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Country Club Dance

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Hi, I'm Katie Richardson and did I get away with something cool!

My parents are always trying to get me to do what they want and
stuff. Well, their latest plan was to have me join in with the
junior country club set and kind of be a nerd. Hah! My friend
Claudette and I changed their plans as you'll see when you read
my latest story.


Every June, the young Texas Wranglers put on a "Start of Summer"
dance at the Big Spring Country Club. Now, I'm not too sure what
the club is all about, but it's somehow relates to the Texas
Wrangler's Club at the University of Texas, Austin where all the
Texas boys from real rich families go to college.

The club is only open to boys, not that any sensible girl would
want to join up. The age group of the club is supposed to be
between 13 and 17, but most of 'em seem to be around 14. Last
time I went to a "Start of Summer" dance, I was 12, and, I must
say, I had to question the maturity level of those boys. Now that
I'm 14, I know I'll hate every minute of the dismal experience.

For one thing, they all dress alike. Yep, white shirts, black
bolo ties, burnt orange pants and walking boots. I almost lost
control first time I saw 50 boys dressed like that all in the
same place. I think it has something to do with school colors,
but I'm just not sure.

Now, not a one of them boys would consider asking a girl to dance
for the first hour or so. Nope, they just stand around talking
about how big this girl's tits are, or how round that girl's butt
is, and so forth. Course they all brought a flask or two of Jack
Daniels Sipping Whiskey with 'em, so they're getting fortified
with a little Jack and Coke courage while they shoot the shit.

Once the boys get worked up to it, they'll start asking the girls
to dance. I must say that it's really not a pretty picture from
that point on.

First off, when you hear someone talking about a Long Tall Texan,
the person is not referring to a man. No, no, the person is
talking about one of us long legged cowgirls, that's for sure.
The average height for a man in Texas is around 5' 6" as close as
I can tell. 14 year old boys would be considerably shorter than
that, of course.

You can just imagine how silly one of them boys would look
dancing with me. Even though I'm only 14, I'm still 5' 7" and
weigh 117 pounds. I always wear Sergio Rossi pumps with slender 5
inch heels. This week, I have long blonde hair that ripples over
my shoulders. Must say, I sure am liking how my body is turning
out. I have some nicely rounded boobs, and even though I'm
somewhat slender, my butt is turning out to be world class. Well,
Billy Joe Renford did say that, and I think he might just be

Anyhow, back to dancing. It's not too bad if we're doing some
swing or line dancing, but when the band plays something slow and
dreamy, I start heading for the door. You've probably heard about
dancing cheek to cheek. Well, this isn't it. Nope, this is more
like dancing cheek to tit. About the only way I could dance cheek
to cheek with those boys would be if I turned around. Plus, short
as those boys are, their arms seem to just naturally wrap abound
my ass instead of my waist. Why, it feels like I'm getting some
sort of medical examination every time I take the floor.

Finally, every single one of the dances around here end up in a
big brawl. When those boys drink enough Jack and Coke, washed
down with a few Tecate Beers, there's gonna be trouble.

All the boys in the Wranglers come from rich families, of course.
Their parents know that as soon as they go off to college, some
girl in a nice looking platinum beehive hairdo and tight fitting
jeans is gonna come along, and make life miserable for everyone.
The girl will turn out to be poor for one thing, and probably a
gold digger to boot. Yep, she'll be dragging the boy around by
his dick, and he'll love every minute of it.

Parents want their boys to marry one of us rich girls. They're
always putting us in situations where "things can happen" and
maybe someone has to get married. There must be 15 or 20
marriages between 14 year olds around here every year. parents
sure are happy about what it happens because they know they'll be
keeping the money in the same families that's been keeping the
poor folks down for the last 75 years.. It's kind of
understandable if you think about it.

The "Start of Summer Dance" is one of those occasions where we
get thrown together with the boys. parents are just hoping for
the best and there is no chance that a girl is allowed to miss
the big event, no matter how much she whines.

