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Confessions of a pervert Chapter 4


!!! The following document contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of 21you should turn of your computer and go to bed NOW!!!

Confessions of a pervert.

Chapter Four, The Seduction of Peter

I had recently purchased three wireless colour web-cams intending to set
up security cameras around the property and Gotcha! (Security software
that sensed motion and started recording instantly) I installed the cameras
discretely in the Lounge, Spare Room & Peter's room and tested the quality
of the recording by closing the curtains and entering each room with the
light on "One-Two-Three" I said to check the sound levels. When I watched
the recording I was pleasantly surprised by the quality I made certain that
I hade sufficient hard disk space to record several hours of footage and
set the program to run automatically at seven-thirty p.m. before locking
the computer cabinet to make sure my secret was not discovered.

Sue and Peter returned from their shopping trip and showed me the things
that they had purchased, Sue had brought Peter some new socks and several
pairs of boxers, a typical woman worried that her son would be seduced and
not have clean under-ware. We spent the day as a family watching tv and
generally spending some quality time together, after dinner Carrie arrived
and Sue and I got ready to go out when we were ready we looked in and
Carrie and Peter were sitting on the couch watching TV, they both blushed a
little and I realised that we had almost caught them in a compromising
position (If only they knew).

"OK Peter behave and do everything Carrie tells you we will be back
about twelve." I said.

Carrie blushed a little more she had obviously understood.

"Bye darling have fun!" Sue said as we left the house.

We spent the evening driving around and went for a meal, the time
dragged a little I told Sue about the cameras and she was a little annoyed
at first calling me sexually depraved.

"Who fucked thirteen blokes last night darling?" I said sarcastically.

"And two girls" she replied.

She then went on to explain that she had made love to the two girls after her shower, in all four of her fantasies had been fulfilled last
night (a gang-bang, a black cock, a monster cock, and another woman) and
one of mine (Carrie). We agreed that we were both perverted and decided to
find a public place to make love somewhere that we could easily be caught.
We ended up in the pub car park making love in a dark corner only feet away
from the door where people were coming and going all the time, a car pulled
in and parked behind us, the couple sat watching us as we gave them a show
they will never forget. They eventually went inside and we decided to go
home it was about 10:50pm. We went in and the lights were off down stairs,
we went straight to our room and got ready for bed, I locked the door and
turned the computer monitor on, the lights were of in both rooms but I
could hear Carrie and Peter clearly when I monitored the camera in Peter's

"Don't worry they have locked the door that means they are going to have
sex they will be ion there for hours." Peter said.

"Shhhh!" Carrie replied.

I stopped the recording and started to replay the footage and Sue and I
sat naked on the edge of the bed watching. I started at the point just
before we went out Peter and Carrie both sitting on the couch.

"I am sorry about pulling your covers off this morning I thought you
wore a night dress for bed." Peter said.

"Yes I was a bit hot last night, and this morning when you watched me
getting dressed." Carrie said.

Peter blushed profusely and Carrie leant over and kissed him on the
cheek, this was the point at which we disturbed them after we had left they
continued to watch the TV.

"Did you like watching me this morning?" Carrie asked.

Peter nodded his head yes.

Carrie moved closer to Peter and put her arm around him before kissing
him on the cheek.

"I liked you watching me this morning it made me feel good." She said.

"OK." said peter. Carrie placed her hand on Peter's leg and stroked his
thigh bringing her hand to rest on his cock, Peter looked a little uneasy
but just sat motionless.

"I would love to see you naked!" said Carrie.

Peter did not reply.

"Will you let me see this?" Carrie asked gently squeezing his cock.

Peter just nodded, Carrie began to undo his trousers then stood him up
and pulled them down, he stood in front of her his small penis forming a
tent in his boxers, Carrie took his penis between her fingers and sucked the tip through his boxers, Peter shook and Carrie pulled down his boxers.
Peters hairless four inch cock stood proud from his body and Carrie began
to rub back and forth as she sucked the end before taking his whole cock
and his balls into her mouth Peter rested his hands on her head Carrie
pulled back and looked at Peter.

"Does that feel good?" she asked.

"Yyesss!" Peter replied.

"Can you come yet?" Carrie asked.

