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Title: Crooks Interlude
Keywords: mf, rom
Author: Caesar

Said the cunt-lapping Bey of Algiers,
In a cunt halfway up to his ears :
"This nautch is delicious,
And without doubt nutritious.
She's my best-tasting wife in ten years!"
Crooks Interlude (originally titled Dream #2)

by Caesar, copyright 1992-2002

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:23 $

I do have limits! I mean I am a crook, sure, but that does not mean I
would do many other illegal activities. Even thieves have a code of
honour, if you will. What the hell am I talking about?

Well, I had a job to do. My business partner would case out a place,
usually posing as a salesman or a meter reader, and it was my job to
go in and empty the joint. Easy! And it usually is, except for this
one time. Now I don't carry a gun, but just a knife for cutting away
cords, or jimmying stuck cabinets. So I always try to B&E while the
occupants are not home. I was already in the house, a normal
middle-class dwelling which was chosen for my exploits because of the
amount of toys. Electronic toys. Excellent turn-over value. This
job would bring me personally over a thousand bucks!

Yet this job was not so easy!

There was someone in the house. A temptation that would perhaps have
beguiled a less ethical man. A totally unforeseen disaster could
happen if I didn't get out very quick. I was upstairs going through
the main bedrooms drawers and closets and had already collected
several pieces of jewelry. The sound from downstairs was unmistaken, a
woman was crying! I almost shit my drawers, my partner had assured me
the place was empty, the family had left for the evening. I suddenly
pictured myself cuffed in the back seat of a police cruiser, not a
vision I wanted fulfilled.

To get out of the house, I had to go back downstairs. I may be a
thief but that doesn't mean I can climb! Nor did I bring rope. Damn,
damn, damn, damn!

Moving as fast as I could while still stepping softly I crept
downstairs. I saw a flickering light that was not there when I
entered the house. It was the fireplace in the large living room that
was giving that eerie red glow. It certainly was not there when I had
left, perhaps someone returned home without my hearing. Doubtful but

I still stood on the stairs but could see into the large immaculate
living room. A person lay upon the floor, the sound of her crying
louder. She was not crying loudly, but weeping to herself, yet in
this quiet house the sound was very deafening. My muscles shook with
fear, my hands were sweaty and my teeth ground together.

Finally I reached the bottom of the stairs and snuck another peek at
the woman before I would exit from the front door and run like hell.
I saw an attractive small woman, dressed very nicely, laying upon the
floor facing the fire. From my angle I could see the tears upon her
cheeks, and her sad round face. My heart went out to her, but what
could I do? If she saw me, off to the big house for sure! I creeped
to the door of the living room and watched her for a bit more. If she
was OK, then I would leave. In that light I could see everything,
though with a reddish glow, even the wine glass half-filled sitting
next to her. I studied the profile of the lady. And that was what
she was - a lady; older perhaps early thirties, she had that cuddly
appearance that attracted me, she wore professional conservative
clothing yet still very feminine, short blond hair that radiated the
irregular light.

It was time to leave. I'm not sure how long I stood there, but it had
to be about ten minutes. Karma I expect. When I was about to turn
and go, I realized she was looking right at me!

Her eyes wide in surprise, I didn't see fear, she stared directly into
mine. I realized I should have put on a mask or bellacaluva when I
heard someone in the house. "I..I won't hurt you." I realized I must
look fearful, black pants and shirt, black leather gloves and runners,
and a duffel bag under an arm. One of her dainty hands came up and
wiped a cheek dry. "I'm sorry for everything...I will leave now..."

I stepped back one pace then froze upon hearing her voice. "Don't
go!" A voice filled with desperation and surprise. Yet surprisingly
still no fear. I would have still turned tail and run if not for
those two words. Why would she ask me to stay? Were the police on
their way already? Perhaps she had a gun trained upon me? I froze in
fear and astonishment.