I think it's real easy to understand why I wanted to "just say
no" to that dance when my parents told me that I had to go. In
fact, I decided to do something to end the tradition once and for


Claudette is my new best friend from Canada. She is from a real
small town up North, and my parents figured she would be a
positive influence on me being that she was from a rustic
environment and highly religious to boot. Well, she was real
innocent a couple of weeks ago, but she caught on fast to how
things are done around here, and turned out to be a real fun

Claudette is quite a nice looking babe. That's for sure. She is
my height and is considered tall for a Canadian girl of 14. Her
hair is real long and thick, and there are some noticeable red
highlights in that light brown mass of silk. Ooh, and her hair is
just crying out to be touched.

She weighs a tiny bit more than me, but don't think it's baby fat
or anything. Nope, she packages the extra pounds into some very
nice looking curvy stuff that the average guy would just love to
get his hands on. Too bad, cause most of the hands-on time
belongs to me. Lordie, the girl didn't even know what bi-sexual
meant before she got here, and now she is one!

Claudie told my folks that she was very nervous about being here
in a foreign country and all. She asked if it would be okay if we
slept in the same bed until she got over her fears. I don't think
she'll be getting over them for a long time as close as I can

We were laying there in bed together when I explained the "Start
of Summer Dance" to her, and how bad it sucked. Claudette must
have decided to do something to get my mind off of the dance

She pulled the sheet down and I had a full view of her luxurious
body. She has incredible tits, long shapely legs, curvy hips and
skin so smooth that silk is jealous.

I noticed her nostrils flaring up in a way that says "come and
get it, girl." She was breathing hard which got her boobs moving
up and down in a provocative way. I don't know how she did it,
but she got them to jiggle around a little, too. Wheee doggie!

I found it real easy to forget about my problems after looking at
her for a minute. By this time, her nipples were sticking out and
seemed to be asking me for a kiss. Well, I don't like the thought
of letting a girl down so I moved closer and started kissing and
nibbling on one of her rosy protuberances, and then on the other
one. I kept it up until I heard her moaning softly to herself. I
just love that sound, and it makes me so very hot.

I put my hand behind her neck, and let my lips cover hers. My
little tongue forced its way into her mouth, and we kissed as if
there was no tomorrow. Our bare breasts were pressed together,
and I could feel the intense heat of her body as we embraced.

I let my hand slid down her side, and felt the delicate curve of
her small waist. My hand explored further until it discovered the
sensuous outline of her hip. I decided to sneak my hand behind
her, and feel her firm and oh so smooth butt. She raised up just
a little to let my fingers explore the crack of her ass.

I kissed her cheeks, her neck, her shoulders and kept on kissing
and touching every interesting part of her body. When I got back
to her boobs, I noticed her nipples were still excited. I grabbed
one of the little red rose buds between my teeth and gently
pulled it. Must of been just what she was waiting for. Oh, what a
nice sound. So, I did the same thing to the other one. She liked
that, too. Ha, ha.

I started kissing and nibbling and licking and rubbing down her
body. As I got closer to her pussy, she started to move around in
excitement and anticipation. Claudie doesn't have a lot of pubic
hair, but I was still able to get a little bit of what she did
have in my mouth, and I gave her a couple of tugs. She started
pushing my head, trying to get it into position so I could go
down on her. She should know better.

I kissed and licked and bit all around her love box. My tongue
went up and down her slit, starting at the clit and going all the
way to her asshole. I liked that trip so much I did it a couple
more times. My, my, what was that loud sound?

My tongue pressed on her pussy just like I was planning on really
slipping it inside her. But, just when she got her hopes up, I
moved off to her incredible thighs and had a great time touching,
kissing and licking those two wonders. She seemed to be moaning
full time now. Kind of music to my ears.

Usually she can't take this sort of treatment for very long and
just tells me to get to it. For some reason though, I was the one
who gave in first this time. I started licking on her clit until
I could feel that she was really getting there. I put my mouth
over her little love button and sucked it into my mouth. I held
it prisoner for awhile as I sucked and squeezed it with my mouth.
Then my tongue slid into her hot box, and I started exploring and
sampling her sugar walled cave. I can't get over how good she

I felt her arm moving under my leg. She was trying to pull me
over her so she could get at my pussy. I played stupid for a
minute and pretended I didn't know what she wanted. My, that girl
is strong. She pulled my leg right over her head. I straddled her
face in a way that gave her easy access to the hottest part of my

Her hands grabbed on to my hips and pulled back. She was holding
me real tight when her tongue just bust into my pussy like a
rocket. Guess both of us know how to make those interesting
sounds. I was wet and real ready for her attack. She was so good
at this, it was hard for me to believe that she had only been
doing it for a little more than a week. Guess some things just
come naturally.

