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This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit or placed within
any archive without the written permission of the author. The author may
be contacted at or via ICQ #51761475. More stories can be found at

Copyright 2000, Robert B. Morton, II, all rights reserved.


For those individuals not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector--you have been warned. The following is a work of
fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people or
places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

Cocksucker, by Rob Morton (m/m, cons, inc)

Part One, Chapter 1

There's something to be said about having five brothers older than you,
among which are the things they can teach you.

mom and Dad couldn't seem to get together on that
X-chromosome/Y-chromosome thing and, as a result, their unions produced
nothing but sons. Certainly, this was something that made my father really
happy, having all these strapping lads to carry on the family name and all
that. Mom, on the other hand, well, she wasn't exactly pleased as punch -
but that didn't stop her from lavishing lots of love and affection on us.

We were born almost a year apart: Todd Jr. (named after Dad, of
course), Bobby, Gerald, Mason, Vincent and, last but not least, me - Eric.
As, as boys are want to do, we drove our parents insane at times with our
antics; once we were all out of the chute and everything, it didn't take
long for the cuts, scrapes, bruises, and fights to get started. mom and
Dad spent more than their fair share of time breaking us apart and tending
whatever wounds we inflicted on each other and/or got playing football,

But, as you might imagine, none of those things were the highlights of
the time we spent living together. We had other activities, the type that
if either of our parents ever discovered, would have gotten us all severely

I remember being in bed one night when I was awakened by the sound of
someone moaning. It took me a few seconds to get the cobwebs out of my
head and to get my eyes focused and when it all came together for me, I
could barely make out the sight of the covers on Bobby's bed moving in an
odd way.

I blinked a few more times and wiped the crusty junk out of my eyes,
enough to see that Bobby wasn't in his bed by himself! What the hell was
going on here? In the darkness, I could see my other brother, Vincent (no
one ever calls him Vince, Vin, or Vinnie), lying on top of Bobby... was he
fucking Bobby? I had heard that there are guys who like to have sex with
other guys - but I never expected to see it happening in my own bedroom!

As I continued to watch, the covers slipped off the bed, exposing the
two of them and allowing me to now see Vincent's ass rising and falling
and, yep, there was his dick, going in and out of Bobby's ass! As far as I
could see, Vincent's face was screwed up something fierce as he
concentrated on what he was doing; Bobby, for his part, had a smile on his

"Mmmm, that feels good," Bobby whispered, humping his ass up as best he
could, meeting Vincent's downward thrusts.

"Shh!" Vincent hissed back. "Keep quiet before you wake somebody up!"

My brothers fell silent, save for the gentle squeaking of Bobby's bed
and the slightly squishing sound of Vincent's dick sliding in and out of
Bobby's ass.

Suddenly, Vincent's movements went from being nice and smooth to
not-so-nice and jerky; his grunting got just a little louder and I could
see Bobby squirming a lot more under Vincent's weight. Vincent's hips
moved down twice really quick - then his whole body went as stiff as a
board for a long moment.

"Ah! Ah!" Vincent gasped. "Yes!"

"Feels good," Bobby said dreamily, leaving me to wonder what they both
were feeling.

After a few moments of lying still, Vincent got up, his dick making a
nasty slurping sound as he pulled it out of our brother's backside. He sat
back for a moment, looking at Bobby's ass as if he were admiring his

"My turn," Bobby said, turning onto his back. In the dim light, I could
see his dick lying limply against his stomach.

"Okay," Vincent whispered as he settled down between Bobby's legs and
put his mouth on Bobby's dick.

"Oh, wow..." I said under my breath - but not loud enough to be heard by
my brothers. I watched in wide-eyed fascination as Vincent sucked Bobby's
dick until it was good and hard; each time Vincent's head moved down,
Bobby's whole dick disappeared into his mouth.

Vincent kept it up for a few more seconds before he and Bobby changed
places. My mouth flew open - thankfully, nothing came out of it - as
Vincent lay on his back, lifting his legs high in the air while Bobby
busied himself applying what looked like lotion or something to his

"Hurry up!" Vincent hissed, using his hands to hold his legs up.

"I'm ready!" Bobby hissed back, moving into position between Vincent's

I couldn't see what was happening for a moment because Vincent had
reached down and appeared to be guiding Bobby's dick where it had to be.
Must have gotten it there, too, because Vincent's face screwed up
momentarily in what appeared to be pain while Bobby looked like he was in

Once again, I was wondering what they were both feeling as I watched
Bobby fucking Vincent. I even caught on to the fact that they did it
differently: Where Vincent was slow and deliberate, Bobby was running along
at high speed, each downward thrust of his hips jarred both Vincent and the

And it seemed to take longer for Vincent before his body went stiff than
it did for Bobby; he'd only been at it for a few seconds before he imitated
a board, grunting and gasping like he was starving for air.

"Damn that was good!" Vincent said, sitting up and hugging Bobby

"Yeah, it sure was," Bobby answered, still trying to catch his breath.

"Same time tomorrow night?" Vincent asked, slipping from the bed and
standing up; I could see something shiny running slowly down the inside of
his thigh.

"Sure, if you want to," Bobby said, getting under the covers. "Good

"Same to you," Vincent replied, crossing the room and climbing into his
own bed.

What had I just seen? Even better, why was my own dick harder than a
rock? It wasn't that I didn't know about sex; hell, you couldn't be around
my oldest brother, Todd, and not learn about it. Apparently, there was
much more to sex than what Todd was saying!

