact color of drab gray before.

She was also wearing a black, bulky knit sweater. Yep,
bulky fucking knit sweater. Yah, and it was buttoned up
all the way from her waist to her chin.

There was a great big old crucifix hanging around her neck
on some sort of chain. Well, I guess it did sort of fit in
with everything else she was wearing.

"Is that a Bible in her hand?" Oh, shit, a prude and a
religious fanatic.

Never saw anything like her, before or since.

As you might guess, most of the people waiting at the gate
were kind of looking at her dumbstruck. Wow.

Yes sir, Claudette must be a real modest little girl, close
as I can tell!

And, just in case there was a chance someone could see any
part of her goods through all those clothes, she was also
wearing a shawl and some sort of fur hat.

Holy shit!


For some stupid reason, she was surprised when I walked
right up to her and said, "Hi Claudette. How you doing

She just sort of looked at me like maybe no one ever talked
to her before. Wow. It was real hard to believe we were
the exact same age.

I could see right away why my parents figured they had a
winner in this girl. She was going to ruin my whole
fucking summer vacation if I didn't do something real fast.

Why, the girl probably spends half her life on her knees
praying, while I spend half my life on my knees...well, I
really don't have time to go into that just now.

I decided right then and there just what I needed to do.
You know me, I just couldn't let my parents get the best of
me. And of course, you know they won't.

Think I'll let Claudette tell you the rest.


I'm Claudette du Nord and I am so happy to be visiting
America. What a wonderful place!

The trip to Dallas, Texas, USA was my very first flight on
an airplane. To tell you the truth, I never traveled more
than 100 miles from home in Canada in my whole life and
certainly never thought I'd get a chance to visit America.
I was so happy when Mr. Richardson invited me to visit his
family in Texas.

My mother and I made several trips to the big city to
purchase a complete new wardrobe for my trip. I wanted so
much to look just like an American and tried to pick out
clothes to fit my image of you wonderful people.

Oh, yes, the big city I referred to is Timmins, Ontario, of
course. You must have heard of Timmins. It's way up north
in Ontario, and literally thousands of people live there.

Timmins is just over 50 miles away from my home and it
takes two days by dog sled to get there from Foleyet. It
sure was worth it. Just look at all these wonderful new

As you may know, Timmins is the fashion capital of Ontario,
at least for French speaking people. I'm such a lucky


Well, I guess I can't call Timmins a big city any more!
The whole trip from Foleyet to Dallas was such a

I just never realized what a real big city was until I flew
over Toronto, Chicago and now Dallas. My goodness. How
can people live in those places?


I must say, I was certainly surprised when a girl walked
right up to me in the airport and said,

"Hello, Claudette!"

Amazing. How did she know it was me?

Oh, I recognized her all right. It was Katie Richardson
and she looked just like the picture her father sent when
he asked my folks if I could stay with them for the summer.

Well, maybe the clothes were a little different.

Hmmm. Katie certainly was not dressed like the girls back
home. That's for sure.

A very short red mini-skirt that revealed some extremely
attractive legs.

Her legs looked even more interesting because of the 5 inch
heels she was wearing. Why, I never saw a young girl wear
such shoes. Mon Dieu.

She was wearing a T-shirt that stopped about two inches
above her belt. It moved provocatively up and down over
her very flat tummy as she strolled through the airport.
It seemed that every one of her steps revealed just a
little more skin. Why, every man in the place was staring
at her. She sure was the most beautiful girl I'd ever

I guess I was staring, too.

Her gorgeous blonde hair was silky and thick. It was
draped over her shoulders in rippling waves that cried out
to be touched.

It was hard for me to know just how tall she was at first.
The high heels added quite a bit to her height. I finally
guessed she was around 1.7 m in her bare feet.

Her body was quite nice to look at, too. She was slender
and couldn't weigh more than 53 kg at the very most.

<Translator's Note: Katie would be 5' 7" and 117 lbs.
which, of course, is the average height and weight for all
adult women in Texas>

Her well rounded breasts and butt looked sooo "adult" on
her rangy frame. I never saw such an incredible body on a
girl her age and can't really remember seeing any woman
looking that good.

I was so shocked when I noticed she was not wearing a bra!
Her boobs bounced and jiggled under her loose T-shirt in a
very provocative way as she walked toward me.

Everyone was watching her and no wonder.

At the time, I thought she had to be very embarrassed by
this faux pas. Later, though, I found out the truth.

Her body was so easy to observe in her skimpy little
outfit. She certainly was so nice to look at, even if she
was wearing vulgar clothes.

I knew she was my age, but she seemed so much older from
the neck down.

She seemed so self assured and confident. I wished I could
be just like her. Maybe I will be some day.

Her face was simply angelic.

A bright red color made her lips stand out just so. I had
never seen such a perfectly shaped nose, and her large
brown eyes looked so amazing, set off by her long blonde

I never saw such a beautiful girl.


"Okay, Claudie, just give Mike your ticket and all this
other stuff. He'll take care of your luggage and get all
your crap out to the limo."

Her voice. Deep and throaty. Why, she seemed so much
older when she talked. Her language was a little coarse,
but this was Texas after all.

A limo! I couldn't believe it. There are so few cars
where I live that I hardly ever get a chance to ride
anyplace. I just knew we would have so much fun together.

As we walked to the airport tram, Katie told me that it
would take 8 hours to get to her home in Big Spring, Texas.
Oh how wonderful, I will learn so much about America as we
drive through the beautiful and exciting countryside.

I live for this sort of thing!

She told me we would stay overnight at the Adolphus Hotel
in downtown Dallas because she didn't want to travel late
at night. I like her cautious attitude and knew right away
that she and I would get along so well.

She told me her daddy owned the hotel so we would be
staying for free. I so appreciate economical people and
was very impressed at her thriftiness.

But, best of all, we could go shopping right now, in

She told me not to worry about spending money because she
had her Neiman-Marcus Gold Card and it was just like
getting everything for free. All the bills went to her
father's accountant and he automatically paid everything
without a question.

Katie thought I needed a few little things to flesh out my
wardrobe. Or, so she said.

I didn't really *need* anything, but thought it would be so
wonderful to have a few American clothes to show all my
girl friends back in Foleyet. They wouild be so jealous!

Mike dropped us off at the big department store on his way
to check us in at the hotel. I felt so very important
being helped out of the limo by a driver in uniform.

Katie and I were laughing and giggling and just couldn't
wait to go shopping.

Neiman-Marcus is without a doubt the most wonderful store
I've ever seen.

You can find just anything you want there. The selection
is so fabulous.

Katie said she would help me get the clothes I needed. I
wondered what she meant, but kept my mouth shut because I
didn't want to look silly.

