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Archived Sex Stories

Computer Flirt


by Taria

for Anne and Kim
two women who Know What They Like and How They Like It

Alicia made a moue at the computer, glowering at it as she chewed on a
stray tendril of hair.

"Don't do that," said her friend Diana, swatting her on the shoulder.
"You'll split the ends. Why so grumpy, sweetie?"

Alicia sat back in her chair and stretched out her legs in front of her.
"It's this damn America Online. I've been trying to sign on for ten
minutes already."

Diana moved behind her and began to massage her stiff shoulders and her
neck. "Have you tried another access number? I have two others set up at
'New Location,' on the bottom--" She trailed off as she heard Alicia
growling deep in her throat. "Okay. So you knew that. But really. I
could think of so many better ways you could be spending your time than
sitting in front of the computer. For instance, we could--"

She was interrupted by the loud "boop-beep" of the modem's latest dialing
attempt. Then suddenly there was a "click" instead of a busy signal, and
then the familiar crackling and shushing of a successful connection.

"All riiiight!" Alicia crowed, and she leaned forward to grab the mouse as
the screens piled up atop each other: "Connected", "Channels", and finally
"Welcome DiAli". Quick as a wink Alicia clicked on the big box that said
"People Connection." "C'mon, c'mon..." she muttered, bouncing her knee
impatiently. "Member Rooms, Member Rooms...hurry up!"

"Hey," said Diana. "What's the deal here? You turn into a chat junkie
while I wasn't looking? I thought you always said that was stupid!"
"Well, yeah," Alicia responded. "I did, but that was only all those guys and their endless IM's. You know--'Hey babe, 24M here, looking for action.
Wanna cyber?' That kinda stuff." She was clicking busily as she spoke,
her eyes scanning the screens that unfolded before her. Diana looked
closely at her. "So what's different tonight?"

Alicia stopped clicking and scanning, and turned to look at Diana.
"Promise you won't get mad." Diana looked back at her, puzzled. "Hmmm.
All right. I promise. But what's so bad you think I'd get mad?" Alicia
looked away, a blush starting in her cheeks. "Well, you see...remember
that night you had to work late? And you left me here alone for a while
until you got back?" Diana chuckled. "You mean that night last week when
I tried to call you and got a busy signal for an hour and a half?"

Alicia blushed a little brighter. "Yeah. Well, the busy signal was
'cause I was online. On that screen name we set up." Diana smiled.
"You're kidding," she said sarcastically. "I never would've guessed. And
by 'that screen name' you mean this one. DiAli." Alicia nodded. "Right.
The one we created to use together. The one that's for both of us." Diana
rubbed Alicia's shoulders softly. "What happened?"

Alicia looked back at the screen. "I don't know how it got out of hand.
I was just cruising around, and then I started flirting, and then one thing
led to another..." She trailed off. Diana moved around until she was in
front of Alicia, and knelt until she could look into her face. "Do you met someone?" she asked, in a quiet voice. Alicia raised her
eyes and looked at her sharply. "No! I mean yes. I mean--"

Diana frowned in puzzlement, and then laughed aloud as she figured out
what Alicia meant. "You mean you cybered! You chatted and flirted and
then one thing led to another..." Alicia nodded, blushing furiously now.
"So you finally had cyber sex!" Diana proclaimed. "It's about time you
popped your cherry! I was wondering when that would happen. So how was
he?" Alicia was quiet. Diana narrowed her eyes. "You mean..."

Alicia looked away again, and softly said "that's right. It was a she."

Diana giggled. "That's what you were scared to tell me? Didja really
think I'd be mad?" Alicia nodded again. "Aw, don't be silly. 'Sides,
lots of the 'girls' out there are really guys, anyway." This time it was
Alicia that giggled. "I know--aren't they awful?! I got propositioned by
at least five of 'em...There was a Bi69Girl, and someone named Hot18Bi, I
think...Yuck!" Diana laughed. "So how do you know this one was for real?
Give her the 'Panty Size' test?"

