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Coincidence. (MF.Mf.MFf.Mast.Oral.Teen.Con.1st.)

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
Check out my archive at:- you will find it in the Authors list.

This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!
A story by

Coincidence is a strange thing.
Most crime writers use it, some actually abuse it, and stretch it to
it's absolute limit. I guess that when you look back as a series of
events in your life you can sometimes see one incident that repeats
itself over and over again, placing in your mind the thought 'What a
OK, so I'm not just being rhetorical here, I can point to one
phenomenon that cropped up a number of times during a period of my
life, a time that changed me for all time. Let me start from the
beginning, work through the middle and I'll stop when I come to the
end, by which time you should understand what I mean.

I'm a childless widower of some five years. My wife deserted me for
an older richer man a year after our marriage. It was more than a
trifle ironical that they drowned in a storm off the Florida
coastline a week before the divorce papers were filed. This made her
still my wife. As her boyfriend has also rewritten his will in her
favour and settled a VERY large sum in her name almost immediately
they got together, I suddenly found myself in receipt of a nice piece
of change. I left my lawyer to sort out the will business, it seems
it's a trifle complicated where you have a couple dying at the same
time. I looked at it such that if I got her lovers money through her,
my lawyer would get a huge fee, if he failed, I hadn't lost anything.
To be honest it didn't matter to me, I had as much as really needed
with what I got, all because my wife didn't bother changing her will
straight away. Anyway, I now managed to live comfortable on the
interest of my lump sum, and managed to keep it quiet from everyone I
knew, thus seeming to be a single guy in my mid thirties struggling
to keep the wolf and the IRS from the door.

One Stormy Winters Friday night I was driving back home after being
sent out of town to sort out a large customers network problem,
something I never have to do, being the section manager. This time my
boss 'asked' me to do it as a special favour, how could I refuse! I
got home, parked the car in the garage and, in the walk from it to my
front door, I got soaked through, having no raincoat with me. As I
closed my door I jumped as a massive thunderclap exploded overhead
and I saw a bright flash as a bolt of lightning struck somewhere
close. Glad to be inside, in the dry I went to my bedroom and changed
into something comfortable and dry then went down to make myself
something to eat. I fixed myself one stiff drink, all I allowed
myself when I was alone, then sat down and started into my meal. I
thought for a moment that the banging on my kitchen door was the
wind, and ignored it for a couple of minutes. When it persisted I got
up and saw a wet face pressed close to the glass. Quickly opening the
door I let my neighbour Jenny in, closing the door behind her to keep
the weather out, sat her down and offered her a towel to dry off on.
"What brings you out on a night like this?" I asked with a smile. She
looked up through her straggly mass of hair and with a grin said "Oh,
only a dire emergency. All my power has gone off, and I don't know
why." She looked at me with her puppy dog eyes and said "I don't
suppose..." before she could finish I was on my feet, "Just let me
some shoes on Jenny, and I'll come over with you and see if I can do
anything." I put some rubber boots on, found a couple of plastic
raincoats, grabbed my keys and went back to the kitchen where Jenny
had just finished drying her hair.

Covered with the raincoats and splashing through the puddles forming
on the well worn path between our houses we entered her kitchen
almost as dry as we left mine. I switched on my flashlight and went
down to her basement where her electrical board was sited and began
to look over it carefully. I came back a few minutes later and sat
with her at her kitchen table in the glow of a candle she found in a
drawer. "Sorry Jenny, there's nothing I can do, the whole of your
circuit board has been blown out, it's a major job fixing it. It's a
miracle that you didn't get set on fire when it blew. I've
disconnected it from the main supply just in case, and I suggest you
call the supply company in the morning to get it repaired." "Damn"
said Jenny, her breath being forced from her as her shoulders dropped
with the news I just gave her, "I guess I better get looking for a
hotel room for the weekend. Well Jack, thanks for your help, I really
do appreciate it a lot." I sat there for a minute in the gloom, then
stood up and said "Look Jenny, it it's not too embarrassing for you,
why don't you come and bunk down in my spare room for a couple of
nights. It'll be cheaper than a hotel, and closer to your house so
you can be here when the repair men arrive." I saw her look at me,
then she said "Oh, well, I don't want to out you out at all Jack.."
"You won't put me out Jenny, I'm only too glad to help out. Just so
long as you remember it's a bachelors house you'll be staying in. I'm
not the tidiest person in the world you know." After a moments
thought Jenny stood up and said "Well OK Jack, I appreciate the offer
and I'll take you up on it. Just let me go get some clothes, and I'll
be right with you."

Jenny came down a few minutes later carrying a bulging bag. She
picked up her keys, locked the door behind her and we dashed back to
my place, and a nice light warm environment. I showed Jenny up to my
spare room, where there were twin beds, pulled out some fresh sheets
and blankets and left her to make her bed up. Meanwhile I went down
and made a night-cap of hot chocolate for the pair of us and waited
for her to join me. Jenny had just finished her drink when she
suddenly cried out "Oh my god, Susan!" "What about Susan?" I asked
realising that I hadn't had sight nor sound of her daughter while I
was in her home. "She's out with a friend, and will be coming home at
about midnight, and I won't be there. Can I phone her friends mother
and ask if she can stay there the night please Jack?" I showed her
the phone, she made the call and halfway through she covered the
mouthpiece and said softly "Jack, would it be OK if Susan came here
please. Her friends parents are going away for the weekend as soon as
they drop her back home." I smiled as I nodded "Of course Jenny,
there's a spare bed in your room, if you don't mind sharing with your
daughter." She grinned and went back to her call as I returned to the
kitchen and my drink. We sat in my living room watching tv until just
after midnight when there was a loud knocking on my door. I answered
it and when I saw it was Susan I invited her in, taking her to the
living room where her mother was sat waiting. While Jenny explained
to Susan what had happened I went round and secured the first floor
doors and windows. I then rejoined Jenny and Sue, and asked Sue if
she would like a drink of any sort. "Could I have a hot chocolate
please, Mister Bowman?" she said shyly. I smiled and went to the
kitchen and fixed her one, bringing it back to her and asking if
she'd like to take it to bed with her. She nodded and followed her
mother to their room, closed the door and that was the last I saw of
then until the morning.

In the cold light of day I got out of bed and started for the
bathroom as I usually did, suddenly stopping with my hand on the door
as I remembered I had house guests. I put on the robe that hung
behind my bedroom door, tied it tight and made my way to the
bathroom, completely forgetting to lock the door behind me. I decided
to have an early shower while I could, and was just stepping out,
still dripping wet when the door opened and Jenny walked in. We both
froze for a moment, then she blushed, smiled at me and backed out
into the passage. I put my robe back on and quickly followed her,
catching her still standing by the door, presumably guarding it so
Susan didn't do the same. "I'm sorry Jenny, I'm not used to locking
the bathroom door. I won't let it happen again, I promise." Jenny
grinned, "It's all right Jack, I'm the same, not used to walking in
on a naked man in the bathroom. It could have been worse you know."
She said. I frowned, "How?" I asked slightly puzzled, she chuckled
"Well, I could have been naked too, or it might have been Susan
walking in on you. Now that would have been something to watch." It
was my turn to blush, and bright red, not just pretty pink like
Jenny. "Oh my god" I gasped "I never thought of that. I'm so sorry
Jenny. I'll be extra careful in future, I'd hate to upset you and
Susan like that, I'd never forgive myself." That's when I got my
first surprise, Jenny stepped up close, rose up on her tiptoes and
gave me a soft sweet peck on the cheek, "Don't worry about it Jack, I
wasn't embarrassed, just a little surprised, and rather excited. It's
been a long time since I saw a live naked man so close to me. It's
you that will have to be careful, not me or Susan." With that she
brushed past me, went into the bathroom and closed the door behind
me. I didn't hear the lock click over and was tempted to give the
door a try, resisting and returning to my bedroom to dress.

Susan didn't appear for breakfast, and Jenny asked if I minded her
sleeping in, as she'd had a very late night and obviously need the
rest. "Not at all Jenny, I won't disturb her while I'm working. If
you want to use the phone in my office, you're quite welcome." I got
up, did my usual thing by dropping my dirty dishes in the sink,
taking the fresh pot of coffee into my office and sitting down to
start work. About a hour later Jenny knocked on the door, I called
'come in' and she came and asked if she could call the Electric
company. I pointed to the phone and turned back to my work, only half
listening to what she was saying. I did see her replace the receiver
very slowly, and noticed she had a worried look on her face. Having
come to a natural break in my work I left it alone, swung round on my
chair and said "Problems Jenny?" she shook herself, looked up at me
and said "Oh, only serious ones Jack. I think we better start
thinking about finding an hotel room, they tell me they have so much
work come up because of the storm, it will take at least four days
before they can get a repair done. They say they'll try to do it
earlier, but Tuesday is the very earliest they can be sure of getting
here." I sat there, thinking about how I would be affected by what I
was about to suggest, selfish to the last of course. "Look Jenny,
you're quite welcome to stay here for as long as it takes to fix. As
I said last night, you'll be close when they do come, and you can
keep an eye on the place while it's empty. All we have to do is get
in a little more food fit for you and Susan to eat, and we'll be all
set. It's your choice, I'm not pressuring you into anything. Why
don't you go and have a chat to Susan before you make a decision?"