I rubbed my hand along the shaft of my dick, just as Gerald showed me
once; I knew that if I kept rubbing long enough, it would shoot some of
that white stuff out and... wait a minute!

It dawned on me (all late and wrong) that the reason why they were both
going stiff was because they were shooting sperm into each other's behinds!
Duh! I should have realized that...

I would have devoted more brain-power to the matter, but I was getting
that marvelous feeling in the pit of my stomach; my balls were getting
really tight and hard and soon I'd be...

Ah! Oh, man, does that ever feel great! It was all I could do not to
groan aloud as I ducked my head under the covers, straining my eyes to see
the white sticky stuff shooting out of the end of my dick, flowing over my
hand and onto my T-shirt. All the while, the memory of what I'd seen just
a short while ago was burned into my mind and, as I drifted off to sleep, I
knew I had to find out for myself...

Part One, Chapter 2

Of course, it was hard as hell the next day sitting at the table with
the two of them. Oh, they were all cool about it; had I not seen what they
had been doing with my own two eyes, I wouldn't have been able to tell that
anything had occurred between them by the way they were acting.

Which, in a way, was kinda funny. Neither of them had any idea that I
knew their little secret and I was doing my level best not to let them know
that I knew. Eventually, they'd find out but, until I had a plan to cut
myself in on the action, I had to act as if I knew nothing.

mom hustled us out of the house after breakfast, announcing rather
loudly that she had to clean the house and could do so better without any
of us around. After scraping our plates and putting them in the sink,
Vincent, Bobby and me scrambled out the back door into the yard, looking
for something to get into while Todd, Gerald and Mason headed for the
basketball court.

"Hey, let's go hang out down by the creek!" Bobby suggested.

"Think anyone will be there this early?" I asked. Beck's Creek was more
of a trickle than a legitimate creek - but the local kids loved to hang out
along its banks during the summer.

"Probably not," Vincent replied, swatting at a fat bumblebee buzzing
around his head.

"Aw, who cares about anyone else being there?" Bobby asked. "I'm just
glad mom didn't make us hang around and help her clean!"

"Me, too," I chipped in. "So, what are we waiting for?"

Led by Bobby, we exited the gate and followed a well-worn path down to
the section of Beck's Creek that ran behind our house. While the other
kids liked to hang out and swim - or other activities - they rarely did so
this far downstream. If nothing else, we'd be guaranteed our privacy.

As I walked behind my older brothers, I kept looking at them, noticing
how their usual loping gait was off a little. And, I couldn't help but
notice how their behinds bounced and jiggled as they walked. Instead of
seeing two pairs of jean, all I could see in my mind was naked flesh! I
blinked a few times to get the image out of my mind; it wouldn't do for me
to get caught staring at their asses!

Five minutes later, we arrived at "our" part of Beck's Creek,
immediately going to the water's edge, picking up some stones, and skipping
them across the surface. We kept at it for a while, having one of our
usual contests when Bobby suddenly yawned.

"What's the matter with you? Didn't get enough sleep last night?"
Vincent asked, skipping a stone clear across to the other side of the

"Nah, I guess not," Bobby replied before yawning again. "I was pretty

"I'll say you were," I muttered under my breath.

"Did you say something, Eric?" Vincent asked me, his head snapping

"Huh? No, I didn't," I said hurriedly.

"Yes, you did," Vincent pressed. "What did you say?"

"Nothing! I didn't say nothing!" I countered, realizing that I just put
my foot all in the doo-doo.

"Bobby, grab his arm. On the count of three, we toss him in, okay?"

"Fine by me," Bobby said with a grin.

"Hey! Let go!" I protested - they both knew I couldn't swim, just as we
all knew Beck's Creek wasn't deep enough to get your knees wet. But, when
you couldn't swim, it may as well been the ocean!

"Tell me what you said and maybe you'll stay dry," Vincent said,
grinning evilly.

"But I didn't say anything!" I said weakly, as my brothers grabbed an
arm, dragging me to the edge of the water.

"On three," Vincent said. "One, two..."

"Okay! Okay! I'll tell you what I said!"

"That's more like it," Bobby said, backing off.

"All I said was, 'I'll say you were.' Honest, that all I said!"

"Yeah? And just what did you mean by that?" Vincent asked, his eyes
narrowing as he glared at me.

"Nothing," I stammered, a feeling of dread beginning to come over me.

"Okay, in you go, then!" Vincent said, grabbing my arm again.

"I saw what you and Bobby were doing last night!" I yelped as they
dragged me back to the edge. I knew that they'd probably beat me up or
something but, in truth, I'd prefer that to getting wet and maybe drowning
any day!

"Oh, shit..." Bobby groaned, a look of panic crossing his handsome

"And what exactly did you think you saw?" Vincent asked quietly.

"I saw you two fucking," I answered, steeling myself for the punch I
figured would be coming.

"You know, I thought I heard something last night," Bobby said.

"Yeah, so did I," Vincent agreed without taking his eyes off me.

We must have stood there looking at each other for a couple of minutes,
minutes that felt more like hours to me since they were spending more time
looking at me than I did at them. In fact, I was beginning to feel like a
bug under a microscope...

"You didn't tell anyone else, did you?" Vincent asked.

"No, I swear!" I replied, taking a step back.

"You'd better not!" Bobby warned. "If you squeal..."

