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Coven of Bliss's Maypole 2001
By Shon Richards
The frogs were out tonight. In what many members of my coven
expected to be a quiet night, there was the deafening roar of a
thousand aroused frogs. Well, either a thousand or merely a hundred,
it's hard to tell. Out here in a secluded forest in North Carolina,
the only light was moonlight, and the only sound was a chorus of frogs.

The humid heat of a spring evening cloaked all of us with
humidity and hot breezes that kissed our skin yet purple robes covered
my Covenmates from head to toe. In a wide circle around our Maypole we
waited for the ceremony to begin. Some waited patiently, others
impatiently. Underneath, we were all nude, which might account for the
nervous movements. There was something vulnerable in being nude.
Although we were covered in robes, the fact that a thin sheath of cloth
was all that protected our modesty was too much for some people.

They didn't realize that the nudity was a metaphor. All of us
were members of a Coven of Bliss, a hedonistic cabal that would mean
the end of some of our careers if we were discovered. We lived in
secret everyday, lying about where we derive our pleasures, being
untruthful about who we loved, and concealing what we really thought of
society's antiquated standards. If you knew of the pleasures, the
secret things that this Coven had committed in closed bedrooms; you
would find their unease with nudity to be silly. Oh well, the first
law of the Coven of Bliss is to accept your neighbor.

I contented myself with looking at the Coven Maypole, and at what
a fine job we did with it. There were a frightening number of sources
to use as a blueprint. Some say the Maypole was a Bavarian invention,
something that annoyed some Central American natives to no end. Some
say it was a simple tool to signify the coming of spring. Others
snickered and said it was a symbol for an orgy. It didn't take long
for us to realize that the Maypole wasn't important for what it did
first or what it meant to a European or a Native American. It was
important because for whatever the motives, people had discovered it
had power. That was why we held our ceremony at night though we kept
the date, May 1.

Our Maypole combined the elements we liked best. From the
Germans we borrowed the idea that it embodied our most treasured
characteristics. The German Maypole would be topped with images of
their town while the top of our wooden pole was covered in hundreds of
erotic pages we had written ourselves. The pages flapped in the humid
wind, chattering to the night the seductive words we had penned.

We embraced the English idea of ribbons as well. Long, flowing
ribbons of various materials hung from the top of the pole, pinned
right underneath our written pages. Being a Coven of sensation and
pleasure, we decided to do something a bit more exotic than just cloth
ribbons. There were several leather strips hanging as well as one or
two chains. A few strips were composed of nylon rope, while other
strips were made of the softest silk.

I was shaken from my contemplation of the Maypole by the silencing
of the frogs. The ceremony was beginning, and apparently even the
frogs were taking notice. From behind me, the procession had started.
Two Coven members walked in front of me, carrying unlit lanterns to
represent the secretive nature we must abide by. They guided the
chosen Maid to the Maypole, and when I saw her pass me by, my heart
began racing for more reasons than I could explain.

The Maid was Alexis, and the slender beauty was stunning as a
nude. Barely five feet tall, her pale body was glowed in the
moonlight. Shimmering red hair fell from her shoulders, held back by a
garland of white flowers I didn't recognize. I reflected that she was
the only fire we needed in this darkness. I heard several sighs from
my Covenmates and I was swept again by my pride of her. Alone of the
Coven, her identity will be freely known this night while the rest of
us were cloaked in anonymity.

Ever since I met Alexis one quiet afternoon, I had been smitten
by her combination of grace and will. That awe only swelled as she
came to know my wife and as the three of us grew closer. How so like
our lives Alexis has lived! How so much like us did she feel about the
world! My wife and I couldn't believe another like us existed and as
a long lost sister or daughter or mother or lover, we accepted her into
our lives. It was her strength that drew us, but now it was her heart
that bound us. Despite the love I felt for my Covenmates, I had the
worse time sharing her as she deserved to be shared.

The leaders of the procession arrived at the Maypole, and gently
they turned Alexis around. I saw that she had painted a black raven on
her right breast, and I smiled at the private joke. My smile faltered
as the two men beside her lifted her by the legs. Even though I knew
what was waiting for her, I still winced as her body shivered.

Six feet up on the pole the Coven had made a special phallus.
One Covenmate removed it from an oak tree while another Covenmate had
carved the intimate phallus's shape. Symbols were carved on the
phallus, giving it a texture that was both erotic and esoteric.
Each of us had blessed the phallus in our fashion; using it,
displaying it, or simply touching it in a manner fitting to us. Once
mounted on the pole I personally anointed it with the slippery oil that
would make it feasible for tonight. I was thankful that the night's
humidity had helped preserve the phallus's lubrication.

Alexis was mounted backwards onto the phallus and her breath
shuddered as she was entered. I can only imagine how hard it was for
her tight anus to slide down the phallus. The men eased her down
slowly, allowing her ass to accept the intrusion gradually. I still
winced as Alexis cried out, but I recognized the look on her face. It
was the look of an adventure just begun. She was scared, but most of
all she wanted to see what would happen next.