"Decision about what?" said Susan as she walked into the room and
hearing my final words. I got up and said "I'll let your mother
explain it to you while I go and do something." I went to the kitchen
to begin cleaning it up, only to find it already done, dishes and
everything. I grinned and went to the fridge, pulling out my last can
of beer and sat there sipping it until Jenny and Sue joined me.
"You're sure you won't be put out if we stay for a few days Jack?"
Jenny asked hesitantly. I shook my head, "Not in the least,
especially if the dishes get done like this when my backs turned" I
said with a smile. Susan came up to me, kissed me on the cheek and
said "Mister Bowman, I'll do them every day for you, just because
you're being so kind to us, I'll even do them after dinner too, how
does that sound?" "Like a bargain" I said with a grin "Now, what
about getting some food in. And what's happening to what you have in
your fridge, there's no sense in letting it go off, is there?" I went
with them to help bring over all their perishables and put them in my
usually empty fridge. Then Jenny went to her utility room and opened
up her freezer chest, called me and asked if there was space in mine.
I knew without looking that there was, seeing as mine just had a box
of popsicles sitting in the bottom. An hour or so later and we all
had cold hands and damp feet from crossing the wet patch between the
houses. I went back with Jenny one last time to secure the whole
place while Susan offered to make us all some lunch. We timed it just
right. As soon as Jenny and I took our coats off for the last time
the heavens opened once more and the rain fell in torrents.

As we sat round the kitchen table Susan looked out and said "It
doesn't look as if I'm going out today, does it Mom?" Jenny shook her
head, "No darling, I guess not, why don't you just sit down and relax
for a change." I grinned at Jenny, "Well, I do have some books if you
want to read, there's also the TV. I have cable, if you want to watch
that. I'm afraid I'm not set up to cater for the requirements of
pretty young teenage girls." Susan blushed prettily at my compliment
and said "Can I really watch cable Mister Bowman?" I nodded "Of
course you can, that's what it's there for, just make sure your
mother approves of what you switch to, won't you." She nodded and
dashed through to the living room leaving me and Jenny sitting,
finishing off our lunch time snack. When we were finished I moved to
sit next to Jenny and said "Is there anything we might need as
regards food and so on for the rest of the weekend Jenny, if so, now
would be a good time to go and get it, don't you think?" she nodded
"Yes, OK Jack, what do you usually have for dinner at the weekends?"
I grinned sheepishly, "To be honest Jenny I usually order in pizza or
Chinese. I'm not in the habit of actually cooking. Like I told you,
this is a bachelor household, and I'm afraid I tend to be a bit of a
lazy slob at weekends." Jenny grinned and nodded then went into the
living room, coming back a minute or so later, sorting out her coat
and saying "OK, mister, let's me an you go shopping. I think it's
time you gave your stomach a bit of a treat." A few minutes later we
were driving to the mall, Jenny writing a shopping list as we went.

A couple of hours later and I was toting bags of shopping into the
house, as far as I was concerned there was enough to feed an army,
but Jenny seemed to think it was just normal for a few days family
needs. Oh boy was it worth it. I had the best meal I'd eaten in over
a year. I lay back in my chair after pushing my desert plate away
having refused a third helping of apple pie like mother made,
completely stuffed, and unable to move, even to my chair in the
living room. I just sat there watching Jenny and Susan clear the
table and do the dishes between them. I suddenly felt slightly
embarrassed at leaving them to do all the work and offered to help
finish off. Jenny turned to me, "Don't be so silly Jack, we would
have done it all at home anyway, and you only made one extra place
setting, so it's no big deal. You just sit and rest a while, you look
as if you need it." She turned back to the sink and I heard the two
of then giggling about something. When everything had been done in
the kitchen I struggled to my feet and staggered into the living
room, dropping on to the sofa with a deep sigh, leaned back and
closed my eyes. The next thing I knew I was being sandwiched between
Jenny and Sue as they came and sat beside me. Being so much heavier
than they I made a dip in the cushion and the naturally slid down it
to sit closer to me than I think they expected. Susan tried to
shuffle back, unsuccessfully, then gave up. Jenny just went with the
flow, as it were and stayed close to my thigh as she lay her head on
my shoulder. When Susan did the same I knew there was something of a
conspiracy and stopped myself questioning their motives. I just lay
there and enjoyed the feeling of a soft warm female form sitting
close to on both sides. After a few minutes Jenny took hold of my
wrist and lifted my arm to lay behind her, then snuggled up close to
me as she brought my hand down in front of her body.

That wasn't quite so bad, I thought, after all she was an adult and
knew what she was doing, especially after her remark after the
bathroom incident this morning. What did literally shake me was when
Susan did the same. I resisted as she tried to lift my hand, pressing
it down onto my lap, despite the fact hers was still wrapped round my
wrist. I felt her move beside me and as I turned my head I saw she
was facing me, "Please Jack" she said softly. I shook my head gently,
then heard Jenny say "Please Jack, it won't hurt anything or anyone"
I sighed resignedly and lifted my arm, and found Susan was snuggling
up close to me even before it was laying across her shoulders. So,
there I was, sitting on my own sofa with my next door neighbour
snuggled up close to me, in an almost sexual embrace, actively
encouraging me to do the same for her daughter. I began to relax the
longer we sat there and nothing more happened. I took the movement by
Susan that brushed my open palm across her breasts as an accident,
especially as it went no further. I also accepted the way they both
occasionally wriggled about beside me as a reflection of the state of
my old saggy sofa. When at last the clock had ticked round to ten
Jenny lifted her head and said softly "Time for bed Susan." "Yes Mom"
Sue replied, and instantly got to her feet, taking my hand in hers
and placing her soft warm lips to the back of it and saying
"Goodnight Jack, and thanks for putting us up like this." "Goodnight
Susan dear" I replied "I'll see you in the morning." Sue bent and
kissed her mother, wishing her goodnight, then went straight up to
bed without any argument what so ever.

Almost as soon as the living room door had closed behind Susan, Jenny
was sitting on my lap, her arms wrapped round my neck and her soft
warm lips pressed tight to mine in as passionate a kiss as I've had
for longer than I care to remember. When at last she broke off,
gasping for air, as was I, she said "That was just to say thank you
for having us Jack. Anything more will be because I want to, and no
strings attached, all right?" "Jenny" I said "That's really more than
enough thanks. I didn't do this for any ulterior motive you know. I
was just wanting to help you out when you were in trouble. But I do
thank you for the wonderful meal you cooked, and for your thank you
kiss, it was really wonderful." That's as far as I got for a while,
because I was being kissed seemingly for ever, very hot and very
sensuously. Jenny didn't even break off her kiss as she scrambled
round and finally sat straddling my thighs and pressing her firm
pointed breasts into my chest. All I could do was to put my arms
round her back and hold her gently until she decided I wasn't
responding as much as she might expect. When this happened she sat
back on my thighs, placed her hands on my shoulders and said "Well, I
knew you were a gentleman, but I didn't expect you to take it this
far. What's the matter Jack, gone off women already? I thought it
took much longer" her smile robbed her words of any malice, and I
allowed my hands to slip down to rest on her hips as I replied, "No
Jenny, I just don't want to take advantage of you when you're in a
bind, that's all." She grinned, leaned forward to kiss me again, this
time a little more tenderly, then said "Oh, I'm not asking you to tie
me up, at least not just yet. I just want to spend a little while
making out with a kind, gentle and very moral man I like very much
indeed. Is that too much for you to accept?"

I looked into her eyes, took a deep breath and said softly "No
strings, Jenny?" she smiled at me more sweetly than even my wife used
to when we were first married, "No strings Jack. Just a nice evening
spent in each others company that goes just as far as either of us
wants it to. Nothing laid down, and nothing ruled out, how does that
sound?" "Pretty fair to me, and, by the way, I'm quite happy for
Susan to call me Jack, anything else and I'll feel too old." Jenny
kissed me again, "Thanks Jack, I know that will make her feel a lot
more happy, she's at that funny age where she doesn't know if she's a
girl or a young woman. I guess you never had any experience of that
did you?" I shook my head and said nothing, mainly because I was
pulling her into the first kiss I was initiating between us. This was
also the kiss that broke down any barriers that might have remained
between us. I got the impression Jenny hadn't been dating for a
while. I knew I hadn't, and I also hadn't had sex for far longer than
I cared to admit. As it was, our hormones took over and I forgot all
my original reservations when I realised I had a willing, and very
beautiful woman on my lap that wanted me to do everything I ever
learned, to and for her. As we kissed I began opening the buttons of
her blouse, she assisted by hunching her shoulders forwards and
allowing her front to balloon out, lessening the tension on the
fastenings and allowing them to pop open with the slightest flick.
Had she planned this, I think she had, because she had no bra on, and
I knew she had one on earlier because I saw the shoulder straps as I
helped her on with her coat. I wasn't complaining mind, especially
when she ripped open the front of my shirt, pushed it off my
shoulders and pressed her naked breasts to my equally naked chest. As
she rubbed her nipples against my coarse hairs I heard her gasp "Oh,
jeez, that feels great Jack, hold me tight please darling, I want to
feel you close to me."