We stayed lost in each other until we both had two orgasms
apiece. I could have stayed in bed the rest of the day, but knew
it was time for us to get back to business. We held each other
close for awhile and after a few kisses and hugs, we started to

"Katie, you just have to think of something soon. We only have
three days until the stupid dance. I simply don't want to have
some dorky kid pawing all over me. If we are going to get it on
with guys, they better be a little older and know how to do a
little more than just cum in their pants."

Well, Claudie did have a point. There are a hell of a lot better
catches in the world than the Wrangler boys. That's for sure.

And then it came to me. "Claudie, I've got the perfect plan. Not
only will we have some fun on Saturday, but we will get a little
vacation and end that stupid dance tradition once and for all.
Let me make a couple of calls and set everything up." It's so
much fun being me!


I was looking forward to the dance when Saturday finally came.
Claudette wasn't sure the plan would work, but I knew we didn'
thave a thing to worry about. We were gonna have some real fun,

In just two weeks, Claudie developed a style and fashion sense
similar to my own. I was so happy that she didn't wear those
raggedy clothes she brought here from Canada anymore. Most of the
time we wore the same sort of thing except in different colors.
We decided that we would wear silk mini-dresses to the dance.
Other than a black garter belt and black seamed nylons, we didn't
wear anything underneath our dresses. We both have the bodies
that the general public's been waiting for, and we were wearing
outfits that showed off our wares real good.

As usual, we did wear our Sergio Rossi pumps with slender five
inch heels. I just feel a woman's legs look almost naked when she
is not wearing the right type of shoes.

Since we were wearing silk, but not wearing any underwear, I
decided to show Claudie a little trick. I found out that I could
bring my foot down hard when I walked along. Not hard enough to
be noticeable, but hard enough to make my tits and butt jiggle. I
showed Claudette how to do it, too. We practiced for awhile, but
had to stop when we noticed that we were both starting to get hot
watching each other walk around. We both sure know what we like,
and we were both so hot!

My parents were out of town visiting Governor Bush in Austin, so
we had to take the limo to the dance. Our chauffeur's name is
Mike and he's a pretty cool guy if you treat him right, which we
always do. Me and Claudie developed a little getting in and out
of the car tradition for whenever Mike was the driver.

Whenever Claudie or I ride with Mike, we make sure to give him a
breath taking beaver shot. Not one of those wimpy "little above
the nylons" deals. Nope, we let him see what we got between our
legs. Really pays off, too. He never once told anyone about the
stuff we do, and he always keeps a case or two of cold Hecate
long necks on ice in the limo for our sipping pleasure.

I thought he was just going to lose it when he found out that
neither one of us was wearing panties. Ha, ha. We sure gave him
something to think about later.


Mike had a couple of Hecates with us as we motored off to the
country club. When we finally arrived, we found out that the
valet parking boys didn't have a sense of humor.

Mike must have looked away for a second, and our limo ended up on
the front steps of the country club. The valet guys were
hollering and yelling at Mike who ignored 'em as he was opening
the car door for us girls. Well, those boys sure did shut up when
they "accidentally" got a little peek at both our love boxes as
we got out of the car. Guess those boys knew what they liked all
right. They sort of just stood there with their jaws hanging down
to their chests. We just laughed at that.

We were really looking forward to the band. I had Pred and
thePredtones over to the house for the welcome party the day
Claudette arrived here from Canada. She doesn't remember a lot
about what happened at the party, but thinks she had a good time.
Most of the people who saw what happened probably would agree
with her.

Anyhow, we ran backstage to say hi to the band. When we saw Pred
and the boys over in the corner taking a little smoke break, we
decided to head on over and join 'em.

"Hi Pred! Guess you and the boys figured out how to roll even
when you're all really loaded. Never seen you this shit faced
before, big guy." I had a hard time figuring out how those boys
could still move being that messed up.

You just can't underestimate Pred, though. He was able to see who
I was right away, and he could even talk some. "Well, hi there
Katie R., baby. How they hanging, girl? Uh, wait a minute,
they're not hanging at all. Still sticking out like two rockets.
Wheee doggie!"

