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Crown Of Thorns Epilogue Gay lit

Crown Of Thorns Epilogue

Julian and Terry were very happy in their relationship. Although they
were so, they remained in the closet, albeit painfully, to the school.
Both went to college together.

Danny and Liz, unfortunately broke apart after a year. Danny, the loyal
friend, followed Jules to college where he pursued his own dreams.

Julian's father did get out of prison, but never attempted to find his,
"Fag son." Julian's brothers stay in contact often. The three of them act
as a replacement family for each other.

Julian's drawing was hung in place of the other, this time with his name
proudly under it. He received an award at the high school arts fair.

Author's Notes

Hmm, who to thank. To tell the truth, I have no idea what inspired me
to go ahead with this story. I wrote the first few lines a few months ago.
It may seem that the story didn't come to an end, it really did. Sorry to
those who feel that way. If you really want to hear my theory on that just
let me know.

In this story it is purely coincidental that it be called "Crown of
Thorns" and the main character's name be Julian Cross. Speaking of, many
may question the concept why his last name is different from the father's.
It just is, trust me it happens. As one of my readers pointed out the
biblical reference. 'Cross', 'Crown of Thorns' Anyway, this didn't happen
on purpose, maybe it was my subconscious.

I would like to mention that through the development of this story there
was also a development in my website. Come and see, you're all invited.

I think that is it. I do have a number of other stories posted in the
high school section. They are at the top of this page. There are a few
people that I would like to thank. Most of my family. They have been a
great help. My friend Ken, what would I do without him. My coworkers, who
have offered to read it. Hey, the more the better. Those authors out
there, (you know who you are) who have encouraged me with simple words.

Thanks, -Chris.

"A author does not write, he listens to what his characters have to


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