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Archived Sex Stories

Company Cuck Pt 2



Copyright c 1998 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(MM+/F, MM, MF, Inter, FemDom, MDom)




I worked so hard cleaning the office that evening. My
anger over my paycheck was no longer raging, but more like
cool lukewarm.
I had become pretty efficient at performing my
janitorial duties and working the office cleaning schedule.
Tonight however, Joe wanted a new coat of wax on all the
tile floors as well as his office carpet shampooed.
I hated big Joe for what he and my wife were doing and
had done to me. However, it was odd, but I couldn't help
but admire his confidence, good looks, the masterful
dynamic way he carried himself, and of course the way he
pleased my wife and seem to have her under his control.
I understood why I was so intimidated by him, but yet
couldn't understand why I continued to be a total fool for
him. I knew my wife's feeling for him was partly the
reason. However, whenever he would speak or order me
around, it just seems that it was the right thing to obey
It was late. I was tired, but yet horny. As I walked
in the door, the smell of heavy sex was strong. I could
tell by the disarray of the front room that there had been
more than one man here doing the evening to see my wife.
This in itself was not unusual. I suspect she was still up
waiting to feed me the some of the results of her evening's
sexual activities.
She'd been so busy sexually with Joe Benson, who was
her favorite stud, and other friends and business
associates of his, that she and I hadn't had normal
intercourse in over two months. I however, had lost track
of how many times I'd eaten her out. If she didn't have
time to help me masturbate, I had to pull my own self,
usually while being home alone.
Since, it was my good fortune that she was home
tonight, I decided to raise the issue of money some other
time and concentrate on sex tonight.
I found her in the bed reading. We greeted each other
warmly. If I didn't know any better, I never would've
thought this was the same person I discussed money with
earlier in the day. I got a bite to eat and a shower.
In the shower I practiced in my mind what to say to
her. She didn't look tired. I knew she wanted me to put
my mouth on her pussy. I suspect it was still moist and
somewhat slimy from being with her real men.
We kissed as I slipped in bed. It felt so good to be
beside her. Like this, she could do no wrong. She was my
angel, no matter if she was my tormentor other times.
As usual, I went down on her first as was our routine.
I was right, her luscious pussy was juicy and loose. She
told me two of the managers at work had stopped by since
they knew I was going to be quite busy that evening.
Being multi-orgasmic, she got off twice under my
tongue.. She praised my pussy eating. It made me feel good
when she did that and compared it to the fucking pleasure
of the black men who'd fucked her earlier.
It was time. I nervously asked her. Surely she
couldn't refuse me tonight. All the vibes just seemed
right. My little prick was not only throbbing but burning.
I needed the feel of hot wet raw pussy.
"OH honey, I was so hoping you'd gotten to like our
routine and wouldn't ask me that."
"W-Why?" I asked puzzled.
"Well, you seemed so pleased eating me and so
satisfied with me jacking you off, or you doing it
"Well, that was only because you said you were so
tired or just not in the mood to let m-me put it in." I
replied, still puzzled about her attitude.
"I was hoping I wouldn't have to tell you this. I
thought it all would just work out like everything else
seems to be doing."
"I-I still don't understand."
"You see darling." She said softly as she reached
down to unbutton my pajama fly. "As I've told you before,
it makes me feel so good to have you sucking and eating
better men's sperm out of my well fucked slimy pussy."
"Yes-Yes. I-I know I-I can't compare to them." I said
softly. Not feeling excited about once again admitting to
my inadequacies.
"Honey, Joe and the other fellows in the office think
that is all you deserve." She said as she finally got my
fly totally unbuttoned. She pushed my pajamas away so as
to have free rein to my prick. A penis much smaller, and
of a different color, than she was currently accustomed to
"I-I know they don't think much about me and I-I guess
I-I can see their view ."
"Honey what I'm trying to tell you is, that's all they
want you to do. They told me that you are not to put it in
any more."
I still don't know what happened to this day, but
before my lovely wife even placed her soft dainty hands on
my aching prick, I shot a load. It was so forceful and
felt so good, I had to rest a moment to catch my breath
afterwards. She grabbed my dribbling little cock and
continued jerking me off. When I looked up, she had the
most wicked, but beautiful smile on her face in the dim
bedroom light.
