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Claudia's Torment


Claudia's Torment

Finally, after all these years, I won a bet. My friend, Claudia and I
bet on everything and anything. but this time I was so sure that I bet
that the loser was the other's slave for one evening. Claudia's straight
and I'm gay but that doesn't matter, I have plans!

Friday night finally arrived, my current lover, Brad and I waited for
her to show up, if she was going to show up. I had prepared my basement
for a night of debauchery and the itch in my crotch was driving me crazy.
it wasn't that I was hot for her but that I would be in control!

The doorbell rang and before she could say hello, we bundled her up and
carried her to the basement. She squirmed and squealed but knew she was in
no danger. Stripping her naked, we attached ropes to her arms and legs
stretching her out in a "X" shape. Her breasts heaved and I could see the
lust in her eyes. I stroked her clit once and she shuddered. Moving to
her tits, I tweaked her hard nipples causing her to moan. Spurred on, I
pinched and pulled on them. Her hips twisted in response trying to relieve
the torment. Brad meanwhile was pinching her clit which drove her wild.
She was like a bronco, twisting and turning as we inflicted pain and
pleasure on her. Nodding to Brad, we pick up the tempo so that I used both
hands to pinch and twist each nipple while Brad pulled on her clit. She
stood there, moaning and withering, tied spread eagle, while two gay guys played with her tits and cunt. Her eyes were closed and she was tossing
her head back and forth. Her breasts and hips heaved as the onslaught
continued. I could tell she was getting close to cumming and nodded to
Brad to back off. After we stopped, her body continued to heave a few more
times and went limp

"Bastards", she hissed. We laughed and I slapped her ass a few times
showing her who was boss.

As I hit her, she moaned "Harder", so I did. She threw her hips back
into my strikes. After about a dozen whacks, she shivered and groaned as
an orgasm ripped thru her. When it subsided, she again fell limp.

"Let me down", she whispered weakly

"But the fun has just started, love. The bet was for a full night and
we are just warming up!"

I gave her a few minutes to rest and then attacked again. This time I
used nipple clamps, tightening until she screamed. Then, I shoved a
vibrating dildo up her cunt. I stuffed her panties in after it to hold the
buzzing machine in place. I stood back to look at my handiwork and Brad
surprised me by ripping my pants off and engulfing my cock. I forgot all
about Claudia and let Brad work his magic. He fucked himself on my cock
and my knees got weak so that my cock popped out of his mouth as I fell
into a chair. His mouth followed me and found my cock again. I let him
suck me as I watch Claudia twist against her bonds. The dildo in her was
do it work, sweat was falling from her face on to her clamped tits. Her
chest was heaving from the pleasure the dildo was giving her, which caused
the clamps to tighten causing her pain. It was a viscous circle. The
pleasure in her cunt was causing pain in her tits.

Brad meanwhile was teasing me, bring me to the point of orgasm and then
down again. He would suck me hard and fast then slow and lovingly. I
wanted to throw him on the floor and fuck his ass raw but that was for

Claudia couldn't stand the cycle anymore and heaved up and a massive
orgasm racked her body. She screamed as the orgasm hit it peak and
collapsed against her bonds once more. Pulling Brad off my cock, I pulled
the clamps off and the dildo out of Claudia. Holding her head, I poured
water into her mouth, half of which dripped down her body.

Putting the glass down, I kissed her cheek as I tickled her asshole.
she moan.

"Please let me go, you've had your fun"

She was drained and I could tell that she just wanted to lie down and go
to sleep.

"But honey, we haven't got to the finale yet" I cooed as I slipped a
finger into her ass. She bucked and I added another. I stroked her tits as I fingerfucked her.

"Please don't" she moaned, her hips betraying her as they moved to
capture more of my fingers.

Pulling my fingers out, I nodded to Bard, who attached his lips to her
clit and sucked for all he was worth. Claudia thrust her hips against his
mouth and a mini orgasm rushed through her.

"Suck it, you bitch, suck my clit" she yelled. I thought she was going
to break Brad's nose the way her hips were thrusting against him. I,
meanwhile, had got my fuck machine out. It was an electric motor with an
arm that extended and retracted. On the end, I attached my favorite dildo.
It was 12 inches long and 3 inches thick. Greasing it up, I aimed it at
her waiting hole. Nodding again Brad stopped slurping on her cunt and I
rammed the phony cock up her ass. She screamed and screamed

Take it out, you’re ripping me apart"

I gave her some time to get used to the rubber cock and turned on the
machine. As it fucked in and out of her, I caressed her tits.

"When I come, the night will end," I said then added, "I can go for

The dildo was fucking her gently and her eyes were closed. She loved
it. She had told me once that she loved being assfucked better that being
pussy fucked. Using a remote control, I sped up the machine a notch. She
tried to spread her legs wider but was held fast as she fucked back against
the machine. Moan after moan escaped her lips.

Stripping off my clothes, I moved to Brad who was on his back and his
legs spread. I slipped into him easily and began fucking. I wanted to
last and started out slowly. As I fucked him, Brad tweaked my nipples.
Lust was taking over, my brain was melting and a fucklust was taking over.
I ratcheted up the fuck machine another notch and Claudia moaned louder

Her eyes were closed and was totally into the phony ass invader

"Fuck me, faster, harder" she cried.

What could I could I do, I turned it up full speed. Throwing down the
remote, I spread Brad's legs as wide as possible and rammed my concrete
cock in and out of him. Claudia was straining against her bonds, trying to
get more and more of the rubber cock up her ass. I half expected to see
the dildo come out of her mouth.

The fucklust had taken over me and I pounded in and out of Brad. He was
jerking himself off as I fucked him. I slammed into him with all my might
over and over again. I was consumed with lust. Glancing at Claudia, I
could tell she was too. I pounded away at Brad, slamming into him with all
my strength

"Fuck me", cried Brad, "Fuck me, cried Claudia.

It was our credo, each time Brad yelled, Claudia yelled louder. I was
out of my mind. My brain was mush. My whole being was in my cock and my
cock was ramming in and out of Brad. Claudia was throwing her head around
as her hips rammed back against the fuck machine. Her tits banged against
her chest each time she did.

I couldn't take it anymore and reared up and slammed into Brad, shooting
my seed deep into his bowels. He moaned and his seed shot out of his cock,
hitting him in the face. Claudia grabbed her bonds with her hands and
shrieked as her orgasm hit. Her body bucked like it had been electrocuted.
She had lost all control over his muscles and she looked like an out of
control marionette.

My cock had shrunk and had fallen out of Brad. Picking up the remote, I
slowly turn the control to off. Before pulling the rubber invader out of
Claudia, I took a few picture with the camera, I stashed.

Claudia moaned as I removed the dildo. Untying her, we carried her to
our bed where the three of us slept wrapped in each other arms.

Needless to say, when Claudia and I bet, she always seems to lose. Is
that a coincidence or what?


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