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Confessions of a pervert Chapter 2


!!! The following document contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of 21you should turn of your computer and go to bed NOW!!!

Confessions of a pervert.

Chapter two. DAVE.

The following week seemed to go slowly and I could hardly wait for
Friday night to come, but eventually it did arrive I took Peter to Ben's
house at five thirty and went around to collect Dave from my sisters he was
due to stay until Sunday while she and her husband went off for the weekend
with some friends. When I arrived to collect Dave he had a friend with him
Steven he was a slim blonde haired blue-eyed lad about sixteen.

"Dave wants to know if his friend can come over too?" My sister asked.

"Sure Peter is staying at his friends till Sunday." I replied.

This was getting better and better I could feel myself getting hard at
the thought of these two sexy young boys in our bed. I had arranged for
Sue to be getting changed in the spare room when we returned and to act
surprised when Dave walked in and caught her in her panties, there would be
no need to act when they both walked in. We headed for home and my
anticipation was growing as we pulled into the drive, we took the bags out
of the boot and I told Dave to take Steve upstairs and put the bags in the
spare room.

As the boys climbed the stairs I stayed at the bottom and waited they
opened the door to the spare room and I saw Sue completely naked, the boys both got an excellent view of her perfect size ten body.

"Sorry I didn't realise you were in here." Dave apologised.

Sue made a poor attempt to hide her modesty by holding a tee shirt in
front of her, and after a few seconds the boys turned away and came down
the stairs still apologising.

I walked into the kitchen and laughed quietly under my breath, Dave and
Steve came in behind me and I pretended to know nothing about what had
happened, a few seconds later Sue followed wearing a silky short robe that
left little to the imagination. The robe was slightly opaque and her black
pubes and red nipples were clearly visible through the cloth, I could see
from the lumps in there trousers that the boy's were both excited by the
accidental encounter with Sue. I took a bottle of white wine from the
fridge and poured two glasses for Sue and myself, before offering the boys a small glass they both accepted we took the bottle to the lounge and sat
down. Sue skilfully exposed herself as she sat down next to me allowing
the boys to see her black pubes once again. "Jeeze you two scared me to
death I didn't hear anyone come in!" Sue said to the boys.

"What happened?" I asked innocently.

Sue explained that she had just had a shower and was completely naked in
the spare room when the boys had walked in she had just had a shower and
was getting some clothes from the wardrobe in the spare room, the boys both
blushed a little.

"Never mind darling I am sure the boys didn't mind too much you do have
an extremely sexy body." I said.

Sue thumped me playfully on the arm and blushed a little.

"Don't you think she has a beautiful body?" I asked the boys.

The both nodded and blushed again.

I poured another drink for everyone and watched the boys as Sue passed
them there glasses back allowing her robe to part momentarily exposing her
breasts as she did so. I could see the boys were getting aroused and both
had finished their second glass of wine, I knew that this was going to work
better than planned.

"So have you two got girlfriends or is Sue the first girl you have seen
naked?" I asked.

The boys did not answer.

"It's a good job I was here, or she may well have raped you both, she
can't get enough I am sure she is a nymphomaniac." I added.

Sue once again nudged me in the ribs/

"I bet you would not have minded that though eh!" I said suggestively.

"No" Steve said blushing after he realised what he had said.

"What about you Dave?" I asked.

"No" he reluctantly replied.

The bottle was empty so I asked Sue to fetch another from the fridge
while she was gone I decided to put part one of the plan into action.

"Don't worry boys I love to wind Sue up, if I ask you anything
embarrassing just play along and we will have some fun.

Sue returned from the kitchen with the wine and poured us all another
drink, treating the boys to another glimpse of her breasts as she did so.

Sue sat on the sofa next to me and I put my arm around her.

"So boys if I had not been here would you have made love to Sue?" I

"Yes" they both replied.

"So you think she is sexy?" I asked.

"Yes" they both replied.

Sue began to blush.

"I think that she should take off that robe and dance naked for us what
do you reckon?" I asked as Sue nudged me in the ribs once more.

"Yes" they both replied.