"I-I don't know what happened. I-I ."
"Are you sure darling?" She giggled slightly while
still holding my shrinking prick with her hand all covered
with my plentiful sponk.
I apologized for the mess. She kissed me on my
forehead and consoled me as I wiped her hands clean.
"That's quite alright honey. I'd say you were just
agreeing with Joe and the others. At least your body was."
I was at a loss for words. She knew I was so ashamed.
We both knew I was no more good tonight and probably not
for a couple or three days. My body had betrayed me or was
it some sort of mental trigger I didn't understand.
We talked some more, before we both went to sleep.
Before drifting off, she let me know that she felt an
obligation to abide by what Joe and the other men in the
office wanted, that is to deny me from putting my prick in
her juicy cunt ever again, except maybe on my birthday.
"Darling, why don't you and Joe have a man to man talk
about it." My wife yawned as she went sound asleep soon
Even though tired, I didn't drift off to a fitful
sleep for another hour.


It took me a week, but I finally got up the courage to
go see Joe Benson. I was going to ask his permission to
let my wife give me some pussy for my aching prick, as
opposed to just being able to penetrate her adulterous and
well fucked, but gorgeous sex, with my tongue.
I asked his secretary for a late appointment, that is
after everyone was gone for the day. My purpose was to do
what I had to do without my other co-workers around. She
did. I had practiced what I'd planned to say and felt good
about my strategy of seeing him when all the others would
be gone. I settled into taking care of two assignments I
had to do for purchasing. Just as I completed one, in
walked Joe Benson.
"Hi Peter!"
"Afternoon Mr. Benson." I replied as he headed to the
urinal nearest my desk and unzipped, pulling out his long
thick dark penis.
"I understand you wanted to see me this evening. Can
we talk about it now? I might leave a little early today."
He spoke as a thick stream of urine was expelled from his
fire hose of a cock.
I turned my head so as not to be watching as he
discharged himself.
"It-it's a private matter s-sir. I-I can wait until
tomorrow." I replied nervously.
"You don't have to turn your head, I don't mind you
looking at my dick." He chuckled as my face turned
slightly red. He knew he was embarrassing me and seem to
enjoy it. "But seriously." He said as he paused and shook
drops from the slit of his giant length of black manhood.
"Can't we talk about it now? After all there are few
secrets between us or the others in the office. Think of
us as a big happy family."
Just then two other men walked in and spoke as they
went to relieve themselves.
"Hi Joe. Peter."
"Joe. Peter."
"I-I know Mr. Benson, b-but I-I'd like to t-talk to
you in private."
"Oh, . I see. Is it about you and Paula?"
"Well, er ., yes sir .. but I-I can wait until
tomorrow. Really, I-I can." I could see the two other
black managers at the urinals listening intently as I
nervously stammered out a reply.
"Well Peter, you shouldn't be nervous about talking to
me about you and your wife, after all I am fucking her. Of
course you know that from all of my dick cum you've eaten
out of her."
His vulgar blunt comment caught me off guard. My face
turned even redder. I was stunned and searching for words
to stop him from continuing going down the road he was
"It wouldn't by chance be something about me telling
her not to give you any, except, maybe your birthday? And
that's of course, is if she's up to it and you've been good
enough to deserve it."
I could see the other men at the urinals smiling as
Joe Benson continued talking. I was so heated and flush
now. As I stewed, feeling so angry and yet highly
intimidated at him, it dawned on me that I had an erection
that was palpitating.
"P-P-Please Mr.-Mr. B-Benson .. can we please talk
later. I-I ."
"What's else is there to talk about? Your wife is my
whore and loves it. She does what I tell her . just like
you. What else is there to discuss?"
"P-Please Mr. B-B-Ben ."
"Maybe you need to hear it from her." He said cutting
me off as he sat on the edge of my desk and used my phone
to dial Paula on the intercom. He put one of his feet in
the side chair that was in front of my desk.
