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Confessions of a pervert Chapter 3


!!! The following document contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of 21you should turn of your computer and go to bed NOW!!!

Confessions of a pervert.

Chapter Three. A pleasant surprise

After our experiences with Dave, Steve and Ben I was now racking my
brain to find a way to seduce other young men into our bed. I had a few
ideas but the problem was that when Peter was at home we were restricted as
to our activities, on Friday evening we were going out and had arranged
Carrie from next door to baby-sit for us, she would stay the night if
necessary. I had often thought of seducing Carrie she is fourteen-years
old and extremely sexy but common sense tells me not to crap to close to my
own door.

Friday night came and we set off at seven-thirty we had a reasonable
evening and went to a club in the next town we got talking to several
students and were invited back to a party, we decided to go and arrived at
the house around two-thirty a.m. there were about twenty people at the
party but Sue was only one of three girls there, my imagination began to
run away with me, we were in a house with twenty complete strangers and I
began to manipulate the situation. The other two girls were obviously
involved with two of the guys and they disappeared into another part of the
house, Sue had been flirting with several of the guys and I stood in the
kitchen drinking with four off the lads as she danced provocatively in the
other room. One of the guys John complimented me on Sue's body and I took
the opportunity to manipulate the conversation.

"Yes she certainly has a great body and she has a sexual appetite that
you would not believe, if I would let her she would screw everybody here
her favourite fantasy is to be gang banged." I said.

I could see that I had got the attention of the four boys the kitchen
bulges were appearing in trousers including mine. John disappeared into
the other room as we continue to talk he returned with three other boys, I
kept the conversation heading in the same direction and it was not long
before this paid dividends.

"So would you ever let your wife fuck another guy or are you the jealous
type?" John asked.

"No I am not jealous if she really wanted to I would probably let her do
it," I said.

Sue returned to my side and I gave her another drink.

"Sue your old man has just been telling me about your favourite
fantasy!" said John.

Sue blushed a little and elbowed me.

"And which one is that?" she asked.

"The one about being the main attraction at a gang-bang!" John replied.

Sue blushed again and acted shocked.

"You will never have a better opportunity than tonight most of the girls are in London on a hen night tonight, and you are in a house with sixteen
horny lonely students." John added.

Sue looked at me she was now becoming a little concerned and extremely

"If you want to do it I don't mind I said but I am going first!" I said.

"You bastard you would let me do it wouldn't you!" Sue said pretending
to be angry.

By now every one was in the kitchen listening to the conversation and
encouraging Sue to go for it.

"If you have the bottle I would, you talk about it often enough but I
suppose that is all you will ever do talk!" I replied.

"OK then lets do it!" Sue said angrily.

I could see the excitement spread around the room, suddenly the room was
alive with sexual tension, John asked two of the guys to pull out the sofa
bed before Sue changed her mind and they did. I walked sue into the lounge
and started to remove her top John and Colin were already removing her
jeans in a matter of seconds she was completely naked in a room with
seventeen guys. I laid Sue back on the bed and several of the guys removed
their cocks from their pants beginning to rub them to get them hard, I
dropped my trousers and climbed on the bed with Sue spreading her legs and
thrusting my cock deep into her love hole, three or four of the lads sat on
the bed caressing her breasts and kissing her as I came I kissed her and
whispered "Enjoy!"

I Stood up and noticed that there was a queue forming behind me the
first in the queue was John, he was already hard and wasted no time in
climbing on top of Sue he cock was only about five inches long and
circumcised, I watched as he fucked Sue and took note of the cocks waiting
in line there were all shapes and sizes, five of the lads just stood to the
side and watched but ten more were in the line without trousers waiting for
their turn rubbing their cocks to keep them hard. John groaned and
deposited his load inside Sue's love hole before rolling off to the side,
the next boy was a bit chubby but he had the cutest nine inch uncut cock I
have ever seen he climbed on top of Sue and fumbled as he inserted his
member Sue soon helped him she wanted to feel his cock deep inside her,
after less than a minute he shot his load and rolled off.

Next was a small lad no more than five foot, his cock was about six
inches and circumcised covered in veins as her thrust violently into Sue
she climaxed he continued to thrust and ram his member home for about ten
minutes before shooting his load into her pussy I counted her having three
orgasms. The next was a coloured boy about seventeen years old his cock
was eight inches but thick, I knew sue had always wanted to fuck a black
man and her eyes sparkled as she saw the magnificent black cock before her.
He mounted sue and began to pump his thick black meat deep into her womb,
she clawed at his buttocks to pull him in deeper and soon climaxed once
more, as he shot his load I could see the sperm leaking from Sue's
stretched pussy, he rolled of and Sue leant across and sucked his cock
clean. By now I was becoming a little worried as Sue had only fucked five
of us and was looking tired.