"YES!" Peter replied.

"Do you want me to make you come?" She asked.

"Yes." Peter replied.

Carrie took his cock into her mouth again and started to furiously suck
and bob as she stroked his balls when Peter began to shake I saw a small
amount of cum run down Carrie's cheek, she was eagerly drinking the rest.
Paul sat down next to Carrie and she removed the rest of his clothes, she
kissed him on the lips and once again started to caress his cock.

"Do you like that?" She asked.

Peter nodded.

"Do you want to see me naked again?" she asked.

He nodded again.

"Then you will have to undress me." She said.

She stood up and motioned Peter to do the same, he stood next to her and
lifted her top over her head she had a white training bra on and he
unclipped it at the front as it fell away he gently place a hand on each
breast, he began to unzip her jeans and she kicked off her shoes. He
pulled down her jeans and she stepped out of them, now she stood there in
just a pair of tiny white panties, Peter stepped back and looked at
Carrie's perfect body.

"And these," Said Carrie as she pulled the front of her panties away
from her stomach giving Peter a glimpse of her sparse pubic hair.

Peter knelt down and slowly pulled the whit panties down to her ankles,
Carrie stepped out of them and stood totally naked before him. She then
kissed him passionately on the mouth and took hold of his small cock
rubbing it gently back and forth.

"Do you want me to show you how to fuck, put this into my pussy.

Peter nodded.

"If you want me to fuck you, you have to ask me, say please fuck me!"
she said.

"Please fuck me." Peter said nervously.

Carrie Laid Peter on the floor and knelt over him lowering her love hole over his boyish cock, as she managed to get him inside her he began to moan
quietly as she began to bounce up and down on his cock she placed his hands
on her breasts and told him to squeeze them. After a few minutes Peter
began to tense and then he shot his first load into a girl, Carrie kissed

"You were great do you want to take me upstairs to your room and I can
show you some other things we can do together?" Carrie asked.

Peter nodded and Carrie kissed him she picked up the clothes and led
Peter by the hand from the room.

They appeared back on camera in Peter's room and climbed into his bed
under the duvet before turning the light off. I paused the replay and set
it to repeat from the start to this point, we were both so horny after
watching our son lose his cherry to the babysitter that we made love for
the next few hours while we watched the recording over and over again. I
heard the door of Peter's room and then the spare room we assumed that
Carrie had returned to her room, after leaving it for a while to give Peter
a chance to get to sleep I monitored the cameras in each room.

I could hear nothing in Peter's room but Carrie still had the light on
and she was masturbating on top of the bed, I put on a robe and went to
check that Peter was sleeping, I went to Carries room she jumped when I
opened the door and pulled down her night dress.

"Sue would like a quick word," I said.

Carrie followed me into our room and Sue was still watching the replay
on the computer, Carrie was shocked when she saw herself on the PC but sat
on the bed next to Sue.

"Carrie I noticed you were trying to make yourself come in there do you
want your pussy eating while you watch this?" I asked.

Carrie did not respond, I sat next to her on the bed and lifted her
night dress over her head, Sue knelt on the floor and ate her pussy while
she watched herself fucking Peter, Sue soon had Carrie gasping with
pleasure and I had to kiss her to stifle her groans in case she woke Peter.
We soon had Carrie in the middle of our bed and Sue and I made love to her
until daylight, her youth was so sexy, when Sue used her vibrator to bring
Carrie to a climax Carrie cried out so loud that I was worried that her
mother may have heard her next door.

Sue took Carrie back to the spare room and returned some five minutes
later I cuddled up to Sue and we went to sleep in each others arms, when we
woke I checked the cameras and saw that Peter was in Carries bed getting
some further tuition in the sixty-nine position we watched them as we made
love and you could have knocked me down with a feather when Peter said to
Carrie, "I want to fuck you like my friend Ben did to my mum, in the arse
he said it was really good!" Sue and I looked at each other shocked by the
fact that our son knew about our sex session with his friend, we turned off
the cameras and went down stairs.

We would have to talk to Peter and Ben if any one else ever found out
about this we would almost certainly get locked up, what a mess we were
certainly going to have to be more careful in future.

To be continued………..


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