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Confessions of a pervert Chapter 1


!!! The following document contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of 21you should turn of your computer and go to bed NOW!!!

Confessions of a pervert.

Chapter one. BEN.

My son Peter who is twelve years old often had his friends over to stay
the night on the weekend, one of his friends Ben was thirteen and very well
developed for his age. I first saw my wife watching Ben when he stayed
over with our son one evening they had both put on their PJ's and come back
downstairs to watch TV. Ben was wearing a tee-shirt and shorts and as he
sat on the chair the foreskin of his semi erect penis was visible from the
leg of his shorts, I noticed my wife staring at him several times the boy's
both decided to go up to bed leaving us alone in the lounge. Sue (My wife)
was obviously aroused by the incident and we were soon involved in some
heavy petting, she soon removed my cock from my trousers and began sucking me off.

"I bet you would rather be sucking Ben's boyish cock instead?" I

Sue looked at me and blushed.

"Don't be ridiculous!" she replied.

"I saw you watching him and I don't blame you one bit!" I said.

"He is cute but he is far to young!" she reluctantly admitted.

I began to tell her of the things that I fantasized about her doing to
Ben, and she became more aroused, we made love on the sofa as I told her in
great detail of my fantasies. We heard someone on the stairs and quickly
made ourselves decent Ben walked in and sat down in the chair.

"What's the problem can't you sleep?" I asked.

"No I am not tired, Peter has gone to sleep is it ok if I stay down here
for a while?" Ben asked.

"Sue has a magic trick that helps you relax and get to sleep!" I said.

Sue nudged me sharply in the ribs with her elbow, and said "Shut up I am
warning you!"

Ben looked across obviously a little intrigued and finally he asked,
"What magic trick is that then?"

Sue blushed and looked at me that look that say's don't you dare, I was
so aroused at the thought of my wife making love to this young boy and took
a chance.

"She could suck your dick for you if you got rid of that hard-on you
would be able to sleep much better."

Ben blushed and Sue once again elbowed me in the ribs. "You evil
bastard you are a complete pervert" she whispered in my ear.

Ben had not said anything but his erection was obviously now raging
under his shorts, he was looking at Sue obviously waiting for a response.

"Look Ben obviously needs some relief, we both know you want to suck his
cock so just do it!" I said as I gave Sue a playful push in Ben's

Sue fell off the sofa and landed at Ben's feet her head by his knee, Ben
was now shaking with excitement and fear.

"Ben just tell her if you want her to suck your cock, just say yes and
she will do it!" I said.

"Yyyessss!" he mumbled.

Sue looked at Ben and smiled before taking hold of the tip of his cock
between her lips, Ben groaned loudly. Sue took hold of the waistband of
his shorts and began to pull them down Ben raised his buttocks to allow her
to remove them fully. She took hold of his foreskin and pulled back
revealing the purple swollen head, as she flicked her tongue around the tip
and grasped the shaft I saw the pre-cum oozing from his boyish cock. Sue
had obviously tasted the pre-cum and she bobbed her head forward taking the
whole of his five inch member inside her mouth as she stroked his sparsely
hair covered balls, I was so aroused and a little jealous not of Ben but of
Sue sucking that young cock. I remembered a couple of times as a lad when
I had sucked a couple of school friends, and I wanted to suck Ben so badly
that I knew that I would have to manipulate the situation a little to get
my evil way.

"Uggghhhhh!" Ben grunted as his body tensed and he arched his back and
shot his load into Sue's throat, Sue drank greedily and as Ben relaxed she
pulled her head off and kissed the tip of his member.

"Is that better?" I asked.

Ben nodded his head and blushed a little, Sue returned to her seat on
the sofa next to me and Ben quickly pulled his shorts up to cover his still
raging member.

"She sucks cock better than anyone I have ever known, and if you think
that was good wait until you fuck her!" I said to Ben.

Ben smiled and Sue turned to face me before she could say anything I
kissed her probing my tongue deep inside her mouth to recover the taste of
Ben's cum. I could see Ben watching and slid my hand beneath her top
caressing her breast and revealing its pert round smoothness to his gaze, I
could see that he was immediately aroused. I lifted her top completely and
as I caressed one breast I began to suck the nipple on the other, Ben
watched and I saw his cock once again straining against his shorts.

