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Title: Consciousness Revealed
Keywords: mc, teen, mF, inc, ff, mdom, mom, son, aunt, sister, nephew
Author: Caesar

There was a young fellow named Bill,
Who took an atomic pill,
His navel corroded,
His asshole exploded,
And they found his nuts in Brazil.

Consciousness Revealed

by Caesar, copyright 1998-2002

$Revision: 1.9 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:22 $

I was created long ago.

Time means little to me, but I can remember in great detail all the
different minds that I came in contact with. I have even noticed a
difference in ethics and beliefs between the first minds I entered to
the ones I currently peruse. Though there are many differences with
all the technological advances, I never took notice.

How long I lay dormant, I have no idea. The last mind that I looked
into placed me away in a small wooden box, cigar box is what he had
thought to call it. Without a mind to link to, I had no
consciousness, no "life". So it was probably a very long time till I
again awoke.

As soon as the hand grasped me, I awoke and linked directly into the
mind of the person who had touched my hardness. I "saw" the old cluttered shop and the piles of dusty objects left from an age bygone
by looking through the mind I linked to. I was one of those dusty old objects.

Next I discovered the mind of who had touched my physical form thus
letting me link mentally to him. It was a young man, and he was
searching for gifts for his family and his girlfriend. Money was
short, thus he was looking in the back of this old pawn shop for
fitting gifts.

An old woman stood next to the man waiting on him, ready for any
questions he may have. Then I discovered that the young man thought
me too "plain" for a gift and I quickly linked through him to the old woman.

"That is a very nice ring." Self preservation can be strong at times.
I certainly didn't want to return to nothingness. Already in the
brief glimpse into this mans mind, I had discovered so many changes to
the physical world since I last was conscious. "Came from an estate
down south somewheres."

The young man spoke up, "Its a little too masculine for my mother or
girlfriend though."

The old woman nodded in agreement, "Perhaps, but why not for yourself?
How about the whole cigar box for just the price of that ring - it
has a rather nice pendant and a broach?"

I anxiously read the young mans mind, and knew of his reluctance. So
I had to push the situation a little more. The old woman continued,
"I'll tell you what, take the ring for yourself, as your Christmas
gift. Free."

"Free?" The young man was just a bit startled, and I noticed that
little was ever free in his world.

The old woman laughed, "Sure, just promise to wear it all the time?"

The youngish man was slightly startled, but I could realize his mind
was contemplating the gift. And my surface was not too obnoxious or
dandy that it may actually look good on his hand.

"But I think its real gold, you can't give this away for free?" I
could read the mans mind, and knew he now wanted me, so I just caused
the old woman to make a sound and wave as she turned to go back to the
counter towards the front of the store. To the young man, it appeared
as if the deal was done.

The young man, his name was Joey MacPhearson, slide me upon his middle
finger on his left hand.

I had finally returned.


My power isn't in controlling the one who possessed me. No, my
creator knew the dangers in that. But I controlled all those within
my consciousness, by linking to the one who possessed me. I can be
controlled, given commands, but none have done so for many years - the
knowledge is lost. And I don't communicate directly nor can I reveal
myself, as my creator wished. I could only read the mind of the one
who possessed me and could only control those around him.

Joey was now my Master, my owner.

I've had many different Masters over the years, male and female. Most
never knew that I was there to help with there lives. Joey would have
my help for as long as I was in his possession. Possibly, he may
never realize that his good fortune is due to me and not luck or fate.

Well, Joey returned home with a small pile of presents and retreated
to his room. As abodes go, his was rather small and though cosy, I
knew I would help my Master live a life better than the one he
currently has. It is what I was designed for.

The young man who wore me rushed out after hiding the presents beneath
his bed and went to another house upon his block. "Hey Bill you in?"
Joey was speaking up at a closed window. A head popped up and had
hand waved my Master around to the rear of the house.

Joey and Bill eventually made their way into the house and the family room in the basement. They talked about animated topics which I could
see little point in relating. I did control Bill long enough for him
to blurt out, "Nice ring!" Vanity is a terrible thing, but its also

When a noise from upstairs interrupted the two teens, Bill made a rude
noise and said, "Its just my sister." My Master's thoughts changed
immediately and he pictured a thin pale late teen in a wet bikini. He
had watched her sun bath in the backyard, enjoying her thin boyish
body, long brown hair and her cute face. A recent memory obviously.
And I knew its was Bill's sister that my Master thought of. Her name,

There were little differences from my earlier male Masters to Joey,
nearly all had active sexual imaginations. Which was fine, it was my
duty to help in every way I can.

So, I helped my Master. Bill yelled up, "Shell, can you come here a

Nothing was heard for a few moments then the same thin pale teenager
came bounding down the stairs. "Get it yourself dweeb." She ignored
my Master. Wrong. Turning and smiling, "Hello Joey, having a good

"Ah, yea. Nearly finished my shopping." Bill just arched an eyebrow,
while it seemed my Master was less than deft around girls.

Shelly smiled hugely at my Master then retreated back upstairs. Bill
shook his head, "What's up with her?"

While Joey had followed Shelly with his eyes until she disappeared,
and then spoke up, "I'll get the cokes." Then preceded quickly

In the kitchen, Shelly stood with her back to my Master, cleaning some
pots. I could read the desire in my possessors mind. "Oh, hi again."

My Master mumbled, "Just getting the cokes."

She dried her hands on a towel and beat him to the fridge, "Here I'll
get them for you Joey."

Two cokes later. "Thanks Shelly."

Turning to leave Shelly called out, "Did you want anything else?"

Master mumbled yet again, "No thank you." But I could read his
nervousness when he saw the look in his best friend's older sister's

He was just about to retreat back downstairs yet again when Shelly
again stopped him with a question, "Could I get your opinion on
something Joey?"

"Ah, sure." She walked over near him then pulled up her skirt and
placed a bare foot upon a chair. Shelly took his hand and placed it
upon her exposed and naked thigh.

My Master was aghast, unable to talk and surprised. First, the sight
of the long slim leg rocketed through his brain, and then his hand on
her skin was beyond his experience. Something out of a fantasy.

Shelly moved his hand, beneath her own, down her leg. She rubbed his
hand across his calf to her ankle then started back up, on the inside
of her leg this time. She took her hand from his when it was about
upper middle thigh. "Is my leg smooth Joey? Does it feel nice and

My Master tried to speak but nothing came out. Shelly was two years
older than he, and for as long as he can remember, she was in his
fantasies. But touching her leg, had just ruined all those fantasies.
Reality was much better.

His hand dropped from her leg. I deemed more direct action was in
order. Shelly smiled at her brothers best friend then spun around and
lifted her skirt up to her waist. Looking over her shoulder she
asked, "Take my panties off for me Joey?"

All that came out as a reply was "Yea". His hand shook as he hooked a
finger into each hip and pulled the white cotton garment down to her
ankles. Shelly stepped out of it.

"Do you like my bum Joey? Touch it if you want." She arched her back
and her firm almost boyish bottom was facing my Master.

It took a few seconds before he placed a quivering palm upon the
curvature of her pale ass. Just at that moment a voice from below,
"Joey what the hell are you doing?" My Master pulled his hand as if
it was on fire from Shelly's skin and turned to leave.

One last parting question from the young woman, "Joey?" He stopped
and looked at her, words still did not work from his mouth. Shelly
stepped forward and pressed her recently discarded cotton panties into
his palm then leaned forward to kiss lips quickly. "A gift." Joey
turned and ran down to the basement, hiding the panties in his jeans
until later.


The next day was more insightful into my Masters daily life. His
mother who was, if anything, too protective of Joey and he was
becoming resentful. His father, whom barely noticed his son, which
was fine by Joey.

During this time, I merely watched and learned a little bit about my
Master. How better to learn how to help him.

It was the next evening, the second day that Joey had possessed me,
when he finally met his girlfriend for a date. Her name was Deb, and
though Joey was crazy about her, she obviously did not feel the same.
That was my first adjustment, she now was the perfect companion for
much of the evening. Joey, in fact was startled at her change, but
was rather pleased. When finally, the two of them sat outside her
parents house, in Joey's mother's car, is when the awkwardness again

It seemed, their relationship had not passed heated kissing and a feel
or two. Joey, of course, wanted more and his dates often left him
frustrated. Well, of course you may realize, this was the perfect
moment to help my Master.

As they kissed, his hand went to Deb's breast and squeezed her above
her sweater. Normally this lasted just a few seconds before she
pushed him away, but of course that will not happen as long as Joey
has me in his possession. She had tiny but firm breasts and he could
feel the bra beneath her clothes. When my Master felt a hand upon his
bulging jeans, he jumped in surprise.

He actually pulled back in surprise, breaking the kiss. She just
looked down at her hand before looking up into her boyfriends eyes.
"Take it out please Joey?" She had this near desperate look that I
was proud of.

Master then asked a rather silly question, "Take what out?" If I
could sigh, I would have.

"Your 'thing'.... your cock." She whispered the last word. My Master
was more than a little surprised, and just a bit excited. He quickly
unbuttoned his jeans and pushed the two sides apart. His boxer shorts
were pushed down and his young hard cock sprang up. Deb gasped out
then tentatively reached out and grasped the pale hard male member.
Her tiny hand touched it everyone, as if testing it and it was
probably the first cock she had ever seen or touched. Then she
squeezed and stroked it while Joey groaned in response.

"It is so beautiful Joey!" She looked very pleased, but never took
her hand from him. In fact she was stroking his penis rather
expertly, though I know my Master never realized it.

It took only a few moments before Master suddenly gasped and his body
became taunt and a thick wad of man cream shot out the head of his
cock. He came with gusto and Deb milked him until the last spasm
raked his cock. I know that Joey was embarrassed, and was staring
down at the mess he had made. I had to ensure this was positive
memory to him.

Deb lifted her hand from his cock and stared at the drops of
pearl-coloured come on her skin. She smelt it, all the while my
Master watched in surprise and embarrassment, then tentatively licked
a drop. Her face lit up and then she started to lick and suck the
remainder of his orgasm from her fingers. After, when her hand was
clean, she helped her boyfriend put his pants back on. Then they made
another date, "soon please Joey?"


That was the first time that my Master removed me. I have no control
over him when he wore me, and had no consciousness when I was not in
his possession.

I again regained consciousness sometime later, possibly just the next
day. It was Joey that again possessed me, slipping me again on his
middle left finger.

It seems, my Master was not amused. His mother was in a bad mood and
had been taking it out on him, so much that she insisted he cancel his
date that evening with Deb. He was very angry.

The door to his room opened and his mother came into the room and I
could tell she was again about to berate my Master. That just can not
happen. She suddenly stopped with her mouth open as she was about to
start on him again. My Master, at that moment, was more embarrassed
at his near undressed state than angry. "Get out mom!"

Though not naked, he was still self conscious of himself. She looked
at him then turned quickly and left. Afterwards, when he was dressed,
they met back in the kitchen. She spoke gently to her son, "I'm sorry
Joey. I will respect your privacy from now on."

After the last hours of discontent, this gentle comment left Joey a
little unprepared. "Ah... thanks mom." She came forward and the two
of them hugged.

It was at that moment that I read something in my Masters mind. It
was the feel of her large soft breasts against his chest and her
covered skin beneath his hands. So I did my duty and Melony, my
Masters mother, did not break off the hug. In fact, she kissed his
neck several times gently while her grasp firmed.

Again, I realized my Master needed a little persuasion. Melony
reached out and took her son's hand and moved it from her back down to
her round ass. I could tell Joey was more startled by this action
than by Shelly's or Deb's. Some part of him knew it was wrong yet a
stronger, animal, emotion enjoyed the intimate touch. Finally, after
a few awkward moments, his hand moved down and grasped her ass firmly.

I knew he was testing her, and his mother moaned gently into his neck
effectively passing his test. Then both his hands descended to her
ass, a cheek in each hand. He rubbed, squeezed, pulled and molded the
round full ass cheeks all the while his own mother kissed and groaned
into his neck.

It was several minutes later when he dropped his hand and pulled back
from her. Joey bent down to kiss his mothers cheek, but her face
turned and he found himself kissing her lips. It wasn't a kiss that
he had ever given to his own mother before but closer to how he kissed
Deb. There mouths opened and they tasted the other for nearly a
minute before my Master pulled away and just looked startled at his

She smiled gently, motherly, "Thank you honey. I'm sorry to be such a
grump today." Melony again reached out and took his hand, placing it
palm forwards directly upon her breast. "Will you forgive me dear?"

He barely heard the question and just watched his hand. His mom's
breast was so different from his girlfriends, the only other breast that he had touched up to that point. To begin, it was very large,
round and soft. She squeezed his hand upon her and the flesh easily
molded to his fingers. Master even felt the poke of his mothers
nipple into his palm.

Finally he gasped out, "Mom I don't believe your doing this?"

"Doing what dear? You are doing it." She smiling softly at her only
son. Melony let her hand drop from his, and he didn't pull away. In
fact he squeezed her firmly and she moaned, "Hum... that feels good

I knew what my Master wanted. Melony asked gently, "Would you like to
see mummies chest?" Joey only nodded enthusiastically.

Melony stepped a foot back then quickly pulled up her blouse and threw
it upon the floor. She wore a cumbersome white bra that was rather
unattractive to my master. So, his mother quickly reached behind and
then with a quick wiggle of her shoulders the garment fell to the

Joey looked upon the first live breasts of his life. They were huge,
he thought, and they were not as high up on her chest as they had been
in the bra. The nipples, light brown and over a inch in width pointed
directly towards him. Or rather to his crotch, which he was very
conscious of. Since his hard penis was pressing obviously outwards.