"Hey, I'm not trying to get beat up!" I exclaimed. Maybe against one of
them, I'd have a chance... but against both of them? Shit, I'd be dog meat!

"That's really smart of you, Eric," Vincent said, his features relaxing
back to normal. "Damned smart, if you ask me."

"Can I ask you something?" I asked, feeling my courage returning now
that I wasn't going to get pounded.

"What?" Bobby and Vincent said in unison.

"What does it feel like?"

"He wants to know what it feels like," Vincent said, looking at Bobby.
"Imagine that!"

"Do you really want to know, Eric?" Bobby asked. "I mean, really?"

"Yeah, sure," I said, suddenly very unsure.

"Okay, but, ah, it's better if you find out first-hand instead of us
telling you, right Bobby?"

"For sure!" Bobby agreed.

"Um..." I started, realizing that I was now over my head

"Oh, no - you can't chicken out now! You wanted to know, didn't you?"
Vincent asked, his hand going to his zipper.

"Yeah, but..." I said weakly.

"Okay, then - you're about to find out!"

"Now, Eric, we can do this the hard way or the easy way," Bobby said
gently, stepping a little closer to me."

"Do I have a choice?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah, you've got choices," Bobby said, looking over at Vincent. "You
can let us show you what it feels like without putting up a fuss or you can
put up a fuss and we beat you up and do it anyway."

Yeah, well, those were pretty good choices, weren't they?

"Besides, we were going to ask you to join in our fun sooner or later so
it may as well be sooner, huh?" Bobby finished.

"So, what do I do first?" I asked, deciding that the easy way was the
best way - but I was surprised that they had even considered asking me to
join them. I'd have to find out more about that later...

"First, you suck our dicks," Vincent said, barely able to contain his
glee at my acceptance as he unzipped and pulled his limp noodle out of his
open fly. "Mine first!"

"No way," Bobby said, pulling his cock out as well. "I'm older than
both of you, so I'm going first. Any arguments?"

"Nope," Vincent said, reading the look in Bobby's eyes. "I can wait my

"Thought so," Bobby said with a smile. He turned to me, his cock
hanging out of the opening in his pants. Even though it wasn't hard, it
was clearly longer than mine; the head was also bigger and a little darker
than mine was.

I glanced over at Vincent to check out his hardware (excuse the pun) and
saw that his dick was already hard, the tip of it wet and shiny as he
squeezed it in his fist, making the veins stand out more than I supposed
they normally would.

"So, are you ready, Eric?" Bobby asked.

"I guess so," I replied, feeling my legs trembling and dealing with a
weird sensation running around in my stomach as Bobby cleared some debris
from the area he was standing in before letting his pants and underwear
fall to his ankles and lying down, patting a spot on the ground next to his

Well, I wanted to find out what it was like, didn't I? I positioned
myself next to my older brother; once I was somewhat settled in, Bobby held
his cock upright with one hand, using his other hand to guide my head

"Just don't bite me," Bobby said as my lips inched closer to his rod.

"Okay..." I managed to say as the head of his cock slipped between my
lips. For a brief moment, I felt the urge to toss my cookies as the spongy
knob of Bobby's glans gently scraped across my teeth, coming to rest on the
tip of my tongue.

"Ahh," Bobby sighed as my tongue automatically moved to avoid this meaty
invader, flicking against his knob lightly and delivering my first taste of

I'm not sure what it should have tasted like but it wasn't all that bad,
a slightly salty taste, mixed in with a tinge of the soap we all used to
wash with. I took a deep breath and caught the scent of the soap mixed
with a rather - how can I say it? - earthy kind of smell. Not strong and
overpowering, like the way you smell after a hard game of basketball, but
something like that - only milder.

I closed my mouth around the head of his dick; this must have been the
right thing to do because Bobby sighed again and used both hands to move my
head up and down a little, giving me a hint of what I was supposed to do.

Breathing was getting kinda interesting and I almost panicked as my head
began to bob up and down slowly; it took me a few seconds to adjust to
breathing only through my nose, drawing in the air in long, slow draughts.

"Swirl your tongue around it, too," Bobby coached.

I complied, somehow managing to maintain my up and down motion. As my
tongue ran across the very tip of Bobby's dick, I could taste something a
little salty on my tongue. I swallowed - another neat trick under my
current circumstances - and the salty taste seemed to glide easily down my
throat, leaving a somewhat tangy, slick trail as it passed into my gullet.

You know what I found out? You tend to lose all track of time when you
have a dick in your mouth! I'm not sure how long it really took - maybe
seconds, maybe minutes - but I managed to develop my own rhythm and was
really getting into what I was doing. Bobby's cock grew long and hard in
my mouth, causing me to make a few adjustments in the process. As I
sucked, I noticed that even though his prick was hard, there was a silky
smoothness to it as well.

"Man, he's really going for it," I heard Vincent saying. "Fuck his
face, Bobby!"

At Vincent's request, Bobby began moving his hips, thrusting his dick
gently into my mouth. At one point, it went a little deeper into my throat
and I gagged, the sound reminding me of one a frog would make.

"Nice, slow, easy breaths," Bobby instructed. "The feeling will go

I did as he told me and, damn, found he was right. This little change
in my breathing allowed Bobby to fuck more of his cock into my mouth; if I
moved my tongue out of the way, flattening it against the floor of my
mouth, I found that I could get half of his penis in my mouth before my gag
reflex tried to take over.