I just love the way older men know how to compliment a girl, so
suave and all. Not that Preddie is old, mind you. He seems to be
about 35. He shaves his head and has a really cute goatee. He was
wearing black jeans, white tee shirt, red suspenders, Doc Martens
and a leather jacket. Don't see too many like him around here,
that's for sure.

I would guess him to be 5' 9" and maybe 180 to 190 pounds. Looks
like he works out based on all the muscles I'm seeing. Kind of a
good looking guy, and those green eyes, my, my!

Seems as though the band switched over to Hashish and they were
smoking it out of a pipe. They figured they could get screwed up
beyond belief, and still be able to smoke more since they didn't
need to have anyone capable of rolling. Seemed like they had a
real good idea as they were more fucked up than I had ever seen a
person get. Well, one of the boys did light his finger once
instead of the pipe, but that was a mistake anyone could have

Claudie whispered in my ear, "Katie, what are we going to do with
Pred and the band. They are going to see what we're up to and
might rat us out."

I didn't feel it was much of a problem, myself. By the end of the
evening, these boys won't remember what State they are in, let
alone what happened at the dance. But, you can't take any
chances, so I came up with a contingency plan.

"Look Claudie, Pred and the boys appear to be guys, so why don't
you seduce all of them, and then if they do think to tell on us,
they're facing statutory rape charges for getting it on with a
minor." I didn't think that Claudie knew that the age of consent
in Texas is 12 for girls and 25 for guys, but she did seem
nervous so I thought she needed something to do.

"Well, hi there Preddie, you devil. Any chance you might let me
touch that sexy looking trombone of yours?" Claudie knew just how
to get Pred hot. When she started playing with his trombone, I
thought the boy was going to rip right through the front of his

Claudie played around with his trombone a little bit, and it kind
of looked like she was giving it a blow job, if you know what I
mean. Pred and the band sure did. They were quite interested in
her goings on, that's for sure.

After a few minutes, she looked at Pred with her big brown eyes
and said, "My it's hot in here. Mind if I get a little more
comfortable, boys?" With that she slipped her silk mini-dress
over her head and was standing there wearing nothing but her
garter belt, stockings and high heels. Truly a sight for sore

Well, Pred knew what he liked and about one second later he wass
tripping off his clothes. He was trying to pull off his briefs
when Claudie knocked him over and landed right on top of him as
he hit the ground. He didn't know what hit him before she had his
dick buried inside her. Well, he wasn't confused for long. The
two of them started fucking away, and were really getting into it
as the rest of us watched.

The band thought this was pretty hot stuff, too. They were
checking it out and hollering rude suggestions to Pred and
Claudette. The cute couple were trying to go along with the
audience requests as best they could under the circumstances. I
was pretty impressed, actually.

I figured we might as well make a party of it. "Hey, boys, did
you notice that Claudie's got more than one hole? Pretty sure she
would welcome your attention, if you aren't busy doing something
else." They weren't. Never saw clothes fly off people that fast

Next thing you know, the bass player was poking her in the ass.
She was giving the drummer a blow job, and hand jobs to the
guitar player and keyboardist. I noticed that her tits were
available so I waded in and started fooling around myself.

Pred finally got it together and took charge. After he directed
several rotations, Claudette wore just about everyone out, except
herself of course. She was still ready to go. Wow, those Canadian
people sure are sexy and have so much energy!!

The Predtones had smiles on their faces as they staggered toward
the bandstand. I thought this might prove to be an interesting
night. Well, one thing about musicians, they can play no matter
what. None of them noticed that I got the whole thing on
videotape either. Yep, always keep my camera ready in case I run
across a situation like this. I figure if I sell a hot tape of
Pred and the Predtones gang banging a 14 year old to IMG, it will
outsell their tape of the Tommy Lee/Pamela Andersen Honeymoon
video. I should make a tidy profit on this video.

Now Pred usually plays the trombone. But being a virtuoso, he is
capable with the tuba as well. This time he picked up that
powerful instrument and played "Tiger Rag" louder than it had
ever been heard before. Kind of confusing for most of the people
who were standing around the bandstand since they had never heard
that song done by Hank Senior, or anyone they were familiar with.
Most people kind of liked it, but no one took the floor to dance,
although a couple of girls were trying to think up some sort of
line dance steps.