"Come to mommy baby." Melony reached out and drew her son towards
her. Then gently, with a hand behind his head drew his face down to
her right breast. My Master opened his mouth and softly covered her
wide nipple. As he sucked and then licked his mothers pale flesh, his
hands came up and played with both tits, his mouth moving back and
forth between each. Melony, all the while, simply stroked her son's
hair and groaned when a action stood out from the rest - like when he
first tried biting her gently.

My Master wanted more and I was about to deliver it to him when the
door to the house opened and Joey jerked up from Melony's chest.
"Dad's home." He was nearly frantic. Of course, I could have
controlled the situation, but I could not control my Master. "Hurry
mom, put your clothes back on." I thought it prudent to do as he
asked, as the mood was now long gone.

Melony quickly and effortlessly put her garments back on. "Go to your
room till supper dear." She winked at him then turned and walked out
of the kitchen to welcome her husband home.

How long I lay without consciousness, I have no idea. But I knew the
holidays were over and my Master was again going to school. I quickly
discovered that he was a little surprised at all that has happened to
him, with regards to the ladies in his life. I scanned his memory and
discovered that while I lay dormant, his mother had apologized for her
actions that day and now tried to stay away from her son in
embarrassment. While Deb, had gone out a few times with her boyfriend
she would not even allow his hand to touch her breast.

You see, even though I have full control of other people while my
Master possessed me, the control is only good for as long as I am
worn. Very few of my past Masters, equated their good fortunes to
wearing me.

I also realized, that everything that was happening was causing him a
little guilt - especially after the response to those two ladies in
his life. I knew I had to correct the problem, and fast. That very
evening as a matter of fact.

The phone rang and Joey answered, "Hi Joey its Deb!" He immediately
forgot his book that he had been reading. No matter how confused he
was about his relationship with his girlfriend, he truly did care for
her. "I was feeling a bit lonely and wanted to chat with you."

"Are you alone?"

Joey answered, "Yes."

"I am too. Know what I'm wearing?" No "Nothing!" She giggled
playfully and my Masters imagination tried unsuccessfully to picture his girlfriend naked. "Would you do something for me?" Yes. "Take
it out Joey please?"

"You mean my cock?"

"Yes, your cock. Please take it out." Okay, done. "Know what I'm
doing now?" Nope. "I'm imagining my hand on your cock as I rub
myself." Again, more girlish giggling.

Master moved his hand down and grasped himself, "I'm stroking myself."

She groaned into the receiver and Joey's cock jerked to hardness, "God
Joey I wish I was there. I would like to see you touch yourself!"

"I would like to see you also."

Deb giggled again, "Wanna know a secret?" Sure. "I play with myself
nearly every day." It as Joey's turn to gasp. "And I always think of
your cock and come when I do it." Try as he might, my master could
not picture Deb masturbating - but it was very exciting idea to him.

Masters ego just took a boast, obviously I'm a successful servant.
Yet, I had only just begun.

Just as Deb asked, "Would you stroke him for me?", the door to Joey's
room opened and in walked Melony in her nightgown. Her pale creamy
skin with her curly bright red hair made her look nearly angelic. She
didn't hesitate and didn't allow Joey time to even react before she
closed the door behind her and put a finger to her lips to silence her
son's protest. Just when he was about to drop the phone and roll over
to his his erection, his mother came over and sat on the bed. One of
her hands held his hips in place. The other hand, reached up and
pushed the shoulder strings of her gown off her shoulders and the
garment fell down to her waist.

Again, my Master had an unrestricted view of his mothers heavy
breasts. This effectively stopped any protest he may have voiced and
he sat watching her. It was only a few seconds since Melony had
entered the room, but she moved over and knelt between her sons spread
thighs. My Master watched in amazement and surprise as his own mother moved forward and allowed his hard cock to slip into her mouth.

He groaned very loudly. The pleasure obvious.

"Hello? Joey?"

"Oh, sorry Deb."

"Are you enjoying this?"

"God yes!" He watched his mothers face move up and down upon his
manhood. Her red hair fanned out and matched the red hair between his
legs. Her eyes were closed and she looked very relaxed even while the
six inch tool moved in and out of her mouth.

"I'm touching myself for you Joey, thinking its your hand." A groan
from the other end of the phone. "Your going to make me come soon you
bad boy!"

"I want to do something naughty Joey. Want to know what that is?"
Yes please. "I want to suck your cock!" He simply groaned. "God, I
think I'm going to come soon. Please stroke yourself Joey, come with
me please." She was nearly pleading and Master could hear her heavy
breathing and short little gasps of pleasure.

Just about that moment, Melony moved her face up until only the crown
of her son's cock was in her mouth and she hefted her heavy breasts up
and placed the cock between them. Master started to pump his hips up,
moving his cock in and out of her mouth and deliciously between those
huge fleshy globes.

"I'm going to come soon Joey. Oh god I need your cock! Come with me
Joey come... with me!"

He started to grunt, "Oh yea, I'm gonna come. I'm going to shot in
your mouth Deb!"

"Oh yes Joey, thats what I want. Come in my mouth, all over my face,
cover me baby!"

Just about that moment, is when my Master did indeed start his orgasm.
The first blast shot down the back of his mothers throat before she
lifted her face from him. The next spurts of ejaculate landed upon
her smooth white breasts. And she milked his cock until Joey had
nothing else to give.

A few moments later, "Oh baby....hello Joey, are you there?" Yes.
"Did you enjoy that as much as me?" Deb was giggling.

Melony was still kneeling between Masters legs, but sitting up, her
eyes were locked down upon her chest as she rubbed the thick come into
the pale flesh of her breasts.

"Oh yea!" Was Joey's reply, and I knew he definitely enjoyed what had
just happened.

Without looking up, his mother pulled her nightgown back up. The come
already creating wet spots and stained the satin fabric. Without
looking at her only son, she crept out of his room.

"Me too! We finished at the same time baby, isn't that neat. God
that felt great Joey." Yes, it did.


Its not wholly surprising that my Master was more interested in female
attention than that of other desires, like money or fame. Throughout
the ages of my consciousness, it has been the same. young men of his
age often had carnal thoughts regarding any women that they come in
contact, even for only a moment.

Of course, nothing would have happened between Joey and his mother, no
sexual contact I mean. Yet, that is my objective - to pleasure my
Master. And deep down, Master had been interested in the only woman
under his roof.

Perhaps it was some coincidence, as I know he never correlated a
connection, but Joey wore me for several weeks afterwards.

Suddenly my Master found that his grads at school sky rocketed, with
little effort mind you. That he was now the best known and most
popular teen in his high school. Teachers never even called upon him
to answer questions in class. Life, was good for my Master.

At home, his mother suddenly gave him space but was now a very loving
and caring woman. No sign of guilt or shame existed for what she had
done a few short weeks ago. In that time, my Master had not done
anything overtly sexual with her, expect he grabbed her ass when they
hugged. Also his father was barely ever home, deciding to spend time
out of the city for work rather than return. He was gone twenty-five
days out of every thirty.

His girlfriend gave my Master two more hand jobs since their phone
call. Deb now called my master almost nightly and masturbated for,
and often with, him. It was from a different direction that my
consciousness was focused. Joey, my Master, often fantasized about
one of his female teachers. A Ms. Miller. She was tall, had long
brunette hair, long slim legs which she usually wore nylons and a
short skirt, firm conical breasts which were high upon her chest and
her face was thin with high cheek bones and very attractive. So, for
the last weeks, for one hour per school day Ms. Miller flirted with my
Master. Everything from laughing at his littlest remark, always
placing a hand upon him wherever she was near, allowing him generous
glimpses of her long legs or down the top of her blouse.

As much as Joey enjoyed these flirtatious moments, each time we
getting more daring more sexual, as he kept wanting more. The last
day, when Ms. Miller laid a hand upon him, it landed upon his crotch.
It sat for a few seconds and squeezed once before she said, "Sorry
Joey", and moved it to his knee. She didn't look sorry at all. And
it was at that moment that I knew my Master was tired of the game of
flirting with the thirty-something year old woman.

So, Ms. Miller handed Joey a small note as he entered her classroom
that next day. When class ended, and thus the noon break began, Joey
waited till all others were gone - and with a little persuasion from
me to rush. Then Ms. Miller stood and locked the classroom door
leaving the two of them alone.

No words were spoken, but she started to pull her tight skirt up her
legs. Slowly it moved, until dark bands were revealed mid-thigh and
Joey discovered stockings and soon enough, a garter belt. Quietly my
Master sat in his seat, silently watching the little striptease of
this fantasy woman. Finally the dark skirt was bunched up about her
waist, and the sexy undergarments of his dreams were revealed.

Naturally Master compared her to the two other woman in his life and
found her legs and hips much more attractive, mature yet very sexy.
His mothers body was fuller, rounder, softer though still attractive.
Deb was still thin, a tiny girl with short cute legs. Ms. Miller had
long shapely legs and I knew that my Master was enthralled with them.

His attention was also focused to the black patterned see-through
panties that his teacher wore. He could see the dark brown hair
beneath the garment and knew immediately what it was. At that moment,
it was the first live pussy that he has ever seen.

Ms. Miller came right up to her pupils desk and quickly pushed off my
Masters books. They fell to the floor already forgotten. Then she
effortlessly sat down on the edge and then quickly lifted her legs and
sat a three inch black heel upon each arm of my Masters chair.

Master was numb, not knowing or even thinking about moving. Just
sitting excited with desire for the sexy woman before him. So I knew
I had to add to the scenario and Ms. Miller spoke up, "What is it you
want me to do for you Joey?" She was practically panting her words
out. Nothing, in either his mind or action revealed to me what his
desire was. "Do you know how much I want you Joey? How long I've
fantasized about this moment?"

She lifted one leg and rubbed the inside of her silk-clad calf against
his cheek. Of course, if I had known what my Master desired, she
would have been doing it. But so comatose was he that I was now using
Ms. Miller to fish out what his desires truly were. She stole one of
her hands down between her legs and stroked outside the see-through
black panties.

"Is this what you want Joey? To watch how I touch myself?" Finally a
reaction, my Masters mind sparked at that last question, so I went
with it. "Is that what you want, to see how I pump three fingers into
my hot wet cunt when I'm alone?"

Her hand was becoming more agitated above her panties. The leg that
was next to my masters face now rested upon that shoulder. Joey had a
very clear and close view of his instructors crotch. I knew he was
very interested in what she proposed.

"You want to see that don't you Joey?" She moved her hand beneath the
panty and though it was shadowed, he could see her fingers slip up and
down the length of her vagina. "You want to see how my juices flow
from my cunt and how I love to lick my fingers clean, don't you, you
dirty boy?" Master saw that one of her fingers suddenly disappeared
and now realized, with a start, where it went. Ms. Miller groaned and
arched her back which pressed out her round breasts towards her

Master finally came to life, he reached forwards and pulled the panty to the side, revealing his teachers hand and her trimmed pussy. "Yes!
Can you see my cunt now Joey? Can you see how wet you have gotten
me?" She groaned from deep down in her throat and shoved her sex
closer to the edge of the desk, very close to my master.

Joey sat, holding the panty to the side, watching with wide nearly
entranced eyes. Never had he seen such a thing as he was now
witnessing, nor had he heard a woman speak to him like Ms. Miller was
now doing.

Two fingers were pumping rapidly in and out of her pink sex. My
master took note of the heady smell and the abundant juices coming
from that area between his instructors legs. The sound of her sex
could be heard over the woman's heavy breathing and gasps. Joey knew
she was enjoying herself. Infrequently she would withdraw her slim
covered fingers and grind the tips against the top of her dark pink
slit in the place Joey knew as her clitoris.

It seems, in my masters world, there was more avenues for a young man to explore and learn about sexuality if he wished.

Over all the show didn't take long. Ms. Miller exploded in orgasm
right before my masters intoxicated eyes. He saw the muscles of her
thighs quiver violently and a more abundant flow of juices to rain
down from her vagina. He heard the squeal of delight and the sharp
intake of breath as she suddenly enjoyed the harshness of an intense

Panting, his teacher opened her eyes and smiled at her student. She
removed the two fingers from between her legs and presented them to my
master. Tentatively he moved forward and allowed the two digits to
enter into his mouth. He suddenly marvelled at the new taste of this
woman and began to suck earnestly.

Now, what happened next was not what my master actually desired at
that moment. But as you may guess, I take liberties and make
assumptions based upon a collection of data. What I mean was, so
engrossed in sucking the juices from his instructors fingers, Joey
never thought a moment in the future. I did of course.

Ms. Miller pulled her fingers from his hungry mouth, "Dirty boy liked
that didn't he?" Master grinned hugely and simply nodded. I read
that he thought this encounter was coming to an end. He was wrong.
His instructor slid off the table, her skirt still bunched around her
waist and leaned over to kiss my master. Her tongue entered
aggressively between his lips and again Joey froze. "I think its your
turn Joey. Tell your teacher what you want her to do?"

Again, nothing. Joey had his eyes closed and his lips open slightly
still experiencing the recent memory of her kiss. His mind as well as
his body was comatose to any spark of original thought or purpose. He
was truly just experiencing. Of course, this makes my job a little

She started to lick and tease his ear before whispering, "What does my
favourite student wish?" Her hand stole down his front and grasped
the bulge in his jeans. "Do want my slutty body Joey? I'll do
anything you ask. Anything!"

Still nothing.

Slowly, between his spread legs, Ms. Miller knelt down before her
student. "Is this what you want Joey? For me to pleasure you with my
mouth?" Hands expertly and quickly undid the zipper of the jeans.

In my masters mind, another spark as he registered the words his
instructor had just spoken and remembered the last mouth that had
sucked him. Suddenly he wanted nothing else but to have the very
pretty face of his teacher bobbing over his crotch.