Alicia chuckled and looked at her for a moment. "So this is no big thing?
You're OK with this?" Diana smiled and tickled the back of Alicia's neck
until the seated girl scrunched up her shoulders out of ticklishness. "Of
course, ya goof," she said. "And that probably explains why you're in such
a hurry to get online tonight." Alicia blushed again, and resumed clicking
the mouse. "Well...yeah. Kim said she'd be on tonight, and so I said I'd
look for her." Diana got behind Alicia and began to massage her shoulders
again, beginning at the outer curves, and then beginning to move further up
and in toward her neck again. "Kim's a nice name," she said. "Oh, she's
great," Alicia responded as she moused about. "You'll just love her.
She's funny, and sexy, and...where IS she, anyway?"

Diana leaned down until her chin rested on Alicia's shoulder. "Try
locating her online," she murmured, and pointed at the tool bar at the top
of the screen. "Oh, I'm such a doofus," said Alicia as she moved the mouse.

Within moments the computer told them that "KimQ" was signed on and
ensconced in a Member Chat Room called "curiousbiF4F." After several
minutes of repeated clicking, Alicia managed to tease the computer into
letting them into the room, which was packed full of curious biF's. Or at
least some reasonable facsimile thereof.

With their heads close together, they watched the words appear on the screen.

------You are in room "curiousbiF4F"-------

Pam18: Sure is quiet in here

18JeriBi: yeah sure is quitest room anywhere I thimk

18JeriBi: think


Candi18f4f: LOL Jeri

"Eeeewww," said Alicia. "Maybe we oughtta get Kim's attention somehow."
"You could try saying 'Hi' to everybody," said Diana. "That's usually a
good opening gambit." "Hmmmm..." said Alicia. "Sounds like you're not
totally new at this yourself." Diana chuckled. "You'll have to work
harder than that to find out my secrets, dear." Alicia chuckled too, and
then started to type.

DiAli: hi room

They waited expectantly.

18JeriBi: Hi DiAli

Pam18: Hi DiAli


Pam18: 1

Candi18f4f: 1

Alicia sighed. Diana said "well maybe we could -- look!" The screen now

KimQ: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ALI}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Alicia looked quizzical. "What's that mean?" "She's huggin' ya, babe,"
answered Diana. "Give her one back."

DiAli: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KIMMY}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

KimQ: So, oyu've come back to the scene of the crime

KimQ: you've

DiAli: that's right I couldn't stay away from you any longer

KimQ: My animal magnetsm?

DiAli: i'll say!

Diana giggled. "You cyberslut! Why didn't you tell me you had this in you?"

KimQ: So tell me what it is you like best about me

DiAli: your wit, your passion, your

Pam18: Your big tits
DiAli: imagination

KimQ: @-->--->--- A rose for you my sweet

18JeriBi: Looking for a hot sweet F

KimQ: Can i get you something else besides a rose? ;)

Diana looked at Alicia, who was intent on the words scrolling down the
screen. "Go for it, baby" she whispered. Alicia smiled, and began typing

DiAli: i really dont need anything else...

DiAli: ....but you

KimQ: :::blushing:::

DiAli: ::::wlaking over to Kim::::

DiAli: walking

DiAli: ::taking Kim's chin in my soft hands, cupping it gently::

KimQ: ::::melting::::

DiAli: ::lifting the chin ever so softly...moving my face closer::

Pam18: Raming my hard cock into Kimmys wet hot pussy
DiAli: ::whispering:: could we go somewhere where we could be alone

DiAli: i've wanted to be with you so much since last time

DiAli: somethimes i wanted you so much i could hardly breathe

Diana looked closely at Alicia, watching her type. Her breath had
quickened, and her knees had resumed their nervous bouncing. Diana smiled,
and returned to rubbing the seated woman's shoulders. But this time her
touch was gentle, more of a caress than a massage. Her hands moved beneath
the neckline of Alicia's t-shirt, and her fingers brushed against warm
skin. Then the two heard a small chime from the computer speakers, and
Diana felt Alicia's muscles tense up as a small rectangular "Instant
Message" window blinked into being at the center of the screen.

KimQ: U really mean that? What u just said?

Alicia typed for only a moment--"yes"--and immediately clicked on "Send."
After a moment, a response appeared.