I wanted to get up and run out of there and never come
back. I felt my prick straining against the fabric of my
trousers. Anyway, I was trapped from leaving because of
the way I'd positioned my desk, in order to partially
shield me from viewing the urinals all the time.
The only way out was over the desk. But with my
erection, even though small compared to all the other men
in the office, it was stiff enough to show a tent pole in
my pants if I got up to walk.
"Paula sweetheart! Come in the men's room, your
husband's office. We have to have a talk with him. Okay,
bye." He hung up the phone forcefully. "She'll be right
over." He said as he folded his arms sitting there on the
edge of the desk.
The other two men were washing their hands and
chuckling as they dried them and left.
I'd never felt so silly and again I sensed I was going
to be put through another humiliating situation of some
kind. To make matters worse, my cock wasn't supporting me.
"Hi Joe darling!" Paula said cheerily as she walked
in and kissed him juicily on the mouth.
"Hello Peter." Was her greeting to me in a dead flat
"I haven't been in here in a while. I thought your
desk was closer to the urinals honey." She said as she
surveyed the restroom while still slightly embracing Joe
"Paula, I think Peter wants assurance that you're my
"What part of me being a whore for him don't you
understand honey?" My wife said looking me straight in the
eyes. "Here let me show you Peter dear."
She sat in the chair where Joe had previously put his
foot, moved it right in front where Joe Benson was sitting
on my desk.
"Joe darling, I could use some refreshments, I've been
working hard all afternoon. Please let me suck your big
black cock. Please baby." As she spoke she caressed his
crotch through the fabric of his expensively tailored
My eyes were glued to my wife as she begged him to let
her blow him while I sat trapped. My cock pulsed as he
gave her the okay and proceeded to zip down his fly and
take his hardening big rod out.
"Ooh Joe baby, I want it open crotch. I wantta lick
your balls too." My wife cooed as she helped him slide his
pants and shorts down to reveal the man's magnificent stalk
of a penis and the dark patch of black pubic hairs at the
base of his root.
My cock was ready to explode at the sight as my wife
looked straight at me as she licked the tip of his swelling
member and lapped the pink dick head that had rapidly
become bloated and shiny. She had never sucked my cock and
here she was doing it so erotically as I was trapped to
observe her ever so closely. The bad part was that I hated
what was happening, but my cock had a mind of it's own.
Nothing I did could wish it down. I tried looking away,
but Joe Benson reached over and turned my head around to
make sure I watched her bath and lave his big hairy balls
with her tongue and lips. She even sucked one of his big
balls and then the other in her beautifully lipstick
covered mouth. The contrast of her white skin against his
black hairy scrotum was quite a sight.
"This is for your benefit. So don't turn your head."
Joe Benson warned as my wife engulfed his large swollen
golf ball size blood gorged dick head.
I was so glad I was able to press down on my throbbing
aching prick. It seemed as if it was going to rip through
my pants, especially as my wife's sucking noise added to my
discomfort. The juicy blow job she was giving is what I'd
only dreamed about. Even though I suspected she sucked her
lover's big black dicks, that is from the taste of her
kisses, we never really discussed it.
As she mouthed and slid her lips back and forth over
his long thick shaft, I prayed I didn't come in my pants.
The tension in the room was too much. My face was
literally red. My other fear came to fruition as one of
the salesman entered the restroom. He was about to excuse
himself and go to one of the other restrooms, but Joe
Benson invited him in anyway. He accepted. Used the
urinal, but his eyes never left the scene in process before
me. My wife seemed oblivious to it all as she went after
her "refreshment".
Moments later another co-worker entered. He offered
to visit another restroom, but Joe waived him in. Again my
wife never seemed to notice.
"OOH! Suck it bitch! Yesss! That's it! Show your
husband you're my slut! Yess! swallow it all!" Moaned Joe
Benson as he shot his hot wad of sperm down my wife's
throat. I could tell it was a big load. She swallowed at
least five times.
It was no use, my prick pulsed at the sight of
her actions. The release was so delightful. I hunched
forward to try and hide the wave of pleasure that comes
from such a good release. As I quickly got over the
pleasure of what happened, I hoped no one noticed and I
hoped everyone would leave to give me a chance to clean up
before my prick goo soaked through the cloth.