A short hard cock sprung forth when the boxers were pulled down.
"Oh... its more beautiful than any of my fantasies!" Moist lips
kissed the crown of the small man organ. "I've done everything with
this as I thought of you Joey...!"

Just as she was about to place another kiss upon him, my master
reached out and grasped the back of her head and pulled. It wasn't
maliciously done nor intended to be rude, only that his passion drove

Ms. Miller easily opened her mouth to accommodate the five inch cock,
swallowing it to the root effortlessly. She groaned against him to
show her enjoyment of his quick reaction in pulling her face onto him.
My master groaned as the face before him started to move aggressively
up and down upon his cock.


I knew the sudden pride and self-confidence that now flowed through my
masters veins. He returned home a different person than he had been
that morning. Joey remembered everything that had happened between
his teacher and him, reliving the images, and still hearing her
pleading submissive begging.

With me upon his finger, my master would never need worry about
another thing. It was my duty to supply him with all his desires,
whatever those may be. Fame, fortune, sex. Nothing was out of his
reach with me as a companion.

Soon as he got home, Joey found his mother in the kitchen and
immediately spun her around for a deep passionate kiss. Melony
returned it and groaned into her son's open mouth when his hands
roughly fondled her ass. She was very responsive to him.

This, of course, drove him further and he pulled at the bottom of the
sweater she wore, bringing it up to her neck. Joey moved his mouth
down to her bra covered breast. Biting her nipple through the thick firm material. Melony gasped out in response and pulled her son's
head into her chest. "Yes baby, oh...!"

I noted his dislike for her bra and as long as I was worn, his mother would not again wear a heavy support bra again. His hands roughly
pulled the top of her brassier down exposing her nipple. Again he bit
her, roughly causing his mom to groan in pain and excitement. Joey
pulled her teat from behind the cup until it was nearly all exposed.
It was a huge white melon, with a wide lightly tanned nipple. My
master studied it before again aggressively attacking it with his

As he sucked and toyed with her breast, his hands fumbled beneath her
skirt. Pulling up the loose fabric until his hands ran along the
moist cotton between her legs. Roughly, with no experience to help,
he pulled her panties to the side and quickly submerged his finger
into her sex.

My masters passions drove him forwards, remembering how Ms. Miller had
pleasured herself upon her digits. The sex enveloped his finger, it
was hot, very wet and not very tight. Without thinking any more of
it, he slide two more of his fingers into his mom's body.

She started to move her body up and down with his fingers effectively
fucking her body. Melony grabbed her own breasts and roughly fondled
them to her son's visual pleasure. Her sex, very wet and hot, echoed
about the kitchen. Even as my master become more and more a spectator
to his mothers pleasure.

"Do you do this mom?"

She had to swallow before answering, "Do what honey?"

"Finger yourself." Another finger was added and his mother let out a
squeal of delight that lasted nearly half a minute.

She was nodding her head rapidly, "Yes... yes I do."

The thought that his mother played with herself like Ms. Miller had
done excited my masters senses immensely. "Do you ever... well, do
you think of me sometimes mom?"

In a tiny voice, one word, "Yes". What other answer was possible,
when I knew how excited my master was if that question was positive.

Gently, Joey pulled his soaked hand from between her soft thighs, as
Melony let out a groan of need. "Up on the table mom." The almost
forty year-old smiled haughtily at her son then climbed up on the
sturdy kitchen table. She made sure her skirt was up about her waist
and her son had an unrestricted view to her rumpled panties and wet
crotch. She sat, waiting anxiously for her son's next command.

Joey never missed the look in her eyes, that submissive quality that
Ms. Miller had only a short while ago. And I knew my master enjoyed
that look very much. A sense of power come over him as well as
youthful enthusiasm.

"Lie back and take your panties off mom." She smiled and then did
exactly as he asked. Joey took the cotton brief from her hand and
noted the abundant heady liquid that soaked the garment. He knew what
it was of course, but the fact that it was his mothers and he had
caused it excited him very much.

I wasn't sure what was on my masters mind, I was unsure what he
intended. Of course, I will help him with any project he may desire.
Joey sat down on a chair facing his mothers spread legs. His eyes
were a mere foot from her crotch.

It was the first time he had seen his mothers sex, though he had
imagined it rather much lately. It had red curly abundant hair, just
like the hair upon her head.

"Touch yourself mom."

"Would you like me to play with myself honey?"

"Yes please."

Her hand slowly worked down between her legs and immediately started a
circling motion upon the top of her crack. Joey understood that this
was the area the clitoris was in. "Like this dear?"

"Put a finger inside yourself mom."

She moaned and the other hand moved down between her legs and two of
its fingers sunk up to the second knuckle inside herself. "God that
feels great baby." Melony started to push her hips up to meet her two
fingers, while the other hand frigged her clitoris. "I'll do anything
for you Joey, anything you desire." She then, bit her bottom lip and
squeezed as an orgasm overcame her.

My master watched fascinated, enthralled, as his mother's body
quivered and spasmed in delight before him. Much quicker than his
instructor had taken to finish, he alternated from looking at his
mothers face to her sex. Totally absorbed in the delightful sight, he
watched the forty year-old orgasm, loudly and violently, as he also
watched her come down from that high.

"Oh god Joey," she swallowed loudly while her hands came off her sex
and rested upon her stomach, "that was great." Melony sat up on her
elbows looking at her son with passion as she asked, "Do you want your
mommy to do anything for you honey?"

My master smiled and answered, "Come to my room tonight mom." Melony
smiled hugely as her answer.


I wish I could let whoever wears me, know that I exist. That all the
good fortune that overcomes them is simply not fate, but by my direct
intervention. Perhaps then, they would have a wiser understanding of
how people, once controlled by me, will react when they pull me from
their finger.

Yes, you may have guessed it, my master Joey took me from his hand
within a few moments after leaving his sweaty exhausted mother still
laying upon the kitchen table. Joey was feeling rather smug,
empowered and dominant as he remembered his day and the events that
had come upon him. He, in fact, contemplated having intercourse, for
the first time, that evening when his mother came to him as requested.
Why he decided to remove me before taking a shower, I don't know.
There was no one about for me to distract him with, so that he does
not do this deed. Yet, he did.

When finally my consciousness returned, I found that Joey was still
the hand that wore me.

Much has happened in the weeks since my last conscious thought. Joey
was sleeping on his friend Bill's couch, as his mother practically
threw him out in a fit of guilt and anger. His instructor, Ms. Miller
had had him transfered to another class - either that or she would
have transferred out of the school herself. His girlfriend, Deb,
wouldn't even speak to him. Many of his friends, with the exception
of Bill, would not even speak to him - after the way he treated them.

What it all came down to, was that those around Joey had become guilty
or depressed or even angry at their actions when I was worn. After I
was taken off I had no control over how those people around my master
felt. He suddenly found himself, on his own.

"Why don't you see if you can't sell it. Looks like its real gold!"
It was Bill that was speaking to my master. It seems, with Joey's
current lifestyle, he suddenly found himself needing money. Of
course, I could not let him sell me. "You know, it looks pretty good
on you."

Both teenagers were inspecting me upon Joey's finger. "Yea, its kinda
nice - but maybe it is worth something?"

Bill only shrugged then, "Who knows, maybe your fortunes will
reverse?" Keep wearing me and they definitely will, I knew.

I browsed my masters mind wondering just what he did want to happen.
I was none to successful. In fact, I doubted Joey knew exactly what
he wanted at that moment.

I decided to take the initiative and test a few things upon my master,
to best see how I could serve him.

The phone suddenly rang. Upstairs, Shelly yelled down, "Joey, its
your mother!"

"Oh god." He wasn't looking forward to the conversation, and I knew
of the heated moments in his memory with his mother since he last took
me off. Taking an extension he yelled upstairs, "I've got it Shelly!"
Turning away from Bill, "Hi mom."

"Hi. I'm sorry honey!" My master was rather startled to hear that,
her last words were far from calm or collected, and those simple words
were not expected.. She had cried that she was indeed sorry, but
sorry for what had happened. "I'm sorry for how I've been acting
Joey. Please come home?" Before my master could digest anything,
Melony added, "I'll wear something sexy for you dear. Would you like

Well, Joey nearly dropped the phone. His mind was suddenly filled
with images of his mother's smile as she asked to please him while
laying upon the kitchen table in a puddle of her own spend. Yet, he
was also very confused and nervous of repeated the pain of the last
few weeks.

Silence for several long seconds. Then he could hear the unmistakable
sounds of his mothers weeping, sounds that were very familiar to the
young man these last many days. "I've been acting terribly honey,
I'll do anything to make it up to you. Anything!"

Thinking my forwardness was warranted, imagine my surprise when my
master was not so easily swayed. Melony's blatant overtures, after
first startling my master, passed through him. "I'm sorry too mom."
He was, as I indeed knew.

I decided to change tactics, "Honey, come home tonight. I'll make
your favourite meal." A lengthy silence that I knew to be my masters
thankfulness. "I love you honey, please dear, come home?"

Joey didn't hesitate, "I will mom." He hung up before she could say
another word, though it had more to do with Bill being in the same
room as him and his surge of emotion which was barely contained. As I
read from my masters mind, showing of emotion by males is not always

Turning back to Bill, he found Shelly and her brother seated waiting
for him. Listening. Bill asked, concerned, "Everything okay Joey?"

While Shelly looked a little sad, "Your leaving right?"

My master barely heard their questions, "I think everything is going
to be all right." I read enough of my masters mind at that moment, to
know that he had not revealed to anyone, what the conflict was between
his mother and him. Bill smiled, happily for his friend and Shelly
looked rather dejected. "Guess I should pack."

Bill jumped up and ran for his friends hockey bag, which he used for
his clothes, stowed away in the closet. Before he was even out of the
room, Shelly came over to my master and suddenly threw her arms around

Joey suddenly found himself wrapped in the long thin arms as she
started to weep silently. She whispered in his ear, "I don't want you
to leave Joey." This took my master rather at a surprise, just as I
guessed would be necessary. "I want you to be my first." Those words
startled him even more, he knew what her "first" meant. What else
could it mean to a teenager.

Just when the sound of Bill returning, Shelly unwrapped herself from
Joey and ran up the stairs, escaping with her emotion. Bill just
entering didn't miss the hasty exit and asked, "What's up with her?"

My master answered honestly, "I haven't a clue."


Deb tried to phone Joey, but he rejected her calls. She tried to use
his best friend, but Bill had been forewarned and turned aside her
attempts. My master was angry at Deb, maybe more so than was
necessary. In some strange way, my master blamed her for the weeks of
problems he had been having. So, I handled the situation rather
firmly and while he wore me, he would not see her ever again.

Home life was perfect, his mother, now a friend, confidant, and maid.
She insisted on spoiling him rotten, which at first, was difficult to
take. Yet, what man could not learn to enjoy being taken care of,
spoiled and pampered. Joey was no different. They were both living
alone in the house, as Joey's father hadn't even called in weeks - and
neither really cared.

One reason that Joey did not need the attentions of his girlfriend,
was that every female at school that he had desired throughout his
adolescence, was vying for his attentions. In fact, even his friend
Bill was getting attention, by being the one person that could be
close to Joey. Nearly every night, Joey went on a date, often
doubling with Bill, a hungry feminine mouth sucked him to orgasm.
Rarely the same girl twice in a row. And, on the odd day that he did
not have a date, his mother would suck him - never saying a word all
the while. Simply doing another chore to make her son happy.

In fact my master, has had his cock sucked by more of those teenage
girls than he could even count. Bill joked, when alone with his
friend, that it seemed like an honour among the female students to
have been able to orally pleasure Joey. Oh, Bill often enjoyed
attentions too, often on the double dates, the two ladies would
descend while the friends just looked and smiled at each other. A
male bonding moment, life can be good my master thought at those

Months went by, and Joey never removed me once. I enjoyed the fact
that my prime directive was able to be fulfilled. Money was coming to
my master from strange places, his father sent huge checks, girls at
school kept giving him gifts, universities were promising him large
offerings if he would simply go to their school, everything his mother touched also turned to gold.

Life, as my master thought, can be good - if I'm worn.

Then along comes someone into my masters life that upset the steady
flow of positive control that I had setup for Joey. It was his aunt,
Melony's younger sister, Clara.

Here is a woman that struck my masters fancy more than any other. She
was very beautiful, of course, strikingly so. Long curly red hair,
that hung down to her tail bone. Light green eyes, and pale white
skin. She had long thin, very attractive legs and a round firm
bottom. Her breasts looked nearly too large on her thin frame, firmly
thrusting out from her chest. Clara looked like a younger, hard
bodied, version of his mother. Clara never had kids and worked out
constantly. She was thirty four years-old and worked with the

She was sitting on the couch as my master returned from school one
afternoon, talking with her older sister. When Clara looked up into
Joey's eyes, he reacted rather strangely. In his mind, I saw, his
aunt fondling his hard penis above his bed clothing as her tongue
probed his mouth. That was years ago, when he was twelve. My master
sat down next to his mother and could not take his eyes from his aunt.
I read many varying emotions in that look.

"Well, its been years Joey. You look rather well?"

"Ugh, yea. Thanks." I obviously couldn't help my masters tongue-tied

"Your mom has been telling me things have been very good for you
lately. The universities are even competing for you. Impressive."
She took another sip of her tea while watching her nephew. Melony, on
the other hand, simply watched, proud of her son, wanting to show him
off to her younger sister.

She crossed her shapely bare legs, wearing a short skirt that ended
three inches above the knee, and my masters gaze focused upon that
part of her. I read his desire, his lust, even his need to dominant
this woman. Never before had he revealed such passion for any single

When his gaze returned back up, he noticed that his aunt had seen his
look. I had yet to overtly control Clara, and her inviting gaze was
hardly of my doing.