Again, time didn't have much meaning as I blew my brother. I could
taste more and more of that slick, salty substance in my mouth now as Bobby
fed me his dick, often changing the speed of his thrusts and the position
of his dick, too, sometimes only letting the head stay in my mouth which,
by the way, was really starting to get tired, my jaws aching.

"Use your hand to jack me off while you're sucking," Bobby was saying,
his words and breathing coming out like he was having some major problems.

I shifted my position on the ground, feeling my butt and hip on the side
I was laying on protest painfully, having been in that position too long.
After making myself comfortable again (my butt had fallen asleep), I
wrapped my hand around Bobby's dick and began moving the smooth skin along
his very hard shaft, much in the same way I did when I played with myself.

"Oh, shit, yeah," Bobby breathed, moving his hips so that he could fuck
both my mouth and my fist.

"Careful, Eric," Vincent's voice said in the darkness. "He's about to
lose it!"

Darkness? Oh, my eyes were closed... when had I closed them? I pushed
the odd thought aside, concentrating on the task at hand (again, no pun
intended). I was aware that my own breathing was rougher and that I had
managed to work up quite a sweat. And, of course, my own dick was so hard
it hurt!

There were other sensations at work within me as well, and I was having
some difficulty trying to sort them all out. I was very excited... but
very calm all at the same time. I could feel my heart pumping strongly in
my chest as it kept up with the demands I was putting on my body. My pulse
pounded in my ears, sounding very much like a bass drum.

Just as I was really starting to wear down, I felt a change in Bobby's
dick - it began to get longer and thicker in my mouth. At the same time, I
was aware of those tiny, jerky tremors running along the entire length of
his shaft; the salt level in my mouth increased...

"Oh, SHIT!" Bobby cried out as the first wad of sperm shot into my
mouth, catching me completely by surprise.

Suddenly, my mouth was filled with warm, gooey, salty-tasting sperm as
Bobby's dingus jerk and twitched in both my hand and mouth, each pulse
sending another thick jet of sperm into my mouth. Finding my mouth full,
reflex took over and I swallowed, sending an ocean of sperm that sliding
down my throat and into my belly. And, you know? It didn't taste bad at

Part One, Chapter 3

"Jesus," I heard Vincent saying as I let Bobby's dick fall from my oral
grasp, coughing like crazy.

"You okay?" Bobby wheezed, propping himself up on his elbows.

"Yeah, I think so," I struggled to say in between coughing fits.

"Sorry, Eric, I was going to let you know when I was going to cum, but
it happened so fast!" Bobby said apologetically.

"That's okay," I said, finally getting my lungs cleared and collecting
myself. "Just give me another minute, okay?"

"Take your time, kid," Bobby said. "Can you slide your pants down?"

"Sure," I said, fiddling with the fasteners until I felt the cool air
blowing on my crotch.

"My turn now," Vincent said, taking Bobby's place beside me while Bobby
moved into position, his head poised over my erection.

Just as my mouth closed over the thick knob of Vincent's tool, I felt
Bobby's mouth close around my dick, swallowing it right down to the root! I
gasped at the sensation, which hit me like a jolt of electricity. Vincent
took full advantage of the situation, ramming his cock into my mouth until
the knob lodged itself in the back of my throat.

I gagged hard this time, the bile creeping up into my throat. Through
some unconscious effort of will, I made my throat relax, which seemed to
make the gagging sensation disappear as Vincent continued to ream my
tonsils out with reckless abandon.

To be truthful, other than that one moment of terror, I hadn't really
noticed Vincent's energetic display of lusty affection - I was too focused
on what was happening between my own legs, where Bobby was working some
really powerful magic on my dick.

Man, it was really something! Obviously, Bobby knew exactly what he was
doing, slurping and sucking on my cock with unabashed glee; his hands were
very busy as well, fondling my balls and working my shaft up and down,
sometimes squeezing hard, sometimes soft, but never the same for long
periods of time.

Meanwhile, Vincent was having the time of his life, thrusting his meat
into my throat (easily now), cursing and moaning openly. He was holding my
head in place, fucking my mouth with quick, short stabs, filling my mouth
with a taste that wasn't quite as salty as Bobby's. In fact, it flat out
didn't taste the same - but wasn't bad at all.

"Gonna do it now," Vincent moaned just before his dick exploded in my
mouth. His sperm wasn't quite as thick as Bobby's and kinda tasted more
like oatmeal than anything else. He was really bringing it, though,
because I had to swallow his spunk in quick gulps to keep myself from
choking on it.

Bobby picked up his pace, slamming his mouth onto my swelling tool,
making my whole body tremble and shudder. I knew I was about to cut loose
but this was a more intense feeling than any I'd experienced before. The
world seemed to close in around me, blocking out all sound except my own
heavy breathing. I was dimly aware that Vincent was fucking his now-soft
cock gently between my lips when somebody dropped a house on me...

It's really hard for me to explain what I was feeling at the precise
moment I unloaded my seed into Bobby's mouth. Intense doesn't quite
describe it - neither does mind-blowing. It was a wonderfully warm,
delicious and quite overpowering feeling. My whole body tingled as if
caught in a field of static electricity; beyond that, the only thing I
could really feel was my dick jerking and shooting a zillion gallons of
spunk into Bobby's incredibly warm, wet mouth. Being the old pro he was,
Bobby swallowed every single drop of my load easily, moaning his pleasure
at the liquid treat I was filling his mouth with.

