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Craigs Answer


This story contains sexual acts, themes, words, and
heaven knows what else. If you are under 21, go away.
If you don't like this sort of thing, and don't think
its "normal", go away. If you DO like sexy stories,
and you are 21. keep on reading!

This is part of what is now a trilogy. The other
parts are "The Photo Session" and "Annie's Pictures".
There will, no doubt, be another part. Let me know
what you think.

You can find all of my stories at

Craig's Answer
by Pami (
(F-solo, M-solo)

"You've Got Mail" sang from Annie's computer.

She clicked on the icon, and then her heart seemed to
stop as she read the few lines there. It was from
Craig. She opened the bomb that was waiting for her.

"I always knew you had it in you. Please see attached
files." Their rather torrid affair had ended a few
months ago, when he met Jessie. Craig had always been
more of a follower than a leader, and between his
friends and his parents, he had allowed himself to be
convinced that Jessie's classic beauty was more worthy
of his attention than Annie's wilder sensuality.
Craig had broken her heart, and Annie hadn't met
anyone since who had excited her on the same level.

She knew what this email meant. He had somehow found
her erotic pictures that she had posted on the net.
She downloaded the attachment to the email and
unzipped it.

The first pic was Craig, naked, in his glory. Annie
still thought he was the most gorgeous man she ever
saw. He was standing, awkwardly, looking into the
camera lens.


She went to the second. Craig, still looking at the
camera. He was holding his cock, and she could tell
from the shape of it that he was beginning to get
aroused. Annie squirmed at the thought. The two of
them had reached some amazing erotic heights together,
including proving that a man COULD be multi-orgasmic,
with the right inducements.


Craig, mouth slightly open, as his hand was now
stroking himself, fully erect, and was that a drop of
pre-cum at the tip? Annie's mouth watered at the
remembered taste of him, and her hand slipped down to
her moistening pussy as she absorbed every pixel of


Still masturbating, now Craig was looking straight at
the camera, right hand on his cock, his left... at his
mouth. He was licking something shiny off his finger.
Annie moaned softly. That should be HER hand touching
him. What her hand was doing instead was circling her
now engorged clit as she remembered how his cock would
twitch when she touched him right... there.


Craig was slightly bent forward now. Annie pretended
that he getting ready to thrust that beautiful
endowment of his into her mouth. She panted.

Annie moaned as she saw Craig, thrusting through the
almost tunnel of his hand. Amazingly the camera caught
his cock spurting through the air. The liquid was
elongated as it was frozen in time, and Annie swore
she could feel it hit her face. Her finger now thrust
deep into her hot wet channel as her thumb pressed her
clit. She yelled as she climaxed along with the


Annie beheld the final picture in the series. Craig,
still naked, cock semi-hard, with a dribble of come on
his hand. He looked into the camera, and Annie
thought he was looking directly into her soul.

"You've Got Mail" Annie heard through her post-orgasm


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