I turned back in time to see her wipe the other cheek dry. She
mumbled, "I'm sorry..." She surprised me again? Was I not the
intruder, the crook, the thief? It was obvious she did not fear me.
"My name is Cheryl-Anne," she stood awkwardly since her skirt hindered
the movement, "please come in and sit down." She motioned towards a
large comfortable couch. I was struck silent, but followed mutely her
commands. I sat looking into her pretty face, and saw her smile. A
happy, honest and earnest smile, filled with trust and something else?
From my seat I could smell her perfume, I know not the name but it
filled my head and caused my heart to flutter.

Cheryl-Anne took a seat next to me, about a foot distant, easily
within arms distance. Her soft eyes met mine and I melted in her
look. Perhaps she was stalling for the cops, yet something in the
ladies manner suggested I was wrong. She asked quietly, politely,
"What is your name?"

I didn't want to tell her the truth, it could be used against me in a
court of law. So I gave her my name, the one used by my business
acquaintances, "Chris." She reached out and took my hand held it
firmly in her warm grasp. I of course let her, yet knew at any moment
I could overpower this small woman and leave. But who was in power
here? At that moment I contemplated forcing myself upon her. And I
quickly discarded the notion, the lady was above that, even above me.
And as I have said, I do have limits. One of those is that I will
steal, but never hurt a person intentionally or otherwise. "I should
go!" Indeed I should!

She held me more firmly, "No please stay!" I knew she would let go if
I insisted. I didn't. Cheryl-Anne hung her head, looking down at her
lap, almost in shame. To my distress her smile was gone. "I want you
to make love to me." So quiet I'm sure I must have mistaken her
words. After several seconds of silence, she looked up into my eyes,
her look hard. "Here on the floor, make love to me here." I looked
down at the large fur rug, perhaps a polar bear. Then let my eyes
wander over the older woman's form, she lifted her chin and waited for
my inspection to end.

Of course I wanted her, I was a young male after all. But I was
crude, used to the streets, the women of he gutter. What did I know
about "making love", in my world we called it sex or just fucking!

Yet in the end I pulled my hand from hers and placed it upon her right
bosom. Was their any doubt reader? Cheryl-Anne closed her eyes and
sighed deeply. Soon both hands were gently caressing and fondling the
round soft breasts. She wore a silk pearl coloured blouse, loose, and
a brassier underneath. And yet her nipples were very visible, they
also poked into my palm exciting me beyond her earlier words. Both
hands trembled when I placed them upon her lap, and began to worm then
up her taunt skirt. Though my gaze was fixed to the placement of my
hands, I saw out the corner of my eye as she began to slowly unbutton
her blouse.

Nirvana, the lady wore stockings! The type with garters and all the
fixings. I felt the heat of her bare upper thigh as the tips of my
fingers reached skin. Now I knew even if the police were outside, I
would not care. For this moment was foremost in my mind. Nothing
else mattered.

I pulled my hands out from the tight confines of her skirt and began
to help her with the blouse. Soon it was off, thrown upon the floor
behind the couch. Her bra was unclasped from the front, and her
breasts moved with delight to be unconfined. My mouth watered! She
stood up before me, her hands reaching behind her to undo the white
skirt, it fell to the floor very quickly. Her hands reached for her
garter belt but I intercepted her and nodded no. I wanted her to keep
the white stockings on, they pleasured my visual senses immensely.
Cheryl-Anne smiled knowingly and hooked a thumb under the corners of
her panties. Again I stopped her.

She looked down at me in surprise as I bent forward and planted a kiss
upon her white silk under garment. I could taste her moist pleasure
soaking the silk, the smell intoxicating, the heat overpowering. My
head swam. She groaned as my lips touched her, almost begging with
that one sound for another. Again my lips touch the fine fabric, and
this time I noticed the discoloration from it being wet.
Cheryl-Anne's small hands intertwined in my hair and held my head, she
wanted more. Yet so did I.