"You have a date tonight honey?" He normally did, and his mother tried to make sure he was well fed and had clean clothes for each of
his dates. She even liked to hear about the details at times, when
they sat and talked afterwards. If he did not have a date, my master
had came to expect his mother to slip into his bed late at night to
awaken him with her mouth and warm flesh.

Yes, my master had a date, but he could care less for the girl he had
planned to take out. Not after seeing his aunt. "Are you staying
long Aunt Clara?"

She smiled, "Your mom and I were just talking about that."


That my master wanted his aunt was an understatement. He felt like a
shy little boy being naughty when he looked upon her pale white skin.
Yet, he also felt the desire to hear her pleasure, to see her beg for
him. Of all the teenagers that had sucked his cock in the last while,
none mattered more to him than attempting to seduce his aunt.

I dwelled into the abundant fantasies that Joey had of his aunt, most
old fantasies from years ago. That night, after retiring to bed, my
master turned towards the door when it made a small sound. As per the
norm, if he had no date for that evening, his mother slipped into his

Melony wore a translucent long nightgown that when any sort of light
source was present, everything beneath was revealed. I knew my master
liked this on her. She smiled lovingly before bending over and pulled
the covers down to the end of her son's bed.

Joey watched, not for the first time, as his mother stood straight and
allowed the nightgown to drop to the floor. She was beautiful, my
master desired her very much, yet there was a tinge of guilt mixed in
with that desire. Neither had he forgotten the hurt and guilt when he
had to live with his best friend. His legs already spread, Melony
crawled upon between her sons thighs and knelt forward.

A warm moist tongue was immediately felt upon him, his soft shaft. Of
all the mouths in the recent months, his mother's was always the one
that produced the best results. As normal the tongue produced a fast
reply from him and his manhood stood proud and straight. That was
Melony's cue and her mouth engulfed her son's cock.

My master watched, always enjoying the sight of a face sucking him,
more so since it was his own mother. She didn't just suck him, as
other girls did - though they tried, she made love to her son's cock.
Her whole body moved as she worked upon him, her face moving in at
least three directions at the same time. It had been a couple of
weeks since the last time she had entered into his room, to pleasure
him in this way, and not for the first time he wondered why he didn't
enjoy her more often.

A tiny sound, like a low moan caught my masters attention. Clara
stood in the doorway looking down at the sight upon the bed before
her. Joey was startled, and he froze. Melony took her face off her
son's penis for only a brief second then returned to it, effectively
ignoring her sister watching the scene upon the bed.

Master noticed the long legs extending from the bottom of the old football jersey his aunt wore. And I caused Clara to act. She
entered the room and rapidly pulled the jersey from herself and stood
in all her sexy glory before her nephews eyes. She was possibly the
best looking woman my master has ever seen. In the pale light, she
looked like a mythic amazon.

Clara crawled upon the bed, nudging her sister over a few inches as
they both knelt nearly in a fetal position. Then Joey felt it, my
master felt another set of lips, a new tongue and unfamiliar hands
upon him. His aunt Clara was flicking the base of his cock like a
kitty licks its milk from a bowl. All the while his mother moving
over a little to make space, didn't seem to even notice the new

Even though my master was watching rather closely, he could not soon
tell whose mouth was where. What hands touched him. Or whose tongue
teased. Though he saw his mother switch with his aunt as Clara
proceeded to suck him. It took only a few moments before he could
tell the two mouths apart, by feel. His mother made slow passionate
oral love to his cock. While his aunt sucked him hurriedly, nearly
frantic, as if she could not wait for the treasure that was soon to
shoot from him.

His orgasm was inevitable, of course. It was only a brief few moments
before he felt the familiar tightening of his balls, the enlargement
of his shaft and the tightening of his guts. The two faces tilted up,
cheeks together, mouths open and two different hands pumping his seed
from him. The come shot out of him with such a force that it pegged
his mother in the forehead. The next shots spurted what felt like a
gallon of orgasm into the mouths, faces and breasts of the two

Joey watched, as if in a dream, as his mother and her sister began to
lick each other clean. His come searched for and licked from the
others pale skin. Gentle moans of delight, as if savouring each drop,
came from both women.

My master, his energy drawn from him in a sexual explosion, slowly
faded into sleep.


Maybe it was wrong to offer even the furthest possible desires to any
one person. Once I am removed, the memories of those that acted
remain, but any commands that I instilled into them do not. It makes
for a volatile situation, one that I need not worry about. You see,
my programming, my creator ensured that it is just an academic
discussion. I have no choice, to ensure that my bearer is happy, in
all ways.

After school the next night, his mother welcomed him home as if
nothing had happened - a quick kiss upon his cheek. While his aunt
wrapped her arms about her nephew and passionately kissed him for
several moments.

Supper went fine, his mother doting over her only son as she had been
doing for the last few months. While his aunt could barely take her
eyes from my master. Joey had already cancelled his date again for
that evening, and knew from the look in Clara's eye that he had done
the right thing.

When his mother stood to clear the table, his aunt slipped beneath.
It startled my master until he felt the fingers fumbling with his
jeans. His soft cock was quick engulfed and the head began to bob
rapidly upon him. Melony returned for another load of dishes when she
saw the top of her sisters head bobbing before her son and laughed
softly, "Couldn't you even wait till after dessert Clara?" She
continued with her duties.

His mother, the table clean and the dishes put away, retired to the
living room. Joey finally felt his seed shoot from his cock and heard
the loud gulping sounds of his aunt as she greedily accepted his

Joey watched with amusement as the professionally dressed lady crawled
out from beneath the table and whipped her dress and nylons down all
the while licking her lips and giving him a small smile.

Now, you may think that I had something to do with that pleasure that
my master received. In fact, I had not enticed Clara to crawl beneath
the table at all - she had done that on her own initiative. Good.
Subjects like this are much easier to manipulate, make my duty to
please my master much easier.

Joey joined his mom in the family room, watching the evening news.
Minutes later, Clara came in, wearing only the jersey my master had
noticed from the night before. She sat down between the two and
cuddled up to her nephew. His hand encircled her body and
absentmindedly fondled his aunts partially raised buttock.

As if from no where, Clara whispered a question to my master, "Are you
a virgin Joey?"

Even after all the mouths, all the months of oral pleasure from nearly
every woman my master has desired, he suddenly became embarrassed.
His eyes not turning from the screen, "Yes."

"Your mom told me she offered herself to you", Joey had to remind
himself to breath, "but you turned her down." Her hand was rubbing
his chest as she talked softly into his ear, the tiny distraction
enough to hinder his concentration. "Would you turn me down Joey?"

Finally, my master turned his head to look into the light green eyes
of his aunt Clara. His mouth suddenly dry, he crocked, "No." And he
knew, without a doubt, it was true.

She cuddled up to his side. "Thank you dear."

The news program on the television no longer registered into my
masters brain, only the fact that he could have this woman whenever he
wished that his teenage fantasies could all come true.


Now, was it amusement or malicious intent that my master desired for
his close friend Bill to enjoy the attentions of his own mother. Late
one night, after a date, Joey sat wondering about Lena, Bill's mother.

My masters wish is my command and the next day at school his best
friend Bill pulled Joey to the side and confided that his mother had
snuck into his room the night before. Moments after my master thought
of it actually. Joey was amazed, not so much about hearing how his
friend lost his virginity to his own mother or how she seemed to
submissively do any thing he desired but of the coincidence of his
thoughts last evening and the actions that happened.

Remembering what Lena looked liked, Joey could hardly say she was on
par with is own mother. Let alone with Clara his aunt. Lena was 42
years old, a bit heavy-set or voluptuous, with shapely legs, a large
ass and heavy low-hung breasts. Yet, he knew of the naughty desire
that his best friend had for his own mother and he realized the
desires his friend now felt.

Bill also joked to my master that he had lost his virginity before his
friend did. As if it had been a race. I made the sexual relationship
between Bill and his mother more permanent, that they will continue to
pleasure each other for as long as I'm worn by Joey. My master,
wisely, did not reveal his own relationship with his mother.

Joey left that conversation still thinking about the coincidence of
his thoughts compared to what happened to his friend Bill.


Only a couple of days later, Joey returned home from school to the
sound of an argument. It was between Melony and Clara. "I said

Standing just outside the door, the voices carried easily from the
kitchen. "Listen Mel, its what Joey wants."

"No! I'm not just going to let you fuck him then leave. He's not
just another guy Clara, he's my son. I don't want him hurt."

A deep sigh, "He's much more mature than you think Mel..."

Thats when Joey walked in, interrupting the conversation. "Hello

"Hi Joey."

"Hi mom. Aunt Clara."

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before Clara spoke up,
"You heard our conversation didn't you Joey?" He nodded. Clara
turned to her sister and frowned. "Then you can decide, would you
like to have sex with me?" She was staring triumphantly towards her
sister, waiting for the words to confirm her argument.

"Yes, I would." He couldn't look his mother in the eye.

"See, as I told you..."

"But I don't want you to go either." The smile switched from Clara's
to Melony's lips. I read my master's mind and read his desire for
more than just a few sexual moments with his aunt, in fact he desired
her very much and wanted to enjoy her for a very long time. It was
time to intervene.

"Honey, are you sure that is what you want?" Melony looked triumphant
but she also looked concerned. My master was her prime reason for
living, his pleasure paramount - she would succumb to his wishes yet
she just wanted to be sure it was in his best interest. His nod
seemed to confirm any doubts she may have and she turned to her sister and gave her a big hug, "I'm so happy for you Clara."


One of my weakest points was that I am not able to read the mind of
others, to protect and pleasure my master of course. The other was
that I can only do my prime directive when worn.

Joey, of course, knew neither of these.

Clara came to him soon after that day, wearing clothing meant to
excite him. Black stockings, heels, garters, and her hair back with a
black ribbon. My master reacted as expected, his teenage hormones
roared with excitement and my master was practically drooling.

It was morning, mere minutes before Joey left for school. His Aunt
Clara struck up a pose at the front door, blocking it from his
departure. "Are you sure you want to go to school today dear?"

My master groaned near-silently and dropped his school bag, already
forgotten. Joey's mom snuck up behind him, her arms coming around
lovingly about his waist, lips softly kissed at his neck. "She looks
sexy doesn't she Joey?"

He could only nod, and my masters mind was filled with lust for his
Aunt. Then his mother asked, "How do I look dear?" He had to turn
his head and felt stunned. Melony had dressed exactly how Clara had,
but in white.

Master's mom look embarrassed, "I didn't think it was a good idea

"Melony!" Clara's burst nearly broke my masters mood, but with the
two sexy-clad females awaiting for his pleasure it was soon forgotten.

Clara walked slowly and very sexy towards my master, her hands came up
and encircled his head, lips kissing his face. "Your mommy", she made
that word sound like a young girls teasing voice, "didn't think you
should miss school." Her tongue licked his lips, "Even for the chance
to get his first fuck!"

Lips kissed at my masters neck and mouth, two moist sexy lips.

That was when I wished I could read the mind of my masters Aunt Clara.
You see, she was not currently under my control at that moment.
Melony, master's mother, was under my influence to do anything to
please her son and her actions were understood when considering the
dominant younger sister.

In pleasuring my master I was also responsible in protecting him. Not
being able to understand this aggressive woman's intentions worried
me. I had come to realize most female relatives do not act in this
manner, unless controlled by me of course. What else could I do but
ensure nothing could be done to physically harm my master.

Master's mom whispered in his ear, "Would you like me to leave honey?
I could give you and Clara privacy...?"

Clara's mouth came off her nephews and interrupted her older sister,
"Or would you like to have the most memorable fuck of your life?"

"Your first time should be...", whimpered Melony.

"Two sexy women that will do anything for you." Of course they will,
I added.

"I love you honey!"

"Fuck me Joey!"

Finally my master nodded positively, he wanted his first time to be
with these women that he loved so strongly. Before him, Clara glowed
with pleasure. Behind him, his mother coddled him with soft hands and

Master reached behind him with one hand and grasped at his mothers
round ass. With the other he reached forwards and grasped his Aunt
Clara's large firm breast with the nipple into his palm. I could feel
his desire mount, his body begin to tremble with need.

His Aunt represented, to my Master, the most beautiful and desirable
woman in the world. Her sexy body was what his adolescent mind had
always fantasied about. While his mother was the epitome of erotic
kink, to possess his own mother, whom was very sexy in her own right,
was also the heights of eroticism. Joey would possess both of these
women, its what he desired and therefor it is what I will deliver.

It was without any suggestion upon my part, Clara smiled sexy at her
young nephew and then reached past him to grasp his mother behind her
neck. Joey, trembling with need, watched nearly helpless as Clara
pulled her sister towards her until the two sisters were face to face.
Their lips met and Joey watched, with wide-eyed amazement, as Clara
attacked his mother with her lips and hands.

Melony, on the other hand, peeked out past her sisters shoulder and
checked to see if her son approved of this change of plans. He did,
it was obvious to me that he very quickly decided the two older sister looked incredibly sexy dressed as they necked in such a heated
passion. She saw his pleasure so obviously written upon his face and
closed her eyes to give the sight that her son enjoyed. Meaning, she
became an active participant in this incestuous lesbian show for her

Clara, definitely the more aggressive of the two, was ravishing her
older sister with her hands and mouth. Nearly forcing herself upon
Melony, master's Aunt felt every inch of the soft sexy body that her
hands could reach while her mouth and tongue roughly forced itself
upon the elders'.

What a sight they made, my master concluded. It was fantasy image
before him, mere feet from his front door. His Aunt, wearing black,
and his mother, wearing white, were an incredible pair. Opposites and
the same, two sexy ladies for my masters pleasure.