KimQ: ok then. meet me in private room <kimali> asap

Diana brushed Alicia's cheek with the edges of two fingers, and then
followed down the curve of her jawline. "Want me to leave?" she murmured
in Alicia's ear. As she typed in her instructions Alicia whispered back
"no...but I should ask her..."

---------You are in room "KimAli"-----------

KimQ: hi

Alicia turned her head and looked at Diana. Then she turned back to the

DiAli: hi Kim. can i ask you something?

KimQ: i'm all ears...and all yours. Shoot

DiAli: is it ok if somebody else is in the room with us

KimQ: ?

KimQ: look. i liked last week, but im not into group cyber

DiAli: lol that's not what i meant

KimQ: ?!

DiAli: i meant in the room with me. now. for real

KimQ: well, who...hey!! is it "Di"?!

DiAli: yep! 1 sec...di says hi kim

KimQ: well howdy! It's nice to meet you in the flesh

KimQ: so to speak

Diana moved around Alicia and leaned over to reach the keyboard.

DiAli: Hi, Kim--Diana here. So what have you two been up to?!

KimQ: Oh little of this little of that

DiAli: I bet!

KimQ: ROFL well im sure its nothing compared to you two!

KimQ: So whats the arrangement? are u lovers? };)

DiAli: Sometimes

KimQ: roomies?

DiAli: Nope--in my house now, tho

KimQ: lesbians?

DiAli: Not exactly

KimQ: Straight girls on a field trip?

DiAli: LOAO... we suppose you could say that

There was a pause, as if nobody knew quite what to say. Finally, more
words appeared onscreen.

KimQ: exactly do we work this?

DiAli: <---alicia...not sure--your the experts

DiAli: you 2 cum up with something hehe

DiAli: kim--di says its not fair your alone

DiAli: but we have each other here

KimQ: hmmm...actually thats not a bad idea

KimQ: Ali--put Di on 1 sec

DiAli: what? oh--ok--here she is

KimQ: Diana?

DiAli: Ready and reporting for duty, sir. Maam.

KimQ: Really? i mean, would you do anything i say

DiAli: Anything you say, Mistress Kim

KimQ: for real?

DiAli: Remember--Ali's still new at this

DiAli: But I'll be happy to do as Mistress Kim

DiAli: commands me to do to her--

DiAli: --if she says OK, that is ;)

Alicia stared at Diana as the words appeared on the monitor. Diana turned
her head to look back at her, a mischevious grin on her face. "Better not
do the crime if you can't do the time, honey," she said, and their eyes
locked for a long moment before they both looked toward the screen for
Kim's reply.

KimQ: Alright. Alicia you sit in the chair & type

DiAli: im here kim

KimQ: :) first rule of cyber: describe what ur wearing

DiAli: ok im in a t-shirt and shorts, no socks or shoes

KimQ: no good...i'm in a black silk robe & nothing else

KimQ: it's hanging open & u can see the curve of my breasts
KimQ: my tummy, top of my bush...i was waiting 4u

KimQ: Diana--

DiAli: she says yes mistress kim

KimQ: help undress Ali till she's more like me

Diana looked at Alicia for a moment. "So...?" she asked. Alicia looked
at the words on the screen and then back at Diana. A small smile crept
across her face, and she nodded. "Uh-huh."

"Sit up a little," said Diana. Alicia quickly typed a message -- "yes
mstrss kim 1 sec" -- and then sat up against the chair back. The movement
had the effect of thrusting her chest up and out, and as Diana moved her
hands to pull off the t-shirt she massaged the outthrust mounds with her
palms, moving around in circles. Right away, Alicia's nipples hardened
perceptibly through the t-shirt material. The seated girl moaned softly
and half-closed her eyes. "Mmmm," she said. "That's nothing," Diana
replied, as she let her hands wander under the bottom of Alicia's
loose-fitting T and caress her belly and bra-encased breasts.

