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Confessions of a pervert Chapter 6


!!! The following document contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of 21you should turn of your computer and go to bed NOW!!!

Confessions of a pervert.

Chapter Six. The holiday.

I had been looking forward to the holiday and a break from work and
eventually the day came round and we were due to leave early the next
morning, Carrie was staying the night so that we did not have to wake her
parents. Carrie stayed in Peter's room the first time for two weeks that
he had seen her and we all got an early night, I switched the camera on in
Peter's room and we watched and listened as we made love. Carrie and Peter
were kissing and undressing each other and then they lay on the bed on top
of the duvet it was a warm night Sue and I were doing the same. Then they
got into the sixty-nine position with Carrie on top and Peter began to eat
her pussy while she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, Sue straddled
me and sat with her back to me as and we both watched I fucked her warm wet

Before long they had both climaxed Carrie several times and Peter rolled
Carrie onto her back and began to make love to her in the missionary
position, Carrie leant across and produced a six inch long life-like
vibrator from her bag, she applied a little spit to the and began to insert
it into Peters anus, he was groaning in ecstasy I new that some one had
been talking. We watched as she inserted the whole length deep into his
arse as he continued to fuck her, before long we could hear them both
groaning and as he climbed off her he immediately went down and licked his
juices from her pussy. Then Peter took the vibrator and began to insert it
deep into Carries love hole she took his hand and showed him how to
stimulate her clitoris without penetration she climaxed several times and
then climbed on top of him.

"I want to go to sleep with your cock inside me tonight." Carrie said as
she lowered her love hole engulfing his boyish cock.

She fucked him for a while and after he came instead of withdrawing they
cuddled up and chatted with his soft cock still inside her and went to
sleep. I decided that this sounded like a good idea and turned Sue around
to lye on top of me we made love and also fell asleep with my limp cock
still inside its warm sheath. When the alarm went off at five a.m. I was
still inside Sue and we made love once more before getting up I looked at
the computer and saw Carrie walk naked from the room towards the bathroom
and decided to meet her on the way also naked, Peter was still asleep.

"You dirty old bastard!" Sue said with a smile.

I walked in the bathroom and Carrie was just getting into the shower
needless to say I joined her and lifted her by her slender waist she
wrapped her legs around me and I managed to position my cock against her
pussy opening eventually sliding her onto my cock like a sheath. As we
kissed and fucked in the shower I was aware of some one entering the
bathroom and turned around startled.

"You should lock the door darling, anyone could have walked in!" Sue
said as she locked the door and sat down to watch.

I soon filled Carrie with my hot juices and after withdrawing I placed
her down and washed her silky smooth body meanwhile Sue was already naked
and waiting for the shower. Carrie and I dried and left leaving Sue to
shower in peace, Peter came from his room heading for the bathroom and as
the door was partially open he walked straight in.

I dressed and went back to the bathroom to clean my teeth Peter was in
the shower with his mum, he was washing Sue's back all quite innocently but
I could not help noticing the erection rubbing against her legs and
buttocks. Sue then began to wash Peter and they stepped out and dried each
other off.

"I told Peter to get in the shower with me as we are running a little
late!" said sue.

It was now 5:45 a.m. and we were due to leave at six I made some coffee
and loaded the car then we were away, we were going to a holiday camp for a
fortnight and we had a three hour drive ahead of us. We got in the car and
set off about ten minutes late, Carrie and Peter were soon snuggled up
together in the back seat sleeping and the drive down went uneventfully we
arrived about half past nine and went to reception to book in. the
chalet's would not be ready for about an hour so Peter and Carrie went of
exploring while Sue and I went for a cup of coffee, we met back at the
booking hall at ten-thirty.

The chalets were separate because of the late addition Carrie to the
booking we had a double bed and a single in one chalet and two singles in
the next, Peter and Carrie moved their stuff into the twin and Sue and I
unpacked next door. I could hear plenty of giggling and frolicking from
their room as they unpacked, then they came to our chalet and said they
were of to explore and they would meet us back here at dinnertime
six-thirty. We also set of to explore the site there were plenty of
activities and we bumped into Carrie and Peter a couple of times during the
day, that afternoon we decided to go swimming and as we stood in the pool
talking Sue spotted several fit young men that she pointed out as fit and
fuckable. Now we had separate chalet's there was an opportunity for us to
have some fun as well, as we left one of the guy's in question was getting
changed next to me. We got talking his name was Dave he was eighteen and
was here with his parents and younger sister, we left together and met Sue
outside the changing room Dave joined us for a drink in the bar and Sue was
soon flirting with him.

"I liked your trunks Dave, they don't leave much to the imagination."
Sue said.

