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Coffee with the Neighbors

Keywords: MFF, wife Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Coffee with the Neighbors

Coffee with a Neighbor
1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

You and Christine are two old friends having coffee, relaxing one
morning while the kids are at school. Work was slow, allowing me
to come home for a run and a long lunch. Returning from my
exercise, I stop briefly in the living room, "I'm going to take a
shower. I gotta meeting at 1."

Rushing upstairs, I jump into the shower. I shampoo my hair, eyes
closed tightly, enjoying the feel of my fingers massaging my
scalp. A quick vision of Christine flashes across my imagination.
Tall and thin, she is dark and straight where you are light and
round. Continuing, I soap up my body. As I reach my groin, I feel
my cock stiffen. No time for that, I remind myself. Besides, it's
one thing to fantasize about my wife's best friend and neighbor,
it's another entirely to have sex with her.

I turn off the water and step out of the shower. Routine kicks in
as I mindlessly dry off and get ready to dress. Every thing is
going smoothly until I reached into my underwear drawer and came
up empty. I check the clock. I've got plenty of time before I
need to be back at work, so I wrap my towel around my waist and
go downstairs with just a T-shirt and towel on.

I call for you from the stairs, but you don't hear me, so I go
through the kitchen to get some clothes from the laundry room.
Returning to the living room, I stop to chat with you and
Christine, commenting on the weather and movies. As I stand
there, I feel Christine's eyes on me. I returned her gaze,
breaking it only when I realized that you had said something to

"I'd ask what you're thinking about, but Little Willy is making
it quite clear."

I look down quickly and notice to my chagrin, the my dick, still
thick from my imagination in the shower, had escaped the confines
of my towel. Tugging my towel over my errant member, I glance up
to see what was going to happen next. You are busy giggling over
my embarrassment but, more interestingly, Christine has an
unexpected look, a hungry, smoldering look.

A smile tugs at the corners of Christine's mouth. "I think that I
would like to get to meet Willy." She chews her lip briefly,
giving me a coy, coquettish look. "But from where I'm sitting, he
didn't look so little."

You chuckle at her joke as you move toward me. "Well, I've never
known Willy to be too picky." You give my towel a quick yank,
exposing me to your best friend. Taking my hand you lead me into
the living room and push me down on to the couch beside
Christine. "But usually I start with a good sucking."

Sitting down next to me, you watch Christine as you take my cock
in your hand. You run your tongue up its length, finishing by
giving its tip a big wet kiss. I reach toward Christine and help
her unbutton her blouse. You continue licking my cock, flicking
its sensitive underside with your quick tongue. Christine stands,
never taking her eyes of you as you give me an expert blowjob.

Christine strips quickly, without wasted motion. She reaches
behind her, unhooking her bra and releasing her small firm
breasts. She uses one hand to tease a hardening nipple while the
other pushes her panties to the floor. Climbing back onto the
couch, Christine takes my cock into her mouth while you suck my
shaven testicles.

I lay back on the couch, spreading my legs to give you and
Christine better access to my long, stiff cock. I run my hand
down your flank, trailing my fingers across your slick pussy
lips. You reward me by sucking one of balls into your hot mouth,
swirling your tongue around it like it was a piece of candy.

I arch my back, lifting my hips. My cock sinks deeper into
Christine's throat. She moans in appreciation. I tease her labia
with my fingertips, spreading her slick lips and inserting first
one and then two fingers into her love nest.

Rocking slowly back and forth, Christine alternates forcing my
fingers into her cunt with sucking my cock deep into her mouth.
She takes my dick out of her mouth, raising her head to kiss me
deeply. Our tongues entwine and she presses her clit against my

My fingers are still buried in her snatch, I use them to guide
her onto the back of the couch. Twisting, I kiss her pussy, using
the broad side of my tongue furrow Christine's sweet slit. I fuck
her with my tongue, tasting her sweet juice as I suck her snatch.
It doesn't take very long before Christine can think of nothing
but the feel of my cock inside her.