Alicia moved forward, thrusting her breasts more aggressively into Diana's
hands; Diana took that opportunity to lift the t-shirt up and over Alicia's
head. There was some more incidental rubbing as Diana stroked downward
firmly, her hands now grasping the waistband of Alicia's shorts.
Obligingly, Alicia raised her hips to allow Diana to pull the shorts down.
Diana pulled, her hands tugging at not only Alicia's shorts but also her
panties. The shorts, and the underwear, traveled partway over the sitting
girl's hips before Diana let go of the panty's elastic waistband and
removed Alicia's shorts completely.

"Describe yourself to her," said Diana, in a husky voice. Alicia began to

DiAli: kim di just pulled down my shorts & took off my shirt
DiAli: i am sitting in the comp chair in just my bra

DiAli: white lace, front clasp, top of my breasts showing

DiAli: my nipples are hard from di touching them & rubbing

DiAli: my panties are partway down my thighs, dark pubic hair

DiAli: peeking out di is masaging my legs

DiAli: i am spreading them wide so she can carres them inside

DiAli: she asks what now mistress?

Diana scrunched down on the floor beneath the computer desk and began
kissing Alicia's ankles. Slowly but surely she moved up to her calves, her
knees, and finally her inner thighs, alternating between soft puckered-lip
kisses and light tongue licks. Unconsciously Alicia spread her legs wider,
and as she kept her eyes on the screen for Kim's reply she emitted a long
"mmmmmm" from deep in her throat. Then words appeared.

KimQ: I am watching the two of you--a delightful sight

KimQ: meanwhile I am rubbing my tits
KimQ: kneading them and caressing, the hard nipples making

KimQ: points in my palms...My robe is totally open now

KimQ: my hands moving up and down my body, arousing me

"What's she saying?" Diana asked from below, her head still between
Alicia's thighs. "Read it to me." Alicia did, and as she read she could
sense Diana wriggling out of her own clothes. She began to type again,
reading the words aloud as she composed them.

DiAli: kim im reading what you wrote out loud to di

DiAli: shes undressed too i think she has nothing on

As she spoke she was rewarded with a hot embrace from beneath, as Diana
pushed her torso against Alicia's leg and let her unfettered breasts rub
back and forth.

DiAli: hehe I KNOW she has nothing on

DiAli: she says what shall i do now mistress kim?

Carefully Alicia shifted one foot, and then she experimentally wiggled her
big toe. It seemed to be touching something fuzzy and warm, and so she
rubbed up and down a little and then pushed with it. She was rewarded with
a gasp from Diana, who shifted around and then pressed against the
outstretched digit. Alicia giggled as she felt warm dampness, and she used
as much dexterity as she could to move her toe in circles around and just
inside Diana's pussy entrance.

DiAli: hehe were getting a lil impatient mstrss kim

DiAli: di's on the floor between my legs

DiAli: i think my big toe is rubbing her pussy
DiAli: she seems to be enjoying it hehe

KimQ: mmmmm...i wish your toe could reach my pussy right now

KimQ: ::sigh::

KimQ: OK...Ali--tell Di to remove your bra & suck yr tits
Alicia read the instructions out loud to Diana, who pushed Alicia's chair
away from the computer desk. She ran her hands up the outside of Alicia's
thighs and then up her sides. When she reached her breasts Diana grabbed
them roughly and squeezed hard, causing the sitting girl to groan loudly.
Diana smiled tightly and flicked at the front clasp, opening it
effortlessly. With the now-open brassiere dangling uselessly off Alicia's
shoulders, Diana continued to squeeze the warm exposed globes in front of
her. Then she let them go and moved her mouth in close.

Diana kissed and licked, sucked and nibbled at the other woman's breasts.
Alicia grabbed her friend's head in both hands and pulled her close,
holding Diana tightly to her chest as the kneeling woman feasted
voraciously at her bosom. Diana furiously attacked Alicia's breasts with
her lips, tongue, and teeth, even as she tightly straddled Alicia's foot
between her own legs. They went on this way for several minutes: Alicia
moaning ecstatically beneath Diana's oral efforts, and Diana feeling her
own juices beginning to flow as she rubbed her vulva up and down, up and
down against Alicia's smooth silky leg.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, Alicia noticed that Kim had left a new
message while they'd been busy.

KimQ: Hey--whats going on out there?!