Dave blushed a little and Sue smiled, I could see that Dave already had
the beginning of an erection in his tight jeans, I am sure he had noticed
that Sue had no bra on as her nipples were standing proud and the darkness
was showing through her white tee shirt. We arranged to meet Dave later
that evening in the main bar and went back to our chalet, when we returned
we could hear Carrie and Peter were in next door and from the sounds of it
they were not alone I went around to check on them and found another girl in their chalet her name was Amanda she was about the same age as Peter
blonde and extremely pretty with a slim well toned body and breasts that
were barely formed about the size of walnuts.

"OK then you three see you later." I said and returned to our chalet.

Sue and I lay on top of the bed and listened, we could clearly hear the
giggling and laughter from next door and just about make out some of the
conversation, it was clearly of a sexual nature and it sounded as if both
of the girls were flashing their tits to Peter. Sue and I were soon naked
and making love on the bed suddenly the door burst open and in came Peter,
Carrie and Amanda catching Sue astride me they all giggled as I rolled Sue
of and covered us both with the duvet.

"We are off out now won't be long." said Peter.

"Ok darling back by six-thirty." said Sue.

We both laughed as they left and went back to our lovemaking, we
showered and dressed and waited for the kids to return when they did Amanda
was still with them and this time they knocked.

"Come in!" I shouted.

"I thought we had better knock this time we don't want to shock Amanda
again." Carrie said as they walked into our room.

Amanda blushed and Peter put his arm around her protectively, I could
see that Peter was a little taken by her and was not surprised she was a
stunning child, it turned out that she only lived about five miles from us
and that she knew Ben. We all went of for dinner and Amanda came with us
she explained that she was there alone with her mum her dad had left some
years earlier and she was to meet her mum at the dining hall. We arrived
and collected out meals then joined Amanda and her mum at a table as we
began eating Dave came in and asked if he could join us, we all sat
together and chatted Amanda's mother Carol was also very attractive about
the same build as Sue but her breasts were at least a 32DD, we finished
dinner and invited Carol and Amanda to join us in the bar that evening.

We all went our separate ways and got ready for an evening out, we
arrived at the clubroom and grabbed a table, Dave arrived next and joined
us then Carol and Amanda. The kids decided they wanted to go out to the
fair and I told them top stay together, we all sat around and chatted and
enjoyed a few drinks by the time the children returned at ten-thirty we
were all pretty drunk. All evening Sue had been flirting with Dave and I
with Carol at eleven the bar closed and we left about twenty minutes later.

"Do you fancy coming around to us for a night cap!" I asked.

"No I will have to get Amanda back." Said Carol.

"She will be alright in with Peter and Carrie watching tv for a while!"
I said.

We all headed back and Amanda went in with Carrie and Peter while we
went in for a drink, I opened a bottle of Brandy and we had a few drinks by
now Sue was getting really friendly with Dave and I had kissed Carol a few
times, but Carol insisted on going back I said I would fetch Amanda. I
went next door and found the beds pushed together and Peter in the middle
being kissed and fondled by both girls, I returned to our chalet.

"Amanda has fallen asleep in Carrie's bed she can stay there and I will
walk her round in the morning." I said.

Carol was to drunk to argue but still insisted on going back, I offered
to walk her back to her chalet and we left Sue and Dave alone. As we got
to Carol's chalet she said goodnight, I kissed her and soon we were
fumbling and ripping at each other's clothes as we entered the bedroom. I
removed her blouse and unfastened her bra and her breasts sprung free, I
began to remove her Jeans and as I did so her panties came off with them to
reveal her shaven pussy in all its glory.

""Wait what about your wife?" Carol asked.

"Dave will have her clothes off and be fucking her by now." I replied.

"Don't you mind?" Carol asked.

"No we have sex with whoever we want but we always come back to each
other." I said as I put my head between Carol's legs and began to eat her
shaved pussy with vigour.

I fondled her huge breasts as I sucked on her clit and soon she was
groaning with pleasure after several climaxes she pulled me up next to her
and we kissed passionately, before she climbed over my and sank her pussy over my shaft. Carol was much tighter than I had expected and her breasts hung over my face I began to greedily suck on her nipples, we made love for
about an hour and then Carol fell asleep. I decided to go back and join
Sue and Dave, I walked back to the chalet and decided to check on the
children the beds were now parted Carrie was in her own bed and Amanda was
in with Peter I decided that I should put Amanda in with Carrie in case
anyone found them. I Pulled back the duvet and saw Amanda's perfect body
naked I stood and stared for a while before picking her up, I moved her
into Carries bed and rubbed my hand gently against her crotch and breast as
I lifted Carrie's Duvet she opened her eyes and I said "Shhh its ok" I
placed her in the bed next to Carrie and covered her up. I then covered
Peter up and left locking the door behind me the sight and feel of Amanda's
body had me aching below my cock was straining against my trousers.