It seemed my wife milked his penis forever before
giving it a loving kiss and letting Joe redress.
The two co-workers left to go and get their
secretaries to give them the same treatment that my wife
had just given. I'd never seen a blow job given in such a
blatant manner or in such an open location as my wife had
done. I'd heard that it often happened in the back of the
office where there were several storage rooms.
"Well Peter, does that answer your question. Do you
still need to talk to me?" Joe Benson asked with a big
smile on his face as my wife licked her lips, capturing an
errant cum drop that almost escaped as she was swallowing
his bountiful wad of viscous semen.
I meekly shook my head acknowledging that there was no
"And Peter, if you think you are deserving of getting
some on your birthday, 30 days prior, I want you to send me
an inter-office memo justifying why I should permit your
wife to let you put it in. Send it through my secretary so
she can check it for format and grammar. Also, make sure
it's coordinated with the other managers by getting their
signature approval, including your wife. If anybody
non- concurs, I won't even look at it. Understand.?"
Unbelievably stunned one more time by him, all I could
do was nod acceptance of his stringent and ridiculing
conditions for just a once a year session with my lovely
"slut" wife - and then only if she wasn't busy with him or
other men and if she felt like giving me some.
I was so mentally beat, I was exhausted. Having come
also drained me too.
"Well honey, did you enjoy that as much as we did."
My wife said looking straight at me.
When I was slow to respond she reached right over the
desk and grasped my crotch and began feeling for my prick
and rubbing where I'd come in my pants.
Caught off guard by her sudden unexpected action I
sought to prevent her from further exploration by grabbing
her arms. As I did so Joe grabbed both of my hands with
just one of his giant strong hands. I wiggled and begged
him to let me loose. Meanwhile, my wife was able to
discover that I'd shot off in my shorts.
"OOH! You did enjoy seeing me suck off his black
dick. Look Joe, he shot off in his pants."
As I struggled with Joe holding my wrists, her
continued rubbing had forced the absorption of the sticky
goo into the outer fabric of my trousers. It was too late.
The stain was evident and sticky.
"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Joe roared as he let me go and left
telling my wife he'd see her later.
"See you later Joe darling." Spoke my wife as her
handsome smug black lover left us two alone. She never
removed her hands away from the damp spot on my pants. I
was so ashamed, I stopped fighting her. I knew I was
beaten. She and Joe both knew I had no will to confront
them in their subjugation and abasement of me.
"That was so sweet of you dear. And such a cute way
to let me know you approve of me being his slut. Here, you
deserve a nice kiss."
She gave me a deep juicy French kiss. She stuck her
tongue deep in my mouth and made sure I sucked on it before
breaking the kiss. The taste of Joe's thick semen was
obvious by the slimy film and seminal odor of her breath.
The kiss made me feel better, but I was still
flustered in the state I was in. She finally removed her
hand. However the spot was rather large on my trousers
now. It was at least a four inch diameter circle.
As she went over to one of the sinks to wash her hands
and rinse her mouth out, I proceeded to one of the stalls
to attempt to clean up the mess I'd made on myself.
"Peter, come with me, I want you to get a file from
Peggy on the other end of the office."
"O-Okay, er, y-yes ma'am. I-I'll do it just after I-I
clean up and ."
"Now! Peter dear. You can do that later. There's
work to be done."
I gave her an incredible look. "B-But they-they'll
see ."
"Precisely." My wife said as she looked at me with
folded arms. "They'll see a husband whose proud to exhibit
proof of his approval that it's okay for me to date and sex
other men. Being so secure in your manhood, even though
not great, can't help but generate more respect for you
Peter dear."
I parted my lips to rebut her, but the stern,
in-command look, and stance she took, as she stood before
me, was my signal that she would not take no for an answer.
"Now go!" She said extending her arm straight toward
the door. "Or do I need Joe to come in here and push you
out there."
I got to moving, knowing full well I didn't want to
face his intimidation again.
I prayed people would be too busy to look. That was
wishful thinking. All eyes were on me as I existed the
door. Time I passed the first desk going toward Peggy's
desk I heard "He did come in his pants, just like Joe said.