Alicia managed to lean in close enough to type, though she was distracted
as Diana continued to manipulate her heavy breasts and engorged nipples.

DiAli: ummmm...sorry kim di is doing ummmm what u said

DiAli: it feels soooo turned on

DiAli: shes licking and sucking and biting my tits
DiAli: i can feel how wet her pussy is and mine too

KimQ: wow

KimQ: Diana--STOP!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

DiAli: no! aaagh!!! YOU BITCH!!!! ok she stopped happy now?!?

The two women were breathing heavily, panting as they unclenched. Diana
sat back on her haunches, squatting naked in front of Alicia with her back
to the computer. She swallowed hard, once, and then asked "OK...what now?"
Alicia licked her dry lips, and then said "here it comes."

KimQ: hehehe Very good. We have to prolong this...

DiAli: thats fine for you but it FELT GREAT

KimQ: You'll feel better soon, I promise. Diana?

DiAli: she says yes mistress

KimQ: I want you to pull Ali's panties down

Diana reached out gleefully. Alicia was about to help, but then she
stopped. "Um...Diana?" "Uh-huh?" "Um...she says you have to do it with
your teeth," Alicia giggled. "And she says after that you can do anything
you like to me, but only with your mouth--no hands." Diana growled. "And
she says this time I have to keep typing all the way through, no matter
what. OK?" Diana mock-growled for another moment, and then said "tell her
'Yes, Mistress Kim.' But she'd better not be some kind of cybertease..."

Diana placed her hands at her sides and went to work. She rubbed her
cheek along Alicia's upper thigh to the point where the white elastic
waistband was stretched tight against the skin. She carefully closed her
teeth on the elastic--pinching some skin in the process and raising an
indignant "ouch!" from Alicia--and pulled, tentatively at first. Then she
moved her head across Alicia's lap, her soft hair trailing over Alicia's
skin as she did so. With Alicia tilting her hips to help, Diana managed to
get a grip on the other leg of the panties and yanked them down about a
quarter-inch. She did this back-and-forth three times more, until the
panties were midway down Alicia's thighs and a little easier to maneuver.

Alicia kept typing, or at least she tried. But she kept knocking the
mouse off the desk, and hitting all the wrong buttons. By this time the
two women were nearly helpless with laughter. But they were close now--the
sides of the panties were mostly down. Only the crotch remained stuck,
wedged up at the juncture between Alicia's thighs. With shining eyes,
Diana looked up at Alicia's face. "Oh, baby..." she said, tenderly.

With her head, Diana nudged Alicia's legs wide apart. Then she brought
her face closer and pressed it deep into Alicia's crotch. She inhaled
deeply, and moved her nose and mouth against Alicia's pubic mound through
the cotton fabric of her panties. Alicia sighed and skootched down further
in her chair as Diana nuzzled at her sex. "Oh, yessss..." she hissed, and
then typed that to Kim for good measure.

Diana leaned forward until her mouth was level with the top of Alicia's
panties. She clenched her teeth once more around the waistband, and began
to pull downward slowly and deliberately. Her nose tickled the thicket of
Alicia's pubic hair; her nostrils were filled with her friend's tangy
scent. She continued to pull, her pace agonizingly slow, and looked down
entranced as more and more of Alicia's dark triangle was revealed. Soon
Diana's face was nearly buried in an unruly bush of curly hair, moist and
fragrant from Alicia's growing arousal. She continued to pull at the
panties with her teeth, and as she did so her nose touched lightly at
Alicia's now-lubricated opening.

Alicia moaned and rocked her hips forward. Diana's clenched teeth gritted
in a broad smile, and she intentionally let the tip of her nose roam about
the other girl's damp slit, dipping in and out and bumping against the
hidden fold at the top where her clitoris pulsed. Alicia groaned loudly
and pushed forward, trying to impale herself on her friend's nose. But
Diana chuckled through her teeth and instead yanked hard at Alicia's
panties until they came loose and dropped down around her ankles.

Alicia lifted her hand as if to pull Diana's head deep inside her pussy,
but Diana ducked her, laughing. "Na-ah!" she warned. "You keep right on
typing, if you know what's good for you!" Alicia snapped her teeth but did
as she was told.