That was fine by me, I enjoyed it too. So much so that I felt the
beginnings of an erection forming in my pants. When I ran my hands
down her back and began to lift her skirt so I could slip them under
it, Jenny lifted her bottom slightly so I could pull the hem from
under her thighs, she than sat down and wriggled her butt against the
swelling she felt under her warm wet pussy. I knew it was wet because
I could feel her pussy juices as they soaked through the front of my
pants, and into the shorts I wore beneath them. I guess I was a long
way behind in women's fashions because I was surprised to feel
Jenny's naked bottom as I slid my hands beneath her skirt. It wasn't
until I brought them together at the base of her spine that I felt
any material at all. I suddenly wondered of she was wearing a thing
I'd heard about called a 'Kanga', or if it was a 'Thong'.
Whatever it was, it wasn't covering very much of her nether regions,
something I wasn't going to complain about right now. Just being able
to stroke my fingertip between her 'naked' cheeks was enough to
increase the rate of swelling between our bodies, and I felt Jenny
wriggle about again as she also felt it happening. That's when Jenny
finally released her hold on my neck and risked me escaping for a few
moments while she tried to remove my pants. I have enough trouble
doing it while I'm sitting down, so Jenny wasn't going to get very
far. "Stand up a second darling" I whispered. She slid back over my
knees and stood there, half naked while I leaned back, pushed up my
hips and undid the clasp of my pants. Jenny then leaned down and
grabbed the tag of my zipper and ripped it down to the bottom of my
fly, then she hooked her hands in the waistband of my pants and my
shorts and pulled both down my legs in a single, slightly painful

As my shorts were ripped over my swollen cock I gave a short grunt of
pain, then heard Jenny giggle as she watched it fly back and slap
against my lower abdomen. She was still smiling as she stood up,
flicked something at the side of her skirt and I watched as it fell
to her feet with a soft shushing sound. That's when I saw her only
other garment. Kanga or Thong, I didn't know. I did know it looked
more sexy than if she had been completely nude at that moment. Seeing
the effect it was having on me Jenny stepped forward so I could reach
out my hand and stroke my fingertips all round the edge of whatever
it was called. Basically that meant I was stroking the edges of her
wet and very swollen pussy, even to feeling the moisture that was
slowly oozing down the inside of her smooth thighs as far as her
knees. "Oh, god Jack, don't do that darling, take them off please.
It's been so long since anyone did that for me." I pulled her closer
and pressed my lips to her belly, just below her navel as I reached
behind her, gently hooked my fingertips in the waistband of her
underwear and began to slowly draw them down over her hips and her
wonderfully rounded smooth and very firm buttocks. That it also
uncovered her pussy, and it's covering of soft moist fur, I almost
missed, despite the fact it was just inches away from my nose and
lips. It wasn't until I was bending down to pull her panties over her
feet, that I realised I had my lips almost on top of hers, and that I
could smell the tangy scent of her pussy as it oozed her pre-orgasmic
juices, lubing her up in readiness for the penetration of a male
member. My cock gave a huge twitch that Jenny missed. She didn't miss
the next one because as soon as she was naked she pushed me back on
to the seat of the sofa and lowered her mouth on to my hard throbbing
erection and began to suck at it like a vacuum cleaner. I had to stop
her, otherwise I wasn't going to be any good to her for a very long
time afterwards, and I didn't want that to happen, for my own sake as
much as hers.

As I forcibly removed her from my penis she looked disappointed, but
knew what my problem was going to be, probably the same as hers,
coming too soon for real enjoyment. I sat up beside her and said
"Here or upstairs?" she smiled and made sure I knew what she wanted
by pulling me to my feet and dragging me to the door. I switched the
light off and closed the door, still being pulled along. As we went
up stairs I shushed her, so we didn't wake Susan. She smiled and
nodded silently as we passed their bedroom and entered mine. Ignoring
the open drapes that let in a bright beam of moonlight Jenny pulled
me to the bed, threw back the comforter and pulled me down beside
her. As I lay there Jenny gave a sigh and rolled into my arms,
pressing her naked body close to mine and kissing me passionately.
She then whispered in my ear "You don't have a problem with this do
you Jack?" I shook my head "No darling, except I don't have a single
condom in the house, and I'd hate to get you pregnant the first time
I get near you." She kissed me tenderly "Don't worry darling, I'm on
the pill, more in hope than anger, OK?" I nodded, kissed her sweetly
on the lips then shuffled down the bed until I was able to part her
thighs with my hands and maddeningly slowly run my tongue up the
inside of her thighs from knee to pussy, on both sides, before I
actually made contact with her swollen down covered and spasming
pussy lips. "Oh jeez Jack" she screamed, loud enough I'm sure to wake
Susan, as I pressed my stiffened tongue between her lips. I ran it
from her vaginal opening up to her clit as it poked out of it's
protective hood and sat, throbbing in time with her heartbeat as I
began to flick it with my tongue and suck it between my lips.
"Aggghhhh... I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG..." Jenny cried out, as she felt
press two fingers into her love tunnel and nibble gently on her
pulsating clit at the same time.

I stayed where I was, doing what I was doing until Jenny finally
stopped thrashing about and lay still, gasping for breath, her eyes
tight closed and her abdominal muscles twitching over and over again
as she relived each second of her orgasm repeatedly in her minds eye.
Very slowly and gently I crawled on hands and knees until I was
positioned over her body, my knees between her wide spread thighs and
my hands placed each side of her head. Slowly I lowered myself until
I felt the tip of my twitching erect penis touch her swollen and wet
pussy lips. I dropped gently down on to my elbows, lowered my hips a
little more and slowly pressed them forward, entering her vaginal
passage inch by throbbing inch, watching her eyes for any sign that I
was causing her anything other than complete ecstasy. It wasn't until
I was so far in that I could feel my pubic hair begin to compress
against my body that Jenny gave any outward sign of what was
happening. That's when she surprised me by immediately exploding into
another crashing orgasm, " I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.. I'MMMM
over again, and I just lay there not moving in case I spoiled it for
her. What Jenny did was to throw her arms round my neck and pull me
down so we were once more kissing passionately as she wrapped her
ankles round my back and pulled herself closer to me, if that was
possible under the circumstances. After a few moments Jenny opened
her eyes, looked into mine and said very softly "Now you please Jack.
Please darling, do it as hard as you need to, but please cum in me
darling, fill me with your wonderful cum, please Jack darling, don't
wait, just fuck me, fuck me hard, I need it darling, to make me know
I'm really doing it, and not dreaming again. Please darling do me
now, and do me hard." All the time she was pleading with me I was
slowly building up a sustainable pace, one that I could keep going
for as long as needed. All five minutes of it as it happened.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprise at how quickly I reached my
climax, rather why did it take so long considering how long it was
since my last one. Maybe that was the problem, I wasn't used to the
feeling of a tight warm and very moist sheath covering my penis as I
drove it back and forth, feeling soft warm lips pressed to mine at
the same time as warm arms were wrapped round me, hugging me like
there was no tomorrow. In the end I gave a loud cry of "YES, YES,
YES." As I rammed my cock deeper and deeper into Jenny, finally
holding myself tight to her body as I pumped wad after wad of hot
creamy sperm loaded semen deep inside her pining and responsive body.
"Oh, yes Jack yes, yes, yes" she cried as she felt my hot cum
splashing against her cervix, humping her hips at me in an effort to
get my penis a little deeper inside her. Eventually she calmed down
and I managed to roll off her when she removed her ankles from my
spine. I lay beside her on my back, gasping for breath as if I'd just
run a marathon. I guess I was unused to this sort of exercise, and
should start to go to a gym and get back in shape. Whatever, I felt
Jenny turn on to her side and lay against me, her breast pressing
into my chest and her uppermost leg thrown over my thigh. That's when
I began to laugh, rolled her on to her back and told her to cross her
legs. I got up, slipped on my robe to prevent accidents like this
morning, and dashed to the bathroom. I came back with a damp cloth
and a towel, gently opened Jenny's legs and spent a few wonderful
moments washing her pussy and inner thighs and soaking up all of our
combined cum that gushed out of her.