Once mounted, Alexis's feet sought the little steps we had built
for her. Her legs had to spread, driving her down slightly while
offering a little support. This way, the phallus alone wouldn't
support her, but she wasn't able to relieve enough pressure to ignore
it. When she was standing stable her hands were pulled behind her.
Her hands were bound with ribbons that every woman in the Coven had
worn in her hair. She was nude, impaled and bound; we could begin.

The first of the Coven stepped forward. The purple robes cloaked
her body, but I could tell by feminine curves that she was one of our
women. She grabbed one of the softer ribbons and began walking around
the Maypole. Slowly the ribbon wrapped around the top of the pole,
winding down to Alexis who waited at the bottom.

Others stepped forward, one at a time to take a ribbon that met
their fancy. There a man took a studded leather ribbon and beside me,
a woman took a ribbon made of tinsel, which was sure to tickle her
flesh. I took a ribbon made of the softest silk. I can be very
sentimental at these rituals.

Around and around we walked. The ribbons, each so different and
unique to our particular tastes, wound together in a
symphony. Accordingly, every ten steps half of us would kneel so that
the other half would pass us. It took a community effort to make a
braid and I was glad to see our teamwork held tonight.

I watched Alexis as the braids met her body. Ribbons of cloth
crossed over her face while chains and leather strips covered over the
soft cloth. She flinched as the first of the ribbons meet her breasts,
the tinsel one, tickling her flesh as it was wound tight. At one point
I had to kneel in front of her while a ribbon of terrycloth passed over
me. Alexis swayed on her mount, as the terrycloth was abrasive on her
very pink nipples. As I stood and walked, I hoped that my silk ribbon
would be a softer touch and would kiss her skin for me.

When the ribbons had wound down over her belly, the Keeper of the
Maypole clapped six times. We froze and pulled our ribbons taut. The
Keeper of the Maypole pointed to the person directly in front of
Alexis, giving that person permission. The Covenmate walked to around
Alexis's back, keeping the ribbon tight against the Maypole. The
Keeper took the ribbon from the Covenmate and tied the end to a hook
secured to the Maypole.

Once relieved of the Ribbon, the Covenmate was free to make a
more personal offering. This one chose to step in front of Alexis, and he
touched her sex with a gentle hand. Beneath her ribbons, Alexis moaned
out loud as the unknown Covenmate touched her sex. Although we would
never know the gender or the identity of the Covenmate who fingered
her, we could tell that their fingers were deep inside her. We
enjoyed the sighs of pleasure that came from her lips as much the
Covenmate enjoyed the chance to feel her velvet sex.

When Alexis shuddered and her moans were clipped by an orgasm,
the Covenmate stepped back, and the Keeper pointed to the next in line.
This Covenmate walked their ribbon of chain links to behind Alexis
before taking their place in front. Alexis, blinded by the ribbons,
could only wait for the next offering to be made.

This Covenmate knelt before Alexis and I saw a flash of blonde
hair from beneath the hood. The Covenmate kissed Alexis's thighs, up
and down from her knees to her hips. From the curves I saw of the
kneeling body, I would guess it was female. Who was kissing Alexis's
thighs while she ground back against the phallus in her ass? Was it
one of our lesbians? Was it one of our straight women indulging
herself in secrecy? Was it someone's wife? Was it my wife? Only
Alexis could guess, and judging by her moans she had other things on
her mind.

A sob was choked from Alexis's bound form, and the kneeling
Covenmate was satisfied. They rose and returned to their place in the
circle while the Keeper pointed to another. In the quiet moonlight
forest the ritual continued.

The next Covenmate had a blue ribbon of some unknown cloth. What
the ribbon signified to them, I couldn't guess. When the Covenmate had
secured their ribbon, they stepped to Alexis's front and placed their
hands on her hips. Several of us gasped as the Covenmate pushed and
pulled on Alexis's hips; grinding her onto the phallus. Sensually, our
Covenmate guided Alexis's hips through a punishing dance on the
phallus. Up, down and around, her hips swiveled as the phallus opened
her from behind.

"Oh!" Alexis cried out, and I knew it must have been a severe
orgasm to make her utter a word while in bliss. The Covenmate stopped
and rather confidently returned to their place in line.

The next Covenmate secured their ribbon of woven grass before
taking their place in front of Alexis. Perhaps sensing a need for a
tender touch, our unknown Covenmate merely ran the sleeve of their robe
up and down Alexis's bare thighs. It was a gentle meeting of cloth and
thigh and I saw the tension leave the group as a whole.

Without taking an orgasm, our Covenmate stepped back to allow for
another. A humid wind blew through us, and the fluttering of our robes
was as gentle as a hundred sighs. The Keeper pointed to the next in line,
and the Maypole Dance of Bliss carried on.

