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Perhaps you are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of
sight and sound, but of mind--- a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries
are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead--- your next stop---.

Crimson Contact

Vincent Ridgeway whooped out loud when he finally got into the protected
website. His home-built password cracker had been chewing at the URL for almost
three days. As the browser started throwing text up on the screen, he made a few
notes on scrap paper.

He owed his bud, Sam for tipping him about his site. The least he could do was
send Sam the password. He swung around to his old Pentium and fired off an email
on his free account. With his DSL connect he could access the web from each
machine in the house through his network. Sam and he had been exchanging ICQ
chats about sites like this for months. This was the first one ever that Vince
had cracked. He scribbled the date, time and nine-digit password down.

Then he looked back at the first screen grinning. Hmm. Wild look, smeared red
text on black screen.

He watched as strange text flooded the screen. He'd never installed a font like
that on his machine. Weird. It wasn't coming up onscreen as images did, it was
zipping up just like an installed font. Strange characters and odd symbols,
looked at little like college math or something. Completely unreadable. Ah,

This was supposed to be about science-fiction devices perfected by the
government but kept secret. That's what Vincent had been searching for;
theoretical inventions by Tesla and Babbage that were kept out of sight waiting
for a day they'd be really needed to win a war or something. This was supposed
to be one of those cool conspiracy sites. Mind control and freaky stuff like

Ah, hell. Junk.

Vince watched the figures spew shadowy crimson across the dark screen. Complex
characters with an odd intensity that seemed to get busier as the page scrolled.
Kinda cool though. Should save some of this stuff.

The dark red figures were there edge to edge as he scrolled down. Down.

Should save some.

Down. Down.

Should save.

Down. Down. Down.


Down. Down. Down. Down.


"Vince! Dinner!" Mary Ridgeway moved through the living room, "Mandy, tv off!
It's dinner time."

"OK, Mom." Mandy pulled off her headphones over her blonde hair and turned off
the CD player. Punching the power off on the remote, the tv flickered to dark.

She pushed aside her senior math book and slid off the couch, following her mom.
They both sat down at the dining room table. Mandy quizzed her mother, "How late
is Dad going to be tonight? World Cup Skating finals are on. He was going to see
it with me."

"He'll be home in two hours, he just couldn't get out of the office on time."


Mary nodded. They ate in silence for five minutes before Mary looked at the
ceiling, listening for any sign Vince was moving downstairs. She shook her head
and sighed, "Mandy, go up and tell your brother I'm tired of giving him special
invitations. I'll shut the power off to his room."

"Cool." She grinned, "He went ballistic last time you did that."

"Go get him, please."

Mandy slid out of her chair and headed upstairs.


Mandy pushed open the door to Vince's room, "Hey, twerp!" She could see he was
bent over his desk. Both machines were running, as usual.

"Twerp." Vince mumbled over his keyboard.

"Look. If you don't get your ass downstairs, mom is gonna pull the plug on you.
She's not mad yet, but---."

Vince turned around and stood up slowly, "Ass downstairs." He was smiling at
her, a big weird grin.

Mandy looked at him. "Wow. Are you drunk or something?"

Vince held up a little note stick pad. It was fluorescent red, but Vince had
inked it completely black except for a few math symbols or something on it.
"Drunk or something!" Vince grinned.

Mandy felt her head fog in and a whining sound rang between her ears. Suddenly,
she wasn't able to see the symbols. She felt drunk. So weird. Silly and pretty
drunk. She held onto the doorframe. Wow. Really drunk.

Vince moved to stand in front of her, "Ass downstairs. Plug on you."

Mandy giggled. Her face flamed but she somehow knew what he wanted. She kept a
black rubber dildo hidden in her room. She didn't think anyone knew except her
best friend Stella. It was completely bogus that Vince knew she had the dildo.
She shivered with the idea that she had to bring it downstairs. She tried to
find a reason to tell him to go to hell. She just couldn't muster the will to do

She stared at the fluorescent symbols.

She turned around and held onto the wall headed for her room to get the plug.
"Ass downstairs. Plug on me. Drunk or something." She started laughing. She was
getting so aroused. Drunk was good. She knew you did strange things when you
were drunk.


Mary didn't hear much happening up there. She shook her head. They were probably
arguing instead of spending energy on something constructive.

Like dinner.

Vince appeared moving slowly down the stairs with a strange stiff-legged gait.

She sighed, "Look young man. If you think I enjoy bending over backwards to run
things around here to your schedule, you can think again. Bad enough you get so
wrapped up in your computer you can't keep track of time." She reached for the
platter to serve him a bit of dinner. She smiled at him and shook her head,
"Next time come when you're called. OK?"