"Oh, damn, I'm sorry Jack. I guess I'm just not used to doing this, I
forgot just how much can leak out of a girl after a guy had filled
her up." I bent and kissed her "Me too darling, not to worry, it's
you that will be laying in the damp patch" I replied with a grin,
"Mind you" I continued, "You could always go back to your own bed if
you would prefer it, at least you'd be nice and dry there and Susan
wouldn't be shocked to find you missing in the morning." "Not likely"
Jenny replied with a grin, "I'd sooner lay in a wet bed snuggled up
beside you, than go back to my own dry but cold one. As for Susan, if
she doesn't like what she sees in the morning, then she'll just have
to lump it, I'm afraid. I don't see why I should have to hide what's
happening from her, she's quite old enough to understand what I'm
doing, and why." I climbed back into bed, pulled the comforter up to
my chin and gently pulled Jenny to me and away from the damp patch on
her side. We slept there and in each others arms all night, not
moving an inch and still both covered in sweat, and the smell of sex.
In the morning I rolled out of bed as soon as I woke and after
slipping on my bathrobe went to the bathroom and got under the
shower. I was still there when I heard the bathroom door open, and I
cursed myself for not remembering to lock it. There wasn't a sound
and I thought it was Jenny coming to join me, so I opened the door
and poked my head round the edge. "OH SHIT.." cried out Susan as she
sat on the toilet having a long leisurely pee. I immediately closed
the shower door and called out "Sorry Susan, I didn't realise what
was happening." And continued to shower making as much noise as I
could so as not to embarrass her any more. I heard the door slam shut
a minute or two later and rinsed off and dried myself, then went back
to my bedroom where Jenny was just sitting up. "What was all that
noise" she asked and sat there chuckling when I told her. "Don't
worry Jack, I'll go and sort it all out, you go and get your
breakfast, well be down in a few minutes."

As I fixed my usual breakfast of cereals and toast I heard the shower
running and was soon joined by Jenny and Susan. As soon as Sue sat
down I went and sat beside her, took her hand in mine and said
"Susan, I want to apologise for embarrassing you like that. I should
have locked the door when I went for my shower, but I'm still not
used to the necessity of having to do it. Will you forgive me
please?" Sue smiled and blushed prettily, "No Jack, it was really my
fault, I thought it was mom in the shower when I saw she wasn't in
bed. If I'd looked properly I'd have seen her bed hadn't been slept
in. Which meant she either sat up all night watching tv or she found
another more comfortable place to sleep. Mind you, I don't know how
anyone could sleep with all the screaming that was going on. I know I
didn't." It was my turn to blush this time and I glanced across at
Jenny and saw she was sitting there grinning like a fool. "Well, I
guess you know where your mother slept then Susan" I said, "Does it
bother you that she slept with me, and that we made love?" Sue smiled
as she shook her head, "Not likely Jack, at least I know she was
enjoying herself, I suppose I might get jealous if she gets too much
good sex, but I won't be bothered, especially if it's you she gets it
from." With that little problem settled Jenny and Sue got their own
breakfast and after the dishes had been done I suggested we go for a
drive out to our local forest park and take a walk while the weather
was nice. The girls packed a small picnic basket between them and we
were soon parked and out of the car walking in the fresh air working
up an appetite for lunch. It was a wonderful day, only spoiled by us
having to go back fairly early so Jenny and Susan could go to their
own home and get what they needed for the next couple of days. While
they were doing that I garaged the car and went and made a fresh pot
of tea taking it into the living room to await their return.

It wasn't long before we were all sitting down and having our tea,
then it was time for them to start fixing dinner. They insisted I
leave it to them, and I was therefor surprised when Sue came back
into the living room a few minutes later and sat beside me. "What's
wrong Susan, mother got fed up with having you in the kitchen with
her?" I joked. "Yeah, something like that Jack" she replied with a
smile, "Actually I wanted to ask you something and mom said now would
be as good a time as any." Once more she shifted closer to me, took
my hand and passed it round her shoulders. This time I didn't resist,
but actually moved it into a comfortable position and hugged her to
me. This brought a huge sigh from her and she just lay there for a
while enjoying the feelings engendered in her breast. "Right then
Susan" I said "What was it that was so important you had to leave
your mother to finish making dinner on her own?" I felt her squirm a
little and she seemed to be having a problem plucking up the courage
to say what was on her mind, "What's the problem Susan, is it to do
with boys?" I asked gently. She nodded "How did you know?" she
gasped. I chuckled "Well Susan, when a girl your age has a problem
she finds difficulty talking about it's either boys in particular, or
sex in general. I'm sure your mother has helped you out on the sex in
general thing, but what can I tell you about the boys in particular
thing?" Sue sat up straight, half turned to face me and said "Jack,
do you think I'm pretty?" I looked her up and down for Sue moment
then said seriously "Well, no Susan, I don't." Her face dropped a
mile, and I could see a tear forming in the corner of her eye. I
leaned forward and kissed it away, then said with a smile "Sorry my
dear, that was rotten of me, I should have said that I don't find you
pretty, I find you beautiful, hot, foxy, and any other superlatives
you can think of. Certainly not just 'pretty'."

At least she had the good grace to blush at my compliments, "Oh, I
see" she said "Then why is it I can't seem to get as many dates as
some of my friends. They're always out, night after night. I'm lucky
if I get one a week, sometimes less than that." Again I saw a tear
forming and again I kissed it away, this time slipping my arm round
her and hugging her to me. "Oh, I shouldn't worry Susan my dear" I
said, "There's probably a dozen reasons they get more dates, not all
of then repeatable in mixed company" I said with a grin. This made
her chuckle as she obviously thought of some of those sorts of
reasons. "I suppose it's mainly because I don't flop on to my back
with my legs in the air as soon as a car is parked" she said.
"Probably" I replied, "But then, is that the sort of boy you want to
go out with, one that expects that from every girl he takes out?"
Susan took a deep breath, then let it out in a long sigh, "No I guess
not Jack. At least not just yet, not when I've got the chance of
someone much better." I gave her another hug and said "Well then, I
don't see what you have to worry about, do you. You'll probably find
it well worth waiting for your special guy, certainly better than
going out with someone you don't really like very much." That's when
she got up, bent over and kissed me sweetly on the lips and said
"Thanks Jack, I knew it was the right thing to do, to talk to you"
and she walked happily back to the kitchen to help her mother once
more. A few minutes later Jenny came and sat on my lap, slipped her
arms round my neck and pulled herself to me in a deep sensual kiss.
"Thanks for doing that Jack" she said "Doing what?" I asked. "Why
talking to Susan like a father. You know, about her date problem. I
couldn't believe how happy she was when she came back into the
kitchen. Anyway I actually came to tell you dinner will be ready in
five minutes if you want to go and get washed up."

Dinner was great once more, I was going to miss having them with me
once their problem was fixed. Once more we all sat together watching
TV for a while, and again Jenny told Susan to go to bed, shortly
before we ourselves went up. Not a word was said as Jenny and I
walked up the stairs hand in hand, Jenny paused for a second at the
door to the bedroom she was sharing with her daughter, then squeezed
my hand and walked with me into mine, her head held high as if to say
she wasn't ashamed of what she was doing. We undressed and went to
bed naked once more, this time though we made love slowly and more
gently than the previous night. Again I brought Jenny off to a number
of screaming orgasms before I filled her full of my hot creamy cum.
Again I spent happy minutes cleaning her up before snuggling up close
together and drifting off to sleep. Our slumber didn't last long. We
were woken by a massive thunderstorm similar to the one that put
their electricity out of action. This time it went on for a lot
longer and I felt Jenny clutch at me as she trembled at the crashing
sound of the thunder, and the bright flashes of the lightning. I
guess this is the sort of thing that is passed on from generation to
generation, the fear of thunderstorms, because after the second local
hit the bedroom door burst open and I found Susan scrambling under
the comforter and wrapping her arms round me as she trembled against
my back "I'm scared Mom, can I stay with you 'til the storm goes way
please. I don't want to be in that room on my own in case I get hit
by the lightning, can I please Mom, I'll be very quiet, I promise."
Jenny whispered "Jack?" I nodded "Of course darling, it's not a
problem" I replied, and turned on my back so I could put an arm round
Susans shoulders and allow her to cuddle up close to me like her
mother on my other side.