I should be pleased that my primary reason for existing, meaning
making Master happy, was being fulfilled. Yet, there was something
wrong with such a woman that did this willingly. From centuries of
experience, nothing like this had ever happened. Oh certainly a
woman, or man, would use their body to get what they wished from a
powerful individual, such as one that wore me. But to the extent that
Clara went, its never before happened, except upon my control.

All things considered, I could do nothing. My suspicions amounted to
nothing while my Master was happy and that he was in no danger.
Though my consciousness was paying much attention to Aunt Clara.

Aunt Clara grabbed at the back of her sisters head and roughly grasped
a handful of thick curly red hair. She twisted the head until the
mouth was forced down to one of her Clara's nipples, Melony suckled as
was intended. The younger sister turned towards my master, "Would you
like this slut", Clara jerked her sisters head so Melony was facing
her son, saliva covering her lips and lower face, "to disrobe you

Masters heartbeat sped up for several seconds upon hearing his Aunt
speak this way, especially about his own mother. Through a dry
throat, "Yes."

Clara practically threw her older sister at her nephews feet. I
sensed Joey's pleasure and adjusted his mothers temperament to enjoy
the humiliation and the submission to both her younger sister solely
for her son's enjoyment.

Crawling the final foot, Melony began to disrobe her son. Quickly, as
if anxious to for the pleasure to begin. I knew of my masters desire
to have his mother enjoy herself and so Melony was nearly dripping
with desire as more of her son's body was revealed. The knowledge
that he enjoyed the sight of herself and her sister kissing, and then
being dominated by her elder sister, heightened his desire, that alone
was enough to cause her knees to buckle, her skin to sweat and her
cunt to drip. Melony was highly aroused.

When my Master's cock sprang out of his underwear, Clara grabbed the
back of her sisters head and forced the prick down to the back of her
throat. She began to force the elder sister's face up and down the
hard cock, while Joey watched in excitement and amazement. Melony,
with the prick as far into her mouth as it would go, began to gag and
she could not help but look up into her son's eyes, as if pleading for
him to stop her sister. But this look only excited my master more.

Finally, Clara released Melony's head and finished disrobing Joey
while Melony began a slow loving blow-job with her son's cock.

My Master was in heaven.

Clara, when my Master was disrobed, began to lick and nibble upon his
nipples while her hands fondled and played with his tight teenage ass.
Melony, simply put, made slow passionate love to her son's cock with
only her mouth and lips.

This attention lasted several moments until Clara whispered, quiet
enough so her busy sister could not hear, into her nephews ear, "Joey,
would you like to see your slut-mother lick me to orgasm?" The
question took my master by surprise and he turned his head to look
into his aunts anxious eyes.

"Perhaps you'd like to see me fuck your mom till she begs?" It was
incredible for my master to hear such words.

He whispered back, "Would she do it?"

Clara smiled mischievously, "Oh yes!" She again roughly grabbed at
her elder sisters head and ripped her face from his cock, "Do you want
me to fuck you slut?"

Melony looked confused but looked to her son and saw the pleasure
written upon his face. "Oh yes, please Clara! Joey, would you like
to see mommy get fucked by your Auntie?"

With a jerk of her head, Melony was rebuked, "Of course Joey would
like to see his slutty mom get fucked by his sexy aunt." She leaned
in and kissed her nephew and whispered non too quietly, "Join in at
any time lover!" That grin she gave him caused my master's cock to
jerk with pleasure.

Clara barked at Melony, "Into the living room slut!" Melony took one
look at her excited son before scrambling back into the house. Clara
seeing her older sister getting up off her knees tripped her so she
fell into a heap upon the floor, "Fuck-sluts crawl!" The cringing
Melony did just that.

Following her sister, with a naughty grin towards Joey, she
disappeared leaving my master naked and with a hard-on that never
wavered. He was preparing himself mentally, that this moment he was
going to finally loose his virginity. To the woman of his dreams. It
was the most exciting sexual moment of his young life.

What brought him out of his mental conjuring was the sound of a palm
slapping bare female flesh. Melony's screamed out, "Ouch, please stop
Clara!" My master quickly went into the living room to witness the
lewd sight before him.

Melony was on her knees, with her round sexy ass high, with shoulders
and face near the floor. Clara stood behind her sister and was
wearing a grotesque black cock held in place by a wide leather belt.
It was at least double the length and breadth of Joey's'. Her hand
was raised for another strike down upon the glowing red left buttock,
master's mother looked very scared of that next strike.

When she saw her son, Melony cried out, "Please Joey, make her stop!"

I could tell my master was fascinated by the scene, it was totally
beyond his comprehension or experience. He just looked up into his
Aunt's face and saw her sexy smile, then he nodded.

Given the reins, Clara began to rain bare-handed spanking down upon
her older sister. Melony screamed and begged again and again, but her
excitement was obvious especially after seeing the face of her son.
In fact, the juices were so abundant that she was leaving a puddle
between her spread knees.

When Melony's ass was a glowing red and Clara was favouring what must
be a sore hand, masters Aunt simply knelt down behind her sister and
suck the large black dildo deep into the overheated cunt kneeling
before her.

The younger sister grabbed both soft hips before her and began to
piston the cock in and out with such a furious speed that Melony's
body was slamming back and forth upon the carpet. She was cursing her
sister while she fucked her,
"Slut... bitch... cow... whore... son-fucker... cunt-licker...", as
well as much more.

My master was anxious to enjoy the hard throbbing cock between his
legs, but did not know the best way to relieve himself. Then an idea
came over him, one that was truly remarkable considering his
inexperience. He would take both of these women for his pleasure.

Joey knelt behind his Aunt and grabbed her firm hips to still her
movements. My master's hard teenage cock moved forwards and found a
very wet hot channel to sink into. It slide into the incredibly sexy
woman with ease and when seated into her, he let out a large sigh.

"Yes!" Hissed Clara. "Fuck my cunt Joey. Fuck me as I fuck your
come loving mother." Then she, with more careful movements began to
again move her hips, effectively fucking her older sister with the
phallus and herself with her nephew's hard cock.

The three bodies slammed with a surprising amount of precision as two
bodies got filled with hard cock. Closer and closer, louder with each
plunge, the two sisters began to mount the mountain to the summit of
their orgasm. It was my doing when the two ladies met their pleasure
at the same moment as my master. He so wanted them all to finish at
the same time, for the three of them to explode in some voluptuous
release of passion.

They did.

My master was the first, his cock suddenly enlarging within the hot
wet sheath before exploding with a huge release of sexual spend.
Clara, feeling this explosion began her own orgasm, thrashing between
the two bodies. Melony, hearing her son's familiar groan of release
felt her own summit and her orgasm was immense.

It had barely been a minute since Joey climbed behind his aunt. This
horny situation wasn't enough to satisfy my young master and his prego
barely dropped, instead it stayed hard and ready for more.

Aunt Clara rolled to the side, dislodging herself from both her
relatives. She smiled at the still-hard cock and winked at her
nephew. Master mother, exhausted from her large spend, lay upon her
stomach attempting to catch her breath.

"Look sis, your son still has a hard-on!" It was spoken in a playful
voice but Melony took it very seriously and had a worried look in her
brow when she turned enough to see her son's jutting member. If he
wasn't satisfied, she would do whatever it took to make him happy. It
was the programming I had set in her, thats how I knew.

Melony spun about on the floor and crawled over to her son, "Did you
like that dear? Your a man now." Her face came within inches of his
hard cock, a tongue coming out to clean the drop of his come at the
tip of his penis. She looked up into her son's eyes and licked again,
cleaning his spend as well as her sisters from the head of his cock.
"Do you want mommy to do anything for you?"

Master felt a surge of desire at the sight of his mother laying upon
the floor before him. He enjoyed her this way, submissive and slutty,
only wanting to please him.

It was Clara that answered for him, "Shut up slut! You'll do whatever
your told, now lick that sexy cock clean." Joey's mom did as she was
told, knowing that this would make her son happy, she stuck out her
tongue and began to lap up the slick wet cock before her.

Joey groaned out with pleasure.

Aunt Clara came forwards and whispered, again, into her nephews ear.
"That was the best fuck in my life darling! I'll do that with you any
time you want." Master turned his head towards her and stuck his
tongue into her mouth, and they kissed passionately for several

When they finally unlocked lips she asked, "Did that slut clean you
darling?" They both looked down to find Melony slowing moving her
face up and down the cock, with a look of pure pleasure on her face.
Her eyes were closed and she never saw the two of them looking at her.
"Would you like to do something else with that cock Joey? Something
new and very exciting?"

"With you Aunt Clara?"

"I thought your slut-mother would be perfect for this." Anything
involving his mother excited him, and if it was something new, and so
far everything new was exciting, he was all for it. Master simply

Clara grinned and then roughly grabbed at the back of Melony's head to
bring her face off her son's cock. "Slut! I told you to lick his
cock clean not suck him. Stupid cow slut!"

With a quick look at her son to be sure her actions did not go
unpleased, they hadn't, she mumbled, "Sorry Clara."

A hand came around and smacked into Melony's cheek and spun her face
in its violent action, "Never apologize to me slut, only to your son."

"I am sorry Joey...!"

Again a hand came down to smack into her cheek. "He's our Master

Tears were welling up in Melony's eyes as she whimpered and finally
mumbled, "I am sorry master!"

The two strikes right on his mothers face didn't sit well with my
master and I would have intervened, except he was anxious to see how
this worked out. Though a part of him did enjoy his mothers
submissive nature, he felt it wasn't necessary to strike her. As for
being called 'master', it felt surprisingly good to him.

"Now quickly craw to your bathroom and get that jar of vaseline."
Melony started to move, crawling on all fours as she was instructed.
Clara leaned over and kissed her nephew yet again before grinning at
him, "I have something special planned for you darling."

Soon master's mother returned, awkwardly holding the jar as she
crawled. She handed it to her younger sister.

By this time, Melony's white sexy lingerie were stained from her
crotch down to her knees with her own juices. Her garter belt was
half-ways down her buttocks and was no longer holding anything, let
alone the stockings. Her face was tear stained and strained with her
exertions, her ass was still bright red and her curly red hair a

Clara had faired better, the wide leather belt and dildo had long been
discarded in a corner leaving her with a wild look in her eye and a
messy head of long curly red hair.

To my master, they both looked incredible. He sat upon the couch
while he waited, watching his very sexy aunt sway sexually to some
invisible music.

When Melony handed her sister the jar, the younger woman simply
ignored her and spoke without loosing rhythm of her dance. "Over the
leather chair and prepare your ass hole, slut."

It was Joey that was stunned, and watched as his mom crawled, as
commanded and knelt the front of her body upon the wide comfortable
leather chair. Then slowly, her hand came around, a generous dollop
of vaseline on two fingers, and began to gently insert these digits
into her own rectum. The sight caused my master to get up off the
couch and come immediately behind his mom.

This was the fateful moment, Joey contemplated, but so exotic was this
last hour that nothing seemed out of place. Even his own mother offering her self-greased ass hole for his pleasure. He remembered
the hurt and pain when she had thrown him out weeks ago but he also
remember her calling him 'master'. It ran in his ears and beckoned
him towards debauchery and self pleasure.

Melony didn't even know her son was behind her and was surprised when
he roughly pulled her fingers from her anus and replaced it with the
first inch of his cock. She groaned out with pleasure, trying to look
back at him to see if she was pleasuring her son. Firmly he grabbed
at her soft feminine hips and smiled reassuringly at her before
plunging directly into the depths of her bowels.

A voice over his shoulder spoke quietly to him, "Thats it, fuck the
slut. She's a virgin you know that Joey?" A hand reached under and
fondled his swaying balls. "Look at her go, she's going to come again
with you in her ass. The easy slut!" It was true, Melony was going
wild with pleasure. How else to pleasure her son but to allow his
penis, the centre of so much of his pleasure, to be inside her.
Exactly where inside her did not matter. She only wanted him to be

Clara moved about, before the copulating couple and sat down at the
foot of the chair with her crotch just inches from her sisters head.
She roughly grabbed at the thick red hair and pulled the face towards
her widely spread legs. "Lick me slut, fuck me with your tongue as
your son fucks your ass hole!"

The trio began another round of incestuous coupling which didn't end
until Joey emptied his spend inside the bowels of his own mother.
Clara orgasmed with only her sisters tongue flicking her clitoris, and
with a little of my help. And it was Melony, whom had a round of tiny
orgasms until she felt the hot sperm drench her insides and then she
exploded in a loud and violent orgasm of her own.


Joey, my master whom had worn me without fail for a long while, lived
in his paradise. He did not even bother going to school most days.
Instead he stayed home and played with his two 'toys' as he thought of
them. Any lewd sexual act was done between any two or all three of
them, the limits only my masters imagination.

His sexual drive, being a teenager, was immense and he often tired
both his mother and his aunt each day. Melony, knowing her son was
happy was beaming with pride and pleasure that he was happy. Clara,
though, was melancholy when not engaged in a sexual act. Keeping to
herself and trying to stay away from her two relatives. Melony was
the opposite, she couldn't help or be close enough to her son at all
times. She even started to sleep at the foot of his bed in case he
desired her at any time. As he often did.

My master was turning into a recluse, and ignored even the calls from
his friend Bill. So when the phone rang for the eighth time that day
it was Clara that grumpily picked it up. When she was finished she
hung it up and went into the living room where she found her older sister slowly moving her body up and own over her son's, his cock
pistoning within her hot wet cunt. She was groaning and gasping out
in pleasure as her body moved gently moved her body to allow his hard
cock to enter her fully before nearly disengaging fully.