I turned on the stereo and encouraged Sue to do as requested she
resisted, I took her glass and placed it on the table and began to pull
gently at her robe, she allowed it to open slightly. After three glasses
of wine the boys were now a little tipsy and very excited, they watched as
we fooled around on the couch.

"Come on you two help me get this robe off her?" I said

The boys both stood up and Dave undid the belt of her robe while Steve
helped me pull it from her shoulders.

"Ok, Ok" Sue said.

She stood up completely naked and began to dance for us, the boys sat on
the sofa and we watched as Sue danced naked around the room, I poured more

"Is that not the sexiest body you have ever seen?" I asked the boys.

They both nodded their approval.

Sue came across to the sofa and tried to retrieve her robe.

"No" I said as I pulled her onto the couch, she landed on Steve's lap, I
kissed her and caressed her breast with my hand.

"You can't leave these poor boys frustrated after you have teased them
like that, they want to suck your tits and play with your pussy before you
get dressed." I said.

I stood up and sat Sue between the boys, now boys have fun for a while I
will fetch another bottle, I placed one hand from each on her breast and
the other on her thigh, they began to slowly explore her perfect body. I
left the room and went for another bottle when I returned I stood behind
the partially closed door and watched for a while, Steve had moved Sue's
leg over his and was inserting his middle finger deep into her love hole,
Dave was kissing her passionately and caressing her pert 32B breasts. I
walked in and sat down in the chair the boys seemed a little uneasy about
my presence and were less passionate in their petting.

"Don't stop on my account, Sue is enjoying herself and I love watching."
I said and they returned to their clumsy attempts on lovemaking with

I took a coin from my pocket and said "Heads or tails Dave" he said
"Tails", I tossed the coin and it was tails.

"OK Dave take Sue upstairs and fuck her brains out, then Steve can go
second." I said.

They both looked at me in disbelief, Sue stood up and took Dave by the
hand he resisted Sue knelt in front of him and started undoing his
trousers, she soon had Dave's trousers and boxers around his ankles his
cock was about eight inched long but very slender his circumcised head
appeared huge in comparison. Sue pulled him onto the floor and began to
lick suck his cock before straddling him and impaling herself on his
member, as she rode up and down his thin shaft he caressed her tits and
kissed her passionately. Steve and I watched as Sue made love to Dave on
the floor, it was only a matter of seconds before Dave shot his load deep
into her love hole they collapsed together on the floor and kissed
tenderly. As Sue climbed off Dave he grabbed his boxers and quickly pulled
them on returning to his seat on the sofa. Steve was already removing his
trousers when Sue approached, She lifted his tee shirt over his head and
stood him up as she removed his trousers and boxers his five-inch uncut
cock stood out at ninety degrees it was not long but I was jealous of its
girth. Sue sat on the sofa and spread her legs wide pulling Steve down to
kneel between them, he fumbled as he tried to insert his member, I moved
over and sat next to Sue to get a better view of his thick shaft as it
stretched her love hole to the limits. As he began to thrust in and out of
Sue she reached out and took hold of Dave's cock once more pulling it from
the leg of his boxers, she reached out towards me and I released my cock
she was now being fucked by one of the widest cocks I had ever seen and
taking it in turns to suck Dave and myself, I began to massage her clit and
she came several times before Steve finally shot his load into her.

As he withdrew I could see the sperm running from her hole, I swapped
places with Steve and proceeded to eat her pussy lapping up every last drop
of juice, then I placed my cock against her hole and thrust violently deep
into her warm wet pussy, as I fucked her she took both boys in hand as they
sucked on her nipples and kissed her passionately, neither objected as I
took the opportunity to engulf their cocks in my mouth in turn and to
caress their balls. I took hold of Sue's thighs and began to thrust
violently as deep as possible suddenly she climaxed and I shot my cum deep
into her body, she took Steve's cock deep into her throat and I did the
same for Dave his long slender shaft exploded and filled my mouth with cum he took hold of my head and pulled me down until his last spasm finished.
We all collapsed in a heap and after I withdrew I took Sue in my arms and
sat between the boys with her on my lap.

"Fuck that was good I hope you all enjoyed that?" I asked.