That's how we woke up in the morning. Or at least I woke up to find
the pair of them chatting softly across my recumbent body. As I
opened my eyes Susan said "He's awake Mom, I'll go and get my shower
first if I may, I have to get ready for school" with that she bent
over me, pressed her lips to mine and said "Thank you Jack. For
allowing me to come to you when I was frightened. And also for being
a prefect gentleman when I lay beside you all night. You are a really
good kind man, and I love you for it." Next minute she was gone and I
could hear the shower running and Susan singing some new pop song as
she showered. "Well" said Jenny, "I never knew she had words like
that in her" she paused for a second, then said "Mind you, she's
perfectly correct Jack, you are a gentleman, and also a good kind man
as well. I don't suppose there any chance you might want to continue
what we've been doing this weekend for a bit longer, is there?"
Despite the fact I might have felt threatened by this remark, I
wasn't. In fact I'd been thinking the self same thing myself. As it
was we did continue with our relationship after the electric company
fixed her problem and they could move back home. About six months
later, just at the beginning of the long summer vacation Susan went
away to camp for a couple of weeks. The day after she left Jenny
moved in with me and we had twelve day of really good clean sex. So
good I ended up asking her if she would consider marrying me. She
jumped at the chance, and I had to wait almost ten minutes before I
could do or say anything as I waited for her tears to subside. Susan
came home from camp a couple of day later and was over the moon, and
all over me when Jenny gave her the news. We got married quietly,
neither of us having any relations, and few friends to attend the
ceremony. We took Susan on honeymoon with us, mainly because there
was nothing else we could do with her. On our return we sold Jenny's
house and all moved into mine, because it was a little larger, and
better equipped than hers. That's when another momentous point in my
life took place.

On our honeymoon Jenny and I had a good deal of very enjoyable sex,
not hiding the fact from Susan. Jenny felt that she was old enough to
understand what was going on between us, just as she had during the
first weekend they stayed with me. We all went to Florida for a week,
and on the second day found ourselves being confined to the hotel
because of a severe storm warning. I immediately saw Susans face drop
and, knowing her fear of thunder and lightning, tried to convince her
that it would only be a matter of strong winds and heavy rain. That
of course was the case with the usual run of the mill storms. This
one had to be different, didn't it. I asked if it would be advisable
to leave the area during the storm, and was assured it wasn't really
serious, and posed no threat to life as the hotel was built to
withstand hurricanes, and this one was well below that sort of level.
Jenny and Sue were convinced, and we decided to stay on so we could
get at least a few days of the holiday. We went to bed as usual that
night with the wind getting stronger and the rain heavier by the
minute almost. The suite we were in had two bedrooms with a
connecting door between them. Jenny showed Susan that this door was
unlocked as we went to bed, and I went into Susans room and kissed
her goodnight asking her if she was OK. "Yes Daddy, I'm fine. It's
only a bit windy so I'm not scared." I climbed into bed with Jenny,
snuggled down with her and then she asked me if Susan was OK "Yes
darling, she's fine, it's only wind and rain, so it shouldn't bother
her." I kissed Jenny tenderly and switched off the light and drifted
off to sleep. The thunder clap was loud enough to wake me, and before
I had a chance to do anything the connecting door burst open and
Susan came flying across the room towards our bed. "Daddy I'm scared"
she cried as she knelt by my side of the bed "Can I get in with you
and mom please Daddy?" she asked in a shaky voice. I opened the
covers a fraction and she slipped in beside me and wrapped her arms
round me as I wrapped her up tight. "Thanks Daddy" she said softly as
she kissed me sweetly on the cheek, "I know it's silly of me to be
scared like this, but I can't help it. You don't mind me coming in
like this do you?" I gave her a hug and whispered "Of course not
Susan darling, just so long as you don't keep us awake too long with
your talking." Sue giggled, kissed me again and, as I lay on my back,
wrapped one of my arms round her as she lay with her head on my chest
and her uppermost leg wrapped over my thigh.

During the night Jenny got herself into the same position as Susan,
and I awoke to the feeling of a soft warm pussy being rubbed against
both thighs, and a warm hand laying on my chest as another one gently
clasped my half hard penis. I panicked for a moment, as I wondered
which of them had hold of my swelling cock, then I felt Susan move
her arm, and the hand on my chest moved at the same time. I let out a
loud sigh as I felt her press her hand against my cheek as she tried
to get me to turn her way. When I did, she smiled at me and lifted
her lips to mine and gave me a soft sweet kiss, saying "Thanks for
being so understanding Daddy, I'll go back to my own bed now." Before
I could say anything I heard Jenny say "You can stay where you are if
you like darling, I won't mind if Daddy doesn't" then she raised her
head a little and gave me a soft sweet kiss as she gently squeezed
her fingers a little tighter round my swollen shaft. "Can I please
Daddy?" pleaded Susan as she wriggled herself against my chest.
"Well, OK my dear, just so long as you lay still and don't wriggle
about too much." As we lay there I was aware of a number of tiny
tremors running through Susans body, and felt her occasionally clench
her thighs against my leg. I checked to see if she was asleep, and
her regular breathing and failure to answer a whispered question,
seemed to confirm it. Meanwhile Jenny was having great fun getting me
aroused by playing with my swollen and pulsating cock. "Don't do that
please darling" I whispered "Susan might wake up and feel what you're
doing. I'd hate for her to get upset." Jenny wriggled a little
further up my chest and kissed me tenderly on the lips "Don't be
silly" she whispered, "She won't get upset. She might get curious and
want to know what I was doing, but it won't frighten her." Just then
we were both silenced by Susan suddenly crying out "Daddy, yes please
Daddy darling, do me now darling, please do me now" and she rammed
her hips against my thigh over and over again, then I felt a spot of
moisture appear and run down my leg and soak into the sheet.

"What's going on darling" asked Jenny suddenly worried, "Shh.." I
whispered, "She's having a wet dream, my legs soaked." Jenny gasped
"Oh, my god, Jack, she's dreaming of having you make love to her!" I
nodded slowly, "It certainly sounds like it darling. I promise you,
I've done nothing to make her think I would, you do believe me don't
you Jenny darling?" Jenny lifted herself on to an elbow, looked down
into my eyes and said "Of course I do Jack darling, I'd never accuse
you of doing anything like that. I've watched you refuse all her
schoolgirl advances for too long my love, and even had to tell her to
lay off a while ago, in case she drove you away from me before we got
married. I guess she's doing what most girls do, and that is fall in
love with their fathers before they find a boy on their own." I gave
a short laugh, "I can see only two problems with that theory Jenny
darling, and they are, I know she had those feelings for a boy before
she had them for me, and I'm not her father, only her step father."
Jenny smiled down at me, "Damn, why did you have to go and spoil my
nice simple theory with logic and facts, now I don't know what to
think." I felt Susan stir against my chest, "Think about what Mom?"
she asked sleepily, then before Jenny could answer she clenched her
thighs, then slipped her hand between our bodies and gave a loud wail
before jumping out of bed and running for the bathroom. She came back
a few minutes later, blushing bright red and gently lifted the covers
off the bed where she had been laying, then wiping the sheet as she
tried to get it dry. She then saw that my thigh was still glistening
with moisture and tentatively put out her hand and rubbed at the damp
patch with the towel. When I was dried off Susan stood there, her
head hanging and said "I'm sorry Daddy, I didn't mean to do that. I
just can't understand why I wet the bed in my sleep. I've never done
it before." I turned and looked at Jenny, who smiled, rolled out of
bed and took Susan by the hand and walked her into her own bedroom.

Apart from the occasional wail of "Oh, no mom, I didn't" I wasn't
able to hear anything of what went on. I do know it was almost an
hour before they came back and climbed into bed in the same places
they'd occupied earlier. As I lay there sandwiched between them,
there was silence for a few minutes, then Susan took a deep breath
and rolled on top of my chest, looked down at me and said "I love you
Daddy, and that's why I dreamed you were making love to me, and why I
actually had an orgasm, a wet dream mom called it. mom told me it's
something all girls dream about as they grow older. You're not angry
with me are you Daddy?" I shook my head "No darling, I'm not mad. To
be honest I think it's about the best ego boost a step father could
ever have, to have a new step daughter have a wet dream thinking
about loving him" I grinned at her then said in a stage whisper,
"Just don't let your mom find out if you have another one, she might
get jealous, OK darling?" Susan smiled sweetly, then bent down and
pressed her lips to mine in a very undaughterly fashion and whispered
"OK Daddy, but I can tell you, can't I." She then lay down and
wriggled about until she was laying in the same position as before,
this time rubbing her pussy about on my leg a little more firmly. As
Jenny had her legs positioned the same as Susan she was able to feel
what her daughter wad doing. "Susan, stop doing that please darling,
you'll just get Daddy all worked up, and we won't have time to do
anything before we go down for breakfast." Susan giggled "Oh, don't
worry about me Mom, I'll just lay here and you can ignore me, just
pretend I'm not here." I slipped my hand under her nightie, grabbed a
nice hand full of bottom and squeezed firmly, "And how will I be able
to do that my dear?" I asked softly as Susan pressed back into my
hand and gave a low moan of pleasure as she wriggled against my
thigh again. Jenny giggled, sat up and said "I think we should go and
get breakfast, before this ends up going further than Daddy may like,
Susan darling" Susan got to her knees, bent down and kissed me
lovingly then rolled off the bed and on to her feet, "OK Mom, I'll go
and get my shower and see you in a few minutes."