The next four lads that fucked her were quite boring a quick pump and
shoot and then roll of but Sue was looking exhausted, I gave her a cold
bottle of Bud and she held it against her swollen pussy lips before taking
a long gulp and passing the sticky bottle back to me. News of t he even
had obviously spread as the two girls had returned with on of the guys from
earlier, they sat on the bed either side of Sue and wiped her brow with a
towel offering words of encouragement. Number ten was a body builder type
and his cock looked small in comparison to the rest of his body but I am
sure it was adequate, he rested on his hands and inserted the tip of his
cock between Sue's swollen wet lips, he slowly inserted and withdrew with
great control and I could see Sue thrusting towards him in desperation.
Sue climaxed several times before he eventually speeded up his thrust and
emptied his balls deep in her body, there were now only two in the queue
but the five that had not participated and the one guy that returned with
the girls were being encouraged to join the back of the line. Number
eleven was a little boring cumming after about six rapid thrusts but Sue
looked relieved as she was wiped down by the girls. Number twelve's cock
was long and slim at least eleven inches long but no thicker than two of my
fingers, he thrust deep into her love hole and sucked franticly on her tits before shooting his load deep inside her body. Number thirteen was a
half-cast lad with a six inch circumcised cock he rammed his shaft into sue
and climaxed almost immediately Sue looked at one of the girls and sighed.
There was no one else in line, the girls wiped her again and asked her if
she wanted to continue, when she nodded the blonde girl motioned her
boyfriend who had been watching to come to the front.

"Come on Colin, give this poor girl some serious loving" she said to her

Colin stepped up to the bed and unzipped his trousers dropping them to
the floor, his cock was amazing he was circumcised and about twelve inches
long and thicker than Sue's forearm, Sue looked in amazement as the monster
cock approached her swollen pussy.

"Don't worry darling this one will satisfy you" the blonde girl said.

Sue smiled and then grimaced as Colin pushed the head of his cock into
her swollen hole, he began to thrust slowly but rhythmically into her pussy and Sue had climax after climax as he made love to her for about thirty
minutes. His girlfriend encouraged him as he fucked her and eventually he
exploded within her, Sue kissed Colin and his girlfriend and as he withdrew
her lips remained parted the sperm was running from her hole like a small
stream. A couple of the lads wanted a second chance but Sue declined and
the girls showed her to the bathroom where she cleaned up when she returned
she looked tired but happy. I decided it was time to take Sue home and we
left on the way home we chatted about the events of the night, I was so
horny but I knew that Sue would be a bit sore and decided that she should
be allowed to sleep.

We arrived home and entered the housed quietly so that we did not wake
anyone, as we ascended the stairs and entered our room we saw Carrie asleep
in our bed with her boyfriend they woke and Carrie started crying.

"Please, please, please don't tell my mum!" Carrie sobbed.

Sue went out to the bathroom and the boyfriend beat a hasty retreat
dressing as he left. I went down and let him out before licking the door,
I went back upstairs and Sue was comforting Carrie.

"You get in bed darling I will take Carrie to her room!" I said. Sue
agreed and Carrie followed me to the spare room, as she climbed into her
bed and covered up I sat on the edge of the bed.

"Please don't tell my mum?" she sobbed again.

I stroked her face

"I am sorry darling I have to let your mum know!" I said.

She began to cry uncontrollably and again she begged me not to tell her

I put my arm around her and comforted her.

"Please, please don't tell!" she said.

I looked into her eyes.

"Please, please I will do anything if you don't tell." She sobbed.

I had been waiting for those words and knew that I would never have an
opportunity like this again, I slipped my hand under the duvet and cupped
her breast her eyes opened wide and she looked horrified as she realised
what the price of my silence was going to be. She did not resist and I
slid my hand down under her night dress, she began to sob quietly but I was
as horny as hell and had fantasised about this moment for a long time. I
lifted the duvet got under it and lay down beside her, as I kissed her and
gently stroked her face she began to calm down and relax.

"What about your wife?" she asked.

"She will be asleep!" I replied.

I kissed her on the lips and she responded by kissing me back, I eased
her nightdress over her head and gently stroked and caressed her body she
became aroused and kissed me passionately. As we kissed I removed my
clothing she pulled my shirt over my head and I kicked my trousers and
boxers off, as she felt my cock land on her thigh her hand reached down and
wrapped around my shaft, she again kissed me passionately. I began to feel
guilty and worried about the consequences of taking advantage of this sweet
girl and offered to leave but she just kissed me passionately.

"Are you on the pill or anything?" I asked.

"Yes" she replied.

I kissed her once more before pulling back the duvet, as I gazed at her
slender young body I could see her perfect pink pussy lips covered in a
fine dark down, her breasts were firm and round about the size of half a
grapefruit. I moved down the bed and kissed her knee then her inner thighs
working my way slowly to her pussy, as I spread her legs she gasped as I
hesitated around her silky white thigh's teasing just inches away from her
pussy lips. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and began to eat her silky
smooth pussy, slowly licking the entire length of her slit flicking around
her clit with the tip of my tongue, her juices began to flow and as I
lapped them up I could taste the presence of her boyfriends juices mixed
with hers. I reached up and caressed her breasts and soon she was groaning
with pleasure I managed to bring her to climax several times as I ate her
beautiful young pussy, I moved up the bed and lay beside her again.