DiAli: my panties are on the floor now, di's between my legs

KimQ: Oh, yum...what's she doing?

DiAli: shes TEASING ME dammit

KimQ: LOLOL how, exactly?

DiAli: mmmm...shes kissing my thighs again

DiAli: now shes licking thats it...higher

DiAli: o yes yes...thats it...shes almost there

DiAli: i have my legs spread wide as i can

DiAli: OH!!!!!! shes trying to find my pussy no hands

DiAli: shes licking all round my bush

DiAli: ohbaby...yeah she found my slit now

DiAli: UMMUMMUMM her tong is movin insid me

DiAli: OH FEels so good almost cant typr

DiAli: OYES she found my cliyt

KimQ: yesyesyes oooooooooooohhhhhhh

DiAli: o shes sucking hard yes di lick me

DiAli: o di...light tonge flicks o amazing


DiAli: ohjeez reading out loud to di so hot soooo

DiAli: sooooooooooooo close now





As Diana heard Alicia read Kim's words out loud, she stopped her rapid
tongueing movements and pulled her head away from Alicia's body. She
sighed regretfully, knowing that the pulsing and squeezing she'd perceived
in Alicia's pussy had heralded an approaching orgasm of magnificent
proportions. Meanwhile, Alicia was infuriated. She was howling and
cursing at the top of her lungs, so angry she couldn't even type. "THAT
FUCKING COCKSUCKING BITCH!!" she yelled in genuine anger. "JUST ONE MORE

The sight was almost comical, as Alicia fumed on her chair, naked limbs
splayed out every which way. It was also undeniably erotic. Alicia's
cheeks were flushed, her body gleaming with perspiration and effort, her
scent heavy in the room. Diana licked the taste of Alicia from her lips
and rested on her knees once more, waiting to see what would develop next.

KimQ: Ali? Alicia?

KimQ: Sweetheart?

Alicia watched the sentences appear onscreen, and sullenly bent forward to
type. Using two fingers, she picked out one word: "what?"

KimQ: Oh, youre mad

DiAli: FUCKIN A im mad

DiAli: i mean you came--i saw

KimQ: :)) buckets


KimQ: I bet you were about to cum your head off

DiAli: I WAS??? DO YOU?!??

KimQ: Oh no, this won't work at all. Put Di on, Ali

KimQ: We need you to calm down a little

DiAli: Diana here, Mistress Kim

KimQ: Oh, Di--what shall we do with Ali?

DiAli: If you don't mind a suggestion...

DiAli: Whatever it is, I'd do it soon

DiAli: I think Ali's head is about to blow up

KimQ: hehehe Wonderful!!!

DiAli: LOL...She doesn't seem to think so!

KimQ: Oh, we'll fix's what you should do...

"The kitchen?" Alicia cried out in disbelief. "She wants you to go to the
kitchen?!? NOW???" Diana couldn't help herself -- she laughed out loud.
Then she reached forward and patted her frustrated companion on the cheek.
"It's OK, sweetie," she said. "I know what she's after, and I can almost
guarantee that you're going to enjoy this." Then she jumped up and took
off for the kitchen, leaving Alicia alone in front of the computer.

DiAli: well i hope your satisfied

KimQ: LOL...well, yes actually. You gave me an A+ orgasm

DiAli: so...whats the deal with this kitchen business?!?!?

KimQ: ::mysterious evil grin::

DiAli: at least tell me why she has to bring *2* surprises

KimQ: :( don't you still love me, Ali?

DiAli: ::grumpy:: not sure

KimQ: Well, then. Will you at least do me one more favor?

KimQ: Before I sign off to have a good cry :(((

DiAli: lolol...alright already alright

DiAli: what is your bidding mistress kim?

KimQ: :-))))

KimQ: ok then...get out of the chair & stand up

Alicia got out of the chair, shook her dangling brassiere off her
shoulders, and stretched full out. She leaned forward to type on the

DiAli: ok im up now what?

KimQ: well first of all, how're you standing?