Jenny said nothing more about that incident and even I gradually
forgot about it, so it became a non subject. The one thing that did
crop up was an increase in the size of the new family. Jenny often
joked about having a baby at her advanced age, and Susan egged her on
saying she would love to have a real live dolly to play with, instead
of her toy ones. Not that she played with them now of course, as a
teenager, it wasn't the done thing. A baby would be a different
matter, and all her friends would be jealous of her. "I don't think
that's a very good reason for your mother to have another baby Susan,
do you?" I asked, with some asperity. Sue giggled, "Only joking
Daddy" she said as she sat on my lap and cuddled me. It appeared that
Jenny had noticed a sudden change in everything Susan was doing
immediately after the honeymoon, and had put it down to me telling
her she should call me Daddy instead of Jack. To be brutally honest I
was amazed at how well Susan took to me marrying her mother, I was
even more surprised when she did everything I asked her without
argument where before she resisted most of what Jenny told her.
Anyway, after the honeymoon we settled down into a routine of Jenny
going to work, me working at home, and Susan going out with her
friends whenever she could. As I knew so many people in town I soon
started to get what might be called 'feedback' from some of my old
cronies about what Susan was getting up to at her friends homes. One
friend, John, the father of one of the girls that Susan visited more
than most, told me he'd heard the girls talking about Daddy's. Susan
had said "Oh, my new one is so much better than my real father. I can
get him to do anything I want, just by giving him a kiss." I laughed
as John said "Well Jack, I guess that makes two of us, Lisa twists me
round her little finger just by smiling at me, no matter how hard I
try not to let it happen." I nodded "I know the feeling, and it's
really great isn't it?"

The long vacation over, it was time for Susan to go back to school,
and get into a settled routine once more. I tried not to interfere
with what Jenny had already got set up, apart from occasionally
picking Susan up from school on the days I was in that part of town.
Jenny asked that I didn't make a habit of doing it, and certainly not
to make a special trip when it was out of my way. Occasionally I
would also pick up one or two of Susans friends and bring them home
with us for the occasional homework session. There was also the
occasional sleepover to contend with. Jenny suggested to Susan that I
wasn't really ready yet to cope with three or four girls in the
house, but Susan convinced her it would be fine. I have to admit
Jenny was very tolerant when she saw me being subjected to more
'beaver' shots in one evening than I'd ever endured in my life. My
cheeks were almost permanently suffused with blood, and the only
thing that stopped me from hiding in my office was Jenny holding my
hand and occasionally whispering "Don't worry Jack darling, they'll
soon get fed up with trying to shock you and forget all about you
being here." Whatever, Jenny soon discovered it was to her advantage,
when I gave her the best session of lovemaking since our very first
one. "Oh, god Jack, if this is what it does to you, I'd better get
them to come and sleepover every weekend" she gasped after her fourth
orgasm. "Not likely" I responded, "I'd be a wreck in a month at that
rate my darling, and I doubt if that would be to your advantage,
would it now?" On Sunday evening, after her friends had all returned
home, Sue was told about our conversation, and she came and sat on my
lap, saying, with a big grin "Oh, I'm sorry Daddy, I thought teenage
girls didn't get you aroused, that's why I didn't tell them to
behave. I won't let it happen again, at least not until you're more
used to it, OK?"
The school year was progressing, and as the mid term break was
getting closer Jenny told me it was also Susans sixteenth birthday.
As we lay together in bed one evening just before this event, Jenny
pushed me on to my back, then rolled over so she was laying on top of
me. After kissing me for a while she pushed up on her elbows looked
me in the eye and said "Jack darling, if I asked you to arrange
something very special for Susans birthday, something you might not
really like doing, but that I know she really would like, would you
do it for me please?" I cupped my hands over her buttocks, gave them
a gentle squeeze and said "Of course I would my love, you know I'd do
anything for Susan, even endure her friends teasing me." Jenny
grinned, and in a way I suddenly realised meant I was being edged
into something I wasn't going to happy about. "Oh, it's much more
pleasant that that darling" she said softly, at least I think it will
be." Then it hit me, "Jenny darling, you're not proposing I....Er,
a woman of your daughter, are you?" she bent and kissed me warmly,
"That's why I love you Jack darling, you're just so smart. That's
just what I am proposing my love. You know how she feels about you,
especially after that episode on our honeymoon. She hasn't forgotten
about it you know darling. Anyway she's been asking me about it for a
long time now, and to be honest my love, I can't think of a nicer
present for her to get from you than this." I lay there stunned by
what Jenny was proposing. When I could speak I said softly "For
Christ's sake Jenny, apart from the fact it's very illegal, it Sue
also ince.." here she placed two fingers on my lips, silencing me, as
she leaned close and said "Jack darling, it is NOT incest, you are
not her father, she is not your daughter, and I can't think of anyone
who would report you to the authorities for doing it, can you?"

For the next two weeks I was being bombarded by requests from Jenny
for me to do this for Susan on her birthday. I still said no right up
to when we went to bed after Susan had had a wonderful party with
lots of her friends, and receiving lots of presents, including a pure
gold locket and chain with matching earrings from me. I'd kissed away
her tears as she thanked me for it, glad that it was at the breakfast
table and before her friends had arrived. Right now I was feeling
relieved that Jenny had dropped the subject of Susans cherry, and lay
cuddled up to her gently stroking her back and butt, as was my wont
of an evening. What I hadn't taken into account was a sudden change
in the weather. It had been forecast, but the severity of the storm
took us by surprise, and as the second clap of thunder sounded there
was a timid knock on our bedroom door and Susan poked her head into
the room and said "Daddy, can I come and cuddle up to you until the
storm goes away please?" Five seconds later she was in bed beside me,
her arms round my chest and her legs wrapped round my thigh as I
slipped my arm round her to lay down her back. Susan sighed deeply
then whispered "Thank you so much Daddy, I feel so much safer when
I'm in your arms like this. Now I know why mom love you so much,
especially if she feels like this every night." Just then another
clap of thunder sounded almost outside the bedroom window, so close
it set the windows rattling in their frames. This caused Susan to
give a scream of fright, and I suddenly found she was laying on top
if me, her head buried in my chest, her arms round my neck and her
legs straddling my thighs.

Tenderly I caressed her soft smooth back, suddenly realising her
nightie had ridden up her back and was almost up to her neck. That
would also account for the fact that it felt as if I had a pair of
hard throbbing nipples pressing into my chest. "Susan darling" I said
softly, "Please Daddy, hold me tight, don't make me get off just yet
please darling, I feel so good laying here in your arms." Just then I
felt one of Jenny's hands gently stroking up my arm as it lay across
her daughters naked back. "Please Jack darling" she whispered so
softly I almost didn't hear it, and I'm sure Susan didn't, because
she just lay there breathing deep sigh after deep sigh. "Jenny" I
gasped softly, "I.." by now Jenny had her lips close to my ear, "Yes
Jack darling, this is right my love. This is what she needs, please
darling, do this thing for her, for me, for us" and with that she
placed a soft warm passionate kiss on my lips as she slipped out of
our bed and softly left her daughter in I alone. Under the
circumstances I didn't see what else I could do, apart from taking
Sue back to her own bed and completely destroying the relationship
that had built up between us. In an effort to ensure this is what
Susan wanted I began to caress her naked bottom, pressing on the base
of her spine more and more as I felt my erection growing beneath her.
As my penis rose it brushed against her pussy lips, making her take a
sharp breath. I continued to caress her back and bottom as she
started to move her hips as if searching for something to rub
against. When she felt my erection laying against her pussy and
almost pressing between her bottom cheeks I heard a deep sigh of
contentment, and felt her legs come together to trap me between them.
OK, it was now clear what Susan wanted, and I resigned myself to
giving it to her in the best way possible. Grasping her buttocks once
more I began to pull her up and down my body, this not only
stimulated her breasts and nipples, it also made my hard throbbing
penis rub up and down between her tight closed thighs, and against
her now sopping wet pussy lips. All of a sudden she gave a scream of
"Daddy, I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG..." and she began to thrash about
against my body as I held her tight to me with my encircling arms.

A Susan lay trembling in my arms I heard the door open very slowly,
and saw Jenny tread quietly across the room to kneel beside the bed,
just out of line of sight of her baby. As I looked at her she smiled
and placed an admonishing finger to her own lips, then settled down
on the floor to monitor proceedings. By now Susan was beginning to
move again, and I whispered "Are you OK Susan darling?" "Oh god yes
Daddy, I'm fine. I just didn't expect that to happen like that. Can
we do more things please, I'd love you to do everything you do for
Mom. Can we do that please Daddy, and I do mean everything." I kissed
her tenderly on the forehead, then said softly but firmly, "Do you
really mean everything my love, including me making love to you for
the first time?" Susan giggled "Oh, yes please Daddy, most especially
making love to me for the first time. You know I want that darling,
it was you I was dreaming about when I had that awfully embarrassing
wet dream against you leg." "Well my darling, if that's what you
want, I guess you better have it. You do know it will probably hurt
the first time, don't you?" By now Susan was kneeling astride my
hips, the shaft of my cock pressed between her pussy lips as she
moved her hips back and forth against the pressure. Susan nodded,
then lifted up on her thighs, wrapped her hand around the shaft of my
penis and began to lower herself down on it. As she felt the head
pass between her lips she gasped, "Jeez, Daddy, it huge. Will it all
go in?" I smiled up at her, "Yes my love, just like it does with your
mother" I said softly, and placed my hands flat on her wonderful
naked breasts for the very first time. This made her gasp with
pleasure, "Please Daddy, do that some more, it feels wonderful when
you tough my titties like that." I did as she requested, and her
gasps of pleasure were lost between her gasps of discomfort as she
lowered herself a little more, and more of my hard throbbing cock
slipped inside her.