No one replied but I could see from their expressions that everyone had
enjoyed them selves, I suggested that we showered and ate and everyone
agreed we all went to the bathroom and Sue showered first while we all
watched her.

"I hope you two didn't mind me touching you earlier." I said.

"No we were intending to do ourselves tonight we sometimes sixty-nine
each other." Dave replied they both blushed.

Sue got out of the shower and I suggested that the boys got in together
and gave us a little show, Steve was a little reluctant at first but with a
bit of encouragement from Sue he got in with Dave and they began soaping
each other passionately concentrating in each others cocks before long they
both came discharging their cum into each others hands. They washed each
other down before climbing out of the shower I leant them two spare robes
and they went with Sue to prepare dinner while I showered. I joined them
in the dining room and we ate the casserole that had been cooking slowly
all day, I had another idea and decided that we should serve the desert in
a new and exciting way, when we had all finished I cleared the table and
returned with a fresh cream trifle no bowls or spoons.

I lay a towel on the table and removed Sue's robe laying her on the
table, I then smeared trifle all over her body the boys and I got naked
before beginning to lick the cream from her body. After several minutes
when all of Sue's body had been repeatedly covered and licked clean I
helped her from the table.

"Right who's next?" I asked.

Dave pushed Steve forward and we lay him down smothering his body in
trifle, I applied generous amounts to his shaft and proceeded to remove it
with my tongue we all licked the whole of his body clean and repeated the
process until we had all licked every inch of his body, then we repeated
the process with Dave, finally I was placed on the table Dave rubbed trifle
onto my balls and began to suck and lick it off while Sue and Steve
concentrated on my chest then Steve moved down to my cock while the others
concentrated on my legs and torso. Finally sue applied her oral skills to
my balls and the boys licked and kissed my chest, I exploded into Sue's
mouth with more force than I could remember for a long time. We all four
climbed into the shower together and quickly rinsed off the sticky residue
left by the trifle taking it in turns to wash one person at a time we all
dried and went back to the dining room to retrieve our robes.

I suggested that we retired to the lounge and watched a film, I knew
just the one it was a home made blue movie of Sue when she was fucked by to
guys on holiday in Spain, we had returned from the club and invited them in
for a drink, I had not planned anything but fortunately the camera was
handy. At the time twelve years ago we were both in our early twenties,
Lewis was about twenty and his mate Paul was twenty-two they had been with
two girls but one had got sick and her friend took her back to their room.

I produced the film from the locked cabinet and Sue said "NO!" I
replied, "YES!"

I pressed play and the film started Dave was sitting in the chair and
Steve and I sat either side of Sue on the sofa, as the film started Lewis
Paul and myself were ripping Sue's clothes off, she was not altogether
happy and struggled a lot, we soon had her naked and Lewis and I held her
down and parted her legs while Paul removed his shorts, the size of his
cock surprised us both he was huge as he forced his way into Sue's love
hole she groaned with pain but she was soon enjoying it, it was almost rape
but I knew that if she had not wanted to play she would have screamed the
place down. We all watches as Lewis and I took our turns then we came to
the part I wanted the boys to see. I was sitting in the chair and sat Sue
on my lap my cock penetrating her arse, we lay back allowing Lewis to
insert his cock into her pussy, finally Paul forced his huge cock into her
mouth and we fucked all three orifices at once.

"Well what do you reckon Sue are you ready for a full house again?" I
asked. She was blushing.

I produced the KY and threw it across to Dave he removed his robe and
rubbed the KY along his circumcised shaft, Sue reluctantly crossed the room
and sat on his cock her eyes watered a little as his slim eight inches
disappeared inside her anus. I encouraged Dave to kneel before her and
fuck her pussy while I offered my throbbing member to her skilful mouth. I
watched the video of her being fucked in the same manner as we fucked every
hole before long we all came over the next two hours we each took different
positions, and tried all the possible variations. It was almost twelve and
I suggested that we should get some sleep it may be a long day tomorrow.

"Not so quick I have and idea first!" said Sue.