The women's department is right there on the ground floor.
We didn't really look at anything before she dragged me
into the changing room where she looked at my clothes and
said, "Claudette, I hope you noticed how hot it is outside.
The weather is going to be like this all summer long, and,
while your outfits are quite cute, they just won't do here
in Texas. Not in this summer heat."

I could see that. The heat was oppressive and perhaps a
little more informal attire would be all right under the

First, she had me take off my fur hat and shawl.

She said that my sweater would have to go, too.

I got quite embarrassed when she told me to take off my
wool skirt. She just shook her head and said, "We're
girls, Claudie. What's wrong with you?"

She was right, so I decided it would be okay to remove it.

She just wouldn't stop!

I had to take off my blouse, slip, petticoats, long
underwear, wool stockings and almost everything else that I
was wearing.

I was standing there in nothing but my white cotton bra and
matching panties!

She looked at me and told me that I was wearing the ugliest
underwear she ever saw. Next thing I knew, she had me take
them off, too.

I was completely naked! I couldn't believe it!!

She grabbed all my clothes and started to leave. On the
way out of the room she looked back and said she was going
to burn this crap and get me some real duds to wear.

I was so shocked!

Oh my god! I was in Texas for less than two hours and
there I was standing totally naked in a strange little
room. All my clothes were gone, and what was I going to

The changing room had mirrors on three of the walls so
people could get a good look at what they were trying on.
I couldn't help but notice my body in those mirrors.

My goodness! It seemed to be almost as nice as Katie's.

I normally wear so many clothes that I don't ever get a
chance to see what I look like and I certainly don't spend
all my time looking in mirrors.

I didn't have anything else to do so I had to look at the
three Claudettes looking back at me. Kind of interesting
in a carnal sort of way.

I'm about the same height and weight as Katie R.

My boobs are a real embarrassment.

They are getting so large and stick out so much, I just
don't know what to do. I can't seem to hide them anymore
no matter what kind of clothes I buy. And it's so
difficult finding bras with cups big enough for my boobs.
Why, maybe that's why Katie doesn't wear a bra?

My body is slender with nice muscle tone. I have very long
brown hair with red highlights that stand out in sunlight.

I *never* wear anything revealing in the sun, so my skin is
very smooth and white. I like to slide my hand over my
skin sometimes when I'm in bed at night because it feels
just like silk.

I secretly like how I look, but it is sinful to lust after
my own body so I try real hard to ignore these thoughts, as
much as I can.


I stood naked in the changing room for a real long nervous

Suddenly, the door exploded open and in came Katie with a
pile of clothes.

OH NO! She left the door open!!

A whole lot of people were looking in, but she didn't seem
to notice.

I tried to cover up and couldn't quite get to the door with
Katie in the way. I was so embarrassed and didn't know
what to do next.

Finally, I managed to close the door. Thank goodness.

Oh, I'll never forget the crowd of people standing outside
the door, looking at me and saying all those things. Ohh

Katie held up something for me to look at. I'd never seen
anything like it, and when I asked her what it was, she
told me it was a garter belt. She said all the women
around here wore them to keep their stockings up.


An interesting concept, but not very practical as close as
I could tell.

The little red item didn't look too sturdy at all. Almost
looked like it would rip right off if it got snagged on a
tree or something. Well, I really did want to fit in so I
decided I should dress like a typical American girl.

She showed my how to put the garter belt on, and then
handed me a pair of black stockings to put on next.

The stockings had seams going all the way up the back. She
said that I had to get the seams perfectly straight or I
would look so tacky. I didn't know what that meant, but
thought it must be important so I paid close attention.

Well, I tried and tried, but couldn't get the seams to line
up the way she wanted. Good thing for me that Katie was
willing to help me out.

She smoothed out the wrinkles and brushed the stockings
around until they were just right.

It took her quite awhile to get things the way she wanted.
I could tell she was a perfectionist, just like me.

When her hands rubbed on my legs, they started an
interesting feeling in my tummy which got even more intense
when she moved her hands up and down the inside of my legs
above the tops of my stockings. It was really intense when
her hands moved slowly up my inner thighs and almost
touched my private area.

I never had feelings like that before and just didn't know
what to make of it.


I really do like feeling this way for some reason.

Next, she showed me how to attach the stockings to the
garter belt. I should really say she attached them. Katie
worked so hard to get everything just right.

Pulling, smoothing, pushing, rubbing.

Ohh, what's happening to me.

Oooo. She accidentally touched me *down there*. She
didn't seem to notice, so I didn't say anything.

Oo, she did it again. Again. Oooo. What's happening
between my legs. Such an amazing feeling.

Glad she didn't notice, I don't want to embarrass her.

Once I had the stockings on, she gave me something she
called a thong. It was red and matched the color of the
garter belt.

It was soooo small!

I put it on and my butt was hanging out all exposed. Katie
didn't seem to notice so I guessed it was okay. Hmmm.
American girls dress so differently from us.

Next, she gave me a matching red bra to wear.

It was just a little snug and so it pushed my boobies up
and out in a suggestive way.

My goodness.

I told her that it was too just too small and didn't think
I should wear something so provocative.

She just said all the girls were wearing their bras this
way and I'd just have to get used to it.

Well, it was not very me, that's sure, but I went along
with her because I didn't want to make a scene.

After I put on the sexy bra, she had me put on a black
leather skirt and see through white blouse.

My, my.

I told her I couldn't wear a blouse that let everyone see
my underwear, specially when I was wearing a bright red bra
underneath the blouse. It was disgraceful!

"Look a here Claudie. You can hardly see your nipples
through that bra. And, besides, people would have to be
real rude to look at you that close. I just don't
understand your attitude, girl, when you look so nice in
these new clothes."

I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I just shut up.

She gave me a pair of shoes to put on after that. The
heels were very, very high, but not quite as narrow as
hers. Thank goodness for that.

I tried real hard to walk, but it wasn't easy at first.

Practiced for a little bit and started to get better
walking around. After awhile, I was able to walk okay, I
guess. Seemed real funny, though.

"Baby, you are so beautiful! Just look at yourself.
Styling at Neiman-Marcus. Who would have thought."

Her enthusiasm got the best of me so I decided to wear the
outfit. Now that I think of it, I didn't have much of a
choice since my other clothes were gone. Guess she did
burn them or something.

"Now, I just knew that these clothes would fit you
perfectly and so I ordered bunches more. Everything is
being sent to the hotel. Mike knows just what to do and
will take care of putting everything away for you."

She looked at me in that strange way of hers. It made me
real nervous.

"Claudie, you look real peaked, darlin. Need to give you
just a little bit of color, girl."

Don't know how she was able to put so much makeup in her
purse. Before you could say Oh Canada!, she painted my
face just like hers.

Kind of interesting, but very strange for me.