Very soon she gave a louder cry as I felt the tip of my cock pressing
against her maidenhead. "This is where it might hurt Susan my love" I
said softly, "Would you like me to take the next step for you?" she
grinned at me, "Will you help me Daddy, I don think I can do it on my
own?" I nodded silently, placed my hands on her hips and started to
press down, are you ready darling?" I asked, she nodded, "Right, on
the count of three, OK" again she nodded, I smiled loving at her,
held her hips tight and as I said "Three" I gave a huge thrust
upwards with my hips and shattered her hymen before she realised it
had happened. "OUCH..., that hurt, you beast Daddy, I wasn't ready, I
was waiting for one and two.." she collapsed forwards on to my chest
and I caressed her back for a few moments while she regained her
composure. Giving a huge sigh Susan eventually pushed herself
upright, gasping with pleasure as she felt my erection sliding deeper
inside her tight warm moist sheath. "Oh, Daddy, that does feel nice,
no wonder mom like you to do it to her so often. I could get to like
this very much indeed" she said in a firm voice. "I thought you might
baby" said Jenny as she stood up. "MOM!" cried Susan in surprise,
"Where did you come from?" Jenny sat beside my hips and held Sue's
hand, I was sitting beside the bed darling, I was determined to see
that you did it properly. I heard your first orgasm, now show me how
hard you can cum with Daddy's penis inside you." Susan grinned, "Do
you want to watch me have sex with your husband Mom?" Jenny grinned
as she nodded "Yes my love, but I also want to see you make love to
the man I love, and who I know you love just as much." With that
Jenny leaned forward and placed a loving kiss on her daughters lips
and sat back out of the way as Susan began to slowly bounce up and
down on my still hard erection.

It didn't take long for either of us. I made sure Susan came first,
just managing to hang on until she was in the midst of her climax
before I let rip with mine. Her screams of ecstasy drowned out my own
cries of pleasure as I pumped a seemingly endless stream of sperm
laden semen deep into her virgin body. Despite it being her first
time Susan sat firmly on my pubic bone, wriggling her hips as she
gasped at the feeling of my cum splashing against her insides. "Oh,
jeez Daddy, that's so strange, feeling you fill me up like this,
where does it all come from" and she burst into a fit of giggles as
she recognised her unintentional pun. "I'd sooner think where it all
goes Susan darling" said Jenny from behind her, and I saw she had a
washcloth and towel at the ready. "Lift up Susan darling" said Jenny
softly, and as Susan did as she was told I heard her gasp as Jenny
pressed the towel to her still swollen pussy lips and tell Susan to
roll on to her back. As Sue lay down Jenny turned to me and with the
washcloth cleaned me of the blood streaked cum coating my slowly
shrinking penis. When Jenny had washed and dried by cock she lowered
her head and gave me a sloppy warm kiss on the head. "Oh, Mom, that's
gross, why would you want to do that to Daddy?" As Jenny removed the
towel from between Susans legs and gently washed her clean she said
"Well, mainly because I like it, but also because Daddy likes it a
lot. So do most boys, although a lot of them don't appreciate it
enough to reciprocate, like Daddy" Susan pushed up on her elbows,
"What do you mean Mom, reciprocate?" Jenny looked at me, I grinned
and quickly reversed my position, placing my head between her thighs
and saying, just like this darling" and I pressed her back to the
mattress and placed my open mouth on her pussy, flicking my tongue in
and out of her vaginal opening for a few seconds, then moving up to
her clit where I sucked it and flicked it with my tongue until she
was once more screaming as another climax was exploding through her
tender young frame.

As I sat back on my heels Jenny looked at me, grinned and said "I
think that's enough for one day, don't you Jack darling?" I nodded,
then looked down at Susan as she lay totally spent, and still shaking
slightly as she lay in the aftermath of her first oral climax. As I
lay between Jenny and Sue a few minutes later Jenny kissed me
lovingly and said softly "Not bad for someone that had been refusing
for two weeks. Now Jack darling, was I correct in asking you to do
this for Susan?" "You certainly were Mom" said Susan before I could
answer, "It's been the best night of my life. Can we do it again
please Mom. It won't be fair if I have to stop making love to Daddy
now. Especially as I don't want to do it with any of the boys at
school." Jenny patted her hand, and I felt both of them move their
hands down to my groin and lay on my suddenly stiffening cock. "Oh, I
think Daddy might be able to help you out there my love, especially
if you're making a threesome. Just make sure you don't let on to your
friends, or they might just want to come and join in." That was the
start of a major change in my life. I had all my worries about Susan
and birth control quietened when she fetched my her box of pills.
After that Jenny insisted on having Susan join us for a session of
lovemaking at least once a week, "Just so she isn't tempted to go and
find sex somewhere it might not be safe darling," was the way she put
it to me. Talk about manipulative women, I still think it was Sue
that put it to her that way in the first place. The time came when
Susan finally decided she wanted to learn how to give me a blow job.
Jenny and I were in a nice relaxed sixty-nine position laying on our
sides one evening, when Susan walked in through the open bedroom
door. "OH, god Mom, I'm sorry" she gasped "It was so quiet I thought
you were asleep, and just wanted to join you."

Jenny backed off my throbbing cock, smiled at Susan and said "Why
don't you come and join us darling, I'm sure Daddy would love to eat
you out while you watch me doing the same for him." Jenny got up on
to her knees, I lay on my back and tugged at Susans hand until she
came and straddled my head so I could reach up and kiss her pussy
without straining my neck. As Susan was facing my feet she was in the
perfect position to watch what Jenny was doing while I sucked, kissed
and licked all over and inside her suddenly moist and glistening
pussy lips. As Jenny lowered her head and opened her mouth to accept
my pulsating penis Susan leaned forward so she could get a closer
look. This allowed me to slip my arms over her waist and hips and
hold her closer to me while I ate my way into her love tunnel. Susan
lay down on my abdomen, her elbows each side of my waist and her
cheek resting on my belly as she watched her mother suck on my soft
purple cockhead, at the same time gently moving her hand up and down
my hard shaft. For a moment I felt that Jenny and abandoned me when
she removed her hand from my shaft. Then I got the feel of a
different touch, more tentative, and a looser grasp. I suddenly
realised it was Susan that now had hold of my cockshaft, and that she
was masturbating me while her mother was sucking hard on my pulsating
head as she tenderly cupped my balls in the palm of her free hand.
All of a sudden I felt Susans thighs clench, and her pussy lips
twitch as she approached her climax. I just had time to move my lips
to her clitty and begin to suck hard on her bud as it peeped out from
it's protective hood. "Oh.. god Mom, I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG....."
cried as she lifted her shoulders and pressed her pussy into tight
contact with my sucking lips, all the time feeling me sucking on her
pussy and flicking my tongue against her tiny but firm clitoral bud.

As Susan collapsed where she lay I pulled my face away from her pussy
so I didn't get drowned by her orgasmic effusion, then I lay back to
see what else was going to happen down where I couldn't see. Jenny
lifted her head to look at me over her daughters buttocks, and we
both chuckled at the thought of the sight we must have been giving.
"Jack darling, help me lay Susan down beside you would you, then I
can finish what I started" she said softly, so as not to disturb
Susan. When Sue was laying face up beside me Jenny replaced her by
straddling my head and we went back to eating each other out as we
were before. It didn't take long for Jenny to cum, the thought of her
daughter doing the same thing a few minutes earlier having aroused
her more that I thought possible. As it was Jenny also ended up
laying on my supine body gasping for breath before I'd had a chance
to get to the same orgasmic condition they'd both reached. This
didn't bother me, I knew Jenny at least would soon come round and
bring me to a climax in a way I was bound to enjoy, especially if she
involved her daughter. This time was no exception. After a couple of
minutes rest Jenny rolled off me, sat back on her heels and said
"Right Jack darling, I really do think it's your turn now, don't
you?" I then watched as she slowly lowered her head and once more
took me deep into her mouth, before beginning to bob up and down, her
lips wrapped tight round my shaft, and her tongue flicking at the tip
of my cock each time she pulled back far enough. It didn't take long
for me to be crying out that I was about to cum, and I did it so loud
it made Susan raise her head to see what was going on. The sight of
her mother sucking on in amazement.