The rest of the Predtones set was more traditional as I recall.
They started off playing some Country Swing music. I have to be
pretty drunk before I can dance to that shit. Most other people
here feel about the same way. That's why its normally played at
the start of any dance. Yep, the band knows everyone is drinking
Jack and Coke as fast as they can down 'em, just so they can
stand the music. Helps booze sales tremendously.

Just to see if we still had what it takes, Claudie and me
strolled across the dance floor toward the punch bowl. Yep, boys
were saying all the usual things about our tits and asses. Makes
a girl feel mighty proud, I must say.

After we got our egos pumped up a bit, we decided it was time to
put our plan into action so we snuck away to get everything

A little while later, I came running back into the room, and
headed over toward the chaperones. I told 'em that something bad
happened to Claudette and that she's passed out naked in another

Well, pretty much everyone knows that chaperones could be doing
just about anything other than baby sitting kids at dances. So,
that means they must have the hots for the kids, or else they
wouldn't be there. Yah, we all know about those kind of folks.

These chaperones were typical of the breed. As soon as I
mentioned that Claudette was nude, they were ready to go. They
put their drinks down, and we all ran out of the room and down
the hall to where I left Claudie.

When we ran into the small room, there she was, laying down on
the couch, naked as a jay bird. All she had on was her
garterbelt, stockings and Sergios. Kind of cool looking laying
there like that, I must say.

The chaperones thought so, too. They rushed right over and
started checking the poor girl out. I couldn't believe it when
Mrs. Helenski grabbed her boob like that, and what was Mr.Wheeler
opening her legs for. I might have been shocked, if I wasn't
slipping out of the room.

I noticed two gentlemen wearing bad sport jackets, string ties,
cowboy hats and walking boots heading on in there. They had
badges out and were saying, "We're the Texas Rangers! We heard
that there was child molesting going on here and we caught you
red handed, so you're under arrest."

Kind of funny watching all the chaperones being handcuffed and
put in the back of the van. You don't have to feel that sorry for
them, though. I just told the boys to take 'em way out in the
country and drop 'em off near a roadhouse. Figure they will spend
the night getting drunk, and make up some good story to explain
what happened when they get back in the morning.

Well, now we were ready for some real fun.

As I walked toward the stage, the Predtones were transitioning
from the Yellow Rose of Texas to The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You.
Don't know how the boys do it, but it must have something to do
with talent. Wow, Pred sure can play that slide trombone.

I noticed that Pred had a tip jar set up. It was empty, of
course, since most 14 year olds don't know enough to tip the
band, specially for shitty music like the boys had been playing.

Well, I dropped a $1,000 in the kitty and asked Pred to start
playing some slow two steppin' music. I just about fell over when
the band started playing some George Strait songs with Pred up
there singing his ass off.

That got the crowd going all right.

I grabbed on to the first boy that happened by and told him we
were dancing. Course him being the regular size for a boy in
Texas, that meant we were dancing cheek to tit. And, yes, he
"accidentally" grabbed my ass as you might have guessed.

Normally, a boy who did that to me would get a quick knee in
theballs and spend the rest of the evening in pain. Well not

I moved my chest around a bit to make sure the boy was getting a
complete tittie facial. He was having a good time playing with my
ass, and my body was beginning to have an effect on him. I could
feel his jumbo stiffie pressing up against me.

As soon as I felt it, I started rubbing up against him, and made
sure I got my leg in between his, and then gave his dick a real
workout. Next, I put my hand on his neck and tickled him a little
bit, to see if he was still paying attention. I also let him know
what other kinds of "accidents" could happen when I pulled his
hand on to my tit and left it there. Kind of confusing for him,
but he knew what he liked, I guess.

It took about 90 seconds for him to come in his pants, and I
pretended not to notice until he stopped cumming. When I no
longer felt his dick throbbing up against my leg, I stepped back
and acted all shocked and stuff.

"Denny Joe, how embarrassing for you boy. Here, stand behind me
and we'll sneak on out of here before anyone sees that big ole
stain in the front of your pants."

Off we went into one of the other rooms in the club. Denny Joe
was walking right behind me, and he was red as a beet.

"Okay, Denny Joe, we've got to do something about those pants.
You can't be walking around like that, and what will your
mothersay when she sees that cum stain, boy."