I entered our chalet to find Sue astride Dave he looked across worried
at first and Sue reassured him I removed my clothes and climbed on the bed
behind Sue inserting my rock hard cock into her anus. As I fucked her from
behind I could feel Dave's cock against mine as he thrust in from below, it
was not long before I shot my load deep into her arse and all I could think
about was Amanda's naked body in my arms earlier. Dave and I lay on either
side of Sue and we made love to her until the early hours when Dave decided
that he should go back, he left and I lay with sue and we compared our
experiences that evening.

As I told sue of my exploits she once again climbed on top of me and
straddled my cock as I described in detail the young body of Amanda she
became wild with passion, I knew that we would have to get Amanda to stay
with us and film her making love to Peter. The sight of their two naked
hairless perfect bodies next to each other was so arousing, I imagined what
it would be like to make love to her and shot my load with more force than
I can ever remember.

I woke early that morning and went to check on the children they were
all still sleeping but the duvet had been pulled by Carrie and Amanda's
naked young body was completely exposed, I rushed next door and got the
digital camera. After making sure the flash was off I took several
pictures of the sleeping beauty before covering her with the duvet, she
woke and climbed out of the bed not at all embarrassed by my presence as
she walked to the bathroom I followed her in.

"Are you ok!" I asked.

"Yes." She said as she sat on the toilet and began to pee.

I stood and watched for a moment and then left before I lost the last
bit of self-control I had, I returned to our room and showed the
photographs to Sue on the LCD display, needless to say we made love again
whilst looking at them. We both dressed and Sue went to call the children
for breakfast I walked Amanda back to her chalet and Sue took the others to
the dining hall for breakfast. As we walked I asked Amanda if she was on
the pill and she told me that her mum had put her on the pill a year ago,
that was a relief I also questioned her about her sexual history and she
told me that she had made love to several of her cousin's before.

"You have the most beautiful body I have ever seen I wish I were a lot
younger!" I told her acting a little bashful.

"I did notice you looking at me earlier!" She said smiling.

"And did you like me looking?" I asked.

"Yes!" she said blushing.

"Good then maybe you will let me look again sometime." I said.

She blushed and nodded her head, we arrived at her chalet, and went
straight in Carol was sitting at the table looking a little the worst for

"Hello darling, hope she wasn't any trouble. She said.

"No she was a perfect angel." I said.

"Are you coming down for breakfast?" I asked.

Carol pulled a face and stood up we set off for the dining hall as we
walked Amanda went off ahead.

"Was Sue alright about last night?" Carol asked.

"A little disappointed, I think she wanted to make love to you as well,
she ended up with Dave and me fucking her front and back when I returned."
I said.

Carol laughed.

"We could have done with you there to even up the numbers, and Dave has
taken a real shine to you he was on about your breasts the whole time." I

"Well we will have to see another night, I haven't had sex for almost a
year its hard with Amanda around all the time." She said.

"Don't worry she can stay with us anytime if you pull." I said.

"I may take you up on that." Carol replied.

We arrived at the dining hall and joined Sue and the kids for breakfast,
Carol settled for toast while we all enjoyed a full English. After
breakfast the kids had arranged to go swimming Peter and Carrie went to
fetch their costumes while Sue and I went back with Carol and Amanda,
Amanda got her costume and set off to meet Carrie and Peter leaving us
alone in their chalet. The conversation got around to the previous night
and I repeated the fact that Sue wanted to make love to Carol, both the
girls blushed and then I added it would be a great cure for a hangover. I
suggested that the girls made love while I watched however Carol was a
little bashful and said that she had never made love to a woman before.

"Ok I will leave you two alone and you can have some privacy!" I said.

I left and went to the chalet and fetched my costume and went swimming
with the kids, when I arrived they were already in the pool and I saw
Amanda wearing the tiniest light green bikini, in the water it became
almost transparent leaving little to the imagination. I noticed several
men and boys watching and as I joined the kids they swam to meet me, I
lifted Peter from the water putting my hand beneath him and threw him
across the pool, then Carrie only this time my thumb went between her legs
rubbing her clit as I lifted her the same thing with Amanda. This game
went on for quite a while and the girls came back more often than Peter,
after a while we got out of the pool and decided to go down to the beach,
we collected our clothes from the locker and walked to the beach in our

We frolicked in the sea and my hand slipped inside the girls costumes at
every opportunity there were few people about and I managed to insert a
finger inside Amanda's hairless pussy without drawing attention to myself,
she responded by taking hold of my cock through my shorts.

"That would feel much better in there." She whispered.