"Turn over on your stomach," I heard Bobby say through the buzzing in my

Vincent helped me turn over, the grass beneath me cool and ticklish
against the heat emanating from my body. I was still a little disoriented
from my most awesome orgasm when I felt Bobby's body cover mine, his
now-erect prick probing wetly between my ass cheeks.

"What...?" I managed to squeak just before the most incredible - yet
delicious - pain I'd ever felt ripped through my body. My stomach began to
churn as the sharp spike of pain sank itself into my rectum and, oh, God, I
wanted to throw up so much it wasn't funny! Bobby was in my ass and,
Jesus, it hurt so bad... but felt so good!

"You're in," Vincent was saying, holding my head in his lap and stroking
my sweat-slickened hair.

"Oh, yeah," Bobby grunted, his cock now buried halfway into my anus.
"Jeez, he's really tight!"

"Not for long," Vincent said.

Time and the rest of the world went away for me as I found myself
wrapped in a warm, fuzzy cocoon. My world now consisted of only Bobby's
weight on my back and his cock in my bunghole. I felt full, you know, the
way you feel after pigging out at Thanksgiving or something. I also felt
like I had to take a really massive shit - but I knew it was caused by my
brother's prick being buried deep into my backside.

"How're you doing, Eric?" Bobby asked as he gently fucked my ass.

"I'm okay," I sighed. "It feels good."

"I'm glad you like it," Bobby said gently. "Your ass feels so good
squeezing my dick!"

"Hmmm..." I sighed again, letting myself get lost in the wonderful
feeling. Trapped beneath me, my dick was oozing sperm - I had cum again,
but this time, I wasn't hard at all! Now, that's interesting...

I felt Bobby's cock get longer and thicker in my butt, his movements
getter very erratic and I knew he was about to cum in my ass. A few
seconds later, his body went really stiff and I could feel his sperm
flowing into my once-virgin ass, a kinda hot and nasty and wonderful
feeling. A wave of pleasure rolled over me as my older brother continued
to empty his balls into me.

Part One, Chapter 4

By the time Vincent got done having his way with me, I felt so good -
and really terrible at the same time. My jaws ached and, of course, my ass
really hurt something fierce, having just taken two good-sized dicks up
there. My brothers had helped me to my feet and I could feel their sperm
pouring out of my ass hole. I was also aware of that peculiar, watery
feeling you get in your stomach...

I suddenly dashed from where we had been standing, practically diving
behind a thick clump of bushes. The watery feeling was worse now and my
stomach was beginning to cramp like you wouldn't believe. I squatted just
as my bowels released, the air around immediately turning foul... well, we
won't get into that, okay? Let's just say that I felt a hell of a lot
better a few minutes later...

"You okay, kid?" Vincent asked, hiding a smirk behind his hand.

"Yeah, I am now," I said, slightly embarrassed.

"It'll do that do you," Bobby said, his voice sincere. "Eventually
you'll get used to it... that is, if you want to keep doing this with us."
He peeled off his clothes and tossed them aside, heading for the creek.

"Yeah, how about it, Eric?" Vincent asked, following Bobby's lead.

I didn't answer right away as I got completely undressed so I could get
in the water and clean myself up. As I watched my brothers splash their
way into the cool waters of the creek, I took a few seconds to inventory my
thoughts about what had just happened.

Last night, I watch Bobby and Vincent having sex and found it thrilling
and very exciting; today, I had just finished having sex with them, sucking both of their dicks and being fucked by both of them. I ate sperm, had my
sperm eaten and, despite having to deal with an instant case of the runs, I
found the experience everything I had hoped it to be - and then some.

"Yeah, count me in," I said, joining them in the water and feeling the
cool liquid refresh my aches.

"He's hooked," Vincent said with a grin.

Yeah, he was right...

Part One, Chapter 5

My whole week was full of fun as Vincent, Bobby and me took every
opportunity to fuck and suck each other silly. Of course, we didn't spend
a lot of time fucking - that took more time than we'd have. I got my
chance to fuck both Vincent and Bobby and, while I found the experience
exhilarating, it wasn't as much fun as sucking them or being sucked and
fucked by them.

I used my time with them wisely, honing my cocksucking skills and
learning other things, like sucking their balls and stabbing at their
assholes with my tongue. That was different and I was thankful for our
good hygienic practices since rimming, as I learned it was called, one of
Vincent's and Bobby's favorite pastimes.

I was sitting in the room we all shared (it was really big) reading when
my oldest brother, Todd, came in from playing basketball.

"Dude! What's up?" Todd said in greeting, rolling his ball across the
room as he stripped off his wet sweatshirt, revealing his slender, muscular
upper body.

"Not much, just reading," I said in reply.

"Where are the guys?" Todd asked, stepping out of his shorts and
revealing his long, thick cock, which dangled lazily between his legs,
framed by a rather hairy set of balls.

"Vincent and Bobby are with Mom; the others are down at the hardware
store with Dad," I replied, sneaking a peek over the edge of my book to
ogle my brother's goods, thankful that my face was partially hidden, lest
Todd see me drooling.

"Cool," Todd replied. "So, dude, you, ah, wanna suck my dick?"

"What?" I replied, surprised by the sudden change in the conversation.

"Don't play dumb," Todd said, smiling as he took a few steps toward me,
his cock swinging nicely as he walked. "You think I didn't know what you
and Vincent and Bobby have been up to lately?"

Oh, well, so much for us being discrete, huh?