The burnt sienna pants the boy was wearing sure made the cum
stain real noticeable. I thought he was gonna shit his pants, he
was so scared.

"Tell you what, I'll help you out. I know where the laundry is in
this place. I can wash and dry those pants in no time and you'll
be all shiny and new."

While I was talking, I pushed him over to a chair and started to
pull his boots off. I threw one of my legs over his and faced
away from him so I could give his boot a good pull. I made sure
that his leg got a good pussy rub down, and that he got a real
good up skirt look at my ass as I bent forward to pull off his
boots. Guess he hadn't seen anything that attractive before so he
just watched me as his clothes started to come off.

I made him stand up next, and had his pants pulled down and off
before he even knew what hit him. "Dang boy, that shit's all over
your shorts, too." I pulled them suckers off while I was talking.
"And, looky here, it's on your shirt, too. What the hell did
youdo to yourself." The shirt was coming off as I was talking.

Well, I didn't want to completely disrobe the poor boy, so I let
him keep his socks and bolo tie on. Once I had him stripped down
to his skin, I told him to get in the closet and wait there until
I got back with his stuff.

As soon as he closed the closet door, I went over to the window
and threw his clothes outside, and then headed back to the dance

When I arrived back in the main room, I noticed Claudette leading
a boy out the front door. I decided to follow her to see how well
she was doing with her part.

Texas gives out driver's licenses to anyone who lives on a ranch
at age 14 whether they can drive or not. That means that just
about every boy here drove his car. The boy that Claudie was with
had a nice Mercedes, and I saw them getting into the back seat of
that fine looking vehicle when I arrived on the scene. I decided
to get a little closer to the car so I could see what was going

She was supposed to tell the guy it was her first time, and thats
he wanted to be fucked by a Texan. She had thought about how
wonderful it would be ever since she was a little girl living in

Well, it took the boy about ten seconds to strip completely after
hearing that good news. Claudette had her dress off, too, and
jumped right on him. I watched as she fucked his brains out, and
I'm sure that boy never had anything like that happen to him
before or since. After a very short period of time, the guy go
this rocks off, big time.

As soon as he came, Claudie grabbed both their clothes, jumped
out of the car, and ran toward where I was hiding. "Claudie, it's
me. Hey, how come you fucked that boy? Why didn't you just grab
his clothes and make a run for it once you had him stripped?"

She just looked at my as if I didn't know anything and said,
"Katie R, I'm a Canadian and we believe in fair play. It wouldn't
have been right to get him to take off his clothes unless I
fucked him. Besides I was a little tense anyway."

No use arguing with the girl when she is in one of those moods.
We just headed back to the dance to see who else was around.

It was too damn easy. Before you could say Pred and the
Predtones, every closet in the place had a naked boy in it. Most
of the cars in the parking lot were filled up with the samecar
go. We would have been able to get the job done a lot quicker if
Claudie didn't have to fuck each and every one, but you just
can't tell that girl anything.

None of the girls seemed to notice anything was happening as the
boys disappeared. They were all off talking about hair spray, and
other stuff that girls in Texas Society feel is important so they
missed all the action. The Predtones started playing polka music
when they finally noticed no one was dancing. Man, that tuba sure
can wail and scream.

Our next step was to play cutting horse. We would get four girls
separated from the herd and then ask 'em to join us in another
room. That part was real easy when they found out what we had in

The highest honor any woman in Texas Society can obtain other
than marrying someone richer than her daddy, is to become a
cheerleader. Well, when we told these girls that we were
interviewing for Junior Rodeo Cheerleaders, they got so excited
that it never occurred to them they never did see a cheerleader
at a Junior Rodeo event.

I had one cheerleader costume made to order for the occasion. It
was so cute. It had a little white fringe vest, tiny white skirt
and red thong panties. Just the kind of outfit most of the
highschool cheerleaders wear around here, so it looked real

While we were talking, I gave each one of them a taste of Jack
out of the flask I was carrying. They all thought it hit the spot
real good.

"Okay, girls. We need to see how you look in this outfit. So if
you don't mind, could you slip out of your clothes and try it
on." I knew they wouldn't mind in the least because I'd been
hanging out with girls like this all my life.