Imagine a husband shooting off in his pants as his wife
gives her lover a blow job right in front of his face.
What a wimp."
Peggy made me wait for the file. It was the longest
two minutes in my life as the others looked at me and
snickered or giggled but never said anything directly to
I finally brought the file back to my wife's office.
She was back at her desk in a very business like posture.
As I was leaving, she let me know that Joe Benson was
coming over to our house tonight.
"Come in the back door honey, and if he's still there
when you come home from tidying up here at the office, go
ahead and sleep in the guest room. I'll wake you up when
he leaves." She told me with her head still looking down
at what she was working on.
"Y-Yes ma'am." Was all I said as I started out to
give the office gawkers their last look at my "proof of
approval" as I made it to my men's room office.
That night it took me four hours to give the office a
good cleaning, as called for on the schedule. I was
beginning to take a certain pride in how well I kept the
office and rest rooms sparkling. I wondered if that was
all part of being subjugated so much by Joe Benson and my
wife that I was beginning to see them as doing me the favor
of letting me be degraded by them as well as work like a
slave for them.

When I arrive home, it was after Nine O'clock. I went
in the back door as my wife had requested. I knew that she
had company in the bedroom. There were two cars out front.
I recognized them as Joe's and another manager at work
named Reggie.
There was the unmistakable noise of heavy sex coming
from the master bedroom. As I got myself a bite to eat, I
heard my wife call out asking if that was me. I replied it
was and only heard the resumption of more sexing a few
moments later.
I was in luck, my wife had put two doggy bags in the
fridge. I suspect they were where she and Joe and Reggie
had been out to dinner. The warmed leftovers were very
filling and tasty. I could tell they were from an
expensive restaurant.
I cleaned up the kitchen and tidied up the living and
family rooms.
Joe and Reggie's suits were strewn over the sofas in
the family room. I gathered them up and placed them neatly
on hangers and placed them on hooks in the hall outside the
master bedroom. Where they knew to find them. This was
not new to them, or to me. when any of the office men, or
their black friends came over to screw my wife, I routinely
hung up their tossed clothing.
I then went to the guest bedroom and took a shower in
the main hall bath. As I let the warm refreshing water
stream over me, I recalled the events of the day. I
concluded my humiliation and degradation had been great,
but in a strange way, having made it through seem to
fortify me for yet another day. When will it all end? What
was wrong with me, I thought to myself as I was drying off.
By this time, I heard Paula's two guest leave. I
distinctly heard Joe say "Tell your husband, we left plenty
of creamy desert for him to eat." To which my wife replied
"Thank darling, I'm sure he'll appreciate both of you doing
that for him."
I was out of the shower and in my PJs when she walked
into where I was. She was dressed only in a sheer see
through robe and had milky colored cum trails down the inside
of her thighs and legs.
It was a common sight for me. She looked used, but
beautiful. Her black big dick lovers were through using
her, so now she could be my wife again.
"Welcome home honey." She greeted me as she brought
her used jism leaking body to me. Her kiss as usual was
delicious to me, even though her breath reeked of jism.
The taste was slightly stale and more pungent than when she
sucked on Joe at work today. I presumed because she had
been at it longer and had two big black dicks to work on
tonight, while I was cleaning up the office.
"Honey bunch, you'd better kneel and hurry up if
you're going to get all the wonderful cream Joe and Reggie
left for you. It's almost down to my ankle on this leg."
My wife said as she placed her foot on the bed which
stretched her crotch and gave me a better view of just how
messy her hairy snatch was. Indeed the combined melded
thick jism of the two studs was running in thick viscous
trails along her luscious inner legs and thighs.
I knelt as she suggested and began my licking at the
place she'd mentioned. I lapped and sucked up the spent
slimy sperm and continued doing so until I reached just
above her knee on the leg propped up on the bed. I next
began on the other leg just above the top of her ankle. I
went from one leg to the other until I was within six
inches of her sloppy oozing snatch. She then stopped me.
"That's good for now. At least it won't stain the
carpet. Let's go to bed so I can relax while you eat the
rest of your dessert they made for you."