Sue knelt me on the floor and told Dave to fuck my arse and Steve to
fuck my mouth, I was a little concerned as I had never had anal before but
Dave's member was quite slim apart from the head and I relaxed as I felt
him push against me knowing that it would be less painful. Suddenly my
eyes watered as the head of his cock popped into my anus the pain was
intense but soon subsided, I relaxed and began to work on Steve's cock
pulling the foreskin back to reveal the swollen head, Sue meanwhile had
slid underneath me and was again sucking my cock. By now I was enjoying
the feeling of Dave's slim-line cock ramming into my arse and sucking Steve's thick member glad that it was in my mouth and not my arse. As I
felt Dave shoot his hot sperm into my arse I frantically rubbed and sucked Steve's cock bringing him to a huge climax he filled my mouth with so much
cum that I could hardly breath I was at the same time emptying my balls
into Sue's eager mouth. As Dave withdrew it felt as if my arse was awash
with vast amounts of his warm cum, we all returned to sit on the sofa and I
kissed Sue passionately feeding her the remnants of Steve's cum that I had
in my mouth.

"I hope you realise that I will have to fuck you ALL later for that!" I
said menacingly.

We opened another bottle of wine and chatted about the plans for the
rest of the night, we decided to all sleep in our king-size bed, and the
boys were not at all worried by the fact that I planned to set up the video camera to film these events. We finished our drinks and retired to the
bedroom Sue walked ahead and we all watched her shapely body as she went, I
also took stock of the two youthful behinds that I intended to fuck shortly
my cock was aching with desire. As we climbed into be Dave got in on one
side of Sue and I on the other Steve was next to me, I lifted on of Sue's
legs and entered her from the side as Dave kissed her and caressed her
tits, I felt Steve rub KY around my anus and then felt's thick member
pressing against my arse despite my attempts to relax I let out a cry and
my eyes watered as I felt him pop through my ring however the agony was
short lived and I soon began to feel myself ejaculating tiny amounts as his
member prodded my prostrate, Sue and I were both caressing Dave's cock and
ball's. As I felt Steve pump copious amounts of hot cum into me I was
relieved that his thick member would soon be removed, I climaxed and Sue
lent forward to bring Dave to climax in her mouth.

We all collapsed exhausted and just lay perfectly still for a while as
Steve's cock softened I felt it slip from my anus, I was still inside Sue
and beginning to get hard again as Dave inserted his finger into her pussy alongside my cock. I withdrew and Sue climbed on top off Dave mounting his
cock once more, I rolled over and turned Steve onto his stomach bringing
him to his knees I applied KY to his ring and then my cock before pushing
tightly into his ring as I entered I had never felt anything so tight, I
remained still for a second and then began to thrust my whole length in and
out of his teenage arse. Sue and I watched each other as we fucked our
respective partners and before long we were all climaxing for the umpteenth
time, after a brief rest we changed partners and I fucked Dave in the arse
while Sue knelt before Steve letting him fuck her in the arse, we all
collapsed in a heap.

To my surprise Dave and Steve were soon together on one side of the bed
and Sue and I cuddled up and watched as they first sucked each other in a
sixty-nine position before fucking each other for our entertainment. For
the rest of the evening we swapped partners and made love to each other
while others watched and recuperated, I explained my plans at getting at
least six hopefully ten young men to fuck my wife on a future occasion and
the boys were only to keen to oblige.

I decided to leave the boys to enjoy my wife while I showered and went
down stairs to prepare breakfast I inserted a new tape into the video camera and placed it in a position to record the action for me to watch
later. After an hour I went up to call the boys and Sue for breakfast as I
entered the room Sue was sitting astride Steve and sucking Dave's cock.

"Come on you lot breakfast is ready," I said.

I returned down to the kitchen and was soon joined by the others we
chatted and made plans for the gangbang as we ate and the boys certainly
seemed keen. After we had eaten Sue led the boys to the shower as the
three of them climbed into the shower I sat in that bathroom and filmed
them as they washed and caressed each other it was sensual and erotic as
they took turns concentrating on one person at a time. Unfortunately it
was time for the boys to go and I drove them home, as I drove Sue sat in
the back seat between the boys and savoured her last minutes at the hands
of these young studs, if people could have seen through those tinted
windows we would have been arrested, we dropped the boys off and returned
home collecting our son Peter on the way.

to be continued........


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