The room looked like a strip tease in high speed. Clothes were
flying through the air. In no time the four girls were standing
there in nothing but their high heels waiting to see who got to
try on the uniform first.

Ummm, not so fast, babes.

"Well girls, as you may know, there is quite a bit of demand for
the cheerleader jobs. You would be the ones we had in mind, but
we kinda figure you need to take care of us, too." Of course they
agreed that they would owe us and so forth. Yep, they would be
willing to do anything to get picked.

Now I was really only waiting for the drugs I put in the Jack to
work, but they did look so cute standing there all naked and
everything. I just had to go for it.

"Here's the deal. Claudie and I always wanted to see what girl-
girl sex was all about. (Yah, I know, but they might get
suspicious if I told 'em the truth.) So, if you would be willing
to put on a little show, the job is yours."

You might think there would be some objection or other when I
said all that. No, no, these girls had their priorities. A little
degradation and humiliation was nothing to them. Happened all the
time around here. They knew they just had to do things like this
to get what they wanted in life.

I pulled two chairs into the center of the room. Claudie and I
sat down and we had a perfect view of the couch. I asked two of
the girls to get on the couch and go for the gusto with a little
sixty nine action. Guess it wasn't the first time for either of
them. They got right to it and looked very hot in the process. I
must say that the girl on top had one of the finest looking butts
I'd ever seen. Her tits jiggled around real nice as she was going
down on the other girl.

We made the other two girls get between our legs, and they gave
us a little super slurpy while we watched the floor show. I
wasn't paying a lot of attention to Claudie, but I did hear her
making a lot of noise, so I suspect she got off about the same
time I did. One thing you can count on in Texas, is that girls
know how to have a good time.

Good thing we got off when we did, cause the girls started
falling asleep right about then. After they passed out, we
dragged their bodies into the next room and headed back to the

It took 12 more trips to strip all the girls and stack 'em up in
the next room. Now we didn't have sex with every single one, but
there were quite a few cute ones where we just couldn't miss the
chance. Took us a little longer, but they certainly were worth

It didn't seem like any time went by when we heard the back door
of the country club slam open. It sounded like a large mob of
people were coming down the hall and they didn't care who knew

Wow, it's Warren M!

Claudette and I watched as Warren M, the handsome stranger and
most important pimp in all of Kangarooland, stormed through the
door with his gang of cutthroats.

"Yikes! Look at that suave man", said Claudette with a look of
unbridled lust on her face as she checked Warren M out.

The handsome stranger presented an imposing if unusual figure. He
had on tight Australian shorts, showing his bronze muscular legs,
and an open Drizabone oilskin coat that almost reached the floor.
No shirt. His handsome face was slightly obscured by the matching
leather bush hat.

When he looked into Claudette's eyes, she felt an urgent need to
force something, anything into her pussy.

When he spoke, everyone listened. "Fucking oath, mate. I reckon
any one of these bitches will make me a fortune when I put her
ona street corner in Kings Cross, back in Oz.

Claudette thought, "Oz? Australia? What was this handsome
stranger talking about? These lucky girls were not only going to
get out of Big Spring, but they were going on vacation as well.
How very cool!"

Before Claudette could ask any questions, Katie entered the
conversation. "Hi, Wozza!"

"Hello Darlin', you've earnt the right to call me Wozza now that
you've pretty much furnished all the hookers in Sidney. Shit, the
Ozzie babes I used to have working for me were just looking for
labor movements and benefits, whereas your girls will fuck
anything that moves, without asking too many questions. Glad that
you told them that the minimum wage in Oz was 2 bucks Canadianper
hour. That's really keeping the expenses down, girl. Do you
realize that $2 in Canadian is only one yen in real money. I
almost feel bad taking advantage of all those young ladies.

"OK, Warren Em, I want $25 thousand American for each of these
babes. Since they are from Texas and over the age of 12, you can
pretty well count on them being ready for some real hot action
with all comers."

"I don't pay retail for anything or anyone, babe. I'll give you
15 thou in cash for each one, and two 1st class tickets Down
Under to try out some of the more exotic delicacies that we offer
to discerning cunts like you and Claudette. Y' know, there's a
boarding school called St. Alphonso School for girls in the Blue
Mountains just outside Sydney, that you might like to spend a
year at helping these girls learn how to satisfy the more
discerning Ozzie clientele. The Head Mistress is an... associate
of mine."