As we walked toward the master bedroom, she circled
her arm around my waist and offered me another jism tasting
kiss. I couldn't refuse her. I knew if this was the only
way to have her be loving to me, then I'd take it.
After keeping my head buried in her crotch for at
least a half hour and two orgasms for her, she finally let
go of my head. All the while I was eating her swollen
ripe reddish well screwed sex, she found various ways to
remind me of the wonderful stuff our boss and co-worker
left for me to eat. After washing my face and brushing my
teeth to clear the mucky gooey build up on my gums and
teeth, I rejoined my wife in bed.
We kissed and cuddled up as if two newlyweds. My cock
was hard but not to the point where I needed to come. I'd
come this afternoon and therefore was in no need of getting
off again so soon. Of course, I thought it was just as
well since it was obvious that, my only recourse would be
to my hands, or if lucky, my wife's hands.
Nevertheless being cuddled up with her, I savored the
moment of knowing that she was mind if but just these few
moments. I hadn't plan to bring up the events of earlier
today. I'd just resigned myself to the role that both of
them had clearly let me know was mine. I was tired and on
the verge of drifting off to sleep when she decided to
"Darling, Joe and I didn't mean to be too hard on you,
but sometimes the best way to get a point across is by
demonstration." She cooed as she played with the hair on
my head.
"I-I understand dear." I replied meekly, trying not
to look in her face. I really didn't want to be reminded
of the ordeal I'd experienced at work today.
"You shouldn't take Joe's action as personal, it's
just his ego at work. By cutting you off, while he allows
me to fuck almost anybody else, really boosts his self
esteem. men like him thrive on the feeling it gives them.
You on the other hand are good at taking what he, and I
too, dish out so that his ego can be nurtured and therefore
kept healthy. And of course, you know what I've told you
about how sexy he is when his ego is satisfied."
"Y-Yes I-I do Paula." I replied wearily and
nervously, as I went on to let her know all that was on my
mind, since she'd opened up the conversation. "I-I know I
can't compare with the way he and the other men c-can
satisfy y-you in bed. I-I know I can't satisfy your needs
like they can. And-and I-I-I've resigned myself to j-j-
jacking off, if that . well if-if t-that's the way it has
to be."
"It is honey, but don't forget your birthday darling.
But like he said, you'd better get your justification for
putting-it-in, in early. And like he said, use an inter-
office memo format and remember, it has to go through all
the department heads and get their approvals before he'll
even consider it."
"I-I remembered. B-But as I was saying, I accept his
conditions on our sex life. He and his friends are after
all keeping you happier than I-I ever could."
"They sure are darling."
"A-and I've come to the conclusion he's not ready to
move my desk out of t-the men's room yet."
"No, he's not honey. It may be a while." She added
"B-But do y-you think he'd find someone else to do the
office cleaning? Being new, I-I didn't mind helping out
for a while. I accepted his explanation that it was a
small company and that we all had to do a little extra to
keep the ship afloat. B-But Paula, I've been doing this
for over three months now. I'm working 10 to 12 hours a
day, not to mention when he wants me to go in on Saturday
or Sunday and shampoo the entire office carpet and strip
off the old and put down new wax in the entry ways and
halls. It-it's just too much dear. Could - could you
please put in a-a word for me so-so ..."
"No honey, you should talk to him about that. Are you
"W-W-Well no, b-but y-you two g-get a-along so well,
I-I thought you c-could ."
"Just because he's fucking me, your wife, is no reason
for you to be afraid of discussing such things with him.
Ask him, he may let you off the office cleaning detail in a
year or two."
"A-A year? That . that long?"
"At the earliest . you know depending on how your
first annual job evaluation goes. But I must tell you
honey, you do a great job on keeping the rest rooms and
toilets sparkling. Everyone in the office compliments you
on that. The maintenance company that serviced us before
you were hired, had six people working at night and didn't
come close to the super job you're doing."
"Six workers? A maintenance company?". I said
looking at her wide eyed.
"Honey, he likes the idea of you doing that kind of
work, especially while he and I are out dining or partying
it up or somewhere screwing. And you're good at it too."
"I-I guess I-I'll discuss it - it with him when I-I
can catch him at -at a good time." I replied stammering
and feeling dejected.
