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"Coffee with Milk"
By Scribbler, copyright 2001
The Scribbler is sponsored by the American Dairy Council's Drug
Diversion Grant program; dedicated to teaching kids that milk is good
sexy fun. . .much better than a blow job from a crack whore.
Scribbler and the ADC remind all that sexually explicit dairy fiction
is not appropriate for young people, farmers, or Mormons. So stop
reading right now . . .
Melissa thinks its an extravagance, but I like room service,
especially at good hotels. Its not that its such great value, its
that the wastefulness of the expense makes me feel Eastern and
debauched; if an overpriced room service breakfast on fine linen with
heavy silver makes me feel like Dirk Bogarde, well I'll call it an

"Fifteen dollars for coffee!", her voice rises on the last syllable,
expressing moral outrage, "that's a sin"

I smile at her, pink in her bathrobe. . .take a sip, and reply: "No
darling, that's expensive. . .come over here and I'll show you a
sin. . ."

She's by my side. I have her turn around and feel between her cheeks,
down to her cunt. She's already wet. . .she's always wet, come to
think of it. That's the thing I love about her. . . a girl as
American as Kate Smith, and but with that touch of Kurt Weill that
makes blonde hair and blue eyes a whole lot more interesting.

I pull her onto my lap, and spread the bathrobe wide, exposing her
cunt and belly. She's got beautiful pink lips, long and slick, very
sensitive to all sensations. I'm going to try a new one.

"Darling, I'm going to convince you that this is the finest coffee
you've ever had. . .now lean back."

Melissa does, and I take a teaspoon and dip it in my cup. Her eyes
follow my hand as I transport a teaspoonful over her lap, and then
let it drip, drop down onto her slit.

She's moaning now. . ."it burns"

I have an answer.

A spoon immersed in the little pitcher of milk, a pitcher that sweats
with the cold. A teaspoon of milk held above her slit, and the
dribbled down her slit.

She shivers.

The two spoons, one hot and one cold, traveling over her slit, held
on either side of her clitoris.

She's cumming now, waves of heat and cold upon her.

Relaxed and satisfied, Melissa smiles at me. . ."a bargain at twice
the price."


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