Vince walked stiffly up and showed her a little stick pad note. She glanced at
it. It was fluorescent red, but he had inked it completely black except for a
few math symbols on it. "Enjoy bending over backwards! Bad! Wrapped up!" Vince

Mary dropped the platter. Her face flamed. Was he talking about those bondage
magazines she asked Mike to buy a few months ago? He couldn't! How dare he! How
had Vince found out about her sexual fantasies? He must have been in her room
looking through her things! She pushed her chair back furiously. Her head
started to throb. What were those math symbols? Why did Vince want her to look
at them?

Vince shook his head in a friendly smile, "Bad! Ass downstairs. Plug on you."
Mary shivered as her arousal cascaded through her body. Her thoughts spun into
darkness. She struggled to remember what she had been about to say. She tried to
speak but her mouth felt gagged. She tasted the bright red rubber ball and
smelled leather. That made her lose all sense of where she was or what she was
doing. She remembered a particularly intense picture from one magazine, a woman
in a dining room. A buzzing whine became loud in her head.

Using the chair she was sitting on she pushed her slacks down off her legs
quickly. Feeling the terrible heat on her face was nothing compared to the
intense sopping arousal in her pussy now. She kicked off her shoes and pushed
her panties down and off. Hot! She was so bad. She could do bad things. Yes.
Bad. Wrapped up.

Vince wanted her to.

Using the seat of the chair, she swiveled so she could bend over backwards and
put her head on the floor. She stretched her legs out towards Vince and made an
arc of her body from one side of the chair to the other. What else had he said?
Oh, yes. She had to be wrapped up. Was he going to tie her up?

She worked her right hand behind her cheeks and began using her thumb on her
ass. OH god, that was awful! How could he! Her head vibrated with an intense
whining buzz and she hoped it would stop. Why in the world was she doing this?
How could her son ask her to make such a spectacle?

This was exciting. She realized that she hadn't expected that. Being bad was
very exciting.

Vince titled his head watching his mother. His eyebrows worked a bit. He stepped
closer and looked puzzled. He turned around to the giggling voice of his sister
behind him in the living room. Mandy was wobbling down the stairs.

She walked through the living room nude with her secret dildo clutched in her
hand. Mandy didn't remember taking off her clothes, but it was true that
whenever she used the dildo, she liked to be completely nude. She was weaving,
her stomach felt fluttery, but she was still moving. She saw her mother suddenly
and stopped, her eyes widening. "Vince! You are in so much trouble! What are you
doing you pervert?!"

Vince stared at her with open puzzlement. He held up the little fluorescent
paper with the odd symbols and showed it to her.

Mandy felt the whine return between her ears. She stared at the paper.
Vince smiled hugely with forced cheerfulness, "Drunk or something! Ass
downstairs. Plug on you. Bending over! Pervert!"

Mandy flushed, gasping as she felt wild pleasure course from her head down her
spine to her sex. She suddenly felt so drunk she thought she'd be sick if she
didn't sit down. She heard her mother start groaning and making strange noises.
Blinking slowly, Mandy got down on her knees to steady herself. She watched her
mother for a moment, slowly realizing that her mom was using her thumb to fuck
her own ass.

Mandy wanted to laugh and think this was just some crazy dream, but her
throbbing head and drunken buzz were too real. She remembered getting almost
this drunk the first time she had done shots with a few of her friends.

Wow. She realized that Vince had told her to come downstairs to join her mother
in doing something perverted. With a rush of cold numbness in her mind, she
suited the thought to action. Taking the dildo, she spread her knees further and
reached between her legs, working the dildo in her aroused pussy. She dimly felt
surprise at her intense arousal, then she realized that this pervert stuff must
be fun.

Not that she would want her friends to find out she was a pervert.

When she thought the black dildo was slicked enough, she moved it to her ass and
pushed it into her tight cheeks. Ugh! Her clit started throbbing, her nipples
ached with tight heat. She felt the drunk begin to burn off with the arousal she
was feeling.

Gee, this WAS fun. She was so turned on. This was nasty and hot. No wonder her
mother liked it.

Vince watched her. "Drunk or something?" he asked with confusion edging into his
voice. He turned around and looked at his mother. He opened his mouth to say
something, but stopped. He looked at Mandy again.

Mandy felt the rush of alcohol stupor again and started giggling. She pushed
harder and managed to find a rhythm and correct position where she could pump
the large slick toy into her cheeks. She pictured herself using the dildo in
front of Stella. Maybe this would be hotter if she thought about getting Stella
drunk and both of them doing it together.