"You do that dear." My wife said cheerfully. "Now
lets get some sleep, we've got to go to work tomorrow."
She said as she cuddled up closer to me.
We were both getting sleepy, so this phase of our
conversation seemed a natural conclusion point.
As I drifted off to sleep, I thought about how I
started to bring up the issue of my paycheck, but decided
to leave well enough alone for now. I was still getting
$30 a week "allowance" from my wife, while my check went
into her bank account. For all the work I was doing, both
for my regular job and the custodial duties, for the $30 a
week, or $5/day, the money I was actually getting my hands
on came to 50 Cents/hour on my short days and other times
about 40 Cents/hour.
I knew my wife had picked up that I was intimidated by
Joe Benson. I knew it would take me time to work up
enough nerve to ask him for relief from my "extra duties".
For now, I resigned myself to the reality of things. It
went without saying that it was clear now that Joe was the
man in charge and that my role was pretty much that of the
clean up man, both at work and at home. A role that my wife
enjoyed seeing me in and one that boosted her lovers egos.


It had been a week since Joe Benson, the president had
demonstrated to me that my wife was truly his whore.
It was Monday morning and I was just about to enter my
restroom office when a workman with a drill came out.
As I went in, I assumed he was just doing some normal
repair work.
When I entered, all I could do was stand there and
look at what had been done.
I was so upset I called Paula and told her I had to
leave. The stress was now just too much. She hung up and
walked over.
I think it all looks great honey. What's the
"P-Paula, I, . er, mean Ms. Morris. If-if you really
love me, h-how can you let him continue to - to do t-this
to me? I-I want out of this room. I-I feel so degraded
and put down. Please ask him to move me. I-I know he'll
listen at you."
"Peter I do love you, it's just that it gives me so
much pleasure to have you in such positions as you're
complaining about."
"Y-You mean humiliated don't you. Y-You like seeing
me-me s-shamed and degraded horribly." I said in a broken
"No darling, I want to see how unselfish you are. To
see how far you will go to prove your love to me since you
can't do it in a more manly fashion like Joe or Jim or the
other black men, that is with their robust cocks."
"Paula, uh, Ms. Morris, . I-I'm sorry I-I can't give
"And that's another thing, always saying you're
sorry!. Well you are a sorry excuse for a man. A real man
doesn't offer excuses, his actions speaks for themselves.
Since you don't have prick power to show your love, you
should leave that to more capable men and do what else you
do best to please the woman you claim you love."
"Oh I do love you. I'm doing the best I can. Just
tell me what more is expected of me?" I asked
"For one thing, stop whining about your desk being in
the john. Joe wants you in here. It's a boost for his
ego. If he has a healthy ego about his masculinity, guess
what, he screws me better. Hence by pleasing his ego,
you're taking action to give your wife something you can't.
See where I'm coming from Peter."
"I-I see. I-I never thought about it l-like that." I
said meekly, but still trying to understand her involved
reasoning, which made sense except I knew something was
wrong somewhere.
"And also, I want you to be right here so you can be
reminded each time they go to the urinal. You can look
over and see what a real man has between his legs."
"It-It was you who had ..."
"Yes, it was me that had your desk moved closer to
them and bolted to the floor, and the mirrors put up. I
want you to have a good look each time one of the men come
in here. I want you to view what makes me happy honey. I
want you to get over any residual shame or shyness of
knowing that I adore and need big black dicks. Understand
darling?" She held my chin and looked me deep in the eyes
with her soft eyes.
Even though less than happy, I was terrified of that
look and strangely I felt my prick erecting.
"Y-yes I-I understand." I replied softly
"And honey, I know it's difficult for you doing this
transition period. That is, being man enough to accept
responsibility for your shortcomings by doing other things
to compensate for them. But the sooner you firmly accept
your new role, and adapt, the easier it will be for you.
Take for instance, if Joe sends you to find me and tells
you, to tell me, he needs to fuck me, the sooner you see
this as a routine thing. Therefore you will have less
emotional difficulty. The same goes for when he calls you
in later to clean up the mess he's made between my legs.