Clara seemed in a better mood than most other times, "Who's Shelly
master?" His aunt only called him master when they were engaged in a
sexual act, so my master was immediately on guard.

"Bill's older sister." Joey reached up and grabbed both his mothers
nipples between his thumb and forefingers much to his mothers extreme pleasure.

She leaned over, ignoring her sister, and kissing him sweetly, "Is she

He answered honestly, "Not as beautiful as you are. Too thin."

Clara laughed gently, "But you would still like to fuck her?"

He simply shrugged.

Still laughing, "Young men always want to fuck every women they meet."

"Bill's my best friend, I don't think he'd like it much if I messed
around with his sister."

"He wouldn't have to know about it if you did." Master was starting
to look upon his sexy old Aunt as a devil to tempt him, though the
idea did intrigued him. Thinking of what Bill and his mom were doing,
at least once a day according to Bill, he didn't think his friend
would mind if he messed around with his sister. Then Clara added,
"I'd like to join you when you fuck her."

Now that caught his interest and wondered how he would make it happen.
Of course, that is precisely what I do best - make something happen.

That very next Saturday, when Joey knew Bill had a soccer tournament
and would be gone nearly all day, he went over with his Aunt Clara.
Nervous in how to proceed, not ever having to seduce a woman into
having sex, his hands trembled ever so slightly. Of course he had
nothing to worry about, with me worn, each seduction was a sure thing.
If only he knew.

Lena, mother to Shelly and Bill, opened the door and smiled at the
young man. "Hi Joey, come on in." He and Clara entered and closed the
door behind them. "Bill's at soccer." She gave Joey's aunt a
peculiar look but didn't say thing else.

My Master felt very nervous, not having expected Lena to be home with
he dropped in. He suddenly wished he had asked Shelly out on a date
or over to his house.

It was Clara that finally spoke up, "We were looking for Shelly?"

Lena nodded then turned her head and shouted, "Shelly, Joey's here to
see you!"

I could feel that my master wanted to abort this afternoons intended
fun, having felt it was already an impossibility. I was about to
interrupt with a little push to have Lena disappear when Clara blurted
out, "Where you staying around this afternoon...?"

"Lena." Offered the heavy-set older woman. "And yes, I thought I
would get some housework finished."

Clara looked meaningful at my Master, a twinkle in her eye. Then she
added while arching her eyebrow at Joey, "Then why don't you join us?"
My master nearly choked on his own tongue while also turning a deep

The conversation couldn't advance as Shelly came bounding down the
stairs, from her room, two at a time. She brightened immediately upon
seeing Joey. "Hi Joey!" She came quickly over and gave my Master a
firm hug, which he enjoyed very much.

Shelly stuck out her hand and said, "You must be his Aunt Clara, nice
to meet you."

Clara just pushed her hand out of the way and reached for the gangly
teenager to give her a hug also. Joey noticed his aunts left hand
firmly grab at Shelly's small tight boyish buttock. Shelly's only
reaction was to stiffen and then look to see if Joey noticed, and then
blushed when she discovered he did.

He wasn't the only one who noticed, Lena also saw the quick fondle.
She gasped out and turned as red as her daughter had. It was obvious
that she didn't know what to do or say.

My master didn't know what to say either.

Turning towards the older woman, Clara kept her arm about the waist of
the thin girl, her hand still grasping a tight buttock. "So, how
about we all go find a nice place to sit and... chat." Everyone in
the hallway saw my aunt's wicked grin, and my master knew the full
extent of that smile.

The living room was large, airy with classy antique furniture. Clara
sat down upon the love seat and padded the seat next to here, "Here
you go Lena. Shelly why don't you sit next to Joey." Master sat on
the sofa, Shelly next to him.

The awkward seconds turned to minutes as all, but Clara, looked about
nervously. The distinct sound of the seconds upon the antique clock
caused each minute to seem like an hour. It was, of course, Clara
that broke the stillness, "Do you know why we are here today?"

Inside, my master groaned in embarrassment. He needn't have bothered,
all would be perfect.

Lena nodded and turned towards the younger woman, "For Shelly to get
her virginity taken by my nephew, Joey."

The clock sounded suddenly thunderous.

Master expected Lena to scream and throw them out of her house, never
allowing Joey to ever see his best friend again. He also expect
Shelly to probably throw a fist or two, she was known as a tom boy.

Yet, it was Shelly that turned to the youngest person in the room, and
the only male, "Is that true Joey?"

His aunt answered for him, "He has been so excited, he didn't even
fuck me or his mom this morning!"

"What?" Shouted Lena. "I think this is enough, you both better go!"
Just as my master predicted, except he didn't know about my influence.

"No mom, I want them to stay."


The gangly teen blurted out, "Mom, I know that you've been sneaking
into Bill's room every night so I don't want to hear another word."

Lena turned bright red and immediately clamped her jaw shut, all in
the room knew it was true.

Clara chuckled, "So, getting a piece of incest pie huh Lena? Have you
ever let him fuck you in the ass?"

"Aunt Clara!" It was my Master, he has had enough of the catty
conversation that was currently going on. I was quite proud of him at
that moment, I knew he was about to take the initiative. His aunt
shut her mouth nearly as fast as Lena had just done, with a little
incentive from me. "I agreed to let you come here as courtesy," this
wasn't completely true, "but I'm thinking I may send you home."

Shelly blurted out, "Your staying though?" Her anxious anticipation
was obvious to all in the room.

Clara looked very hurt and spoke gently, a rarity, "Please Joey...".

"Master!" He corrected.

"I'm sorry Master, please let me stay. I have so been looking
forwards to today!" She even had a little bit of whining in her
voice, it was enough to soften my Master's resolve.

"Shut up Aunt Clara!" She did that, without even my help,
surprisingly. "You can stay but you can only watch, nothing else."
Her eyebrows rose in surprise and disappointment, "You can't even take
any clothes off. Now sit there and be quiet."

My master turned to his best friends mother, Lena, "I know what you
have been doing with Bill. He tells me all about it." He does too.
Lena hung her head in shame, but all ignored her embarrassment. "So I
don't think you have the right to pass judgement on me okay?"

"Yes...", she whispered, "Master." Then peeked up from the floor to
see if Joey had noticed her use of the word, at my persuasion of
course, he had.

He took it to mean just what it meant when he was at home, "Good. I
think you may be able to help me today."

Again a whisper, "Thank you Master."

"Joey", Shelly was looking between her mom and the young teenage boy in astonishment, "can I call you 'Master' too?"

Joey smiled gently, "You most definitely can, after I take your
virginity." His heart was thumping in his chest, he thought Shelly
would hear it and know he wasn't as cool as he let on.

Shelly smiled hugely and looked upon Joey like his mother does, with

It was that second that my Master sat back and took a deep breath,
again feeling incredible in the position he found himself in. All he
had to do was suggest something and he doubted not, that any woman in
this room would jump to do it. He considered Lena and how to take
advantage of her being here. She was ten years older than Clara was,
and looked her age, with a round soft body, shapely legs and a sexy
round ass. Yet he found the situation very exciting and thought she
would look magnificent simply kneeling down upon the floor naked.

"Mrs... I mean Lena, please stand up and take your clothes off." The
older woman nearly jumped up and started to unbutton her blouse, "No,
slowly. Pretend your doing a sexy dance in front of a crowd of horny

She nodded but asked gently, "May I pretend I'm dancing in front of my
horny master?" Lena hung on for the answer.

"Certainly." The older chubby woman was beaming as she then closed
her eyes and started to gently sway to an invisible tune while her
hands began to remove her clothing.

Shelly sat back heavily and crossed her arms and pushed her bottom lip
out in a babyish pout. Joey, to appease her, "Watch the show Shelly,
your next!" Her mood became much better after that.

Within a few minutes, Lena was straddling the ancient wood coffee
table pressing her heavy thighs and hairy bush into a small wooden
ridge. It was strange for the two teens, to see this older, always
mature, kind, and responsible woman and mother to be reduced to a mass
of desire in this way. My Master though, thought it extremely sexy.

Joey had come to the conclusion that people at two personalities
within them, one was the public person and the other was the sexual
entity that he was fortunate enough to discover. I don't have a clue
if his hypothesis was correct or not, but it was a conclusion that
allowed my Master to live with the overtly strange actions of those
close to him.

The sight of the Lena's heavy body grinding upon the wooden wasn't
enough to bring my master out of his thoughts. No, it was the sight
of the older mother's juices that were practically flowing from her
cunt, leaving her coffee table shiny and dripping. It was an
incredible sight that Joey finally focused on.

Shelly was biting her bottom lip and trembling with desire. My master
reached over and nodded towards the elder woman, the young girl understood. Though I controlled her, I allowed her natural
nervousness and inexperience to show through as she came up before her
forty year-old mother and pushed her face in to kiss her mom.

Joey and Clara watch as the teenager fumbled in trying to kiss her own
mother, so intent was she that it took several lengthy seconds for her
to notice. Lena looked quickly over at my master and confirmed this
was his wish, then she closed her eyes and opened her mouth to press
it against her only daughters.

Quivering hands came up and Shelly touched her mothers large sagging
breasts. She didn't seem to know what to do with them until Lena
reached down and covered her daughters hands with her own, and began
to stimulate herself through her daughter. All the while, Lena still
moved her hips back and forth, rubbing and grinding her sex against
the edge of the coffee table.

Master finally noticed his Aunt Clara was breathing heavy, as she
watched the show before her. He instructed blandly, "Finger yourself
Auntie." She quickly moved to a more comfortable position and spread
her legs wide. One hand dove beneath her skirt and she suddenly began
to hump her hips up to meet the invisible hand. Master added, "Your
not allowed to come."

Shelly, stopped from the passionate kiss of her own mother, looked in
surprise at the teenager that commanded all in the room. It was a
look that pleased my master, and Joey calmly spoke to her, "Yes
Shelly, my Aunt is also a slut... and a slave, like your mom. Right

Between gasps, Clara answered, "Yes Master."

Working faster and harder against the coffee table, Lena looked up
with love in her eyes and also answered, "Of course Master."

Just as Joey was contemplating his next move, I thought to push this
encounter forwards. "Master?"

"Yes slut." It was Lena, with a small submissive voice that requested
my master's attention.

"May I prepare my daughter for you?"

It was just what my Master wanted to hear, of course. "You may."

Lena backed away from the low table, juices coating her heavy thighs
down past her knees. The smell of her sex was strong, but not
unwelcome in the generous sized room.

The older woman held her hand out for her daughter, which Shelly took
in her own. Lena lead her daughter before her, a mere foot from where
my master sat, and gently drew her face to her own. It was a slow,
wet, passionate kiss that they shared. Shelly, wide eyed in surprise
and wonder, slowly melted against her mother and into her open arms.

Shelly, with her tall thin body, seemed small and immature compared to
the voluptiousness of her own mother. It was an interesting contrast
that seemed to draw my master in. Lena pulled a pin from her
daughters hair and grasped her long brown hair in the other hand.

Gently she pulled her lips from her daughters, and whispered, though
all in the room could hear, "Kiss my neck darling," Shelly leaned
forwards to press her moist lips against her mothers pale skin of her
neck, "gently dear."

Lena's head fell back and her eyes closed as the pleasure of her
daughters lips took her. All the while, she continued to talk softly.
"Thats it darling... yes, right there... that feels wonderful dear!
Do you like to kiss mommy darling? Does it make you feel all
strange... wet? mommy wants you wet baby... because mummy's master's
cock will be inside you soon. Oh darling... mommy would do anything
to be you for this one day.... to have my masters cock inside
you... your first cock. You will enjoy it darling..."

Joey was revelling in the current situation, to have this older woman,
a mother, prepare her own daughter to be deflowered. My master was
incredibly turned on, anxious to get started. Knowing that all three
ladies would do anything for him, his pride was growing exponentially.

The two ladies were passionate in their kisses and embrace. Lena's
hands quick disrobed her daughter, rushing to please her master.
Joey's urgency allowed me to send some accelerated signals of my own.

Shelly's face was aimed towards those points that turned Lena on the
most, her experienced hands aiming her own daughter at those places
that pleasured her. It wasn't long until the older woman was a
quivering mass of sensuous flesh, needing an orgasm but knowing her
time was not now. It was her daughters time.

Near tears of frustration, Lena began to lick her way down her
daughters body. The neck, chest and breasts, flat stomach and then
the smooth thighs. Several trails of saliva marked the young woman,
all leading to the same place.

When the heavy-set mother finally slid her tongue into the lightly
covered crevice between her daughters thighs, Shelly had a quick and
powerful orgasm. The thin bodied teen bent over until she practically
lay upon her own mothers sweaty back.

My master has had enough. "Lena", the older woman's head lifted
expectantly, "take Clara to your room and have her satisfy you." That
was to be his aunts punishment, to have her pleasures seconded to the
desires of this heavy-set motherly woman.

Clara looked rather put out, but it was Lena that spoke up. "Master!?
Please allow me to stay and enjoy you?"

Joey simply barked, "When I'm done you can clean Shelly out with your
tongue. No go!" My master even assumed his command was to be
fulfilled, and why shouldn't it be, all others in recent weeks have

In seconds that left a quivering and nervous-looking Shelly standing
before master, alone in the large room. I wondered to what erotic act
Joey would have Shelly endure, and as the seconds turned into moments
I listened to his thoughts and knew how to best help him.

"You don't have to do this Shelly." His voice, quite a bit calmer and
without the authoritative tone from earlier soothed the teenage girl.

She unclenched her bottom lip and spoke with a little flutter of
nervousness, "I know. I want to Joey. I want you as my master."

I was amused to discover my master had genuine affection for this
girl. A few years older than him, and someone he has desired for many
of his pubescent years. But it was also someone that he had a felt a
maturity for, someone that he respected and had pondered a romantic
fantasy towards her. Her reducing herself to the same level as every
other woman about him, seemed to devalue his romantic notions.