"So, how about it?" Todd asked, standing directly in front of me; I
could smell the heady scent of his body, hot and sweaty and oh, so

I put my bookmarker in place and laid the book to the side, focusing my
vision on Todd's impressive package. Unlike Vincent, Bobby, and me, Todd
was uncircumsized and his prick looked like some sort of sleeping worm all
nestled in its cocoon of foreskin. I could feel my mouth starting to water
in anticipation.

Slowly, I reached out and cupped Todd's balls in my hand, feeling their
warm weight and giving them a gentle squeeze while taking his cock in my
other hand, bringing it to my mouth.

"Ahhh," Todd sighed as I slipped his skin-covered knob into my mouth,
using my lips and tongue to peel back Todd's foreskin before sucking gently
on the now-exposed knob.

I wasted little time teasing Todd into complete hardness, his pricking
filling my mouth deliciously although he was big enough to make it a little
uncomfortable. Ah, but hell, a little discomfort was worth it as I sucked him into my throat as deeply as I could, eliciting another sigh of
satisfaction from him.

"Shit, dude, you're really good at this," Todd said, rocking back and
forth to fuck his man-meat into my hungry orifice. "Better than some of
the girls I've had!"

Hearing this encouraged me greatly and I increased my efforts, sucking harder on Todd's meat and drawing from him the crystal clear juice I'd come
to love.

"Whoa, slow down!" Todd cautioned as I picked up the pace even more,
using my fist to pump more of his juice into my mouth. He tried holding my
head to slow me down, but I wasn't to be denied this pleasure.

As was now the norm for me, the world closed in around me until the only
things in it was Todd's hardness and the sound of my heavy breathing as I
sucked my brother's deliciousness. I could feel my own prick throbbing
hotly against my body, demanding some attention - but I had other fish to

It was only a matter of time before I felt Todd's cock shudder in my
mouth; his body wobbled for a moment before a hot load of semen poured into
my mouth, coating my taste buds with that delicious oatmeal taste I'd come
to love so much.

"Oh, fuck," Todd hissed, his body shivering as his balls continued to
empty themselves. "SHIT!"

Even though Todd was beginning to soften in my mouth, I didn't stop for
one minute, continuing to run my wet, sticky mouth along the length of his
prick, teasing and poking his trembling meat with my tongue and, oh, yeah,
keeping him semi-erect. I could feel his knees buckling, so I used my
hands to guide him onto the bed, keeping his cock firmly in my mouth; once
he was flat on his back, I went to work on him again in earnest, sucking and licking everything I could get my mouth on until his dick was hard and
raging once again.

"Well, what do we have here?" came the sound of Gerald's voice from
somewhere behind me. "A little action going on, eh?"

Even with my mouth full of hard prick, I managed to smile as I heard
Gerald's zipper come down. I felt his hands on me, working at pulling down
the shorts I was wearing before assisting me onto the bed on my knees, my
bare backside delightfully exposed.

My smile got even wider as I felt the bed shift with Gerald's weight,
followed by the glorious feel of a spit-slickened cock knob being shoved
into my back hole. Man, this was better than I had expected! I was in
heaven with one cock punishing my backside while the other swabbed my

Gerald exploded in my ass minutes later, coating my innards with his
spunk, grunting and moaning the whole time. I spurted some, too, sending a
rush of horny pleasure through my whole body. In front of me, Todd was
really fucking my mouth with gusto, so much that all I could do was just
hold my head still and let him have his fun.

The bed shifted again and I felt myself being lifted in the air for a
moment, followed by Gerald's mouth covering my erection. I groaned
delightfully at the unexpected contact, the vibrations in my throat giving
Todd some pleasure as well.

The room was filled with hot, sucking sounds and the air was heavy with
a strong, male scent as we went about giving each other pleasure.
Somewhere along the line, I wound up in a 69 position with Gerald, his hot
cock filling my mouth even as Todd filled my rectum with his rock hard

Todd's entrance into my bowels was very painful, given his enormous size
and all and I had to take some of my concentration from sucking Gerald to
make the pain go away. Eventually, I was able to dismiss the pain and get
back to concentrating on what was more important - getting my brothers'
loads in my mouth and ass!

Which they both delivered in grand style, I might add. Gerald's spunk had a slightly spicy taste, almost like Italian sausage (found out later he
had eaten one before Dad had dropped him off at home) and I couldn't find
the words to describe what it felt like to have Todd's big boner pumping
nut juice into my guts.

Later, while taking a shower to clean the sperm off me, I took a moment
to reflect on my recent good fortunes. Seems like Todd and Gerald had been
having this kind of fun with themselves; in fact, Todd was rather proud to
inform me that he was the one who had initiated Vincent and Bobby as well,
with Mason being the only hold-out of the bunch; seemed Mason wasn't
inclined to have sex of any kind... his loss, I suppose.

I really had to admit that the rest of my time spent with my brothers at
home was some of the best times I'd ever had. We'd spend our nights
fucking and sucking each other, each of us knowing that if our parents would walk in on us, we'd all be so much dog meat. But, the threat of
getting caught only added to the experience, making it a lot more exciting
and fulfilling.

Of course, we'd wander off down to Beck's Creek for a little daytime
action, always careful to keep our eyes peeled for any of the neighbors.
Once, while down at the creek sucking off Bobby, I heard the unmistakable
sounds of someone fucking. Bobby heard it as well and, after our curiosity
got the better of us both, we tracked down the sounds and found Kenny
Mitchell laying the pipe to his sister, Amanda! We watched silently as fat
Kenny pumped a surprising amount of cock into his sister's cunt and, when
he came, me and Bobby almost gasped aloud at the amount of sperm that
flowed out of Amanda's snatch when Kenny pulled out, the white liquid
pouring out the gaping hole his prick had made in her body...