I never wore lipstick or any other sort of makeup before
that day. Why, I looked like some sort of fashion model.
How amazing!

When she finished with my makeup, she jumped up and said,
"Now it's time for us to play, baby!"

I was so very excited, and I couldn't wait to see what was
going to happen next. I just knew it would be so

We caught a cab outside the store and drove to a place she

I thought I heard her wrong when she said we were going to
a "tittie" bar. Was I surprised when the cab pulled up in
front of this horrible place.

Well, I didn't really want to go in, but couldn't very well
stay outside either. So, I went along with her thinking
she must know what she is doing.

What a scary place! As soon as we walked in the door, a
large gentleman stopped us and said, "You babes got any

Well, I knew that we would be quickly thrown out being that
we were both 14 and all. Thank goodness, and what a

I guess I underestimated Katie, though. She looked right
at the big guy, gave him a great big smile and said,

"Damn straight partner, here's our ID!"

She handed him a large denomination bill and another great
big smile. Well, it was American money so it was worth
something, and so, instead of just throwing us out, he just
grinned and said,

"Right this way ladies! Any seating preference?"

"Hell, yes! Right down front big boy. We want to see them
titties fly."

I was shocked!

I'd never heard anyone talk like that before. Certainly,
not a 14 year old girl. Well, I'd never been in a place
like this before either. America is a very interesting

In no time at all, we were seated down front, right next to
the stage.

Just as soon as we sat down, an attractive young woman came
up to our table and said, "Six drink minimum, ladies."

Where were her clothes?

Couldn't believe she didn't realize she had almost nothing
covering her body. My goodness, I could almost see

Katie told me that we had to drink a certain amount since
it was house rules or something like that. Of course, we
had to go along just to be nice. It's the Canadian way.
Club rules and all.

Katie ordered three double shots of tequila and three Lone
Stars for both of us.

"No use trying to keep track, girl. Let's just order up
now and get it over with right away."

Well, it seemed like a good idea to me, at the time.

She told me to drink the double shot of tequila in one
gulp. I did what she said, but it sure burned my throat
going down. Yeeeps.

Katie said I was doing it all wrong, and it was easy to
tell she was right from the fire in my throat.

"Rub this lime on the back of your cute little hand,
Claudie. Okay, now shake a little of this salt on your
hand, too. Good now, lick the back of your hand and pound
down another double shot, girl."

She was right.

The shot of tequila didn't burn as much the second time.
Why, it was kind of tasty, in fact.

She encouraged me to try another shot since I was starting
to get the hang of it. Well, it did seem like a good idea
at the time.

Next shot went down *real* smooth, I must say.

Katie really wanted me to learn this new American custom so
she gave me all of her shots to drink for practice. It
sure was fun learning something new and so American.

I started feeling dizzy after awhile and thought I might
get sick. Shouldn't have worried. Katie told me the funny
feelings were from wearing all those wool clothes in this
hot weather.

Yes, yes that seemed right, and it sure was a good thing
she got me these new Texas clothes. I was feeling real
aired out and comfortable.

She told me to drink a beer to clear my head.

Somehow a beer did seem like a good idea. I drank one down
real fast because it tasted so cool and good. Finished the
second one real fast, too, and then sipped on the third
one. Didn't want to overdo it, that was for sure.

About that time, a real nice looking girl came out on the

Oh dear, couldn't believe how big her boobs were.

She didn't seem embarrassed by them or anything. Very
brave of her.

She started dancing on the stage all by herself. How nice.
She was dancing by herself just like we do at home.

I'm not allowed to dance with boys back home in Foleyet, so
I learned to dance watching myself in my bedroom mirror,
just like the girl is doing. Well, not *just* like the
girl is doing, I guess.

The dancer started out wearing underwear of some sort. She
didn't have it on for long, though.

She took off her clothes real slow, one item at a time.
She was dancing all around the stage, talking to the guys
sitting in the front row and just having a good time while
she took off her clothes in time to the music.

I couldn't believe it when she ended up wearing absolutely
nothing, but her high, high heels. She just really
couldn't know all these people!

I was so shocked until Katie explained it to me.

Katie pointed out that all museums and art books had nude
studies, and this was really the same thing.

Instead of picture art, the nude dancer was performance
art. At the time, she seemed to make a lot of sense. I
was still real dizzy from the heat, so maybe I wasn't
thinking too straight.

Apparently, the patrons of this establishment liked art.

They were screaming and yelling and gave the girl money and
everything. I thought it was quite nice that they stuck
all those bills into her garter belt and stockings so she
wouldn't lose them.

I told Katie how all the girls in Canada have to dance by
themselves because no one is allowed to dance with a person
of the opposite sex. Some sort of law, I guessed.

She looked at me said, "Why not dance by yourself right

Well, I just couldn't dance in front of all these strange
people. Why, it just wouldn't be right.

Really don't know how it happened, but I somehow ended up
on the stage. Katie was pushing, the nude girl was pulling
and I was just moving along. Seemed as though things were
a little blurry right about then.

I perked right up and was so excited when I heard "Taking
Care of Business" by Bachman Turner Overdrive blast out of
the speakers. This song is considered to be the height of
culture in Canada. I felt it was so marvelous dancing to
such a patriotic piece of music.

When I looked back at our table, I saw Katie standing up on
a chair and hollering out something to me. I listened more
closely and heard her scream, "Show some legs, Claudie!"

The skirt I was wearing was so short I felt I was already
showing a *lot* of leg.

But, I guessed I wasn't doing things right, and figured I'd
better get with it or everyone would think I was a

Well, I thought it wouldn't hurt to pull my skirt up just a
little bit in the back.

I guessed right. When I pulled my skirt up, the patrons
all cheered and hollered. Why, I felt just like a star and
guessed I was finally doing things right.

I have to admit, after I heard the roar of the crowd, I
started showing off a little bit. Got carried away and
pulled my skirt up a little bit more. Guess everyone liked
watching me do it because the cheering got louder as my
skirt went higher. Americans are so nice.

It wasn't till I had a chance to look in the mirror next to
the stage that I realized my skirt was up to my waist in
the back.

I just blushed and turned so red.

All the people in the place could see my butt wiggling
around to the sounds of BTO. Mon Dieu!

I looked over at Katie to see what I should do. Figured
she would tell me to get off the stage and be very mad at
me for being so darn immodest.

Guess I was wrong. She was on the table now and hollering
out that I should take my skirt off.

It didn't seem to make any sense but I did it anyhow.
Wasn't thinking too straight for some reason.

She yelled for me to take off my blouse next. I really
didn't mind taking it off since it was transparent and
people could already see everything underneath it.

I was having such a good time dancing around the stage when
I suddenly realized I was standing there in nothing but my
bra, panties, garter belt, seamed nylons and high heels.