It was my responsibility and my programming to ensure his simplest
desires become reality.

Shelly came before Joey and dropped to her knees before speaking, "I
love you Joey. I always have. I would make a good slave for
you... you could do anything you want to me... please... Master?"
She, also, was testing that word upon him.

Joey was feeling imperialistic, seated there with the cute teenager
politely begging to be his slave. "I like having slaves," that was
very true, "but I think I would like to have you as my girlfriend as
well as a slave."

Her joy could not be contained and she dared look up into Joey's eyes
in surprise and extreme pleasure.

"I will fuck other girls though."

She nodded enthusiastically, "Of course Master." He liked the sound
of her voice speaking to him this way. "I will help you in every way
you wish. I can think nothing more satisfying that to give you
pleasure Master."

Joey simply nodded and pondered if he should consummate their
relationship now or to wait for a more favourable and romantic moment.
His teenage hormones, reacting to Shelly's pale skin and cute face,
won over the romantic in him.

He unzipped his jeans and allowed his hard cock to shoot out to aim at
the ceiling. "Climb on Shelly."

She scrambled on hands and knees to my master and climbed up the love
seat to straddle his lap. Joey simply watched as she moved her crotch
about and tried to get the very hard penis into herself. Shelly
finally reached behind and pulled his five inch cock over half an inch
and then sat up with but an inch of manhood within her body.

"I love you Master." Shelly forced herself down, screaming in pain as
her virginity was taken.


Joey considered having Shelly move in with his mom and aunt, but found
his desire to have some individual time alone. Having three horny
females living with him would ensure he didn't have a lot of time to
himself. At least, this is how he rationalized telling Shelly to live
at home for a while longer.

Bill was told of the new relationship between his sister and Joey,
and, of course, he agreed that this was a good thing for the two of
them. When told that his mother would, at times, spend an evening at
Joey's house and what she was expected to do when there, was also
agreed by Bill. All of which, surprised but delighted my master.

All females in my masters life now, without a word, also submitted to
Shelly. She was his primary slut, his "First Slave" as Clara once
mumbled. Clara, most of all, did not see this as a good thing and had
to be controlled into a more moderate attitude in this arrangement.

Shelly in turn would take one of Joey's females for herself whenever
her master did not want her. Many nights she had Lena, Melony or
Clara lick her for hours on end, and for many delightful orgasms.

Within the MacPhearson household, all seemed as it should be. Joey
was happy. Melony was ecstatic and pleased for her sons happiness.
Lena always seemed overjoyed and thankful to be included into the
incestuous household and did everything possible to enjoy every second
of her time there. Clara, more than any other, needed to be
controlled into a positive attitude.

Joey rarely found sexual pleasure outside his own household, so
satisfied with the exotic position he found himself in that no others
needed to be included. He experimented with many positions and sexual
acts. He had his aunt buy erotic toys for himself and his harem, as
he was how he was thinking of the ladies. He used normal household
items in very imaginative and kinky ways. Food was given other uses
besides eating. Nothing was forbidden when my master thought of it.

Melony slipped into her son's room, wearing a see-through negligee
that she had bought weeks ago for her son's pleasure. It was white
and with her bright curly red hair, she looked angelic in the
moonlight. She came over to her sons bed and said softly, "Shelly
took Clara home tonight, she wanted to give us some mother-son time."

Master leaned up on his elbow and smiled, thankful for such a
considerate and thoughtful girlfriend. Clara, much to the other
ladies wishes, needed to be included in everything. At times, she was
valued for her kinky and suggestive ideas and actions. But at times
it was obtrusive and having Clara spank Melony with a belt until she
cried can be a bit much if all that was needed was a soft kiss and wet
sex to pleasure my master. That was the mood he was now in.

His mom leaned over and brought her moist puckered lips to her sons.
They softly kissed and she stood back up to look down at her naked
son. "Perhaps you wish me to leave you alone darling?" She was the
only woman that now called Joey anything but "Master", he liked it
that way.

As an answer, Joey leaned up, opened his mouth and engulfed his
mothers wide light-brown nipples, negligee and all. Melony moaned
gently, closed her eyes and dropped her head back in the simple
enjoyment of her sons act.

"Oh baby... that feels to good." His strong young hand reached around
and grabbed at his moms round soft sexy ass above her thin lingerie.
Melony ran one hand through her sons unkempt short red hair. "Oh god,
its nice to have you alone."

Joey lifted his face to look up into his moms, from between her large
soft breasts, "It is isn't it?" He meant it also.

His free hand bundled up the hem of the negligee until he was able to
slip beneath, his hand quickly found her well groomed red pussy.
"Oh!" His hand expertly slipped between her soft creamy thighs and
the tip of his forefinger touched the hard throbbing clitoris gently.

Many times in the recent past, she had slipped into his room to
relieve her son with her mouth. After including Clara into the
household, she also used the rest of her body to pleasure her son.
Yet, they had not ever made love as my master pleasantly thought.
They always just fucked, rutting like animals. Not that he normally
disagreed with that pleasure, but it was an added enjoyment to slow
down and join with his mother in a more relaxing and leisured way.

Joey's other hand had slipped beneath her negligee from the back and
he was now molding her bare buttocks expertly. When his fingers
dipped down into the crevice beneath and touched that hot hard little
hole, he was surprised to find that it was generously coated with
lubricant. He looked up in surprise and pleasure. She finally
opening her eyes, embarrassment written upon her face, "Shelly told me
to prepare myself for anything that you desired."

He finally realized she had indeed prepared herself. His mom smelled
clean and with but a hint of sexy perfume to heighten her natural
clean smell. She was also well groomed, with all extraneous body hair
removed or trimmed. The few age lines upon her face were hidden with
a thin layer of makeup. In all she looked very sexy, younger, in

Master thought to check one more thing, to see if she truly prepared
herself for him. Joey pointed a finger up and gently but quickly
slipped it into his moms vagina. He indeed found it wet, hot and
ready for him.

His happy gaze up found his mother gasping for breath, her sons
actions enough to put her in a temper. Slowly, while watching her
face, he began to rhythmically pump his finger in and out of her ready
sex. The other hand, mimicking the first, slipped a finger into her
tight but relaxed anus and also began to frig her with alternating
moves. Watching his mom, with a new love and desire, Joey was pleased
with her erotic responses to his actions. She was quickly loosing
self control as her body responded to her sons attention.

Melony reached out and used her sons shoulders to steady herself with,
else she would have fell. Even while she was now squatting in a lewd
and very suggestive manner to allow better access to the erotic
fingers. In and out they went, giving no second of peace to her,
barely time to catch her breath before another pleasurable wave shot
out from her cunt to electrify her body.

Joey saw it all within his moms face and reactions of her body. It
only took a couple of moments of this attention before she was a
begging, pleading mass of pleasure. Her orgasm fast approaching he
started to get rougher in his actions, driving his fingers faster and
hard within his moms body. The sloppy sexy sounds he made barely
noticeable to the screams of pleasure reverberating off the walls.

The thirty-something year-old mother and slut came upon the invading
fingers, a huge orgasm that left her exhausted and very happy. She
collapsed down upon her son, driving him back onto his bed. Though
tired, Melony felt the need to taste her son upon her lips and she
slipped a tongue into his mouth. "Thank you darling!" Between
sparing tongues she whispered, "You make your old mom so happy, thank

Soon she allowed her face to drop down onto his shoulder, exhausted
and pleasured beyond her comprehension. Within moments her awareness
returned to allow her to notice the throbbing male member against her
hip and she felt ashamed of her pleasure. "Oh god, darling...", her
hand reached down and she grasped her sons cock in a weak grip,
"... mommy forgot to make her boy as happy as you did for me." She
started to slip down, her mouth already salivating for a taste of him.

Joey stopped her and pulled her lips back to his own for a quick but
sloppy kiss. "No mom. Another way." He grinned like a wicked little
boy as he slid from out beneath her. Still exhausted, she lay upon
her stomach determined to give her son any pleasure he wanted from

His hands gently lifted her negligee up her shapely legs, past her
round sexy ass to be left about the small of her back. Joey pushed
her legs together and positioned her in the middle of his bed as he
straddled her thighs. Melony hummed at the intimate touch of her sons
hands, which always produced a positive and erotic effect upon her.

The sexy mother wasn't prepared, though she would never turn her son
down, for the blunt head of the five inch cock against the relaxed
hard muscle of her anus. Gently it was pushed in, and it filled the
tiny near-virgin hole till it felt near-painful to the sexy mother.

"Oh god!" Melony bite into her son's pillow, to stifle the pain as it
felt like a log sliding slowly into her ass hole.

He stopped, "Want me to stop mom?" My master was genuinely concerned
not to hurt his mom, contrary to if his aunt was her and was spurning
him to hurt his mom by callously driving into the tight anus.

There was little difference if Clara was here or not, my master wanted
his mother ass hole and he was going to get it.

Biting her bottom lip, Melony grunted and arched her back which forced
her buttocks to lift. This of course slid even more of her son into
her ass. Joey simply watched with extreme pleasure as his mom was
determined to get his teenage cock within her rectum.

Finally, he was seated within her to the root. His small balls laying
upon her hot flowered open wet sex. "God I love this!" Slowly, with
the sole purpose to pleasure her son, she pulled her ass back to the
bed pulling his cock out of her nearly to the tip of the head. With
great effort she again arched her back feeling the rock hard penis
again push fully within her.

Joey knelt above her voluptuous and sexy body, watching his own mom fuck her ass upon his throbbing cock. An incredible sight and he
simply just watched in sheer pleasure of the view.

Again and again she filled her bum with the incestuous cock. Each
time she rooting his pole within her, she found it more enjoyable.
Her ass was relaxing and stretching enough so that the pain was
replaced with a throbbing filling enjoyment. Soon even her exhausted
state was forgotten as her body was again finding itself climbing
towards another climax.

Her son recognized the obvious response in her actions, as she was now
driving her ass up roughly forcing her sons cock in and out of her.
Soon, master knew, she would again finish and he decided that was not
what he wanted.

With his strong young hands, he grabbed his mothers mane of thick red hair and the other pushed her ass down flat upon the bed. Roughly he
pulled her head back, reminiscent of her submission when Clara was
with them, and whispered into her ear. "Slower mom, I want to fuck
your ass all night!"

She could only but agree to this order, "Oh god yes Joey!"

He dropped down until he lay upon her, then he pulled her as he turned
about to lay on his side, his mother facing away from him. The hand
still entwined in his mothers thick hair holding her head out away
from his, he slowly started to move his hips to allow his throbbing
prick to fuck his mothers ass hole.

She started to mew in enjoyment at this change in there coupling and
started to move her hips back to meet her sons. A hand came down hard
to spank the pale creamy skin of her hip enough to cause a small
scream of pain to escape her lips. The message obvious, don't move,
lay still and let me fuck you. She did, with but a whimper.

How long Joey fucked his mother in this way is undetermined, but for a
very long time he simply moved that hard cock of his back and forth
revelling in his pleasure. Though she was not to move, or in fact
take anything away from his pleasure, Melony as tortured in a new and
exciting way. Forcing herself not to move, to lay still and move only
when directed by her sons hands, she was forced to feel every movement
every inch in a more intimate way than ever before. Each ridge of his
cock, the ballooning head, the barely greased surface, the fuzzy pubic
hair, the hard balls.

The longer Joey fucked his still mother, the harder it was for her to
lay silent as the erotic torture continued. Soon she was gasping out
and grunting with each movement of her sons hips. It was obscene how
she reacted, but also highly exciting to both son and mother.

My master was close and with a suddenly push and lunge, turned his mom and himself upon their stomach. Getting up on both his hands and
knees, he pushed her legs tightly together and grunted, "Hold your ass
cheeks together mom!" She immediately clenched her cheeks and bite
into a pillow.

Joey began a fast and furious pounding of his cock within his moms
bowels. Trying to shove his whole body into her relaxed but clenching
ass hole with each drive of his hips. Melony was screaming into the
pillow, her orgasm starting with the first rabid thrust and continuing
in flushing waves of pleasure as her sons pounding cock also started
to empty its seed within her body.

Again and again Joey's cock spurted its life giving fluids within his
mothers ass hole until he collapsed upon her vibrating exhausted body.

With tired movements, he again pulled her onto her hip and pulled a
blanket up to their waist. His soft tired raw cock lay still within
her quivering anus even as sleep came quickly upon him.

With his mothers deep sleeping breaths filling his ears, Joey's last
thought was to have his mother properly thank Shelly for this
wonderful nights pleasure.


Joey thought his aunt was feeling left out as she finally found her
nephew alone in the living room and quickly cuddled up next to him.
Her lips sensuously kissing his jaw and the tips of her fingers
running over the soft cock hidden beneath his boxer shorts. "Master?"

Watching a movie, and enjoying it in a relaxed sort of way, he
replied, "Yup?"

"Can I be with you tonight?" It has been weeks since he has enjoyed
his aunt alone, only within a group of his harem. But since that
enjoyable night with his mom, he has more often than not taken only
one woman in his bed at night. The nighttime he thought to himself,
was time for a slow leisurely fuck. Besides, Joey thought, it helped
him sleep sounder. To date, it was only his mom or Shelly that were
invited to his bed for a tumble and some slumber. Both ladies were in
nirvana at the one on one pleasure they discovered with our master.

The prettiest woman within his harem, Clara also had a mean streak to
her that at times pleased my master. She was the most dominant and
hardest to pleasure woman in his home. He figured the other ladies,
including his own mom and Clara's older sister, were afraid of the
tall sexy woman.

