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Cops Life

Keywords: MF
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: A Cop's Life

It's a Cop's Life
1993 2000 Knave of Hearts
I was sitting in the squad room, only half listening to the
sergeant's morning briefing, when I heard my name called.
"Johnson, you got speed control on highway 16." Great, I
thought, another day wasted sitting in the middle of nowhere on
the side of some two lane that goes nowhere. The briefing over,
I left with everyone else to walk down to the garage.

Half an hour later, I was sitting in my cruiser under a tree,
thoroughly prepared for a boring day catching yokels on their way
to town. I had just opened a book when the radar sounded.
Looking up at the display, I saw the red LEDs "78" as a sporty
red car sped past my hiding place.

Throwing the book on the floor, I threw dirt in the air pulling
onto the road. The red car's brake lights lit up as the driver
noticed me, bubble lights flashing in their rear view mirror. I
pulled them over into a shaded rest area, noticed that there was
only one person in the vehicle, and picked up my clipboard.

I am always jumpy when I walk up to a car. Too many good cops
are lying under a flag because some routine traffic stop decided
to settle out of court with a .357. My hand on my gun, I
approached the driver's window, unable to see the occupant
because of the heavily tinted windows. Just as I was going to
tap on the window with my clipboard the driver lowered the glass,
revealing a gorgeous blonde behind the steering wheel.

The sinking window revealed the girl like the curtain of a
theater opening to unveil the first act. She was looking up at
me with violet colored eyes, set off by a deep tan. "I'm sorry
officer," she said, brushing her long blonde hair back from her
face. Everything about this girl said class, from the red wool
blazer to the discrete expensive jewelry. "I must have been
going faster than I thought," she continued.

"I'm afraid you were going a lot faster than that," I said
pulling out my ticket book, "can I see your license and
registration please." As she dug the papers from her purse, I
got a good look at the way her jacket plunged to mid-chest, just
showing the cleft between her tan, brown breasts. From where I
was standing, the legs coming out of her short skirt weren't that
bad either.

"I don't think I have my registration with me," she said handing
me her license. I looked at it, expired last month.

"Please step out of the car." I used my best authority figure
voice, stepping back from the car door. Her exit from the low
sports car was all I had been hoping for, a nice peek of her lacy
bra and nice firm legs. Too bad I wasn't going to get any closer
to them.

I gestured toward my car. "Officer," she said hesitatingly, "I
was wondering if there was some way I could avoid the hassle of
another ticket." I looked over at her ready to respond with a
lecture on my duty when I stopped dead in my tracks.

Looking me straight in the eye, she had unbuttoned her double
breasted jacket and let it hang closed. Her slight movement gave
me glimpses of her lithe, tan body inside her jacket. Knowing
that a shrug would have exposed her to me, I was caught like a
deer in headlights. She must have sensed my interest and opened
her suit jacket, granting me the sight of her pert breasts in
their lace holder. Removing the jacket, she placed it on the
trunk of her car, never looking away from me.

The bulge in my pants was fairly obvious by this time, so she
continued her little strip tease. Removing the clips from her
hair, she ran her hands from her neck to the valley between her
breasts. Unsnapping the bra, she shrugged the straps from her
shoulders, slowly removing it and laying it on top of her jacket.
I'll give her one thing, she didn't need that bra, her little
tits stood round and firm from her chest like two cantaloupes.

Playing with one of her nipples with one hand, she slid the other
hand to her belt line and unhooked her skirt. She must have been
getting as aroused as I was since she pulled both skirt and
panties of in a single motion. She stood up, nearly nude, in
front of me in nothing but a garter belt and heels with the sound
of occasional traffic not twenty feet away.

Dropping my gun belt, I stepped toward her. I brushed a hair
from her cheek and angled her chin upwards for a kiss. The feel
of her skin was like silk as my hand traced her bare back
stopping at the top of her ass. Her hard nipple poked through my
uniform shirt as our tongues dueled feverishly.

I had just reached to fondle her tits when she dropped to her
knees. "Got to get you out of these pants," she said as her
manicured hands tore at my belt and zipper. She wasn't wasting
any time, yanking my pants and boxers around my knees. My cock,
stiff as an iron bar since the beginning of her strip show,
sprang out of confinement hitting her in the face.

I could tell she was an accomplished cock sucker the way she
swirled her tongue over the head of my dick before driving her
face forward until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I'm
don't have the largest cock in the world, but I've never found a
woman who has been able to suck my entire length. The feel of
her throat muscles contracting against the shaft made me see
stars. Just when I thought I was in heaven, she started
massaging my balls, lightly tickling first one then the other.
Leaning forward, I placed a hand on the trunk of her car. She
didn't miss a stroke, continuing to fondle my nads while deep
throating my cock.

She must have sensed that I was about to come. I felt my sack
tighten as she inserted a finger into my asshole, driving me over
the edge. My cock gushed sperm into her mouth, pulsing and
throbbing. She swallowed as much as she could, only a dribble
leaked out of the corner of her mouth. Running her little pink
tongue around her smudged lipsticked mouth, she said "Now it's my

She dragged me to the grass. Once I was on the ground, she began
to get my dick stiff again by running her entire body along the
sensitive ridge on the bottom of my penis. I reached down and
felt how wet her box was. Parting the dark pubes, I fingered her
erect clit with my middle finger. Slowly drawing circles lightly
on her nubbin, I tongued her nipples, making her gasp and grind
her hips against my hand.

The sight of this beautiful girl humping my hand like some whore
in heat was more than enough to revive my johnson. Rolling her
over, I spread her legs, intending to split her pussy in two with
my fleshy spike. "No" she gasped. No, I thought, it's a hell of
a time to say No! "From behind" she moaned, "Stick it in me from

Rolling on to her elbows and knees, she spread her legs offering
my her swollen twat. I positioned myself behind her, rubbing my
cock along the crease of her ass. Leaning forward, I grabbed on
of her tits and rolled the nipple between thumb and forefinger,
making her gasp and push herself against me.

Without releasing her tit, I moved my hips backward, aiming the
tip of my dick for her wet hole. She cried out as I ran my cock
to the hilt in a single stroke. I paused for a second, feeling
the sensation of her tight silky hole grasping my pole. Feeling
her push insistently against my hips, I started to fuck her with
long, slow strokes. Letting her feel every inch of my dick as I
pulled out of her, pausing for a split second, and then reversing
my motion to slowly impale her taut, lithe body on mine.

"Ungh. . .Unngh. . . More. . . Deeeeeeeper" She was moaning
incomprehensible, begging for me to give her enough to reach
orgasm. Not wanting to disappoint her, I picked up the pace. I
grabbed her hips with both hands, thrusting faster and faster
until our bodies were slapping together. She tossed her hair
wildly, continuing t grunt and groan as she got closer and closer
to coming. My balls slapped against her pussy as I drew her firm
ass against my hips, fucking her savagely.

Her body tensed and she pushed my cock deep into her secret
recesses. I felt her cunt convulse around my dick, milking it
with its velvet softness. Throwing my head back, I blew my load
inside her. It felt like my orgasm shook my entire body,
squeezing every last drop of sperm from my balls.

We collapsed together onto the summer grass. My cock still
inside her, I held her close, feeling her heart racing and the
heat of her freshly fucked body. She turned, popping my cock
from her well, and kissed me deeply. Without saying a word, she
stood and went to her car. Quickly dressing, she came back to me
long enough to give my dick a short squeeze and me a peck on the

Tucking my deflating dick back into my pants, I buckled my gun
belt back on. Climbing into my car, I noticed two things: it was
lunch time and I had written her name and address in my ticket

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