Ah, yes - those were some pretty good times... but they were about to
get better!

Part One, Chapter 6

One by one, my brothers left home, going out to seek their fortunes at
college, working, the military, leaving me alone with mom and Dad. I was
in my senior year of high school and was doing pretty good. Hell, I even
had a girlfriend - Amanda Mitchell, if you can believe that. We had a lot
of fun together and, yeah, we fucked like rabbits whenever we could.

Still, I longed for the feel of a nice, stiff one between my lips and in
my ass. As you might suspect, I went through a period where I questioned
my sexuality, wondering if I were gay or something, a worry I didn't have
to put myself through after enjoying Amanda's cunt.

The big house seemed empty with all my brothers gone. With mom and Dad
working and doing their own thing and me finishing school, we didn't see
much of each other, except on the weekends.

I used to lie in my room at night and listen to them making love from
time to time. I'd indulge myself during those rare times envisioning my
father's prick plunging in and out of my mother, wondering what it would
feel like having him in my mouth and ass, feeling him pumping his hot sperm
into me instead of "wasting" it in my mother's cooze.

Hell, I even hatched quite a few plots to seduce my father on those
occasions when my hunger for cock would get the best of me. Nothing ever
came of those thoughts - I'd usually give Amanda a call and take my
frustrations out on her. Just the same, I'd come away from making love to
her feeling somewhat empty or less satisfied than I'd like.

It wasn't that Amanda was a bad lay - good old Kenny taught her well.
It was a simple matter of me wanting another degree of satisfaction other
than what pussy could offer.

There were a lot of times I'd catch myself watching my Dad as he went
about whatever he happened to be doing at the moment. For a man his age,
he wasn't in bad shape and I knew from my nights of eavesdropping on his
sessions with mom that he could really lay some serious pipe, just as I
knew that he had some nice equipment hidden beneath his trousers.

Once, he caught me "staring" at him, returning my look with an amused
one of his own.

"Something on your mind, son?" he asked, taking a seat in his favorite

"Nothing at all, Dad," I replied, hoping my face didn't reveal the
embarrassment I was feeling.

"Oh, I see," Dad replied, his eyes twinkling. "With the way you were
looking at me, I thought you were about to say or ask me something."

Shit, as horny as I was for dick, what I wanted to ask him was to give
it up - but I also knew that given my father's attitude about such things,
he'd be more likely to punch my lights out than to consider letting me suck
his dong.

"Nope," I repeated, trying not to squirm under his gaze. "When's mom coming back from Aunt Helen's?"

"Tomorrow afternoon," my father replied, his eyes still firmly fixed on

"Oh, okay," I said weakly, feeling myself beginning to whither under his

"Got any plans for this afternoon?" Dad asked casually.

"No, not really," I replied. "Amanda's gone somewhere with her parents,
so I guess I'm on my own for a little while."

"Well, in that case, maybe the two of us can do something together, you
know, to pass the time?" my father said.

"That'd be cool," I said. "Anything in particular in mind?"

"What do you like to do?" he asked.

"Hey, I'm pretty flexible - what do you feel like doing?" I said, hoping
my voice sounded cheery.

"Well, if your mother was here, I know what I'd be doing right about
now," my father said with a chuckle, waggling his eyebrows like some old pervert.

"I'd probably be doing the same if Amanda was around," I said, waggling
my eyebrows in return.

"I have an idea," Dad said, getting up out of his chair.

"Really? What?" I asked innocently.

"How about we go upstairs so you can give me a blowjob?" Dad said, his
smile widening.

I sat there unable to say a single word, my mouth hanging open.

"C'mon, Eric!" Dad admonished. "What, you didn't think I knew about
what you and your brothers have been up to over the years?"

"Actually, no, I didn't," I said, finally finding my voice.

"Shit, boy, how do you think they got started doing it?" Dad laughed.

"You?" I exclaimed, shocked right down to my feet.

"Yep," Dad confirmed. "Spent a lot of time with my dick in their mouths
and in their behinds."

"Can I ask why?"

"Seemed a good thing to do," Dad replied. "Besides, I spent a lot of
time in bed with my own father."

"But what about Mom?"

"What about her? Doing this didn't have anything to do with my feelings
for her - not in the least bit."

"Damn," I said quietly, trying to put the pieces together - and failing

"So, how about it? Want to show me what you've learned or what?"

"Why the hell not?" I answered, getting up and following my father upstairs.

Part One, Chapter 7

My father stripped down the moment he entered the room and climbed onto
the spacious bed he shared with my mother, grinning at me as I also

Once that was taken care of, I climbed into bed next to him, feasting my
eyes on his growing erection. Like Todd, he was uncut and the swelling
bulb at the tip of his dick was already beginning to push the covering
foreskin away, precariously hanging along the well-defined rim of his

"Like it?" Dad asked watching my eyes flicking over his crotch.

I answered by lowering my mouth to his cock, letting my lips retract his
foreskin as I swallowed inch after gratifying inch of my father's cock into
my mouth.

"Bring it up here," Dad whispered as I began to suck him.

I complied, swinging around until I straddled his head, my cock dangling
over his mouth; a second later, I felt his lips on my tool as he kissed it
before taking me completely into his mouth.

