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Copyright Hecate 2001
This poem may be downloaded for personal use.
It may not be reposted without permission.
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This poem contains scenes of an adult nature
and should not be made available to minors in
any jurisdiction. The author shall not be
responsible for the breaking of any local,
national or international laws by anyone who
in any way makes use of this poem. Please
follow the laws of your particular country,
region or local area and do not download or
read this poem if it is illegal to do so where
you live.

By Hecate (
Sending a message is easy to do,
But text can be cold and unfeeling
So why was it easy to connect to you,
And find every word so appealing?

A typo here and a typo there,
Means nothing when emotions are running
Spelling "becasue", adds to the affair,
If mistakes are shared, it's just stunning

Then little endearments are dropped as a stone
And ripple in the pool of desire
The things that are said, love that is shown,
Make you feel like you're on fire

Words are just words, or so it would seem,
Till you find someone to whom you relate
Then suddenly words make life seem a dream,
Because you've suddenly found a soul mate

Emotions entwine, taking but a short time
When two people find that they're matched
The joyfulness soon becomes so sublime,
And distant friends become strongly attached

Now the words and signals, flying over the Net
Become erotic even when pure
And each of the friends finds that they're wet
And can no longer pretend they're demure

And so it begins, with tales of confession,
The secrets that no one else knows
So you breathlessly wait for each new session,
As the desire within you just grows

Without any warning, and deep in the night,
She says, "oh god, I wish we could touch"
The way that she says it, just to excite,
Makes you almost come, it's too much

Words are well chosen, to start with at least,
As passion supplants what was chat
Nipples harden as desire's released,
And a pussy is no longer a cat
Words are still typed, though they're erratic,
And neither could care about spelling
But nobody minds, feeling so ecstatic,
The words are just as compelling

A hand on the keyboard, a hand on a breast,
A yearning for contact, a virtual caress
Juices flowing, your body undressed,
Warmth in your centre that you must press

Devouring the words, your hands move together,
You're trying to talk, but the typos abound
Your fingers caress, as light as a feather,
As they touch your clit, going round and round

Your body glows, you perspire and puff,
Juices flow, and your body twitches
Your mind's in turmoil, you can't get enough,
You're overwhelmed with sexual riches

Then you reach the peak, nothing else matters,
Your eye focus goes, your fingers a blur
The final stroke, your equilibrium shatters,
Your nerves explode; you so love her

And then you quieten and can type again,
Your fingers unsteady, breathing deep
Proclaiming your love, it feels so insane,
But *her* love shines through and you weep

So sending a message is easy to do,
But it needn't be cold and unfeeling
It was easy to connect, because she loved you,
And words of love are *always* appealing

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