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Counseling Sessions


"Counseling Sessions"

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I had to go to my counseling
appointment. I hated counseling. It was my mother's idea; I didn't
really have to go, since I was 20 years old. I only went to the first session
t make my mother happy. I continued going because my counselor was so

I'd been going to see Brad for about two months now.
He was so easy to talk to, and pretty easy on the eyes
as well. He was tall with black hair, brown eyes and a perfect body.

I arrived at his office and waited for him in the waiting room. I
was sitting and reading a magazine when Brad came in and greeted me with
his wonderful smile.

BRAD: Hey April, how are you?
ME: I'm surviving, how about you?
BRAD: I'm doing good, let's go into my office.

I stood up and followed him into his office. When we got in there, I
sat down on the couch and he sat down next to me. I could feel my
temperature rising. I was ready to jump and seduce him.

BRAD: So how have you been since last week?
ME: I've been okay. Alittle tired, but okay. I haven't been depressed.
I mean, I'm not overflowing with happiness, but I'm not as depressed
BRAD: Well that's better. That's good. Anything responsible for this
ME: Well, there's this guy I really like. He's handsome and sweet. He's
a really nice guy.
BRAD: Oh good, how did you guys meet?
ME: My mom introduced us.
BRAD: Do you think he feels the same about you?
ME: I doubt it. I've thought about asking, but he'd probably run away
BRAD: Oh April, he would not. I think you should tell him how you feel.
ME: Really? What if he doesn't like me?
BRAD: Well then hes not worth it anyway. I see no reason why he wouldn't
like you. Your sweet, nice, attractive and funny.
ME: You are just saying that cause you have to.
BRAD: No, I mean it. I really do.
ME: Okay, I'll tell him today.
BRAD: Good, thats great. You'll be fine.
ME: Brad, what if he doesn't like me and I ahve to see him on a weekly
BRAD: Well, you'd just have to get past your feelings and move on. I
know it would be hard, but you'd have to do it. And I would help
you with that.
ME: Well, i don't know if you could help.
BRAD: Why is that?
ME: Because you're him. You're the guy I like so much. I think about
you all the time.
BRAD: April, you're a patient. It's againt rules to be involved with a
ME: I'll get another counselor unless you just aren't interested in me.
I knew you wouldn't be.

I turned away and started crying. I was so embarrassed. I felt like
such an idiot. I should've just kept my mouth shut. I stood up to
leave, but Brad stopped me.

BRAD: I am interested, very interested. I've been attracted to you since
the first time I saw you, but I'm ten years older than you and .....

Before he could say anything else, I grabbed and kissed him. He was a
little shocked at first, but kissed me back. Then he stopped and told me
he'd be right back. He had to check when his next appointment was.

I sat down and waited for him to come back. There was so many
thoughts going through my mind. I couldn't believe what was happening. I
felt like I was flying, I was so happy. Just then Brad came in and told
me he had three hours before his next appointment.

BRAD: And I told the receptionist not to disturb us cause we had a lot to
talk about. (He smiled)
ME: I don't feel like talking.

I kissed him again and he laid me on the couch. I took off his shirt so I could run my hands over his back. Then I felt him unbuttoning my

We continued to kiss and he let his hands wander down to my breasts.
His hands felt so good. As he was doing that I reached back and took off
my bra.

Then he moved his mouth down to my neck. He kissed me all over my
neck and chin. I started running my fingers through his hair and kissing
the top of his head.

After a couple of minutes, I lightly started punching the top of his
head. he looked up at me and smiled.

ME: I want to feel your lips on my breasts.

He kissed me lightly and then moved down to my breasts. He started
by just kissing them lightly all over. Then he brushed his tongue over
my nipples. I started moaning. It felt so good. He moved to my ear and
whispered "Not too loud, my dear, someone might hear us."

So, I moaned as softly as I could. It was difficult. He felt so
good. He moved back down to my breasts and continued licking and kissing
them softly. Then he put one of my nipples in his mouth and swirled his
tongue all around it, and sucked. He put my other breast in his hand and
massaged it. He was so gentle.

Then he moved his mouth down my chest and stomach. he started
undoing my pants and slid them off. Then he stood up and took his pants
and boxers off.

He motioned me to sit up and he kneeled in front of me. He put his
hands on my waist and moved he forward until my butt was right on the
edge of the couch. The he gently pulled my legs apart and started
kissing my knee and thigh until he had moved all the way up to my pussy.

He kissed around it letting his tongue brush up against my clit every
now and then. He was teasing me, and continued for a couple of minutes.
When he saw that I was ready to explode, he started licking my clit
slowly. I started moaning. I took one of his couch pillows and put it
over my face to muffle my sounds. I had to scream. He felt so good, I
could feel myself ready to cum. I took off the pillow and told him to go
faster. he started licking faster and faster until I exploded into an
orgasm. When I started to cum, Brad sucked as hard as he could until it
was over.

When I was done, I pushed him on to the floor and took his dick into
my mouth. I started licking and sucking as fast as I could. I could
hear him moaning. I wanted his cum to shoot into my mouth. He started
to run his fingers through my hair. I kept sucking and moving my mouth
up and down his wonderful cock. Then I felt him pull on my hair and his
cum shot into my mouth all at once. I sucked a little harder.

When he was done, I kissed my way up to his mouth and kissed him,
then I straddled him and guided him inside me. I moved back and forth
slowly. I could hear him whispering my name. I kept my pace. Then I
put his hands on my breasts and told him to touch me everywhere. I
started moaning.

Then he rolled me over and thrust himself in and out of me a little
harder. I put my arms around him and moved my hands up and down his
back. He reached back and put one of my hands on his ass. I put my other
hand there and massaged it. He moaned a little louder. I whispered for
him to go faster. I could feel him tense. I knew he was going to cum.
Then I felt myself cumming. I moaned his name over and over. The more I
moaned the faster he went. I started pushing my hands into his butt
harder and harder. I wanted to scream. I bit my lower lip to prevent
it. Then we both exploded into orgasm. He continued to pump into me,
but a lot slower.

When we were both done, he kissed me. Then we both got dressed and he
walked me out to the car. We kissed each other good bye and I went home.
I smiled the whole way home.

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