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Crown Of Thorns10 Gay lit

Crown Of Thorns Chapter 10

I never like the courtroom, not even on TV. Seeing it now, in person
sucked even worse. But I stuck it up and dealt with it. 'For the good of
society,' I kept on telling my self. But that thought kept on drifting to,
'For the good of me.' I couldn't blame myself. Although, I really tried to
keep my feeling in check during the trial, things didn't go the way I
planned. I cried a lot. It wasn't in my nature, of course that was
physical pain, this was, however, emotional.

Through it all stood Terry. He was with my since day one. Although not
physically with me, as in holding my hand or giving me a hug, I could see
his face in the crowd. I knew that he was with me emotionally. That
helped a little. Every night I would go to Danny's home, no, my home. It
felt so good to say that. He would be there waiting for me. We would go
up to my bedroom without words and he would just hold me, while I cried
some more.

They showed pictures at the trial, pictures of my bruises, and broken
bones. Most of which I don't remember. Then they showed pictures of my
still painful anal intrusion. The defending attorney forced me to look at
them and confirm that was me. I said, "Yea, that's me, in fact it still
hurts to shit." After that, he grilled me. I didn't like him much. He was
a fat bald man with eyes that could kill. I kept my character and answered
every question to the truth. I think that my testimony hurt my father more
than defended him.

There were a slew of witnesses. Danny came up along with Miles. Miles
didn't have much to say. Danny, however, made it a point to show the court
how long it hurt every time he play punched me. He shed not a tear, but I
knew that it hurt. God bless my friends.

I was called again and the people submitted the note from Terry to me. I
told the court that I would rather do my testimony in private with a direct
line only to the jury. My request was granted since it dealt with private
matters. Inside, I confirmed that Terry sent the letter and that he and I
were now a couple. I could see my father turn shades of red, but everyone
else remained composed. I flinched as a instinctual response to my father.
I was assured, however, that I was perfectly safe.

That night that I confessed those personal matters I went home
exhausted. "Terry, they asked me about the letter today."

"What did you say?" he asked genuinely concerned.

"The truth."

"Really." I could feel him start to shake. "Really," he repeated.

"Don't worry, only the judge knows, the jury, and the attorneys. I had
the audience put out. I was hard at first, but it became easier after a
while. I'm sorry I had to drag you into this. It isn't fair."

"It's ok, I perfectly understand."

"Still I feel bad," I responded. He started to kiss the back of my
neck. His hands wrapped around me, and he scooted closer.

"I love you," he said between kisses.

I flopped around to face him and said, "And I you, forever." Our faces
were drawn together and out lips pressed together. It was the most
electric feeling. Shocks ran through me. I felt lightheaded, but only in
a good way. His tongue slipped into my mouth and started to probe the
inside. The feelings increased ten fold. How that is possible, I am not
sure. We parted for only an instant but it was enough time to say, "Wow"

As soon as that slipped from my lips they were again busied by the
pressure of Terry's. Again I opened my mouth to admit his tongue, but this
time I did the same. Our tongues slid by each other. Our mouths grinned
together. One of my hands caressed his back, moving from the small of it
to his shoulders. My other hand remained on his face, gently stroking his
ear. Following the curves of his jaw and sliding back up. His hands
roamed around my body. I felt it arousing, and my crotch responded.


When I opened my eyes the next day the sun wasn't even up. The sky was
a deep shade of blue symbolizing the impending rise. I found myself neatly
nestled in Terry's arms. I could have stayed there all day, it wouldn't
make a difference. I felt the warm air rush through his nose over my skin.
Something as simple as that, makes me love this guy even more.

"Are you going to watch me breath all day," he surprised me.

I jumped a bit, "You're awake."

"Great assumption. Care to make another."

A grin plastered onto my face, "Yea, three actually. One, your horny
and want some. Two, my mother probably heard us last night. Third, I have
to piss like a race horse."

"Understood." With that he too got up and walked casually tward the

"Hold up, you don't think that anyone else will be up?"

"Dude, what time is it?"

"Ummm, 6:30."

"Exactly. We have five hours till court, and we all need our strength
for it. I guarantee that nobody else will be up." He opened the door and
walked out bare ass naked. I followed not wanting to be left behind.

I came upon the closed bathroom door. I tried the handle but it was
locked. "What kinda game is this. Open up."

"Come on, I want a little privacy," he said as he opened the door.

"You don't get privacy around me." We emptied our bladders together then
went back to bed. "I don't want to do this," I said before I again fell

With the evident terror in my face I was drawn into another hug with
Terry. I reveled in his strength, which he so often gives in this time.
He held me without question, without even contemplation. "Don't worry," he
told me, "I'll be right there with you, what every the verdict." With this
he gave me a smile and a gentle squeeze, to assure his point.

Instinctively, I smiled back. His, always does that to me, melts my
heart. "I love you."

"I love you, forever," he said stealing my line. I turned my back to
him and curled up, I moved closer and wrapped my in his embrace. When he
slid his arm across my chest I held it steady, reassuringly over my heart.

"This forever belongs to you," I said. He kissed the back of my neck,
sending a chill down my spine.

"I know," he replied.


I sat in silence throughout the drive to the courthouse and all through
the deliberation. Which didn't take long. I had nothing left to give.
Terry was, as he promised, by my side through the entire thing.

"We the jury find the defendant, William Robert Enright, on the fist
indictment, child abuse in the first degree, guilty. On the second
indictment, sexual molestation in the second degree, we find the defendant,
guilty." With that my father fate was sealed. The combined jail time was
8-25 years.

"Thank you, the defendant is remanded into the custody of the state
pending a sentencing hearing. That is the order of the court," the judge
spoke with a harsh voice.

The gavel struck the stone base and in my head it echoed. It was over.
Legally, I am under the custody of Mrs. Chambers and I had a new brother,
Danny. Life was looking up once again.


I was quite surprised to hear my new mother speak out on the way home.
"You guys have to be more quite!" Flabbergasted wouldn't really be the word
I would use. This was more than that.

"You heard us."

"Good job covering it up, but yes. I'll tell you, I am not happy with
that fact, but I know that there is no stopping two people in love express
their love in more than emotions." She said this completely calm.

I, on the other hand, had turned completely red. I looked over at Terry
and he too had turned a nice shade of crimson.

"Mom!!" I heard Danny whine.

"Shh, Dan."

"I'm sorry," I interjected before she could continue.

"No need for apologies. I just want you two to do two things for me.
One, be careful, and the second, be considerate."

'Wow,' I have never met somebody so considerate, and understanding. It
kinda took my by surprise. I jerked my head and gave Terry a smile. He
smiled back.


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