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Collaboration (Redman} FM
"It's Friday night, husband. Time to download another
story from ASSM and act it out."

"I know, but isn't the question always, 'Who gets to

"Well you got to last time. It's only fair if I do

"But last time there weren't any good bondage stories
and the time before you got that hot incest story that
you liked so well. That really ought to count for

"Oh, come on Daddy! You have to play fair with your
little girl. Hey, maybe it's still up there and we can
do it again."

"If you were my little girl, your ass would be so sore
right now. You know we can't choose the same story
twice. That's against the rules."

"Hummph! Your rules! Hey, we could always do random

"Yikes! Don't you remember the scat story? No thanks!"

"I don't know, I though it was kinda funny."

"That's because you didn't have to pretend to... Well,
anyway, I was glad that night that we don't try to re-
enact everything."

"You were pretty insistent on authenticity the night
we pulled up our first anal story, if I remember."

"As you were when we pulled up our first cheating wife

"Hmmm, now that WAS a delicious one. I was really
surprised you chose it."

"Well, I saw your eyes light up when we previewed it.
Never let it be said I don't please my wife."

"Oh, I'd never let that be said! But we still haven't
decided. Who gets to pick?

"Or, we could try something different..."

"Ooww! That's one of my favorite phrases! What do you
have in mind, you nasty man?"

"Well, I was thinking maybe we could change our little
Friday night ritual just a bit."

"Ah, come on! Don't you want to read a good story and
then fuck me accordingly? I've come to really enjoy
our Friday nights."

"I said change it "a bit." Jeez, I should know better
than to try to discuss this when you're so horny."

"Are you trying to imply that women can't think
straight when they're horny, Sir? And by inference,
that men can?"

"Woooee! I'd never say that, dear. Are you going to
let me get back to my idea? You know it's hard enough
for me to focus when you talk about being horny."

"I think you just proved my point, if you'll think
about it! Yes, by all means, what's you're grand

"Well, instead of reading a story off of ASSM tonight,
we could write one instead!"

"And then submit it? Ooohh! I like that idea! But only
on one condition!"

"You know I'm game. What's your condition?"

"We need to do some 'research' right now, just to take
the edge off. Suddenly, I can't think straight!"

"It'll still be available to download next week. Just
think about that!"

"Hmmm, I know just what I want the man to do!

"And I know just what I want the woman to do!"


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