"Darling I think that Ben would like to suck your other tit, you don't
mind do-you?" I asked.

Sue blushed and nodded her approval and I motioned Ben to join us on the
couch, as he sat next to Sue I placed his hand on her breast, he took no
further encouragement he was soon sucking on her nipple. I slipped my hand
down to Sue's waist and began to unfasten her jeans, at first her hand came
down to stop me but then she relaxed and I slowly pulled down her zipper.
Ben and I continued to suck on her nipples and I pulled her jeans far
enough down to allow access to her jet-black pubes and her warm wet pussy.
I slipped my hand between her legs and stroked my finger along the length
of her slit, as I removed my wet finger I licked her juices from its
length, Ben watched intensely and I took hold of his hand placing it
against the warm wet love hole. I noticed Sue's hand slide up the leg of
Ben's shorts and undid my trousers allowing the other to grab my thick seven inch shaft the relief as my cock was released from its prison was
great. I could see from Ben's movements that he was probing his finger
deep inside Sue's love hole then Sue kissed Ben passionately as they kissed
I took the opportunity to caress Ben's balls.

"Ben what do you think shall we get her naked?" I asked.

Ben looked across and nodded his approval; Sue made pretence at modesty
but offered little resistance as we lifted her top over her head, then I
knelt on the floor and pulled off her jeans and panties in one go, Ben
watched as her body was revealed in all its glory. Although Sue was
thirty-three years old she had a firm pert slim body and could easily pass
for much younger, as I spread her legs I flicked my tongue around her clit
and she groaned with pleasure.

"That's the sweetest thing you will ever taste, do you want to try?" I
asked Ben.

I sat back on the sofa and manoeuvred Sue so that I could hols her knees
up allowing Ben perfect access to eat her pussy, he moved his head down and
tentatively at first he began to eat Sue's glorious pussy, soon he was
eagerly lapping the juices from her love hole, Sue soon reached climax and
I had to kiss her to stifle her moans, I was worried that she might wake
Peter. Ben sat up and looked across at me, I knew what he was thinking he
wanted to fuck her, he wanted to fuck her so bad that I knew this was the
opportunity I had been waiting for.

"Well I suppose you want to fuck Sue now?" I asked Ben.

He blushed and nodded his head.

"OK! But we will do it down on the floor so that I can help you." I

I positioned myself on my back and Sue with her pussy above my head, I
got Ben kneeling behind her and encouraged him to play with her tits, as he
did so I took hold of his shaft and pulled back the foreskin briefly
sucking the head before offering it to Sue's wet lips. I took hold of Bens
buttocks and guided him to thrust deep into her love hole, as he began to
thrust in and out Sue began to suck on my cock, I raised my head a little
and began to lick her love hole and Ben's shaft as it thrust in and out,
occasionally taking his balls into my mouth.

"Go on fuck her good!" I encouraged Ben.

He continued to pump his five inches in and out and I lapped the mixed
juices from her hole, I felt Ben tense and sucked hard on Sue's clit as I
shot my load into her mouth, soon all three of us were coming together. As
Ben pumped rapidly his cock slipped out once or twice after sucking it
clean I guided it back to her hole, although he had come there was no sign
of him losing his erection, he carried on fucking Sue while I caressed and
sucked his balls. As he tensed for the second time I took hold of his
shaft and guided it from her hole into my mouth, I leant my head right back
and he slammed his young meat deep into my throat, I felt his hot sperm
flowing into me. I guided his still hard member back to Sue's love hole once again he began to pump away. I eased myself out and took a seat on
the sofa watching this fit thirteen-year old fuck my wife, the whole thing
was so erotic and I wished that I had filmed it for posterity.

"OK you two I am going to make a drink enjoy yourselves!" I said as I
left the room.

"We will" sue replied smiling like a cat that had got the cream.

I went to the kitchen and made some coffee when I returned they were
still fucking only now Ben was laying flat on his back as Sue straddled him
riding up and down his cock as she leant forward to insert her nipples in
his mouth. I sat on the sofa and watched I fantasised a little about other
friends of our sons, and various nephews who sometimes stayed, I found
myself thinking about watching several of them fucking Sue at the same
time. We had once before had two other men in our bed and fucked Sue in
every hole I imagined five or six teenagers and made my mind up to seduce
them into our bed one at a time before getting them all to fuck Sue
together. Ben let out an almighty groan as he shot his load for the
umpteenth time deep into Sue's body and as she rose off him I could see the
mixed juices running down her thigh.