Yeah! That was doing it. That WAS perverted!

Vince walked around her studying her action. He opened and closed his mouth
making odd noises that seemed to mimic her grunts.

It was pretty weird. Mandy thought it added something kinky to the whole thing,
she started to near orgasm.

Then he walked away.

She felt anger. If she was going to put on a show, she needed an audience. She
watched him wander around the dining room picking up plates or silverware.
Sticking his fingers in the mashed potatoes and then looking at his finger.
She decided he was even more drunk than she was. Then he walked around the table
and ogled her mom for a while.

Creepy. She flushed and pushed the penetrating dildo further in than ever in her
ass. With a start, she realized that her muscles were clenched completely around
the dildo's thickest diameter. She blushed and came at the same time. But her
thoughts didn't stop running in circles as her mind bucked with pleasure.

She wailed softly and gasped repeatedly as she collapsed to her belly. She
sagged limply with pleasure. Turning her head slowly, she watched Vince lean
over her Mom's arched form on the dining room chair.

Vince's face had a comical desperation. He spoke slowly and carefully, "Next
time come when you're called. OK?" He showed her mom his crazy sci-fi scribble
symbols on the little paper.

She heard her mom moan and saw her Mom's thumb wagged around more frantically in
her ass. Mandy felt a pulse of arousal. This was also perverted, just watching
Vince be weird with Mom.

Vince looked disappointed. He walked stiffly back over to Mandy. He showed her
the dumb paper, "Next time come when you're called. OK?"

The whine came back between her ears. Her face flushed and it felt like her eyes

She passed out.


Mike Ridgeway walked into his living room after a tiring commute. He smelled
dinner and smiled as he set his briefcase down on the floor by the coat closet.
He shucked his jacket and wondered if the smells meant that Mary had kept dinner
instead of just going ahead and feeding the kids.

He walked into the living room and was stopped by shock.

Vince was stretched out cold on the carpet. Mandy was sitting nude on the couch
watching skating competitions on TV.

Mike tried several times to say something, anything, but his brain failed to
cough up an appropriate remark. He resorted to fatherly tone and command,

She jerked her head away from the tv to look at him with big eyes.

He strode into the living room with heat reaching his face, but his building
indignation didn't stand a chance. He had just realized with relief that Vince
was breathing easily and only asleep when he saw Mary stretched out--- arched
over a dining room chair without a stitch on below the waist. He roared, "Oh my
god! MARY!"


Mandy was watching tv after trying several times to wake Vince up when he had
collapsed. She wasn't sure she was supposed to do anything else, and since mom
hadn't stopped fooling around with herself in the dining room, Mandy decided to
wait to see what Vince would do with them when he woke up.

She lost track of time, then her name was shouted out of nowhere.

She orgasmed. Next time cum when you're called. She blinked and turned to see
her father gaping at her. Oh yeah. She was naked. Oops. Wow, was Dad going to
order her around now? That was really perverted, but somehow more interesting
than having Vince do it. She bet her Dad knew all kinds of good sex stuff.

Her Dad walked into the room glancing between her and Vince on the floor. He
stopped, reacted to seeing Mom, shouted her name.

Mandy saw that mom orgasmed on command, too. Wow. This was too weird. She
watched her mother arch and squirm and pop her thumb out of her ass.

Ummm. That was making her feel slutty all over again. Mandy reached for the
dildo she had tucked under the couch pillows and slowly pushed it into her ass.
Her father was in the dining room in two strides pulling her mother up off the
chair. He was babbling unintelligible sentences at Mom. Every time he said her
name, mom came hard. Mandy could tell.


Mandy started giggling. So weird. But she realized what was wrong, it probably
had something to do with that scribble note of Vince's. She saw it lying next to
his hand on the carpet. Maybe she should tell Dad about it.

Her father turned and glanced into the living room and saw her fucking her ass
with her legs drawn up and spread. "MANDY!" he shouted.

Her brain blanked out with a huge cum. She forgot about the note and popped the
dildo out of her butt and shoved it back in. YES! YES! YES!


Report summary:
"Mission 1s073 is a failure. We must note this planet as 'conditional
isolation'. Either the universal translator code doesn't work with this species
or the physical communication customs of that culture do not translate. We
expected them to have a more language-centered civilization. As it is, most of
the reactions with our scout seemed to be physical contortions and limb waving,
obviously intrinsic to their communication forms."

"Until we can do better than remote transmission of an encephala scout to the
star system, we must delay our consideration of the nature of the people and
their culture."

Fijju vui Bluicc
Project Contact Mentor
Search Extra-Galaxy Intelligence


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