I wasn't used to being underpaid, but somehow this Warren M made
it seem like I was the one getting the bargain, and I had to get
rid of these babes so I went along with his offer.

As for Wozza, I knew he was figuring a 14 year old who could give
super head could turn at least $50 profit a trick, 5 times a
night. That's $100,000+ a year. And, when he found out that these
girls were able to do certain specialties, he would make as
hitload more. In any event, I knew he needed something hot
kneeling down in front of him on the long flight back to the land
down under. The way he was looking at that cute blonde with the
big tits, I figured he'd be waking her up to help make his trip
to Oz a little more enjoyable.

"Thirty hours is ten loads of cum she'd be swallowing - excellent
start to her training", was the last thing I heard him say before
he told his staff to start loading the trucks.

Wozza had a hard time stopping his lads from jumping all the nude
young girls. "You fuckers better get your asses moving! We got to
get these cunts out of her before anyone notices what we're
doing. Plenty of time for shagging once we get them on the

The boys started stacking the Flowers of Big Spring Society into
the back of their vans like cord wood. Warren M was used to being
obeyed and he never looked back as he walked smartly through the
back door of the Country Club dragging the blonde girl by the

The Big Spring Society girls were about to start their journey to
a life of total degradation and humiliation servicing any and all
in the most sordid red light district in Australia. Katie thought
they would be so happy with the big improvement in their

"Katie, you only made $750,000 on this deal. I thought you said
you needed at least a million for an upcoming project." Claudette
forgot about their clothes and jewels. Since they wouldn't be
needing things like that anymore, I planned on having Mike sell
them while Claudette and I went on a much needed vacation.


Just before we hopped on a charter flight for England, I called
the Big Spring police and told them that a fag party was going on
at the Country Club. I knew that this would get the cops'
attention since the most evil crime in Big Spring is fagism, or
whatever they are calling now.

Well, as I understand it from the court records, the police
stormed into the Country Club and found most of the fifty naked
boys engaged in various types of homosexual activity. There were
a couple who tried to hold out, but the rest of the guys just
stuck 'em in the ass a couple of times and they quickly came

The police couldn't believe it at first. That many gay boys was
quite unusual for this neck of the woods. Well, once they found
out that they were wearing burnt sienna pants and so on, it got a
little easier to understand. Must have been a sight seeing 50
naked boys being run into the Big Spring jail, and their parents
must have been so very proud.


I figured we would head to England and then pretend that we
escaped from the evil people who kidnapped us. We decided to tell
the authorities that we were kidnapped by someone named Tally Ben
Lauden figuring the government would decide that terrorists were
to blame and then spend all their time bombing some little
country in retaliation. We might get medals or something, and no
one would think to investigate what really happened.

We landed at Heathrow and hopped on a train. I figured we would
be better heading down South to Hampshire seein' as how I'm a
Southern girl and all.

When we got to the Swathford on Leaky train station, there was
this nice woman giving candy to all the young girls getting off
the train. I already told Claudette that we should always take
candy from strangers just to see what they had in mind. I'd been
able to blackmail so many people by being smart about things like

We found out the sexy babe's name was Hecate, and that she was
the owner of the Hecate Brewing Company. Way cool, but Claudette
does tend to ruin things, and the girl is just so unromantic.

"Okay Hecate babe, you don't have to waste any more candy on us.
We'll let you do us both a couple of times as long as you promise
to call the police and tell them you rescued two of the poor
American girls who were kidnapped by terrorists."

Apparently Hecate found their discussion invigorating. A few days
later, she called the police and they came right over.

Claudette and I were both worn out from all the action we were
getting from Hecate. The police figured the kidnappers were
responsible for the way we looked and decided not to ask any
questions given our tender ages and all.


I was so happy when we got back to the US of A, even though
Claudette and I would both be missing Hecate. Well, I did have
another million dollars for my special project fund, and all
those girls who thought they were going to beat me out for head
cheerleader when we finally got to University of Texas, Austin
were gone forever. And, best of all, those dorky boys were all
sent out West to San Francisco so their parents could avoid the
embarrassment of having a child who wore purple velveteen pants
hanging around the house.

I was kind of happy being back home, and the best part was no one
thought to blame me for any of this. Kind of cool, huh?

The End
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