I couldn't believe I was so daring but somehow it didn't
seem wrong because I was having so much fun. No, it just
couldn't be wrong.

I thought I was doing just fine, but I guess I wasn't
daring enough for Katie.

I could hear her hollering out for me to take off my bra.
She was saying something about art. Well, the other girl
did take her bra off, so I somehow decided it would be okay
being this was an artistic interpretation and all. Anyhow,
I was in America so who would know?

Katie got me to take my panties off, too. I was afraid
that I would embarrass and offend everyone when I stripped
off, but they all cheered so I knew I did the right thing.

I sure had a wonderful time dancing around the stage and

When I did stop for a second near a man sitting right by
the stage, he slipped a bill into my garter belt.

How very nice! A reward for my dancing.

I wondered if other people might just do the same thing and
danced closer to the edge of the stage. Oh, how nice!
Quite a few other people put bills in my garter belt and
stockings. Some of the guys had little accidents and
touched my private areas by mistake, but I was making a
fortune here, so I didn't really care.

One man had a twenty dollar bill in his hand and waved it
at me.

He wouldn't put it in my garter belt or in my stockings
like the other guys did. No. He told me to get on my
hands and knees and reach out for it with my mouth. Seemed
quite silly, but why not? Twenty dollars is a lot of money
where I come from.

I tried and tried to bite that bill, but he just kept
moving it around so near and yet so far.

I could feel my boobs bouncing all around while I tried to
get the money. I thought it might be suggestive, but I
really wanted the cash. I hoped those people behind me
weren't looking between my legs. I just knew they could
see everything.

I finally was able to bite on the bill and after I pulled
on it for a minute or so, he let me have it. Hard work,
but worth it.

Another man rolled up a twenty and told me I could have it
as long as I didn't touch it with anything from the waist

Huh? Had to think that one through cause I wasn't going to
leave any cash on the table.

Well, I guess you could say I really was kind of fresh!

I grabbed on to my butt cheeks and spread 'em wide. Then I
squatted down over the bill and tried to grab it with the
crack of my butt.

After a few tries, I was able to clamp the twenty with my
butt cheeks. Quick as I could, I stood up and danced away
with that money. Pretty smart, huh?

The boys in the audience loved my ingenuity, too.

They all cheered and applauded as I tried to get the money.
I hoped they weren't offended when I squatted down and
spread my legs real wide. I'm sure everyone knew this was
the only way I could get the bucks and I really hoped they
tried real hard not to look between my legs.

I was so lucky to be with such a polite group of guys. Not
a single one complained about me exposing myself like that.
They just cheered me on like good sports while I tried to
trap that cash. Wonder if Canadians would be so nice in
similar circumstances?

A very nice man dressed in a silk suit rolled up a $100
bill and showed it to me.

He told me I could have it, but couldn't use my butt to get
it. He thought he had me there, but I figured this one
out, too.

My plan to get the money was going to work, but it was so
embarrassing I had to dance around for a minute or two to
work up my courage. Well, a hundred bucks is a lot of
money, so I just had to do it.

Normally, I simply *don't* touch myself between the legs,
period. In this case, though, it seemed like the only way
to get the hundred.

First, I squatted down over the bill. Next, I pulled
myself apart "down there" and tried to squat on the money
the guy was holding in his hand.

How silly!

I fell over with my legs flying up in the air!

Must have been a real sight for the audience. They didn't
seem embarrassed even though I just knew they saw
everything I had between my legs. Well, they all cheered
so I guess they didn't think it was so bad.

I just love Americans.

The man kept moving his hand around and I kept squatting on
it, but finally after four or five more tries, I was
finally able to pick up the money using nothing but my
nether lips.

I felt kind of weird dancing away from the guy with his
money in my private parts. Well, I did get a lot of
support from the audience which made up for my
embarrassment, I guess.

After about two hours or so, I just got so tired I had to
stop dancing. I really liked all the attention, but had to
sit down and rest.

No one in the audience seemed to mind that I was only
wearing a garter belt, stockings and heels when I plopped
down next to Katie at our table. That was a good thing
because I didn't have the energy to put on my clothes.

I drank a couple more beers because I was so hot and worn
out after all the dancing. They really hit the spot.

I didn't feel dizzy any more. No, I just felt real happy
to be having so much fun with my new friend Katie.

And, can you imagine my surprise, when I counted my money
and found I made $682. People in Canada have to work a
whole month in a lumber mill to make that kind of money.

America is such a great place.

Katie looked around and said that we better leave. She
thought some of the guys were starting to get a little

I was very surprised about that since they all had been so
nice to me earlier. Maybe it was the alcohol. Drink
sometimes gets people to do the strangest things.

I'm sure glad that I never let demon rum get the best of

I looked around for my clothes, but couldn't find them
anywhere. My new clothes. Oh, how terrible!

Katie grabbed me and said we had to go, now. She looked
real nervous so I knew we just had to get moving and out of
that place.

We ran for the door as fast as we could.

Well, not really too fast because the high heels made it
hard to move. I seemed to be getting dizzy again, and that
didn't help either.

Sure glad she decided we should leave when we did. The
attitude of the crowd really seemed to have changed for the

I couldn't believe just how rude these people were.

Why, they were pinching my butt, squeezing my boobs, trying
to put their hands between my legs and just about anything
else you could think of. I couldn't understand why anyone
would want to molest a young girl. My goodness.

We finally made it to the street.

I felt relieved at first, but then realized I was standing
on a public street in Dallas with my wares on display for
all to see.

I tried to cover up, but you can only hide so much with two
hands. Wished all those people could have been more polite
and not stared at me like that.

Katie got us a cab after what seemed like forever. Thought
the cab driver was going to have an accident when he kept
looking over his shoulder at me, completely nude in the
back seat of his cab.

Finally, Katie got mad at him and said, "What's wrong with
you bubba? Never seen two cowgirls before?" I didn't know
what she was talking about, but it seemed to get his mind
back on driving. Thank goodness!

We arrived at the hotel a few minutes later. I was really
afraid to get out of the cab until Katie said not to worry.

"Claudie, this is a high class hotel and no one will be
rude enough to look at you without your clothes on."

Well, I stepped out of the cab and found out right away she
was wrong - big time.

Seemed like we attracted a massive crowd as we walked up to
the front desk. I couldn't believe all the people who were
looking at me and saying all kinds of rude things. I just
turned red as can be.

The desk clerk recognized Katie and handed her a room key.
"Here you go Ms. Richardson. Room 1469 as requested."

We quickly headed for the elevator and escape from all
these people.

The crowd followed us all the way across the lobby,
screaming, yelling and trying to grab me everywhere.