I almost came instantly, I wondered how Sue and Carol were getting on we
went back to the beach and laid on our towels, I took great pleasure in
applying sun lotion to all of the children including Peter I noticed his
cock swell in his trunks as I applied the cold lotion to his stomach, the
girls obviously noticed too as they both giggled. Peter rolled onto his
stomach to hide his embarrassment, the two girls then applied lotion to me
and I had to roll onto my stomach to hide an even larger embarrassment. We
lay on the beach and talked for a while before taking a final dip and
heading back to the chalet, Carrie and Peter went in with Amanda and I
could hear the giggling as they all changed, I changed into my shorts and
met them outside.

"We are going off to the fair now we will meet you all at the dining
hall at six-thirty." Carrie said as they ran off toward the amusements.

I went off to find Sue, when I arrived at Carol's chalet the door was
open and I walked in.

"Who's that?" Carol asked from the bedroom.

"Only me." I replied as I entered I saw them both naked on the bed.

"Room for a little one." I said as I removed my shorts and tee shirt and
joined them.

"So long as it's not too little!" Carol said sarcastically.

It was not long before I had Sue astride my cock and Carol astride my
face as I fucked and ate them they made love to each other above me, I
loved eating Carol's shaved pussy and after we had climaxed I suggested
that we should shave Sue before they changed ends. Carol went to the
bathroom and returned with the necessary and we soon had Sue lying on a
towel while Carol and I carefully shaved her black silky pubes.

"Looks good enough to eat!" Carol and I said together as we finished.

"Well eat the fucking thing then!" Sue said.

Carol positioned herself above Sue and they ate each other until they
climaxed as I watched then they both climbed over me and Carol climbed onto
my cock while Sue offered her freshly shaved pussy to my mouth, I sucked and played with her clit which was now more accessible and soon we all
climaxed again as I ate her smooth shaved pussy I fantasised about it being
Amanda. We all dressed and decided to go out for a while we walked down to
the bar and got some cold beers and sat outside, as we watched all the semi
naked bodies walking by Sue and Carol were both trying to annoy me by
flirting with other guys, this did not bother me in the slightest.

Over the next week things continued in much the same way and we has
threesomes with Dave or Carol on a regular basis but never managing to
persuade them both to stay there were only a couple of days left and I was
sorry that the holiday was coming to an end so soon. I went of for a walk
one morning alone through the sand dunes and met Amanda she was sitting
alone, she had been crying I sat next to her and asked what was the matter,
she explained that she did not want to go home she was so happy here and
she did not want to go back home again. I placed my arm around her
shoulder and explained that we would still see each other when we got back
and that she would be able to come and stay with us sometimes, she seemed
to cheer up and she kissed me on the cheek. I kissed her back and before I
knew it I was fondling her small breasts and had a hand slipped inside her
panties rubbing her clitoris, I removed her panties and placed them in my
pocket. She was completely naked apart from her flowered summer dress. I
unzipped my flies and allowed my cock top spring free, before lifting her
onto my lap, I placed her silky lips against the head of my cock and gently
lowered her onto my manhood, as the end popped into her love hole she was
so tight that I felt great discomfort as my foreskin came back hard. I
gently began to pump my meat inside her tender young body and the pain gave
way to ecstasy as her tight pussy completely engulfed my cock I rubbed her
breast trough her dress.

Suddenly I noticed two figures coming towards us an old couple with a
dog, they were too close to do anything I was scared to death that they
would realise what I was doing to this little girl, they strolled up and
stood before us.

"Nice day!" the old man said.

"Yeah great." I replied.

They stood there chatting for was seemed ages and all the time Amanda
was moving around on my cock, jiggling around and saying "Can we go and get
an ice cream daddy, please!" I could barely stop myself from coming and
groaning out in pleasure. Fortunately the old couple did not seem to
realise what was going on and they left I raised and lowered Amanda on my
cock three or four times and that was enough to send my sperm flowing deep
into her young body. I checked that no one was around before lifting her
off and licking the evidence of my crime from her silky smooth hole her
juices tasted so sweet. I handed her, her knickers and she quickly pulled
them on.

"Come on we had better get back." I said.

As we walked I told her again how she was the sexiest girl in the whole
world and that I really loved her, she lapped up the affection I showed
her, and when we returned she asked if we would be able to make love if she
came to stay, I promised her that we would as long as she never told
anyone. The last two days went quickly and we never did get Carol and Dave
in our bed together as we were leaving we exchanged phone numbers and
agreed to keep in touch, as we left there were many tears and I invited
Amanda to stay with us the following weekend arranging to pick her up. We
said our goodbye's and set of on our long journey home, I could think of
nothing else apart from Amanda and our love making on the beach all the way
back, I never did tell Sue that I had fucked her I don't know why it is the
only secret I have ever kept from her.

To be continued………….


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