A ribbon of studded leather was secured before this Covenmate
stepped before her. Judging from the broad shoulders of his back, I
guessed it was a man that knelt before her. He pulled back his hood
just enough to expose his face, but it was to Alexis's sex that he
exposed himself. He kissed her in that most intimate place, and
Alexis writhed on the Maypole.

With hunger the man drank from her sex and with relish Alexis
groaned at his thirst. The huge robed body in front of her contrasted
her small body, and I could see her push her hips forward. The man took
her sex in his lips, and I could only imagine how his tongue must have
touched her. I could only imagine how his lips nibbled at her, how his
breath must have felt on her sex, and how her clit must be swollen
against his tongue.

I wanted to be in his place, but I wasn't jealous. We would all
have our turn this night. We would all have our turn with the Maid who
was unselfish enough to share herself with us.

The Maypole shook as Alexis had her climax. The phallus in her
anus must have felt every vibration and transferred it to the pole we
thought was so rigid. With a loud satisfied sigh, our Covenmate
stepped back. I noticed he didn't bother to wipe his mouth as he
secured his hood. Doubtless, he wanted her taste on his face for a
little bit longer.

Our next Covenmate had a ribbon of red that she slowly gave to
the Keeper. Our Covenmate's patience was extraordinary as she walked
another circle around Alexis. Alexis waited, squirming impatiently as
she awaited the next sensual offering.

Finally, our Covenmate stood in front of Alexis. Shocked but
approving whispers erupted from the circle as we saw our Covenmate open
her shirt to reveal a generous display of heavy breasts. The moonlight
bathed the pale breasts in a soft light. We watched in amusement as
the Covenmate took one of her breasts in hand and knelt to meet
Alexis's sex.

Did Alexis know what was touching her? Maybe not at first. The
robed woman ran her nipple up and down Alexis's sex, grazing her sex
with such a tiny nub of flesh. I saw Alexis tense, but then relax as
understanding filled her. The woman then pressed her breast full
against Alexis's sex, her nipple penetrating while the rest of
her soft breast pushed against Alexis's delta. Up and down the woman
gyrated, lewdly rubbing her offered breast against Alexis's sex.
Alexis moaned, teased by such erotic play but frustrated by the teasing

When done with her personal taunting, our Covenmate covered
herself again. Her identity forever a secret, she rejoined the circle.
Only our Coven recognizes the need to be both public in our affections
and yet secret in our desires.

It was now my turn.

I gave my ribbon to the Keeper, and it joined the others
in cementing their bond around her. My commitment to Alexis
symbolically made, I was free to stand before her.

Alexis was beautiful, even when half mummified. The top of her
was lost in dozens of contrasting ribbons. Her breasts, face and arms
were buried under our personal ribbons. Her legs were open and her
clit was emerging. The clitoris was so swollen; I wanted to take a
soft bite right there. I held back, for I wanted something a bit more

Carefully, I climbed up the little space left on Alexis's steps.
Our feet struggled to keep our balance but we did not fall. From this
close I could feel her chest rising and falling quicker now with
excitement. I opened the bottom of my robe, and in front of our
Coven I entered her with my hard cock.

"Oh God!" Alexis cried out beneath her ribbons as my cock filled
her sex. She was so wet, so slick and prepared for my offering. I
felt her clench around my cock, perhaps in greeting and recognition of
the shaft within her. I reached behind her, holding onto the Maypole
and embracing her with my arms. When I was as secure as our ribbons
I began to make my offering.

Up and in my cock pumped, lifting Alexis from her anal mount
with each thrust. I was very aware of how full she was. I could feel
the pressure of the phallus in her ass through the grip she gave my
cock. With certain deep plunges, I could almost meet the phallus
through her body. I was as gentle as I could be, but there was no
ignoring how much the double penetration opened her body. Each thrust
forced a moan from her lips, and each moan was soon followed by another

Down and out my cock would slide temporarily, and it would cause
cause Alexis's ass to be forced back down on the phallus. Back up and
in, and the relief of being lifted from the phallus would be ignored
for the sensations of my cock filling her. Alexis was writhing under
the ribbons, and I could feel her feet occasionally lift as she
considered wrapping around my hips. The poor girl wanted to meet my
hips and fuck me, but the Maypole made her the receptacle in our
affair. From the increasingly louder moans she cried, I could tell she
would have it no other way.

Without warning, Alexis screamed beneath her mask of ribbons.
Her sex clenched so tightly around my cock, I froze for fear of
hurting her. I relaxed as I realized she must have had an orgasm.
Alexis is normally so quiet when she cums, I can only assume that the
freedom of being hidden in ribbons must have loosened an inhibition.
Her scream was primal and for whatever reason, the frogs joined her
scream by resuming their croaking. The forest became alive with noise
to cover our ceremony.

Once I was assured that she had her pleasure, I withdrew. I
distinctly heard her whimper as she realized I wouldn't be achieving
bliss myself. It was her giving nature not to see me go without, but
it wasn't the night for me.

This was her night.

I resumed my place in the circle, and I watched as another Covenmate
took my place.

The End.


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