DiAli: ?? i dunno im just standing i guess

KimQ: why don't u try standing sexy :)

DiAli: <g> ok im game

KimQ: step back a little from the keyboard

KimQ: spread your legs as wide as u can

KimQ: then bend over so u can keep typing

DiAli: ok...but u know this is a perfect postion

DiAli: for somebody to

Alicia shrieked and jumped as she felt something ice-cold poke her from
behind. "YIIIIIII!" she yelled, and then she heard a low chuckle behind
her. She heard Diana say "Oh, I'm so sorry...I just couldn't resist..."
She was about to turn around and give her friend a piece of her mind when
more words appeared on the monitor before her eyes.

KimQ: Ali? oh, I bet Di just got back

DiAli: SHE GOOSED ME!! and its somthin COLD!!!

KimQ: hehehe I wish I couldv'e seen your face

DiAli: lol di says u should try the view from her angle

KimQ: OK, Alicia...would you like to cum now?

DiAli: i guess so if i must

KimQ: Well, if you'd rather not...

DiAli: no thats ok

KimQ: I could always sign off...its been over 1 hr anyway

DiAli: nonono

KimQ: You sure?

DiAli: yes please make me cum pleasepleasepleeeease

KimQ: wellllll...

DiAli: please mistress kim i want to cum
DiAli: di says ive been so good i deserve it PLEASE

KimQ: LOLOL OK Ali...tell Di she can have her way with u

KimQ: ALL the way...but u have to tell me whats happening

KimQ: Now reassume the position

DiAli: ok im "standing sexy" my legs r spread

DiAli: im bending waaay over my tits hanging down

DiAli: i cant see what di is doing down there OOHHHHH

KimQ: what?

DiAli: o she must be sitting up on the floor beneath me

DiAli: i feel her spreading my pussy lips apart

DiAli: o wow shes using her mouth

DiAli: her tongue is going up my pussy
DiAli: omy she found my clit again

DiAli: o o o shes licking nice n hard now

DiAli: ummm thats her finegr entering me i think

DiAli: o that feels good big circles inside

DiAli: oyes shes still licking my button too

KimQ: Mmmm...feel her eating you out...u moving yr hips

DiAli: yesssss back and forth o this is sooo good

DiAli: o im sooo wet now wait her fingers are stoppin

DiAli: shes not licking so hard either whats she doin?

DiAli: i feel wetter than before--whats that

DiAli: COLDCOLDCOLD what the hell

KimQ: HEHEHE cucumber?? eggplant??

DiAli: YIPE di says zucchini JESUS THATS COLD

DiAli: umm shes pushing it

DiAli: in

DiAli: o musta used k=y or somethin, so smooth

DiAli: OHHH deeper...its so cold n im so hot...o baby

DiAli: o holy smokes thats incredible

From between Alicia's legs, Diana chuckled. "So you like that?" she
queried, as she moved the slim green zucchini in and out of Alicia's pussy in long, slow strokes. Alicia moaned in assent and rocked her hips in
rhythm with Diana's motion. Diana reached up and caressed Alicia's hanging
breasts, then stretched to take one in her mouth and suckle at the nipple.

"Oh, this is AMAZING," Alicia gasped as she struggled to maintain enough
concentration to type to Kim. "It gets better," said Diana. Holding the
zucchini in Alicia's pussy with one hand, Diana scrunched down and scooted
between Alicia's widespread legs. She emerged behind the moaning girl and
without letting go of the zucchini managed to lurch to a standing position
behind her.

"Now," she whispered, "I'm gonna fuck you from behind until you
you want me to do that?" "Oh, please...yes," Alicia groaned. "I wanna cum so much...please make me cum..." She bent over as far as she could,
leaning on the computer desk as Diana turned the phallic vegetable round
and round inside her pussy. Then Diana lightly trailed her other hand down
Alicia's uncovered back, starting between her shoulder blades and
continuing down her spine. Alicia shivered, and tried to focus enough to
tell Kim what was occurring.

KimQ: So Ali--how's it going?

DiAli: o kim...shes behind me now

DiAli: fucking me in & out in & out

DiAli: an her other hand rubbing my back

DiAli: now my waist, oh yes shes rubbing my ass

DiAli: mmmmshes spreading my cheeks open and OHHHHHHHH

DiAli: ithink i think that shes

DiAli: thats her tongue i think

DiAli: o this is awesome shes fucking me and rimming me

DiAli: mmmm oh owww her fingers in me a little

KimQ: mmmmm...inside your ass?