Quite a few people got on the elevator with us, too. I was
very surprised that so many people decided to go upstairs
at the same time. Why, the elevator was so full, I was
afraid we might be breaking the law by having more than
2,200 pounds on board.

We were packed in the elevator like sardines. I couldn't
believe that people were accidentally touching me

I'm felt so bad that I was embarrassing them like that. I
apologized to a few people, but they just looked at me kind
of funny. They must of known I was a foreigner and really
didn't mean to be so rude.

I so wanted to fit in.

We finally fought our way through the crowds and got to our

I was so happy to be inside and far away from the giant
crowd that followed us all the way to the door.

After looking around the room for a minute, I asked Katie
why there was only one bed. She said that the hotel was
full and we would just have to make do with this king size.
Well, we are both girls so I guessed it really wouldn't

She ordered some dinner from room service and then went off
to take a shower. I was a little hungry after all the
excitement so food sounded pretty good to me.

When she came back, she was all shiny and new. She also
was naked and not seeming to care at all.

My goodness, the girl has no modesty!

Sure will take some time getting used to the way things are
done in the States. Well, I'm going to try and fit in, but
it sure seems like there's a lot to learn.

I went into the bathroom to get cleaned up myself. All the
traveling and excitement really tired me out, and a shower
sounded like a wonderful idea.

Took a nice long, relaxing shower. After I dried off, I
realized I didn't have anything to wear except the sexy
under-things. Oh well, if Katie walked around nude, I
could, too.

I walked into the bedroom without realizing that the bell
boy was already there serving dinner.

At first I just stood there with my arms hanging at my
sides in complete shock.

I finally, came to my senses after a minute or two. Then,
I squealed like a little chipmunk and ran back into the

Katie came through for me one more time. My friend brought
me one of her T-shirts to wear. It was real big and
covered everything very nicely thank you.

After I slipped the shirt on, we both went back to the
bedroom to see what we had for dinner.

We must have looked silly to the bell boy. He kept staring
at us like the rude person he was. I wished he would just
finish serving and leave.

Oh, oh. I didn't know what to do when I noticed Katie
sitting there with her legs spread apart. I'm sure she
didn't realize that the bell boy could see her private
area. I was afraid to say anything because I didn't want
to embarrass the poor girl.

The boy kept staring between her legs and when he got up to
get something, he crashed into a table and fell on his

Katie didn't seem bothered by his stupid behavior. She
told him he could leave and we'd finish serving the meal
ourselves. I'm so glad she didn't notice him sneaking
looks at her secret place.

The bell boy didn't seem to want to go, but she just pushed
him out the door and that was that.

After dinner, we both hopped in bed to watch television.
Katie said she was real tired and fell asleep almost as
soon as her head hit the pillow.

I watched a couple of tv programs and then decided to hit
the hay myself. Oh boy, couldn't wait for another big day

Katie seemed to toss and turn a lot while she slept. She
was dreaming about something serious, I guess. Poor girl.
She had to get up real early to meet me at the airport and
must just be exhausted.

I just love my new friend, Katie. She certainly went out
of her way to help me have a good time on my first day in
Texas. What a darling girl.

I was just dropping off when somehow Katie's arm wrapped
around me. I decided not to move because I didn't want to
wake her.

Oh no. Her hand touched my boob. I can't believe it. Her
hand squeezed and caressed both of them this time. What
kind of dream was she having anyway?

I decided not to do anything about it right then. It would
be so difficult to explain to her if she woke up. I didn't
want to embarrass my new pal.

A few seconds later, her hand moved from my breast down to
my leg. It was like an electric shock having her hand
touch my bare skin.

Her hand slowly moved up and down my legs. It almost felt
like she was examining them.

Her fingers traveling lightly over the bare skin of my legs
caused a very strange feeling in my tummy. I just didn't
know what was happening to me and I felt very nervous.

I really would like to know what her dream was all about.
For some reason, she was pushing my tee shirt up and, in no
time, she had it above my boobs.

I didn't know what to do! She touched my bare boobies with
her hand and rubbed her naked private parts against my
butt. What kind of dream was she having?

Katie kept playing around with my breasts and backside.
Squeezing, pinching, pulling, touching.

For some reason, I was very hot and very wet between my
legs. I couldn't figure out why this was happening to me.

Her hand started moving down my tummy toward my private
parts. I tried to move away because I knew she would be so
embarrassed if she found out she touched me *there*.

Well, she had me wrapped up in such a way that I ended up
laying on my back instead of getting away. I was worse off
because her leg somehow slipped over mine and now I
couldn't close my legs, so my secret spot was open and

Her hand kept moving toward my privates. I expected the
worst and sure enough, her hand touched my little bush,
lightly at first, and then she squeezed me real hard.

Oh my. I'm not supposed to like this. I just couldn't
believe another girl was touching me "there". Hmmm. For
some reason, it didn't feel that bad, in fact...

My goodness. Her finger was on that sensitive little thing
hiding in my secret place and moving around. She wasn't
stopping. Oh. Ooh. Oooooh.

Her hand was rubbing my bush now. It was moving slowly,
but very firmly up and down between my legs.

What an interesting feeling!

One of her fingers was trying to get inside me. Well, she
won't be able to get inside me, that's for sure.

Ooops! I was wrong. I'm so wet down there that her finger
just slipped inside me with no trouble at all.

She moved her finger all around inside my hot little place.
Her finger made a kind of relentless in and out motion. I
tried very hard not to let this trouble me, but couldn't
help myself. Something seemed to be happening to my body
that I didn't understand.

I tried real hard not to make any noise, but couldn't
control myself. I started making little moaning sounds at
first, and then I got a little bit louder as things
progressed. Finally, something happened to me that never
happened before.

What a shock, my first orgasm! Ooooooh! Ooooooh! Ahhhh!

I really started getting loud and noisy as my body writhed
and moved with the motion of her hand. She kept it up and
moved her finger even faster than before. She put two, no
three, fingers in my hot little place.

I couldn't believe my tight little private area could hold
four of her fingers - what was happening to me?

I hoped the wonderful feeling would last forever. And,
when it was over, I wanted more. How sinful. I thought I
would have to say some prayers, but didn't have a chance to
get started, when suddenly...

Katie sat up, all wide awake, and said, "How did you like
my Class A hand job, Claudie?"

I was so shocked when I realized she was awake all the
time. My goodness. What would she think of me?

"You don't have to tell me how much you liked it, Claudie.
You sure let the world know that you liked it a whole lot.
Wheee doggie!"

I could feel the heat in my face as I blushed and turned
three different shades of red. Oh no. What would I do?

"Okay, Claudie. Your turn now, darlin. Why don't you do
me the same sweet way?"