I was lost in the very sinful, very exciting situation I'd found myself
in. Not only did I have a chance to suck dick again, but I would get a
chance to taste the seed that gave me life...

The feel of my father's thick fingers penetrating my up-turned backside
broke my moment of introspection and inspired me to give him the same good
feelings he was giving me. I parted his somewhat hairy ass cheeks with my
hands, letting one finger begin the process of teasing his anus, which
twitched and wrinkled at my touch, before plunging a finger inside him as
deep as I could get it.

Dad responded by fully planting his invading digit further into my ass
while gobbling my cock at a ferocious rate. As one might expect, with two
guys sucking cock and tickling each other's prostate glands, it didn't take
long for us to explode into sweet ecstasy.

Dad came first, his pulsing cock spitting ropes of salty/sweet, sticky
sperm into my mouth, his hips furiously working his heaving prick in and
out of my mouth as fast as he could. At almost the same time, I unloaded
my own seed, reveling in the numbing sensations as Dad turned into a fleshy
vacuum, sucking every drop of my seed into his belly.

I rolled off him to lie on my back, gasping for air and savoring the
lingering taste of his nut in my mouth. Dad, on the other hand, didn't
pause for one minute, scrambling between my legs. He lifted them high and,
using his talented tongue, swabbed by butt-hole with saliva before
positioning his reddened knob at my back entrance. I watched the look of
feral concentration as he leaned into me, the head of his dick passing
through my sphincter easily, taking a great deal of delight at the
incredible pressure of his passing and the effects it was having on me.

I wanted him to fuck me silly, to ream my ass out until I couldn't sit
down for a week! Dad got fully into my bowels, resting a moment; he was
looking at me but I could tell by the glazed look in his eyes that he
wasn't seeing me at all... not that I could blame him.

After taking a deep breath, my father began fucking me in earnest with
long, deep strokes I could feel in the pit of my stomach. I cried out with
the pleasure of it all, which on encouraged him to fuck me deeper and
faster, his balls slapping obscenely against my ass.

He was getting harder now, his fuck-stick filling my rectum, stretching
it nice and wide even as it tried to both trap him within me and expel him
at the same time. Several seconds later, I felt the full measure of his
steel in my bottom as, grunting and cursing lustily, my father pounded his
prick into my ass.

Every so often, my cock, lying limp against my stomach, would twitch and
a weak stream of cum would trickle out; the hurricane of feelings that
accompanied such a meager output was a delight for me to be tossed around

Bead of perspiration rolled off my father's face and dripped onto my
chest as his strokes began to lose rhythm, his cock thickening in my
bottom. His eyes and mouth flew wide open and he rammed his meat up to the
hilt in me, his seed spilling into my bowels, all hot and sinful and

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" Dad cried out, pumping more sperm into my ass.
"Take it! Take it!"

Shit, I didn't have anything to say in return. I was in heaven as I
felt the tremors in my butt subside, my father's hosing-down of my guts
finished for the moment.

"Jeez, that was really fucking great," my father said huskily, propping
himself up on his arms and smiling down at me.

"Yes, it was," I agreed dreamily, feeling his spent seed seeping out of
the seal made between his rapidly shrinking cock and my overworked ass

"Would you like to fuck me now?" Dad asked, working his member into my
butt for a few seconds before withdrawing.

"No, that's okay," I said, feeling rather sated - and sleepy. "Maybe
some other time."

After taking a few minutes to regain our composure, we climbed into the
shower together where, much to my delight, I got my ass reamed out again
after I bent over to pick up the soap. After Dad released a short load in
me, he turned and bent over, exposing his hairy crack to me. I really
didn't want to fuck him but I relented, stepping up to the plate and
inserting my soapy bat into his anal passage.

Dad grunted a lot as I fucked my dick into him; at one point, I reached
around our joined bodies and started jerking his cock into hardness. It
took a bit of coordination on my part, but I was soon pistoning his cock
with my hand just as fast and smoothly as I was fucking his sweet ass.

I came hard, damn near losing my balance in the slippery tub. I held
on, though, and continued to pump my seed into my father's behind while
jerking him off to what I hoped was a most satisfying orgasm.

We spent the rest of the evening making love to each other, each of us
taking the full measure of the other. By the time we picked up my mother the following afternoon, I was so tired and so completely satisfied that I
couldn't see straight, let alone sit down comfortably.

"From the looks of you two," mom began, looking at the two of us. "I'd
say you had a good time hanging out together!"

"That's for sure," I replied, giving my father a knowing wink and smile.
After collecting Mom's luggage, we headed for home.


Except for that one day and night, I never made love with my father again. I graduated from high school later in the year and started working
at the computer assembly plant, putting in a lot of hours. It was hard,
grueling work but quite the necessary evil, since Amanda was pregnant with
my baby. Against her parents wishes, we got married and, using the money I
was supposed to go to college with, we got a little apartment just outside
the city where we set up house. I've long since told Amanda about the
things I did with my brothers and father, something I was sure she'd
understand considering she spent some time fucking her brother. It was
cool, more so because after every telling of my experiences, Amanda would
be so hot and bothered we'd fuck for hours at a time!

Every now and again, one of my brothers will come by for a visit and, of
course, we'd get into it like we did in the old days. But, that wasn't
very often and I still carry around the hunger to suck cock and to have my
ass reamed out by a nice, stiff one...

Oh! Did I tell you Amanda is having a boy?



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