If not left alone at night, Clara was often ordered to join Shelly at
her home and in her bed. Finding the situation of a dominant woman
forced to submit to a much younger inexperienced woman amusing in that
his aunt was obviously humiliated, he enjoyed the tales Shelly told
after each night with his aunt.

Melony returned into the family room and found her spot next to her
son now taken. She placed the platter of sandwiches and soft drinks
on the table before them and sat at her sons feet, her head in his lap
watching the movie.

Clara was obviously put out by the intrusion and the proximity of her
older sister. Especially since she hadn't gotten an answer to what
she had asked her nephew about.

See all this, Joey ignored it. He knew Clara would extract payment
for her sisters intrusion the next the three of them enjoyed another
coupling. Why shouldn't she join him this evening, he thought to
himself. Hadn't she been good by doing all that Shelly asked of her?
Last evening Clara was used as a platter for the various food Shelly
and her mother, Lena, as from. Using even her vagina to hold
dressing, to dip, for the raw vegetables. Afterwards, Clara was
strapped down to the bed with a double-headed dildo bent so one end
was in her vagina the other in her anus and another short thick vibrator was inserted into her mouth. Both ladies, mother and
daughter, took turns throughout the night riding that face with the
vibrator. When it wasn't the vibrator that was being used, they
withdrew either end of the double-headed dildo and rode that.

Did his aunt not deserve more credit for what his life currently was
like, thought Joey. He did not know that it was my doing and not the
timely arrival of his aunt. My master, at least, accredited his
uncanny life with some unnatural event. In this case, his aunt
arrived and since then everything seemed to be so freakish in how any
lady he desired succumbed to him.

Of course this was all my doing. Since my Master, Joey, placed me
upon his finger, not so long ago, in that dusty old cluttered shop I
was the reason for his recent "good luck". If only my Master, any
Master, could correlate their good luck with the cumbersome ring upon
their finger - me. Or if I could communicate in some way to the
person that wore me. It was not to be, my programming was confirmed
and I will continue to benefit any Master that places me upon their
finger, long after Joey's great great grandchildren are dead. This is
the way it has always been and it is the way it will always be.

What lay in Joey's mind was a much simpler question than the one
concerning where his "powers" originated. It was a simple teenage
mind pondering whom he wished to sleep with that evening. I knew the
answer before he spoke a word. I knew that he considered taking Clara
to bed with him, but to also have his mother Melony also join them.
Yet, it was not to be.

Clara, the most attractive woman that Joey knew, was practically
begging to be with him, alone, for the evening. Joey, as attractive
as the alternatives seemed to him, he could always indulge at a latter

Having already decided, but my Master could not resist stirring the
pot with a simple question to his mom, "Do you mind giving up your
spot tonight mom?" Joey felt Clara tense up next to him, but didn't
need to look to know that she glared at her older sister.

Melony, with a small look of disappointment on her face, still smiled
happily at her son. "If you wish dear."

As an afterthought Joey added, "Why not have Lena over tonight, she
can keep you warm in bed?"

Clara relaxed beside Joey, knowing that her position that evening was
secured. While Melony smiled in acknowledgement to her young son then
stood up and went out to phone Lena to come over.

Whispering, "Thank you master!" Clara grasped her nephews semi hard
cock, promising much more later.

My Master roughly pulled his Aunts long curly red hair bringing her
face up to his. A kiss, rough while forcing his tongue into her
mouth, only brought out a moan of desire from his sexy Aunt.

Sensing his mood, she melted in his firm grasp. Normally she was the
dominant one, the woman in a group of woman that stood out to the
point of directing the other ladies for her Masters' pleasure.

He pulled her face away roughly, "Go get yourself ready Aunt Clara."
It was spoke softly, but Clara jumped up off the couch and actually
ran out of the room in her haste to do as her Master wished.

It was definitely a change from her normal demeanour.

While my Master was not concerned about this, in fact he liked this
previously unseen submissive side of her, it was I that thought her
actions suspicious. What could I do, Joey was happy and safe, that
was all that my programming called for. Perhaps my concerns were
unfounded, if I had any proof at all that her actions were in any way
negative towards my Master, I would immediately deal with it.

Hours passed. Lena had arrived and after a hot passionate kiss, she
retired to Melony's room. When finally Joey was ready for bed, and
his Aunt, he turned off the television and had a long hot shower.
There was no rush, he knew, she would be waiting when he got to his

Indeed, he found her waiting for him. She kneeling, knees bent with
heels against her ass, shoulders back and high, hands placed gently
upon her lap, head back, eyes downcast, and her body totally nude.

As beautiful as Joey knew her to be, she looked incredible at that
moment. Her large firm breasts bright in the dim room, her skin
flawless and radiating what little light was left, and her beautiful
face calm anxious at the same time. And the one thing that made her
look incredible, she looked totally submissive.

"You look incredibly sexy Aunt Clara." Joey closed his door behind
him, smiling at the echos of female passions just down the hall in his
mothers bedroom.

Softly, submissively, "Thank you Master."

This was why he loved commanding all these women, this moment when the
most beautiful woman he has ever known is waiting for his any request.
This moment when he knew she was prepared for him. But to confirm,
"Have you readied yourself?" He towel dried himself as he watched her
kneeling upon his bed.

"Yes Master. I asked your slut Melony just what you liked for your
bed slave?" She wanted to pleasure him, that was good thought my
Master. "I have bathed in scented water, I have been conservative in
how much perfume and makeup to apply, I had your slut Melony lick me
till my cunt is dripping and ready for you, I then had Melony insert a
carrot and lube up my ass to relax and prepare it for you. I had
wanted to wear stockings for you Master, as I know how much you enjoy
them, but my sister advised me to enter your bed natural."

Joey stood at the foot of the bed, hands on hips, listening with
amusement and pleasure. It all sounded incredibly sexy. "Thank you
for your efforts Aunt Clara."


"Yes?" One hand was now slowly stroking his semi hard cock, enjoying
the submissive naked sight of his Aunt.

"May I be called 'slave' tonight?" She looked nervous at asking such
a thing, it amused my Master.

"You already are a slave, I don't see why I could call you one at any
time!" She beamed with joy but continued to stare at the bed before
her knees. "Tonight though, I think 'cunt' is better name for
you... or 'whore'. Which do you prefer slave?"

Whispering so softly that master barely heard her, "'Cunt'."

He nodded in agreement. He liked his aunt like this, it was a new
side to her complex personality, a submissive side.

While Joey was enjoying the moment, contemplating how to best enjoy
the woman submitting to him, I sensed some type of danger here. As
incredible as that sounds, logic did not help as it showed nothing,
but adding all my centuries of experience together with all the
Masters that wore me gave me the knowledge to relate to this moment
and I felt danger for my Master close by.

Finally he spoke, "Come here".

Clara softly crawled to the foot of the bed, knelt as she had been
doing and moved her face forwards to swallow the whole cock before
her. Of course she has had this penis in her mouth before, and with
experience, she knew just what to do to give it pleasure. Slowly,
gently, she moved her face back and forth allowing the now-hard male
member to fuck back and forth within her mouth.

Joey watched with lust, the slow gentle blow job that he was getting.
Mostly, his Aunt's blow jobs were focused on a quick orgasm on his
part. This time though, he knew she was giving him pleasure,
prolonging his release indefinitely. He planned on enjoying her
because of this endeavour, to give her some pleasure also.

"Thats it cunt, suck me just like that!" And she did.

Joey wished she had been submissive like this weeks before, to have
lost so much time to enjoy her sexy body thinking her hard willed and
dispassionate instead of this submissive sexy creature now kneeling
upon his bed.

Finally, many minutes later, "Turn around, on your knees cunt."

She withdrew her lips from his organ and quickly, but elegantly,
turned about and moved forwards onto her hands. She lowered her front
until her shoulders pressed into the bedspread, forced her knees apart
and pushed her ass up and out towards the edge of the bed and our

It was a very pleasant sight, one that Joey didn't partake too long
in. Without touching his throbbing cock, he softly aimed forwards and
sunk his five inch penis within his Aunts wet hot sex. She groaned
out in response.

He didn't move, and after a few backward moments instructed, "Fuck me
cunt, slowly."

Mumbled into the bedspread, "Yes Master." Her hips started to slowly
move back an forth upon her knees. Her breathing laboured and harsh
as she felt every centimetre of her Masters cock within her body.

Still very excited and wet, she felt tighter than his mother's sex.
It felt wonderful and my Master could not contain the moan of desire
that escaped from his mouth. He was certainly enjoying himself, and
all other thoughts escaped from his mind as his Aunt moved lusciously
before him.

Joey could not contain himself any longer, he could not stop himself
from grasping her firm hips and begin pounding into her body. In
response, Clara orgasmed, loudly and violently nearly throwing her
nephew from her. In response to her buckling before him, Joey wanted
to force her bottom not to pounce about so much, so he reached in and
forced a thumb into her anus. It had the desired effect, and though
prepared, was extremely tight, enough to still her ass movements.

Again and again he pounded his cock within her sex. Sweat broke out
upon her skin and her sex was echoing with sloppy sounds within his
small room. She began to chant, "Fuck your cunt... fuck your slave

After many minutes, even Joey's teenage body began to sweat, his hips
sticking to her rear thighs. His body was trembling from all the work
and he wanted to come, to finish within the body of his sexy Aunt. It
wasn't enough, he wanted to possess all of her body before sleep
overcame him, and he pulled his fully submerged thumb from her ass and
quickly shoved his cock into her ass hole. She screamed out in pain
and pleasure, yet another orgasm rocking through her body.

My Master was submerged within her bowels, throbbing with her hard
round ass muscle clenching his cock giving him shocks of pleasure. He
wanted to come to finish, he was so close.

Without even one stroke, he withdrew from her anus and pushed roughly
upon one hip to force her over onto her side facing him. She opened
her sexy eyes and watched as her nephew advanced upon his knees
towards her face, she readily opened her mouth to accept the slimy wet
dirty cock that was thrusting before him.

With but a thought of how nasty, how sexy, it was to allow his Aunt to
suck his cock that was just seconds from her own ass hole, he pushed
it fully within her hungry mouth. Aunt Clara certainly had no problem
with it, devouring him now with a renewed passion, wanted his extract
to drown her.

Both her hands were busy, one grasping his balls the other between her
own legs. She groaned out, and since my master wanted her to orgasm
when he did, she would. With my help.

Watching her face plunge fast and hard, fucking her mouth with his
dirty hard teenage cock. He also saw her one hand between her legs,
frigging her clit rapidly. Joey reached down and roughly ripped her
hand from her own cunt, throwing it to the side. Clara didn't even
alter her rapid pace of her face, and even seemed to moan, yet again,
with the pleasure of being dominated so forcibly.

If that was what she wanted, thought my Master, then he would give her
his dominance. He would fuck her into submission. His passion was
driving him towards a new level, the dominance of hard cock. His
cock. She would beg, she will plead, she would even humiliate herself
for his cock thought Joey. He would have her do these things,
anything he wanted, and she would love it and beg for more. Master
was lost within his sexual delirium, his mind ranting out his
enjoyment and pleasure.

Joey's hand replaced hers but didn't diddle her clit as she had done,
he would have her orgasm any way that he wished. He tried to plunge
to fingers back within her slimy ass hole, and failed. It was hard,
hot and too tight for his two digits. He pushed harder, causing tears
of pain to roll down her checks, he loved it. So did she, with my

Giving up, he slipped only one finger back within her ass. It was
tight, but not overly so, it was hot and it was tight. That hard
muscle ring strangled his finger as he drove his digit forcibly within
her. Clara widened her knees, allowing easier access to Joey's hand
even as she screamed upon the hard cock within her mouth.

Joey watched her face, enthralled with the duality of her pain and
pleasure. Excited beyond belief. Wanted, no needing, his orgasm else
he felt he would go insane.

Still forcing his finger, he began to force it back and forth within
her ass. Knowing that the cock within her mouth had only moments
before been in that same place, loving that she could not get enough
of him.

"I'm going to come on your face Aunt Clara... cunt!" She tilted her
face back, withdrawing her lips, and opened her mouth awaiting his
tribute. Both her hands slipped firmly back and forth upon his rod,
bringing his orgasm nearly to its climax.

Joey, feeling the pressure within his body clenched. His finger
pushed as deep as it would go within her now relaxed ass hole. He
clenched the underside of his cock for that brief second until he felt
it. His Aunt smiled with happiness and pleasure even as the first,
and most explosive, orgasm shot out the head of his cock and over her
head. I left a trail of sperm from the tip of her forehead to the top
of her wild looking messy red hair. My Master groaned out with the
release, feeling his energy drain from his body through his cock even
as another, less powerful, orgasm shot out and hit his Aunt upon her
cheek and in the corner of her open and hungry mouth.

Master clenched his body one last time, feeling a couple more, less
dramatic orgasms cause his body to jerk uncontrollably. Clara's face
was coated in pearl coloured spend, her open mouth seemed full of
come. Even her hair was sticky with two strands of male orgasm.

Then my Master felt it. It didn't mean much to him, but I mentally
screamed out shooting out my power towards his Aunt Clara to stop her,
but I was too late.

Clara had smiled up with pleasure then clenched her anal muscles with
a surprising amount of renewed force. So much abuse her ass hole has
taken, it didn't seem possible. Yet it was.

The finger that had been within Clara's butt was also the finger that
wore me. Little did I realize it, as my Master never once thought of
it. Her ass hole tightened perfectly about Joey's finger and me, the

Master barely thought anything of it, but I knew the inherent dangers.

Even as he started to withdraw her hand from her backside, leaving the
ring clenched within her rectal muscle, I sent out a powerful command
for her to relax, to allow me to pass from her body.

Too late.



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