When I was finished shooting my cum down Jenny's throat she lifted
her head, clamped her lips together in a strange smile and leaned
over and pressed her lips to Susans. As Sue accepted her mothers
kiss, a not uncommon action recently, she opened her lips and pressed
the tip of her tongue through her mothers. Jenny suddenly held Susan
tight round the back of her neck as she opened her mouth and forced
her cum laden tongue into Susans mouth, and worked it round all the
surfaces she could reach. Jenny then released her hold on Sue, and
sat up smiling down at her as she wiped her tongue round her own cum
soaked lips. "Well Susan darling, what does it feel like to get a
taste of Daddy's semen?" Initially disgusted, and suddenly resentful
of her mothers action Sue lay back, wiped her tongue round her mouth
and lips and, after a moments thought said "Well Mom, it's not as bad
as I thought it might be. My friend Mary said it tasted really
awful." Jenny bent down and said softly "To be honest Susan my love,
I think it tastes really nice, and it's even better when it's really
fresh, straight from Daddy's penis. You should try it like that
sometime, especially if he's eating you out at the same time." Susan
giggled at the thought of doing this, then, as she sat up beside her
mother Jenny said "Besides darling, it's a good way of making Daddy
feel good if you or I are on our periods, don't you think?" Susan
nodded, then suddenly frowned, sat thinking for a minute then leaned
forward to Jenny and whispered something in her ear. Jenny blushed,
something she wasn't prone to, and then smiled almost shyly as she
nodded in reply to whatever it was that Susan had said to her. Jenny
came and lay beside me, pulled the comforter up to our chins and
snuggled up close to me. "Would you like to join us Susan darling?" I
asked, "No thanks Daddy" she replied with a grin "I think I better
get some sleep, I have a lot to do tomorrow" with that she climbed on
the bed and kissed first me then Jenny, wished us both a good night
and went back to her own bed.

Next morning as Susan kissed Jenny before going to meet the school
bus I heard her say in a loud whisper "Tell him Mom!" I thought no
more about it, assuming if it was something important Jenny would let
me in on her secret soon enough. As we sat down to dinner Susan once
again spoke to Jenny in a low voice, and again said "Tell him Mom, or
I will." "All right, will someone please tell me what's going on. Is
there something I should know here, or are you two just playing a
strange game I don't understand?" "MOM!" said Susan firmly, and Jenny
gave a loud and very deep sigh, "OK, darling, I'll tell him." Jenny
then got up, came and sat on my lap, kissed me tenderly and said
softly, "Well, the thing is Daddy, you're going to be one." "Be one
what?" I asked, suddenly being at my densest when I should have been
at my most brilliant. Jenny kissed me again, "Why a Daddy of course"
she replied as she lay her head on my shoulder and hugged me tightly.
I was speechless, and as I opened my mouth to say something Susan
said "OH, do stop being so thick Daddy, Mom's trying to tell you
she's pregnant. It seems she stopped taking her pills just after the
wedding. Knowing how much you pump into a girl, I wouldn't be
surprised of it's going to be at least triplets, if not quads" she
grinned at me, and suddenly looked very happy. "It looks as if I'll
have a permanent baby sitting job soon, how much will I be able to
charge you Daddy?" I was still silent, and this made Jenny sit up and
look at me. "You're not mad at me are you Jack darling?" she asked. I
just shook my head, "Look darling, I know I should have asked you if
we could afford another baby, and I know I'll have to give up work
for a while, but I'm sure we can make ends meet on your income until
I can get back to work." I smiled as I shook my head, "Oh, don't
worry about things like that Jenny my love. I'll make sure we always
have enough money for us and the new baby. I'm just so happy about it
all. Now tell me when is it due, have you seen the doctor, should we
book you into the hospital now, or is it too early...." My questions
went on and on, eventually stopping when I realised that the two of
them were laughing at me.

Eight months later I was standing with Susan looking through a window
at my new family additions, all three of them. I had just come from
sitting with Jenny as she slowly recovered from a long, and sometimes
difficult birth that took all of eleven hours from start to finish.
Thankfully Jenny was all right, as were all three of my new
daughters. It didn't dawn on me until much later that I was going to
be outnumbered by five to one before too long, and was still in a
state of shock. "Aren't they gorgeous Daddy" sighed Susan as she
slipped her arm round my waist. I nodded "Yes darling, they are, just
think you now have three real baby dolls you can play with. Have you
learned how to change a diaper yet?" Jenny brought the girls home
with her a few days later, when the doctors were happy she had
recovered well enough. That's when the fun and games started, and we
all started to lose sleep night after night. In the end we worked out
a rota between us, with Jenny talking the lions share of the work as
she had to do all of the feeding for the first few months. Susan was
marvellous, every afternoon when she came home from school she would
take over from Jenny, bathing, changing and getting the girls to
sleep almost as if it was second nature to her. That's when I had an
urgent call from my lawyers that meant I had to leave town for a few

When I got to the hotel they booked me into in LA they were there
waiting for me, and whisked me away to a hastily arranged conference
with my first wife's lovers insurers and legal team. Jake, the head
of my firm of lawyers sat beside me and opened proceedings by saying
"Jack, we think we have come to a fair accommodation with your first
wife's lovers family. They accept he had changed his will before he
died, and had wished for your wife to get the bulk of his estate. She
was also named as the beneficiary in his life insurance. As things
stand we have the best chance ever of getting you all of this money.
The thing is his family, a daughter and her children could contest
the will, hold us up, and still lose. On the other hand we can split
the estate in half, and settle with the insurers on our own. What do
you want to do?" "Well" I began, "I don't know how much is involved,
but how about we put all the money into a pot, pay you sharks your
pound of flesh, then split it between us. That way we all get more
than we expected, and there's no fighting in the courts." Jake looked
at me and said "Jack, you do realise you're throwing a lot of money
away here, don't you?" I shook my head, "No Jake, I don't know how
much I'm throwing away, why don't you tell me." With a grimace Jake
turned a page over in front of him and said "Well. If you do what you
suggest you'll be about three million dollars worse off. That will
only leave you seven, instead of ten, plus either a small ranch in
Texas, or the property in California, both of which are about the
same value." I took a long slow sip of water from the glass in front
of me as I sat there shaking like a leaf. I now knew why they always
showed them in films. "Do I get a choice between them?" I asked, Jake
looked across the table, got a nod and said I did. "OK" I said
breathlessly, "Can we agree to the split now, and I'll let you know
in the morning about Texas or California." There were nods all round
the table, and shortly after, Jake and I went back to our hotel.

That's where he began to complain about the loss of a few thousand
dollars in fees. I told him to stop, or I would give all the money,
and the whole of the estate to the other side. "Let's face it" I said
testily, "This will be the biggest single fee you ever earned, and I
bet you hardly had to do a stroke of work, just made a few phone
calls and wrote a couple of letters. How about I have your charges
investigated, and have a judge declare if they're fair or not?" Jake
grinned at me, "OK Jack, I'll make do with a million, I guess the bit
extra can go to the daughter, now what about this property?" that's
where I called Jenny, and when she was listening to me after telling
me about the girls I said "Look darling, if you had to make a choice
between working a ranch in Texas, or living in a big house in
California, which would you chose?" "Oh, what's this Jack darling, a
new game show, OK I pick California, Texas is too hot in summer and
too cold in winter. Now, do I win the prize?" "Yes darling, but only
if you're prepared to take few million dollars as spending money.
I'll explain it all to you when I get home in the morning, all
right." I put the handset down with Jenny still laughing about what I
said. While I waited for a cab to take me to the airport I told Jake
to start drawing up papers to settle a million dollars in a trust
fund for each of my daughters, including Susan. The rest could keep
Jenny and I going, when it was added to what I already had in the
bank, even if neither of us worked again. Jenny never did. She spent
the next few years devoted to raising our girls. Susan went through
college, safe in the knowledge whatever she wanted to do was paid
for, and she would never have to struggle. Despite this she did well,
got masters degrees in History and English and ended up as a teacher.
She eventually married a colleague and had a family of her own,
despite her early experience of growing children.

My girls? Wonderful, all three of them. They have all the boys at
their school running round in circles, never knowing which one they
might be going on a date with. No one but me can tell them apart,
even Jenny has difficulty when they're all dressed the same. Every
night I got up to their room a few minutes after they get into bed
and tuck them in and give them a good night kiss. Even now, when
they're just coming up to fifteen years old, they insist on their
goodnight kiss from Daddy. Last night June, the eldest by five
minutes whispered "Can I bring a boy home for tea on Sunday please
Daddy?" "Of course you can darling" I replied "It will save your
mother getting any food in, shall we have him grilled on the
barbecue?" June giggled, then said "Oh no Daddy, this one I don't
share with the others, he's all mine."

Ah well I suppose it had to happen some time. I suddenly thought that
I was soon to be in for a lot of worry, and heartache as my darlings
came of age. I just hoped they found someone that was going to treat
them right.

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