I quickly placed my coffee on the floor and rolled Sue onto her back,
Licking the mixed juices from her thighs and love hole the taste of her
juices mixed with Ben's cum was unbelievable. Ben had now pulled his
shorts on and sat on the sofa, we both joined him with Sue in the middle.

"You were absolutely fantastic!" Sue said to Ben as she kissed him
tenderly on the lips.

Ben blushed and returned the kiss.

"I bet you will sleep well tonight!" I said to Ben.

"No I think I am too excited, that was so cool! " he replied.

"Would you like Sue to come in your room with you for a while?" I asked.
"Yes!" he blurted out without hesitation.

"OK but remember not a word to anyone about what happened or we would be
in real trouble because you are so young!" I said.

"I promise!" Ben replied.

Sue picked up her clothes and Ben's tee-shirt and took him by the hand
leading him up the stairs, I watched as they climbed the stairs Ben did not
take his eyes off Sue's body as they went to the spare room, Sue shut the
door and I tidied up the room making sure that there was no evidence of our
indiscretions. I went up to bed and waited for Sue to return to our room I
remember it being two a.m. then I must have fell asleep, I woke as Sue
climbed into our bed at five-thirty.

"Did you have fun darling?" I asked.

"That was unbelievable he has been fucking me all night and he has only
just gone to sleep!" She replied.

"You can tell me all about it tomorrow night while I fuck you
senseless!" I sad as I cuddled up and we went to sleep in each other's

When we woke at nine-thirty we could hear Peter and Ben downstairs I
showered first and went down to start breakfast.

"Morning boy's did you both sleep well?" I asked.

They both nodded and Ben grinned from ear to ear, he had lost his cherry
and he was obviously going to be a willing party to my future plans, I
could hardly wait for the next opportunity to recruit a teenage lover for
my wife, and the thought of her pulling a teenage train had my cock
swelling with anticipation. I already had my next victim in mind Jamie my
fifteen-year old nephew was due to stay next week and I had often seen him
watching Sue, he was a good looking lad but a bit shy and I was sure that
he was still a virgin, Peter was due to stay at Ben's so the house would be

Sue came down wearing her denim shorts and a red tee shirt Ben watched
her every move and I knew that he would welcome any opportunity to fuck her
again I knew he would not have to wait long.

We had breakfast and it was soon time for me to take Peter to football
and drop Ben off home, we set off and after dropping Peter at football I
chatted with Ben about the events of that night.

"So Ben did you enjoy yourself last night?" I asked.

"It was brilliant will we be able to do it again?" he asked.

"Soon but make sure you don't tell anyone about it not even your
friend's!" I said.

"OK I promise, I can't wait for the next time!" he replied.

"Well you have something to remember when you jack yourself off until
then." I said.

Ben gave me a look of disgust.

"Its ok we all do it, what do you think I was doing while I was on my
own, I was jacking myself off thinking about you two fucking, some time we
will have you over to stay when Peter is away then we can stay together all
night." I said.

"Cool!" he said.

We arrived at Ben's house and before he got out of the car I reminded
him "Not a word to anyone!"

He got out of the car and went in I drove back to the house, when I
arrived Sue was upstairs making the beds I could not resist her in those
shorts I pulled her onto the bed and soon we were both naked. As we made
love I made her tell me all the details of her love making with Ben in the
spare room, our love making was intense, I revealed my plans to seduce a
string of young lovers and have her gang banged and she objected verbally
but the intensity of her orgasms showed her true feelings.

"We will be alone here next week when Dave stays, and I know he fancies
the pants off you, so he will be our next victim!" I said.

"No we can't what if someone finds out!" She argued.

"No one will find out and I want to see you get fucked again, I know
that Dave has a bigger cock to satisfy you with and we can both fuck you
all night." I replied.

I continued to fuck Sue and tell her of all the different things that
Dave and I would do to her next week, I could see that the idea excited her
and knew that I could manipulate the situation to get Dave into our bed.


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