Well, she did make me feel good, and I couldn't say I let
her give me a hand job just because I thought she was
asleep. Sounded kind of stupid when I thought about it.
Just had to go for it because it seemed only fair after all
she did for me.

I never did anything like this before so I decided to just
repeat everything she did to me. So, I played with her
boobies first. My, she was quite receptive to my first
tentative efforts so I got very brave.

Kind of liked the power of being able to get someone to
bounce around on the bed and make all those cute little
sounds. Think I may have played with her breasts a little
longer than she played with mine, but she didn't seem to
mind at all.

You probably won't believe it, but I got real curious and
just had to see what she her private area felt like.

I slowly moved my hand between her legs and started rubbing
her nice and slow right on the cute little slit part.
Guess I'm getting it right because I'm hearing nice little
purring sounds coming from her.

I moved my hand a little faster and got an even bigger
reaction. My goodness. She was as just as loud as me and
didn't seem to be embarrassed at all.

She grabbed on to me and gave me a "real" long kiss. Oooh.
That felt so nice. Didn't think a girl could make me feel
like that. Didn't know what to do so I just kissed her
back and that kiss lasted a real long, long time.

I could feel her tongue in my mouth kind of searching
around so I sort of welcomed it with my tongue. Wow, I
almost passed out before we finally stopped.

We kissed and touched and fondled and examined and played
with each other for a long time. Must have had about 3
more orgasms at least, but could really keep track cause I
was soon into what we were doing.

"Okay Claudie, time to learn something new."

By this time, the blankets were on the floor and the bed
was a complete mess. It was real easy for her to start
kissing my boobs because they were right there, all out in
the open. She softly bit my nipples and kind of sucked on
the those little things that seemed to be reaching out to
her mouth.

Off came my shirt. How'd she do that? Oh, what a nice
feeling! Ummm, ummm!

She kissed her way toward my private area. What a feeling
of anticipation as she slowly moved toward the hot place
between my legs.

She started kissing me "there". My goodness.

I could feel her tongue moving around the same way it
examined my mouth. Probing. Pushing. Seeking. I hoped
she wasn't thinking about trying to put it in "there".

Yes, she was! Oooh feels so good. What was happening to

First, I noticed her moving her body toward me. Then, she
slipped her leg over my head so I could look up and see her
private area. Finally, she just kind of settled down on my
face and it was so easy for me to respond to her.

I kissed her between her legs and licked on the hot area
that she put so close to my face. I could taste her juices
in my mouth. My, how nice she tastes. Seemed very
personal and all. Kind of friendly in fact.

Got my tongue inside of her next. It was real easy to do
so I guess she was ready for me. Guess I'm doing a good
job after all.

We started pleasing each other real nice after I got the
hang of things.

Once I had my tongue working inside her just right, I was
able to think about other things to do.

I used my hands to fondle her butt. It was so nice and
soft and cuddly.

I was able to touch her breasts some more. They felt so
firm and nice.

I moved my hands all over her silky smooth skin.

My goodness, never thought girls could have this much fun
with each other. I really, really, really liked it.

Katie showed my so much more that night. Things I couldn't
imagine and everything made me feel so wonderful. Orgasm,
after orgasm, after orgasm.

Best of all, she told that none of what we did was in any
way sinful. (Thank goodness for that!)

I couldn't believe her at first, but it made good sense
after I thought about what she said.

She reminded me that "boy and girl" contact was considered
sinful by the church, but friendly touching by girls was
never mentioned.

She was so right. Why, not one single priest or nun ever
said that getting it on with a girl was wrong.

How wonderful!

She also told me that I should get it on with girls a lot
because it would relieve my tensions and I would not be
overwhelmed by sinful, sexual urges for boys.

So neat, I could feel real good and avoid sin at the same
time. How wonderful!

Now that I knew sex between girls was not sinful, we kept
it up for hours. I learned a lot of new things from Katie
that night, except how to sleep.

In the morning, we fooled around a little more before we
got up.

Sadly, we had to leave for Big Spring even though I wanted
more, more, more.

Katie told me we would have plenty of time together when we
got back to Big Spring so I reluctantly decided I could
wait till then.


"No Katie! I won't wear these shorts. My butt is hanging
out all over the place. And this halter top. Why, you can
see almost everything. Who ever heard of a girl wearing
high heels and shorts? Seems silly to me."

You know Katie. She picked out my clothes and just made me
go along with her way of dressing. Since she wore the same
kind of clothes, I figured it was the way people did things
around here and I'd just have to go along.

Mike the chauffeur tried to get our luggage organized, but
Katie played a little joke on him.

Just as he was heading for the door with a couple of our
bags, she bent over and picked up her purse. She did it
without bending her knees one bit. She pointed her cute
little butt right at him and we watched Mike walk right
into the wall. Real funny. Ha, ha.

I decided to have some fun, too. When he got up off the
floor and headed for the door again, I picked my purse up
the same way. It was so funny watching him walk into the
closet. Crash. Hee, hee.

We laughed about it after he finally left. It was so funny
- just can't figure guys out!

We didn't have much to do for the eight hours it took us to
drive to Big Spring. Good thing the limo had a
refrigerator stocked with long necks. Normally, I didn't
drink beer, but after the fun we had the night before I
couldn't understand why people thought drinking was bad.

We polished off half a dozen beers apiece as we motored
down the highway. I was starting to feel real good and
kind of loose if you know what I mean. Just like the night
before, but I didn't plan on taking off a single piece of
clothing, though. That sort of thing was all behind me

Oops. Wrong again. The window between the driver and us
was opaque. The other windows were smoked over so no one
could see in.

Katie kind of snuggled up to me and next thing I know she's
giving me a great big kiss. A real kiss, too.

My goodness. Her little tongue sure does feel good
sneaking around inside my mouth like that!

Well, one thing led to another and somehow she got my
halter top off and was playing with my boobs in a way that
really got me going.

It was a lot harder for her to get my shorts off cause they
were so tight. Had to help her out there.

Since I wasn't wearing any panties, I found myself sitting
on that leather seat with nothing covering my butt. The
leather felt kind of interesting and strange rubbing on my
butt like that.

One thing led to another and before you know it we were
both completely nude.

Well there was plenty of room in that big car so we were
able to do just about everything two girls could do to each

I was so happy when I remembered it was not sinful to touch
another girl's boobs and private parts and it was so much
fun to do it. Lots of fun when Katie kissed, touched,
sucked and squeezed every little part of me, too!

We put our clothes back on when we pulled into the long
drive up to the Richardson Ranch. I was disappointed when
I found out that Katie's dad wasn't there to meet us. Her
step mother, Dora Lee, was there, but in a hurry to leave.
She said she was on her way to Dallas for a week, and she
knew we would do a fine job taking care of ourselves.

