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Confessions of a pervert Chapter 5


!!! The following document contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of 21you should turn of your computer and go to bed NOW!!!

Confessions of a pervert.

Chapter Five. Ben Returns.

We decided that as we were due to go on holiday in a few weeks that we
would ask Carrie to come along with us her parents would not suspect
anything as she had come away with us before to watch Peter when we went
out in the evenings. We had a chalet booked at a local park, I thought
that if Peter had a chance to sleep with Carrie for two weeks that it would
be a good incentive for him to say nothing.

"Carrie would you like to come away with us in two weeks?" I asked.

"Really" Carrie replied.

"Yes you could keep Peter company." I said.

Carrie ran from the room and went to tell Peter her news, after a few
minutes they returned both bubbling with excitement, they sat down and we
ate breakfast together.

"If we take you away together you have to promise that you won't tell
anyone about the grown up things we let you do, they may not understand." I

They both agreed and promised to keep our secrets.

"Can Carrie stay in my room when we go away?" asked Peter.

"If you promise to tell no-one not even your best friend." I said.

Peter promised and we all chatted about the things we could do while we
were away, Peter went with Carrie to ask her parents for permission for her
to come with us. The only thing I had to do now was to make sure that Ben
said nothing to anyone else, he was due to stay again this weekend and I
thought that having Sue talk to him would be more effective she agreed and
I decided to leave them alone for a while taking Peter out for an hour when
he arrived.

Friday evening Ben arrived and I took Peter out shopping to get some
things for the holiday, Sue stayed with Ben to have a chat about his
indiscretion in telling Peter about our seduction of him. We were out for
about ninety minutes and when we returned Sue was alone in the lounge and
Ben was just coming out of the shower, Peter went upstairs to show Ben his
new clothes for the holidays. Sue told me about their chat and that Ben
had blackmailed her into a further lovemaking session while we were out,
she told me the details of the lovemaking and that Ben would not say
anything but she may have to make love to him occasionally when he stayed

"I suppose that you will just have to grin and bare it!" I said

Sue smiled and we settled down to watch a video the boys came down and
joined us, the evening went of without event and the boys went to bed about
ten-thirty and we followed about an hour later, we were making love when
the door opened and Ben stood watching us.

"I can't sleep!" said Ben.

"Go to bed and Sue will come and tuck you in soon." I said.

Ben returned to his room and we continued to make love after some twenty
minutes Sue went to check on Ben the cameras were still in place and I
decided to turn on t he computer and watch. Sue was sitting on the bed and
talking to Ben.

"Look darling we have to be careful we cannot make love while Peter is
here because you told him about last time, if you tell anyone what we do we
won't be able to do it anymore." Sue said.

"I am sorry!" Ben said.

Sue kissed him on the fore head and tucked him in.

"May be tomorrow when his dad takes Peter to football if you promise not
to say anything to any one else." she said.

Ben settled down and went to sleep and Sue returned I had already turned
of the computer, Sue returned and we cuddled up as we made love for a
second time Sue told me of her conversation, I made her tell me the details
of her lovemaking with Ben earlier that day I also made her promise to
record all further sessions for me to watch as we made love, by now we had
quite a collection of home movies.

We woke and had breakfast and I set off to take Peter to football today
I was going to stay and watch him play, this would give Sue some time alone
in the house with Ben. The game went well and Peter scored twice I found
myself more interested in how many times Ben had managed to score and could
not wait to get home to see the recording. We arrived back at the house
and Ben sat in the lounge watching tv Sue was in the kitchen doing the
ironing, I suggested that Peter and Ben may like to walk up to McDonalds
and have lunch then go to the cinema they agreed they set off. I went to
the kitchen and asked Sue about the events of that morning while we were
out, she turned off the iron and led me to the bedroom and we settled down
on the bed to watch the latest recording.