DiAli: yes shes filling both my holes

DiAli: o feels good yes fuck me diana

DiAli: ummmm wait her fingers leaving

DiAli: now somethin

DiAli: something wet

DiAli: OH COLD jesus fuckin H

KimQ: hehehe SURPRISE #2!!!

DiAli: OW ohhh pushing in

DiAli: its long but its skinny

DiAli: o deeper whats it--a carrot?

KimQ: :-) <g> u know yr garden vegetables

DiAli: oh kim this feels so good oh oh ohhhh

DiAli: o shes filling me and moving and o o o

KimQ: Oh, Ali, r u close?

DiAli: o im gonna die this feels o wow

KimQ: Cum, Ali...let me hear you cum
DiAli: i cant describe oh oh ohhhhhh

KimQ: yesyesyesssss cum ali

Diana plunged her tools in and out of Alicia's sopping holes, thrusting
deep as Alicia began to buck wildly. Alicia's breath was coming in ragged
gasps -- "uh-HUNH, uh-HUNH" -- and her body shook as she rocked with
Diana's thrusts. Suddenly her moans turned into screams, and Alicia
slammed her hands down wildly on the computer keys.




Alicia's body went rigid as her orgasm hit, the deep dual penetration
pushing her over the edge. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH" she screamed as she exploded
into release, her pussy and her ass clenching around the stiff hard objects
that filled her. --Squeeze--squeeze--squeeze-- her apertures pulsed, with
such force that Diana was amazed that the carrot and zucchini hadn't
snapped in two.

Alicia's grunts and sighs subsided and the tensing of her pussy and ass
ceased. With great care, Diana pulled the slick vegetables out of her
friend's body, sliding them out gradually until they slipped out entirely.
Alicia's legs were trembling and her chest was heaving. Diana moved next
to her and took the spent girl in her arms. The two women embraced, their
warm bodies pressing against each other. "Here...sit down" Diana murmured,
and she guided Alicia down to the carpeted floor. As Alicia sank down
gratefully onto the rug, Diana hooked the computer chair with her foot and
then sat down before the screen.

DiAli: Hi, Kim? It's Diana--Ali's a little wasted right now

KimQ: too I'm afterglowing...WOW

DiAli: You're not kidding! I've never seen her cum so hard

KimQ: hehehe veggies really ARE good for u

DiAli: Well YOU had a lot to do with it too, Mistress Kim

KimQ: :))) I can't complain--I came TWICE 2nite

KimQ: wait--poor Di!!! Only one who didn't!!

DiAli: LOL It's OK...well worth it

DiAli: In fact, this was worth $19.95 a month!!!

KimQ: Absolutely!!!!!

KimQ: Oh it really past MIDNIGHT?!?!?

DiAli: Uh-huh...12:21 on my computer clock

KimQ: SHIT Rob's gonna kill me

DiAli: Hubby?

KimQ: No...more like my Kept Man...i like 'em tamed

DiAli: I'll BET!! We'd better let you--HEY!!!

KimQ: Hey what?

DiAli: "Hey" there's someone down there under the desk

DiAli: and she's moving the chair

DiAli: oh...mmmm...what're you doing down there?!?!?

KimQ: LOLOL!!! Looks like you're gonna get that cum after all

DiAli: LOL Well I certainly hope so!!!

KimQ: That's my cue to exit then...have fun!!!

DiAli: OK, can't type & cum same time anyways

KimQ: hehehe...bye!

DiAli: gnight, Kim!

Diana turned away from the blinking computer screen and happily hitched
one leg over the armrest of her chair. As she reached down to spread her
pussy lips wide for Alicia's exploring tongue, Diana sighed blissfully.
What a wonderful night! Stabs of pure pleasure coursed through her as
Alicia began to work her magic, and Diana felt the quick rising of passion
and arousal within her. "We HAVE to do this again sometime," she thought.
"I'll e-mail Kim about it...




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