I must say that I was quite surprised we would be left
alone for a whole week. First time in my life I was
without adult supervision.

Soon as Dora Lee was gone, Katie told me that she had a
party planned for the evening. She said she wanted to
introduce me to all her friends. Oh boy, we're going to
have more fun!

I just couldn't get over how nice Katie was being to me.
She really knew how to make a girl feel welcome.

She had the servants make up a buffet and some snacks for
our party. Once they were done with their work, she told
them they could have the rest of the evening off. They
were gone in no time at all.

After the servants left, I helped her carry ten cases of
beer and a case of assorted bottles of liquor from the
storage room. My goodness, she must be expecting quite a
few people at the party.

She said we had to dress for the party since it was such a
special occasion.

She picked out a silk mini-dress for me to wear and told me
that girls normally didn't wear bras with this type of
dress. Looked real tacky seeing the outline of the bra and
so forth, according to Katie. She also said that I better
wear pantyhose instead of stockings. Certainly wouldn't
want to be embarrassed by people seeing the outline of a
garter belt through my tiny little dress.

I never in my life went without underwear, but thought I
would be daring just this once because I didn't want to
disappoint Katie.

She dressed differently herself. Yes, her clothes were
sexy as could be and certainly showed a lot, but...

She wore a G string, garter belt, cute little panties
outside the garter belt, a push up bra, full slip, really
tight tee shirt, sexy mini-skirt and heels just as high as
mine. Never saw the girl wear so many clothes, before or

All the other guests arrived by 8 PM. Katie's friends were
so nice to me. I just love American hospitality.

We probably drank too much, but no one really cared because
it was summer vacation. Katie and I could sleep in late
the next day, too.

We were dancing and having a great time. What fun. First
time I ever danced with a boy. Danced with a couple of the
girls, too. Gee, I wonder why girls dance better than
boys? My, my, what do those boys have in their pants
anyhow? My goodness.

About 10:30 Katie said that it was time to play a game. I
didn't know what to expect, but went along with her 'cause
everyone else seemed so excited.

She said we would play strip poker with house rules.

Well, I knew what poker was all about. It's the national
sport of Canada of course. You learn it before you even go
to school where I come from. Had a bad feeling about the
strip part and got real nervous.

Thank goodness for a friend like Katie! She came right
over to me and said, "Now don't you worry about a thing,
Claudie. We're all friends here and it will be so much

I told her I was nervous about taking my clothes off in
front of strangers. She just said not to worry.

"There are seven other people here, Claudie. Why, by the
time you have to show anything, plenty of other skin will
be on display so don't worry a bit."

Well, I wanted to be a good sport and couldn't see myself
not playing along when everybody else was having such a
good time. Figured I'd just blend in with the crowd and
see what happened.

We played Showdown Poker. No thinking in this game. Cards
tell the whole story.

According to the house rules, the winner decided what item
of clothing the loser had to take off.

Katie was the dealer for the first hand and everyone seemed
to be getting a decent hand except for me.

Looked pretty bad from the start. When the final card was
turned over, I lost and Ellen was the winner.

Ellen looked at me with a big smile on her face and said,
"Let's make this interesting right away. Why don't you
take off that cute little old dress, Claudie?"

Oh my. I didn't have much on underneath and I wasn't going
to do it until I saw Katie looking at me. Well, I couldn't
let her down.

I stood up and tried to take off the dress. I was real
nervous and the dress was so tight. It took me forever to
get it off. Everyone was looking at me the whole time. Oh

I finally got my dress off and realized that I was as good
as naked.

My boobs were bouncing all around. I wasn't used to going
without a bra and didn't really know how to control my
breasts as they jiggled around for all to see.

The panty hose was totally transparent so you could see
everything front and back. I felt even more naked wearing
those high heels.

I tried real hard not to show how embarrassed I was.

Just decided to act real brave and I slowly sat down
without even trying to cover anything. Well, it was hard
to remain calm with everyone watching me like that as you
probably could guess.

I seemed to lose every other hand. In no time at all, I
was completely naked and no one else had taken off more
than one shoe. I sure was the center of attention and not
liking it one bit.

Well in no time at all, I lost again and found out what the
second house rule was all about.

When a person didn't have anything to take off, the winner
got to think up a one minute penalty for the loser.

Well, I certainly wanted to be a good sport so I decided to
go along with it.

Deirdre was the winner and she said my penalty was to kiss
all the boys.

That didn't seem like much to do, actually. It would take
me at least a minute just to give each one a little peck on
the cheek and sit back down.

Was I wrong!

Each boy grabbed me and kissed me real hard. Stuck their
tongues in my mouth and I felt them examining different
parts of my body while they were kissing me.

Didn't know that kissing had to do with rubbing my butt,
squeezing my boobies, putting a hand between my legs and
stuff like that.

Couldn't believe how much I liked it. My goodness.

Everyone was watching me being kissed and fondled by all
the boys and I just turned so red. I was real relieved
when it was over. I felt all flushed and warm. My, my,

When I lost the next hand, Billy Joe told me I had to kiss
all the girls this time. Well, I thought that would work
out a little better for me, girls and all.


The girls did all the same things the boys did except that
it took twice long to get around the room and there were
only three of them!

They sure didn't hold back with the touching and squeezing.
Never thought girls would do stuff like that in public.
Funny thing, though, I liked it just as much as when the
boys did it to me. The girls sure turned me on a lot. Gee

Katie was the last one I kissed. She knew a few tricks
that really got me going.

I was so into Katie that I didn't notice the other two
girls sneak up from behind until they jumped on us.

They started tickling me and touching me all over. I ended
up on my back with my legs spread real wide.

Two of the girls grabbed a leg apiece. Pulled 'em apart so
anyone could see between my legs. I couldn't cover up no
matter how much I wiggled around.

I think Deirdre put her hand between my legs and started
rubbing me real nice and slow. Somehow she got one - no
make that two - uh, three fingers into my hot little pussy.
<Did I say that, I'm sounding just like Katie R!>

I was so turned on and hot that I stopped trying to get
away and just laid back and enjoyed those girls working me

My goodness, the girls were acting way worse than the boys!
Squeezing my boobs. Fingering inside me. Grabbing my
butt. I was shocked! They held me down so I couldn't do a
thing about it. Good thing I didn't want to do anything
about it or I might have been upset.

We got back to card playing once that was over.

Good thing 'cause it was kind of embarrassing having an
orgasm in front of all those people. I'll just have to
learn how to do it without making so much noise in the

Well, I had a real bad losing streak and those penalties
sure were tough.

I had to play with my boobies for a minute while everybody
watched and made suggestions.

Thought I'd have an orgasm rubbing between my legs like
that. Never thought the minute would be up.

Seemed like a real long time.