Sure, the others in the office might still look at you
funny for a while, even after all this time you've been
here, or even laugh and call you a fool occasionally But
you'll know deep down that you are doing what needs to be
done to show your love and keep our marriage intact. It is
the right thing for you to be a willing, eager and
supportive cuckold. Understand?"
I slowly nodded acceptance of what she said.
"Good, I'm glad we had this little chat. And dear I
want you to repeat to your self just what I told you about
being a cuckold. Remember there is no shame in being a
faithful cuckold to a wife that others might call a slut."
She said as she kissed me on the lips, letting me know how
much she loves seeing me ready to show her just how manly
I'm going to be for her.
I promised to not let her down, even though I would be
lowering myself into the pit of humiliation. She was so
beautiful at that moment she had gotten me to commit to
being her total fool.


Like my wife said, I did get more acclimated and use
to being humiliated and accepting my place as her wimpy
cuckold husband.
As usual, each day after work, I become the office
janitor, keeping the place spotless and cleaning all six
toilets such that they shine. The big Black lady that
comes by to supervise and check my work periodically, a
cousin of Joe Benson, rewards me for a job well done by
having me eat her big black pussy. I don't have much
choice as she can give me demerits which will affect my job
rating if I don't cooperate. Occasionally, her boyfriend
drops by and fucks her some nights while I'm cleaning up.
He shoots jism like a horse. She even had me milk his
giant dick a time or two. Hence, I go home extra full of
spunk sometimes. Only to usually having to suck up more
from my wife's cunt when I get there.
I've got quite use to "my office". With the extra
mirrors my wife had put in, no matter where I turn, I can
catch a glimpse of the men's big dicks as they use the
urinals. She was right, seeing their big black cocks is a
constant reminder of my shortcomings and helps me to be
more accepting of my role of an understanding cuckold for
her and her black lovers.
Additionally, the men in the office had a staff
meeting and voted more duties for me as part of my restroom
attendant duties. When the elaborate and colorful sign was
put up, Joe Benson handed me an updated job description
with the new additional duty on it. I could only look at
him with an incredulous look as I almost fainted back into
my chair. The sign read "ATTENDANT WILL SHAKE AND STROKE
ASK!" This has made me even more friendly with the men co-
workers. Sometimes, my touching and shaking causes them to
get an erection. They often blame me and demand that I
suck them off. I have no choice, as my job description
requires I do so if they get a hard-on. I really think
it's unfair I have to Fellate them and swallow all their
hot sticky gooey jism. You see the job description says I
can't release their penises until they tell me when to stop
shaking and stroking them. I contend that one, at maximum,
three shakes is all that's required, with no stroking. By
doing so, accidental erections would be minimized or
eliminated. I wanted my job description changed to reflect
this since Joe denied my request to eliminate the duty
Many of the men have me shake and then stroke them
until they get rock hard. They then order me to my knees
to mouth them. It's so frustrating to be trying to do your
work and having to stop and attend to the men as they visit
the urinals and request a shake. Just having to shake urine
drops off is time consuming enough, but blow jobs are even
more time consuming. The worse part is that if a man walks
in and sees me on my knees Fellating one man who
"accidentally" got an erection, then sometimes the new
visitor will get aroused after using the urinal. Even
though he might've already shook himself, and is fully
erect, he's still entitled to a shake with my hands. And
the minute I touch him, I'm required to suck and swallow
for him if he demands it.
I finally got up enough courage to talk to Joe Benson
about it. He said I had a good point and put it on the
staff meeting agenda. I was so embarrassed when he turned
the floor over to me, amongst the low level of giggles and
snickering. But I gathered the courage to do so. After
presenting my case as to why it was unfair and asked for
the duty to be rescinded by the office staff, Joe asked me
how could I know how long I needed to shake and stroke
without relying on the owner of the penis to tell me all
the pee was out of their big long cocks. I was at a loss
for words and looked like a fool standing there silent. I
knew he had me. My cock handling duty remained, as my
motion to rescind was soundly defeated amongst a chorus of
laughter. I felt so small and put down. You just don't
know how it feels to be set up and humiliated, especially
by the man that's fucking your wife and whom she calls her
real man.
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