Using my teeth, I pulled the left side of the panty down to mid- hip.
I immediately moved to the other side, and pulled it down. Moving to
the centre, my nose already within a bush so fine and thick that I am
amazed I found the strength to continue. My teeth pulled her panties to her lower thighs, where they fell promptly to her knees. I had
noticed a length of her excitement trail behind the panties which
finally broke after a length. This lady did indeed want a lowly man like myself! She now stood clothed the way I most desired her, she
was beautiful!

"Lay upon your carpet Cheryl-Anne." An order, yet it brought a huge
smile to her face and prompt response. She lay upon her back, her
legs slightly spread, her knees bent, her hands running up and down
her thighs and across her stomach. Her eyes followed me intently,

I stood over her, my hands quickly undoing my shirt, then my shoes and
my pants. I saw one of her hands cup a breast and I slowed down
forcing her to wait. As I inched my pants down my long legs, bending
over so she had not seem my sex yet, I also watched her. The lady was
wiggling her bottom in her impatience, her hand upon her breast was
molding it to her desires, the other was scratching with nails upon
those warm soft thighs and stockings. I stood straight!

Of course the preceding events had excited me and my pole was at its
height. Her gasp of thankful pleasure very loud, as I took two steps
and stood over her prone body, my legs straddling her waist.
Cheryl-Anne looked straight up into my charms, then quickly stole a
glance at my face, and back down. I stoked my throbbing member
gently, mostly for effect. She lifted her back off the rug and rolled
to either side, hungry for what was next. The reddish glow
illuminated us devilishly. I thought the she looked positively
delightful and very yummy. Yet I held off for perhaps a moment,
teasing both of us.

Taking my time I slowly ended up kneeling between her thighs which she
had spread to accommodate me. Soon I was on all fours, my hands to
either side of her chest. With minute precision my object of desire
engulfed my raging stallion within its wet folds. I sank to the hilt,
gasping in the initial pleasure. Cheryl-Anne's hand came up, one to
hold the back of my neck, the other to grasp my tight buttock. She
set the rhythm for our coupling.

I know not if I was making love, but I tried, both for her sake and
mine. It was the most intense and pleasurable experience in my twenty
years. For this I would go to jail for an uncountable period.

The speed of our love was slow, our sex joining softly, the tip of my
pole exiting her confines before again entering. Again and again. In
all truthfulness I know not how long we continued in this fashion, nor
did I care. At one point, I arched my back and tasted upon the hard
little buds of her nipples. The taste intoxicating, and very
stimulating. There would not be much longer for my explosion, I was
amazed that I lasted this long with the fine lady. When she lifted
her stocking covered legs and wrapped them around my waist, that was
too much! Both her arms encircled my head and neck, then she began to
move below me. Faster with every thrust, we accelerated desperately,
with almost magic. I believe I held her body completely as she lifted
herself off the ground and moved in time to me.

I was the first to finish. My orgasm shot through me like a bolt of
energy that drained me very quickly. I barely even noticed that she
had screamed out and began to thrash and buckle beneath me.
Cheryl-Anne clung to me in passion while both of our bodies went
through a simultaneous passion release. Both of our muscles quivered
in delight and exhaustion as we fell to the ground, neither of us with
a reserve of energy left.

The fire crackled and snapped lazily, inciting me to fall asleep
within my new lovers arms, both still locked by our tired organs. I
held her body completely as she lifted herself off the ground and
moved in time to me.

I was the first to finish. My orgasm shot through me like a bolt of
energy that drained me very quickly. I barely even noticed that she
had almost screamed out and began to thrash and buckle beneath me.
Cheryl-Anne clung to me in passion while both of our bodies went
through a simultaneous passion release. Our muscles quivered in
delight and exhaustion as we fell to the ground, neither of us with a
reserve of energy left.

The fire crackled and snapped lazily, inciting me to fall asleep
within my new lovers arms, both still locked by our tired bodies. The
remaining narrative of this story is not very interesting - I left the
lady sleeping beautifully upon that large white fur rug, her body
still glistening by the flickering of the dying firelight. I stole
away and never saw her again. But I still wonder?!



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