"Did you like that?" I asked.

She just smiled and looked into my eyes.

"You are so beautiful, I will do anything that you want me to do." I
said. She smiled and kissed me.

"Anything?" she asked.

"Yes!" I assured her.

She blushed and struggled to get the words out.

"Let me fuck your son when I baby sit, I think he is really cute!" she

"OK! But first you have to show me what you want to do to him!" I said.

Carrie smiled and giggled quietly.

"He's only twelve I want to make sure that if you teach him about sex
you teach him properly" I said.

She blushed and kissed me suddenly turning around and taking the tip of
my cock into her mouth, I manoeuvred her body right around and lifted her
leg over my head so that her pussy was over my mouth. She began to suck on
my cock and take more into her mouth I began to eat her beautiful pussy once more and moved her hand so that she pulled my foreskin back slightly
she bobbed her head up and down my shaft and as I licked her clit she

"I am about to come!" I warned her.

She continued to suck and lick pulling my foreskin all the way back I
continued to lick the entire length of her slit and round her anus she
climaxed again and I shot my load into her mouth, she gasped and gagged a
little I could feel the sperm running down my shaft. As she moved and lay
back down next to me I wiped myself with my tee shirt and kissed her

"Well that's not a bad start, what's next?" I asked.

"Then I will fuck him." She said.

"Show me?" I said smiling.

She blushed and took my cock in her hand, I encouraged her to climb on
top and positioned her young pussy above my cock, she began to push against
me but she was to tight for penetration, I drew my foreskin forward so that
it turned in on itself and placed the gathered skin against her opening.
She pushed down again and I took hold of her slim waist, I applied a little
pressure and the head of my cock began to squeeze into her tight opening
suddenly it popped in halfway and I could see her eyes watering. I held
her still and pulled her head down towards me kissing her gently on the
cheek, she smiled but I could see the pain in her eyes.

"Easy there is no rush, wait until you are ready." I whispered.

She sat up and pushed herself down one more time as she did so I watched
my seven-inch cock disappear her pussy lips were really stretched and I
could see a speck of blood on my shaft, slowly she began to move up and
down my shaft I have never seen anything so amazing as her beautiful
teenage pussy engulfing my cock. I pulled her down and towards me and
probed her mouth with my tongue as I gently thrust my cock into her tight
warm hole as she climaxed her muscle contractions brought me to the most
amazing climax I can ever remember to this day. I began to shoot my load
deep inside her slender body and the tightness of her pussy made the
sensation unbelievable as the sperm had to force its way past the
restricted base of my cock, Carrie collapsed on top of me and I cuddled her
as my erection subsided within her. Carrie fell asleep in my arms and I
slowly withdrew my member from its warm comfortable sheath, I knew I had to
leave it was getting light outside and I did not want my son to find me in
bed with the girl that was going to seduce him sometime soon.

I lay Carrie down and tucked her in before gathering my clothes and
creeping across the landing to my own room, Sue woke as I entered the room
and looked at me with a wry smile on her face.

"Well!" she said.

"Well we can hardly tell her mum now can we!" I replied.

I climbed on top of Sue and made love to her gently whilst telling her
in great detail about my love making with Carrie, she was like an animal especially when I told her that I had given Carrie permission to seduce our
son after we both climaxed we cuddled up and chatted before going to sleep.
We decided that we would ask Carrie to baby sit tonight and give her the
opportunity to seduce Peter, we knew he was ready for this as there were
some tell tale signs on his sheets when they came down for washing. What I
did not tell Sue was that I was going to hide a camera in the spare room
and one in Peter's room to film the seduction, I could hardly sleep with
the anticipation of what was going to happen that night.

We woke and went down at about nine Peter was sitting in front of the
TV, when we had made breakfast I asked Peter to go and call Carrie.

"Pull the duvet off of her or she will go back to sleep!" I said knowing
that she would probably still be naked under the duvet.

Peter went upstairs and I explained to Sue what I had done, we listened
quietly and heard a small shriek but then nothing, I looked around the door
and up the stairs and saw Carrie casually dressing as she spoke with Peter
she was only wearing her panties at this point and Peter was getting a real
eyeful of her beautiful body. I walked back to the kitchen and told Sue
what I had seen, she smiled.

"Like father like son, I have caught him watching me getting dressed
once or twice." Sue said.

Carrie and Peter came into the kitchen and we sat down to eat breakfast
together, I noticed the tell tale sign of a lump in Peter's short's and
knew that he would probably lose his virginity tonight.

"Carrie are you doing anything tonight?" I asked.

"No why?" She replied.

"We were wondering if you could come around and look after Peter tonight
while we went out again?" I said.

"OK!" Carrie said blushing slightly she obviously understood what I
meant when I said Look-After.

Carrie went home after breakfast and Peter went shopping with his mum
leaving me alone in the house to make my preparations for later.

to be continued..........


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