Thank goodness I got to stop before I embarrassed myself.

Did make a little noise, but nobody said anything. They
were watching real closely, though.

I had to do all kinds of things to myself and the to the
other people in the game. Just about everything anyone
could imagine, I guess. I was real turned on and didn't
care anymore who was watching me.

Suddenly, Katie stopped the game. Thank goodness. That
sausage Bobby Joe wanted me to use on myself as the penalty
for losing again seemed pretty darn big. Couldn't see how
I could fit it all inside me, no way.

I didn't think I could take another minute of this game

Katie looked right at me and said, "Attention everyone.
Just thought you all would like to know that Claudette is a

I couldn't believe she would say that to everyone. I
turned red. How embarrassing.

"As you all may remember, one of our house rules is the
Sharing Rule. Yep, according to the rules, Claudie has to
share getting her cherry popped with all of us."

Wait a minute! I was saving myself for marriage. Couldn't
believe they'd expect me to have sex with someone here in
front of everybody.

Katie could tell by the look on my face that I was ready to
back out. She just smiled at me and said, "Look Claudie,
you already got it on with me quite a few times. You're
not really a virgin anymore. Fucking one of the boys is
just a technical detail."

While I was thinking that through, she was dealing out
cards to the four boys.

"Okay boys, got four cards here, ace to four. Ace goes
first. Good luck to all of you."

Goes first! What was she talking about. I wasn't ready to
take on one boy, let alone four.

Jimmy Joe got the ace. He pushed down his pants and briefs
real fast. Then, he pushed me down in the middle of the
floor and put my butt on a pillow so I was sticking right
up *there*.

Everything happened so darn fast, I just didn't know what I
was doing.

I thought it would hurt a lot, but I was wrong about that,

I guess I was really ready to go after all that fooling
around we did earlier.

Or, maybe it was his cute body that distracted me. Guess
it wouldn't hurt if I just grabbed on to his ass for a
second or two. Hmm, his chest felt kind of nice, too.

After the first few seconds of pain, I only felt him
pumping me real hard while I played around with his body.

My goodness. Didn't realize that my "down there" could
grab on to his dick like that. Very nice feeling, hope he
likes it.

In the background I could hear everyone hollering and
yelling. I never imagined anything like this for my first
time. There was Katie saying, "Go for it Jimmy Joe. Get
that girl's cherry, boy. Wheee doggie!"

Jimmy Joe took about two minutes to finish up. Soon as he
was done, Joe Paul pulled me up on all fours and took me
from behind.

That was even worse.

Everyone could watch me. My hands were on the ground so I
couldn't stop my boobies from bouncing all over the place.
For some reason though, I had a major orgasm, or, was that
two short ones?

Even more embarrassing for me was being in a position where
they all could see every little nook and cranny of my body.

And, the noise, oh my god.

When I screamed out at the height of my orgasm, Billy Joe
stuck his dick in my mouth. I didn't know what to do at

I heard Katie say, "Suck that boy's dick right off, Claudie

So, I started sucking on him and holding him real tight
while he pumped away at my face. I had a boy on each end
working me real hard and it sure did turn me on in a funny

Joe Paul lasted a lot longer than Jimmy Joe. But, he
finally filled me up and as soon as he pulled out, Joe Joe
got behind me and started playing around.

Sure was glad Joe Paul stayed in front of me. He sure had
a nice body and real nice to look at. Real nice.

I thought Joe Joe was going to stick his real nice looking
dick into in my hot little pussy.


Felt his finger playing around with my tiny little asshole.
Kind of surprising that he would do such a thing. Felt
like he was rubbing some cream in there.

Next thing I know, he's sticking his great big dick into my
asshole. Thought he made a mistake at first and never
expected that monster dick would fit in that little place.

Well, whatever he rubbed on my asshole helped him get that
big old thing inside me with out any problem at all. My

At first I didn't like it, but once he got going, I
developed a real appreciation for what he was doing to my

The two boys got in sync and really started a fire inside
of me.

Pretty hard to keep track of sucking and fucking at the
same time. Somehow I managed and got better as time went

Must of had about six orgasms while the boys were playing

Suddenly, Billy Joe just exploded in my mouth.

Hey, this stuff tastes real good!

Swallowed it all down and sucked on him awhile until I was
sure I got every last drop of his cool stuff.

The excitement must of gotten to Joe Joe, too.

He came in my asshole. I could feel it fill up with his
hot juice. I kind of wished he had come in my mouth so I
could have tasted him, too. Although, I must say, it was
real nice having him do me in the butt so I guess I
shouldn't be greedy.

I was wiped after all that and ready to just pass out.

Never suspected my first time and fourth time would all
happen at the same time. As Katie would say, "Wheee

I thought we were finished, but I thought wrong.

Katie said that I owed all the girls because I had sex with
their boyfriends. It was only fair that I do something
nice for each one of them.

One thing you can say about Canadians is that we are fair,
so I decided I had just had to go along with Katie on this
one. She hadn't steered me wrong so far.

Katie sat in a chair she put in the middle of the room and
pulled up her skirt in front of everybody.

Next, she had me kneel down between her legs. She pulled
her panties to the side and said, "Go for it, girl. I'm
sure you know just what to do."

She was right. I didn't even give it another thought, just
dove right in and it was real easy for me to do all the
stuff I knew she liked so much. I didn't seem to care that
everyone was watching me go to town.

When I finished with her, I got it on with the other two
girls. Each one sat in the chair and I got on my knees
between their legs. I lapped their pussies like a dog in
heat. Loved the taste of those girls and just couldn't get
enough of their juices in my mouth. Real nice tasting
pussies, if you ask me. They sure did like what I was
doing to them and let the world know it.

The other two girls took less time than Katie to get off.
Guess they were getting turned on by watching me and I
certainly was getting turned on doing them!

By the time I finished with the girls, I noticed that the
boys had their clothes off and dicks sticking out like flag

Looked like they were getting ready for seconds. All four
of them sticking out like that. Never saw anything like

I was so turned on at this point, I was ready for anything.
Which was just what happened. I didn't know people could
do all those things to other people! Wow, sure did like

I must of got laid about 15 times. Gave 10 or 12 blow
jobs, too. I don't know how many girls I went down on or
went down on me, but I didn't miss anybody that's for sure.

I learned all about hand jobs, rim jobs, fisting and all
kinds of stuff you never see in books.

When the morning finally came, everyone decided to go home.
Katie and I got into her bed. I thought I was worn out and
ready to just fall asleep. But Katie had other ideas and
we were still able to do each other a few more times before
we both passed out from exhaustion.

When we finally woke up sometime in the late afternoon, I
thanked her so much for all her hospitality.

I sure was happy to be staying with her for the summer.
The End
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