Sue led Ben into the room they were both wearing bath-robes she
explained that they had just showered together, as they kissed Ben ripped
the robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, before dropping
his own, I saw that Sue had something in her hand but could not make out
what this was. Within seconds Ben had Sue on her back and was fucking her
in the missionary position, then I realised what Sue had in her hand it was
her small silver vibrator she licked the end and placed it against Ben's
anus. As she turned on the vibrator and started to insert it I knew how
intense the pleasure that Ben was feeling was I had received this treatment
many times. Before long they were both groaning wildly in the throws of
ecstasy. By this time I had removed my clothes and Sue's robe and she was
sitting on my cock as we watched. Ben continued to stay inside Sue and
they repeated the process several times, this lad was a junior sex maniac I
thought to myself, after the third or fourth orgasm Ben rolled off and I
could see the beads of cum stringing between them.

"Now that you have made that mess inside me, you can lick it all out!"
Said Sue.

Ben eagerly obliged and began to lick and suck his cum from her pussy,
as he did so Sue coached him on how to bring a woman to orgasm this way, he
soon got the idea and had Sue climaxing once more. He then lay next to Sue
and whispered something into her ear she smiled before they both climbed
off of the bed he positioned her bending over the chair and slammed his
cock into her anus with such ferocity that she cried out in pain. This
appeared to excite him even more and he began to furiously ram his cock
into her arse, I could see that Sue was actually enjoying this by now and
she ordered him to fuck her harder he tried to oblige. Eventually he shot
his load into her arse and withdrew then she leant Ben over the chair and
produced a strap on dildo that I had brought her some years earlier it was
at least ten inches long and as she applied KY to his small butt he
giggled. As she introduced the Dildo to his anus I thought that it would
never fit, to my surprise he pushed back and it disappeared entirely as she
fucked him he cried out in pleasure.

"If I get my husband to fuck you like this do you promise that you will
never tell any one our secrets and wait until we offer to fuck you?" Sue

"I promise, I promise!" Ben said.

"OK I will ask him later but if you tell anybody else anything that we
do I will never let you stay here again." She said.

I could not believe my eyes or ears Sue explained that she would take
Peter shopping later if I agreed to do what he wanted. She finished
fucking him with the strap-on and gave him a blow-job before they kissed
and left the room.

We both climaxed and got dressed and I began to think about the fucking
I would give Bens arse later, we both dressed and went down to finish the
housework. Ben and Peter returned about six and Sue asked Peter if he
would go and help her with the shopping.

"I think that Tony has something for Ben to do!" She added.

Ben smiled as Sue and Peter left the house.

"What do you want me to do?" Ben asked.

" Go and wait in your room until I come." I said.

He went to the spare room and I went to our room and set the computer to
record before joining him.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked excitedly.

"Take all of your clothes off!" I said.

He immediately stripped naked and stood before me.

"Now what?" he asked.

"On your knees and suck my cock!" I ordered.

He did as I commanded and as he was doing so I told him that I was going
to fuck his arse for telling Peter about our games two weeks ago. I held
his head and pushed shooting my load deep into his throat, he gagged a
little but licked my balls and cock clean.

"Now bend over that chair!" I said sternly.

He obliged and I applied some KY to his arse,.

"Now how do you want this soft or hard?" I asked.

"HARD!!" he replied.

I quickly shoved my cock into his anus and held his waist as I fucked
him roughly, I reached around his waist and began to masturbate him as I
fucked him, to my surprise his sperm filled my hand almost immediately.

"Now lick that off." I said offering my hand he eagerly obliged.

As I shot my load deep into his teenage anus he collapse over the chair
I slowly with drew and made him lick me clean again he obliged willingly we
both cleaned ourselves up and set off downstairs. It wasn't long before
Sue and Peter returned and Sue gave me a wicked smile.

"Did you get your chores done darling?" she asked sarcastically.

I nodded and helped fetch the shopping in, we had dinner and it was time
for me to take Ben home, I dropped him off and said that we would see him
after the holiday. Ben it later turned out was a horny little bastard who
could not get enough, as well as fucking me and Sue he was also fucking or
getting fucked by Peter his younger sister and his elder brother and
several other friends from school.

To be continued………….


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