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Communications Skills


"Communications Skills"
By Scribbler July1,2K
[who notes that this story intended for the select eyes of morally infirm
adults ]

"What do women want?" I leaned against the bar with macho resignation. My
last girlfriend had left in a storm, complaining about "communication

Richard looks at me: "Dude, you've got it all wrong . . .dinner Sunday --
I'll show you"

Now, when someone starts a statement with "Dude", experience teaches that
what follows can be ignored without cost; there are exceptions . . .

Richard lives in a fairly ordinary yupscale neighborhood, neat house, neat
yard, Lincoln LS. . .live-in girlfriend who teaches third grade, plants
flowers, and needs to be spanked in front of strangers on a regular basis.

"Ellen, come meet our guest"

Ellen, well, Ellen was quite the vision. Shiny jet-black hair, fair skin and
glacier blue eyes. She had that humid aura of sexual heat; thunder in
summertime. Breasts, cunt, woman: packaged in Italian silk, shod in Spanish
leather, ready to be unwrapped.

Dinner was served, with light conversation about work. Plates cleared,
Richard turned to Ellen.

"What makes you happy, dear?"

"What do you mean?"

"Darling". . .the word is extended and low.

A blush comes to her cheeks, she stammers and looks down.

"I like. . .like to be told what to do"

Turning to me, Richard added "She does, you know. . .and most women do. The
problem comes when you start letting them go on about nothing. . .

And then to Ellen: "Darling, its time for your spanking"

Surprise in her eyes . . ."please, not with him here. . ."

The voice again: "Do you want me to say this twice?"

Fear, "oh, no, I mean. . . I. . ."

"You mean that you'll turn right now and pull your skirt up-- isn't that
what you were about to say?"

"Yes", she blushingly added, reaching behind and grasping her skirt hem with
trembling fingers

"Now you're going to ask our guest to pull you over his lap and give you a

"Please. . .uh"

She looked at me for a second.

"Would you give me a spanking"

I was frozen.

"Don't worry. . .Ellen, tell us how you feel about being spanked over a
stranger's lap"

Sheepishly, "I like it". . .and then "I think about it, when I'm alone"

Like a robot, I extended a hand to her and pulled her across my lap

"If you spread her, you'll see". . .

I spread her cheeks, revealing a dark pubis. The hair was matted, and the
lips pink and swollen.

"Please, please spank me. . ."

I was feeling in the spirit.

"You're going to have to earn your spanking, I think. I want to see you make
yourself cum, right now."

A slim hand slid back to her vulva . . .a small squeal of pleasure could be

"And afterwards, I think we'll have you squat down right here, spread
yourself open and see how many fingers we can get into your ass".

She shuddered.

I looked at Richard: "Dude, I take your point"

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