Christine climbs off the couch. Pulling you to your feet, she
helps you out of your clothes. She presses her naked body against
yours. She is taller than you, forcing your head back as she
grinds her hips against yours, her hard nipples press into your
chest. You've never been kissed by another woman, much less by
one who's tongue dances around your mouth. She moves one hand up
to cup your soft breast, lightly pinching your nipple between her
thumb and forefinger.

I don't want to be left out, so I pull both of you back onto the
couch. Christine hasn't let go of you, sucking one of your tits
into her mouth. Your breathe is coming in hard, short gasps.
Seeing how she is exciting you, Christine slowly works her way
across your stomach, a trail of kisses that lead to your hot, wet
pussy. Making a joke about a bald beaver, Christine eagerly licks
your pussy, enjoying the taste of your sweet juices on her

The sight of your friend eating you makes my cock as hard as a
steel pipe. I position myself behind Christine's dripping pussy.
Nudging the tip of my pole against her labia, I slowly split her
lips and enter her. Slowly, I work my thick cock into her love
tunnel. The feel of her tight cunt makes me want to drive my cock
in to the hilt, but I want to make this last as long as possible.

Christine is impatient with my teasing. She starts rocking back
and forth, alternating sucking your clit with impaling herself on
my cock. This gets her what she wants, the feel of my cock deep
inside her. But as she picks up the pace of her rocking, she is
unable to keep her tongue on your clit.

She lifts her head, gulping air as I return her thrusts. I put my
hands on her hips and push my cock deep into her wet pussy. The
sound of my balls wetly slapping against her swollen cunt
accompanies our fucking. Since Christine is no longer paying
loving attention to your shaven snatch, you move behind me.
Crawling underneath us, you put your face inches from Christine's
pussy. Seeing my balls swaying from the force of my thrusts, you
grab my hips and lift your head to my groin. Without interfering
with the smooth stroke of the fucking Christine is getting, you
take my balls into your mouth, swirling your tongue around them.

The feeling is driving me wild. Holding my hips as still as I
can, I use my grasp on her hips to pull Christine on to my dick
and drive myself into her up the hilt. Our bodies slap together
at the end of each thrust. Your tongue roams over my balls,
sometimes licking my testes, sometimes flicking my shaft to taste
the juices of Christine's inner secret.

Christine's climax builds, making her thrusts harder and deeper.
I feel her cunt ripple and quaver around my cock. She is
grunting, animalistic in her orgasm, and thrashing about, still
impaled on my rod. Finally she collapses on to the couch,
exhausted by our exertions. She pitches forward, her pussy still
vibrating with her climax. You are still underneath me, so I
couldn't fall forward on her and my cock slides easily from her.

I can feel the explosion building in me but one look at the
hunger in your eyes tells me that I need to give you a good
fucking before this is all over. Rolling off my knees, I swing my
legs over your body.

"Come here. You need a good fucking."

You are so wet my cock slides easily into your hot snatch. I bury
my face in the valley between your breasts, alternating my tongue
between your hard, red nipples. You set the tempo, sliding up and
down my pole. You take my cock's entire length with each thrust,
rising from its base to its tip before reversing course and
taking me within you again.

You can feel your orgasm coming and your hips wriggle and gyrate,
trying to use my cock to scratch an itch deep inside you. I grab
your hips and slam you down on my cock, faster and faster as I
near the peak as well. I feel my balls swell, ready to burst, and
I push the full length of my rod into you, holding myself deep
inside you as my cock explodes. The spurting lava erupts from my
balls, spewing hot molten cum into your womb.

My orgasm triggers yours. You clamp your knees to my hips,
squeezing my pole tight with your pussy muscles. I feel your
pussy grasp and milk my tool as I kept cumming in your sweet
pussy. I hold you close, our bodies slick with sweat and sex.

We are exhausted but, as I feel Christine's wet tongue licking
the spent juice of our sex from my balls, I know that our first
threesome has been a success.

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